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  • Low Mass — (called in Latin, Missa lecta, which literally means read Mass )[1][2][3] is a Tridentine Mass defined officially in the Code of Rubrics included in the 1962 edition of the Roman Missal as Mass in which the priest does not chant the parts that… …   Wikipedia

  • low volume — Ⅰ. low volume UK US noun [C or U] ► MARKETING a small amount, especially of sales or products: »The low volume of online sales in some remote areas keeps delivery prices high. ► STOCK MARKET if shares are traded in low volume, not many investors… …   Financial and business terms

  • Low frequency — or LF refers to Radio Frequencies (RF) in the range of 30 kHz ndash;300 kHz. In Europe, and parts of Northern Africa and of Asia, part of the LF spectrum is used for AM broadcast service. In the western hemisphere, its main use is for aircraft… …   Wikipedia

  • Low copy number — (LCN) is a DNA profiling technique developed by the Forensic Science Service (FSS) and in use in some countries since 1999. In the United Kingdom the technique was briefly suspended from use between 21 December 2007 and 14 January 2008 while the… …   Wikipedia

  • Low Impact Docking System — Das Low Impact Docking System (LIDS) ist ein von der NASA entwickelter Kopplungsmechanismus für Raumfahrzeuge der nächsten Generation, insbesondere für das Project Constellation. Der Mechanismus selbst ist patentiert.[1] Das Syste …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Low Street railway station — Low Street Station was a station on the London, Tilbury Southend line. The station opened in 1861, at a level crossing. [Peter Kay, The London, Tilbury Southend Railway a history of the company and the line (Published by Peter Kay, 1996)] It… …   Wikipedia

  • Low (complexity) — In computational complexity theory, it is said that a complexity class B is low for a complexity class A if A B = A ; that is, A with an oracle for B is equal to A . Such a statement implies that an abstract machine which solves problems in A… …   Wikipedia

  • Closed and exact differential forms — In mathematics, especially vector calculus and differential topology, a closed form is a differential form α whose exterior derivative is zero (dα = 0), and an exact form is a differential form that is the exterior derivative of another …   Wikipedia

  • Closed-circuit television — CCTV redirects here. For other uses, see CCTV (disambiguation). For the Chinese television station, see China Central Television. Surveillance cameras on a corner. Closed circuit television (CCTV) is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal… …   Wikipedia

  • Low-dimensional topology — In mathematics, low dimensional topology is the branch of topology that studies manifolds of four or fewer dimensions. Representative topics are the structure theory of 3 manifolds and 4 manifolds, knot theory, and braid groups. It can be… …   Wikipedia

  • Low Countries, history of — Introduction       history of the Low Countries from prehistoric times to 1579.       For historical purposes, the name Low Countries is generally understood to include the territory of what is today The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg, as… …   Universalium

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