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coefficient of product-moment correlation

  • 1 积差相关

    jī chā xiāng guān
    product moment correlation

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  • 2 等级相关系数

    【经】 coefficient of rank correlation

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  • 3 moment

    1) c (period of time) 片刻 [piànkè]

    It lasted only a moment. — 只持续了片刻。

    2) c (point in time) 瞬间 [shùnjiān]

    That was the moment I understood. — 在那一瞬间我明白了。

    3) u ( frm) (importance) 重要 [zhòngyào]

    * for a or one moment — (showing disbelief) 一刻

    I don't for a moment think there'll be a divorce. — 我一刻都没想过会离婚。; (showing relief) 有那么一刻

    For a moment I thought he wasn't going to make it. — 有那么一刻我还以为他不会来了。; (briefly) 一会儿

    She stared at him for a moment, then turned away. — 她盯着他看了一会儿,然后转过身。

    * for the moment — 暂时

    * in a moment — (explaining when) 马上; (explaining duration) 一瞬间

    * one moment, please — (on the telephone) 请稍等

    * the moment (that)... — 一...,就...

    * at that moment — 当时

    * at the/this (present) moment — 此刻/当前

    * (at) any moment (now) — 随时

    * at the last moment — 在最后一刻

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  • 4 by-product

    n; c
    1) [of industrial process] 副产品 [fùchǎnpǐn]
    2) [of situation] 附带结果 [fùdài jiēguǒ]

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  • 5 product

    n; c
    1) 产品 [chǎnpǐn]
    2) (result) 产物 [chǎnwù]

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  • 6 样本

    sample book, sample; specimen
    * * *
    example; sample; specimen; stylebook; swatch
    【化】 sample
    【医】 sample
    【经】 advance sheets; dummy; sample; specimen; specimen copy
    相关词组: 样本唱片
    * * *
    stylebook; swatch
    * * *
    n. sample book, sample, specimen
    * * *
    yang4 ben3
    sample, specimen
    * * *
    yàng běn
    sample book; specimen; advanced copy; sample; muster; scantling; instance; statistics:
    字体样本 type specimen book
    样本百分位数 {数} sample percentiles;
    样本标准差 sample standard deviation;
    样本标准偏差 sample standard deviation;
    样本点 sample point;
    样本调查 {流} sample survey;
    样本范围 sample range;
    样本方差 sample variance;
    样本分布 sample distribution;
    样本分位数 {数} sample fractiles;
    样本构形 configuration of sample;
    样本规模 sample size;
    样本函数 sample function; {统} statistic;
    样本化 sampling;
    样本矩 sample moment;
    样本均方根差 sample standard deviation;
    样本均方列联 sample mean-square contingency;
    样本均值 sample mean; sample average;
    样本空间 sample space;
    样本离差 sample dispersion;
    样本量 sample size;
    样本平均值 sample mean; sample average;
    样本十分位数 {数} sample deciles;
    样本数据量度 sampled-data measurement;
    样本四分位数 {数} sample quartiles;
    样本图书 sample;
    样本问题 sample problem;
    样本误差 sample error;
    样本相关系数 sample correlation coefficient;
    样本协方差 sample covariance;
    样本值 sample value;
    样本中位数 sample median;
    样本中心矩 sample central moment;
    样本中值 sample median
    * * *
    樣本|样本 [yàng běn] sample specimen

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  • 7 临界

    * * *
    【医】 crisis
    相关词组: 临界的
    * * *
    * * *
    adj. critical, crucial, climacteric, crossover, extreme, terminate, terminative
    * * *
    lin2 jie4
    critical, boundary
    * * *
    lín jiè
    {物} critical; crisis; criticality
    临界暗期 critical dark period;
    临界比 {统} critical ratio;
    临界变数 critical variable;
    临界变形 critical strain;
    临界表面压力 critical surface pressure;
    临界波长 critical wavelength;
    临界参数 critical parameters;
    临界操作 critical operation;
    临界层 critical layer;
    临界缠结分子量 critical entanglement molecular weight;
    临界常数 {物化} critical constant;
    临界长度 critical length;
    临界场 critical field;
    临界尺寸 critical dimension;
    临界赤道速度 critical equatorial velocity;
    临界冲击速度 critical impact velocity;
    临界磁场 critical magnetic field; threshold field; critical field;
    临界磁通密度 critical magnetic flux density;
    临界淬火 critical hardening;
    临界淬火速度 critical quenching rate;
    临界淬硬温度 critical hardening temperature;
    临界大小 critical size;
    临界等温线 critical isotherm;
    临界底斜率 {地质} critical bottom slope;
    临界电流 {固物} critical current;
    临界电流密度 {物化} critical current density;
    临界电路 critical circuit;
    临界电势 critical potential;
    临界电通量密度 critical dielectric flux density;
    临界电位 critical potential;
    临界电压 critical voltage; cut-in voltage; cutoff voltage; critical pressure;
    临界电压差 critical voltage difference;
    临界电晕电压 {电工} critical corona voltage;
    临界电阻 critical resistance;
    临界堆 {核} critical reactor;
    临界法向应力 critical normal stress;
    临界范围 {冶} critical range; critical interval;
    临界方程 {核} critical equation;
    临界放大系数 critical magnification factor;
    临界辐角 critical argument;
    临界负载 critical load;
    临界负载电流 critical load current;
    临界概率 critical probability;
    临界高度 {航空} critical altitude; critical height;
    临界工作状态 critical excitation;
    临界共溶温度 critical consolute temperature;
    临界含量 critical content;
    临界含水率 critical moisture content;
    临界函数 risk function;
    临界回授 {电子} critical reaction;
    临界昏暗 limb darkening;
    临界极限 critical limit;
    临界集装箱货物 marginal containerizable cargoes;
    临界级 critical level;
    临界检测 marginal test;
    临界剪应变 critical shear strain;
    临界剪应力 critical shear stress;
    临界减慢 critical slowing down;
    临界胶团浓度 {物化} critical micelle concentration;
    临界交通密度 {土} critical density;
    临界角 {光} critical angle; angle of nonslip point;
    临界节点 critical node;
    临界截面 {流} critical cross-section; choking section;
    临界精神病 {心理} borderline psychosis;
    临界距离 critical distance;
    临界开挖高度{土} critical height;
    临界抗张应力 critical tensile stress;
    临界雷诺数 {流} critical Reynolds number;
    临界冷凝温度 cri-condentherm;
    临界冷却速度 {冶} critical cooling rate;
    临界力 critical force;
    临界力矩 critical moment;
    临界链长 critical chain length;
    临界量 critical quantity;
    临界裂缝扩展力 critical crack extension force;
    临界流动 critical flow;
    临界流动参数 critical parameter of flow;
    临界流量 critical flow;
    临界流量计 {油工} critical flow prover;
    临界流态化 critical fluidization;
    临界马赫数 {航空} critical Mach number;
    临界密度 critical density;
    临界面 critical surface;
    临界耐电压 critical withstand voltage;
    临界粘性衰减 critical viscous damping;
    临界凝固速度 critical solidification rate;
    临界凝结温度 {物化} cricondentherm; critical condensation temperature; true condensing point;
    临界凝结压力 cricondenbar;
    临界扭曲应力 critical buckling stress;
    临界扭转速度 critical torsional speed;
    临界浓度 critical concentration;
    临界耦合 {电工} critical coupling; optimum coupling;
    临界耦合系数 critical coupling coefficient;
    临界偏压 critical bias;
    临界频率 critical frequency;
    临界平方律功率 critical square law power;
    临界气饱和度 gas critical saturation;
    临界前级压强 {工} critical backing pressure (c.b.p.);
    临界强度 critical intensity;
    临界切变 critical shear;
    临界倾角 critical inclination;
    临界球 critical sphere;
    临界区 {流} critical region; critical zone;
    临界区段 critical section;
    临界区域 {军} critical zone; critical region;
    临界曲率值 critical value for buckling;
    临界缺点 critical defect;
    临界热 critical heat;
    临界热负荷 critical thermal load;
    临界热流 critical heat flux;
    临界热通量 critical heat flux;
    临界融合频率 critical fusion frequency;
    临界容积 critical volume;
    临界熔点 critical solution point;
    临界溶度 critical solubility;
    临界溶解(液)温度 critical solution temperature;
    临界乳光 critical opalescence;
    临界瑞利数 critical Rayleigh number;
    临界杀菌浓度 critical killing dilution;
    临界栅极电流 {电子} critical grid current;
    临界栅压 {电子} critical grid voltage; firing point;
    临界栅压曲线 critical-grid-voltage curve;
    临界闪烁频率 critical flicker frequency;
    临界湿度 {化工} critical humidity;
    临界失稳荷载 {土} crippling load;
    临界实时处理 critical real time processing;
    临界实验 {核} critical experiment;
    临界事故 criticality accident;
    临界事故报警器 critical accident alarm;
    临界试验 {电子} marginal test; critical experiment;
    临界数 critical number;
    临界水分 {化工} critical moisture content;
    临界水力陡度 {流} critical hydraulic gradient;
    临界速度{流} critical speed; critical velocity; decision speed; thrashing speed; whirling speed;
    临界速度指示仪 stallometer;
    临界损坏 critical damage;
    临界损失 critical loss;
    临界态 critical state;
    临界体积{物} critical volume; critical size;
    临界条件 critical condition;
    临界停闪频率 {摄} critical fusion frequency (CFF);
    临界通路 critical path;
    临界推移力 critical tractive force;
    临界退火 critical annealing;
    临界途程分析 {电子} critical path analysis;
    临界外压 critical external pressure;
    临界温度 critical temperature;
    临界温度差 critical temperature difference;
    临界温度电阻器 critical temperature resistor;
    临界温度范围 critical temperature range;
    临界温度热敏电阻器 critesistor; critical temperature thermistor;
    临界温度系数热敏电阻器 critical temperature coefficient thermistor;
    临界稳定性 critical stability; marginal stability;
    临界误差 critical error;
    临界误差角 critical error angle;
    临界吸收 marginal absorption;
    临界吸收波长 {光谱} critical absorption wavelength;
    临界系数{化} critical coefficient;
    临界线 {物化} critical line; critical locus;
    临界现象 {物化} critical phenomena;
    临界项 critical term;
    临界效应 critical effect; threshold effect;
    临界信号 {电磁} minimum detectable signal; threshold signal;
    临界信号-噪声比 threshold signal-to-noise ratio;
    临界性 criticality;
    临界性质 {物化} critical properties;
    临界压力{流} critical pressure;
    临界压力比 {流} critical pressure ratio;
    临界压强 {热} critical pressure;
    临界压缩比 {机} critical compression ratio;
    临界压应力 critical compressive stress;
    临界阳极电压 {电子} critical anode voltage;
    临界迎角 {航空} critical angle of attack;
    临界硬度 {冶} critical hardness;
    临界硬化 {冶} critical hardening;
    临界应变 {冶} critical strain;
    临界应力 critical stress;
    临界应力强度 critical stress intensity;
    临界载荷 critical load;
    临界再生 critical regeneration;
    临界照度 B. C. D. (between comfort and discomfort);
    临界折射 critical refraction;
    临界值 critical value; marginal value;
    临界指数 {热} critical exponent; criticality index;
    临界智力落后 {心理} borderline mental retardation;
    临界质量 {核} critical mass;
    临界质量比 critical mass-ratio;
    临界昼长 critical day length;
    临界转数 critical revolutions;
    临界转速 {机} critical speed; critical speed of revolution;
    临界装置 {核} critical assembly;
    临界状态 criticality; critical state; critical behaviour;
    临界追赶 critical race;
    临界自励磁 critical self-excitation;
    临界综合症 {心理} borderline syndrome;
    临界阻值 critical resistance;
    临界最大值 critical maximum
    * * *
    臨界|临界 [lín jiè] critical boundary

    Chinese-English dictionary > 临界

  • 8 分布

    be distributed (over an area); be dispersed; be scattered, distribution
    * * *
    【化】 distribution
    【医】 distribution; supply
    * * *
    * * *
    adj. distributed
    v. be distributed, be scattered
    * * *
    fen1 bu4
    distributed, to distribute
    * * *
    fēn bù
    distribute; spread; scatter; distribution:
    人口分布 population distribution;
    分布在全国各地 be distributed throughout the country;
    彝族主要分布在云南、 四川和贵州三省。 The Yi nationality is distributed mainly over Yunnan, Sichuan and Guizhou provinces.
    有些种类的植物分布得很广。 Some types of plants are widely distributed.
    分布百分数 percentile;
    分布不均 maldistribution;
    分布参量放大器 distributed paramp; distributed parameter amplifier;
    分布参数 distributed parameter; parameter of distribution;
    分布参数测量 distributed parameter measurement;
    分布参数测量设备 distributed parameter measuring equipment;
    分布参数电路 distributed constant (parameter) circuit;
    分布参数过程 distributed parameter process;
    分布参数集成电路 distributed parameter integrated circuit;
    分布参数网络 distributed parameter network;
    分布参数系统 distributed parameter system;
    分布参数线 distributed parameter line; line with distributed parameter;
    分布参数延迟线 distributed parameter delay line;
    分布参数元件 element with distributed parameters;
    分布参数振荡器 distributed generator;
    分布测度 measure of spread;
    分布常数 distributed constant; distribution constant;
    分布常数电路 distributed constant circuit;
    分布常数滤波器 distributed constant filter;
    分布常数式电桥 distributed constant type bridge;
    分布处理存储器 distributed processing memory;
    分布电感 distributed inductance;
    分布电路 distributed circuit;
    分布电路参数测量设备 distributed parameter measuring equipment;
    分布电容 distributed capacitance; distributed capacity; distribution capacity;
    分布电容耦合 auto-capacity coupling;
    分布电压 spread voltage;
    分布电阻 distributed resistance;
    分布发射光电二极管 distributed emission photodiode;
    分布发射式正交场噪声发生器 distributed emission crossed-field noise-generator;
    分布反馈半导体激光器 distributed feedback semiconductor laser;
    分布反馈激光器 distributed feedback laser; DFB laser;
    分布放大 distributed amplification;
    分布放大器 distributed amplifier; distributed lip amplifier;
    分布放射磁控放大管 dematron;
    分布分流电导 distributed shunt conductance;
    分布负载 distributed load;
    分布功能 distributed function;
    分布观测 distributive observation;
    分布光度计 distribution photometer;
    分布规律 regularity of distribution;
    分布函数 distribution function;
    分布互作用速调管 extended interaction klystron;
    分布计算 distributed computing;
    分布计算机系统 distributed computer system;
    分布控制 distribution control;
    分布控制系统 distribution control system;
    分布宽度 dispersion of distribution;
    分布力 distributed force;
    分布力矩 moment of distribution; distribution moment;
    分布梁 {工} spreader beam;
    分布律 distribution law;
    分布论 {数} distribution theory;
    分布逻辑 distributed logic;
    分布逻辑存储器 distributed logic memory;
    分布密度 distribution density; distribution with density;
    分布模型 distributed model;
    分布偶极子天线阵 spaced-dipole array;
    分布器 sparger;
    分布曲线 ogive; distribution curve;
    分布屈服 distributed yielding;
    分布绕组 distributed winding;
    分布时差 distributed lag;
    分布栓 peg rail;
    分布铁心式变压器 distribution core type transformer;
    分布通信处理机 distributed communication processor;
    分布通信体系结构 distributed communication architecture;
    分布图 allocation plan; profile;
    分布网络 distributed network;
    分布温度 distribution temperature;
    分布误差 distribution error;
    分布系数 {电} breadth coefficient; breadth factor; distribution factor; distribution coefficient; distribution number; distribution ratio;
    分布谐振 distributed resonance;
    分布信息 distributed intelligence;
    分布因数 distribution factor;
    分布因子 {核} distribution factor;
    分布元件 distributed component;
    分布元件滤波器 distributed component filter;
    分布载荷 distributed load;
    分布智能 distributed intelligence;
    分布质量 distributed mass;
    分布中心 {统} center of a distribution;
    分布阻抗 distribution impedance;
    分布阻尼 distributed damping;
    分布作用速调管 distribution klystron
    * * *
    分佈|分布 [fēn bù] distributed to distribute

