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climatic constraint

  • 21 局促不安

    ill at ease; squirm
    * * *
    【法】 sit on thorns
    * * *
    ju2 cu4 bu4 an1
    ill at ease, uncomfortable
    * * *
    jú cù bù ān
    feel constrained and uneasy; be (put) out of countenance; feel uncomfortable and uneasy; (exceedingly) ill at ease; like a cat on hot bricks; nervous restlessness; sit on thorns:
    那男孩在她面前感到局促不安。 The boy felt constraint in her presence.
    * * *
    局促不安|局促不安 [jú cù bù ān] ill at ease uncomfortable

    Chinese-English dictionary > 局促不安

  • 22 异常

    unusual; abnormal; special, extremely; exceedingly; particularly, abnormality
    * * *
    abnormity; out of the way; thundering
    【医】 abnormality; abnormity; allo-; anomalism; anomalo-; anomaly; para-
    相关词组: 异常的
    * * *
    abnormity; out of the way; singularity; thundering; unconventionality
    * * *
    adj. malformed, odd, curious, remarkable, atypical, unusual, irregular, non-standard, uncharacteristic, peculiar, deviant, aberrant
    adv. exceedingly, remarkably, especially, extremely, tremendously, enormously, awfully, really, particularly, superbly, greatly, vastly, terrifically
    adv. very
    adj. abnormal
    * * *
    yi4 chang2
    exceptional, abnormal, an anomaly
    * * *
    yì cháng
    (不同于寻常) unusual; abnormal; anomalous; singular:
    异常现象 abnormal phenomena;
    神色异常 not be one's usual self
    (非常) extremely; exceedingly; extraordinarily; particularly:
    异常丰富 exceedingly rich;
    异常需要 particularly necessary;
    异常危险 extremely dangerous;
    异常迫切 extremely anxious;
    这种鱼的肉异常鲜美。 The flesh of this kind of fish has exceptional delicacy.
    (反常) anomaly:
    气候异常 climatic anomaly
    异常报告 {自} exception reporting;
    异常本征函数 improper eigenfunction;
    异常标本 monstrosity;
    异常波 extraordinary wave;
    异常材 rotholz;
    异常产 metatocia;
    异常潮 storm surge;
    异常乘法矩阵 {数} cracovian;
    异常测定器 {自} anomaly finder;
    异常磁场 anomalous field;
    异常传输 {声} transmission anomaly;
    异常蛋白 paraprotein;
    异常 E 电离层 abnormal E layer;
    异常电流 abnormal current;
    异常二次曲面 improper quadric;
    异常发酵 abnormal fermentation;
    异常返回 abnormal return;
    异常返祖细胞 atavistic cell;
    异常分化 prosoplasia;
    异常分离 abnormal segregation;
    异常分裂 abnormal division;
    异常分娩 abnormal labour;
    异常高潮位 {海} tidal wave;
    异常构造 anomalous structure;
    异常函数 abnormal function;
    异常红细胞 abnormal erythrocyte;
    异常辉光放电 abnormal glow discharge;
    异常回波 angel;
    异常寄生物 xenoparasite;
    异常检测 anomalous detection;
    异常接触 abnormal contact;
    异常结构 anomaly structure;
    异常结束 abnormal end; abort;
    异常结束包 abort packet;
    异常码 exception code;
    异常能听区 zone of abnormal audibility;
    异常期 anomalistic period;
    异常铅 anomalous lead;
    异常γ球蛋白血 dysgammaglobulinemia;
    异常三色觉 anomalous trichromat;
    异常色散 anomalous dispersion;
    异常生长 misgrowth;
    异常事件 anomalous event;
    异常事物 pathology;
    异常受精 abnormal fertillization;
    异常属性 abnormal attribute;
    异常态 anomalous mode;
    异常天气 anomalous weather;
    异常条件 exceptional condition;
    异常土 abnormal soil;
    异常危险 abnormal condition; {律} an abnormal risk;
    异常析出 hillocks;
    异常新闻 parajournalism;
    异常信息 abnormal information;
    异常行为 {心理} abnormal behaviour; behaviour disorder;
    异常型(体质) ectype;
    异常性欲 eroticism; erotism;
    异常血红蛋白 abnormal hemoglobin;
    异常牙尖间给 malinterdigitation;
    异常溢泌 apostaxis;
    异常语句 {自} abnormal statement;
    异常运行情况试验 abnormal operating condition test;
    异常运移 {地} anomalous migration;
    异常噪声 extraordinary noise;
    异常值 exceptional value;
    异常指示 abnormal indication;
    异常终结 abnormal termination;
    异常终止 abort; abnormal end;
    异常转储 abnormal dump
    * * *
    異常|异常 [yì cháng] exceptional abnormal an anomaly

    Chinese-English dictionary > 异常

  • 23 強制

    force; compel; coerce, compulsion
    * * *
    adj. obliged
    adv. forcibly
    n. enforcement, constraint
    v. enforce
    * * *
    qiang2 zhi4
    to enforce, enforcement, forcibly, compulsory
    * * *
    強制|强制 [qiáng zhì] to enforce enforcement forcibly compulsory

