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climatic constraint

  • 41 理想

    an ideal, be ideal
    * * *
    idea; ideal; ideality
    【医】 ideal; ideo-
    相关词组: 不够理想的
    * * *
    cause; ideal; ideality
    * * *
    n. ideal
    * * *
    li3 xiang3
    a dream, an ideal, perfection, ideal, perfect, desirable, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    lǐ xiǎng
    好教师应该把高尚理想灌输给孩子们。 A good teacher should implant high ideals in children.
    理想爆震 ideal detonation;
    理想比冲量 ideal specific impulse;
    理想编码 ideal coding;
    理想变量(压)器 ideal transformer;
    理想表面 ideal surface;
    理想并联 ideal parallel;
    理想波导 perfect waveguide;
    理想补偿器 ideal compensator;
    理想采样器 ideal sampler;
    理想采油指数 {油工} ideal productivity index;
    理想测试 hypothesis testing;
    理想超导体 ideal superconductor;
    理想传声清晰度 {讯} ideal articulation;
    理想磁性载体 ideal magnetic medium;
    理想淬火 ideal quench(ing);
    理想低通滤波器 ideal low-pass filter;
    理想点 {数} ideal point;
    理想电介质 {电} ideal dielectric; perfect dielectric;
    理想电阻 ideal resistance;
    理想发动机 ideal engine;
    理想发动机循环 ideal engine cycle;
    理想反光镜 optically perfect reflector;
    理想非完美晶体 ideally imperfect crystal;
    理想辐射器 ideal radiator;
    理想刚体 ideal rigid body;
    理想刚性辊 unflattened roll;
    理想工质 ideal working substance;
    理想公式 ideal formula;
    理想观测器 ideal observer;
    理想观测者准则 ideal observer criteria;
    理想光学系统 perfect optical system;
    理想光子接收器 {等离子} ideal photon receiver;
    理想国 utopia;
    理想海平面 ideal sea level;
    理想函数 ideal function;
    理想给 ideal occlusion;
    理想黑体 ideal black-body;
    理想红外线检测器 {电子} blip;
    理想化子 idealizer;
    理想换能器 {电工} ideal transducer;
    理想回热循环 ideal regenerative cycle;
    理想火箭发动机 {航空} ideal rocket;
    理想机器 hypothetical machine;
    理想级 ideal stage;
    理想计算机 hypothetical computer;
    理想交流断路 ideal AC break;
    理想教育 education in ideals;
    理想接收机 ideal receiver;
    理想介质 perfect dielectric; perfect medium;
    理想晶体 {晶} ideal crystal;
    理想聚束 {电子} ideal bunching;
    理想开关 perfect switch;
    理想空气动力学 {流} ideal aerodynamics; ideal fluid dynamics;
    理想理论 {数} ideal theory;
    理想临界直径 ideal critical diameter;
    理想流动 ideal flow; frictionless flow;
    理想流态化 idealized fluidization;
    理想流体 ideal fluid; perfect fluid;
    理想滤波器 ideal filter;
    理想滤波整流器 ideally filtered rectifier;
    理想码 ideal code; abstract code;
    理想排气速度 {流} ideal exhaust velocity;
    理想喷嘴 ideal nozzle;
    理想频域滤波器 ideal frequency domain filter (IFDF);
    理想切削 desired cut;
    理想清除 ideal dumping;
    理想取向 ideal orientation;
    理想缺失 anideation;
    理想群体 idealized population;
    理想燃料消耗量 ideal propellant consumption;
    理想燃烧 ideal burning;
    理想热辐射器 ideal thermal radiator;
    理想溶剂 ideal solvent;
    理想溶液 ideal solution; perfect solution;
    理想三极管 ideal triode;
    理想扫描 ideal scan;
    理想射流速度 ideal jet velocity;
    理想时域滤波器 ideal time domain filter (ITDF);
    理想数 {数} ideal;
    理想特性 ideal characteristics;
    理想投影 preferred view;
    理想透镜 perfect lens;
    理想图 ideograph;
    理想土壤 ideal soil;
    理想土体 perfect soil;
    理想完美晶体 ideally perfect crystal;
    理想网络 {电子} ideal network;
    理想文突利管 ideal Venturi;
    理想现实主义 ideal realism;
    理想线(路) ideal line;
    理想线图 hypothetical diagram;
    理想形状 ideal form;
    理想循环 ideal cycle;
    理想药粒 {军} ideal grain;
    理想液体 perfect liquid;
    理想预报 {气} perfect prognostic;
    理想约束 ideal constraint;
    理想噪声二极管 ideal noise diode;
    理想整流器 ideal rectifier; transrector;
    理想直径 ideal diameter;
    理想直流断路 ideal DC break;
    理想直线{数} ideal line;
    理想值 ideal value;
    理想终值 ideal final value;
    理想转速 desired speed;
    理想转移(计) ideal dumping;
    理想坐标 ideal coordinates
    * * *
    理想|理想 [lǐ xiǎng] a dream an ideal perfection ideal perfect desirable CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 理想