    Chinese-English dictionary > 分布

  • 9 功率

    * * *
    【化】 power
    【医】 Power
    【经】 rate of work
    相关词组: 大功率
    * * *
    * * *
    n. power; output, capacity (of electricity, etc.)
    * * *
    gong1 lu:4
    rate of work, power (output)
    * * *
    gōng lǜ
    {物} power; rate of work; capacity factor; capacity; activity
    功率半导体器件 {电子} power semiconductor;
    功率保护系统 {核子} power level safety system;
    功率保护装置 power protection;
    功率倍增法 power doubling method;
    功率比 power rate; power ratio;
    功率比值法 power ratio method;
    功率变化 power change;
    功率变化率 power variation rate;
    功率变换开关 power change switch;
    功率变换器 power inverter;
    功率变流器 power converter;
    功率操作 power operation;
    功率测定(量) power measurement; measurement of power;
    功率测量电路 power-measuring circuit;
    功率测量设备 power-measuring device; power measurement equipment;
    功率测量装置 power-measuring device;
    功率测试器 power tester;
    功率产额 power yield;
    功率冲击 power rush;
    功率储备 margin of power; powerman margin;
    功率传递 power transmission;
    功率传递系统 system of power transmission;
    功率大小 watt level;
    功率单位 power unit (p.u.);
    功率电感调整 hysterset;
    功率电平 power level;
    功率电平图 {讯} power-level diagram;
    功率电平控制 power level control;
    功率电平增益 power level gain;
    功率电平指示器 power-level indicator;
    功率电位器 power potentiometer;
    功率电子管 power tube; power amplifier tube; power output tube; pliotron; pliobond;
    功率跌落 power fall down;
    功率范围 power bracket; power range;
    功率方程法 power equations method;
    功率方向继电器 power direction relay;
    功率方向图 power radiation pattern;
    功率放大 energy amplification; power amplification; powerman magnification;
    功率放大管 power amplifier tube; power tube;
    功率放大级 power amplifier stage;
    功率放大五极管 power pentode;
    功率放大系数 power amplification coefficient; power amplification ratio; power-control ratio;
    功率分隔板 power-dividing septum;
    功率分流 power dividing;
    功率分配 power splitting;
    功率分配器 power divider; power splitter;
    功率分支减速齿轮(箱) locked train reduction gear (船用);
    功率富裕量 power surplus;
    功率负载 power termination;
    功率公式 horse-power formula;
    功率管 power tube; power valve;
    功率函数 power function;
    功率合成 power synthesis;
    功率合成器 power combiner;
    功率厚膜混合集成电路 power thick film bybrid integrated circuit;
    功率互换 power interchange;
    功率回收透平 power recovery turbine;
    功率激励器 power driver;
    功率激增 power flash-up;
    功率极限 power limit;
    功率计 dynamometer; power meter; wattmeter;
    功率计算 performance calculation;
    功率计算公式 rating formula;
    功率继电器 power relay;
    功率监视器 power monitor;
    功率尖峰 power peak;
    功率检波 power detection;
    功率检波器 power detector;
    功率减小 power reduction;
    功率降低 decay of power;
    功率交换 power exchange;
    功率角 power angle;
    功率校正 capability correction;
    功率校准 calibration of power;
    功率均衡器 power equalizer;
    功率孔径乘积 power-aperture product;
    功率控制 power control;
    功率控制棒 power control rod;
    功率控制伺服机构 power-control servo;
    功率控制机构 powered controls;
    功率扩大机 power amplifier;
    功率灵敏度 power sensitivity;
    功率流 power circuit;
    功率滤波器 power filter;
    功率落差 power fluctuation;
    功率密度 power density; watt density;
    功率密度分布 power-density distribution;
    功率密度谱 power density spectrum;
    功率平坦度 power flatness;
    功率器件 power device;
    功率器件封装 power device packaging;
    功率切换 {电} power switching;
    功率驱动器 {计} analog line driver;
    功率曲线 power diagram; power curve;
    功率曲线图 power graph;
    功率确定 determination of output;
    功率绕组 {电} power winding;
    功率三极管 pliotron;
    功率三角形 power triangle;
    功率射流 power jet;
    功率失常激增 {核子} power excursion;
    功率时延乘积 power-delay product;
    功率输出 power output (P.O.);
    功率输出件 power-output device;
    功率输入 power input;
    功率衰减器 power attenuator;
    功率双极晶体管 power bipolar transistor;
    功率速调管 power klystron;
    功率损耗 {电工} power attenuation; power loss; watt loss; power consumption;
    功率损失 power loss;
    功率特性 power characteristic;
    功率特性曲线 power characteristic;
    功率调节 capacity control;
    功率调节器 power governor; power regulator; power-controller;
    功率调整 power control; power regulation;
    功率调制 power modulation;
    功率通带 {讯} power bandwidth;
    功率通量 power flow;
    功率通量密度 power flux-density;
    功率突增 excursion;
    功率图 power diagram;
    功率图集 power monograph;
    功率温度特性 power-temperature characteristic;
    功率五极管 power pentode;
    功率吸收 absorption of power;
    功率系数 power coefficient; power factor; specific power; specific capacity;
    功率系数的补偿 power-factor compensation;
    功率下降 power coastdown;
    功率限制 power limitation;
    功率消耗 watt consumption; wattage consumption;
    功率效率 power efficiency;
    功率信号发生器 power signal generator;
    功率信息 power information;
    功率行波管 power travelling wave tube;
    功率需量 power demand;
    功率削减 power extraction;
    功率因数 {电工} power factor (pf); phase factor; activity coefficient;
    功率因数表 power-factor meter; power-factor indicator; phsometer;
    功率因数测量 power-factor measurement;
    功率因数动荡 power-factor swing;
    功率因数计 power factor meter;
    功率因数调节 power-factor control;
    功率因数调整器 {电} power factor regulator;
    功率因素调整装置 power-factor adjustment;
    功率引入 supply;
    功率载荷 {航空} power loading;
    功率载荷容量 power-carrying capacity;
    功率增加 increase of power;
    功率增益 {电子} power gain; power amplification;
    功率增益测量仪 power gain measuring instrument;
    功率增长值 power increment;
    功率振荡 chugging;
    功率振荡器 power oscillator (P.O.);
    功率值 {工} performance number; magnitude of power; power value;
    功率指示器 power indicator;
    功率骤增 {核子} excursion;
    功率驻波比 power standing-wave ratio (PSWR);
    功率驻波系数 power standing-wave ratio (P.S.W.R.);
    功率转换效率 power conversion efficiency;
    功率转接电路 power-switching circuit;
    功率转移定理 {电} power transfer theorem;
    功率自动同步机 power selsyn;
    功率自记器 power recorder;
    功率总需要量 total-power requirement
    * * *
    功率|功率 [gōng lu] rate of work power (output)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 功率

  • 10 动力

    motive power; power, motive (or driving) force; impetus;motivation
    * * *
    drive; motivity; power; dynamics; impetus; momentum
    【化】 power
    【医】 dynamia; dynamo-; ergo-
    【经】 motive power; power
    相关词组: 动力的
    * * *
    drive; dynamical; impetus; momentum; motivity; power
    * * *
    n. power, motion, propulsion, force
    * * *
    dong4 li4
    power, motion, propulsion, force
    * * *
    dòng lì
    (各种作用力) motive power; power; dynamic:
    产生动力 make power;
    原动力 motive power;
    蒸汽动力 steam power;
    从波浪中获得动力 obtain power from waves;
    流水可以产生动力来推磨。 Running water produces power to run mills
    (推动力量) motive force; driving force; impetus:
    这能成为促使社会前进的动力。 This can become a driving force for social advance.
    儿童学习需要动力。 Children need an impetus to study.
    动力泵 kinetic (power; power tire) pump;
    动力臂 power arm;
    动力边界值问题 dynamical boundary value problem;
    动力变量 {力} dynamical variable;
    动力冰川学 dynamic glaciology;
    动力病原论 dynamism;
    动力不稳定性 dynamic instability;
    动力参数 kinetic parameter;
    动力舱 piggyback pod;
    动力操纵杆 power-control rod;
    动力槽 {气象} dynamic trough;
    动力测验法 dynamoscopy;
    动力测验器 dynamoscope;
    动力车 {机} power car; motor vehicle;
    动力车间 powerhouse;
    动力冲程 power stroke;
    动力重整 {化工} power forming;
    动力触探 dynamic sounding;
    动力传动轴 power transmission shaft;
    动力传感器 dynamic pickup;
    动力传送 power transmission;
    动力锤 {工} power hammer;
    动力大地测量学 dynamic geodesy;
    动力单位 unit power;
    动力地貌学 dynamic geomorphology;
    动力地质学 dynamic geology;
    动力定额 ability rating;
    动力定型 dynamic stereotype;
    动力乏力 {生} adynamia;
    动力反馈稳定 dynamic feedback stabilization;
    动力反向 power reverse;
    动力反应堆 {核} power reactor;
    动力方程 kinetic equation;
    动力飞行 active flight;
    动力飞行阶段 powered period;
    动力辅助控制 power-assisted control;
    动力负载 line load;
    动力干线 power main;
    动力感 {动} kinaesthetic;
    动力高度 {物} dynamic (geodynamic) height;
    动力格筛 {采矿} power grizzly;
    动力耕作机 power tiller;
    动力工程 power engineering;
    动力工程学 dynamic engineering;
    动力工业 power industry;
    动力供给 {机} power feed;
    动力供应单元 power supply unit;
    动力估计 powering;
    动力关联 kinetic correlation;
    动力管道 power conduit;
    动力管系 power pipeline;
    动力灌溉机械 power-driven irrigation machinery;
    动力过载 dynamic overload;
    动力海洋学 dynamic oceanography;
    动力夯 power rammer;
    动力厚度 {海} dynamic thickness;
    动力滑台 power slide;
    动力化学变质作用 {地质} dynamo-chemical metamorphism;
    动力换能器 dynamic energy converter;
    动力回旋 {军} power traverse;
    动力机 power machine; engine; motor;
    动力机构 actuating unit;
    动力机械 motive power machine; power generating machine;
    动力机组 {机} power unit; power package;
    动力肌 dynamic (kinetic) muscle;
    动力集材 power logging (skidding);
    动力计算法 dynamic computation method;
    动力夹具 power operated jigs and fixtures;
    动力加热 {航空} dynamic (kinetic) heating;
    动力剪切机 power shears;
    动力减震器 {工} dynamic damper (detuner); dynamic vibration absorber;
    动力结构因素 dynamical structure factor;
    动力进给 power feed;
    动力精度 dynamic accuracy;
    动力经济 power economy;
    动力锯 power saw;
    动力控制 dynamic control;
    动力控制阀 {机} power control valve;
    动力扩容(作用) dynamic dilatation;
    动力联合 power link;
    动力联锁 power interlocking;
    动力练习 {体} power exercise with movement;
    动力链 power transmission chain;
    动力链锯 power chain saw;
    动力列车 power train;
    动力零面 level of no motion;
    动力流度 dynamic fluidity;
    动力煤 thermal coal;
    动力煤气 gas for motor fuel;
    动力弥雾机 motor atomizer;
    动力密封 dynamic seal;
    动力密封垫 {工} dynamic packing;
    动力模拟 represent dynamically;
    动力模拟器 dynamic simulator;
    动力模型 {工} dynamic model (mock-up);
    动力挠度 ride clearance;
    动力粘(滞)度 dynamic (kinetic) viscosity;
    动力粘度计量 dynamic viscosity measurement;
    动力粘性 dynamic viscosity;
    动力粘性系数 dynamic viscosity coefficient;
    动力刨煤机 activated plough;
    动力喷粉机 power duster;
    动力喷雾器 power sprayer;
    动力喷嘴 power jet;
    动力平衡 {力} dynamic (kinetic) equilibrium; balance of power; power balance; dynamic balance;
    动力平衡器 dynamic balancer;
    动力气候学 {气} dynamic climatology;
    动力气象学 dynamical meteorology;
    动力气漩 cyclone of dynamic origin;
    动力牵引车 power buggy;
    动力强度 dynamic strength;
    动力屈曲 dynamic buckling;
    动力驱动 {机} power-driven; power wheel drive;
    动力三轴仪 dynamic triaxial tester;
    动力设备 power equipment; PP (power plant);
    动力深度 dynamic depth;
    动力势差数 dynamical number;
    动力试验 dynamic test; power test;
    动力试验台 dynamic test stand;
    动力输出 power take-off (P. T. O.);
    动力输出装置 power take-off;
    动力输电铁塔 power transmission tower;
    动力输入轴 power input shaft;
    动力数字转矩计 dynamic digital;
    动力水头 hydrodynamic head;
    动力损失 power loss;
    动力索道集材 powered cable logging;
    动力弹性模量 dynamic elastic modulus;
    动力特性 dynamic characteristics (property);
    动力体 kinetoplast;
    动力调节器 power conditioner;
    动力调整 power setting torque meter;
    动力头式攻丝机 unit head tapping machine;
    动力透平 power turbine;
    动力土壤 dynamic soil;
    动力脱粒机 power (driven) thresher;
    动力稳定性 {力} dynamic stability;
    动力吸振 dynamic absorber;
    动力问题 dynamical problem;
    动力涡轮机 power turbine;
    动力系 dynamical system; power-train;
    动力系数 coefficient of impact;
    动力系统 {数} dynamical (power) system;
    动力系统模拟器 dynamic system simulator;
    动力系统消耗率 specific powerplant consumption;
    动力相似 dynamic similarity;
    动力消耗量 consumption of power; power consumption;
    动力小太阳 powersoletta;
    动力效率 dynamic efficiency;
    动力效应 dynamic effect;
    动力心理学 dynamic psychology;
    动力需求 power demand;
    动力循环 power cycle;
    动力训练 dynamic training;
    动力演化 dynamical evolution;
    动力液体 power liquid;
    动力因数 {航空} dynamic factor;
    动力应力 {统力} kinetic (dynamic) stress;
    动力油缸 actuator cylinder;
    动力原理 the motive power principle;
    动力源 power producer;
    动力载荷线 dynamic load line;
    动力增量 {机} dynamic augment;
    动力增殖反应堆 power breeder;
    动力站 power station;
    动力织机 power loom;
    动力织机直柱 sword;
    动力指示法 dynamophany;
    动力制动 dynamic braking;
    动力轴 line (power) shaft;
    动力轴系 power shafting;
    动力转向 {机} power-assisted (power) steering;
    动力转向泵 power steering pump;
    动力转向架 power truck;
    动力转向装置 power steering gear;
    动力转辙机 power point machine;
    动力装载机 {采矿} power loader;
    动力资源 power resource;
    动力组 power package;
    动力钻床 power drill
    * * *
    動力|动力 [dòng lì] power motion propulsion force

