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climatic constraint

  • 1 constraint

    1) c (restriction) 限制 [xiànzhì]
    2) u (restraint) 约束 [yuēshù]
    3) u (strain) 约束感 [yuēshù gǎn]

    * to do sth under constraint — 受逼迫而做某事

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  • 2 不管

    regardless of; no matter (what, who, etc.)
    * * *
    in despite of; in spite of; leave alone; no matter; regardless
    相关词组: 三不管
    * * *
    in despite of; in spite of; leave alone; regardless
    * * *
    conj. no matter
    prep. regardless of, without considering
    * * *
    bu4 guan3
    no matter (what, how), regardless of, no matter
    * * *
    bù guǎn
    no matter; despite; however; disregard; whether...or; regardless of:
    不管结果如何 whatever the consequences are;
    不管哪一个 no matter which; whichever; whichsoever;
    不管什么地方 wherever; no matter where;
    不管什么时候 no matter when; whenever;
    不管谁 whoever; whosoever; no matter who;
    不管怎样 whatever happens; come what may; in any case; anyway; in either case; at any rate; one way or another; in any way; not on any term; on no terms; at all events; ever so; in any event; by any means; by all means; at any terms; at all occassions; on no account; by fair means or by foul; in any sort; at any price; by any manner of means; by hook or by crook; for the life of me;
    不管多大困难, 我们都能克服。 We can overcome any difficulty, however great.
    不管天气条件如何, 这块地总是保持稳产高产。 The fields give high and stable yields regardless of climatic circumstances.
    不管白猫黑猫, 能捉老鼠就是好猫。 All are good cats that catch mice. -- view things pragmatically
    * * *
    不管|不管 [bù guǎn] no matter (what, how) regardless of no matter

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  • 3 人为

    artificial; man-made
    * * *
    artificial; man-made
    相关词组: 人为的
    * * *
    artificial; man-made
    * * *
    ren2 wei2
    artificial, man-made, having human cause or origin, human attempt or effort
    * * *
    rén wéi
    artificial; man-made:
    人为的障碍 an artificially imposed obstacle;
    人为的供应紧张 man-made shortage of goods;
    人为的稀缺性 contrived scarcity; artificial scarcity;
    人为的原因 factors created by men;
    人为的直接破坏 direct harm done by purely man-made factors
    人为变量 {自} artificial variable;
    人为变数 artificial variable;
    人为传布 {植} anthropochory;
    人为错误 {自} mistake;
    人为低价 artificially low price;
    人为地貌 {军} culture features;
    人为地平 gyrohorizon;
    人为电离 artificial ionization;
    人为顶极 {植} anthropogenic climax;
    人为放射(现象) artificial radioactivity;
    人为非线性 intentional nonlinearity;
    人为分布 brotochore;
    人为分类 {植; 动} artificial classification;
    人为分类法 artificial classification system;
    人为环境 man-made environment;
    人为火 man-caused forest fire;
    人为构造 artefact; artifact;
    人为故障 man-made fault;
    人为关节强硬术 arthrodesis; artificial ankylosis;
    人为耗散机制 arificial dissipative mechanism;
    人为激发运动 technogenous movement;
    人为耗散项法 artificial dissipative term method;
    人为教育 artificial education;
    人为接地 artificial ground;
    人为粘性 pseudo-viscosity;
    人为缺陷 artificial defect;
    人为群落 anthropogenic association;
    人为散播 anthropochory;
    人为散布 {生态} anthropochory;
    人为嬗变 {物} artificial transmutation;
    人为突变 artificial mutation;
    人为土壤 anthropogenic soil;
    人为蜕变 artificial disintegration;
    人为误差 {气} personal equation; human error;
    人为误差信号 artificial error signal;
    人为稳定 artificial stability;
    人为污染 artifact pollution;
    人为现象 artefact; artifact;
    人为限制 artificial constraint;
    人为向量 artificial vector;
    人为性状 {植} artificial character;
    人为演替 anthropogenic succession; brotium;
    人为演替顶极(植物)群落 anthropic clamix;
    人为演替系列 anthropogenic sere;
    人为源 artificial source;
    人为因素 anthropic factor; personal factor;
    人为杂波 man-made noise;
    人为灾害 man-made disaster;
    人为噪声 man-made noise;
    人为植物群丛 {植} anthropogenic association
    * * *
    人為|人为 [rén wéi] artificial man-made having human cause or origin human attempt or effort

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  • 4 作物

    * * *
    相关词组: 创作物
    * * *
    * * *
    n. crop
    * * *
    zuo4 wu4
    * * *
    zuò wù
    夏收作物 summer crop;
    油料作物 oil-bearing crop
    作物保护 crop protection;
    作物布局 crop pattern;
    作物持续栽培法 {农} succession of crops;
    作物分布 crop distribution;
    作物改良 crop improvement;
    作物耕作机 crop-tillage machine;
    作物灌水率 crop duty;
    作物经济 crop economy;
    作物年度 crop year;
    作物喷粉 {农} crop dusting;
    作物喷杆 crop spraying boom;
    作物气候 crop climate;
    作物气候界限 climatic limits of crops;
    作物气象反应 meteorological response of crop;
    作物区 crop belts;
    作物生产力 crop-producing power;
    作物生态型 agroecotype;
    作物探测器 plant detector;
    作物需水量 water demand of crop;
    作物组合 crop-combination;
    作物栽培 arable farming
    * * *
    作物|作物 [zuò wù] crop

