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cold dome

  • 1 cold

    [kəuld] 1. adj
    1) [+ water, object] 凉的 [liáng de]; [+ weather, room, meat] 冷的 [lěng de]
    2) [+ person] (unemotional) 冷淡的 [lěngdàn de]; (unfriendly) 不友好的 [bùyǒuhǎo de]
    2. n
    1) u (weather)

    * the cold — 寒冷天气 [hánlěng tiānqì]

    2) c (illness) 感冒 [gǎnmào]

    I've got a cold. — 我感冒了。

    * it's cold — 天气寒冷

    * to be or feel cold — [+ person] 感到冷

    * to catch (a) cold — 患感冒

    * in cold blood — [+ kill etc] 残忍地

    * to have/get cold feet (about sth) — (在某事上)临阵畏缩

    freezing 可用于强调天气很冷,尤其是有霜冻的严冬。夏季如果气温低于平均温度,可以用 cool。通常, cold 表示的温度比 cool 低。 cool 表示温度适宜、凉爽。 A cool breeze swept off the sea; it was pleasant out there. 如果非常 cool,或太 cool,可以用 chilly

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  • 2 cold sore

    (BRIT: MED); n; c
    唇疮疹 [chúnchuāngzhěn]

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  • 3 dome

    n; c
    圆屋顶 [yuán wūdǐng]