    Chinese-English dictionary > 动力

  • 11 压力

    pressure, overwhelming force; pressure; stress
    * * *
    press; tension; compressive stress; pinch; stress; tax
    【化】 pressure
    【医】 baro-
    相关词组: 气体压力计
    * * *
    Drang; compressive stress; heat; pinch; press; pressure; stress; tax; tension
    * * *
    n. pressure, overwhelming force
    * * *
    ya1 li4
    * * *
    yā lì
    {物} pressure; tension:
    大气压力 atmospheric pressure;
    外界压力 ambient pressure
    (制伏人的力量) overwhelming force; pressure:
    对某人施加压力 bring pressure to bear on sb.;
    在舆论的压力下 under the pressure of public opinion;
    他感觉到现代生活的压力。 He felt the press of modern life.
    piezo-; tono-
    压力板 pressure plate;
    压力瓣 pressure clack;
    压力棒 pressure bar;
    压力保持 {油工} pressure maintenance;
    压力保持装置 pressurizer;
    压力保险开关 pressure safety switch;
    压力报警器 pressure alarm;
    压力泵 compression pump; force pump;
    压力变宽 pressure broadening;
    压力变质 pressure-metamorphism;
    压力标高 pressure scale height;
    压力波动 pressure oscillation;
    压力补偿阀 pressure-compensated valve;
    压力补偿控制 pressure compensation control;
    压力补偿器 pressure equalizer;
    压力操纵阀 pressure-operated valve;
    压力测定 piezometry;
    压力测量 pressure measurement; {油工} pressure survey;
    压力舱 {工} pressure chamber;
    压力场 {海} pressure field;
    压力成分图 pressure-component diagram;
    压力成形 pressure forming;
    压力充气电缆 compression cable;
    压力充填 {机} back under pressure;
    压力储罐 pressure vessel;
    压力穿透 pressure penetration;
    压力传感笔 pressure sensing pen;
    压力传感器 {工} electrical pressure transducer; pressure transducer; pressure pick-up; pressure transmitter; pressure sensor; pressductor;
    压力淬火 press quenching;
    压力单位 pressure unit;
    压力等级 pressure rating;
    压力地震检波器 pressure geophones;
    压力递减 {油工} pressure decline; pressure depletion;
    压力点 pressure spot;
    压力垫 {工声} pressure pad;
    压力垫枕 {工} pressure pillow;
    压力电阻系数 piezoresistance coefficient;
    压力电阻效应 piezoresistance effect;
    压力定点 pressure fixed point;
    压力动态 barokinesis;
    压力陡度 pressure gradient;
    压力锻造 {冶} press forging;
    压力阀 retainer;
    压力饭锅 pressure cooker;
    压力分布 pressure distribution;
    压力分布测定 pressure-distribution measurement;
    压力分布环 pressure-distribution ring;
    压力分布模型 pressure-plotting model;
    压力分布试验 pressure distribution test; (绘制)
    压力分布图 pressure-plotting;
    压力分配 pressure dividing;
    压力分配器 pressure distributor;
    压力峰值 pressure peak;
    压力风速计 pressure anemometer;
    压力干扰 pressure interface;
    压力感受器 pressoreceptor; baroreceptor;
    压力钢管 penstock; steel penstock;
    压力高度 {航空} pressure altitude;
    压力拱 pressure arch;
    压力管 force pipe; pressure tube;
    压力管道 pressure pipeline;
    压力管式堆 pressure tube reactor;
    压力罐 pressure bomb;
    压力灌浆(法) pressure grouting;
    压力滚子 puck (磁录音机上的);
    压力锅 pressure cooker;
    压力过低 hypotony; hypotension; hypopiesia;
    压力过高 hypertonia; hypertonus; hyperpiesia;
    压力过滤器 filter-press;
    压力函数 pressure function;
    压力盒 pressure cell;
    压力化学 piezochemistry;
    压力环 pressure ring;
    压力恢复 pressure recovery;
    压力恢复曲线 buildup curve;
    压力回路 pressure circuit;
    压力极限 pressure limit;
    压力集团 a pressure group;
    压力给油汽化器 pressure fed carburetor;
    压力计量 pressure measurement;
    压力记录器 pressure recorder;
    压力记录仪 manograph;
    压力继电器 pressure switch;
    压力加料 forced feed;
    压力减低 {医} hypotension;
    压力降(低) fall of pressure; pressure drop;
    压力浇铸 pressure pouring;
    压力矫直 gag press straightening;
    压力矫直机 gag straightener;
    压力角 pressure angle;
    压力接点 press contact;
    压力阶段 pressure stage;
    压力结构 pressure texture;
    压力开关 pressure switch;
    压力控制阀 pressure-control valve;
    压力控制回路 pressure control loop;
    压力控制器 pressure controller;
    压力控制设备 pressure control equipment;
    压力裂缝节理 diaclase;
    压力灵敏度 pressure-sensitivity;
    压力滤池 pressure filter;
    压力脉冲 pressure pulse;
    压力脉动 pressure fluctuation;
    压力冒口 {机} pressure riser;
    压力密封 wiper seal; {工} pressure seal;
    压力面 pressure side;
    压力粘度 pressure viscosity;
    压力粘度指数 pressure viscosity exponent;
    压力喷嘴 drive nozzle;
    压力膨胀曲线 pressure expansion curve;
    压力偏转 {工} pressure deflection;
    压力平衡管 pressure-equalizing pipe;
    压力剖面 {油工} pressure traverse; pressure profile (剖面);
    压力强度 intensity of pressure;
    压力区域 pressure span;
    压力曲线 pressure curve;
    压力曲线图 pressure-graph;
    压力燃料箱 pressure-feed tank;
    压力热风供暖 forced air heating;
    压力热水供暖 forced hot water heating;
    压力容器 pressure container; pressure-vessel;
    压力容器式反应堆 {核子} pressure vessel reactor;
    压力润滑(法) force feed; {工} forced lubrication; force feed lubrication; pressure lubrication;
    压力扫描激光器 pressure-scanned laser;
    压力升高率 rate of pressure rise;
    压力释放 pressure relief;
    压力释放系统 pressure release system;
    压力试验 presure test;
    压力试验机 pressure testing machine;
    压力输水(送)管 penstock;
    压力输送 pressurization;
    压力输送管道 head conduit;
    压力输送系统 pressurized feeding system;
    压力水池 pressure tank;
    压力水道 pressure conduit;
    压力水管 penstocks;
    压力水头 pressure head;
    压力水箱 pressure water tank; pressure box;
    压力隧洞 pressure tunnel;
    压力损失 pressure loss;
    压力梯度 {流} barometric gradient; pressure gradient;
    压力梯度校正因子 pressure gradient correction factor;
    压力调节 pressure control;
    压力调节阀 {工} pressure-regulating valve;
    压力调节器 pressure governer; pressure regulator;
    压力调整 pressure adjustment;
    压力调制室 pressure-defined chamber;
    压力通风 {电工} forced draught; forced ventilation; plenum ventilation;
    压力通风系统 plenum system;
    压力凸缘 pressure flange;
    压力图 tonogram; pressure diagram;
    压力位置线 {航空} pressure line of position;
    压力温度图 pressure-temperature diagram;
    压力稳定器 manostat;
    压力雾化 pressure atomization;
    压力雾化喷枪燃烧器 pressure-atomizing gun burner;
    压力系数 pressure coefficient;
    压力下降 pressure drop; {油工} pressure drawdown;
    压力相关 pressure correlation;
    压力箱 forbay;
    压力消能 chamber expansion dissipation;
    压力效应 {光谱} pressure effect;
    压力循环 force-circulation;
    压力循环锅炉 forced-flow boiler;
    压力循环式热水供暖 hot water heating with forced circulation;
    压力扬汲机 ram;
    压力扬吸机 hydraulic ram;
    压力依赖关系 pressure dependence;
    压力移动中心 centre of pressure travel;
    压力仪表 manometer;
    压力抑制 pressure suppression;
    压力抑制系统 {核子} pressure suppression system; vapor suppression;
    压力影响 pressure influence;
    压力硬式飞艇 pressure rigid airship;
    压力有效面积 pressure effective area;
    压力有效直径 pressure effective diameter;
    压力油 pressure oil;
    压力增大 pressure build-up;
    压力增量 pressure increment;
    压力障碍症 dysbarism;
    压力真空表 pressure vacuum meter;
    压力枕 pressure cushion;
    压力蒸汽 steam;
    压力指示器 pressure indicator;
    压力滞后 pressure hysteresis;
    压力中心 center of pressure;
    压力中心系数 {航空} centre of pressure coefficient;
    压力重水冷却慢化堆 pressure heavy water cooled moderate reactor;
    压力重水型堆 PHYR type reactor;
    压力铸造 {冶} compression casting; pressure casting; pressure diecasting; die casting;
    压力注油壶 (英) oilfeeder;
    压力装配 press fit;
    压力自记器 pressure graph; manograph;
    压力自记仪 pressuregraph;
    压力阻力 pressure drag;
    压力钻 friction jewel;
    压力作用开关 pressure-operated switch
    * * *
    壓力|压力 [yā lì] pressure

    Chinese-English dictionary > 压力

  • 12 原子

    * * *
    atom; atomy
    【计】 atom
    【化】 atom
    【医】 atom
    相关词组: 次原子
    * * *
    atom; atomy
    * * *
    adj. atomic
    n. atom
    * * *
    yuan2 zi3
    atom, atomic
    * * *
    yuán zǐ
    {化} {物} atom:
    标记原子 labelled atom
    原子百分数 atomic percentage;
    原子半径 atomic radius;
    原子爆炸 atomic explosion; atomic blast;
    原子参数 atomic parameter;
    原子常数 atomic constant;
    原子磁化率 {电磁} atomic susceptibility;
    原子磁矩 atomic magnetic moment;
    原子磁强计 atom magnetometer;
    原子重排列 atomic rearrangement;
    原子大小因数 atomic size factor;
    原子单位 atomic unit;
    原子弹药 {军} atomic ammunition;
    原子点阵 atomic lattice;
    原子电池 atomic battery (cell);
    原子电核装置 electronuclear device;
    原子电荷 atomic charge;
    原子电离电位 ionization potential;
    原子动力 atomic power;
    原子动力舰 atompowered ship;
    原子堆 atomic pile;
    原子堆积 atom packing;
    原子对 atom pair;
    原子多面体 atomic polyhedron;
    原子讹诈 atomic blackmail;
    原子发动机 atom engine;
    原子发射光谱 atomic emission spectrum;
    原子反应 atomic reaction;
    原子反应堆 atomic reactor (pile);
    原子防护 atomic defence;
    原子飞机 A-plane;
    原子分离器 atom sorter;
    原子-分子碰撞 atom-molecule collision;
    原子共振谱线 atomic resonance line;
    原子馆 atomarium;
    原子光谱 atomic spectrum;
    原子光谱学 atomic spectroscopy;
    原子航弹 atomic bomb;
    原子轨道线性组合 linear combination of atomic orbit;
    原子锅炉 atomic boiler;
    原子航弹 atomic bomb;
    原子火箭 fission rocket;
    原子击破 atom smashing;
    原子击破器 atom smasher;
    原子机车 A-locomotive;
    原子基态 atomic ground state; {原物} atomic unexcited state;
    原子基准 {物} atomic standard;
    原子激光器 atomic laser;
    原子极化率 atomic polarizability;
    原子极化强度 atomic polarization;
    原子假说 atomic hypothesis;
    原子价 atomicity; valence; valency;
    原子间距 atomic separation; interatomic distance; atomic spacing;
    原子键 atomic bond; atomic linkage;
    原子结构 atomic structure;
    原子结构化学 metachemistry;
    原子结构因数 atomic structure factor;
    原子晶格 atomic lattice;
    原子径向分布函数 atomic radial distribution function;
    原子抗磁性 atomic diamagnetism;
    原子科学 atomics;
    原子壳层 atomic shell;
    原子扩散 atomic diffusion;
    原子离子半径 atomic ions radius;
    原子粒子 {原物} atomic particle;
    原子力 atomic force;
    原子链 atomic link;
    原子逻辑式 atom logical expression;
    原子论 atomology; atomic theory; atomism;
    原子慢化比 {核子} atomic moderation ratio;
    原子弥散(现象) atomic dispersion;
    原子米 atom-meter;
    原子密度 atomic density;
    原子面 {物} atomic plane;
    原子模格 atomic modular lattice;
    原子模型 atom model;
    原子内(的) intratomic;
    原子内(的力)场 dynad;
    原子能级 atomic energy level;
    原子能级金属 reactor-grade metal;
    原子浓度 atomic concentration;
    原子偶极矩 atomic dipole moment;
    原子排列 atomic arrangement;
    原子炮 atomic gun;
    原子碰撞 atomic collision;
    原子频(率)标(准) atomic frequency standard (scale);
    原子频率 atomic frequency;
    原子平均截面 {核} cross section per atom;
    原子谱 atomic spectra;
    原子气体激光器 atomic gas laser;
    原子潜艇 atom powered submarine;
    原子闪电战 atomic blitz;
    原子伤害 atomic bomb casualty;
    原子射线 atomic ray;
    原子湿度仪 {采矿} atomic moisture meter;
    原子实 (核) atomic kernel; core;
    原子数 atomicity;
    原子顺磁性 {电磁} atomic paramagnetism;
    原子探测器(探针) atom probe;
    原子探针场离子显微术 atomprobe field-ion microscopy;
    原子体积 atomic volume;
    原子团 elementide; monad; artiad; {化} radical;
    原子位移 discomposition;
    原子位移效应 {核子} discomposition effect;
    原子位置 atom site;
    原子物理学 atomic physics;
    原子武器 atomic weapon;
    原子吸光分析 atomic absorption analysis;
    原子吸收分光光度法 atomic absorption spectrophotometry;
    原子吸收分光光度计 atomic absorption spectrophotometer;
    原子吸收光谱 atomic absorption spectrum;
    原子吸收光谱法 {分化} atomic absorption spectrometry;
    原子吸收系数 atomic absorption coefficient; -
    原子线 atomic line; -
    原子芯体 kernel; -
    原子形状因子 atomic form factor;
    原子性 atomicity;
    原子性质 atomic property;
    原子序数 atomic number; “z” number;
    原子旋光度 atomic rotation;
    原子学 atomics;
    原子学说 atomism;
    原子医学 atomic medicine;
    原子移位 atomic displacement;
    原子荧光分光光度法 atomic fluorescence spectrum;
    原子荧光光谱(法) atomic fluorescence spectrophotometry;
    原子有序化 atomic ordering;
    原子-原子碰撞 atom-atom collision;
    原子云 atomic cloud;
    原子战争 atomic war;
    原子折射度 atomic refraction;
    原子折射率差 atomic refractivity;
    原子振动 {原物} atomic vibration;
    原子直径 atomic diameter;
    原子质量 atomic mass;
    原子质量单位 (=1.66×10??? 克) atomic mass unit;
    原子质量换算因数 atomic mass conversion factor;
    原子钟 atomic clock; atomichron;
    原子装料 atomic charge;
    原子状态和能级 states and energy levels of the atom;
    原子自洽场 atomic self-consistent field;
    原子自旋 atomic spin;
    原子钟 atomic clock;
    原子阻止本领 atomic stopping power;
    原子座 atom(ic) site
    * * *
    原子|原子 [yuán zǐ] atom atomic