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  • 5 供应

    supply; ply; provide, provision
    * * *
    provide; supply; purvey; fill; outfit; serve; purveyance; provision
    【化】 furnish
    【经】 supply
    相关词组: 供应不足
    * * *
    accommodate; come out with; fill; provide; purvey; serve
    * * *
    n. provision
    v. supply, provide
    * * *
    gong1 ying4
    to supply, to provide, to offer
    * * *
    gōng yìng
    supply; accommdate:
    供应某人食品 supply sb. with food;
    敞开供应 can be bought without any restriction;
    计划供应 planned supply;
    市场供应 supply of commodities; market supplies;
    医药品供应 medical supplies;
    供应各种日常必备品 offer various daily necessaries;
    商品供应充足。 There is an abundance of commodity supplies on the markets.
    这里肉类供应充足。 There is a good supply of meat here.
    供应厂商 supplier;
    供应船 depot ship; tender;
    供应处 activity;
    供应等待时间 supply delay time;
    供应点 supply centre;
    供应订货 fill an order;
    供应范围 extent of supply;
    供应罐 charging-tank;
    供应环节 supply system;
    供应规格 specifications for delivery;
    供应基金 common financing fund;
    供应舰 tender ship; depot ship;
    供应孔道 feeding channel;
    供应快餐 supply fast-food;
    供应困难 making the supply difficult; in poor supply;
    供应量 supply level;
    供应能力 deliverability;
    供应室 supply room;
    供应体制 supply system;
    供应艇 cockboat;
    供应系数 accommodation coefficient;
    供应限制 supply constraints;
    供应限制因素 supply constraint;
    供应线 supply line;
    供应站 supply station; supply depot;
    供应中心 support center
    * * *
    供應|供应 [gōng yìng] to supply to provide to offer

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  • 6 共轭

    conjugate, conjugate
    * * *
    【化】 conjugation
    * * *
    * * *
    gong4 e4
    conjugate (math.), conjugation
    * * *
    gòng è
    conjugate; adjoint
    共轭保形变换 conformal-conjugate transformation;
    共轭变换 conjugate transformation;
    共轭表示 conjugate representation;
    共轭并矢式 conjugate dyadics;
    共轭波形 conjugate waveform;
    共轭参数 conjugate parameters;
    共轭层 conjugate layer;
    共轭齿轮 (轮齿) conjugate tooth;
    共轭齿面 conjugate tooth profiles;
    共轭代数数 conjugate algebraic numbers;
    共轭导线 conjugate conductor;
    共轭点 {数} cojugate point;
    共轭电化学反应 conjugated electrochemical reactions;
    共轭电路 conjugate circuit;
    共轭电桥 {电子} conjugate bridge;
    共轭动量 {力} conjugate momentum; canonical momentum; generalized momentum;
    共轭断层 conjugated fault;
    共轭二烯 conjugated diene;
    共轭方向 conjugate direction;
    共轭方向搜索法 {数} conjugate direction search method; ted fault;
    共轭二烯 conjugated diene;
    共轭方向 conjugate direction;
    共轭方向搜索法 {数} conjugate direction search method;
    共轭分拆 conjugate partition;
    共轭复数 conjugate complex numbers;
    共轭高聚物 conjugated highpolymer;
    共轭根 {数} conjugate roots;
    共轭根式 {数} conjugate radicals; conjugate binomial surds;
    共轭光线 conjugate rays;
    共轭函数 conjugate function;
    共轭核 conjugate nuclei;
    共轭弧 {数} conjugate arcs;
    共轭滑移 conjugate slip;
    共轭级数 conjugate series;
    共轭碱 conjugate base;
    共轭键 conjugated bonds;
    共轭焦点 conjugate focus;
    共轭焦(平)面 conjugate focal planes;
    共轭角 {数} conjugate angles;
    共轭节理 conjugated joint;
    共轭径面 {数} conjugate diametral plane;
    共轭矩阵 conjugate matrices;
    共轭聚合物 conjugated polymer;
    共轭距 conjugate distance;
    共轭空间 conjugate space;
    共轭孔型 conjugate pass;
    共轭类 conjugate class;
    共轭力学变量 conjugate dynamical variable;
    共轭粒子 conjugate particles;
    共轭链 conjugated chain;
    共轭裂缝 conjugated fissure;
    共轭面 conjugate surface;
    共轭偶 conjugated pair;
    共轭匹配 conjugated matching; conjugate match;
    共轭频谱 conjugate spectrum;
    共轭平面 {数} conjugate planes;
    共轭平移 conjugate translation;
    共轭破裂 conjugated fracture;
    共轭曲线 conjugate curves;
    共轭曲线系 conjugate systems of curves;
    共轭溶液 conjugate solution;
    共轭三角形 conjugate triangles;
    共轭矢量 conjugate vector;
    共轭矢量空间 {数} conjugate vector space;
    共轭数 conjugate number;
    共轭双键 (链) conjugated double bond;
    共轭双链化合物 conjugate double bond compound;
    共轭双耦合 conjugated double linkage;
    共轭双曲面 conjugate hyperboloids;
    共轭双曲线 conjugate hyperbolas;
    共轭速度矢量 conjugate velocity vector;
    共轭速矢图 conjugate hodograph;
    共轭酸 conjugate acid;
    共轭酸碱 {化} conjugate acid and base;
    共轭酸碱偶 {化} conjugate acid-base pairs;
    共轭算子 {数} adjoint operator; associate operator; Hermitian conjugate operator;
    共轭特征标 conjugate character;
    共轭梯度 conjugate gradient;
    共轭梯度法 conjugate gradient method;
    共轭梯度算法 conjugate gradient algorithms;
    共轭调和函数 conjugate harmonic functions;
    共轭调和流动 harmonic conjugate flow;
    共轭通量 adjoint flux;
    共轭凸函数 conjugate convex functions;
    共轭凸轮 cam and counter cam;
    共轭凸锥 {数} conjugate convex cone;
    共轭网络 conjugate network;
    共轭微分 conjugate differential;
    共轭系 conjugated system;
    共轭弦 {数} conjugate chord;
    共轭线 conjugate line; conjugation line;
    共轭丝性算符 conjugate linear operator;
    共轭相 conjugate phases;
    共轭相合 conjugate conjunction;
    共轭相合(矩)阵 conjunctive matrices;
    共轭像 {物} conjugate image;
    共轭向量 conjugate vector;
    共轭效应 conjugation;
    共轭斜量法 conjugate gradient method;
    共轭虚数 conjugate imaginary; conjugate imaginary numbers;
    共轭虚线 conjugate imaginary lines;
    共轭压力 conjugate pressure;
    共轭岩 conjugated rock;
    共轭应力conjugate stress;
    共轭域 conjugate field; conjugate domain;
    共轭元素 conjugate elements;
    共轭圆锥曲线 conjugate conics;
    共轭约束条件 conjugate constraint conditions;
    共轭运动 conjugate movement;
    共轭阵 {数} conjugate matrices;
    共轭支路 {电工 } conjugate branches; conjugate conductors;
    共轭直径 {数} conjugate diameters;
    共轭直线 {数} conjugate lines;
    共轭值 conjugate value;
    共轭指数 conjugate exponent;
    共轭制约 conjugate constraint;
    共轭轴 conjugate axes; twin axes;
    共轭转置矩阵 associate matrix; conjugate transpose matrix;
    共轭转置正交系 adjoint orthogonal system;
    共轭阻抗 conjugate impedance
    * * *
    共軛|共轭 [gòng è] conjugate (math.) conjugation