    Chinese-English dictionary > 強制

  • 24 强制

    force; compel; coerce, compulsion
    * * *
    force; compel; coerce; obligate; oblige; compulsion; constraint; enforcement
    【计】 brute force
    相关词组: 强制的
    * * *
    force; compel; coerce; compulsion; constraint; oblige
    * * *
    adj. obliged
    adv. forcibly
    n. enforcement, constraint
    v. enforce
    * * *
    qiang2 zhi4
    to enforce, enforcement, forcibly, compulsory
    * * *
    qiáng zhì
    force; compel; coerce:
    不靠强制手段 without resort to compulsion;
    强制执行 carry out under coercion; enforce; forcible execution;
    强制性的命令 mandatory order;
    对犯罪分子实行强制劳动 carry out (a policy of) forced labour for criminals
    强制保险 compulsory insurance; forced insurance;
    强制编码 forced coding;
    强制参谋咨询 compulsory staff consultation;
    强制成形焊接 enclosed welding;
    强制出口法律 mandatory restrictions on exports;
    强制储蓄 compulsory saving; forced saving;
    强制磁化条件 constrained magnetization condition;
    强制措施 coercive measures;
    强制点火 forced ignition;
    强制兑换 forced conversion;
    强制对流 forced convection;
    强制肥育 cramming;
    强制干燥 {涂} force drying;
    强制购买 compulsory purchase;
    强制函数 forcing function;
    强制换向 {电工} forced commutation;
    强制机关 institutions of coercion;
    强制借款 forced loan;
    强制金属透镜 constrained metal lens;
    强制金属透镜天线 constrained metal lens antenna;
    强制进气-排气通风系统 pressurizing and ventilating-fan system;
    强制开伞拉绳 static line;
    强制馈电 constrained feed;
    强制劳动 forced labour;
    强制冷却 forced cooling;
    强制冷却充油电缆 forced-cooled oil-filled cable;
    强制冷却铸型 cooling mould;
    强制离合器 positive clutch;
    强制励磁 forced excitation;
    强制力 compelling force; coercive effect; constraint;
    强制流通货币 forced currency;
    强制扭转传动 forced-torque drive;
    强制破产 involuntary insolvency;
    强制器 compulsator;
    强制气干 forced-air drying; fan drying;
    强制清算 compulsory liquidation;
    强制润滑 forced feed lubrication;
    强制手段 compulsory means; coercive measure;
    强制授粉 controlled pollination;
    强制算符 coercion operator;
    强制停机 forced stoppage;
    强制通风 forced ventilation; {机} positive draft;
    强制通风冷却塔 forced draught cooling tower;
    强制通风式电动机 forced-ventilated motor;
    强制通货 enforced currency;
    强制同步 forced synchronization; general locking;
    强制同步电路 lock-on circuit;
    强制同步系统 general locking; genlock;
    强制退休 compulsory retirement;
    强制喂入输送螺旋 force-fed auger;
    强制涡旋 {水} forced vortex;
    强制析晶法 forced crystallization method;
    强制销售 forced sale;
    强制休眠 forced dormancy;
    强制许可证 compulsory licence;
    强制循环 forced circulation;
    强制循环干燥窑 forced draught kiln;
    强制循环蒸发器 forced-circulation evaporator;
    强制压尖 push pointing;
    强制导核体 forced heterocaryon;
    强制引水 compulsory pilotage;
    强制映象 {数} coercive mapping;
    强制油冷却 forced-oil-cooled;
    强制语句 imperative statement;
    强制运动 positive motion;
    强制运流 forced convection;
    强制者 forcer;
    强制振荡(动) forced oscillation;
    强制执行出口禁令 imposition of export ban;
    强制仲裁解决 compulsory arbitration settlement; mandatory arbitration settlement;
    强制子句 {计} coercend
    * * *
    強制|强制 [qiáng zhì] to enforce enforcement forcibly compulsory

    Chinese-English dictionary > 强制

  • 25 循环

    circulate; cycle, recurring; circulation
    * * *
    cycle; recur; circle; rotate; circulation; repetition; revolution
    【计】 DO-loop; for-loop; loop; unwinding
    【化】 recirculate
    【医】 circuIation; cycle
    【经】 cycle; revolving; rotation
    相关词组: 恶性循环
    * * *
    Cyc; circle; circulate; circulation; cycle; recurrence; repetition; whirligig
    * * *
    adj. circulating
    n. cycle, circulation, cycling, recurrence, circle, loop
    * * *
    xun2 huan2
    to cycle, to circulate, circle, loop
    * * *
    xún huán
    circulate; circle; round; repeat; loop; period; recurrence; cycling; circulating; mixing; circulation; rotation; recursion:
    循环不息 move in endless cycles;
    恶性循环 vicious circle;
    四季的循环 the cycle of the seasons;
    血液循环 blood circulation;
    体外循环 extracorporal circulation;
    四程循环{机} four stroke cycle
    循环报表 cycle billing;
    循环悖论 recurrence paradox;
    循环本体 loop body;
    循环泵 circulator; circulating pump;
    循环比 recycle ratio;
    循环变换 cyclical-transformation;
    循环变换器 cycloconverter;
    循环变量 cyclic variable;
    循环表 cycle list;
    循环表示 cyclic representation;
    循环不定状态 race-around condition;
    循环操作 {化工} cycling; looperation; looping execution;
    循环槽 circulating slot;
    循环乘积码 cyclic product code;
    循环齿链 jack chain;
    循环传送 cyclic transfer;
    循环磁带 cyclic tape; endless tape;
    循环磁带放音机 tefiphone;
    循环磁带录音机 endless tape recorder;
    循环磁化 cyclic magnetization;
    循环磁滞 rotational hysteresis;
    循环磁状态 cyclic magnetic condition;
    循环次数 cycle-index;
    循环次数计数器 {自} cycle index counter;
    循环次序 circular order; cyclic order;
    循环存储 circulating memory;
    循环存储器 cyclic storage; cyclic memory; circulating storage; cyclic store; circulating store; circulating memory; recirculating store; cycle storage;
    循环电路 cycling circuit;
    循环调度 round-robin scheduling;
    循环定压力压法 follow-up pressure process;
    循环对称 cyclosymmetry;
    循环二进码 cyclic binary code;
    循环二进制单位间距码 cyclic binary unit-distance code;
    循环二进制码 {自} cyclic binary code;
    循环法 round-robin method;
    循环方程 cyclic equation;
    循环防止 prevention of cycling;
    循环废钢铁 circulating scrap;
    循环风机 circulating fan;
    循环复位 cycle reset;
    循环公式 recurrent formula;
    循环购买 circular buying;
    循环关系 recurrence relation;
    循环规则 cycline rule;
    循环锅炉 combined-circulation once-through boiler;
    循环过程 {热} cycle; cyclic process;
    循环行列式 cyclic determinant; recurrent determinant; circulant;
    循环恒等式 cyclic identity;
    循环换流器 cycloconverter;
    循环回路 circulation loop;
    循环混合 recycle mixing;
    循环基金 revolving fund;
    循环机能减弱 hyposphxia;
    循环积分器 cyclic integrator;
    循环集 cycle set;
    循环寄存器 circulating register;
    循环计时器 cycle timer;
    循环计数 cycle count;
    循环计数器 cycle counter;
    循环记录 cycle index;
    循环加速器 cyclic accelerator;
    循环检查程序 loop checker;
    循环检索 chaining search;
    循环检验 circular test; cyclical test;
    循环交换 revolving swaps;
    循环校验 cyclic check;
    循环节 loop body; recurring period
    (循环小数的); (首尾)循环借位 end-around borrow;
    循环进位 end-around carry shift; chain carry;
    循环矩阵 circular matrix; cyclic matrix;
    循环控制 cycle control;
    循环控制装置 cycler;
    循环扩张 cyclic extention;
    循环利用 cyclic utilization;
    循环连分数 periodic continued fraction; recurring continued fraction;
    循环量子 fluxoid;
    循环流动 circulatory flow; circular flow;
    循环流化床 recirculating fluidized bed;
    循环流体 circulating fluid;
    循环录音 endless track sound recording;
    循环论 theory of cycle;
    循环滤波器 recursive filter;
    循环滤油器 circulating oil strainer;
    循环孪生 cyclic twinning;
    循环码 cyclic code; reflected code; modified binary code; chain code;
    循环酶 cyclophorase;
    循环幂级数 recurring power progression; recurring power series;
    循环模 cyclic module; module of cycles;
    循环模数转换器 circulation AD converter;
    循环排队网络 cyclic queuing network;
    循环排列 circular permutation; cyclic permutation; cyclic queues;
    循环盘存(盘点) cycle inventory; cycle count;
    循环判定 cycle criterion;
    循环判据 cycle-criterion;
    循环器 circulator; recirculator; circulizer;
    循环气冷电动机 air-to-air cooled motor;
    循环球式转向器 recirculating ball-type steering;
    循环区 {冶} race way;
    循环曲线 cyclic curve;
    循环群 cyclic (cyclical) group;
    循环燃料反应堆 {核子} circulating fuel reactor;
    循环润滑 circulating lubricating;
    循环冗余码校验 {自} cyclic redundancy check (CRC);
    循环冗余码符号 cyclic redundancy check character;
    循环冗余码检验 cyclic redundancy check;
    循环入口 loop head;
    循环赛 round robin match;
    循环扫描 scan round; scan-round;
    循环色谱法 recycle chromatography;
    循环时间 cycle time; cycling time;
    循环时期 cyclostage;
    循环寿命 cycle life;
    循环数码 cyclic-digit code;
    循环数模转换器 cyclic DA converter;
    循环水 vadose (recirculating) water;
    循环水泵 water circulating pump;
    循环水槽 circulating water chennel;
    循环算法 round-robin algorithm;
    循环缩减法 cyclic reduction method;
    循环提升磨 double rotor mills;
    循环体 loop body;
    循环调整cyclic adjustment;
    循环停机{自} loop stop; stop loop;
    循环同步 around synchronization;
    循环退火 cycle annealing;
    循环网络 recirculating network;
    循环微波激射器 circulator maser;
    循环文件 circular file;
    循环系统 cyclic system; recycle system; system circulatorium;
    循环系统疾病 circulation system diseases;
    循环相关 circular correlation;
    循环小数 repeater; circulator; circulating decimal; periodic decimal; periodical fraction; recurring decimal; repeating decimal;
    循环效率 cycle efficieny;
    循环信用证(状) revolving credit; revolving letter of credit;
    循环型态 cyclic pattern;
    循环序向 cyclic ordering;
    循环训练 circuit training;
    循环盐 cyclic salt;
    循环延迟选择器 cycle delay selector;
    循环遥测 cyclic telemetering;
    循环一体化 circular integration;
    循环移位 shift cycle; circular shift; cyclic shift; nonarithmetic shift; end-around shift; end-around-carry shift; ring shift;
    循环优先数 rotation priority;
    循环油 recycle oil;
    循环语句 {计} Do statement; for statement; for-loop (ALGOL用);
    循环语句组 DO-group;
    循环域 range of a loop;
    循环约化法 cyclic reduction method;
    循环运行 circular flow;
    循环载荷 cyclic loading;
    循环再补给 {军} recurring issue;
    (血液)循环障碍 dyshaemia; dyshemia; dysemia;
    循环障碍性缺氧 stagnant anoxia;
    循环诊断算法 cyclic diagnosis algorithm;
    循环整流器 cyclorectifier;
    循环执行 looping execution;
    循环指标 cycle indicator;
    循环指令 recursion instruction; loop command;
    循环指针 cycle index;
    循环置换 cyclic permutation;
    循环置换标题索引 permuted-title index; permutation idex;
    循环制碱法 cyclic process soda production;
    循环制约 cyclic constraint;
    循环状态 recurrent state;
    循环准则 cycle criterion;
    循环子句 {计} for clause;
    循环子空间 cyclic subspace;
    循环坐标 cyclic coordinate
    * * *
    循環|循环 [xún huán] to cycle to circulate circle loop

