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  • compactify — To condense, to shrink, to make smaller, to put into a compact state. Please compactify the results of your experiment so that they will fit on this page …   Dictionary of american slang

  • compactify — verb a) To become compact or more compact. b) To render (a thing) compact or more compact …   Wiktionary

  • compactify — compactˈify transitive verb • • • Main Entry: ↑compact …   Useful english dictionary

  • Compactification (mathematics) — In mathematics, compactification is the process or result of making a topological space compact.[1] The methods of compactification are various, but each is a way of controlling points from going off to infinity by in some way adding points at… …   Wikipedia

  • F-theory — is a branch of string theory developed by Cumrun Vafa. The new vacua described as F theory were discovered by Vafa, and it also allowed string theorists to construct new realistic vacua mdash; in the form of F theory compactified on elliptically… …   Wikipedia

  • Morse homology — In mathematics, specifically in the field of differential topology, Morse homology is a homology theory defined for any smooth manifold. It is constructed using the smooth structure and an auxiliary metric on the manifold, but turns out to be… …   Wikipedia

  • String theory — This article is about the branch of theoretical physics. For other uses, see String theory (disambiguation). String theory …   Wikipedia

  • Supergravity — In theoretical physics, supergravity (supergravity theory) is a field theory that combines the principles of supersymmetry and general relativity. Together, these imply that, in supergravity, the supersymmetry is a local symmetry (in contrast to… …   Wikipedia

  • Cartan matrix — In mathematics, the term Cartan matrix has two meanings. Both of these are named after the French mathematician Élie Cartan. In an example of Stigler s law of eponymy, Cartan matrices in the context of Lie algebras were first investigated by… …   Wikipedia

  • Stueckelberg action — In field theory, the Stueckelberg action (named after Ernst Stueckelberg) describes a massive spin 1 field as a R (the real numbers are the Lie algebra of U(1)) Yang Mills theory coupled to a real scalar field φ which takes on values in a real 1D …   Wikipedia

  • Extension topology — In topology, a branch of mathematics, an extension topology is a topology placed on the disjoint union of a topological space and another set. There are various types of extension topology, described in the sections below. Contents 1 Extension… …   Wikipedia

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