    Chinese-English dictionary > 共轭

  • 7 函数

    * * *
    【计】 F; FUNC; function
    相关词组: 反函数
    * * *
    * * *
    n. function
    * * *
    han2 shu4
    * * *
    hán shù
    {数} function
    函数逼近 approximating function; approximation of function;
    函数变换 functional transformation;
    函数变元 function variable;
    函数不变式 functionally invariant;
    函数测向法 functionnal direction finding;
    函数差 difference of a function;
    函数常数 function constant;
    函数乘法器 function(al) multiplier;
    函数程序 function program;
    函数代数 function algebra;
    函数导数 functional derivative;
    函数的正交系 orthogonal system of functions;
    函数电路 functional circuit;
    函数电势计 function potentiometer;
    函数电位差计 functional potentiometer;
    函数电位计 function potentiometer;
    函数电位器 functional potentiometer;
    函数电子射线变换器 monoformer;
    函数调用 function call;
    函数定义 function definition;
    函数发生电势计 function generating potentiometer;
    函数发生器 function generator; functional generator;
    函数方程 functional equation;
    函数分压器 functional potentiometer;
    函数符号 functional symbol; symbol of function;
    函数构造论 construction theory of function;
    函数关系 functional relation; functional relationship;
    函数光脉冲 function light pulse;
    函数过程 function procedure;
    函数行列式 functional determinant;
    函数机构 function mechanism;
    函数极限 functional limit; limit of function;
    函数计算机 function computer;
    函数计算器 function calculator;
    函数继电器 function relay;
    函数键 function key;
    函数近似 approximation to function;
    函数空间 function space;
    函数库 function library;
    函数论 theory of function;
    函数码 function code;
    函数描绘(描图)器 function plotter;
    函数命名符 function designator;
    函数模拟装置 function simulator;
    函数模型 function model;
    函数群 function group;
    函数生成程序 function generator;
    函数图 functional arrangement;
    函数图像 functional image;
    函数(的)微分 differential of function;
    函数微商 functional derivative;
    函数无关 functional independence;
    函数相关(性) functional dependence;
    函数序列 sequence of function;
    函数选择 function select;
    函数芽 function germs;
    函数引用 function reference;
    函数语句 function statement;
    函数域 function field; domain of function;
    函数元件 functional unit;
    函数元素 functional element;
    函数约束 function constraint;
    函数运算 functional operation;
    函数值 function value; functional value;
    函数指示符 function designator;
    函数(的)展开 development (expansion) of a function;
    函数装置 functional unit;
    函数子程序 function subprogram;
    函数字母 function letter
    * * *
    函數|函数 [hán shù] function (math.)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 函数

  • 8 制约

    restrict; condition
    * * *
    condition; restrict
    相关词组: 制约性
    * * *
    condition; restrict
    * * *
    n. condition
    v. restrict
    * * *
    zhi4 yue1
    to restrict, condition
    * * *
    zhì yuē
    restrict; condition; constraint; restraint; {工} confinement:
    互相制约 condition each other; interact;
    对... 加以制约 excercise its restraints upon...; lay restraints on...;
    受历史条件的制约 be restricted by historical conditions
    制约长度 constraint length;
    制约磁化条件 constrained magnetization condition;
    制约地区经济平衡 regulate local economic balance;
    制约逻辑 entailment logic;
    制约模拟法 constraint analog method;
    制约振荡 {物} constrained oscillation;
    制约作用 restrictive function
    * * *
    制約|制约 [zhì yuē] to restrict condition

