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comparison microscope

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  • Comparison microscope — A B Two identical microscopes C C Specimens to compare D Comparison eyepiece (optical bridge) A comparison microscope is a device used to analyze side by side specimens. It consists of two microscopes connected by an optical bridge, which results …   Wikipedia

  • comparison microscope — noun : an apparatus consisting essentially of a pair of microscope objective lenses and tubes connected by prisms in such a way that images from both may be viewed side by side through a single ocular lens * * * Optics. a microscope having two… …   Useful english dictionary

  • comparison microscope — a microscope that allows simultaneous viewing of parts of images of two separate specimens; it may have either two microscopes bridged together with a comparison eyepiece, or one microscope with two body tubes and lens systems …   Medical dictionary

  • comparison microscope — Optics. a microscope having two objective lenses and using a system of prisms to form in one eyepiece adjacent images of two different objects. [1935 40] * * * …   Universalium

  • comparison microscope —    Essentially two microscopes connected to an optical bridge which allows the viewer to observe two objects simultaneously with the same degree of magnification. This instrument can have a monocular or binocular eyepiece. Sometimes referred to… …   Forensic science glossary

  • forensic comparison microscope —    Two carefully matched compound microscopes. The images produced by the two microscopes are juxtaposed in a common intermediate field plane within the ocular(s). In this way objects in two different fields of view can be compared directly …   Forensic science glossary

  • Comparison — For comparisons within Wikipedia, see Category:Comparisons. Contents 1 Computer science 2 Language 3 Mathemat …   Wikipedia

  • Microscope image processing — is a broad term that covers the use of digital image processing techniques to process, analyze and present images obtained from a microscope. Such processing is now commonplace in a number of diverse fields such as medicine, biological research,… …   Wikipedia

  • Microscope électronique à balayage — Microscopie électronique à balayage Pour les articles homonymes, voir MEB, SEM et Microscope. Microscope électronique à balayage JEOL JSM 6340F …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Optical microscope — Microscope Uses Small sample observation Notable experiments Discovery of cells Inventor Hans Lippershey Zacharias Jans …   Wikipedia

  • Environmental scanning electron microscope — Wool fibers imaged in an ESEM by the use of two symmetrical plastic scintillating backscattered electron detectors …   Wikipedia

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