  • 42 相等

    be equal
    * * *
    balance; be equal to; equality; equalize; equation; even
    【医】 equi-; homeo-; homoio-; iso-; parity
    相关词组: 势力相等的
    * * *
    be equal to; equality; equation; equivalency; even
    * * *
    adj. equal
    adv. equally
    n. equivalent, equality
    v. even
    n. equivalence, equivalency
    * * *
    xiang1 deng3
    equal, equally, equivalent
    * * *
    xiāng děng
    equation; equality; equal; be equal to:
    大小相等 be equal in size;
    价值相等 be equal in value;
    数量相等 be equal in amount (quantity; number); be numerically equal;
    供求相等。 The supply is equal to the demand.
    他们采取措施使高级文职人员的工资和企业管理干部的工资相等。 They have taken measures to equate the salaries of higher civil servants to those of business executives.
    相等波纹性质 equal ripple property;
    相等部分 moiety;
    相等集 {数} equal sets;
    相等时间 equal time (竞选用);
    相等性 parity; equipollence;
    相等约束 equated constraint
    * * *
    相等|相等 [xiāng děng] equal equally equivalent

    Chinese-English dictionary > 相等

  • 43 破解

    analyse and explain; solve
    * * *
    po4 jie3
    to break (a bond, constraint etc), to explain, to unravel, to decipher, to decode
    * * *
    破解|破解 [pò jiě] to break (a bond, constraint etc) to explain to unravel to decipher to decode

    Chinese-English dictionary > 破解

  • 44 約束

    keep within bounds; restrain; bind; curb; restraint; restrict, constraint; discipline; bonds; inhibition
    * * *
    n. constraint
    v. restrict, bind, bridle
    * * *
    yue1 shu4
    to restrict, to limit to, to constrain, restriction, constraint
    * * *
    約束|约束 [yuē shù] to restrict to limit to to constrain restriction constraint

    Chinese-English dictionary > 約束

  • 45 約束條件

    yue1 shu4 tiao2 jian4
    restrictive condition, constraint
    * * *
    約束條件|约束条件 [yuē shù tiáo jiàn] restrictive condition constraint