    Chinese-English dictionary > 制约

  • 9 加速

    quicken; speed up; accelerate; expedite; hasten; hurry along, acceleration
    * * *
    accelerate; quicken; crack on; gather way; pickup; speed
    【计】 accelerating; increase speed; speed-up
    【医】 acceleration; auxo-
    【经】 accelerate; prompt; speed up
    相关词组: 加速的
    * * *
    accelerate; quicken up; speedup; gather way; pickup
    * * *
    n. speeded up
    v. quicken, speed up, accelerate
    * * *
    jia1 su4
    accelerate, expedite
    * * *
    jiā sù
    quicken; speed up; accelerate; expedite; acceleration; upshift; boosting; starting; precipitate; shifting up:
    加速四个现代化建设 speed up the four modernizations;
    加速商品周转 expedite the turnover of commodities;
    队伍加速前进。 The contingent quickened its advance.
    这辆新汽车加速性能良好。 The new car has good accelaration.
    加速泵 {机} accelerating pump; acceleration pump;
    加速比 speed-up ratio;
    加速波导管 accelerating waveguide;
    加速参数 acceleration parameter;
    加速测量管 accelerometer tube;
    加速测试 {电工} accelerated test;
    加速常数 acceleration constant;
    加速场 accelerating field;
    加速冲量 acceleration pulse;
    加速传动 drive up;
    加速存取 assisted access;
    加速电场 accelerating field;
    加速电极 accelerating electrode; accelerator;
    加速电路 accelerating circuit; anticipation network;
    加速电容 speed-up capacitor;
    加速电容器 speed-up condenser; speed-up capacitor;
    加速电势(位) accelerating potential;
    加速电势差 accelerating potential;
    加速电压 {电子} accelerating potential; accelerating voltage;
    加速电子发动机 accelerated electron engine;
    加速电子管 accelerating tube;
    加速定理 speed up theorem;
    加速发动机 acceleration motor; booster engine; kick motor;
    加速发生 tachygenesis;
    加速阀 acceleration valve;
    加速反馈 {航空} acceleration feedback;
    加速反射 {生理} acceleratory reflex;
    加速反应期 acceleration period;
    加速风门 accelerator;
    加速腐蚀 accelerated corrosion;
    加速腐蚀试验 accelerated corrosion test;
    加速负载 accelerating weight;
    加速功率 accelerating power;
    加速管 accelerating tube;
    加速过程研究 acceleration study;
    加速过滤 {化} accelerated filtration;
    加速过滤器 {化} accelofilter;
    加速环 intensifier ring;
    加速换向 overcommutation;
    加速火箭发动机 accelerating rocket engine;
    加速回程 accelerated return stroke;
    加速机制 acceleration mechanism;
    加速极 intensifying ring; accelerating stage;
    加速剂 accelerator; accelerant;
    加速继电器 accelerating relay;
    加速驾驶装置 acceleration-controlled system;
    加速接触器 {电工} accelerating contactor;
    加速节 accelerating section;
    加速进气 accelerating charge;
    加速浸饱剂 introfier;
    加速浸饱作用{化} introfaction;
    加速浸出 accelerated leaching;
    加速空间 accelerating space;
    加速控制器 acceleration controller;
    加速老化 accelerated ageing;
    加速老化试验 accelerated ageing test;
    加速老化系数 life acceleration factor;
    加速离子 speeding-up ion;
    加速力 accelerating force; accelerative force; turn of speed;
    加速连杆机构 {机} accelerator linkage;
    加速链 {电子} accelerating chain;
    加速流 {流} accelerated flow; accelerated motion of a fluid;
    加速磨损试验 accelerated wear test;
    加速耐受度 {工} acceleration tolerance;
    加速能力 acceleration capacity;
    加速喷嘴 accelerating jet; acceleration nozzle;
    加速疲劳试验 {航空} accelerated fatigue test;
    加速破坏 accelerate the failure;
    加速曝气池 aero-accelerator;
    加速期间 accelerating period;
    加速侵蚀 {地质} accelerated erosion;
    加速曲线 acceleration curve;
    加速燃烧 accelerated combustion; accelerate the combustion;
    加速容限{航空} acceleration tolerance;
    加速栅极 accelerating grid electrode;
    加速设备 accelerating device;
    加速神经 accelerans; accelerator nerve;
    加速生长 {生} tachyauxesis;
    加速时间 acceleration time; time for acceleration;
    加速时期 {采矿} acceleration; accelerating period; period of acceleration;
    加速失调 acceleration disturbance;
    加速(电)势差 accelerating potential;
    加速室 accelerating chamber;
    加速试验 accelerated test;
    加速收敛 accelerating convergence;
    加速寿命试验 {机} accelerated life test; accelerated test;
    加速数 accelerator;
    加速速度 accelerating velocity; geared-up speed;
    加速踏板 {机} accelerator pedal;
    加速系数 accelerator coefficient; accelerating factor;
    加速系统 accelerating system;
    加速系统自动开关 kick-down switch;
    加速系统自动开关接线柱 kick-down switch fixed terminal;
    加速系统自动开关柱塞 kick-down switch plunger;
    加速限制 acceleration constraint;
    加速限制器 accelerator limiter; acceleration limiter;
    加速线圈 accelerating coil;
    加速箱 accelerating chamber;
    加速响应 {控} booster response; rate action; time response;
    加速响应电容器 commutating capacitor; commutating condenser;
    加速效应 acceleration effect;
    加速型喷管 accelerating nozzle;
    加速性能 accelerating ability;
    加速循环 accelerated circulation;
    加速阳极 accelerating anode;
    加速因素 accelerator;
    加速因数 accelerated factor; accelerating factor;
    加速因子 accelerated factor; accelerating factor;
    加速引射器 augmenting duct;
    加速油壶 accelerating well;
    加速原理 acceleration principle;
    加速运动 accelerated motion; accelerated movement; positive acceleration motion;
    加速运动特性 acceleration characteristic;
    加速运转 accelerated service;
    加速载荷 accelerating load;
    加速载荷试验 accelerated load test;
    加速噪声抑制 run-up noise suppression;
    加速增长 accelerated growth;
    加速折旧 accelerated depreciation;
    加速指令 assisted instruction;
    加速转矩 accelerating torque;
    加速装置 {机} accelerator; accelerating installation;
    加速自动记录仪 {工程} accelerograph;
    加速阻力 acceleration resistance
    * * *
    加速|加速 [jiā sù] accelerate expedite

