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clouds from industry

  • 1 勤俭起家

    qin2 jian3 qi3 jia1
    to build up a family by thrift and hard work (idiom)
    * * *
    qín jiǎn qǐ jiā
    build up a family by hard work and thrift; build up the family's fortune with might and main; grow rich out of (by dint of) diligence and frugality; rise up through diligence and frugality; Wealth flows from industry and economy.
    * * *
    勤儉起家|勤俭起家 [qín jiǎn qǐ jiā] to rise up by thrift and hard work (idiom)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 勤俭起家

  • 2 风扫淡云

    fēng sǎo dàn yún
    The wind blows away the faint clouds from the sky.

    Chinese-English dictionary > 风扫淡云

  • 3 come from

    vt fus
    [不可拆分] [+ place, source] 来自 [láizì]

    * I come from London — 我来自伦敦

    * where do you come from? — 你是哪里人?

    * the feeling of elation that comes from winning — 来自胜利的得意感

    Chinese-English dictionary > come from

  • 4 from

    1) (indicating starting place) 来自 [láizì]

    * where are you from? — 你来自哪里?

    * to run away from home — 离家出走

    * from London to Glasgow — 从伦敦到格拉斯哥

    * to be back from Spain/Paris etc — 从西班牙/巴黎回来

    * viewed from above — 从上鸟瞰

    * a light bulb hung from the ceiling — 从天花板上垂下的灯泡

    2) (indicating origin) 来自 [laízì]

    * a present/telephone call/letter from sb — 来自某人的礼物/电话/信

    * to take sth from sb/sth — 从某人/某物处拿某物

    3) (with time, distance, price, numbers) 从 [cóng]

    * from January (on) — 从1月(开始)

    * from one o'clock to or until two — 从1点直到2点

    * it's 1 km from the beach — 从海滩到这儿有1公里

    * a long way from home — 离家很远

    * prices starting from £10 — 从10镑起价

    * unemployment has fallen from 7.5% to 7.2% — 失业率已经从7.5%降至7.2%

    * six from ten leaves four — 10减去6还剩4

    4) (because of, on the basis of) 根据 [gēnjù]

    * from what he says — 根据他所说的

    * from what I understand — 据我所了解

    * made from — 用...做成 [yòng...zuòchéng]

    Chinese-English dictionary > from

  • 5 industry

    1) u (manufacturing) 工业 [gōngyè]

    Industry is making increasing use of robots. — 工业生产越来越多地利用机器人。

    2) c (business) 行业 [hángyè]
    3) u (diligence) 勤劳 [qínláo]

    No one doubted his industry. — 没人怀疑他的勤劳。

    Chinese-English dictionary > industry

  • 6 keep from

    1. vt fus

    * to keep from doing sth — 克制 [kèzhì]

    She bit her lip to keep from crying. — 她咬着嘴唇克制着自己不要哭。

    2. vt

    * to keep sb/sth from doing sth — 不让某人/某物做某事 [bù ràng mǒurén/mǒuwù zuò mǒushì]

    Can't you keep your children from stealing my apples? — 你不能不让你孩子偷我的苹果吗?

    Chinese-English dictionary > keep from

  • 7 shy away from

    vt fus

    * to shy away from sth/from doing sth — 因顾忌而回避某事/做某事 [yīn gùjì 'ér huíbì mǒushì/zuò mǒushì]

    Chinese-English dictionary > shy away from

  • 8 aside from

    (esp US); prep
    除了...之外 [chúle...zhīwài]

    Chinese-English dictionary > aside from

  • 9 date from

    (自...)存在至今 [(zì...) cúnzài zhìjīn]

    Chinese-English dictionary > date from

  • 10 stem from

    vt fus
    [不可拆分] 起源于 [qǐyuán yú]