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  • 4 蒸汽

    steam; vapor; vapour
    * * *
    【化】 aqueous vapour
    【医】 atmo-; steam; vapor; vapores
    相关词组: 芬兰式蒸汽浴
    * * *
    * * *
    n. steam
    * * *
    zheng1 qi4
    * * *
    zhēng qì
    vapour; reek; breath; steam
    蒸汽白蛋白 atmidalbumin; atmiatry (atmiatrics);
    蒸汽保温加热器 {工} steam tracing;
    蒸汽饱和室 humidor;
    蒸汽表 steam table;
    蒸汽采暖 steam heating;
    蒸汽参数 steam parameter;
    蒸汽测量 vapour survey;
    蒸汽抽水机 pulsometer;
    蒸汽除鳞喷嘴 steam-descaling sprayer;
    蒸汽处理 barffing;
    蒸汽处治 steam cure;
    蒸汽锤 {机} steam hammer;
    蒸汽淬火 {冶} steam quenching;
    蒸汽-淬冷(法) steam and cold quench method;
    蒸汽打桩锺 steam pile hammer;
    蒸汽点 steam point;
    蒸汽吊车 steam hauler;
    蒸汽吊机 steam hauler;
    蒸汽动力工程 steam-power engineering;
    蒸汽镀敷 vapour-deposition;
    蒸汽发电厂 steam generating station;
    蒸汽发生器 steam generator;
    蒸汽发蓝 barffing;
    蒸汽反向机构 {工} steam reversing gear;
    蒸汽分离 vapour removal;
    蒸汽分离器 steam separator;
    蒸汽分馏过程 vapour rectification process;
    蒸汽分配蒸馏头 vapour-dividing head;
    蒸汽腐蚀抑制剂 vapour corrosion inhibiter;
    蒸汽干度 {工} dryness fraction;
    蒸汽干燥 vapour drying;
    蒸汽干燥器 steam dryer; steam drying apparatus;
    蒸汽供暖 steam heating;
    蒸汽鼓 dry drum;
    蒸汽鼓风 steam blast;
    蒸汽鼓风机 steam blower;
    蒸汽管道 jet chimney;
    蒸汽管路 steam line;
    蒸汽管束 steam-tube bundle;
    蒸汽滚筒 steam roller;
    蒸汽锅炉 steam boiler;
    蒸汽锅炉托架 saddle;
    蒸汽环管 {工} steam loop;
    蒸汽回管 steam return line;
    蒸汽回收装置 {工} vapour-recovery unit;
    蒸汽机车 (方) bullgine; steam locomotive;
    蒸汽集材机 yarder;
    蒸汽加热 {机} steam heating;
    蒸汽加热器 steam heater;
    蒸汽加热蒸发器 {机} steam-heated evaporator;
    蒸汽搅拌高压釜 steam-agitated autoclave;
    蒸汽搅拌锅 blow-up pan;
    蒸汽绞车 steam winch;
    蒸汽精炼 {化工} steam refining;
    蒸汽净化 steam purification;
    蒸汽均匀处理 steam homotreatment;
    蒸汽空气模锻锤 air-steam die forging hammer;
    蒸汽空气自由锻锤 air-steam open-die forging hammer;
    蒸汽控腔 steam void;
    蒸汽扩散 water vapour diffusion;
    蒸汽烙管(器) atmocautery; zestocautery;
    蒸汽烙术 vapocauterization; atmocausis;
    蒸汽冷凝器 steam condenser;
    蒸汽冷却堆 steam cooled reactor;
    蒸汽冷却器 distillate cooler;
    蒸汽冷却系统 steam cooling system;
    蒸汽疗器 vaporium; vaporarium;
    蒸汽疗室 vaporarium; vaporium;
    蒸汽裂化 {化工} steam cracking;
    蒸汽裂化装置 steamed cracking unit;
    蒸汽流动 vapour flow;
    蒸汽轮机 steam turbine;
    蒸汽流泵 vapour stream pump;
    蒸汽灭火 steam-smothering;
    蒸汽模锻锤 {机} steam drop hammer;
    蒸汽凝结换热 vapour condensation heat transfer;
    蒸汽排出 overboard steam drain;
    蒸汽旁路 steam by-pass;
    蒸汽喷孔 steam fumarole;
    蒸汽喷射泵 injector;
    蒸汽喷射式制冷机 steam jet refrigerator;
    蒸汽喷射制冷 steam jet refrigeration;
    蒸汽喷射烫衣机 steam puffer;
    蒸汽喷射装置 steam injection equipment;
    蒸汽品质 steam quality;
    蒸汽屏层 {化} vapour barrier;
    蒸汽轻雾 sea mist;
    蒸汽清洗设备 {工} steam washer;
    蒸汽清洗装置 steam cleaner;
    蒸汽区 steam dome;
    蒸汽泉 boiling spring;
    蒸汽燃气联合循环 steam-gas cycle;
    蒸汽乳化试验 {工} steam emulsion test;
    蒸汽润滑 steam lubrication;
    蒸汽射流 {工} steam jet;
    蒸汽渗透 water vapour penetration;
    蒸汽室 stove;
    蒸汽套 vapour jacket;
    蒸汽套桶 steam-jacketed bucket;
    蒸汽体积当量 {油工} vapour volume equivalent;
    蒸汽调理 steam conditioning;
    蒸汽铁路 steam railroad;
    蒸汽铁屑生氢器 steam iron generator;
    蒸汽透平(涡轮) steam turbine;
    蒸汽脱脂 vapour degreasing;
    蒸汽挖掘机 steam shovel;
    蒸汽弯曲 {工} steam bending;
    蒸汽往复(给水)泵{工} donkey pump;
    蒸汽雾 barber; steamer;
    蒸汽吸入 steam inhalation; vapour inhalation;
    蒸汽吸入疗法 atmiatrics; atmiatria; atmidiatrica;
    蒸汽吸入器 thermohale;
    蒸汽吸水机 aquometer;
    蒸汽消毒 {工} moist-heat sterilization;
    蒸汽消毒灶 apparatus of steam disinfection;
    蒸汽胸 vapothorax;
    蒸汽旋臂起重机 steam slewing crane;
    蒸汽旋管 steam pipe coil;
    蒸汽旋塞 steam cock;
    蒸汽学 atmology;
    蒸汽压力 {物} vapour pressure;
    蒸汽压路机 steamroller;
    蒸汽压缩循环 {工} vapour compression cycle;
    蒸汽压缩制冷 vapour compression refrigeration;
    蒸汽氧气精炼法 CLU process;
    蒸汽氧气精炼炉 CLU furnace;
    蒸汽养护 steam curing;
    蒸汽-液体混合物 vapour-liquid mixure;
    蒸汽-液压剪切机 steam hydraulic shears;
    蒸汽引射器 steam ejector;
    蒸汽增压泵 vapour booster pump;
    蒸汽张力 vapour tension;
    蒸汽治疗 vapotherapy;
    蒸汽转化法 steam reforming;
    蒸汽转向装置 steam steering gear
    * * *
    蒸汽|蒸汽 [zhēng qì] steam