    Chinese-English dictionary > 約束條件

  • 46 约束

    keep within bounds; restrain; bind; curb; restraint; restrict, constraint; discipline; bonds; inhibition
    * * *
    engage oneself to; restrict; bind; hold in; restrain; tie; tutor; wrap
    【计】 constraint
    【医】 bridle; restraint
    【经】 restraint; restrict
    相关词组: 无约束的
    * * *
    engage oneself to; hold in; inhibit; leash; obligation; restrict; restriction
    * * *
    n. constraint
    v. restrict, bind, bridle
    * * *
    yue1 shu4
    to restrict, to limit to, to constrain, restriction, constraint
    * * *
    yuē shù
    keep within bounds; restrain; bind; bound; boundage;tie; restraint; restriction; engagement; repress; constraint:
    约束自己 restrain oneself;
    约束自己的感情 restrain one's feelings;
    自我约束 self-discipline; self-control;
    不受传统观念的约束 bound by no traditional idea;
    打破(摆脱)一切约束 throw (shake; break) all restraint;
    在法律和道德的约束下 be bound by legal and moral ties;
    他受到自己诺言的严格约束。 He was bound hand and foot by his promise.
    约束爆炸 confined explosion;
    约束备格 {数} constraint qualification;
    约束变词 {数} apparent variable; bound variable;
    约束变量 bounded variable;
    约束变项 bound variable;
    约束博奕 constrained game;
    约束参数 constrained parameters;
    约束长 constraint length;
    约束出现 {数} bondage occurrence; bound occurrence; bounding occurrence;
    约束磁压 confining magnetic pressure;
    约束等离子体 confined plasma;
    约束端 restrained end;
    约束对策 constrained game; restricted game;
    约束辐射器 constrained radiator;
    约束购买力 committed purchasing power;
    约束固定成本 committed fixed costs;
    约束规定 constraint qualification;
    约束合成 stringent synthesis;
    约束极值问题 constrained extreme-value problem;
    约束集合 constrain set;
    约束金属透镜 constrained metal lens;
    约束金属透镜天线 constrained metal lens antenna;
    约束矩阵 constraint matrix;
    约束控制 constrained control;
    约束力 force of constraint;
    约束力矩 restraint moment;
    约束梁 restrained beam;
    约束模试验 captive model test;
    约束时间 confinement time;
    约束丝 bridle;
    约束税率 bound rate;
    约束条件 constraint condition;
    约束条件式 constraint equation;
    约束问题 restricted problem;
    约束系数 constraint factor;
    约束系统 constrained system;
    约束焊接 restraint welding;
    约束相加 addition of constraint;
    约束项 bound term;
    约束应力 restraint stress;
    约束语句 converge statement;
    约束运动 constrained motion;
    约束振荡 constrained oscillation;
    约束主规化 restricted master programming;
    约束桩 restrained pile;
    约束装药 confined charge;
    约束最优化 constrained optimization
    * * *
    約束|约束 [yuē shù] to restrict to limit to to constrain restriction constraint

    Chinese-English dictionary > 约束

  • 47 约束条件

    【计】 constraint condition
    【化】 constrained condition; constraint condition
    * * *
    yue1 shu4 tiao2 jian4
    restrictive condition, constraint
    * * *
    約束條件|约束条件 [yuē shù tiáo jiàn] restrictive condition constraint