    Chinese-English dictionary > 循环

  • 26 拉尼娜

    La1 Ni2 na4
    La Niña, equatorial climatic variation over the Eastern Pacific, as opposed to El Niño 厄爾尼諾, 厄尔尼诺
    * * *
    拉尼娜|拉尼娜 [Lā Ní nà] La Niña, equatorial climatic variation over the Eastern Pacific, as opposed to El Niño ↑ 厄爾尼諾|↑ 厄尔尼诺

    Chinese-English dictionary > 拉尼娜

  • 27 拘束

    restrain; restrict; inhibited, constrained; awkward; ill at ease
    * * *
    punctilio; trammel
    【医】 restraint
    相关词组: 拘束的
    * * *
    constrain; punctilio; trammel
    * * *
    adj. ill at ease
    n. punctilio, trammel
    v. constrain, restrain, restrict, tether
    * * *
    ju1 shu4
    to restrict, to restrain, constrained, awkward, ill at ease, uncomfortable, reticent
    * * *
    jū shù
    (加以不必要的限制) restrain; restrict:
    加以拘束 use restraint;
    不要拘束她的正当活动。 Don't restrict her proper activities.
    (过分约束自己) constrained; awkward; ill at ease:
    感到拘束 feel ill at ease;
    显得拘束 look ill at ease;
    毫无拘束地讲话 speak without restraint;
    在开头一两天, 我们对新教师感到有点拘束。 We felt a little constraint with the new teacher for the first day or so.
    * * *
    拘束|拘束 [jū shù] to restrict to restrain constrained awkward ill at ease uncomfortable reticent

    Chinese-English dictionary > 拘束

  • 28 拘禁

    take into custody; detain
    * * *
    crib; imprison; lock
    【医】 internation
    * * *
    coop; crib; imprison; lock
    * * *
    n. constraint
    v. coop, crib, imprison, lock, restrain, take into custody
    * * *
    ju1 jin4
    constraint, to detain, to take into custody
    * * *
    jū jìn
    take into custody; put under arrest
    * * *
    拘禁|拘禁 [jū jìn] constraint to detain to take into custody