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  • 5 一时

    a period of time, for a short while; temporary; momentary, (used in pairs) now..., now...; one moment..., the next
    * * *
    a period of time; temporarily
    相关词组: 风靡一时
    * * *
    * * *
    adj. temporary, impermanent; momentary
    adv. for a short time, for a while, for a short while, for the moment; offhand
    * * *
    yi1 shi2
    a period of time, a while, for a short while, temporary, momentary, at the same time
    * * *
    yī shí
    (短时间) for a short while; temporary; momentary:
    一时的热情 a moment's enthusiasm; on the spur of the moment;
    一时想不起来 can't recall offhand (for the moment);
    一时半会儿 in short while
    (一个时期) a period of time:
    此一时彼一时。 Times have changed.
    这首歌曾风行一时。 The song had a great vogue at one time.
    (时而) now... now...:
    天气一时冷,一时热。 The weather is now cold, now hot.
    * * *
    一時|一时 [yī shí] a period of time a while for a short while temporary momentary at the same time

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  • 6 一暴十寒

    have one day's sun and then ten days' cold —work by fits and starts
    * * *
    yi1 pu4 shi2 han2
    one day's sun, ten days' frost (idiom, from Mencius); fig. to work for a bit then skimp, sporadic effort, short attention span
    * * *
    一暴十寒|一暴十寒 [yī pù shí hán] one day's sun, ten days' frost (idiom, from Mencius); fig. to work for a bit then skimp sporadic effort short attention span

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  • 7 一曝十寒

    yi1 pu4 shi2 han2
    one day's sun, ten days' frost (idiom, from Mencius); fig. to work for a bit then skimp, sporadic effort, lack of sticking power, short attention span
    * * *
    yī pù shí hán
    expose sth. to sunheat for one day and to cold for ten days; One scorch and ten colds.; play fast and loose; study (do) sth. for one day and put it aside for the next ten days; sun one day and rain ten days; work by fits and starts; work (labour) hard for one day and do nothing for ten
    * * *
    一曝十寒|一曝十寒 [yī pù shí hán] one day's sun, ten days' frost (idiom, from Mencius); fig. to work for a bit then skimp sporadic effort lack of sticking power short attention span

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  • 8 一身

    the whole body; all over the body, a suit, a single person
    * * *
    a suit; all over the body
    相关词组: 一身大汗
    * * *
    a suit; all over the body
    * * *
    yi1 shen1
    whole body, from head to toe, single person, a suit of clothes
    * * *
    yī shēn
    (全身) the whole body; all over the body:
    出一身冷汗 break out in (into) a cold sweat;
    一身泥巴 be covered all over with mud
    (一套) a suit:
    穿着一身工作服 wear a boiler suit
    (一个人) all alone; concerning one person only; a single person:
    孑然一身 solitary; all alone;
    一身而二任焉 hold two jobs at the same time; serve two masters
    * * *
    一身|一身 [yī shēn] whole body from head to toe single person a suit of clothes