    Chinese-English dictionary > 加速

  • 10 区域

    region; area; district
    * * *
    area; circumscription; confine; district; extent; reach; region; section
    【计】 A; area; region
    【化】 band
    相关词组: 管辖区域
    * * *
    area; circumscription; district; extent; reach; region
    * * *
    n. area, region, district
    * * *
    qu1 yu4
    area, region, district
    * * *
    qū yù
    area; beat (生产等); reach; domain; part; sector; flat (公用庄稼地的); region; range; band; limit; district
    区域变质作用 {地} regional metamorphism;
    区域变质岩 regional metamorphite;
    区域辨识 domain identification;
    区域标志器 {讯} zone marker;
    区域标准 regional standard;
    区域不整合 regional unconformity;
    区域成形 drape forming;
    区域传输法 zone transport method;
    区域存储变换 area memory map;
    区域代表 regional representative;
    区域代表制 district system of representation;
    区域导航 area navigation;
    区域导航计算机 area navigation computer;
    区域等级系统 regional graded system;
    区域地理学 regional geography;
    区域地貌学 regional geomorphology;
    区域地图集 regional atlas;
    区域地质调查 regional geologic reconnaissance;
    区域地质图 regional geologic map;
    区域地质学 regional geology;
    区域调排队 subdispatch queue;
    区域(车间)调度员 subdispatcher;
    区域定位 zone location;
    区域动目标显示 area MTI;
    区域断裂线 lineament;
    区域断陷线 linear; lineament;
    区域发电站 regional station;
    区域发展 regional development;
    区域法 field method;
    区域范围 area coverage;
    区域防空(守) area defense;
    区域防御导弹 area defense missile;
    区域分布数据 areally-distributed data;
    区域覆盖天线spot beam antenna;
    区域供电临时改进措施area assist action;
    区域供暖(热)district heating;
    区域供热供冷系统 district heating and cooling system;
    区域规划系统工程 regional planning systems engineering;
    区域海洋学 areal oceanography;
    区域航空测量 area aerial survey;
    区域洪水 regional flood;
    区域化 compartmentalization;
    区域环境 regional environment;
    区域会议 regional conference; local conference;
    区域火力发电厂 local thermal power plant;
    区域监测 area monitoring;
    区域检索 area research;
    区域降水量 areal precipitation;
    区域结构 domain structure;
    区域精炼 zone refining; zone purification;
    区域精炼金属 zone melted metal;
    区域精制 zone purification;
    区域经济地理学 regional economic geography;
    区域经济合作 regional economic co-operation;
    区域井网 areal pattern;
    区域境界线 area delimiting line;
    区域均化 zone levelling;
    区域均化单晶 zone leveled single crystal;
    区域开发 regional development;
    区域空气调节系统 district air conditioning system;
    区域扩展 zone spreading;
    区域离心 zonal centrifugation;
    区域离心机 zonal centrifuge;
    区域联防 zone defense;
    区域码 region code;
    区域名 area-name;
    区域凝固 zone freezing;
    区域配额制 regional quota;
    区域喷发(溢) {地质} areal eruption;
    区域平均法 zone levelling;
    区域坡度 {地质} regional slope;
    区域坡面沉积 {地质} regional slope deposit;
    区域气象中心 regional meteorological centre;
    区域迁移 zone migration;
    区域倾斜 regional dip; normal dip;
    区域取样 area sampling;
    区域群落 regional community;
    区域燃烧 zonal combustion;
    区域熔化(法) zone melting;
    区域熔化技术 zone-melting technique;
    区域熔融(炼) zone melting;
    区域熔融结晶 {化工} zone melting crystallization;
    区域熔融提纯 zone melting purification;
    区域(扇形)扫描 sector scanning;
    区域扫油效率 {油工} areal sweep efficiency;
    区域射击 {军} zone fire;
    区域时间 zone time (ZT);
    区域试验 regional testing;
    区域水文学 regional hydrology;
    区域水资源 regional water resources;
    区域讨论会 regional conference;
    区域提纯 zone-refine; zone purification; zone refining;
    区域提纯器 zoner;
    区域网平差测量法 block adjustment;
    区域位 zone bit;
    区域位置显示器 zone position indicator (ZPI);
    区域污染模式 regional pollution mode;
    区域无线电信标 Consolan;
    区域形式 area format;
    区域夷平 zone levelling;
    区域异常 regional anomaly;
    区域约束 range constraint;
    区域指点标 Z marker; zone marker;
    区域致匀 zone leveling;
    区域中心距 regional center;
    区域重力校正 regional gravity correction;
    区域重力异常 regional gravity anomaly;
    区域走向 regional strike;
    区域阻滞麻醉 regional block anesthesia
    * * *
    區域|区域 [qū yù] area region district

    Chinese-English dictionary > 区域

  • 11 厄尔尼诺现象

    El Nino: a large sudden warming of the surface water along the equator of the eastern and central Pacific Ocean.
    * * *
    e4 er3 ni2 nuo4 xian4 xiang4
    El Niño effect, equatorial climatic variation over the Pacific Ocean
    * * *
    è ěr ní nuò xiàn xiàng
    Nino phenomenon
    * * *
    厄爾尼諾現象|厄尔尼诺现象 [è ěr ní nuò xiàn xiàng] El Niño effect, equatorial climatic variation over the Pacific Ocean