    Chinese-English dictionary > 拘禁

  • 29 控制

    control; dominate; command; contain; govern; keep down; manipulate; master; confine
    * * *
    control; dominate; desist; grasp; hold; manage; master; predominate; rein
    【计】 C; control; controls; dominance; gated; gating; governing
    【医】 control; dirigation; encraty
    【经】 check; command; control; controlling; cost control; dominantion
    monitoring; regulate; rig
    相关词组: 飞行控制
    * * *
    cortrol; dominate; command; apron string; be master of
    * * *
    n. coercion, conformity, gripe
    v. control, dominate, command, contain, fall upon, bridle, overmaster, subject
    * * *
    kong4 zhi4
    control, to exercise control over, to contain
    * * *
    kòng zhì
    control; dominate; regulate; govern; manage; check; cybernate; manipulate; encraty; rule; rein; curb; command; hold in leash; pull oneself together; have control over; under sb.'s thumb; be in control (of); be brought under control; under the control of; get command of; have command over; lead sb. by the nose:
    控制地面沉降 bring surface subsidence under control;
    控制固定资产投资 curb investment in fixed assets;
    控制基本建设规模 control over the scope of capital construction;
    控制体重和体形 control the weight and shape of the human body;
    控制投资规模 limit the investment scope;
    我勃然大怒, 简直控制不住自己。 I had a fit of rage--I could hardly control myself.
    他们有控制这个小国的野心。 They had the ambition to dominate this small country.
    她再也控制不住自己的感情, 便痛哭了一场。 She could no longer hold her emotions in leash and she had a good cry.
    别孩子气了, 把感情控制一下吧! Stop acting like a baby! Pull yourself together!
    控制安培匝数 {电工} control ampereturns;
    控制板 {自} control panel; plugboard; wiring board; operating panel; operator's panel; pendant control;
    控制爆破 controlled blasting;
    控制备料 blank stock;
    控制臂 control arm;
    控制边界层叶栅 boundary layer control cascade;
    控制变量 command; control variable; manipulated variable;
    控制标识符 control identifier;
    控制波 control wave;
    控制波形 control waveform;
    控制部分 control section; control portion;
    控制部件 control assembly; function unit; {自} control module; control unit;
    控制操作 control operation; control function;
    控制测量 control survey;
    控制层 {土} key-course;
    控制场 controlling field;
    控制程序参数表 control program parameter list;
    控制程序块 {自} control block;
    控制程序生成 control program generation;
    控制抽象化 control abstraction;
    控制处理机 control processor;
    控制传导机构 control drive mechanism;
    控制传动 {核子} control drive;
    控制磁场 controlling magnetic field;
    控制磁迹 control track;
    控制磁铁 controlling magnet;
    控制磁头 control head;
    控制词典 {计} control dictionary;
    控制打字机 control typewriter;
    控制带 control tape;
    控制单元 control module;
    控制代码 {自} control routine;
    控制底板参考机 master reference machine;
    控制递开簧 application graduating spring;
    控制电池 controlling battery;
    控制电动机 control motor;
    控制电弧 arc control;
    控制电话中继站 control telephone repeater station;
    控制电极 control electrode;
    控制电缆 control cable;
    控制电流 control current; controlling current;
    控制电路 control circuit; steering circuit; controlling circuit; pilot circuit;
    控制电码 office code;
    控制电平 control level;
    控制电器 control apparatus;
    控制电容 control capacitance;
    控制电刷 control brush;
    控制电子学 control electronics;
    控制电阻 controlling resistance;
    控制定律 control law;
    控制定时器 control timer;
    控制段 {自} control section; control segment;
    控制对象 controlled member;
    控制发动机 control engine;
    控制发情 estrus control;
    控制范围 control range; control area;
    控制方程 governing equation;
    控制方法 controlling means; control method;
    控制方式 control mode;
    控制放大器 control amplifier;
    控制分辨率 control resolution;
    控制分辨能力 control resolution;
    控制分析 control analysis;
    控制缝 {土} control joint;
    控制符 command character; control character; operational character; instruction character; functional character;
    控制符号 {自} control symbol; control character;
    控制改变 {自} comparing control change; control break; control change;
    控制缸盖 application cylider cover;
    控制格式 control format;
    控制格式项 control format item;
    控制工程 control engineering;
    控制功率计 elastic calibration device;
    控制功能 control function;
    控制股权 controlling interest;
    控制关系式 control relationship;
    控制观测 control observation;
    控制过程 control procedure;
    控制函数 steering function; control function; major ant;
    控制行 control line;
    控制花期 blooming control;
    控制环 adjustable ring; control loop;
    控制环节 controlling unit;
    控制缓冲器 controller buffer;
    控制恢复时间 control recovery time;
    控制回路 control loop; duct pilot;
    控制回声 control echo;
    控制活塞 control piston; operating piston;
    控制基因 controlling gene;
    控制机 controlling machine; cybertron;
    控制机构 control organ; controlet; controlling gear; controls operating; controls; control mechanism; controlling means;
    控制激冷 controlled chilling;
    控制极限 control limit;
    控制极限开关 {电} control limit switch;
    控制级别 control hierarchy;
    控制技术 control technique;
    控制寄存器 control register;
    控制计数器 control counter;
    控制计算机 control computer;
    控制加速表 control accelerometer;
    控制间隔 control interval;
    控制键 control key;
    控制交配 hand breeding; control mating;
    控制脚注 control footing;
    控制接触器 control contactor;
    控制结构受限 control structure constraint;
    控制界限 control limit;
    控制介质 control medium;
    控制精度 control accuracy; control precision;
    控制卷 control column;
    控制卡片箱 control card stack;
    控制开关 gauge tap; pilot (control) switch;
    控制开口 control opening;
    控制空气阀 control air valve;
    控制空域 {航空} controlled air space;
    控制孔 control hole;
    控制孔型 control pass;
    控制块 control block;
    控制栏 control group;
    控制冷处理 controlled cooling treatment;
    控制冷却 {冶} controlled cooling;
    控制理论 control theory;
    控制力矩 control moment;
    控制力矩陀螺仪 control moment gyroscope;
    控制力学 control mechanics;
    控制连接 pilot connection;
    控制联测 conjunction of control survey;
    控制联想 {心理} controlled association;
    控制链 control chain;
    控制量 controlled quantity; controlled variable;
    控制流向 control flow;
    控制码 control code;
    控制媒介 {化工} control agent;
    控制膜盒 actuating bellows; operating bellows;
    控制能力 control ability;
    控制扭矩 control torque;
    控制盘 console panel; control disc; control panel; electrical control unit; panel board; switch panel;
    控制炮火雷达 spotting set;
    控制配件 control fitting;
    控制膨胀政策 disinflationary policies;
    控制偏差 control deviation;
    控制偏心轮 control eccentric;
    控制片 {摄} control strip;
    控制平衡装置 balancing control;
    控制屏 control flow; control panel;
    控制气氛 controlled atmospher;
    控制区 {航空} air-traffic control zone; control area; control zone;
    控制区域 control area; control space; control band;
    控制渠道 waterwork;
    控制取样法 controlled sampling;
    控制绕组 control widing;
    控制日 {气} control day; key day;
    控制扫描 gated sweep;
    控制上限 upper control limit;
    控制射流 control jet;
    控制设备 control appliance; control equipment; control system; controlling device; controlling equipment; maneuvering apparatus;
    控制声道 {工声} control track;
    控制生产 {采矿} control production;
    控制实验 approval test;
    控制示位器 control position indicator;
    控制释放技术 control release technic;
    控制试样法 method of control sample;
    控制室{讯} control room; console cabinet; control compartment; control house; control booth; pulpit;
    控制收敛定理 {数} dominated convergence theorem;
    控制手柄 control handle; joy-stick; pilot lever;
    控制手段 control;
    控制授粉 controlled pollination;
    控制输入 command; control input;
    控制属性 controlled attribute;
    控制数 control number;
    控制数据 control data;
    控制数据项 control data item;
    控制数学 mathematics of control;
    控制数字 {经} control figure;
    控制刷 pilot brush;
    控制水深 {航海} controlling depth;
    控制水土流失 conservation of soil and water;
    控制顺序 control sequence;
    控制顺序表 control sequence table;
    控制说明书 control specification;
    控制算法 control algolithm;
    控制索 control cord; controlling rope;
    控制踏板 control pedal; shift pedal; trip pedal;
    控制态 {自} control state;
    控制弹簧 control spring; controlling spring;
    控制特性 control characteristic;
    控制体系 hierarchy of control;
    控制天线 control antenna;
    控制条件 controlled condition;
    控制通道 control channel;
    控制通货膨胀 curbing inflation;
    控制同步机 {电} control synchro; transolver;
    控制同步器 control synchro;
    控制筒 application cylinder; control cylinder; master drum;
    控制凸轮 control cam;
    控制图 {工管} control chart; control sheet;
    控制图表 control diagram; control sheet;
    控制拖车 {电} control trailer;
    控制纬度 control latitude;
    控制文件名 control file name;
    控制稳定性 control stability;
    控制问题 control problem;
    控制涡流 controlled vortex flow;
    控制误差 departure; control error;
    控制吸入管路 control suction line;
    控制系数 control coefficient; control ratio;
    控制下限 lower control limit;
    控制显示器 console display;
    控制限度 {工管} control limit;
    控制线 control line; control wire; pilot wire; guide line;
    控制线对(电话) control pair;
    控制线路 control circuit;
    控制线圈 control coil;
    控制线匝 {电} control turn; control winding;
    控制箱 control casing; control box;
    控制响应 control response;
    控制相位 control phase;
    控制效率 control efficiency; efficiency of control;
    控制效应 control effect;
    控制协议 control protocol;
    控制序列 control sequence; instruction sequence;
    控制旋钮 control handle; control knob;
    控制旋塞 control cock; regulator tap;
    控制雪崩渡越时间三极管 controlled avalanche transit-time triode;
    控制仪表 control instrument; monitoring instrument; operating instrument; check meter;
    控制仪器 switchyard;
    控制因素 governing factor;
    控制因子 controlling elements;
    控制应力 proof stress;
    控制油口 control port;
    控制油压 pilot oil pressure;
    控制渔获量 catch control;
    控制语句 control statement;
    控制语言 control language;
    控制语言语句 control language statement;
    控制元件 {控} control element; control component; pilot cell; gating element;
    控制载波系统 controlled-carrier system;
    控制载荷 control load;
    控制增减触发器 updown flipflop;
    控制增稳系统 control augmentation stability system;
    控制增益 ride gain;
    控制站 control station;
    控制者 effector;
    控制振荡计数器 gated oscillator counter;
    控制振荡器 control generator; controlled oscillator;
    控制职能 controlling function;
    控制直角杠杆 rigging bell crank;
    控制值 controlling value;
    控制指标设置 control index setting;
    控制滞后 {电} control hysteresis;
    控制中心 control centre;
    控制轴 control shaft;
    控制转移操作 control transfer operation;
    控制转移指令 control transfer instruction;
    控制装载装置 {采矿} load controller;
    控制装置 control device; control gear; control set-up; monitor; control apparatus; control system; control equipment;
    控制状态 control behaviour; control state;
    控制准确度 control accuracy;
    控制准则 control criterion;
    控制姿态卫星 controlled attitude satellite;
    控制自动同步机 control synchro;
    控制阻抗 control group;
    控制组 control group;
    控制组合 control combination;
    控制给合开关 control switchgroup;
    控制组件 control assembly;
    控制最佳程序 control optimization program;
    控制作用 control action; control function; control response
    * * *
    控制|控制 [kòng zhì] control to exercise control over to contain