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  • 9 三角

    triangle, trigonometry
    * * *
    triangle; trigonometry
    【医】 delta; triangle; triangulum; trigone; trigonum
    相关词组: 不等边三角形
    * * *
    triangle; trigonometry
    * * *
    san1 jiao3
    * * *
    sān jiǎo
    triangle; trigonometry; trigonum (pl. trigona)
    三角安全网 jib netting;
    三角八面体 triakisoctahedron;
    三角板 triangle; deltidium; set-square;
    三角背心 halter (女用);
    三角比 trigonometric ratio;
    三角闭合差 closure error of triangle;
    三角薄片状金刚石 makle; maacle;
    三角不等式 {数} triangle inequality;
    三角布绷带 cravat;
    三角槽口 {土} vee notch;
    三角槽铁 vee block;
    三角测高法 trigonometric level1ing;
    三角测高器 hypsometer;
    三角测量 {工} triangulation; trigonometrical survey;
    三角测量标记 {工} triangulation mark;
    三角测量觇标 triangulation tower;
    三角测量导航法 navigation by triangulation;
    三角测量等级 class of triangulation;
    三角测量定位法 triangulation location;
    三角测量锁 arc triangulation;
    三角测量网 triangulation net;
    三角测量员 triangulator;
    三角茶几 teapoy; tepoy;
    三角撑 trivet;
    三角齿 rake tooth; peg tooth;
    三角齿锯 peg tooth saw;
    三角翠雀 dwarf larkspur;
    三角锉 angle file; triangular file;
    三角带 vee belt;
    三角吊架 sulky derrick;
    三角顶帆 raffe;
    三角定规 plain triangle;
    三角对称线 triangular symmetric curve;
    三角多顶式 {数} trigonometric polynomial;
    三角法 trigonometry;
    三角帆蚌 hyriopsis cumingii;
    三角方程 {工} trigonometric equation; angle equation;
    三角鲂 {动} triangular bream;
    三角分解 triangular factorization;
    三角枫 {植} trident maple;
    三角符号 triangle;
    三角辅助帆 jib-o-jib;
    三角港 estuary; firth; frith;
    三角杠杆 culdy;
    三角高程测量(法) {工} trigonometric levelling;
    三角高程平差 adjustment of trigonometric levelling;
    三角高程网 trigonometric levelling networks;
    三角骨 os triquetrum; triangular bone; triquetral bone; ulmare; pyramidale;
    三角刮刀 cant scraper; threecornered scraper; triangular scraper;
    三角规 triangular compass;
    三角焊缝 angle fillet;
    三角和 trigonometric sum;
    三角桁架 English truss;
    三角恒等式 trigonometric identity;
    三角滑块 cam block;
    三角簧 triangular spring;
    三角级数 trigonometric series;
    三角嵴 triangular ridge;
    三角尖锉 knife gin saw file;
    三角胶带 bead apex (core);
    三角铰子 kreplach; kreplech; creplich;
    三角接法 delta-connection;
    三角接法电流 delta current;
    三角接线电压 delta voltage;
    三角巾 sling;
    三角近似法 trigonometric approximation;
    三角晶系 trigonal system;
    三角桔 merope;
    三角矩阵 {数} triangular matrix;
    三角锯锉 cant file; cantsaw file;
    三角孔 delthyrium;
    三角孔梁 zigzag girder;
    三角控制网 trigonometric framework;
    三角裤 panties; briefs;
    三角阔裂豆 wild ivy;
    三角蜡孔 cerari;
    三角栏杆 {木} arris rail;
    三角浪 {海} choppy sea; sugarloaf sea;
    三角联结 triangular configuration;
    三角恋爱 love triangle;
    三角螺纹 angular thread; triangular thread; V-thread;
    三角帽 cocked hat;
    三角贸易 triangular trade;
    三角门梁 {建} fronton;
    三角面 {地质} triangular facet;
    三角木 cleat;
    三角排列图 cam chart;
    三角剖分 {数} triangulation; triangulate;
    三角剖分问题 {数} triangulation problem;
    三角旗 pendant; pendent; pennon;
    三角起重机 gin;
    三角腔 delthyrial cavity;
    三角墙 gable;
    三角穹圆顶 pendentive dome;
    三角区 trigonum (pl. trigona); septa;
    三角曲拐 V-bob;
    三角曲线 trigonometric curve;
    三角-曲折形接法 delta-zigzag connection;
    三角-曲折形接线 delta-zigzag connection;
    三角韧带 {解} deltoid ligament; ligamentum deltoideum; ligamentum triangular;
    三角-三角形接法 delta-delta connection;
    三角-三角形接线 delta-delta connection;
    三角三四面体 triakistetrahedron;
    三角沙坝 {地质} cuspate bar
    三角栅格阵列天线 triangular gird array antenna;
    三角十二面体 trigondodecahedron;
    三角试片 test wedge;
    三角视差 trigonometric parallax;
    三角束 olivospinal tract; tractus triangularis;
    三角锁 {测} triangulation chain;
    三角套汇 three-point arbitrage in foreign exchange;
    三角套筒 cam sleeve;
    三角铁 {音} triangle; angle iron; L-iron (角钢);
    三角头巾 babushka;
    三角头畸胎 trigocephalus; trigonocephalus;
    三角凸轮 triangular cam;
    三角图 axonometric projection;
    三角突 tubercula;
    三角湾 estero;
    三角湾状三角洲 estuarine delta;
    三角窝 fossa triangularis;
    三角屋架 collar roof;
    三角系点阵 trigonal lattice;
    三角箱 cam box;
    三角-星形变换 delta-Y transformation;
    三角-星形接法 delta-star connection;
    三角-星形接线 delta-star connection;
    三角星形接线变换 delta-star transformation;
    三角星形接线法 mesh-star connection;
    三角星座 {天} Triangulum (Tri); Triangle;
    三角堰 triangular-notch weir; V-notch weir;
    三角叶杨 alamo; yellow cottonwood; cottonwood;
    三角仪 triangulator;
    三角圆环 cam ring;
    三角杂波 triangular noise;
    三角轧头 triple clamp;
    三角针道 cam track; cam raceway; cam channel;
    三角支架 A-frame;
    三角植树 triangular-planting;
    三角桌 knee table; angular table;
    三角子程序 trigonometric subroutine;
    三角(山)嘴 facetted spur
    * * *
    三角|三角 [sān jiǎo] triangle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 三角

