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cloud-free line-of-sight

  • 1 瞄准

    take aim; aim; train on; lay; sight; target; point
    * * *
    aim at; take aim; present; sight; collimate; collimation
    【电】 collimation
    相关词组: 步枪上望远镜瞄准器
    * * *
    aim at; take aim; present; sight; collimate; collimation
    * * *
    n. collimation, present
    v. aim, take aim, sight, present
    * * *
    miao2 zhun3
    to aim (a weapon at a target), fig. to aim (for a higher standard)
    * * *
    miáo zhǔn
    (调整高低方位, 使对准) take aim; aim; train on; lay; sight:
    瞄准靶心 aim at the bull's eye;
    练习瞄准 practise aiming;
    把枪口瞄准敌人 train one's gun on the enemy;
    发射前仔细瞄准 take a careful sight before firing
    {军} acquiring; homing on; laying
    瞄准标杆 aiming stake; aiming post;
    瞄准捕捞 controlled directed fishing;
    瞄准尺 aiming rule;
    瞄准点 goal; aiming point; point of aim; aim dot; aiming-off;
    瞄准发射导弹 line-of-sight missile;
    瞄准杆 handspike;
    瞄准棍 trail handspike;
    瞄准环 ring sight;
    瞄准火箭弹 aimed missile (非制导式);
    瞄准机 sighting device;
    瞄准记号 point of aim;
    瞄准架 diopter;
    瞄准件 sight unit;
    瞄准角 sighting angle;
    瞄准练习 laying (aiming) practice;
    瞄准目标 run-home;
    瞄准射击 aimed fire;
    瞄准手 pointer; layer;
    瞄准塔 {工} collimation tower;
    瞄准提前量 aim-off;
    瞄准天线 phantom-target antenna;
    瞄准调整 point harmonization;
    瞄准图像 sight picture;
    瞄准拖网捕捞 aimed trawling;
    瞄准问题 pointing problem;
    瞄准误差 collimating fault;
    瞄准系统 {军} sighting system; aim-taking system;
    瞄准线 sight line; sighting line; aiming line; line of aim; hairline;
    瞄准修正(量) deflection;
    瞄准仪 aiming sight;
    瞄准照相机 {光} gun camera;
    瞄准中层拖网捕捞 aimed midwater trawling;
    瞄准装置 sighting equipment; finder; {军} sighting instrument; point equipment; point device; sighting arrangement; aiming mechanism
    * * *
    瞄準|瞄准 [miáo zhǔn] to aim (a weapon at a target) fig. to aim (for a higher standard)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 瞄准

  • 2 視線

    line of vision; view; line of sight (in surveying)
    * * *
    shi4 xian4
    line of sight
    * * *
    視線|视线 [shì xiàn] line of sight

    Chinese-English dictionary > 視線

  • 3 视线

    line of vision; view; line of sight (in surveying)
    * * *
    the line of sight
    【化】 line of sight
    【医】 line of sight; visual line
    相关词组: 视线移向
    * * *
    line of sight; the line of sight
    * * *
    shi4 xian4
    line of sight
    * * *
    shì xiàn
    sight line; line of sight; optical line of sight; sight
    视线传播 line-of-sight propagation;
    视线电路衰落 fading on line-of-sight path;
    视线角 angle of sight;
    视线接触 eyecontact;
    视线距离 line-of-sight distance; optical range; horizon range;
    视线速度 line-of-sight velocity
    * * *
    視線|视线 [shì xiàn] line of sight

    Chinese-English dictionary > 视线

  • 4 视距

    【计】 viewing distance
    * * *
    shi4 ju4
    visible range
    * * *
    shì jù
    range of visibility
    视距测量 tachymetfering; stadia;
    视距测量法 tacheometry; tachymetry; stadia; tacheometric survey;
    视距尺 stadia rod;
    视距传播 line-of-sight propagation;
    视距传输 line-of-sight transmission; horizon transmission;
    视距传输信道 line-of-sight transmission channel;
    视距法 subtense technique; tachymetry;
    视距计算尺 stadia slide rule;
    视距计算盘 stadia computing disk;
    视距接收 line-of-sight reception;
    视距丝 stadia hairs; stadia wires;
    视距微波中继系统 line-of-sight microwave radio relay system;
    视距仪 stadia; tachymeter
    * * *
    視距|视距 [shì jù] visible range

    Chinese-English dictionary > 视距

  • 5 空线

    kōng xiàn
    disengaged line; dead line; {电} idle wire; free line; idle line
    空线信号 {讯} free line signal

    Chinese-English dictionary > 空线

  • 6 三点

    sān diǎn
    三点测交 three-point test cross;
    三点法 {地质} line-of-sight course; three-point method;
    三点估计 three time estimates;
    三点画齿规 three-point odontograph;
    三点开关 three-point switch; three-way switch;
    三点联(连)接 three-point attachment; three-point bond;
    三点曲线图 {航海} circle sheet;
    三点透视 three-point perspective;
    三点弯曲 {冶} three-point bending;
    三点西文活字 minnikin;
    三点线素坐标 trilinear line coordinates;
    三点悬挂式机具 three-point-mounted machine;
    三点荧光组 triad;
    三点钟 three;
    三点着陆 {航空} three-point landing

    Chinese-English dictionary > 三点

  • 7 无耗

    wú hào
    lossless; loss-free
    无耗电缆 lossless cable;
    无耗电路 zeroloss circuit;
    无耗介质 loss-free dielectric; lossless dielectric;
    无耗滤波器 lossless filter;
    无耗网络 lossless network; nondissipative network;
    无耗线 loss-free line;
    无耗元件 lossless element

    Chinese-English dictionary > 无耗

  • 8 主视线

    zhǔ shì xiàn
    {图} main line of sight

    Chinese-English dictionary > 主视线

  • 9 瞄准线

    line of sight

    Chinese-English dictionary > 瞄准线

  • 10 无损耗线

    【计】 loss-free line

    Chinese-English dictionary > 无损耗线

  • 11 空闲线

    【计】 free line

    Chinese-English dictionary > 空闲线

  • 12 空闲线信号

    【计】 free line signal

    Chinese-English dictionary > 空闲线信号

  • 13 空闲线状态

    【计】 free line condition

    Chinese-English dictionary > 空闲线状态

  • 14 视力线

    【电】 line of sight

    Chinese-English dictionary > 视力线

  • 15 视线稳定

    【电】 line-of-sight stabilization

    Chinese-English dictionary > 视线稳定

  • 16 视线距离

    【电】 line-of-sight distance

    Chinese-English dictionary > 视线距离

  • 17 cloud

    [klaud] 1. n
    1) c / u (in sky) 云 [yún]
    2) c [of smoke, dust] 雾 [wù]
    2. vt
    [+ sb's judgement, view] 使模糊 [shǐ móhu]; [+ outlook, atmosphere] 使暗淡 [shǐ àndàn]

    * every cloud has a silver lining — 黑暗中总有一线光明

    Phrasal Verbs:

    Chinese-English dictionary > cloud

  • 18 dotted line

    n; c
    虚线 [xūxiàn]

    * to sign on the dotted line — 签字画押

    Chinese-English dictionary > dotted line

  • 19 duty-free

    [+ drink, cigarettes] 免税的 [miǎnshuì de]

    * duty-free shop — 免税商店

    Chinese-English dictionary > duty-free

  • 20 firing line


    * to be in the firing line — ( fig) 在第一线 [zài dìyīxiàn]

    Chinese-English dictionary > firing line

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