    Chinese-English dictionary > 控制

  • 30 有效

    efficacious; effective; valid; hold; run, effectively, operative
    * * *
    availability; be good for; efficiency; hold; hold true; in effect
    【计】 AV; significance
    【经】 be available; in force
    相关词组: 行动有效
    * * *
    availability; be good for; efficiency; in effect
    * * *
    adj. effective, valid
    adv. in effect
    * * *
    you3 xiao4
    effective, in effect, valid
    * * *
    yǒu xiào
    effective; valid; efficacious:
    采取有效措施 take effective measures;
    这张车票3日内有效。 This train ticket is valid for three days.
    有效半径 effective radius;
    有效半衰期 {核} effective half-life;
    有效保险 insurance in force;
    有效变形 effective deformation;
    有效波长 EWL (effective wave length);
    有效捕捞强度 effective fishing intensity;
    有效操作 valid function;
    有效常数 effective constant;
    有效场强 {电} effective field intensity;
    有效成分 active principle; active constituent;
    有效持续捕捞强度 effective constant fishing intensity;
    有效出力 effective output;
    有效带宽 effective bandwidth;
    有效单极子辐射功率 effective monopole radiated power;
    有效地址 effective address; valid address;
    有效电感 effective inductance;
    有效电荷 effective charge;
    有效电流 active current; effective current;
    有效电压 effective voltage;
    有效电阻 effective resistance;
    有效短路位置 position of the effective short;
    有效范围 effective range; limits of validity;
    有效分蘖 valid tiller;
    有效分子量 effective molecular weight;
    有效负载能力 {物} payload capability;
    有效负载容量 {物} payload capacity;
    有效功 effective work;
    有效功率 effective power;
    有效功率增益 {半} available power gain;
    有效机时 available machine time;
    有效积温 effective accumulated temperature;
    有效积温法则 rule of effective temperature summation;
    有效积温预测 effective temperature summation forecast;
    有效降水量 effective precipitation;
    有效截面 {物} effective cross-section;
    有效孔隙度 effective porosity;
    有效库容 available storage;
    有效宽度(道路的) effective width;
    有效扩散系数 effective diffusion coefficient;
    有效亏格 effective genus;
    有效利用 economizing;
    有效力程理论 effective range theory;
    有效落差 available head;
    有效旅行证件 valid travel documents;
    有效马力 effective horsepower;
    有效面积 effective area;
    有效能 available energy;
    有效碰撞截面 effective cross section of collision;
    有效碰撞频率 effective collision frequency;
    有效曝光时间 effective exposure time;
    有效曝光范围{摄} useful exposure range;
    有效期间 the term of validity; the time of effect;
    有效群体 effective population;
    有效群体大小 effective population size;
    有效热值 available heating value;
    有效容量 available capacity; effective capacity; useful capacity;
    有效渗透率 effective permeability;
    有效时间 effective time; net time;
    有效寿命 useful life; actual life;
    有效输出 effective output;
    有效数据传输率 effective data transfer rate;
    有效数字 significant digit; significant figure;
    有效水分 available water;
    有效水头 available head;
    有效速率 effective speed;
    有效塔板高度 {化} effective plate height;
    有效塔板数 {化} effective plate number;
    有效投资 effective investing;
    有效微孔 effective aperture;
    有效位 {计} significance bit; significance digit;
    有效温比 effective temperature ratio;
    有效温度 effective temperature;
    有效误差 effective error;
    有效(谱)线宽度 effective line width;
    有效线路 active line;
    有效相互作用 effective interaction;
    有效压力 effective pressure;
    有效养分 available nutrient;
    有效氧化钙含量 content of free calcium oxide;
    有效遗传剂量 genetically significant dose;
    有效应变 effective strain;
    有效应力 effective stress;
    有效油-气比 effective fuel-air ratio;
    有效渔捞努力量 effective fishing effort;
    有效育种量 effective breeding size;
    有效载荷 payload;
    有效载荷舱 payload bay;
    有效增益 actual gain; effective gain;
    有效蒸散 effective evapotranspiration;
    有效指令 {计} effective instruction; actual instruction;
    有效致死期 effective lethal phase;
    有效制约长度 effective constraint length;
    有效质量 {物} effective mass;
    有效中心 active centre;
    有效装入法 activity loading;
    有效准确度 available accuracy;
    有效字 effective word;
    有效阻抗 effective impedance;
    有效作用时间 effective acting time
    * * *
    有效|有效 [yǒu xiào] effective in effect valid