  • 10

    (used before a noun) upper (in position or quality); higher; better; superior, most recent; last; former, first (of something divided into two or three parts), come or go up; ascend, get on (a conveyance); mount; board, go to; leave for, forge ahead; go ahead, (used in stage directions) appear on the stage; enter, enter the court or field, fill; supply; serve, place something in position; fix, apply; paint; smear, on, within (a certain area), in (some aspect), at (the age of), formerly, referring to the emperor, (used alone, esp. in contrast to 下) above, (used after a preposition) up; upward, be put on record; be carried (in a publication), wind; screw; tighten, be engaged (in work, study, etc.) at a fixed time; attend, up, indicating the attainment of an objective, indicating that an action has started, indicating an amount, value or extent reached or to be reached, up to; as many as
    * * *
    ascending; go to; go up; previous; submit; superior; upper
    【医】 ept-; hyper-; super-; supra-; sur-
    * * *
    ascending; go to; go up; previous; submit; superior
    * * *
    adj. previous, last, preceding, upper, higher, better, superior, topmost, overhead
    adv. up
    n. first
    pref. over
    prep. on, on top of, upon, above
    v. climb, leave for, submit, send in, present, board, fill, supply, serve, apply, go up, mount
    * * *
    see 上聲, 上声
    on top, upon, above, upper, previous, first (of multiple parts), to climb, to get onto, to go up, to attend (class or university)
    * * *
    {语} (指上声) falling-rising tone另见 shàng; shang。
    (用在动词后, 表示由低处向高处):
    登上山顶 reach the summit;
    爬上河堤 climb up to the top of the dyke;
    踏上非洲的土地 set foot on African soil;
    对敌人的新仇旧恨, 一齐涌上心头。 Hatred of the enemy, for old and new wrongs, welled up in his heart.
    (用在动词后, 表示动作的结果):
    穿上外衣 put on a coat;
    考上大学 be admitted to a college;
    没吃上饭 be too late for the meal;
    茶已经沏上了。 The tea has been made.
    你跟他接上头了吗? Have you got in touch with him?
    他传染上感冒了。 He's caught cold.
    我买上火车票了。 I've got the train ticket.
    (用在动词后, 表示开始并继续):
    她爱上了草原。 She's fallen in love with the grasslands.
    他拿起一把铲就干上了。 He seized a shovel and set to.
    (用在名词后, 表示事物的表面):
    脸上 in the face;
    墙上 on the wall;
    把书放在桌上。 Put the book on the table.
    (用在名词后, 表示在某种事物的范围以内或方面):
    会上 at the meeting;
    报上说的 what is reported in the newspaper;
    世界上 in the world;
    事实上 in fact; in reality; actually;
    理论上 in theory; theoretically;
    由组织上决定 be decided by the Party organization;
    口头上赞成, 实际上反对 agree in words but oppose in deeds;
    这个小镇上有两所中学。 There are two middle schools in this little town.
    这个错误由我们领导上负责。 We of the leadership must accept responsibility for this mistake.
    另见 shǎng; shàng。
    (位置在高处的) upper; up; upward:
    上铺 upper berth;
    上身 the upper part of the body;
    往上看 look up (upward);
    这头朝上 this side up
    (等级或品质高的) higher ; superior; better:
    犯上 go against one's superiors;
    向上反映情况 report the situation to the higher organization;
    中上水平 above the average; better than the average;
    这个词是旧时下对上的称呼。 This word was used in the old days to address one's superiors.