    Chinese-English dictionary > 原子

  • 13 回收

    retrieve; recover; reclaim
    * * *
    reclaim; recover; retrieve
    【化】 reclaim(ation); recover; recovery
    * * *
    callback; reclaim
    * * *
    v. retrieve, recover, reclaim
    * * *
    hui2 shou1
    to recycle, to reclaim, to retrieve, to recover, to recall (a defective product)
    * * *
    huí shōu
    retrieve; recover; reclaim;recovery; recuperation:
    回收贵重金属 retrieve rare metals;
    烟气净化回收 gas-smoke retrieving;
    余热回收 recovery of waste heat
    回收舱 {航空} recovery capsule;
    回收程序 reclaimer;
    回收法 recovery method;
    回收浮标 retrievable buoys;
    回收率 {冶} recovery; coefficient of recovery; recovery ratio; rate of return; rate of recovery;
    回收期 {经} payoff period; payout period;
    回收器 recoverer; saver; withdrawer;
    回收区域 recovery zone;
    回收热屏蔽 reusable heat shielding;
    回收伞 recovery parachute;
    回收设备 reclaimer; recovery plant;
    回收塔 {化} recovery tower;
    回收透平 recovery gas turbine;
    回收系统 final recovery parachute;
    回收效率 {采矿} organic efficiency; recovery efficiency;
    回收遥控 recovery remote control;
    回收站 (waste materials) collection depot;
    回收支柱 posting;
    回收装置 recovery package;
    回收锥 recession cone
    * * *
    回收|回收 [huí shōu] to recycle to reclaim to retrieve to recover to recall (a defective product)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 回收