    Chinese-English dictionary > 有效

  • 31 束缚

    tie; bind up; fetter; prison
    * * *
    manacle; restrain; bind up; hold in leash; shackle; stranglehold; tie down
    yoke; bondage
    【机】 bind; binding
    相关词组: 束缚物
    * * *
    tie; bind up; fetter; astrict; bondage; chain; cord
    * * *
    v. chain
    v. manacle
    * * *
    shu4 fu4
    to bind, to restrict, to tie, to commit, fetters
    * * *
    shù fù; shù fú
    tie; bind up; fetter; bound; constraint; rigid control; trammel:
    打破习惯的束缚 break through the shackles of habit;
    受传统的束缚 be fettered by tradition;
    我们尊重传统, 但不被传统所束缚。 We reverence tradition but will not be fettered by it.
    他为爱情所束缚。 He is bound by affection.
    束缚电子 {电} bound electron;
    束缚电荷 {电} bound charge;
    束缚分子 {化} bound molecule;
    束缚自由跃迁 {物} bound free transition;
    束缚空穴 {半} bound hole;
    束缚电流 bound current;
    束缚激子 bound exciton;
    束缚空子 immobile hole;
    束缚模拟法 constraint analog method;
    束缚能 bound energy; binding energy;
    束缚生长激素 bound auxin;
    束缚物 manacle; stricture;
    束缚状态 bound state
    * * *
    束縛|束缚 [shù fù] to bind to restrict to tie to commit fetters

    Chinese-English dictionary > 束缚

  • 32 松弛

    limp; flabby; slack, lax, relax; laid-back
    * * *
    relax; lax; letdown; slack; loosen; unbend; unbrace
    【化】 relaxation
    【医】 relax; relaxation; slack
    相关词组: 松弛的
    * * *
    flab; laxation; laxity; letdown; looseness; relaxation; slack
    * * *
    adj. lax
    n. flab, slack, lax, laxation, laxity, letdown, looseness, relaxation
    v. slack, relax
    adj. flabby, flaccid, loose, unstable, weak, faint
    n. instability, weakness, looseness
    * * *
    song1 chi2
    to sag, to relax
    * * *
    sōng chí
    (松; 不紧张) limp; flabby; slack; loose:
    松弛一下肌肉 relax the muscles;
    肌肉松弛 flabby (flaccid) muscles;
    松弛地垂下 hang down loosely;
    松弛的绳子 a slack rope
    (执行得不严格) lax:
    纪律松弛 be under lax discipline
    松弛变量 slack variable;
    松弛表 loose list;
    松弛参数 relaxation parameter;
    松弛蛋白 relaxing protein;
    松弛度 slackness; looseness;
    松弛法 relaxation method;
    松弛方案 relaxation procedure;
    松弛复制调控 relaxed replication control;
    松弛过程(现象; 作用) relaxation;
    松弛函数 relaxation function;
    松弛合成 relaxed synthesis;
    松弛环状脱氧核糖核酸 relaxed circular deoxyribonucleic acid;
    松弛回火 {工} letting down;
    松弛模量 relaxation modulus;
    松弛谱 relaxation spectra;
    松弛时间 slack time; relaxation time;
    松弛时谱 relaxation spectrum;
    松弛试验机 relaxation testing machine;
    松弛素(肽) relaxin;
    松弛速度 relaxation velocity;
    松弛效应 relaxation effect;
    松弛因子 relaxation factor;
    松弛约束 loose constraint;
    松弛振动 relaxation vibration;
    松弛阻尼 relaxation damping
    * * *
    鬆弛|松弛 [sōng chí] to sag to relax