    (次序或时间在前的) first (part); preceding; previous:
    20世纪上半叶 the first half of the twentieth century;
    上半年 the first half of the year;
    上册 the first volume; Volume One; Book One;
    上集 the first part; Part One; Volume One;
    上星期三 last Wednesday;
    上一段 the preceding (above; foregoing) paragraph;
    上一季 the previous quarter
    (旧时指皇帝) the emperor:
    上谕 imperial decree
    {音} (中国民族音乐音节上的一级, 乐谱上用做记音符号, 相当于简谱的“1”) a note of the scale in gongchepu (工尺谱),corresponding to 1 in numbered musical notation
    {语}(上声) falling-rising tone, one of the four tones in classical Chinese and the third tone in modern standard Chinese pronunciation
    (姓氏) a surname:
    上之登 Shang Zhideng
    (由低处到 高处) go up; mount; board; get on:
    上岸 go ashore; go on shore; land;
    上船 go aboard a ship; go on board;
    上飞机 board a plane;
    上公共汽车 get on a bus;
    上楼 go upstairs;
    上坡 go up a slope;
    上山 go up a hill; go uphill;
    上自行车 get on a bike;
    逆流而上 go upstream; go against the current
    (到; 去) go to; leave for:
    上北京 leave for Beijing;
    你上哪儿去? Where are you going?
    我要上医院去看望我的哥哥。 I'm going to the hospital to see my brother.
    (呈递) submit; send in; present:
    李小红谨上 Yours respectfully, Li Xiaohong;
    随函附上20分邮票一张。 Enclosed herewith is a twenty-fen stamp.
    (向前进) forge ahead; go ahead:
    见困难就上, 见荣誉就让 dash forward where there are difficulties to overcome and draw back when honours are to be conferred; take the difficulties for oneself and leave the honours to others;
    快上, 投篮 ! Go ahead. Quick! Shoot!
    {戏} (出场) appear on the stage; enter:
    二战士左上。 Enter left two soldiers.
    {体} (上场) enter the court or field:
    换人: 3号下, 4号上。 Substitution: Player No. 4 for No. 3.
    这后半场你上。 You play this second half.
    (添补; 增加; 摆出) fill; supply; serve:
    给水箱上水 fill the tank with water;
    上货 replenish the stock of goods;
    汤先上。 Soup is first served.
    一连上了好几道菜。 Several courses were served in succession.
    (安装) place sth. in position; set; fix:
    上玻璃 fix the window (door) pane;
    上刀具 fix a cutting tool;
    上梁 set the roof beams in place;
    工件已经上了车床。 The workpiece is already on the lathe.
    麦秸正在上垛。 The wheat stalks are being stacked.
    门没上锁。 The door isn't locked.
    (涂; 搽) apply; paint; smear:
    给机器上油 oil (grease) the machine;
    给门上漆 paint the door;
    上色 paint; apply colour;
    上药膏 apply ointment
    (登载) be put on record; be carried (in a publication):
    她的名字上了报。 Her name has appeared in the newspaper.
    他的先进事迹都上了电视了。 His model deeds have been publicized on TV.
    (拧紧) wind; screw; tighten:
    表该上了。 The watch needs winding.
    螺丝没有上紧。 The screw hasn't been tightened.
    (进行工作或学习) be engaged (in work, study, etc.) at a fixed time:
    上工 (课) go to work (class);
    她的女儿在上大学。 Her daughter is now in college.
    我今天上夜班。 I'm on the night shift today.
    (达到; 够) up to; as many as:
    上百人 up to a hundred people;
    上万 as many as ten thousand
    另见 shǎng; shang。
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 上|上 [shǎng] see ↑ 上聲|↑ 上声 [shǎng shēng]
    Ⅱ. 上|上 [shàng] on top upon above upper previous first (of multiple parts) to climb to get onto to go up to attend (class or university)