    Chinese-English dictionary > 约束条件

  • 48 终端

    Terminal. Abbreviation for a terminal device, which refers to the client in a multi-user system that is used in accepting the user's inputting order and displaying the result of a process.
    * * *
    【计】 ASCII terminal ASCII; T; teminal; terminal; terminaling
    相关词组: 终端机
    * * *
    * * *
    adj. ending, terminal
    n. end, terminal
    * * *
    zhong1 duan1
    end, terminal
    * * *
    zhōng duān
    terminal; terminus; terminator; tag-end; end; termination; trailing end; end point; terminating
    终端安全开关 emergency terminal switch;
    终端安全释放机构 end release; final safety trip;
    终端按钮继电器 exit button relay;
    终端板 end plate; {电工} tag block;
    终端宝石 end stone;
    终端变电站 one-end substation; single-ended substation;
    终端标记 terminal label; postamble;
    终端标志 end mark; end marking;
    终端表 terminal list;
    终端部件 end fitting;
    终端操作系统 terminal operating system;
    终端测试 terminal test;
    终端齿轮 extreme gear;
    终端触发器 terminating trigger;
    终端传动 final drive;
    终端打字机 terminal writer;
    终端垫板 terminal shoe;
    终端电池 end cell;
    终端电缆 terminal cable;
    终端电流 terminal current; arrival current;
    终端电流曲线 {讯} arrival curve;
    终端电路 terminating circuit;
    终端电压 terminal voltage;
    终端电阻 terminal resistance; terminating resistance;
    终端电阻器 terminating resistor;
    终端短(截)线 {电工} terminal stub;
    终端房杆 end-frame;
    终端防振器 shoe;
    终端仿真 terminal emulation;
    终端放大器 terminal amplifier; last amplifier;
    终端伏尔 terminal VOR; TVOR;
    终端符 terminal symbol;
    终端符号 terminal symbol; terminal;
    终端负载 terminate load; terminal load; termination;
    终端杆 {电工} terminal pole; dead-end pole; dead-end tower; end pier; end pole;
    终端固定接头 end fixture splice;
    终端固溶体 terminal solid solution;
    终端盒 end box; terminal lug; termination box;
    终端机 terminating machine;
    终端畸变 end distortion;
    终端计算机 terminal computer;
    终端记发器 terminating register;
    终端继电器 final impulse operating relay;
    终端架 end-frame;
    终端监督程序 terminal monitor program;
    终端键盘 {自} terminal keyboard;
    终端交叉铁板 terminal iron;
    终端校正 end correction;
    终端接口处理机 terminal interface processor; TIP;
    终端接头 terminal fitting; terminal bond; terminating; plug end fitting;
    终端接线片 {电工} terminal lug;
    终端截割线对 {电工} terminal cutout pairs;
    终端进位数 final carry digit;
    终端局 terminal station;
    终端绝缘子 end insulator; terminal insulator;
    终端开断线路 open-end line;
    终端开关 limit switch; dead-end switch;
    终端控制 terminal control;
    终端控制器 terminal control unit;
    终端控制问题 end-point control problem;
    终端控制系统 {自} terminal control system; TCS;
    终端馈线 dead-end feeder;
    终端雷达 terminal radar;
    终端连接器 terminator; terminating junctor;
    终端链 final link;
    终端面板 terminal panel;
    终端配电板 end panel;
    终端配线部件(装置) {电子} distributing terminal assembly;
    终端片 {电磁} pill; end piece;
    终端区 termination environment;
    终端区域 terminal area;
    终端散热器 ultimate sink;
    终端设备 terminal equipment; terminal; terminal device; terminating unit; end instrument;
    终端设备定时询问(计) polling;
    终端设备连接器(计) local side;
    终端失真 {讯} end distortion;
    终端时间 terminal time;
    终端室 {讯} terminal room;
    终端输出 final output;
    终端衰减器 terminal attenuator;
    终端速度 {物} terminal velocity;
    终端损耗 terminal loss;
    终端损失 terminal loss; end loss;
    终端塔架 {电工} terminal tower;
    终端套管 pot head; terminator; dividing box;
    终端条件 terminal condition;
    终端停车器 wagon end stopper;
    终端停车装置 machine final-terminal stopping device;
    终端通信 terminal communication;
    终端网络 terminating network;
    终端误差 end error;
    终端吸收负载 terminator;
    终端系统 terminal system;
    终端协议 terminal protocol;
    终端谐振腔 end cavity;
    终端信息包 terminating packet;
    终端信息间隔 trailer gap (磁带);
    终端仪表 end instrument;
    终端引线 terminal lead;
    终端应用 terminal utilization;
    终端硬件 terminal hardware;
    终端用户 end user; terminal user;
    终端约束 end constraint;
    终端扎结 end sealing (电缆的);
    终端增音机 {讯} terminal repeater;
    终端柱 terminal pillar;
    终端装置 terminal installation; end instrument;
    终端子系统 terminal subsystem;
    终端字码 terminal code letter;
    终端阻抗 terminal impedance; terminating impedance
    * * *
    終端|终端 [zhōng duān] end terminal

    Chinese-English dictionary > 终端

  • 49 解码

    decipher; decode
    * * *
    decipher; decode
    【计】 decompilation; decompile; decompoiling
    【化】 decoding
    * * *
    * * *
    n. paraphrase, decoding, decipher
    v. decode, decipher, decrypt, transcribe, paraphrase, uncork
    * * *
    jie3 ma3
    to decode, to decipher
    * * *
    jiě mǎ
    decoding; decipher; decode
    解码板 decoding deck;
    解码电路 decoding circuit; demoding circuit;
    解码矩阵 decoding matrix;
    解码矩阵电路 decoder matrix circuit;
    解码器 demoder; decoder;
    解码约束(制约)长度 decoding constraint length
    * * *
    解碼|解码 [jiě mǎ] to decode to decipher