  • 14 固定

    fixed; regular; steady; inflexible, fix; regularize; fasten; stay; anchor
    * * *
    fix; moor; peg; rivet; root; secure; tackle
    【计】 lock-up
    【化】 anchorage
    【医】 fix; fixation; fixing; fixity; immobilize; lock
    相关词组: 固定的
    * * *
    fastness; fixation; fixup; immobility; moor; peg; rivet; root; securing
    * * *
    v. fixate
    adj. fixed, regular
    v. fix, regularize, regulate, set
    * * *
    gu4 ding4
    fixed, set, regular
    * * *
    gù dìng
    (不变动) fixed; regular:
    固定工 a regular worker;
    固定职业 permanent occupation;
    电视台的固定节目 a regular TV programme;
    不要用固定的眼光看问题。 Don't take a static view of things.
    (使固定) fasten; fix; regularize; fixation; immobilization; make fast; mount; rigid fixing; settlement; slewing:
    把灯座固定在车床上 fix the lamp stand on the lathe;
    这个书架被固定在墙壁上。 The bookshelf is fastened to the wall.
    他们把业务学习时间固定下来。 They have set a regular time for vocational study.
    {生} (显微或超显微制片技术步骤之一) fix;
    固定氨 fixed ammonia;
    固定靶 fixed target;
    固定百叶窗 abatvent; louver jalousie;
    固定板 {工} dead plate; retaining plate; ledger plate;
    固定保(险)费 fixed premium;
    固定保释金 fixed bail;
    固定比例包干 {财政} share revenue with the central government on a fixed ratio;
    固定比例放大 enprint;
    固定比例分成收入 fixed ratio shared revenue;
    固定比率 fixed ratio;
    固定边界 fixed boundary;
    固定边缘 built-in edge;
    固定变量 fixed variable;
    固定表面电荷 fixed surface charge;
    固定标尺 nonadjustable signal;
    固定标识检查法 constant mark check method;
    固定冰 {海} coast ice; coastal ice; fast ice;
    固定柄 fixed handle;
    固定波道侦察 fixed channel reconnaissance;
    固定波形发生器 fixed waveform generator;
    固定薄膜电阻器 fixed film resistor;
    固定卜线法 fixed wiring method;
    固定部分 fixed part; stationary part;
    固定财产 real property;
    固定采样检测器 fixed-sample detector;
    固定参数 preset parameter;
    固定操作 fixing operation;
    固定槽 {工} holddown groove;
    固定插入 fixed insertion;
    固定插入编辑 fixed insertion editing;
    固定插头 locking-type plug;
    固定差 {数} fixed difference;
    固定长度格式 fixed-length format;
    固定唱名法 “ fixed do” system;
    固定超前 {航空} fixed lead;
    固定车轴距 right wheel base;
    固定衬垫螺栓 shim bolt;
    固定衬套 stationary bushing;
    固定成本 constant cost; fixed cost; standing cost;
    固定成分 frozen composition; fixture;
    固定成员 fixed member;
    固定乘法区 {自} fixed product area;
    固定齿轮 dead wheel;
    固定触点 {电工} fixed contact; stationary contact point;
    固定触点部件 stationary contact member;
    固定床铺 bunk (船上的);
    固定磁场加速器 {核子} fixed-field accelerator;
    固定磁盘 fixed disk;
    固定磁头 fixed head;
    固定磁针测量 {地测} fixed-needle surveying;
    固定词序 {语} rigid word-order;
    固定催化剂 fixed catalyst;
    固定存储器 {自} fixed storage; permanent storage; fixed memory; permanent memory; readout memory; non-erasable storage; non-volatile memory;
    固定存储器数据结构 fixed storage pattern;
    固定存储区 permanent storage area;
    固定错误 fixed error; solid error; permanent error;
    固定氮 fixed nitrogen;
    固定氮肥 fixed nitrogen fertilizer;
    固定挡板 fixed dam; stationary stop;
    固定刀 dead knife; stationary knife;
    固定刀架 immovable support;
    固定刀刃 counteredge;
    固定刀式刨床 fixed knife planer;
    固定刀头(单板)齐边机 fixed head jointer;
    固定导板 resting guide; stationary guide shoe;
    固定导航路线 constant navigation course;
    固定导叶 fixed guide vane; stay vane (水轮机的);
    固定灯 fixed light;
    固定灯丝 anchored filament;
    固定抵押品 fixed collateral;
    固定点 standpoint; {热} fixed points; bedding point;
    固定点火 fixed ignition;
    固定垫片 setting-up piece;
    固定电池 self-contained battery;
    固定电池组 stationary battery;
    固定电感 fixed inductance;
    固定电感器 fixed inductor;
    固定电话 hand-free telephone;
    固定电极法 {工} fixed-electrode method;
    固定电容 fixed capacity;
    固定电容器fixed capacitor; fixed condenser;
    固定电台 fixed radio station;
    固定电台通信 fixed service;
    固定电位 fixed potential;
    固定电位计 fixed potentiometer;
    固定电压 fixed voltage;
    固定电阻 fixed resistance; constant resistance;
    固定电阻电路 constant-resistance circuit;
    固定电阻放电 constant-resistance discharge;
    固定电阻器 fixed resistor; permanent resistor;
    固定订货期间模型 fixed order period model;
    固定订货数量模型 fixed-order quantity model;
    固定动力装置 rigidly-fixed power plant;
    固定动作模式 {动} fixed-action pattern;
    固定毒 fixed virus; virus fix;
    固定断裂点 fixed breakage point;
    固定锻炉 stationary forge;
    固定发动机 stationary engine;
    固定发射 fixed launch;
    固定发射场导弹 fixedsite missile;
    固定发射装置 fixed launcher;
    固定阀 {油工} standing valve;
    固定法兰盘 fixed flange; retention flange;
    固定反应 fixation reaction;
    固定范围 fixed range;
    固定防护装置 fixed-guard;
    固定费用 constant expense; standing exchange; standing charge;
    固定费用问题 {工管} fixed-charge problem;
    固定分保 obligatory reinsurance;
    固定分保合同 obligatory treaty; fixed treaty;
    固定分布 frozen-in distribution;
    固定分频器 fixed frequency divider;
    固定分压器 fixed potentiometer;
    固定符号表 permanent symbol table;
    固定辐射点 stationary radiant;
    固定赋值 fixed assignment;
    固定负荷 firm demand;
    固定负债 fixed liabilities;
    固定负债比率 ratio of fixed liabilities;
    固定负载 dead load; dead-weight; constant load;
    固定负载状态 continuous rating;
    固定干扰法 fixed interference method;
    固定杆 dead lever; fixed link;
    固定杆件 fixed beam;
    固定感应线圈 {电工} fixed inductor;
    固定高架起重机 fixed gantry;
    固定割样器 stationary cutter;
    固定格栅 stationary grizzly;
    固定格筛 {采矿} static grizzly;
    固定隔栅 stationary grate;
    固定给定值控制 fixed set point control;
    固定工 fixed worker;
    固定工资 regular wage; regular earnings; regular pay; fixed wage; guaranteed salary;
    固定工资制 fixed-wag system;
    固定拱 {建} fixed arch;
    固定钩 stay hook;
    固定构型 fixed configuration;
    固定观念 fixed idea;
    固定关键字方式 fixed key word mode;
    固定管板换热器 fixed-tube-sheet heat exchanger;
    固定光 {航海} fixed light;
    固定光位 {植} fixed-light position;
    固定规 fixed gauge;
    固定轨道加速器 fixed-orbit accelerator;
    固定滚筒 resting barrel;
    固定航空电台 aeronautical fixed station;
    固定航线 constant navigation course; regular shipping lines;
    固定虎钳 standing vice;
    固定护栏 nonfloating rail;
    固定互连布线 fixed interconnect wiring;
    固定滑车 fixed block;
    固定滑轮 fixed block; fast pulley;
    固定环形天线 fixed-loop aerial; fixed-loop antenna; fixed-coil antenna;
    固定簧眼 spring fixed eye;
    固定回波 fixed echo; stationary echo;
    固定汇兑平价 absolute par exchange; fixed par of exchange;
    固定汇价 fixed exchange;
    固定汇率 fixed exchange rate; fixed rate of exchange;
    固定火炮 fixed armament;
    固定基点 fixed base point;
    固定基极偏流 fixed base current bias;
    固定基极偏压 fixed base bias;
    固定基金 fixed fund;
    固定基面 fixed base;
    固定基期 fixed base;
    固定基数记数法 fixed radix scale; fixed radix notation;
    固定基准 fixed datum;
    固定机库 permanent hangar;
    固定机翼 stationary wing;
    固定奇点 fixed singular point;
    固定激活阴极 dispenser cathode;
    固定激励 constant excitation;
    固定棘爪 fixed pawl;
    固定挤压压力 stationary extrusion pressure;
    固定几何形状机翼 fixed wings;
    固定几何形状喷管 constant geometry nozzle;
    固定剂 fixative; fixing agent;
    固定计划 standing plans;
    固定加权 fixed weighting;
    固定夹 geometrical clamp; attaching clamp;
    固定夹板 strap;
    固定夹片 {房} tingle;
    固定夹钳 stationary clamp;
    固定架 {电磁} mount; fixed mount; holder; trave;
    固定价格 fixed price; regular price;
    固定价格协议 price-fixing agreement;
    固定假日 national holiday;
    固定监测站 fixed monitoring station;
    固定间隔 fixed intervals;
    固定碱 fixed base;
    固定减振器 fixed buffer;
    固定键 retaining key; solid key;
    固定件(装置) toggle;
    固定焦点 {摄} fixed-focus;
    固定焦距透镜 universal focus lens;
    固定角规 miter square;
    固定绞车 jinny;
    固定铰链 fixed hinge;
    固定矫正器 fixed appliance;
    固定接触 stationary contact;
    固定接地 dead earth; solid earthing;
    固定接点 fixed contact;
    固定接头 permanent joint;
    固定截面喷嘴 fixed-area nozzle;
    固定节流孔 fixed orifice;
    固定结合 rigid joint; lock-joint;
    固定结筛 fixed grizzly;
    固定介质 mounting medium;
    固定进给磨削 {机} fixed-feed grinding;
    固定静负荷挠曲 dead-load deflection;
    固定镜 fixed mirror;
    固定晶体 fixed crystal;
    固定晶体检波器 fixed crystal detector;
    固定距标发生器 fixed-range mark generator;
    固定锯卡 fixed guide;
    固定卷筒 dead block (拉丝机的);
    固定均衡器 fixed equalizer;
    固定开口环 retaining snap ring;
    固定开睑器 stop speculum;
    固定壳 {工} set casing;
    固定空气电容器 air fixed capacitor;
    固定孔径 constant aperture;
    固定矿石检波器 fixed crystal detector;
    固定劳动总量谬误 lump of labour fallacy;
    固定雷达 fixed radar;
    固定力矩 fixed end moment; {力} fixing moment; moment at fixed end; moment taken about the point of fixation;
    固定利息投资 fixed-interest investment;
    固定利息证券 fixed interest bearing securities;
    固定联结机构 fixed linkage mechanism;
    固定联结系统 fixed linkage system;
    固定梁 built-in beam; fixed beam;
    固定零点 fixed zero;
    固定零点系统 fixed zero system;
    固定溜槽 fixed chute;
    固定龙门起重机 fixed ga(u)ntry crane;
    固定炉板 furnace dead plate;
    固定炉蓖 dead grate;
    固定轮 {工} fast pulley; tight pulley;
    固定轮距 rigid wheel base;
    固定逻辑 {自} fixed logic;
    固定逻辑询问 fixed logic query;
    固定螺钉{电工} terminal screw; clamping screw; pinching screw; retaining screw; setting-up screw; fixing screw;
    固定螺母 hold-down nut;
    固定螺栓 fixed bolt; set bolt; standing bolt;
    固定路线 route;
    固定铆机 stationary riveting machine;
    固定帽 locking cap;
    固定煤气发生炉 simple stationary gas producer;
    固定美元计算数字 constant dollar estimates;
    固定苗圃 permanent nursery;
    固定瞄准器 fixed index;
    固定模拟 fixed-analog;
    固定木楔 canting quoin;
    固定目标 {军} fixed target; fixed objective;
    固定啮合齿轮 constant mesh gear;
    固定镊 fixation forceps;
    固定扭矩 even twisting moment;
    固定排量泵 fixed-displacement pump;
    固定抛物反射面 fixed parabolic reflector;
    固定炮位 {军} fixed emplacement; permanent emplacement;
    固定配合 heavy keying fit; stationary fit;
    固定配件 standing finish;
    固定喷嘴 fixed nozzle; static jet;
    固定膨胀 {工} fixed expansion;
    固定偏流 fixed bias;
    固定偏心轮 {工} fixed eccentric;
    固定偏压 {电子} fixed bias; clamp bias;
    固定偏压晶体管电路 {电子} fixed-bias transistor circuit;
    固定偏转系统 fixed deflecting system; fixed yoke;
    固定偏转线圈 fixed deflection coil; fixed deflecting coil;
    固定胼胝体 definitive callus;
    固定平极 fixed mean pole;
    固定平价 fixed parity;
    固定平台 fixed platform;
    固定屏幕 fixed mask;
    固定谱系顺序 fixed-set order;
    固定起重机 stationary crane; stationary derrick;
    固定起重器 built-in jack;
    固定器 fixator;
    固定卡爪 stationary jaw;
    固定卡销 hold-open catch;
    固定钳口 regular jaw;
    固定桥 {土} fixed bridge;
    固定球面射电望远镜 fixed spherical radio telescope;
    固定区域 {自} fixed area;
    固定取样检测器 fixed-sample detector;
    固定曲线法 method of steady graph;
    固定燃料发动机 dry-fuel engine;
    固定燃料箱 fixed fuel tank;
    固定染料 fixed dye;
    固定任务数多道程序设计 multiprogramming with a fixed number of tasks;
    固定容量 fixed capacity;
    固定熔点 definite melting point;
    固定散射中心近似 fixed scattering centres approximation;
    固定砂箱 tight flask;
    固定沙丘 {地质} anchored dune; fixed dune; bult;
    固定筛 gravity flow screen; stationary screen;
    固定栅压振荡器 constant-gridpotential oscillator;
    固定商品陈列架 display stand;
    固定商业网 fixed commerce network;
    固定射击 fixed fire;
    固定设备 permanent plant; plant equipment; capital equipment;
    固定设备设计 stationary equipment design;
    固定射束 holding beam;
    固定伸臂起重机 stiff-boom crane;
    固定十进制小数点 fixed decimal point;
    固定石 {地质} anchor stone;
    固定时间序列 stationary time series;
    固定时序计算机 fixed sequence computer;
    固定时延 fixed delay;
    固定时延输出 fixed-delay output;
    固定时滞 fixed time lag;
    固定矢量 fixed vector;
    固定收益 constant return; settled income;
    固定枢轴 fixed pivot;
    固定术 pexis; pexia; -desis;
    固定数字组格式 fixed-block format (计算机);
    固定衰减器 {电子} fixed attenuator; pad;
    固定双位继电器 throw-over relay;
    固定栓 gim peg;
    固定水准点 permanent bench mark;
    固定税率 autonomous tariff; statutory tariff;
    固定税率制 general tariff system;
    固定丝锥扳手 solid tap wrench;
    固定素(株)(狂犬病)fixed strain;
    固定速率信源 fixed-rate source;
    固定酸 fixed acid;
    固定顺序格式 fixed sequential format;
    固定顺序机器人 limited sequence robot; fixed-sequence robot;
    固定损失 dead loss; fixed loss (与负载无关的);
    固定索具 {船} standing rigging;
    固定台 fixed station;
    固定探向器 stationary direction finder;
    固定碳 fixed carbon;
    固定天平 fixed weigher;
    固定天线 fixed antenna;
    固定天线测向器 fixed antenna direction finder;
    固定调谐板电路 fixed tuned plate circuit;
    固定调谐放大器 fixed-tuned amplifier;
    固定调谐晶体检波器 fixed-stuned crystal detector;
    固定调谐阻塞放电管 fixed tuned antitransmit-receive tube; fixed-tuned ATR tube;
    固定跳闸 {电工} fixed-handle circuit breaker; fixed-trip;
    固定同轴衰减器 fixed coaxial attenuator;
    固定投入 fixed i nput;
    固定图案法 fixed pattern method;
    固定凸缘 holding flange; retainer flange; cast flange;
    固定脱水筛 {采矿} fixed dewatering screen;
    固定万向节 permanent universal joint;
    固定尾座顶尖 stationary tailstock center;
    固定位置 stall;
    固定位置寻址 {自} fixed-position addressing;
    固定卫星 fixed satellite;
    固定污染源 stationary pollution source;
    固定无线电导航业务 aeronautical fixed radio service;
    固定无线电台 fixed radio station;
    固定无形资产 fixed intangible assets;
    固定物 fixture;
    固定误差 fixed error; solid error;
    固定卧式柴油机 stationary horizontal diesel engines;
    固定洗脱液 fixed eluant;
    固定系泊泊位 fixed mooring berth;
    固定下冲杆 stationary lower punch;
    固定舷窗 bull's eye; deadlight; fixed light;
    固定线管 fixed spool;
    固定线圈 fixed coil;
    固定向量 fixed vector;
    固定像差 constant aberration;
    固定销 {工} steady pin; adjusting pin; prisoner; static pin; steady brace; fast pin;
    固定卸料板 positive stripper; positive unloading stripper;
    固定芯棒 stationary core rod;
    固定信号 fixed signal; steady signal;
    固定信号机 fixed signal;
    固定信息文件 fixed information file;
    固定信息源 stationary information source; stationary message source;
    固定信息组 fixed field;
    固定形式编码 fixed form coding;
    固定修正量 fixed correction;
    固定需量收费制 flat demand rate;
    固定循环 canned cycle;
    固定压力中心 stationary centre of pressure;
    固定音形 {音} ostinato;
    固定盐度生物 stenohaline;
    固定延迟 fixed delay;
    固定延迟双稳态多谐振荡器 fixed delay flip-flop;
    固定延迟线 fixed delay line;
    固定延时 constant time lag;
    固定业务 fixed service;
    固定业务卫星通信 fixed service satellite communication;
    固定叶列 stationary blade row;
    固定叶栅 stationary cascade;
    固定液 fixer; fixative; stationary liquid;
    固定移相器 fixed phase shifter;
    固定蚁场 fixed rearing yards for newly hatched worms;
    固定音型 ostinato figure;
    固定印料板 stationary stripper;
    固定用凸缘 clamping flange;
    固定油 {材} fixed oil;
    固定油基 fixed oil radicals;
    固定预备林 fixed reserve forest;
    固定预分配多址 fixed preassigned multiple access;
    固定预算 fixed budget;
    固定源熵 fixed source entropy;
    固定圆形淘汰盘 dumb buddle;
    固定载荷 constantly acting load; fixed load; seating load;
    固定增益阻尼 fixed-gain damping;
    固定轧碎机 stationary crusher;
    固定闸杆 dead brake lever;
    固定闸杆导承 dead brake lever guide;
    固定闸门 fixed gate;
    固定爪 fixed claw; fixed jaw; holding pawl; solid jaw; stationary dog; stationary pawl;
    固定照明 priming illumination;
    固定辙叉 stiff frog;
    固定振动图像 mode;
    固定阵列法 fixed array method;
    固定振幅载波 constant-amplitude carrier;
    固定证券价格 pegging;
    固定支点 fixed pivot;
    固定支架 fixed support; stationary barrier; steady rest;
    固定支座 hold-down support;
    固定指标问题 fixed-charge problem;
    固定指令控制 fixed command control;
    固定指针导线 {工} fixed-needle traverse;
    固定中心架 {工} back rest; back stay; steady; stationary steady; steady centre rest;
    固定中心距变速齿轮系 fixed-centre change gears;
    固定重音 {语} fixed accent; fixed stress;
    固定轴 fixed axis; stationary axis; stationary shaft;
    固定轴衬 fixed bushing;
    固定轴承 rigid bearing;
    固定轴距 inflexible wheel base;
    固定主动轴 rigid drive shaft;
    固定主要离子法 fixed primary ion method;
    固定柱 fixed leg;
    固定装置 fixing device; setting mechanism; retainer;
    固定装置物 {建} fixture;
    固定桌 table dormant;
    固定资金 fixed fund;
    固定子群 fixed subgroup;
    固定字长 fixed word length;
    固定字长计算机 fixed word length computer;
    固定字段 fixed field;
    固定字段方法 {自} fixed-field method;
    固定纵向垫板条 footling;
    固定组成指数 invariable weighting index number;
    固定阻抗部件 constant-impedance unit;
    固定阻抗调整器 constant impedance regulator;
    固定作用 fixation; immobilization;
    固定座 permanent seat;
    固定坐标 fixed coordinates;
    固定坐标系 fixed-coordinate system
    * * *
    固定|固定 [gù dìng] to fix to fasten to set rigidly in place fixed set regular

    Chinese-English dictionary > 固定

  • 15 固有

    intrinsic; inherent; innate
    * * *
    be indigenous to; inhere
    【电】 natural
    相关词组: 固有的
    * * *
    be indigenous to; immanence; inhere; inherence; inherency; inhesion
    * * *
    adj. intrinsic, inherent, innate, natural, built-in
    n. inherence, inherency
    * * *
    gu4 you3
    intrinsic to sth, inherent, native
    * * *
    gù yǒu
    intrinsic; inherent; inherence; innate:
    人的正确思想不是自己头脑中固有的。 Correct ideas are not innate in the mind.
    固有安定法 natural stability;
    固有半导体 proper semiconductor;
    固有鼻腔 cavum nasi proprium;
    固有变动率 {电工} inherent regulation;
    固有波 natural waves;
    固有波长 natural wavelength; intrinsic wavelength;
    固有不稳定性 inherent instability; intrinsic instability;
    固有层 {免疫} lamina propria;
    固有长度 natural length;
    固有场 {物} selffield;
    固有沉陷 {土} inherent settlement;
    固有传导 proper conduction;
    固有磁矩 natural magnetic moments;
    固有存储器 {自} inherent storage;
    固有存储装置 inherent-memory device;
    固有错误 inherited error;
    固有带 idiozona;
    固有导磁率 intrinsic permeability;
    固有导电 intrinsic conduction;
    固有导电性 intrinsic conductivity;
    固有导纳 intrinsic admittance; self-admittance;
    固有等级电路 natural equivalent circuit;
    固有电感 natural inductance;
    固有电抗 self-reactance;
    固有电容 natural capacity; natural capacitance; self-capacitance;
    固有电位 inherent potential;
    固有电阻 intrinsic resistance; self-resistance;
    固有反馈 inherent feedback;
    固有放大系数 absolute amplification;
    固有非线性 inherent nonlinearity;
    固有分量 proper component;
    固有刚度 self-stiffness;
    固有共振频率 natural resonant frequency;
    固有沟道效应 proper channeling;
    固有过程 intrinsic procedure;
    固有函数 intrinsic function;
    固有红移 intrinsic redshift;
    固有加速度 natural acceleration;
    固有价值 intrinsic value;
    固有接触电位差 {电工} intrinsic contact potential difference;
    固有角速度 natural angular velocity;
    固有角频率 natural angular frequency; specific angular frequency;
    固有筋膜 fascia propria;
    固有精度 inherent accuracy;
    固有可靠性 inherent reliability;
    固有口腔 cavum oris proprium;
    固有宽度 natural width;
    固有类型 own type;
    固有量 own quantity;
    固有滤过当量 inherent filtration;
    固有码 own code;
    固有名字 proper name;
    固有命令 inherent comma;
    固有膜 tunica propria;
    固有能量 self-energy;
    固有偶极矩 natural dipole moment;
    固有品质因数 natural quality factor;
    固有频率 natural frequency; free-running frequency; free frequency;
    固有歧义语言 {计} inherent ambiguous language;
    固有器官 anchoring-organ;
    固有倾向 tropism;
    固有神经 {解} intrinsic nerve;
    固有剩余磁化 {地物} natural remanent magnetization (NRM);
    固有湿度 natural humidity;
    固有时 proper time; intrinsic time;
    固有属性 build-in attribute;
    固有束 fasciculi proprii;
    固有衰减 natural attenuation; non-reflection attenuation;
    固有顺序 proper sequence;
    固有损耗 inherent loss;
    固有特性 inherent characteristic; intrinsic property;
    固有调节 inherent regulation;
    固有天线频率 {电磁} natural antenna frequency;
    固有稳定性 inherent stability; intrinsic stability;
    固有误差 inherent error; inherited error;
    固有谐振 natural resonance; period(ic) resonance;
    固有型 own type;
    固有性 inherency;
    固有寻址 inherent addressing;
    固有应力 natural stress;
    固有语言 build-in language;
    固有运动 proper motion;
    固有杂波 basic noise; inherent noise;
    固有杂波带宽 internal-noise bandwidth;
    固有杂质 intrinsic contaminant;
    固有栽培植物 apophyte;
    固有噪声 intrinsic noise;
    固有振荡 natural oscillation; built-in oscillation;
    固有振荡频率 natural mode shape;
    固有值 proper value;
    固有周期 natural period; eigenperiod;
    固有转动 eigenrotation;
    固有字符串 proper string;
    固有阻抗 intrinsic impedance; natural impedance; self-impedance;
    固有阻力 proper drag;
    固有阻力系数 proper drag coefficient;
    固有阻尼 {机} inherent damping
    * * *
    固有|固有 [gù yǒu] intrinsic to sth inherent native

