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  • 1 contener2

    2 = staunch [stanch, -USA], dam (up), smother, keep at + bay, hold + the line, repress, force back, bottle up, hold at + bay, rein in, hold + Nombre + in.
    Ex. Some notable progress is being made worldwide in staunching publishers' losses.
    Ex. But to prevent any meandering at all, or to dam the flow of talk too soon and too often by intruding, generally only frustrates spontaneity = Aunque evitar cualquier divagación o cortar el flujo de la conversación demasiado pronto y con demasiada frecuencia con interrupciones generalmente sólo coarta la espontaneidad.
    Ex. Smothering an excusable curse, Modjeski asked: 'How much longer is Wade likely to be out?'.
    Ex. A new approach is needed to maintain the freshness, vitality and humour that will keep at bay the dryer mode of academic examination.
    Ex. The standpatters argue, and the progressives agree, that the tax line must be held in the interest of attracting industry = Los conservadores proponen y los progresistas están de acuerdo en que se deben contener los impuestos para atraer a la industria.
    Ex. Friends of Cuban Libraries draw attention to the extent to which intellectual freedom is being repressed in Cuba.
    Ex. Then tears began to well in her eyes and the trembling of her breath showed that she was forcing back a lump in her throat.
    Ex. Instead of showing her anger towards her parents, Jamie continued to keep her feelings bottled up inside of her.
    Ex. A man died early today after holding deputies at bay for three hours, then shooting himself.
    Ex. If librarians hope to rein in escalating periodical prices, they must become more assertive consumers.
    Ex. The longer a fart is held in, the larger the proportion of inert nitrogen it contains, because the other gases tend to be absorbed into the bloodstream through the walls of the intestine.
    * contener Algo = keep + Nombre + in check.
    * contener el aliento = hold + Posesivo + breath.
    * contener la respiración = hold + Posesivo + breath.
    * contener las lágrimas = hold back + Posesivo + tears.
    * contener los gastos = contain + costs.
    * contenerse = hold back on, forbear, check + Reflexivo.
    * sin poder contenerse = helplessly.

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