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  • 1 人造

    man-made; artificial; imitation
    * * *
    adj. man made
    * * *
    ren2 zao4
    man-made, artificial, synthetic
    * * *
    rén zào
    man-made; artificial; imitation
    人造板 artificial board;
    人造宝石 imitation jewel; manufactured gem; hard mass;
    人造标石 {工} artificial monument;
    人造冰 artificial ice;
    人造冰晶石 cryolith;
    人造草 pedaline;
    人造草坪 (墨) chinampa;
    人造池塘 piscina;
    人造雌酚 synestrol; synestrin;
    人造磁场 artificial field;
    人造磁铁 artificial magnet;
    人造大理石 manu-marble; imitation marble;
    人造蛋白质纤维 azlon; azelon;
    人造地 man-made land;
    人造地球卫星 artificial earth satellite; sputnik;
    人造电离层 artificial ionization;
    人造冻土 artificial frozen soil;
    人造短纤维切断机 staple-fibre cutting machine;
    人造短纤维清洗机 staple-fibre washing machine;
    人造短纤维纱 fibrene; spun rayon;
    人造堆肥 artificial compost;
    人造反射层通信 artificial reflection communication;
    人造反射体通信 artificial reflection communication;
    人造凡士林 artificial vaseline;
    人造放射元素 artificial radioelement;
    人造放射性同位素 induced radioisotope;
    人造飞船 artificial spacecraft;
    人造沸石 artificial zeolite; permutite;
    人造肥料 artificial fertilizer; chemical fertilizer; artificials;
    人造蜂窝 foundation;
    人造辐射带 artificial radiation belt;
    人造富矿 agglomeration of iron ore;
    人造刚玉 Alundum; adamite; boules; corubin;
    人造刚玉磨料 (美) aloxite;
    人造革 artificial leather; leatherette; imitation leather; pegamoid; leatheroid; Cloth;
    人造拱形洞 grotto;
    人造关节 nearthrosis;
    人造光亮 luminary;
    人造光卤石 synthetic carnallite;
    人造光瞳 artificial pupil;
    人造光源 artificial light source;
    人造海水 artificial sea water;
    人造壕沟 sheugh; sheuch;
    人造红宝石 {宝} synthetic ruby;
    人造琥珀 ambroid; ambrain;
    人造花岗石面 granitoid;
    人造花岗岩 granolith;
    人造环形山 artificial crater;
    人造黄油 oleo oil; {食} margarin(e);
    人造回波 {电磁} artificial echo;
    人造彗星 artificial comet;
    人造尖晶石 {宝} synthetic spinel; emerada;
    人造胶体 artificial colloid;
    人造胶质 artificial gum;
    人造金刚石 diamond;
    人造金红石 synthetic rutile;
    人造晶体 artificial crystal;
    人造矿块 artificial rich ore;
    人造矿物 artificial mineral;
    人造扩展 F 层 artificial spread F;
    人造蓝宝石 {宝} synthetic sapphire;
    人造粒子 artificially produced particles;
    人造流星 artificial meteor;
    人造路标 landmark;
    人造绿宝石 igmerald;
    人造毛 artificial wool;
    人造毛皮 fake fur;
    人造毛皮润色 fur shading;
    人造煤气 {材} manufactured gas;
    人造棉 staple rayon;
    人造棉纱 spun rayon;
    人造棉细布 {纺} staple fibre;
    人造棉织物 {纺} spun rayon;
    人造磨料 manufactured abrasive;
    人造奶油 {食} margarine; butterine; oleotine;
    人造耐火绝缘油 artificial refractory insulating oil;
    人造耐油橡胶 Ameripol;
    人造皮 leatheret(te);
    人造皮肤 {医} artificial skin; man-made skin;
    人造皮革 dermatine; fun fur;
    人造偏振片 polaroid sheet;
    人造喷泉 (装置) fountain;
    人造品 synthetic;
    人造蹼 fin; flapper; flipper;
    人造器官 artificial organ;
    人造气氛 artificial atmosphere;
    人造羟基云母 synthetic hydroxyl mica;
    人造染料 {化} artificial dye-stuff;
    人造日光 {摄} artificial daylight;
    人造闪电发生器 {电工} lightning generator;
    人造闪长岩 haplodiorite;
    人造山岗 {考古} tel; tell (盖住古代社会遗迹的);
    人造射弹 man-made projectile;
    人造麝香 synthetic musk;
    人造神经纤维 neuristor;
    人造食物 artificial food;
    人造食用香料 artificial flavour;
    人造石 {房} {医}artificial stone; -lith;
    人造石墨{化} Delanium; Delanium graphite; synthetic graphite;
    人造石英 synthetic quartz;
    人造石英晶体 synthetic quartzcrystal;
    人造石油 artificial petroleum;
    人造树脂 artificial resin;
    人造双折射 synthetic birefringence;
    人造水晶 {宝} synthetic quartz;
    人造丝 artificial silk; rayon;
    人造丝纺绸 {纺} pine silk;
    人造糖 glutose;
    人造天体 artificial object;
    人造铁氧体 artificial ferrite;
    人造同位素 transmutation product;
    人造突触神经元 syneuristor;
    人造无机纤维 manmade inorganic fibre;
    人造吸烟材料 synthetic smoking material;
    人造细胞 artificial cell;
    人造纤维 {纺织} artificial fibre; manmade fibre;
    人造纤维板 beaver board;
    人造纤维换能火警预测器 synthetic-filament transducer;
    人造橡胶 artificial rubber; masticated rubber; synthetic chloroprene rubber; synthetic rubber;
    人造橡皮 ameripol;
    人造象牙 compo; composition;
    人造心脏 {医} artificial (man-made) heart;
    人造行星 {航空} artificial planet;
    人造玄武岩 haplobasalt;
    人造血管 artificial blood vessel;
    人造压电晶体 synthetic piezoelectric crystal;
    人造烟 synthetic smoking material;
    人造岩礁 rockwork;
    人造眼 synthetic eye; visilog;
    人造羊毛 artificial wool;
    人造鱼蝇 hackle;
    人造语 artificial language;
    人造云 cloudier;
    人造云母 artificial mica; micanite;
    人造鬃丝 {纺} artificial bristle;
    人造重力 {航空} artificial gravity;
    人造祖母绿 {宝} synthetic emerald
    * * *
    人造|人造 [rén zào] man-made artificial synthetic

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