    Chinese-English dictionary > 松弛

  • 33 模糊

    blurred; indistinct; dim; vague; hazy; vague, blur; obscure; confuse; mix up; fuzzy
    * * *
    blur; obscure; cloud; confuse; mix up; out of focus
    【计】 blurring; unsharp
    【医】 clouding; haziness
    相关词组: 含义模糊的
    * * *
    blur; dark; faintness; illegibility; mistiness; out of focus
    * * *
    adj. blurred, indistinct, fuzzy, vague, foggy, dim, murky, dark
    n. illegibility, faintness, dark, blur, vague
    v. blur
    * * *
    mo2 hu5
    vague, indistinct, fuzzy
    * * *
    mó hu
    (不清楚) dim; vague; indistinct; obscure; fuzzy; blurred:
    模糊的景象 a hazy scene; obscure view;
    模糊的印象 vague impression;
    童年时代的模糊记忆 dim memories of one's childhood;
    认识模糊 have but a hazy understanding;
    声音模糊 have an obscure sound;
    雾使景色模糊。 Mists blurred the views.
    她泪眼模糊。 Her eyes blurred with tears.
    (混淆) blur; obscure; confuse; mix up:
    模糊二者的界限 confuse the distinction between the two;
    我对这意义还很模糊。 The meaning is still obscure to me.
    {数} fuzzy
    模糊变量 fuzzy variable;
    模糊测度 fuzzy measure;
    模糊测度空间 fuzzy measure space;
    模糊代数 fuzzy algebra;
    模糊点 litura; blob; fuzzy point;
    模糊度fuzziness;fuzzy degree;
    模糊对策fuzzy game;
    模糊概率fuzzy probability;
    模糊格 fuzzy lattice;
    模糊关系 fuzzy relation;
    模糊关系方程 fuzzy relation equation;
    模糊规化论 fuzzy programming theory;
    模糊函数 ambiguity function; fuzzy function;
    模糊化 obfuscation;
    模糊环 fuzzy ring;
    模糊环境fuzzy environment;
    模糊积分fuzzy integral;
    模糊集fuzzy set;
    模糊集合fuzzy set;
    模糊集论 fuzzy set theory;
    模糊紧性 fuzzy compactness;
    模糊经济学 fuzzy economics;
    模糊矩阵 fuzzy matrice;
    模糊聚类分析 fuzzy cluster analysis;
    模糊决策 fuzzy decision;
    模糊可测空间 fuzzy measurable space;
    模糊空间 fuzzy space;
    模糊控制论 fuzzy control theory;
    模糊控制器 fuzzy controller;
    模糊理想 fuzzy ideal;
    模糊逻辑 fuzzy logic;
    模糊逻辑控制 fuzzy logic control;
    模糊模式识别 fuzzy pattern recognition;
    模糊模型 fuzzy model;
    模糊目标 fuzzy object;
    模糊区 confusion region;
    模糊圈 circle of confusion; blur circle;
    模糊群 fuzzy group;
    模糊事件 fuzzy event;
    模糊树 fuzzy tree;
    模糊数 fuzzy number;
    模糊数学 fuzzy mathematics;
    模糊数学规划 fuzzy mathematical programming;
    模糊数学基础 fuzzy foundation of mathematics;
    模糊算法 fuzzy algorithmic approach;
    模糊算子 fuzzy operator;
    模糊贴近度 fuzzy nearness;
    模糊统计fuzzy statistics;
    模糊凸性fuzzy convexity;
    模糊图fuzzy graph;
    模糊图论fuzzy graph theory;
    模糊图像 blurred picture; blurred image; hazy image; angel (雷达屏上的);
    模糊推断 fuzzy inference;
    模糊拓扑空间 fuzzy topological space;
    模糊微分 fuzzy differential calculus;
    模糊误差 ambiguity error;
    模糊系统 fuzzy system;
    模糊现象 {电子} blooming;
    模糊线性规划 fuzzy linear programming;
    模糊效应 blurring effect;
    模糊信息 fuzzy information; fuzzy message;
    模糊信息处理 fuzzy information processing;
    模糊性 fuzziness;
    模糊因数 {工声} blur factor;
    模糊音键(电子器件) fuzz tone; fuzz box;
    模糊映射 fuzzy mapping;
    模糊约束 fuzzy constraint;
    模糊蕴涵fuzzy implication;
    模糊子集fuzzy subset;
    模糊子群 fuzzy subgroup;
    模糊子图 fuzzy subgraph;
    模糊自动机 fuzzy automata;
    模糊综合评论 fuzzy comprehensive evaluation
    * * *
    模糊|模糊 [mó hu] vague indistinct fuzzy

    Chinese-English dictionary > 模糊

  • 34 次要

    less important; secondary; subordinate; minor; subsidiary; lesser
    * * *
    【计】 minor
    * * *
    * * *
    adj. secondary, minor, subordinate
    * * *
    ci4 yao4
    * * *
    cì yào
    less important; secondary; subordinate; minor; next in importance:
    次要矛盾 secondary contradiction;
    次要收益 secondary income;
    次要问题 secondary questions;
    居次要地位 play second fiddle
    次要参数 minor parameter;
    次要承重件 subprincipal;
    次要电路 secondary circuit;
    次要防御方向 secondary direction of defence;
    次要工业部门 fringe industries;
    次要金属 minor metal;
    次要控制改变 minor control change;
    次要控制数据 minor control data;
    次要梁 junior beam;
    次要农副产品 secondary farm and sideline products;
    次要缺陷 minor defect;
    次要人物 minor character;
    次要属件 non-essential auxiliaries;
    次要树种 minor species;
    次要约束 secondary constraint;
    次要运输 {采矿} secondary haulage;
    次要站 subordination station;
    次要种 accessory species;
    次要周期 minor cycle;
    次要组分 minor constituent;
    次要作战方向 secondary direction of operation
    * * *
    次要|次要 [cì yào] secondary

    Chinese-English dictionary > 次要

  • 35 气候

    climate, situation; climate
    * * *
    climate; clime; weather
    【医】 climate; climato-
    相关词组: 大气候
    * * *
    climate; clime; weather
    * * *
    adj. climatic
    n. climate, atmosphere, situation, climate, situation
    * * *
    qi4 hou4
    climate, atmosphere, situation, CL:種, 种
    * * *
    qì hòu
    (气象情况) climate; weather:
    北极气候 arctic climate;
    气候潮湿 damp climate;
    赤道气候 equatorial climate;
    大陆性气候 continental climate;
    高原气候 plateau climate;
    海洋性气候 oceanic climate
    (局势) climate; situation:
    政治气候 political climate;
    动荡的政治气候 a climate of political unrest
    (结果; 成就) successful development:
    成不了气候 will not get anywhere; will not amount to anything
    气候曝露试验 weathering test;
    气候变动 climatic fluctuation;
    气候变化 climatic change;
    气候变迁 climatic variation;
    气候表 climatometer;
    气候测年学 climatochronology;
    气候成土作用 climatic formation of soil;
    气候带 climatic zone;
    气候地层法 climatic stratification;
    气候地貌学 climatic geomorphology;
    气候防护式电机 weather-proof type electric machine;
    气候分界 climatic divide;
    气候分类 climatic classification;
    气候辅助站 climatological substation;
    气候环境 climatic environment;
    气候环境病理学 climatopathology;
    气候阶地 climatic terrace;
    气候距平 climatic anomaly;
    气候决定论 climate determinism;
    气候控制室 biotron;
    气候控制因素 climatic controls;
    气候牢度 weathering fastness;
    气候老化 weathering aging;
    气候疗法 climatotherapy;
    气候模拟 climatic simulation;
    气候耐受性 tolerance to climate;
    气候区域 climatic province;
    气候趋势 climatic trend;
    气候生成 climatogenesis;
    气候实验室 climatizer;
    气候适宜期 climatic optimum;
    气候适应 climatic adaptation;
    气候试验 climatic test;
    气候衰减 weather attenuation;
    气候条件 weather conditions;
    气候图 climagram; climatic chart;
    气候图表 climograph;
    气候图集 climatic atlas;
    气候图解 climagram; climagraph; climatic diagram; climatograph; climogram; climograph;
    气候网 climatological network;
    气候向性 meteorotropism;
    气候型 climatype;
    气候雪线 climatic snow line;
    气候循环 climatic cycle; climatic oscillation;
    气候驯化 acclimatization;
    气候演变 climatic revolution;
    气候演替顶极 climatic climax;
    气候演替系列 {生态} clisere;
    气候异常 climatic anomaly;
    气候因子 climatic factor;
    气候影响 climatic effect;
    气候预报 climatic prediction;
    气候韵律 climatic rhythm;
    气候展望 climatic forecast;
    气候振动 climatic flucluation;
    气候振荡 climatic oscillation;
    气候治疗 climatic therapy;
    气候资料 climatological data;
    气候最宜时期 climatic optimum
    * * *
    氣候|气候 [qì hòu] climate atmosphere situation CL:↑ |↑ [zhǒng]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 气候