    Chinese-English dictionary > 解码

  • 50 轴向

    * * *
    zhóu xiàng
    {机} axial
    轴向安匝 axial ampere turn;
    轴向凹槽 axial notch;
    轴向摆差 {机} axial runout;
    轴向摆动 axial wobble;
    轴向薄壁组织 axial parenchyma;
    轴向变化 scalloping;
    轴向变螺距 axially varying pitch;
    轴向波型 axial-mode;
    轴向补偿 nose balance;
    轴向布置凝汽器 axial condenser;
    轴向部分 axial component;
    轴向齿厚 axial tooth thickness;
    轴向齿形角 axial profile angle;
    轴向冲击式水轮机 axial flow action turbine;
    轴向传热 axial heat conduction;
    轴向磁场 axial magnetic field;
    轴向磁通直线感应电动机 axial flux linear induction motor;
    轴向错置 axial misorientation;
    轴向刀面角 helical rake angle (铣刀片的);
    轴向导板 axle box guard;
    轴向断裂 axial rift;
    轴向对称辐射器 axially symmetrical radiator;
    轴向对称流动 axially symmetric flow;
    轴向对称射流 axially symmetrical jet;
    轴向对称型 axially symmetric shape;
    轴向对称性 axial symmetry;
    轴向对称运动 axially symmetric motion;
    轴向放大率 longitudinal magnification;
    轴向分子 axial element;
    轴向分子叠生 axial elements storied;
    轴向风道 {电工} axial ducts;
    轴向辐流式水轮机{工} Francis turbine; Francis water turbine;
    轴向辐射天线阵 end-fire array;
    轴向负荷型芯 axial load carrying core;
    轴向负荷支承能力 thrust capacity;
    轴向负载轴颈 journal for axial load;
    轴向钢筋 axial reinforcement;
    轴向构造 axial structure;
    轴向惯性矩 {力} axial moment of inertia;
    轴向光束 axial pencil;
    轴向光线 axial ray;
    轴向荷载 axial feed;
    轴向后角 axial relief angle;
    轴向滑动 endwise slip;
    轴向回转柱塞泵 Janney pump;
    轴向回转柱塞液压马达 Janney motor;
    轴向活塞泵 axial piston pump;
    轴向活塞装置 axial piston unit;
    轴向机头 axial head;
    轴向加速度 axial acceleration;
    轴向加速器 axial accelerator;
    轴向鉴别率 axial discrimination;
    轴向间隙 {机} end play;
    轴向角 axial angle;
    轴向截面 axial cross section; axial section;
    轴向节距 {工} axial pitch;
    轴向进刀 axial feed;
    轴向进口叶轮 axial entry impeller;
    轴向进汽 axial admission;
    轴向均匀基极晶体管 {电子} hometaxialbase transistor;
    轴向均匀输出 hometaxial output;
    轴向孔隙 axial porosity;
    轴向拉力 axial tension;
    轴向离合器 axial clutch;
    轴向力 axial force;
    轴向裂谷 {地} axial rift valley;
    轴向流(动) {流} axial flow; axisymmetric flow;
    轴向模 axial mode;
    轴向迷宫式汽封 axial labyrinth gland;
    轴向密封 axial seal;
    轴向密封垫 axial gasket;
    轴向模数 axial modulus;
    轴向磨削力 axial grinding force;
    轴向偶极子场 {地物} axial dipole field;
    轴向偏焦 axial defocusing;
    轴向偏移 axial deviation;
    轴向剖面 axial section;
    轴向气隙电动机 axial air-gap motor;
    轴向前角 {机} axial rake; axial rake angle;
    轴向强度 axial strength;
    轴向球(面像)差 axial spherical aberration;
    轴向曲路密封 axial labyrinth seal;
    轴向燃气轮机 axial gas turbine;
    轴向绕组 {材} axial winding;
    轴向色差 axial chromatic aberration;
    轴向射流 {流} axial jet;
    轴向速度 axial velocity; axially directed velocity;
    轴向速率 axial rate;
    轴向调整 axial adjustment;
    轴向调整螺母 take nut;
    轴向通道 axial passage;
    轴向通风 axial ventilation;
    轴向凸轮 axial cam;
    轴向推力 axial thrust; end thrust;
    轴向推力平衡机构 axial thrust balancing mechanism;
    轴向位移 axial displacement;
    轴向位移指示器 axial position indicator; shaft position indicator;
    轴向涡流 axial eddy; axial vortex; axial whirl;
    轴向像散 axial astigmatism;
    轴向形变 axial deformation;
    轴向压力 axial compressive force; axial pressure; thrust brake;
    轴向压缩 axial compression;
    轴向引线 {电工} axial lead;
    轴向应变 axial strain;
    轴向应力 axial stress;
    轴向游动 axial play;
    轴向约束 axial constraint;
    轴向运动 axial motion; axial movement;
    轴向运动子空间 axial subspace;
    轴向载荷 {力} axial load;
    轴向张力 axial tensile force;
    轴向找正 axial spotting;
    轴向振动 axial vibration;
    轴向止推轴承 axial thrust bearing;
    轴向轴承 cod;
    轴向柱塞泵 axial plunger pump;
    轴向柱塞马达 axial piston motor; axial plunger motor;
    轴向柱塞式传动装置 axial piston transmission;
    轴向助推器 tandem boost; tandem booster;
    轴向注入前向波放大管 axial injection beam forward wave amplifier
    * * *
    軸向|轴向 [zhóu xiàng] axis axial