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 11 上身

    the upper part of the body, upper outer garment; shirt; blouse; jacket, start wearing
    * * *
    n. upper part of the body
    * * *
    shang4 shen1
    upper part of the body
    * * *
    shàng shēn
    (身体的上半部) the upper part of the body:
    他光着上身。 He was naked to the waist.
    (上衣) upper outer garment; shirt; blouse; jacket:
    姑娘们穿着白上身, 花裙子。 The girls are wearing white blouses and bright-coloured skirts.
    (初次穿在身上) start wearing:
    天冷了, 棉衣该上身了。 It's getting cold. We'd better start wearing our padded jackets.
    上身护罩 jacket;
    上身外套 top
    * * *
    上身|上身 [shàng shēn] upper part of the body

    Chinese-English dictionary > 上身

  • 12 下酒

    go with wine, go well with wine
    * * *
    go with wine
    相关词组: 地下酒吧
    * * *
    go with wine
    * * *
    xia4 jiu3
    to be appropriate to have with alcohol, to down one's drink
    * * *
    xià jiǔ
    (就着菜喝酒) go with wine:
    买个冷盘下酒 buy a cold dish to go with the wine
    (适宜和酒一起吃) go well with wine
    下酒菜 a dish that goes with wine
    * * *
    下酒|下酒 [xià jiǔ] to be appropriate to have with alcohol to down one's drink

    Chinese-English dictionary > 下酒

  • 13 不寒而慄

    shiver all over though not cold —tremble with fear; shudder
    * * *
    v. shiver all over though not cold, tremble with fear, shudder
    * * *
    bu4 han2 er2 li4
    shiver all over though not cold, tremble with fear, shudder
    * * *
    不寒而慄|不寒而栗 [bù hán ér lì] shiver all over though not cold tremble with fear shudder

