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computable function

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  • Computable function — Total recursive function redirects here. For other uses of the term recursive function , see Recursive function (disambiguation). Computable functions are the basic objects of study in computability theory. Computable functions are the formalized …   Wikipedia

  • computable function — computable functions …   Philosophy dictionary

  • computable function — noun A mathematical function that can be computed using an abstract computation machine such as Turing machine …   Wiktionary

  • Turing computable function — noun Any function whose value may be computed using a Turing machine …   Wiktionary

  • Computable number — In mathematics, particularly theoretical computer science and mathematical logic, the computable numbers, also known as the recursive numbers or the computable reals, are the real numbers that can be computed to within any desired precision by a… …   Wikipedia

  • Function (mathematics) — f(x) redirects here. For the band, see f(x) (band). Graph of example function, In mathematics, a function associates one quantity, the a …   Wikipedia

  • Computable isomorphism — In computability theory two sets A and B are computably isomorphic or recursively isomorphic if there exists a bijective computable function f with f(A) = B. Two numberings ν and μ are called computably isomorphic if there exists a bijective… …   Wikipedia

  • Computable real function — In mathematical logic, specifically computability theory, a function is sequentially computable if, for every computable sequence of real numbers, the sequence is also computable. A function is effectively uniformly continuous if there exists a… …   Wikipedia

  • Computable analysis — In mathematics, computable analysis is the study of which parts of real analysis and functional analysis can be carried out in a computable manner. It is closely related to constructive analysis. Basic results The computable real numbers form a… …   Wikipedia

  • computable functions — Intuitively, any function for which there is an effective procedure or algorithm for calculating a solution. Mathematically, a function whose value can be computed by a Turing machine …   Philosophy dictionary

  • Primitive recursive function — The primitive recursive functions are defined using primitive recursion and composition as central operations and are a strict subset of the recursive functions (recursive functions are also known as computable functions). The term was coined by… …   Wikipedia

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