    Chinese-English dictionary > 轴向

  • 51 边界

    boundary; border
    * * *
    border; boundary; frontier; limit; outskirts; verge
    【计】 boundary
    相关词组: 边界地方
    * * *
    borderline; boundary; confine; foul line; limit; outskirts; verge
    * * *
    n. boundary, border
    * * *
    bian1 jie4
    boundary, border
    * * *
    biān jiè
    boundary; frontier; border; borderline; edge range line; periphery:
    标定边界 demarcate boundaries;
    划定边界 delimit boundaries;
    驻守边界 garrison the border;
    越过边界 cross a boundary; cross the border
    边界波 boundary wave;
    边界测量 boundary survey;
    边界冲突 border clash;
    边界储量 marginal reserve; marginal resource;
    边界处理 boundary treatment;
    边界磁耦合 magnetic bobundary coupling;
    边界地带 boundary strip;
    边界点 boundary point; frontier point;
    边界电流 bound current;
    边界断层 boundary fault;
    边界法则 boundary rule;
    边界概念分类 boundary concept classification;
    边界跟踪 boundary following;
    边界函数 boundary function;
    边界积分方程法 boundary integral equation method;
    边界角 boundary angle;
    边界节点 boundary node;
    边界井 offset well;
    边界矿柱 barrier pillar;
    边界面 boundary face; boundary plane; {流} boundary surface;
    边界膜 boundary film;
    边界摩擦 boundary friction;
    边界配制法 boundary collocattion;
    边界切应力 boundary shear;
    边界侵蚀面 boundary erosion surface;
    边界区 border zone;
    边界曲率法则 boundary curvature rule;
    边界曲线 boundary curve;
    边界热阻 thermal boundary resistance;
    边界润滑 boundary lubrication;
    边界润滑添加剂 boundary lubrication additive;
    边界散射 boundary scattering;
    边界实际控制线 line of actual control on the border;
    边界事件 border incident;
    边界条件 boundary condition; edge conditions; final conditions;
    边界条件系统 set of boundary conditions;
    边界调整 marginal adjustment;
    边界位错 bounding dislocation;
    边界问题 boundary problem;
    边界涡 bound vortex;
    边界现状 status quo on the border; status quo of the boundary;
    边界线 border side; boundary line;
    边界协定 boundary agreement;
    边界效应 border effect; {摄} boundary effect;
    边界油膜润滑 boundary-film lubrication;
    边界元 boundary element;
    边界元法 boundary element method;
    边界约束 boundary constraint;
    边界载荷 edge load;
    边界争端 border dispute; boundary dispute;
    边界争议地带 gore;
    边界值 boundary value;
    边界值问题 boundary-value problem;
    边界指点标 boundary marker;
    边界指示灯 boundary light;
    边界走向 alignment of the boundary line;
    边界钻井 offset drilling;
    边界最优常数控制 boundary optimal constant control
    * * *
    邊界|边界 [biān jiè] boundary border