    Chinese-English dictionary > 厄尔尼诺现象

  • 12 厄爾尼諾現象

    El Nino: a large sudden warming of the surface water along the equator of the eastern and central Pacific Ocean.
    * * *
    e4 er3 ni2 nuo4 xian4 xiang4
    El Niño effect, equatorial climatic variation over the Pacific Ocean
    * * *
    厄爾尼諾現象|厄尔尼诺现象 [è ěr ní nuò xiàn xiàng] El Niño effect, equatorial climatic variation over the Pacific Ocean

    Chinese-English dictionary > 厄爾尼諾現象

  • 13 可行

    feasible; viable
    * * *
    adj. feasible
    * * *
    ke3 xing2
    * * *
    kě xíng
    (行得通;可以实行) feasible; practicable; workable:
    可行方案 practicable plan;
    一个切实可行的规划 a workable programme;
    切实可行的办法 a practical method;
    是否可行, 请斟酌。 Please consider if this is feasible.
    可行解 feasible solution;
    可行计划 feasible scheme;
    可行计算性 feasible computability;
    可行速度 feasible speed;
    可行约束 feasible constraint
    * * *
    可行|可行 [kě xíng] feasible

    Chinese-English dictionary > 可行

  • 14

    gentle; mild; kind, harmonious; on good terms, peace, sum, draw; tie, together with, indicating relationship, comparison, etc., and, plus
    join in the singing, compose a poem in reply
    mix (powder) with water, etc.
    mix; blend, a washing (of clothes); a decocting (of medicinal herbs)
    * * *
    and; draw; gentle; kind; mild; harmonious; mix with; sum; summation
    together with
    【计】 ampersand
    【医】 c.; cum
    * * *
    and; sum; summation; together with; kind; peace
    * * *
    adj. harmonious, kind
    * * *
    surname He
    and, together with, with, sum, union, peace, harmony, Japanese related, Taiwan pr.
    cap (a poem), to respond in singing
    to complete a set in mahjong or playing cards
    soft, warm
    to mix together, to blend
    * * *
    (打麻将或斗纸牌时某一家的牌合乎规定的要求, 取得胜利) complete a set in mahjong:
    他和了。 He has completed set.
    另见 hé; hè; huó; huò。
    (和谐地跟着唱) join in the singing:
    曲高和寡 highbrow songs find few singers; too highbrow to be popular;
    一唱百和。 When one starts singing, all the others join in.
    (依照别人的诗词的题材和体裁做诗词) compose a poem in reply:
    奉和一首 write a poem in reply (to one sent by a friend, etc., using the same rhyme sequence)
    另见 hé; hú; huó; huò。
    3) 和(Ⅰ、Ⅱ ②、Ⅲ 龢)
    (平和; 和缓) gentle; mild; kind:
    风和日暖 bright sunshine and gentle breeze
    (和谐; 和睦) harmonious; on good terms:
    兄弟不和 brothers on bad terms with each other;
    天时, 地利, 人和 favourable climatic, geographical and human conditions
    (结束战争或争执) peace:
    讲和 make peace;
    两国的领袖决定议和。 The leaders of the two nations decided to make peace.
    (姓氏) a surname:
    和凝 He Ning
    {数} (和数) sum:
    两数之和 the sum of the two numbers
    (指日本) Japan:
    汉和词典 Chinese-Japanese dictionary;
    和文 the Japanese language
    (下棋或赛球不分胜负) draw; tie:
    那盘棋和了。 That game of chess ended in a draw.
    我们队胜了三局,和了一局, 败了两局。 Our team won three matches, drew one and lost two.
    (连带) together with:
    和衣而卧 sleep with one's clothes on; sleep in one's clothes
    (表示相关、比较等) to; with:
    和这件事没有关系 have nothing to do with the matter; bear no relation to it;
    他和我一样高。 He's the same height as I.
    我没和他谈过这件事。 I didn't talk with him about it.
    (表示联合; 跟; 与) and:
    我的父亲和我的叔叔 my father and my uncle;
    一张桌子和四把椅子 a table and four chairs
    另见 hè; hú; huó; huò。
    (粉状或粒状物搀和在一起, 或加水搅拌使成较稀的东西) mix; blend:
    豆沙里和点儿糖 mix a little sugar into the bean paste;
    将水泥、沙和石子和在一起 mix cement, sand and pebbles;
    她已经把饺子馅和好了。 She had already mixed the stuffing for the dumplings.
    二和药 second decoction (of medicinal herbs);
    衣服已经洗了三和。 The clothes have been rinsed three times.
    另见 hé; hè; hú; huó。
    (在粉状物中加液体搅拌或揉弄使有黏性) mix (powder) with water, etc.:
    和点儿灰泥 prepare some plaster
    另见 hé; hè; hú; huò。
    * * *
    咊|和 [hé] old variant of ↑ [hé]
    Ⅰ. 和|和 [Hé] surname He Japanese (food, clothes etc)
    Ⅱ. 和|和 [hé] and together with with sum union peace harmony Taiwan pr. [hàn] when it means "and"
    Ⅲ. 和|和 [hè] cap (a poem) to respond in singing
    Ⅳ. 和|和 [hú] to complete a set in mahjong or playing cards
    Ⅴ. 和|和 [huó] soft warm
    Ⅵ. 和|和 [huò] to mix together to blend
    龢|和 [hé] old variant of ↑ [hé] harmonious