    Chinese-English dictionary > 固有

  • 16 增益

    increase; raise; add, gain
    * * *
    gain; plus
    【计】 gain
    【化】 gain
    * * *
    * * *
    zeng1 yi4
    to increase, gain (electronics)
    * * *
    zēng yì
    {电} gain; tone-up; transmission gain:
    高增益 high gain;
    分贝增益 decibel gain
    增益饱和 gain saturation;
    增益比 ratio of gains;
    增益边缘 gain margin;
    增益波动 gain fluctuation;
    增益不均匀性 gain inequality;
    增益测量 gain measurement;
    增益常数 gain constant;
    增益程序化放大器 gain-programmed amplifier;
    增益程序控制 program(m)ed gain control;
    增益窜渡 gain crossover;
    增益窜渡频率 {控} gain-crossover frequency;
    增益跌落 droop in gain;
    增益反转 gain inversion;
    增益放大器 gain amplifier;
    增益关联 gain switching;
    增益级 gain stage;
    增益交叉频率 gain crossover frequency;
    增益校正调整 spotting gain control;
    增益校准 gain calibration;
    增益开关 gain switch;
    增益控制 gain control;
    增益控制放大器 gain-controlled amplifier;
    增益控制器 gain controller;
    增益匹配 gain matching;
    增益漂移 gain drift;
    增益频宽积 gain-bandwidth product;
    增益频率特性 gain-frequency characteristic;
    增益容限 gain margin;
    增益衰减 gain reduction;
    增益衰减指示器 gain reduction indicator;
    增益特性 gain characteristic;
    增益调节 gain control;
    增益调整 gain control; gain adjustment;
    增益调整器 {电子} fader; gain control set;
    增益稳定裕度 gain stability margin;
    增益误差 gain error;
    增益系数 gain coefficient; gain factor;
    增益线形 gain profile;
    增益相位分析 gain-phase analysis;
    增益选择 gain select;
    增益现象 {植物} enhancement;
    增益因素 gain factor;
    增益余量(裕度) {控} gain margin;
    增益元件 {核} booster element
    * * *
    增益|增益 [zēng yì] to increase gain (electronics)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 增益

  • 17 复合

    compound; complex; composite
    * * *
    complex; composite; compound
    【化】 recombination
    【医】 combination; recombination
    【经】 compound
    相关词组: 复合匙
    * * *
    complex; composite; compound
    * * *
    n. complex, compound
    * * *
    fu4 he2
    to be reunited
    fu4 he2
    complex, compound, hybrid
    * * *
    fù hé
    compound; complex; composite; recombination; composition:
    这个词是由一个介词和一个动词复合而成的。 The word is compounded of a preposition and a verb.
    复合板 composite board;
    复合伴随系统 complex adjoint system;
    复合半导体器件 {电子} multiple-unit semiconductor device;
    复合半抗原 complex hapten(e);
    复合包 {计} superpacket;
    复合孢子 semen multiplex;
    复合孢子囊 synsporangia;
    复合泵 combination pump;
    复合变量 composite variable;
    复合表达式 compound expression;
    复合冰蚀槽 composite trough;
    复合拨号 {讯} composite dialing;
    复合波 {流} compound wave; complex wave; composite wave;
    复合波痕 {地质} compound ripple marks;
    复合波形调制干扰 complex waveform modulated jamming;
    复合薄膜 laminated film;
    复合箔 composite insulating foil;
    复合材 composite wood;
    复合材料 {材} composite; {流} complex material; composite material;
    复合材料结构力学 structural mechanic of complex material;
    复合材料力学 mechanic of complex mateial;
    复合彩色视频信号 composite colour video signal;
    复合彩色同步信号 composite colour sync signal;
    复合彩色信号 {讯} composite colour signal; composite picture signal;
    复合层 composite bed; multiple bed;
    复合产品 joint product;
    复合长期基本趋势 basic long-term multifold trend;
    复合超导体 composite superconductor;
    复合成因矿床 compound origin deposit;
    复合弛豫 recombination relaxation;
    复合齿轮 compound gear;
    复合冲积扇 {地质} compound alluvial fan;
    复合冲模 {冶} compound die; compound press tool;
    复合冲压机 multiple punch;
    复合冲压式发动 recombination ramjet engine;
    复合传动装置 compound gearing;
    复合吹炼 top-bottom blowing;
    复合吹炼转炉 top-bottom blowing converter;
    复合磁扭线存储器 gyback twistor memory;
    复合磁体 built-up magnet;
    复合磁铁 {电工} compound magnet; magnetic battery;
    复合磁铁系制品 combined magnet system;
    复合磁头 combined record; playback head;
    复合词 compound (word);
    复合催化剂 composite catalyst;
    复合错位 compound dislocation;
    复合刀具 compound tool;
    复合导体 composite conductor;
    复合低温雪崩开关 {电子} compound cryosar;
    复合底火 combined primer;
    复合点缺陷 point defect complex;
    复合点阵 composite lattice;
    复合电秤 {电工} composite balance;
    复合电触头合金 composite contact metal;
    复合电极 combination electrode;
    复合电接触器材 composite contact material;
    复合电缆 composite cable;
    复合电流 recombination current;
    复合电路 composite circuit; compound circuit;
    复合电路整流器 multiple rectifier;
    复合电刷 {电工} composite brush;
    复合电阻器 {电工} composite resistor;
    复合吊综 {纺} compound harness;
    复合顶枝 syntelome;
    复合镀层 {电工} composite deposite;
    复合断层 {地质} compound fault;
    复合断路器 reclosing type circuit breaker;
    复合多股胶合线 composite stranded wire;
    复合二次式 compound quadratic form;
    复合二极管 compound diode;
    复合发光中心 recombination luminescence centre;
    复合发射药 composite propellant;
    复合阀 combination valve;
    复合法 composite algorithm;
    复合反馈 complex feedback;
    复合反力式涡轮机 compound reaction turbine;
    复合反射器 {工} complex reflector;
    复合反应 recombination reaction;
    复合纺丝 composite spinning;
    复合肥料 compound fertilizer;
    复合粉 composite powder;
    复合分布 compound distribution;
    复合分析 {数} composite analysis, compound analysis;
    复合辐射 recombination radiation;
    复合符号 composite symbol;
    复合负载铸型 synoromous load cast;
    复合附加物 compounded additive;
    复合概率 probability of recombination;
    复合钙钛矿型电陶瓷 complex perouskite type piezoelectric ceramic;
    复合干涉仪 compound interferometer;
    复合干涉仪系统 {电磁} compound interferometer system;
    复合钢 {冶} clad steel; compostite steel; ply steel;
    复合高聚物 polyblend;
    复合高频头 combined tuner;
    复合跟踪 combined tracking;
    复合功能电路 complex function circuit;
    复合公差 composite tolerance;
    复合供给 composite supply;
    复合关税 compound duty;
    复合管 multiple-unit tube; multiple valve; composited tube; mutiunit tube;
    复合管风琴音栓 tertian;
    复合果 compound fruit;
    复合过程 recombination process;
    复合函数 function of functions;
    复合焊丝 combined wire;
    复合焊条 {冶} composite electrode;
    复合行列式 compound determinant;
    复合核 complex nucleus;
    复合核反应 compound nucleus reaction;
    复合核理论 compound nucleus theory;
    复合核弹性散射 {核} compound elastic scattering;
    复合缓和曲线 compound transition curve;
    复合回路 {电工} set composite;
    复合火山 {地质} compound volcano;
    复合火山锥 composite cone;
    复合激振 complex excitation;
    复合挤压 combined extrusion;
    复合剂 complexing agent;
    复合计算机 hybrid computer; computer complex;
    复合继电器 compound relay;
    复合家庭 composite family;
    复合夹杂 duplex impurity;
    复合假设 composite hypothesis;
    复合焦点测距仪 coincidence range finder;
    复合角 compound angle;
    复合接头 {冶} composite-joint;
    复合截面 compound cross-section;
    复合结构 composite structure;
    复合结构材料 sandwich;
    复合介质电容器 composite dielectric capacitor;
    复合金属 {冶} composition metal;
    复合金属板 clad metal sheet;
    复合金属法 pluramelt process;
    复合进风废气箱 combined wind box;
    复合晶体管 Darlington;
    复合茎 compound stem;
    复合井筒 {采矿} compound shaft;
    复合颈卵器 archegonium complex;
    复合矩阵 compound matrice;
    复合句 compound (complex) sentence;
    复合绝缘 compound insulation;
    复合绝缘材料 composite insulating material;
    复合开关 combination switch;
    复合开关网络 combinational switching network;
    复合开诺全息照片 compound kinoform;
    复合抗性 multiple resistance;
    复合可变电容器 complex variable capacitor;
    复合可控硅 Darlistor;
    复合控制 compound control; combination control;
    复合控制电压 composite controlling voltage;
    复合控制器 composite controller;
    复合控制系统 compound control system;
    复合控制信号 composite signals;
    复合控制作用 compound control action;
    复合矿 grandidierite;
    复合框形天线 combined frame antenna;
    复合喇叭 {工声} compound horn;
    复合雷管 combined detonator;
    复合犁铧 composite share;
    复合理论价格 theoretical prices on a composite basis;
    复合历元 recombination epoch;
    复合粒子 compound particle; composite particle;
    复合粒子模型 comoposite particle model;
    复合力 composite force;
    复合力矩 bimoment(弯曲 -- 扭曲);
    复合连岛沙洲 {地质} complex tombolo; tombolo cluster; tombolo series;
    复合连续区 recombination continuum;
    复合量词 compound classifier;
    复合量化信号 combined quantized signal;
    复合磷酸钙 complex calcium phosphate;
    复合磷酸盐 composite phosphate;
    复合流量计 compound meter;
    复合率 recombination rate;
    复合滤波器 {电子} composite wave filter; composite filter;
    复合孪晶 {晶} compound twins; double twin;
    复合逻辑元件 compound logic element;
    复合麻醉 combined anesthesia;
    复合脉 {地质} composite vein;
    复合脉冲 composite pulse;
    复合酶 complex enzyme;
    复合密码 combination code;
    复合棉板 composite glass wool slab;
    复合免疫性 premunity;
    复合面 composite surface;
    复合命题 {计} combination of sentences; sentential combination;
    复合模 compound die; gang dies;
    复合磨料 abrasive compound;
    复合目标 {工} complex target;
    复合能 {物} recombination energy;
    复合凝胶 {化} plural gel;
    复合偶极子 combined dipole;
    复合判别准则 compound decision rule;
    复合泡沫塑料 {材} syntactic foam;
    复合喷嘴 two-stage injector;
    复合坯块 composite compact; compound compact;
    复合疲劳试验机 combined load fatigue testing machine;
    复合频率 combination frequency;
    复合频率分布 compound frequency distribution;
    复合品系 composite strain;
    复合平衡图 complex equilibrium diagram;
    复合平衡相图 double diagram;
    复合坡 composite slope;
    复合破坏 combined failure;
    复合破裂 combined rupture;
    复合谱 recombination spectrum;
    复合器 recombiner;
    复合器件 multiple device;
    复合强度 combined strength bination;
    复合切削 combined cut(ting);
    复合氢线 recombination H-line;
    复合曲线 {数} compound curve; combined curve; complex curve;
    复合取样器 composite sampler;
    复合圈闭 combined trap;
    复合全息图 composite hologram;
    复合染色体 compound chromosome;
    复合绕组 compound winding;
    复合热动继电器 compound temperature relay;
    复合熔岩流 composite lave flow;
    复合溶塑发射药 composite plastisol propellant;
    复合润滑油 compounded lubricating oil;
    复合三段论 polysyllogism;
    复合沙丘 {地质} complex dune;
    复合扇状构造 composite fan structure;
    复合烧坯 compound sintered compact;
    复合设备 equipment complex;
    复合设计 composite design;
    复合渗 composite cementation;
    复合时间 recombination time;
    复合事件 {电} compound event;
    复合试验 composite testing; compound experiment;
    复合视频信号 composite video signal;
    复合寿命 recombination lifetime;
    复合输出电路 compound output circuit;
    复合数 composite number;
    复合衰变曲线 compound decay curve;
    复合双面切削法 duplex spreadblade cutting method;
    复合税率 compound tariff;
    复合速度 recombination velocity;
    复合塑料 composite plastic;
    复合算法 composite algorism;
    复合碳化物 double carbide;
    复合陶瓷型 composite ceramic mould;
    复合体 compound; {脊椎} complexus; complex;
    复合条件 compound condition;
    复合调节系统 compound regulation system;
    复合调制 composite modulation;
    复合调制方式 hybrid multiplex modulation system;
    复合调制系统 hybrid multiplex modulation system;
    复合通信线路 composite communication link;
    复合同步脉冲 composite synchroinzing pulse;
    复合同步信号 composite synchronizing signal;
    复合透镜 compound lens;
    复合透平机 compound turbine;
    复合凸轮 muliple mounted cam;
    复合图 composite diagram;
    复合图像信号 composite picture signal;
    复合土壤结构体 compound ped;
    复合脱氧剂 double deoxidizer;
    复合维生素 B vitamin B complex;
    复合尾部 compound tail;
    复合位错 compound dislocation;
    复合位点 complex loci;
    复合稳定剂 compound stabilizer;
    复合涡旋 combined vortex;
    复合物 composite; complex;
    复合系数 recombination coefficient;
    复合系统 multiplexed system;
    复合纤维 composite fibre;
    复合显示 compound scope;
    复合显示器 composite display;
    复合线 recombination line;
    复合线路 composite line;
    复合响应 complex response;
    复合橡胶 compounded rubber;
    复合消隐脉冲 composite blanking pulse;
    复合消隐图像信号 picture signal with composite blanking pulse;
    复合消隐信号 composite blanking signal;
    复合斜纹 {纺} combined twills;
    复合谐波 combined harmonic;
    复合谐波天线 combined harmonic antenna;
    复合信号 composite signal;
    复合信托 complex trust;
    复合信息组 gulp;
    复合形变热处理 combined thermomechanical treatment;
    复合需求 composite demand; joint demand;
    复合循环 compound cycle;
    复合循环锅炉 combined circulation boiler;
    复合压块 {冶} composite compact; compound compact;
    复合压力计 compound pressure gauge;
    复合压坯 composite green compact;
    复合岩 composite rock;
    复合岩床 {地质} composite sill;
    复合岩墙 {地质} composite dike;
    复合扬声器 compound loudspeaker; combination loudspeaker; combination speaker;
    复合氧化物 composite oxides;
    复合音 complex tone;
    复合阴极 composite cathode; complex cathode;
    复合应变波 complex strain wave;
    复合应力 combined stress; compound stress;
    复合应力疲劳试验机 combined stress fatigue tester;
    复合永磁 composite permanent magnet;
    复合永磁材料 composite permanent-magnetic material;
    复合永磁体 composite permanent magnet;
    复合永久变形 combined permanent deformation;
    复合油 {材} compound oil;
    复合油气田 combined oil gas field;
    复合宇称 combined parity;
    复合语句 compound statement;
    复合语素 complex morpheme;
    复合元音 compound vowel;
    复合原子核 compound nucleus;
    复合运算符 composite operator;
    复合杂交 composite-crossing;
    复合载荷 combined load;
    复合载荷试验机 combined load testing machine;
    复合噪声 recombination noise;
    复合增长率 compound growth rate;
    复合轧辊 composite roll;
    复合轧制法 sandwich rolling process;
    复合战斗部 composite warhead;
    复合褶皱 composite fold;
    复合针 compound needle;
    复合珍珠 compound pearl;
    复合振铃 composite ringer;
    复合正弦波信号 combined sinewave signal;
    复合脂质 complex lipid;
    复合指甲红 henna;
    复合执行机构 combination actuator;
    复合指令 compound instruction;
    复合纸 extrusion coating paper;
    复合制动圆筒 composite brake drum;
    复合制品 composite product; laminated product;
    复合中心 deathnium centre; recombination centre; deathnium (空穴和电子的);
    复合中心钻 combination centre drill;
    复合种 aggregate species;
    复合周期断面钢材 double period section steel;
    复合轴承罩 composite bearing cage;
    复合柱体 compound cylinder;
    复合砖 composite brick;
    复合桩 composite pile;
    复合装甲 composite armour;
    复合纵向新月形沙垄 composite longitudinal ridge with barchans;
    复合组织 complex tissue;
    复合作用 compound action;
    复合作用弹 compolexing action cartridge
    * * *
    復合|复合 [fù hé] to be reunited
    複合|复合 [fù hé] complex compound hybrid