    Chinese-English dictionary > 边界

  • 52 限制

    place (or impose) restrictions on; restrict; limit; confine; restrict, restriction; limit; confinement; constraint; limitation
    * * *
    restrict; limit; astrict; circumscribe; confine; imprison; tether
    【计】 slicing
    【医】 limit; limitation; restrict; restriction
    【经】 curb; restrict
    相关词组: 无时间限制的
    * * *
    restrict; astrict; circumscribe; confine; imprison; limit; tether
    * * *
    n. restraint, swaddling clothes, restriction, stint
    v. restrict, limit, stint
    * * *
    xian4 zhi4
    to restrict, to limit, to confine, restriction, limit, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    xiàn zhì
    place (impose) restrictions on (to); astrict; restrict; limit; confine; shut down on (upon):
    限制数量 limit to a number or amount;
    年龄限制 age limit;
    时间限制 time limit;
    对... 实行限制 impose restrictions on;
    大会可限制每一发言者的发言时间。 The General Assembly may limit the time to be allowed to each speaker.
    但愿银行能无限制地贷款! If only the banks would lend money without limit!
    限制比 restriction ratio;
    限制保险单 limited policy;
    限制部位 restriction site;
    限制钞票发行额 limit on bank-note issue;
    限制承兑 qualified acceptance;
    限制尺寸 arrowhead;
    限制电流 limiting current;
    限制电流器 current limiter;
    限制电路 limiting circuit; limiter circuit; slicer circuit;
    限制对策 restricted game;
    限制反馈 limiting feedback;
    限制放大器 limiting amplifier;
    限制费用 restriction of expenditure;
    限制分配 restricted distribution;
    限制工业化 deindustrialization;
    限制工资增长 limiting wage increases;
    限制供应 supply on restriction;
    限制管 limiter tube;
    限制光阑 snoot;
    限制弧 restriction arc;
    限制换位 {逻} conversion peraccidens;
    限制价格 check price;
    限制价格定货 limited price order;
    限制开关 limit switch;
    限制空间电荷积累振荡器 limited space-charge accumulation oscillator; LSA oscillator;
    限制控制器 restriction controller;
    限制力 restraint;
    限制盟约 restrictive covenant;
    限制坡度 ruling (limit) grade;
    限制前馈 limiting feedforward;
    限制(捕捞)区 restricted area;
    限制缺陷型 restrictionless mutant;
    限制认付 qualified acceptance;
    限制认付信用证 restricted negotiable letter of credit;
    限制射流 confined jet;
    限制生产函数 limitational production function;
    限制生育 birth control;
    限制水域 {航海} restricted water;
    限制饲养 controlled (limited) feeding;
    限制速度 critical velocity;
    限制问题 restricted problem;
    限制消费 limited consumption;
    限制信用证 limited letter of credit;
    限制修饰系统 restriction modification system;
    限制议事法 kangaroo closure;
    限制因素 limiting factor;
    限制因子 restriction factor;
    限制营业税率 restrictive business tariff;
    限制用电 {电工} brownout;
    限制优先 limit priority;
    限制渔船数 limiting the number of fishing vessels;
    限制渔获量 limiting catch;
    限制褶皱 nonsequent fold;
    限制种植方案 crop-limitation program;
    限制主规划 restricted master programming;
    限制主义 restrictionism;
    限制驻栓 limit stop;
    限制转移 restriction of transfer;
    限制总捕捞量 limiting the total amount of fishing;
    限制作用 restriction; restraint
    * * *
    限制|限制 [xiàn zhì] to restrict to limit to confine restriction limit CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 限制

  • 53 风调雨顺

    good weather for the crops; favourable weather
    * * *
    feng1 tiao2 yu3 shun4
    favorable weather (idiom); good weather for crops
    * * *
    fēng tiáo yǔ shùn
    The wind and rain come in their time.; favourable climatic weathers; good weather for the crops; timely wind and rain; seasonable weather with gentle breeze and timely rain; The winds are favourable and rains come suitable and in proportion to the needs of men.
    * * *
    風調雨順|风调雨顺 [fēng tiáo yǔ shùn] favorable weather (idiom); good weather for crops