  • 36 气候状况

    n. climatic conditions, atmospheric conditions
    * * *
    qi4 hou4 zhuang4 kuang4
    climatic conditions, atmospheric conditions
    * * *
    氣候狀況|气候状况 [qì hòu zhuàng kuàng] climatic conditions atmospheric conditions

    Chinese-English dictionary > 气候状况

  • 37 氣候

    climate, situation; climate
    * * *
    adj. climatic
    n. climate, atmosphere, situation, climate, situation
    * * *
    qi4 hou4
    climate, atmosphere, situation, CL:種, 种
    * * *
    氣候|气候 [qì hòu] climate atmosphere situation CL:↑ |↑ [zhǒng]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 氣候

  • 38 氣候狀況

    n. climatic conditions, atmospheric conditions
    * * *
    qi4 hou4 zhuang4 kuang4
    climatic conditions, atmospheric conditions
    * * *
    氣候狀況|气候状况 [qì hòu zhuàng kuàng] climatic conditions atmospheric conditions

    Chinese-English dictionary > 氣候狀況

  • 39 灵敏度

    Referring to the degree of sensitivity of an instrument, device, reagent or testing methods, e.g. The degree of sensitivity of an ammeter that is used to test faint electric current.
    * * *
    【计】 sensitivity; sensitivity ratio; susceptiveness
    【化】 sensitivity
    【医】 sensitivity
    * * *
    n. level of sensitivity
    * * *
    ling2 min3 du4
    (level of) sensitivity
    * * *
    líng mǐn dù
    {电子} sensitivity; response rate; sensibility; sensitiveness; response; susceptibility; susceptiveness:
    灵敏度高的天平 sensitive weighing scales; delicate balance
    灵敏度变化 sensitivity shift;
    灵敏度补偿器 sensitivity compensator;
    灵敏度倒数 sensibility reciprocal;
    灵敏度范围 range of sensitivity;
    灵敏度分布 sensitivity distribution;
    灵敏度高度表 statoscope;
    灵敏度函数 {控} sensitivity function;
    灵敏度校正 sensitivity correction;
    灵敏度校准 sensitivity calibration;
    灵敏度界线 threshold of sensitivity;
    灵敏度控制 sensitivity control;
    灵敏度连续控制(调整) continuous sensitivity control;
    灵敏度漂移 sensitivity drift;
    灵敏度曲线 sensitivity curve;
    灵敏度时间控制 sensitivity time control (STC);
    灵敏度时间控制电路 sensitivity time control circuit;
    灵敏度时间调整 sensitivity-time control;
    灵敏度试验 sensitivity test;
    灵敏度受限 sensitivity constraint;
    灵敏度数据 sensitivity data;
    灵敏度特高电话机 {讯} pantelephone;
    灵敏度调节 sensitivity control;
    灵敏度系数 sensitivity coefficient;
    灵敏度阈 threshold of sensitivity;
    灵敏度阈传感器 sensitivity threshold sensor;
    灵敏度阈值 threshold of sensitivity
    * * *
    靈敏度|灵敏度 [líng mǐn dù] (level of) sensitivity

    Chinese-English dictionary > 灵敏度

  • 40 状态

    state; condition; state of affairs
    * * *
    state; condition; fettle; position; predicament; status
    【计】 behaviour; S; ST; state; status; transient regime
    【医】 asiminine asis; condition; etat; sirupus ferri jodati; state; status
    【经】 state
    相关词组: 沉睡状态
    * * *
    estate; fettle; predicament; state; topsy-turvydom
    * * *
    n. condition, topsy-turvy, way, estate, fettle, mode, position, predicament, state of affairs, status
    * * *
    zhuang4 tai4
    state of affairs, state, mode, situation, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    zhuàng tài
    status; state; condition; state of affairs:
    (病的)危险状态 critical condition;
    战争状态 state of war;
    混乱状态 state of chaos;
    心理状态 psychology; state of mind;
    状态良好 in good condition;
    待机状态 the alert status;
    处于紧急状态 be in a critical situation;
    逐渐出现一种不正常的状态 gradually assume an abnormal condition;
    使它恢复到原来的状态 bring it back to its former condition
    状态变化 change of state;
    状态变量(数) state variable;
    状态变量法 state variable technique;
    状态变量模型 state variable model;
    状态表 state table;
    状态不佳 bum;
    状态重构 state reconstruction;
    状态触发器 state flip-flop;
    状态传递矩阵 state-transition matrix;
    状态灯 status lamp;
    状态等价 state equivalent;
    状态电路 status circuit;
    状态读出 status read;
    状态反馈 state feedback;
    状态方程 equation of state; {控} state equations;
    状态分类 state classification;
    状态分配 state assignment;
    状态估计 state estimation;
    状态观测器 state observer;
    状态函数 state function;
    状态合并图 merger diagram;
    状态缓冲器 status buffer;
    状态寄存器 state register; status register;
    状态简化 state reduction;
    状态矩阵法 method of transition matrices;
    状态开关 status switch;
    状态开关指令 status switching instruction;
    状态空间 state space;
    状态空间方法 state-space method;
    状态空间描述 state space description;
    状态控制 mode control; state control;
    状态控制字 mode control word;
    状态逻辑 state logic;
    状态码 {自} conditional code; status code;
    状态密度 density of state;
    状态描述模式 state description schema;
    状态器 stater;
    状态迁移 state transition;
    状态曲线 condition curve;
    状态矢量 state vector;
    状态受限 state constraint;
    状态属性 status attribute;
    状态图 {冶} phase diagram; state diagram; state graph;constitution diagram; status diagram; status map; structural diagram;
    状态位mode bit; status bit;
    状态线 condition line;
    状态向量 state vector;
    状态形式 status format;
    状态选择器 mode selector;
    状态语言 state language;
    状态跃迁 transition between states;
    状态指定 state assignment;
    状态转换表 state transition table;
    状态转移矩阵 state-transition matrix;
    状态字 status word
    * * *
    狀態|状态 [zhuàng tài] state of affairs state mode situation CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 状态

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