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 15 室外

    outdoor; outside
    * * *
    adj. outdoor
    * * *
    shi4 wai4
    * * *
    shì wài
    outdoor; outside:
    室外活动 outdoor activities
    室外报刊亭 kiosk; kiosque;
    室外暴露 outdoor exposure;
    室外大气尘 outside air contaminant;
    室外大气尘浓度 contaminant concentration of outside air;
    室外气干 outdoor seasoning;
    室外气象参数 out door climatic parameter;
    室外声学 acoustics of the open air;
    室外台阶 perron;
    室外太平梯 exterior escape stairway;
    室外天线 outside antenna; outdoor antenna; exterior antenna; external antenna; open aerial; outdoor aerial, open antenna;
    室外调谐线圈 outdoor tuning coil;
    室外停车场 motor pool;
    室外演出平台 stard;
    室外运动 outdoor exercise;
    室外照明 outdoor lighting; exterior lighting;
    室外装饰 exterior decoration
    * * *
    室外|室外 [shì wài] outdoor

    Chinese-English dictionary > 室外

  • 16 容许

    tolerate; permit; allow, perhaps; possibly
    * * *
    admit; allow; allow of; permit; sufferance; tolerate
    【计】 allowed
    相关词组: 容许的
    * * *
    admit; allow of; sufferance
    * * *
    adv. possibly, perhaps
    v. tolerate, permit, allow
    * * *
    rong2 xu3
    to permit, to allow
    * * *
    róng xǔ
    (许可) tolerate; permit; admit; brook; allow:
    如条件容许 if conditions permit;
    情况不容许我们再等待了。 In such circumstances we can't afford to wait any longer.
    可以容许你有5天的准备时间。 You will be allowed five days to prepare.
    我们不容许任何外来干涉。 We will brook no outside interference.
    这件事不容许再耽搁了。 The matter brooks no further delay.
    (或许) possibly; perhaps:
    这类事情, 10年前容许有之。 Such things might possibly have happened ten years ago.
    容许闭塞 block system;
    容许变差 admissible variation;
    容许变分 admissible variation;
    容许参数 admissible parameter;
    容许策略 admissible strategy;
    容许差 allowance;
    容许颤动 allowance flutter;
    容许齿隙游移 tolerable backlash;
    容许冲击负荷 load impact allowance;
    容许抽油量 allowable;
    容许传输带宽 transmissible bandwidth;
    容许带 {物} allowed band;
    容许电流 allowable current; permissible current;
    容许定时制 permissive timing system;
    容许度 permission;
    容许反应 homologation reaction;
    容许符号 admissible mark;
    容许干扰比 allowable ratio desired to interference signal;
    容许公差 allowance tolerance;
    容许工作速率 allowable working speed;
    容许功率 allowable power;
    容许估计 admissible estimate;
    容许故障率 acceptable malfunction rate;
    容许故障系统 failure-tolerant system;
    容许含铅量 lead tolerance;
    容许函数 admissible function; admittance function;
    容许荷载 allowable load; permissible load; safety load;
    容许极限 tolerance; allowance; tolerable limit;
    容许集 admissible set;
    容许剂量 {核} permissible dose; tolerance dose;
    容许假设 admissible hypothesis;
    容许间隙 allow clearance;
    容许剪应力 allowable shearing stress;
    容许结合应力 allowable bond stress;
    容许界限 allowable limit;
    容许控制 admissible control;
    容许量 permissible dose; tolerance;
    容许流速 {土} permissible velocity;
    容许毛重 allowable gross weight;
    容许磨损 allowable wear;
    容许内插约束 admissible interpolation constraint;
    容许能带 {固物} allowed band; allowed energy band;
    容许能级 allowed energy level;
    容许能态 allowed energy state;
    容许农药残留量 tolerances for insecticide residue;
    容许浓度 acceptable concentration;
    容许偏差 allowable deviation; allowable variation;
    容许偏移域 admissible deviation domain;
    容许偏转失真 allowable deflection distortion;
    容许漂移 tolerable fluctuation;
    容许谱 {物} allowed spectrum;
    容许前置符 allowed predecessor;
    容许强度 allowable strength;
    容许倾斜度 allowable heeling;
    容许区间 tolerance interval;
    容许曲线 admissible curve;
    容许热限度 allowable heat limit;
    容许伸长度 allowable elongation;
    容许事故等级 acceptable malfunction level;
    容许数 admissible number;
    容许停车 {土} permissive stop;
    容许同态 admissible homomorphism; allowed homomorphism;
    容许统计假设 admissibe statistical hypothesis;
    容许土壤流失量 permissible soil loss;
    容许弯曲应力 allowable bending stress;
    容许温度 allowable temperature;
    容许误差 allowable error; admissible error; permissible error;
    容许下沉量 {建} permissible settlement;
    容许限度 allowable limit;
    容许信噪比 limitation of signal to noise ratio;
    容许形状 admissible set;
    容许压力 allowable pressure;
    容许压碎应力 allowable crushing stress;
    容许压缩比 allowable compression ratio;
    容许阳极损耗 allowable anode dissipation; allowable plate dissipation;
    容许应力 allowable stress;
    容许应力法 allowable stress method;
    容许跃迁 allowable transition; permitted transition;
    容许杂波电平 permissible noise level;
    容许载体 allowable carrier; allowable load;
    容许噪声标准 acceptable noise level;
    容许噪声电平 allowable noise level;
    容许胀隙 allowed space for expansion;
    容许照射 allowable exposure;
    容许照射剂量 rediation tolerance;
    容许正规子群 admissible normal subgroup; allowabe normal subgroup;
    容许支承压力 allowable bearing pressure;
    容许值 admissible value;
    容许转变 allowed transition;
    容许阻力 allowable resistance
    * * *
    容許|容许 [róng xǔ] to permit to allow