    Chinese-English dictionary > 复合

  • 18 多重

    duo1 chong2
    multi- (faceted, cultural, ethnic etc)
    * * *
    duō chóng
    多重比 multiple ratio;
    多重比较 multiple comparison;
    多重边缘碰撞 multiperipheral collision;
    多重变换 multiple transform;
    多重表格 multilist;
    多重操作焊接单元 {电} multiple-operator welding-unit;
    多重插值 multiple interpolation;
    多重产生 multiparticle production;
    多重成象 multiple imaging;
    多重程序 multiprogram;
    多重抽样 multiple sample;
    多重抽样方案 multiple sample plan;
    多重处理 {自} multiprocessing;
    多重处理程序计算机 multiprocessor;
    多重处理功能 multiprocessing function;
    多重处理系统 multiprocessing system;
    多重串联 {电} series multiple;
    多重次调和函数 multi-subharmonic function;
    多重等待 multiple wait;
    多重地震 multiple earthquake;
    多重点 {数} multiple point;
    多重点曲线 multiple curve;
    多重定义符 号 {自} multiply defined symbol;
    多重抖动 multidither;
    多重断开 multiple break;
    多重分裂 multiple splitting;
    多重放射性衰变 {核} dual radioactive decay;
    多重符合磁存储系统 multiple-coincident magnetic storage system;
    多重个性 {数} multiple personality;
    多重根 multiple-roots;
    多重工作 multi-job;
    多重共线性 multicollinearity;
    多重共振 {量子} multiple resonance;
    多重光电耦合器 multiphotocoupler;
    多重国藉 plural nationality;
    多重函数 iterated;
    多重环路 multiloop;
    多重回归 multiple regression;
    多重回归分析 multiple regression analysis;
    多重回声 {声} multiple echo;
    多重彗尾 {天} multiple tail;
    多重激波 multiple shock wave;
    多重激励 multidrive;
    多重极值 multiple extreme;
    多重积分 multiple integral;
    多重积分近拟计算 approximate calculation of multiple integral;
    多重级数 multiple series;
    多重记录卡片 multiple record card;
    多重加速器 multiaccelerator;
    多重校验 multiple check;
    多重接收(法) diversity;
    多重结构 {量子} multiplet;
    多重卡片记录 multiple card record;
    多重开关 multi-break switch (circuit-breaker);
    多重控制字段 multiple control field switch;
    多重扩张 iterated extension;
    多重累加器 multiple accumulator;
    多重量子跃迁 multiple quantum transition;
    多重流星 {天} multiple meteor;
    多重滤波器 multiple filter;
    多重模式滤波器 multi-vibration-mode filter;
    多重模态分布 multimodal distribution;
    多重目标函数 multiple objective function;
    多重目算符 polyadic operator;
    多重判据 multicriterion;
    多重判据微扰系统 multicriterion perturbed system;
    多重片 multiple-film;
    多重频率 multiple frequency;
    多重平面 multiple plane;
    多重屏蔽 multiple shield;
    多重谱线 multiplet;
    多重嵌套 multinest;
    多重请求 multiple requesting;
    多重群 polyad;
    多重人格 {心理} multiple personality;
    多重任务操作 multitask operation;
    多重散射 multiple scattering;
    多重扫描 multiple scanning;
    多重设计 multiple design;
    多重射电源 radio multi-source;
    多重失效 multi-failure;
    多重时间序列 multiple time series;
    多重时间序列模型 multiple time series model;
    多重矢量 multivector;
    多重数 {物} multiplicity;
    多重衰变 multiple decay; multiple disintegration;
    多重态 multiplet;
    多重探测器 multiple detector;
    多重体 polyad;
    多重调合函数 multi-harmonic function; polyharmonic function;
    多重调制 compound modulation; double modulation;
    多重通话传输 {讯} multiple call transmission;
    多重完井 multiple completion;
    多重相关 multiple correlation;
    多重相关分析 multiple correlation analysis;
    多重相关系数 multiple correlation coefficient;
    多重向量 multivector;
    多重效应 multiple-effect; mass effect;
    多重星系 multiple galaxy;
    多重信息处理机 polyprocessor;
    多重旋光 birotation;
    多重线 multiplets;
    多重应用程序 multiple utility program;
    多重运算 multiple arithmetic;
    多重中断 multiple interrupt;
    多重转变 multiple transition
    * * *
    多重|多重 [duō chóng] multi- (faceted, cultural, ethnic etc)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 多重

  • 19 完全

    all; complete; whole; absolute; stark, completely; fully; wholly; entirely; totally, full; thorough; total; unqualified; pure;outright
    * * *
    completeness; entireness; entirety; absoluteness; every bit; perfectness
    【医】 hol-; holo-
    相关词组: 完全不
    * * *
    completeness; entireness; entirety; absolutrness
    * * *
    adj. complete, whole
    adv. totally, entirely, absolutely, teetotally, cold
    * * *
    wan2 quan2
    complete, whole, totally, entirely
    * * *
    wán quán
    (不缺; 齐全) complete; whole; perfect:
    与原本完全一致的文本 a perfect copy;
    她话没说完全。 She didn't give a full picture.
    他对我完全是个陌生人。 He's a complete stranger to me.
    (全部) completely; fully; wholly; entirely; absolutely:
    得到父母的完全信任 enjoy one's parents' entire confidence;
    完全不同 be totally different; have nothing in common;
    完全彻底为人民服务 serve the people heart and soul;
    完全同意 full accord with; complete agreement with; agree fully with;
    完全脱离现实 lose all touch with reality;
    完全相反 be the exact opposite;
    完全一致 completely in line; entirely at one; in full agreement;
    完全正确 perfectly right; absolutely correct
    {数} exact; full
    完全奥氏体化 complete austenitizing;
    完全半格点 complete semilattice;
    完全报单 perfect entry;
    完全焙烧 complete roasting;
    完全闭塞 entirely shut;
    完全编组 complete grouping;
    完全变态 complete metamorphosis;
    完全病毒 complete virus;
    完全操作 complete operation;
    完全拆散 completely knocked down;
    完全沉陷 {采矿} full subsidence;
    完全成熟 full maturity;
    完全单调 completely monotone; fully monotone;
    完全单调序列 completely monotonic sequence; totally monotone sequence;
    完全导电性 complete conductivity;
    完全(电离的)等离子体 stripped plasma;
    完全电控制 all-electric operation;
    完全电离气体 fully ionized gas;
    完全电子化点火系统 all-electronic ignition system;
    完全定义函数 completely specified function;
    完全短路 {电工} dead short; dead short circuit;
    完全兑换 full convertibility;
    完全对称 full symmetry;
    完全对称张量 completely symmetric tensor;
    完全对流湖 {水文} holomictic lake;
    完全对偶单调 complete dual monotonic;
    完全发育期 metaplasis;
    完全反向应力 completely reversed stress;
    完全反应 {化} complete reaction;
    完全非弹性碰撞 {物} completely inelastic collision; perfectly inelastic collision;
    完全肥料 complete fertilizer;
    完全分离操作 dissociated operation;
    完全分裂 complete segmentation; holoblastic cleavage; total segmentation;
    完全辐射体 perfect radiator;
    完全负相关 {教} perfect negative correlation;
    完全格{数} complete lattice;
    完全骨折 complete fracture; fractura completa;
    完全关节 perfect joint;
    完全关税同盟 complete customs union;
    完全归纳法 complete induction; perfect induction;
    完全焊透 complete penetration;
    完全弧烧法 total combustion method;
    完全互换 complete interchangeability;
    完全花 {植} complete flower; perfect flower;
    完全花纹循环 gait-over;
    完全花纹组织 gait-over;
    完全幻方 diabolic magic square; perfect magic square;
    完全混合作用 holomixis;
    完全积分 {数} complete integral;
    完全积性函数 complete(ly) multiplicative function;
    完全加法族 completely additive family;
    完全价值 full value;
    完全简并 {量子} complete degeneracy;
    完全交口 complete intersection;
    完全接地 dead ground; solid earth;
    完全解 complete solution;
    完全金本位 full gold standard;
    完全进位 complete carry;
    完全浸注法 full impregnation;
    完全竞争 perfect competition;
    完全菌 perfect fungus;
    完全喀斯特 holokarst;
    完全抗磁性 perfect diamagnetism; complete diamagnetism;
    完全抗原 complete antigen;
    完全可观(测)性 complete observability;
    完全可加性 complete additivity;
    完全可加性集合函数 completely additive set function;
    完全可控性 complete controllability;
    完全可约表示 completely reducible representation;
    完全可约算子 {数} completely reducible operator;
    完全空间 complete space; perfect space;
    完全空白行 {计} completely blank line;
    完全矿化 permineralization;
    完全冷淬 dead cold chilling;
    完全立方 {数} perfect cube;
    完全林分 complete stand;
    完全流产 complete abortion;
    完全垄断 perfect monopoly; complete monopoly;
    完全麻痹 complete paralysis;
    完全满载 full and down;
    完全面 complete face;
    完全年 perfect year;
    完全排列矩阵 complete permutation matrix;
    完全培养基 complete medium;
    完全膨胀循环 complete expansion cycle;
    完全劈理 perfect cleavage;
    完全平方 {数} perfect square;
    完全平衡 complete equilibrium;
    完全气化 complete gasification;
    完全气化过程 complete gasification process;
    完全气体 ideal gas;
    完全嵌套 completely nest;
    完全侵彻 {军} gage complete penetration;
    完全确定 complete determination;
    完全群 complete group; full group; perfect group;
    完全燃烧 {热} complete combustion; perfect combustion; after-flaming;
    完全熔化 {冶} complete fusion;
    完全溶化物 complete fusion;
    完全上层建筑船 complete superstructure vessel;
    完全渗透 interpenetration; complete penetration;
    完全剩余系 complete residue system; complete system of residues;
    完全失效 complete failure;
    完全时效硬化 quenching and age-hardening;
    完全试凑法 complete trial and error;
    完全树 complete tree;
    完全数 perfect number;
    完全水产养殖 thorough aquaculture;
    完全四(音)度 perfect fourth;
    完全塑性金属 perfectly plastic metal;
    完全随机化法 {教} completely randomized design;
    完全弹性材料 perfectly elastic material;
    完全碳化 carbonization;
    完全填塞 complete stemming;
    完全条件 full terms;
    完全调制 {讯} total modulation;
    完全停机 {自} dead halt; drop-dead halt;
    完全停止 drop-dead halt;
    完全同形部 dead flat;
    完全突变型 complete mutant;
    完全图 complete graph;
    完全土体 perfect soil;
    完全退火 full annealing; dead annealing;
    完全外显率 complete penetrance;
    完全稳定系统 completely stable system;
    完全稳定性 complete stability;
    完全五(音)度 perfect fifth;
    完全吸收体 perfect absorber;
    完全系 complete set;
    完全限定名 fully-qualified name;
    完全线性群 {数} full linear group;
    完全相关 perfect correlation;
    完全消化 catapepsis;
    完全消耗系数 complete consumption coefficient;
    完全雄性 holandry;
    完全学习法 {教} method of complete learning;
    完全压缩 complete compression;
    完全一致算法 complete unification algorithm;
    完全叶 {植} complete leaf;
    完全映射 complete mapping; perfect mapping;
    完全有序 complete ordering;
    完全宇宙学原理 {天物} perfect cosmological principle;
    完全语法描述 complete syntax description;
    完全域 complete field; perfect field;
    完全原函数 complete integral; complete primitive; complete solution;
    完全运算 complete operation;
    完全再结晶 perfect recrystallization;
    完全再生 holomorphosis;
    完全真菌 perfect fungus;
    完全正规空间 {数} completely normal space;
    完全正交规范集 closed orthonormal set; {数} complete orthonormal set;
    完全正交平面 completely perpendicular planes;
    完全正交系 complete orthogonal system;
    完全正相关 {教} perfect positive correlation;
    完全正则空间 {数} completely regular space; Tychonoff space;
    完全知识 perfect knowledge;
    完全致死 complete lethal;
    完全转导 complete transduction;
    完全状态 complete state;
    完全自保护式变压器 completely self protecting transformer;
    完全组合 complete combination;
    完全坐标 world coordinates
    * * *
    完全|完全 [wán quán] complete whole totally entirely