    Chinese-English dictionary > 不寒而慄

  • 14 不寒而栗

    shiver all over though not cold —tremble with fear; shudder
    * * *
    shudder; tremble with fear
    * * *
    shudder; tremble with fear
    * * *
    v. shiver all over though not cold, tremble with fear, shudder
    * * *
    bu4 han2 er2 li4
    shiver all over though not cold, tremble with fear, shudder
    * * *
    bù hán ér lì
    shiver all over though not cold; A chill runs down one's back.; cannot help shivering; One's skin begins to tighten up.; shiver but not from cold; shiver without being cold; shudder; tremble with fear; very frightened:
    使人不寒而栗 make sb.'s flesh creep; give sb. the creeps; make sb.'s hair stand on end.
    * * *
    不寒而慄|不寒而栗 [bù hán ér lì] shiver all over though not cold tremble with fear shudder

    Chinese-English dictionary > 不寒而栗

  • 15 不甘寂寞

    hate to be neglected or overlooked
    * * *
    bù gān jì mò
    unwilling to remain out of the limelight; hate to be neglected or overlooked; eager to seek publicity; unwilling to be left in the cold; unwilling to keep oneself mute; unwilling to live in obscurity
    * * *
    不甘寂寞|不甘寂寞 [bù gān jì mò] unwilling to be left out, overlooked

    Chinese-English dictionary > 不甘寂寞

  • 16 不畏

    bu4 wei4
    unafraid, to defy
    * * *
    bù wèi
    不畏艰难 defy difficulties; not to be afraid of difficulties;
    不畏严寒 defy severe cold
    * * *
    不畏|不畏 [bù wèi] unafraid to defy

    Chinese-English dictionary > 不畏

  • 17 不要紧

    it's not serious; it doesn't matter; never mind, it looks all right, but
    * * *
    never mind; not serious
    * * *
    never mind; not serious
    * * *
    adj. unimportant, not serious
    it looks all right but
    * * *
    bu4 yao4 jin3
    unimportant, not serious, it doesn't matter, never mind, it looks all right, but
    * * *
    bù yào jǐn
    (不成问题) unimportant; not serious:
    有点伤风,不要紧。 Just a slight cold, nothing serious.
    (不碍事) it doesn't matter; never mind:
    路远也不要紧, 我们可以骑车去。 It doesn't matter how far it is; we can go by bike.
    (表面上似乎不妨碍) it looks all right, but:
    你这一嚷不要紧, 把大家都吵醒了。 You may think it's all right for you to shout, but you've woken everybody up.
    * * *
    不要緊|不要紧 [bù yào jǐn] unimportant not serious it doesn't matter never mind it looks all right, but

    Chinese-English dictionary > 不要紧

  • 18 严寒

    severe cold; bitter cold; bitter; freezing
    * * *
    chilliness; Jack Frost; severe cold
    相关词组: 严寒的
    * * *
    Jack Frost; chilliness
    * * *
    adv. in strong terms, in stern words
    * * *
    yan2 han2
    bitter cold, severe winter
    * * *
    yán hán
    severe cold; bitter cold; killing freeze; rigour; arctic; freezing cold
    严寒气候施工 cold weather construction
    * * *
    嚴寒|严寒 [yán hán] bitter cold severe winter

    Chinese-English dictionary > 严寒

  • 19 丧梆

    sang4 bang1
    cold and offensive (talk or manner)
    * * *
    喪梆|丧梆 [sàng bāng] cold and offensive (talk or manner)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 丧梆

  • 20 临阵退缩

    lin2 zhen4 tui4 suo1
    to shrink back on approaching the battlefield (idiom), to get cold feet
    * * *
    lín zhèn tuì suō
    have (get) cold feet:
    他打算参加示威, 但后来临阵退缩了。 He planned to participate in the demonstration, but then he got cold feet.
    * * *
    臨陣退縮|临阵退缩 [lín zhèn tuì suō] to shrink back on approaching the battlefield (idiom) to get cold feet

    Chinese-English dictionary > 临阵退缩

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