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climatic risk

  • 1 risk

    [rɪsk] 1. n
    1) c / u (danger) 危险 [wēixiǎn]
    2) c (possibility, chance) 风险 [fēngxiǎn]
    3) c (dangerous person or thing) 危险事物 [wēixiǎn shìwù]
    2. vt
    1) (endanger) 冒...危险 [mào...wēixiǎn]
    2) (take the chance of) 冒险做 [màoxiǎn zuò]

    * to take a risk — 担风险

    * to run the risk of sth/doing sth — 冒着某事/做某事的危险

    * at risk — 处于危险

    * at one's own risk — 风险自负

    * to risk it — ( inf) 冒险一试

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  • 2 异常

    unusual; abnormal; special, extremely; exceedingly; particularly, abnormality
    * * *
    abnormity; out of the way; thundering
    【医】 abnormality; abnormity; allo-; anomalism; anomalo-; anomaly; para-
    相关词组: 异常的
    * * *
    abnormity; out of the way; singularity; thundering; unconventionality
    * * *
    adj. malformed, odd, curious, remarkable, atypical, unusual, irregular, non-standard, uncharacteristic, peculiar, deviant, aberrant
    adv. exceedingly, remarkably, especially, extremely, tremendously, enormously, awfully, really, particularly, superbly, greatly, vastly, terrifically
    adv. very
    adj. abnormal
    * * *
    yi4 chang2
    exceptional, abnormal, an anomaly
    * * *
    yì cháng
    (不同于寻常) unusual; abnormal; anomalous; singular:
    异常现象 abnormal phenomena;
    神色异常 not be one's usual self
    (非常) extremely; exceedingly; extraordinarily; particularly:
    异常丰富 exceedingly rich;
    异常需要 particularly necessary;
    异常危险 extremely dangerous;
    异常迫切 extremely anxious;
    这种鱼的肉异常鲜美。 The flesh of this kind of fish has exceptional delicacy.
    (反常) anomaly:
    气候异常 climatic anomaly
    异常报告 {自} exception reporting;
    异常本征函数 improper eigenfunction;
    异常标本 monstrosity;
    异常波 extraordinary wave;
    异常材 rotholz;
    异常产 metatocia;
    异常潮 storm surge;
    异常乘法矩阵 {数} cracovian;
    异常测定器 {自} anomaly finder;
    异常磁场 anomalous field;
    异常传输 {声} transmission anomaly;
    异常蛋白 paraprotein;
    异常 E 电离层 abnormal E layer;
    异常电流 abnormal current;
    异常二次曲面 improper quadric;
    异常发酵 abnormal fermentation;
    异常返回 abnormal return;
    异常返祖细胞 atavistic cell;
    异常分化 prosoplasia;
    异常分离 abnormal segregation;
    异常分裂 abnormal division;
    异常分娩 abnormal labour;
    异常高潮位 {海} tidal wave;
    异常构造 anomalous structure;
    异常函数 abnormal function;
    异常红细胞 abnormal erythrocyte;
    异常辉光放电 abnormal glow discharge;
    异常回波 angel;
    异常寄生物 xenoparasite;
    异常检测 anomalous detection;
    异常接触 abnormal contact;
    异常结构 anomaly structure;
    异常结束 abnormal end; abort;
    异常结束包 abort packet;
    异常码 exception code;
    异常能听区 zone of abnormal audibility;
    异常期 anomalistic period;
    异常铅 anomalous lead;
    异常γ球蛋白血 dysgammaglobulinemia;
    异常三色觉 anomalous trichromat;
    异常色散 anomalous dispersion;
    异常生长 misgrowth;
    异常事件 anomalous event;
    异常事物 pathology;
    异常受精 abnormal fertillization;
    异常属性 abnormal attribute;
    异常态 anomalous mode;
    异常天气 anomalous weather;
    异常条件 exceptional condition;
    异常土 abnormal soil;
    异常危险 abnormal condition; {律} an abnormal risk;
    异常析出 hillocks;
    异常新闻 parajournalism;
    异常信息 abnormal information;
    异常行为 {心理} abnormal behaviour; behaviour disorder;
    异常型(体质) ectype;
    异常性欲 eroticism; erotism;
    异常血红蛋白 abnormal hemoglobin;
    异常牙尖间给 malinterdigitation;
    异常溢泌 apostaxis;
    异常语句 {自} abnormal statement;
    异常运行情况试验 abnormal operating condition test;
    异常运移 {地} anomalous migration;
    异常噪声 extraordinary noise;
    异常值 exceptional value;
    异常指示 abnormal indication;
    异常终结 abnormal termination;
    异常终止 abort; abnormal end;
    异常转储 abnormal dump
    * * *
    異常|异常 [yì cháng] exceptional abnormal an anomaly

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  • 3 一切险

    【经】 all risk insurance
    * * *
    yi1 qie4 xian3
    all risks (insurance)
    * * *
    一切險|一切险 [yī qiè xiǎn] all risks (insurance)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 一切险