    Chinese-English dictionary > 容许

  • 17 对偶

    antithesis, dual
    * * *
    【计】 antithetic
    【医】 allelo-
    * * *
    n. antithesis
    * * *
    dui4 ou3
    dual, duality, antithesis, coupled phrases (as rhetorical device), spouse
    * * *
    duì ǒu
    {语} (用字数相等、句法相似的语句表现相反或相关的意思的修辞格, 用以加强语言的效果) antithesis; antithetical parallelism
    {数} (二元的; 二象的; 配对的) dual; pairing
    对偶变换 dualistic (duality; dual) transformation;
    对偶变量(变数) dual variable; antithetic variates;
    对偶表示 dual representation;
    对偶单纯形法 dual simplex method;
    对偶单纯形算法 dual simplex algorithm;
    对偶点 {数} dual points;
    对偶电网络 dual electrical network;
    对偶定理 dual (duality) theorem;
    对偶范畴 dual category;
    对偶非线性分解 dual nonlinear decomposition;
    对偶非线性规划 dual nonlinear programming;
    对偶概念 antithesis concept;
    对偶格网 dual mesh;
    对偶函数 dual function;
    对偶婚 (原始社会的一种婚姻形态) pairing marriage;
    对偶基 reciprocal basis;
    对偶家庭 pairing family;
    对偶晶体管 matched pair transistor;
    对偶卡片 dual card;
    对偶空间 {数} dual spaces; conjugate;
    对偶控制 dual control;
    对偶理论 duality theory;
    对偶粒子 dual particle;
    对偶滤波器 dual filter;
    对偶码 dual code;
    对偶拟阵 dual matroid;
    对偶容许条件 dual feasible condition;
    对偶纱 paired yarn;
    对偶数 dual numbers;
    对偶算子 dual operator;
    对偶同构 dual isomorphism;
    对偶图 dual graph;
    对偶网络 {电} dual network;
    对偶问题 dual problem;
    对偶系统 dual system;
    对偶线性规划 {数} dual linear programming;
    对偶线性系统 dual linear system;
    对偶向量空间 dual vector space;
    对偶信号 dual signal;
    对偶学习 paired-associate learning;
    对偶映射 dual mapping;
    对偶原理 {数} dual (duality) principle; principle of duality;
    对偶约束 dual constraint;
    对偶运算 dual operation;
    对偶张量 {数} dual tensor;
    对偶自同构 dual automorphism;
    对偶最优解 dual optimal solution;
    对偶坐标 {数} dual coordinates
    * * *
    對偶|对偶 [duì ǒu] dual duality antithesis coupled phrases (as rhetorical device) spouse

    Chinese-English dictionary > 对偶

  • 18 对流层

    The lowest layer of the atmosphere which is 8,000 to 17,000 meters in thickness and characterized by strong convection. Wind, rain, snow, hail and many other climatic phenomena mainly happen in this region.
    * * *
    【医】 troposphere
    * * *
    * * *
    n. troposphere
    * * *
    dui4 liu2 ceng2
    troposphere, lower atmosphere
    * * *
    duì liú céng
    {气} troposphere (亦称“对流圈”, 大气圈底部对流运动显著的气层)
    对流层波 troposphere wave;
    对流层波导 {电} tropospheric ducting;
    对流层超折射 {地物} tropospheric super-refraction;
    对流层传播 tropospheric propagation;
    对流层电波传播 tropospheric radio propagation;
    对流层顶 lapse limit; tropopause; substratosphere;
    对流层顶逆温 {气} tropopause (upper) inversion;
    对流层发射机 troposcatter transmitter;
    对流层散射 tropospheric scatter (scattering);
    对流层散射发射机 tropospheric scatter transmitter;
    对流层散射电路衰落 fading on tropospheric scatter path;
    对流层散射接收机 tropospheric scatter receiver;
    对流层散射通信 tropospheric scatter communication;
    对流层散射通信系统 tropospheric scatter communication system;
    对流层散射微波系统 tropospheric scatter microwave system;
    对流层探测 tropospheric sounding;
    对流层无线电波道 tropospheric radio duct;
    对流层信道 tropospheric channel;
    对流层折射 {电磁} tropospheric refraction;
    对流层折射校正 tropospheric refraction correction
    * * *
    對流層|对流层 [duì liú céng] troposphere lower atmosphere

    Chinese-English dictionary > 对流层

  • 19 對流層

    The lowest layer of the atmosphere which is 8,000 to 17,000 meters in thickness and characterized by strong convection. Wind, rain, snow, hail and many other climatic phenomena mainly happen in this region.
    * * *
    n. troposphere
    * * *
    dui4 liu2 ceng2
    troposphere, lower atmosphere
    * * *
    對流層|对流层 [duì liú céng] troposphere lower atmosphere

    Chinese-English dictionary > 對流層

  • 20 局促

    narrow; cramped, (of time) short, feel (or show) constraint
    * * *
    constraint; uneasiness
    相关词组: 局促的
    * * *
    constraint; uneasiness
    * * *
    adj. narrow, short, embarrassing
    n. constraint, uneasiness
    * * *
    ju2 cu4
    cramped, ill at ease
    ju2 cu4
    narrow (surrounding), short (of time)
    * * *
    jú cù
    (狭小) narrow; cramped:
    这地方太局促了。 This place is rather cramped.
    (方)(短促) short:
    要两天完成工作,太局促了。 Two days are too hort for this job.
    (拘谨) feel or show constraint:
    仆人在主人面前显得多少有点局促。 The servant showed somewhat constraint in the master's presence.
    * * *
    侷促|局促 [jú cù] cramped ill at ease
    局促|局促 [jú cù] narrow (surrounding) short (of time)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 局促

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