    Chinese-English dictionary > stem from

  • 11 上面

    above; over; on top of; on the surface of, above-mentioned; aforesaid; foregoing, higher authorities; higher-ups, aspect; respect; regard, the elder generation of one's family; the elders
    * * *
    above; on top of; over; top
    【医】 ano-; facies superior
    【经】 top
    相关词组: 上面的
    * * *
    above; on top of; over; top
    * * *
    n. external, superficies
    adj. above mentioned, previously mentioned
    n. upside, upper side
    prep. on, on top of
    * * *
    shang4 mian5
    on top of, above-mentioned
    * * *
    shàng miàn
    (位置较高的地方) above; over; on top of; on the surface of:
    大型客机在云层上面飞行。 The airliner flew above the clouds.
    河上面有座桥。 There is a bridge over (across) the river.
    (次序靠前的部分) above-mentioned; aforesaid; foregoing:
    上面所举的例子 the above-mentioned example;
    上面各种考虑 the aforesaid considerations
    (上级) the higher authorities; the higher-ups:
    这是上面的指示。 These are the instructions from above.
    (方面) aspect; respect; regard:
    他在英语上面下了很多功夫。 He has put a lot of effort into his study of English.
    * * *
    上面|上面 [shàng miãn] on top of above-mentioned

    Chinese-English dictionary > 上面

  • 12 中断

    suspend; break off; discontinue; cut; interrupt, breakdown
    * * *
    interrupt; sever; suspend; break; discontinue; intermit; take off
    【计】 breakout; I; INT; interrupt
    【医】 break
    【经】 knock off
    相关词组: 说话中断法
    * * *
    intermit; discontinuity; halt; interregnum; interrupt; sever; stoppage; blackout; break off
    * * *
    n. discontinuity
    v. discontinue, suspend, break off
    * * *
    zhong1 duan4
    to cut short, to break off, to discontinue, to interrupt
    * * *
    zhōng duàn
    (中途停止或断绝) suspend; break off; discontinue; severance:
    中断和那个国家的贸易 (货运, 谈判, 接触) suspend trade with that country (freight transportation, negotiation, contact);
    中断谈判 break off the negotiations;
    中断履行合同义务 suspend performance of obligations;
    交通中断了几小时。 Traffic was held up for a few hours.
    从那时起这个行业的发展就没有中断过。 Since that time the industry has never looked back.
    {计} interrupt; interception; hiatus; lapse; blocking (振荡)
    中断保存 interrupt stacking;
    中断保留 interruption pending;
    中断比较器 break comparator;
    中断编码 gap coding;
    中断操作 interrupt operation;
    中断程序 interrupt routine;
    中断程序工业 interruptable process industry;
    中断初始化序列 interrupt initialization sequence;
    中断处 chasm;
    中断处理 interrupt handling; interrupt processing;
    中断处理(例行)程序 interrupt handling routine;
    中断床面 bed with gap (车床); gap bed;
    中断地址 interrupt address;
    中断地址寄存器 interrupt address register;
    中断点 point of interruption;
    中断返回 return from interrupt;
    中断返回控制字 interrupt return control word;
    中断返回指令 interrupt return instruction;
    中断方式interrupt mode;
    中断飞行 {航空} abort;
    中断飞行区 {航空} abort zone;
    中断分析 interrupt analysis;
    中断服务程序 interrupt service routine;
    中断功能 interrupt function; look-at-me function;
    中断过程 interrupt procedure;
    中断级 interrupt class; interrupt level;
    中断寄存器 interrupt register;
    中断计数器 interrupt counter;
    中断记录 interruption logging;
    中断键 break key;
    中断检索 interrupt search;
    中断结构 interrupt structure;
    中断局 junction exchange;
    中断开放状态 interruption status;
    中断肯定 interrupt acknowledge; interruption acknowledge;
    中断肯定信号 interrupt acknowledge signal;
    中断控制 interrupt control;
    中断控制寄存器 interrupt control register;
    中断控制例(行)程(序) interruption control routine;
    中断控制器 interrupt control unit;
    中断例(行)程(序) interruption routine;
    中断码 interruption code;
    中断贸易 suspension of trade;
    中断排队 queue of interrupt;
    中断屏蔽 interruption masking; unmasking; {自} interrupt mask; interruption mask;
    中断屏蔽标志 interrupt mask flag;
    中断屏蔽读出 interrupt mask read;
    中断屏蔽输出 interrupt mask out;
    中断屏蔽状态 interruption masked status;
    中断起飞距离 {航空} accelerate-stop distance;
    中断嵌套 interrupt nesting;
    中断侵蚀回旋 interrupted cycle of erosion;
    中断请求 interrupt request; interruption request;
    中断请求矢量 interrupt request vector;
    中断请求线 interrupt request line;
    中断请求信号 interrupt request signal;
    中断扫描设备 interrupt scanner;
    中断设备 interrupting device;
    中断时间 {讯} break period; interrupt time;
    中断识别 interrupt sensing;
    中断识别电路 interrupt sensing circuit;
    中断诉讼 discontinue an action; discontinuance of legal proceeding;
    中断锁定 interrupt latch;
    中断条件 interrupt condition; interruption condition;
    中断通道 interrupting channel;
    中断系统 {自} interrupt system;
    中断陷阱 {自} interrupt trap;
    中断线 interrupt line;
    中断响应 interrupt response;
    中断向量 interrupt vector;
    中断向量地址 interrupt vector address;
    中断信号 {自} interrupt signal; look-at-me (行话);
    中断页面地址寄存器 interrupt page address register;
    中断应答 acknowledge interrupt;
    中断优先级信号 interrupt priority signal;
    中断优先权 interrupt priority;
    中断源 interrupt source;
    中断运行 interrupt run;
    中断杂交试验 interrupted mating experiment;
    中断指令 interrupt instruction;
    中断周期 interrupt cycle;
    中断主计划 interrupt the main program;
    中断装置 interrupting device;
    中断状态 interruptable state; interrupt mode; interrupt phase;
    中断状态字 interruption status word;
    中断子例 (行)程(序) interruption subroutine;
    中断自动同步机 relay selsyn;
    中断总线 interrupt bus
    * * *
    中斷|中断 [zhōng duàn] to cut short to break off to discontinue to interrupt