  • 4 万无一失

    no danger of anything going wrong; no risk at all; perfectly safe, safely
    * * *
    no risk at all; perfectly safe
    * * *
    no risk at all; perfectly safe
    * * *
    adv. no risk at all
    perfectly safe
    * * *
    wan4 wu2 yi1 shi1
    surefire; absolutely safe (idiom)
    * * *
    wàn wú yì shī
    no danger of anything going wrong; be on the safe side;... cannot fail under any circumstances; guarantee complete success; no risk at all; not a chance of an error; (make it more than probable that) nothing will go wrong; perfectly safe; surefire; The chances are a thousand to one, we shall not fail.:
    由他掌舵, 通过这段激流险滩是万无一失的。 With him at the helm, we are a hundred percent safe crossing these treacherous rapids.
    * * *
    萬無一失|万无一失 [wàn wú yī shī] surefire; absolutely safe (idiom)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 万无一失

  • 5 万死不辞

    Will never decline even after thousands of deaths; ready to help someone without hesitation.
    * * *
    wan4 si3 bu4 ci2
    ten thousand deaths will not prevent me (idiom); ready to risk life and limb to help out
    * * *
    wàn sǐ bù cí
    shrink from no sacrifice; not to recoil from death; not to shrink from any sacrifice (a myriad deaths); willing to risk any danger to do one's duty
    * * *
    萬死不辭|万死不辞 [wàn sǐ bù cí] ten thousand deaths will not prevent me (idiom); ready to risk life and limb to help out

    Chinese-English dictionary > 万死不辞

  • 6 不揣冒昧

    I venture to; may I take the liberty of
    * * *
    v. venture, take a risk in order to achieve a goal; take the liberty of, presume
    * * *
    bu4 chuai3 mao4 mei4
    to venture to, to presume to, to take the liberty of
    * * *
    bù chuǎi mào mèi
    (套) venture to; persume to; take the liberty of
    * * *
    不揣冒昧|不揣冒昧 [bù chuǎi mào mèi] to venture to to presume to to take the liberty of

    Chinese-English dictionary > 不揣冒昧

  • 7 不管

    regardless of; no matter (what, who, etc.)
    * * *
    in despite of; in spite of; leave alone; no matter; regardless
    相关词组: 三不管
    * * *
    in despite of; in spite of; leave alone; regardless
    * * *
    conj. no matter
    prep. regardless of, without considering
    * * *
    bu4 guan3
    no matter (what, how), regardless of, no matter
    * * *
    bù guǎn
    no matter; despite; however; disregard; whether...or; regardless of:
    不管结果如何 whatever the consequences are;
    不管哪一个 no matter which; whichever; whichsoever;
    不管什么地方 wherever; no matter where;
    不管什么时候 no matter when; whenever;
    不管谁 whoever; whosoever; no matter who;
    不管怎样 whatever happens; come what may; in any case; anyway; in either case; at any rate; one way or another; in any way; not on any term; on no terms; at all events; ever so; in any event; by any means; by all means; at any terms; at all occassions; on no account; by fair means or by foul; in any sort; at any price; by any manner of means; by hook or by crook; for the life of me;
    不管多大困难, 我们都能克服。 We can overcome any difficulty, however great.
    不管天气条件如何, 这块地总是保持稳产高产。 The fields give high and stable yields regardless of climatic circumstances.
    不管白猫黑猫, 能捉老鼠就是好猫。 All are good cats that catch mice. -- view things pragmatically
    * * *
    不管|不管 [bù guǎn] no matter (what, how) regardless of no matter

    Chinese-English dictionary > 不管

  • 8 与全世界为敌,冒天下之大不韪

    yu3 quan2 shi4 jie4 wei2 di2, mao4 tian1 xia4 zhi1 da4 bu4 wei3
    to defy world opinion, to risk universal condemnation
    * * *
    與全世界為敵,冒天下之大不韙|与全世界为敌,冒天下之大不韪 [yǔ quán shì jiè wéi dí, mào tiān xià zhī dà bù wěi] to defy world opinion to risk universal condemnation