    Chinese-English dictionary > 完全

  • 20 平衡

    balance; equilibrium, bring into or keep in equilibrium; balance
    * * *
    balance; counterpoise; equation; equilibrium; equipoise; poise; standoff
    【计】 balancing; equalization
    【化】 equilibrium
    【医】 balance; bilanz; equilibration; equilibrium
    【经】 balancing; counterbalance; equalization; equilibrium; in balance; level
    相关词组: 保持平衡
    * * *
    balance; counterpoise; equation; equilibrium; equipoise; poise; standoff
    * * *
    n. balance, equilibrium, counterpoise, poise
    v. counterpoise, counterbalance
    * * *
    ping2 heng2
    balance, equilibrium
    * * *
    píng héng
    balance; equilibrium:
    保持平衡 maintain one's equilibrium; keep one's balance;
    发展不平衡 unbalanced development; uneven development;
    平衡的全面发展规划 balanced overall development planning;
    平衡工业发展布局 even out the distribution of industry;
    供求平衡 equilibrium of supply and demand;
    破坏心理上的平衡 upset one's equilibrium;
    玩弄平衡 play the game of balancing between...;
    稳定平衡 stable equilibrium;
    失去平衡 lose one's balance; be in a state of imbalance;
    收支平衡 balance between income and expenditure;
    在大国之间搞平衡 balance between big powers
    平衡暗电流 equilibrated dark current;
    平衡暗电阻 equilibrated dark resistance;
    平衡饱和度 equilibrium saturation;
    平衡比(值) {物化} equilibrium ratio;
    平衡臂 balance bob; counter weight arm;
    平衡变换 balanced transformation;
    平衡变换器 balance converter;
    平衡变流器 balancing current transformer;
    平衡变压器 balancing transformer;
    平衡变阻器 balancing rheostat;
    平衡表 balance sheet;
    平衡波形 balanced waveform;
    平衡-不平衡变压器 balanced-to-unbalanced transformer (balun); balanced-unbalanced transformer;
    平衡-不平衡转换部件(装置) balanced-to-unbalanced unit;
    平衡-不平衡转换器 balanced-to-unbalanced transformer (balun);
    平衡常数 equilibrium constant;
    平衡潮 equilibrium tide;
    平衡成分 equilibrium composition;
    平衡传输 balanced transmission;
    平衡传输线 balanced transmission line;
    平衡锤 counterweight; counterpoise; bob-weight; bullfrog; gimbal(天线);
    平衡磁迹 magnetic balance track;
    平衡单元 balancing unit;
    平衡导线 equalizing conductor;
    平衡等离子体 equilibrium plasma;
    平衡垫圈 equalizing washer;
    平衡点 equilibrium point; rest point;
    平衡电动机 balancing motor;
    平衡电解液 BES (balanced electrolyte solution);
    平衡电感 balance inductance;
    平衡电抗器 paralleling reactor;
    平衡电缆 balanced cable;
    平衡电缆对 balanced-pair cable;
    平衡电流 balanced current; push-pull current; circulating current; equalizing current;
    平衡电流互感器 balancing current transformer;
    平衡电路 balanced circuit; balancing circuit; building-out circuit;
    平衡电路用仪表 balanced-load meter;
    平衡电桥 balanced bridge;
    平衡电容 balancing capacitance; neutralizing capacitance; neutrodyning capacitance;
    平衡电容器 balanced capacitor; balancing capacitor; balancing condenser;
    平衡电势 equilibrium potential;
    平衡电枢装置 balanced armature unit;
    平衡电网络 balanced net(work);
    平衡电位 equilibrium potential;
    平衡电位计 balancing potentiometer;
    平衡电压 balanced voltage; push-pull voltage;
    平衡电压保护装置 balanced-voltage protection;
    平衡电子管电路 balanced-tube circuit;
    平衡电子密度 equilibrium electron density;
    平衡电阻 balance resistance;
    平衡电阻器 balancing resistor;
    平衡吊架 balance hanger;
    平衡度 degree of balance;
    平衡端接 {讯} balanced termination;
    平衡多谐振荡器 balanced multivibrator;
    平衡舵 rudder balance;
    平衡二极管相位检波器 balanced-diode phase detector;
    平衡二进制系统 balanced binary system;
    平衡发展 balanced development; even growth;
    平衡阀 {机} balanced valve; compensation valve; holding valve; counterbalance valve;
    平衡法 balancing method; balanced method;
    平衡反馈 {化} balanced reaction;
    平衡反应舵 balanced reaction rudder;
    平衡方程 equilibrium equation;
    平衡放大器 balanced amplifier;
    平衡肥料 {材} balanced fertilizer;
    平衡分布 balance;
    平衡分析 equilibrium analysis;
    平衡分布系数 equilibrium distribution coefficient;
    平衡分类 balanced sort;
    平衡分类法 balanced sort; sort balance;
    平衡负载 balanced load;
    平衡负载用仪表 balanced-load meter;
    平衡杆 balanced beam; balancer; {水文} balancer bar;
    平衡杆式继电器 balanced beam type relay;
    平衡杆式远距继电器 balanced beam type distance relay;
    平衡感觉障碍 para-equilibrium;
    平衡感受器 statoreceptor;
    平衡钢锭 balanced ingot;
    平衡高度 balance height;
    平衡功率值 equilibrium power level;
    平衡鼓 balancing drum;
    平衡固溶度 equilibrium solid solubility;
    平衡管 {工} balance pipe;
    平衡管道 equalizing main;
    平衡关系 equilibrium relation;
    平衡罐 compensator;
    平衡归并 balanced merge;
    平衡轨道 {核子} equilibrium orbit; stable orbit;
    平衡含水率 equilibrium moisture content;
    平衡合并 balanced merge;
    平衡横梁 equalizer;
    平衡弧 balance arc;
    平衡环 gimbal;
    平衡环式惯性导航 balance loop inertial navigation;
    平衡环形天线 balanced-loop antenna;
    平衡换能器 balance converter;
    平衡簧套 counterbalance spring casing;
    平衡汇率 equilibrium rate of exchange;
    平衡混频器 balanced mixer;
    平衡机 balancing machine; equilibrator;
    平衡机构 balanced controls; balance mechanism;
    平衡机组 balancer set;
    平衡级 equilibrium stage;
    平衡剂 poising agent;
    平衡计 {工} equilibristat;
    平衡继电器 balanced relay;
    平衡价格 equilibrium price; equation price;
    平衡架 balancing stand;
    平衡检波器 balanced detector; balance detector;
    平衡鉴频器 balanced discriminator;
    平衡角 angle of equilibrium;
    平衡接收机 balanced receiver;
    平衡结构 balanced structure;
    平衡截断锯 balance cut-off saw;
    平衡解 equilibrium solution;
    平衡解调器 balanced demodulator;
    平衡经济 balanced economy;
    平衡觉 sense of equilibrium;
    平衡卡规 {钟} poising callipers;
    平衡开关 balance cock;
    平衡孔 balance pipe;
    平衡控制 balanced control;
    平衡块 counterbalance;
    平衡馈线 balanced feeder line;
    平衡棱镜 {物化} equilibrium prism;
    平衡冷凝曲线 equilibrium condensation curve;
    平衡理论 balance theory;
    平衡犁 swing plough;
    平衡梁 compensating beam; equalizing beam;
    平衡力矩 trimming moment;
    平衡量 aequum (营养); equilibrium amount;
    平衡亮度 equilibrium brightness;
    平衡亮电流 equilibrated bright current;
    平衡流 equilibrium flow;
    平衡路线法 line of balance technique;
    平衡滤波器 balance filter;
    平衡轮 balance wheel;
    平衡码 balanced code;
    平衡麻醉 {医} balanced anesthesia;
    平衡毛 static hairlet;
    平衡门 {水文} balance gate;
    平衡面 balanced surface;
    平衡面积 balanced area;
    平衡木 {体} balance beam;
    平衡耐力 balancing tolerance;
    平衡囊 statocyst;
    平衡泥芯 balanced core;
    平衡凝固 equilibrium freezing;
    平衡浓度 equilibrium concentration;
    平衡盘 balancing frame; balance disc;
    平衡判据 {热} equilibrium criterion;
    平衡配筋率 balanced steel ratio;
    平衡偏压检波器 balanced-bias detector;
    平衡品系 balanced strain;
    平衡起重机 balance crane;
    平衡气氛烧结法 sintering in equilibrium atmosphere;
    平衡汽缸 balance cylinder;
    平衡汽化比 equilibrium ratio; equilibrium vaporization ratio;
    平衡汽油 {材} balanced gasoline;
    平衡箝位电路 balanced clamper;
    平衡桥 balance bridge;
    平衡切削 balanced cutting;
    平衡球状体 equilibrium spheroid;
    平衡圈 balance ring;
    平衡桥式振荡器 balanced bridge oscillator;
    平衡曲线 profile of equilibrium;
    平衡取样门 symmetric sampling gate;
    平衡群体 equilibrium population;
    平衡日料 balanced ration;
    平衡溶解度{物化} equilibrium solubility;
    平衡溶液 balance solution;
    平衡容量 balancing capacity;
    平衡三线系统(制) balanced three wire system;
    平衡三相电路 balanced three phase circuit;
    平衡三相制 balanced three-phase system;
    平衡闪蒸法 equilibrium flash vaporization; {化工} simple continuous distillation;
    平衡闪蒸锅 equilibrium flash still;
    平衡膳食 {卫} balanced diet;
    平衡舌簧式扬声器 balanced armature loudspeaker;
    平衡设备 balancing equipment;
    平衡渗析法 {分化} equilibrium dialysis;
    平衡失调 dysequilibrium;
    平衡湿量 {物化} equilibrium moisture content;
    平衡石 statolith;
    平衡石膜 statolithic membrane;
    平衡试验机 balancer; balancing machine;
    平衡输出 balanced output;
    平衡输出信号 balanced output signal;
    平衡输电线 {电} balanced transmission line;
    平衡树 balanced tree;
    平衡水舱 trim tank;
    平衡水袋 {无脊椎} compensation sac;
    平衡水分 equilibrium water content;
    平衡水箱 balanced reservoir;
    平衡税 equalization charge;
    平衡速度 balancing speed; {电工} freerunning speed; equilibrium speed;
    平衡速率 balancing speed;
    平衡衰减 balance attenuation;
    平衡损耗 balancing loss;
    平衡铊 poising nut;
    平衡踏板 {工声} balanced pedal;
    平衡台 balancer;
    平衡弹簧 balancing spring;
    平衡套管balancing sleeve;
    平衡提升{采矿}balanced hoisting;
    平衡天线 balancing antenna; balanced antenna;
    平衡天线调谐电路 balanced antenna tuning circuit;
    平衡条件 equilibrium condition;
    平衡调节 balance adjustment;
    平衡调谐接收机 balanced tunable receiver;
    平衡调整 balance control; balance adjustment;
    平衡调整片 balancing tab;
    平衡调制 balanced modulation;
    平衡调制器 balanced modulator;
    平衡调制器电路 balanced modulator circuit;
    平衡图 equilibrium diagram; equilibrium;
    平衡瓦特计 balanced wattmeter;
    平衡网络 balancing network; balanced network;
    平衡位置 equilibrium position;
    平衡温度 equilibrium temperature;
    平衡温度计 balanced thermometer;
    平衡卫板 balanced guard;
    平衡问题 equilibrium problem;
    平衡误差 balance error;
    平衡铣 balance mill;
    平衡系统 balanced system;
    平衡衔接 balanced linkage;
    平衡线 balanced line;
    平衡线对 balanced pair;
    平衡线路 balanced circuit; balanced line;
    平衡线圈 balance coil; balancing coil; balanced coil;
    平衡相图 equilibrium phase diagram;
    平衡相位计 balanced phase meter;
    平衡箱 {工} balance box;
    平衡销 balancing plug;
    平衡效应 balancing effect;
    平衡斜桁四角帆 dipping lug;
    平衡信号 balanced signal;
    平衡星时 {天} mean sidereal time;
    平衡型心 balanced core;
    平衡性质 equilibrium property;
    平衡旋转式继电器 balanced rotary relay;
    平衡延误 balancing delay;
    平衡样本 balance sample;
    平衡遥测系统 balance telemetering system;
    平衡仪 equilibristat;
    平衡预算 balanced budget;
    平衡预算乘数定理 balanced budget multiplier theorem; Heavelms theorem;
    平衡油 equilibrium oil;
    平衡运费到货价 freight equalization;
    平衡元件 balancing component;
    平衡运转 equilibrium running;
    平衡载流子 equilibrium carrier;
    平衡载流子密度 equilibrium carrier density;
    平衡阵列 balanced array;
    平衡振荡器 balanced oscillator;
    平衡增长 balanced growth;
    平衡蒸馏 equilibrium distillation;
    平衡蒸馏锅 {分化} equilibrium still;
    平衡蒸汽压 {物} equilibrium vapor pressure;
    平衡支柱 {军} equalizing support;
    平衡织物 {纺} square cloth; square construction; balanced cloth;
    平衡值 equilibrium value; mean; trimmed value;
    平衡指示器 balance indicator;
    平衡指数 equilibrium index;
    平衡致死品系 balanced lethal system;
    平衡质量 balance mass;
    平衡中心 centre of equilibrium;
    平衡重 balancing weight; counter weight;
    平衡重滑轮 counterweight block;
    平衡重量 counterpoise; counter-balance; balance weight;
    平衡重笼 counterbalanced cage;
    平衡重设备 bullfrog;
    平衡重式叉车 counterbalanced lift truck;
    平衡重锁 counterweight catch;
    平衡转换 equilibrium conversion;
    平衡转子 balancing rotor;
    平衡装置 bascule;
    平衡状态 poised state; equilibrium state;
    平衡状态图 equilibrium state diagram;
    平衡锥 statocone;
    平衡姿态 statokinetic;
    平衡阻抗 balanced impedance;
    平衡组态 configuration of equilibrium;
    平衡组织 statenchyma
    * * *
    平衡|平衡 [píng héng] balance equilibrium

    Chinese-English dictionary > 平衡

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