    Chinese-English dictionary > 中断

  • 13 九霄云外

    beyond the highest heavens —far, far away
    * * *
    beyond the highest heavens
    * * *
    beyond the highest heavens
    * * *
    jiu3 xiao1 yun2 wai4
    beyond the topmost clouds (idiom), unimaginably far away
    * * *
    jiǔ xiāo yún wài
    be flung to the four winds; beyond the highest heavens; most ephemeral clouds; take flight to the far land of Java; (consign) the land of nowhere, beyond the ninth heaven and the most ephemeral clouds; (recede from one's mind far into) the ninth celestial sphere; (vanish into) the ninth region of heaven; (have flown away into) the ninth sphere of the heavens; (throw) to the winds
    * * *
    九霄雲外|九霄云外 [jiǔ xiāo yún wài] beyond the topmost clouds (idiom) unimaginably far away

    Chinese-English dictionary > 九霄云外

  • 14 交流电

    An electric current in which capacity and direction alter periodically with time (it is different from direct current). Alternate current is used more often in industry and ordinary life in China.
    * * *
    alternating current
    【化】 alternate current(ac,A.C.); alternating curren
    * * *
    alternating current
    * * *
    jiao1 liu2 dian4
    alternating current
    * * *
    jiāo liú diàn
    alternating current (AC; A.C.)
    交流电半周期 alternation;
    交流电场 AC field;
    交流电磁泵 alternating-current electromagnetic pump;
    交流电磁铁 alternating electromagnet;
    交流电控制器 alternating-current controller
    * * *
    交流電|交流电 [jiāo liú diàn] alternating current

