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contact arrangement

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  • Contact Dance — Contact Dance, or Contact Improvisation ( Contact Improv ), is an emerging dance art that can be done solo (in contact with the self, the ground, an object, etc...), yet usually is improvised with others generally one partner, sometimes with many …   Wikipedia

  • contact series — noun : an arrangement of metals so that each is positively electrified by contact with the next …   Useful english dictionary

  • contact burst preclusion — A fuzing arrangement that prevents an unwanted surface burst in the event of failure of the air burst fuze …   Military dictionary

  • Pac-Man Arrangement — Not to be confused with a similarly titled but wholly different game that appeared in Namco Museum Battle Collection . Pac Man Arrangement is a remake of the game Pac Man . It was released in 1996 by Namco as part of Namco Classics Collection… …   Wikipedia

  • Aboriginal stone arrangement — Aboriginal stone arrangements are a ritual art form constructed by Indigenous Australians, and are a form of rock art. Typically, they consist of stones, each of which may be about 30cm in size, laid out in a pattern extending over several metres …   Wikipedia

  • Tri-star (wheel arrangement) — The tri star is a novel wheel design originally by Lockheed in 1967 in which three wheels are arranged in an upright triangle with two on the ground and one above them. If either of the wheels in contact with the ground gets stuck, the whole… …   Wikipedia

  • Subscriber Identity Module — Simcard redirects here. For the brand name medication, see Simvastatin. A typical SIM Card …   Wikipedia

  • ГОСТ 21962-76: Соединители электрические. Термины и определения — Терминология ГОСТ 21962 76: Соединители электрические. Термины и определения оригинал документа: 68. Байонетное замковое устройство электрического соединителя Е. Bayonet coupling Замковое устройство электрического соединителя, конструкция… …   Словарь-справочник терминов нормативно-технической документации

  • RJ11, RJ14, RJ25 — RJ11 is a physical interface often used for terminating telephone wires. It is probably the most familiar of the registered jacks, being used for single line POTS telephone jacks in most homes across the world.RJ14 is similar, but for a two line… …   Wikipedia

  • схема — 2.59 схема (schema): Описание содержания, структуры и ограничений, используемых для создания и поддержки базы данных. Источник: ГОСТ Р ИСО/МЭК ТО 10032 2007: Эталонная модель управления данными 3.1.17 схема : Документ, на котором показаны в виде… …   Словарь-справочник терминов нормативно-технической документации

  • MBB — may refer to:* Magandang Balita Biblia, a Tagalog translation of the Holy Bible * Make before break, a type of contact arrangement of an electrical switch, which ensures that when a switch transition happens, the new contact is always made before …   Wikipedia

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