    Chinese-English dictionary > 风调雨顺

  • 54 饱和

    * * *
    【化】 equilibration; saturation
    【医】 saturation
    相关词组: 饱和的
    * * *
    * * *
    n. saturation
    * * *
    bao3 he2
    * * *
    bǎo hé
    (在一定温度压力下, 溶液可含溶质的量达到最大限度, 不能再溶解, 泛指事物达到最高限度) saturation; saturated:
    气体饱和 gas saturation;
    旧汽车市场已经饱和。 The market for the used car is saturated.
    饱和变压器 saturable transformer;
    饱和标准电池 saturated standard cell;
    饱和不足量 undersaturation;
    饱和参量 saturation parameter;
    饱和差 {气} saturation deficit; saturation deficiency;
    饱和抽运 saturation pump;
    饱和磁感应强度 saturation induction density;
    饱和磁化(强度) saturation magnetization;
    饱和磁矩 saturation moment;
    饱和磁路 saturable magnetic circuit;
    饱和磁强计 saturation magnetometer;
    饱和磁通密度 saturation magnetic flux density;
    饱和磁心 saturable core;
    饱和磁滞回线 saturation hysteresis loop;
    饱和带 saturated zone;
    饱和点 saturating point; saturation point;
    饱和电流 saturation current;
    饱和电势 sticking potential;
    饱和电位 sticking potential;
    饱和电压 saturation voltage;
    饱和电阻 saturation resistance;
    饱和扼流圈 saturable reactor;
    饱和分析 saturation analysis;
    饱和反射率 {光} reflectivity;
    饱和复原时间 saturated return time;
    饱和干扰物 saturation chaff;
    饱和感应 saturation induction;
    饱和光电流 saturation photocurrent;
    饱和光谱学 saturation spectroscopy;
    饱和函数 saturation function;
    饱和轰炸 saturation bombing;
    饱和化合物 saturated compound; saturate;
    饱和环节 saturation element;
    饱和恢复时间 saturated recovery time;
    饱和活度 saturation activity;
    饱和极限 limit of saturation;
    饱和记录 saturate record;
    饱和剂 saturant;
    饱和绝热过程 saturation-adiabatic process;
    饱和矿物 saturated mineral;
    饱和类 saturation classes;
    饱和逻辑电路 saturated logic circuit;
    饱和醚 saturated ethers;
    饱和模型 saturated model;
    饱和器 saturex; saturator;
    饱和气体 saturated gas;
    饱和汽 saturated vapor;
    饱和潜水 saturation diving;
    饱和区 zone of saturation; saturation zone; saturation area;
    饱和曲线 saturation curve;
    饱和色 heavy shade; saturated colour;
    饱和渗流 saturated flow;
    饱和剩余磁平 saturation remanent level;
    饱和湿度 saturated humidity;
    饱和十碳混酸 Wiltz 65;
    饱和时间 saturated time;
    饱和释放时间 saturated release time;
    饱和试验 saturation testing;
    饱和伺服系统 saturable servosystem; saturable servomechanism;
    饱和水带 saturated zone;
    饱和水汽压 saturation vapor pressure;
    饱和酸 saturated acid;
    饱和损耗 saturation loss;
    饱和塔 saturation tower;
    饱和特性 saturation characteristic;
    饱和条带效应 saturation banding;
    饱和烃 saturated hydrocarbon;
    饱和烃润滑脂 Apiezon;
    饱和土(壤) saturated soil;
    饱和温度 saturation temperature;
    饱和限制 saturation constraint;
    饱和线圈 saturation coil; saturable inductor;
    饱和消磁法 saturated erasure;
    饱和消音法 saturated erasure method;
    饱和效率 saturation efficiency;
    饱和效应 saturation effect;
    饱和信号 saturation signal;
    饱和压降 saturation voltage drop;
    饱和压力 saturation pressure;
    饱和液体 saturated liquid;
    饱和因数 saturation factor;
    饱和因子saturation factor;
    饱和油 fat oil;
    饱和有机土 eutrohistosol;
    饱和运算 saturation arithmetic;
    饱和增益 saturated gain; saturation gain;
    饱和脂肪酸 saturated fatty acid;
    饱和脂肪族烃 saturated aliphatic hydrocarbon;
    饱和值 saturation value;
    饱和滞后 saturated hysteresis;
    饱和状态 saturated conditions; saturated mode; saturation; purity;
    饱和自耦变压器 saturable autotransformer;
    饱和阻流圈 saturable reactor
    * * *
    飽和|饱和 [bǎo hé] saturation

    Chinese-English dictionary > 饱和

  • 55 动约束

    dòng yuē shù
    {力} moving constraint

    Chinese-English dictionary > 动约束

  • 56 净面积

    jìng miàn jī
    net area
    净面积限制 clear-area constraint

    Chinese-English dictionary > 净面积

  • 57 列约束

    【计】 column constraint
    * * *
    liè yuē shù
    {数} column constraint

    Chinese-English dictionary > 列约束

  • 58 天时、地利、人和

    tiān shí dì lì rén hé
    favourable climatic, geographical and human conditions; favourable climate and geographical position and support of the people

    Chinese-English dictionary > 天时、地利、人和

  • 59 鱼口

    lymphogranuloma inguinale; climatic (or tropical) bubo
    * * *
    yú kǒu

    Chinese-English dictionary > 鱼口

  • 60 纵情高歌

    zòng qíng gāo gē
    sing loudly and without constraint

    Chinese-English dictionary > 纵情高歌

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