    Chinese-English dictionary > 交流电

  • 15 交流電

    An electric current in which capacity and direction alter periodically with time (it is different from direct current). Alternate current is used more often in industry and ordinary life in China.
    * * *
    jiao1 liu2 dian4
    alternating current
    * * *
    交流電|交流电 [jiāo liú diàn] alternating current

    Chinese-English dictionary > 交流電

  • 16 人造丝

    A kind of rayon; a kind of filament made from fibrin; falls mainly into three categories, namely, viscose rayon, acetate rayon, cuprammonium rayon; widely used in the weaving and knitting industry.
    * * *
    【化】 artificial silk; rayon
    * * *
    * * *
    ren2 zao4 si1
    * * *
    人造絲|人造丝 [rén zào sī] rayon

    Chinese-English dictionary > 人造丝

  • 17 人造絲

    A kind of rayon; a kind of filament made from fibrin; falls mainly into three categories, namely, viscose rayon, acetate rayon, cuprammonium rayon; widely used in the weaving and knitting industry.
    * * *
    ren2 zao4 si1
    * * *
    人造絲|人造丝 [rén zào sī] rayon

    Chinese-English dictionary > 人造絲

  • 18 从天而降

    descend from heaven
    * * *
    cóng tiān ér jiàng
    drop from the clouds; come down from heaven; come from above; descend from heaven to earth; descend (appear) out of the blue; fall from the sky; sudden unexpected arrival; very unexpectedly
    * * *
    從天而降|从天而降 [cóng tiān ér jiàng] lit. to drop from the sky (idiom) fig. to appear unexpectedly to arise abruptly out of the blue to drop into one's lap

    Chinese-English dictionary > 从天而降

  • 19 企业

    enterprise; business;operation
    * * *
    enterprise; industry; undertaking
    【经】 business; business enterprice; enterprise; establishment; firm
    相关词组: 企业家
    * * *
    corporation; enterprise; project; undertaking
    * * *
    n. company, firm, Enterprise
    * * *
    qi3 ye4
    company, firm, enterprise, corporation, CL:家
    * * *
    qǐ yè; qì yè
    enterprise; establishment; business:
    创办新企业 launch a new enterprise;
    公私合营企业 a state-private enterprise;
    国营企业 state-owned enterprise;
    工矿企业 factories, mines and other enterprises;
    毫无利润的企业 an enterprise fruitless of profit;
    外商独资企业 sole foreign-funded enterprises;
    有利可图的企业 a paying proposition;
    中外合资企业 Sino-foreign joint-venture business;
    中外合作企业 Sino-foreign co-operative enterprises
    企业背景 business background;
    企业本体规划 corporate identity planning;
    企业本位论 theory of an enterprise-based economy;
    企业标准 company standard; enterprise standard;
    企业财务 business finance;
    企业场所(地点) business location;
    企业承包 contracting by enterprise;
    企业成本 cost in business; business cost;
    企业倒闭 business failure;
    企业发展规划 enterprise expansion projects;
    企业发展基金 enterprise expansion fund; venture expansion fund;
    企业法 business law;
    企业分配关系 income distribution in enterprise;
    企业个体原则 business entity principle;
    企业更新换代 upgrading of outmoded enterprise;
    企业工会 enterprise union;
    企业公司 enterprise-like corporation; business corporation;
    企业顾问 business consultant;
    企业关连分析 interindustrial relations analysis;
    企业管理 management of enterprise; business administration; business management;
    企业管理谘询 consultancy on enterprise management; management consulting;
    企业合并 amalgamation;
    企业横向经济联合 horizontal economic ties between enterprises;
    企业化 be run as an enterprise;
    企业活力 enterprise vitality;
    企业基金 enterprise fund; business fund;
    企业基金制 enterprise fund system;
    企业机制 mechanism of enterprise;
    企业集团 business conglomerate; consortium; enterprise groups (association); group (association) of enterprises; conglomeration;
    企业技术改造 technological transformation of enterprises;
    企业家 entrepreneur; business executives; enterpriser; industrialist;
    企业结构 pattern of enterprises;
    企业界 business circles;
    企业经营管理制度 system of enterprise operation and management;
    企业经营机制 managerial mechanism of enterprise;
    企业经营经济学 managerial economics;
    企业经济责任制 system of economic responsibility of enterprises;
    企业景气 business condition;
    企业救济 Unemployment relief is administered by enterprises.;
    企业库存变动 change in business inventories;
    企业亏损 loss of enterprise;
    企业扩充准备 reserve for business expansion;
    企业类型 form of business enterprise;
    企业利润留成比例 proportion of profits retained by enterprise;
    企业利润率 earning ratio;
    企业联合 business combination;
    企业林 commercial forest;
    企业领导体制 enterprise leadership (system); system of enterprise leadership;
    企业内部制度改革 institutional reform in the enterprise;
    企业平均规模 average size of enterprises;
    企业破产 business failures;
    企业群体 group (association) of enterprises; enterprise group;
    企业日常经济活动 routine operations of an enterprise;
    企业生产能力 productive capacity of enterprise;
    企业实际工作者 people engaged in practical work in the enterprise;
    企业实用技术 enterprise operative technology;
    企业收入 receipts from enterprises;
    企业税 taxes on enterprises;
    企业素质 quality of enterprise;
    企业所得税 business income tax;
    企业所有权与经营权分开 separate enterprise ownership from managerial authority;
    企业停业清理 voluntary winding-up;
    企业挖潜改造基金 funds for tapping the potential of present enterprises and financing their technical transformation;
    企业往来账户 business account;
    企业文化 enterprise culture;
    企业稳定 business stability;
    企业行政领导人员 administrators of an enterprise;
    企业应用统计学 applied business statistics; statistics for business application;
    企业预测 business forecast;
    企业圆桌会议 Business Round Table;
    企业责任 business accountability;
    企业折旧基金 depreciation funds earmarked for enterprises;
    企业诊断 enterprise diagnosis;
    企业资本账户 firm capital account;
    企业自决权 right of self-decision of the enterprise;
    企业自有资金 funds at the disposal of enterprises; enterprise's own resources;
    企业自治 enterprise autonomy;
    企业自主权 the power of decision of enterprises;
    企业租赁制 enterprise-leasing system;
    企业组织法 law of business organization;
    企业组织结构 organizational structure of the enterprise;
    企业组织结构合理化 rationalize the enterprise structure
    * * *
    企業|企业 [qǐ yè] company firm enterprise corporation CL:↑ [jiā]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 企业

  • 20 光电子

    An electron released from a substance exposed to light.
    * * *
    【化】 optical electrons; photoelectron
    【医】 photoelectron
    * * *
    * * *
    guang1 dian4 zi3
    * * *
    guāng diàn zǐ
    {电子} photoelectron; phoelectron
    光电子板 optoelectronic panel;
    光电子产额 {电子} photoelectric yield;
    光电子存储器 optoelectronic memory; optoelectronic storage;
    光电子电路 optoelectronic circuit;
    光电子二极管 optoelectronic diode;
    光电子发射 photoelectronic emission;
    光电子放大器 {工} photoelectronic amplifier;
    光电子工业 optoelectronics industry;
    光电子计数 photoelectron counting;
    光电子继电器 optronic relay;
    光电子角度分布 angular distribution of photoelectron;
    光电子开关 optoelectronic switch;
    光电子脉冲放大器 optoelectronic pulse amplifier (OPA);
    光电子能量分布 energy distribution of photoelectron;
    光电子能谱 photoelectron spectroscopy
    光电子谱法 photoelectron spectroscopy;
    光电子枪 photogun; light gun;
    光电子扫描器 {电子} optoelectronic scanner;
    光电子数据处理机 optoelectronic data processor;
    光电子调制器 {电子} optoelectronic modulator;
    光电子图像 {电子} photoelectron image
    * * *
    光電子|光电子 [guāng diàn zǐ] photoelectronic

    Chinese-English dictionary > 光电子

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