    Chinese-English dictionary > 与全世界为敌,冒天下之大不韪

  • 9 个人

    individual (person), I
    * * *
    each; individual
    【法】 individual; man; private person
    相关词组: 个人电脑
    * * *
    * * *
    adj. individual, personal
    n. individual, each person
    pron. I, oneself
    * * *
    ge4 ren2
    individual, personal, oneself
    * * *
    gè rén
    (一个人) individual (person); personal:
    用他个人的名义 in his own name;
    个人负责 individual responsibility;
    个人包办 individually monopolizing the conduct of affairs;
    个人问题 individual problem; love affair;
    个人崇拜 personality cult; cult of the individual;
    个人简历 personal particulars; biographical note;(拉) curriculum vitae;
    个人兴趣 personal preference;
    个人意图 personal motive;
    个人经历 personal history (experience);
    计较个人名利 a concern for personal fame and gain;
    个人利益服从集体利益 subordinate one's personal interests to those of the collective;
    个人自由行动 individuals acting their own way;
    个人说了算 one person alone having the final say (in a leading body);
    个人武断 make decisions arbitrarily by oneself;
    实行集体领导和个人分工负责制相结合的制度 function on the principle of combining collective leadership with individual responsibility based on division of labour
    (自称, 我) I:
    个人认为 in my opinion
    个人保(风)险 personal risk;
    个人财产收入 personal income from property;
    个人财产税 personal property tax;
    “个人差异”说 individual differences theory;
    个人乘车出行 person trip;
    个人承包经营 system of contractual operation by workers and staff as individuals;
    个人持有 hold in one's own possession;
    个人储蓄 personal saving;
    个人处理机 vigilant;
    个人贷款(信贷)公司 personal loan company; personal finance company;
    个人得失 personal gains or losses;
    个人防护 individual protection;
    个人防卫 private defence;
    个人飞行防护装备 individual flight protective equipment;
    个人分红制度 system of individual bonuses;
    个人辐射监测 personal radiation monitoring;
    个人购买力 individual purchasing power;
    个人冠军 individual championship;
    个人混合泳 {体} individual medley;
    个人激励 personal motivation;
    个人计算机 personal computer;
    个人剂量计 {核子} personal dosimeter;
    个人剂量学 personal dosimetry;
    个人价值 individual values;
    个人鉴定 identity;
    个人胶片剂量学 personal film dosimetry;
    个人经营 one-man business;
    个人决策 personal policy-making;
    个人开支 personal outlays;
    个人可支配收入 disposable personal income;
    个人劳动产品 individual products of labor;
    个人迷信 cult of the individual; personality cult;
    个人名誉 personal reputation;
    个人能力测验图分析 profile analysis;
    个人企业 individual enterprise;
    个人企业收入 personal income from unicorporated enterprises;
    个人人身意外伤害保险 personal accident insurance;
    个人权利 individual rights;
    个人生活资料需要量 amount of consumer goods an individual needs;
    个人史 personal history;
    个人什一税 personal tithe;
    个人收入 personal income;
    个人收入调节税 individual income regulation (regulatory) tax; individual earnings regulatory tax;
    个人所得税 individual income tax; personal income tax; income tax from individuals;
    个人天赋 individual endowment;
    个人通信 personal communication; person-to-person communication;
    个人卫生 personal hygiene;
    个人详细资料 personal data;
    个人项目 {体} individual events;
    个人消费 individual consumption; personal consumption;
    个人消费品 individual consumer's goods;
    个人消费支出额 personal consumption expenditures;
    个人肖像权 individual portrait rights;
    个人心理学 personalistic psychology;
    个人信用 personal credit;
    个人性格 foibe;
    个人训练 individual training;
    个人野心 personal ambition;
    个人野心家 careerist;
    个人隐私 individual privacy;
    个人英雄主义 individualistic heroism;
    个人预防 individual prophylaxis; personal prophylaxis;
    个人责任 personal liability;
    个人账户 personal account;
    个人支出 personal outlays;
    个人支票 personal cheque;
    个人职业选择性 take-it-or-leave-it option;
    个人直接捐税 direct taxes and charges on persons;
    个人直接占有产品 direct possession of products by individuals;
    个人主义 individualism;
    个人转让 individual negotiation;
    个人资本 personal capital;
    个人总收益 individual gross income;
    个人租金收入 rental income of persons
    * * *
    個人|个人 [gè rén] individual personal oneself

    Chinese-English dictionary > 个人

  • 10 临界

    * * *
    【医】 crisis
    相关词组: 临界的
    * * *
    * * *
    adj. critical, crucial, climacteric, crossover, extreme, terminate, terminative
    * * *
    lin2 jie4
    critical, boundary
    * * *
    lín jiè
    {物} critical; crisis; criticality
    临界暗期 critical dark period;
    临界比 {统} critical ratio;
    临界变数 critical variable;
    临界变形 critical strain;
    临界表面压力 critical surface pressure;
    临界波长 critical wavelength;
    临界参数 critical parameters;
    临界操作 critical operation;
    临界层 critical layer;
    临界缠结分子量 critical entanglement molecular weight;
    临界常数 {物化} critical constant;
    临界长度 critical length;
    临界场 critical field;
    临界尺寸 critical dimension;
    临界赤道速度 critical equatorial velocity;
    临界冲击速度 critical impact velocity;
    临界磁场 critical magnetic field; threshold field; critical field;
    临界磁通密度 critical magnetic flux density;
    临界淬火 critical hardening;
    临界淬火速度 critical quenching rate;
    临界淬硬温度 critical hardening temperature;
    临界大小 critical size;
    临界等温线 critical isotherm;
    临界底斜率 {地质} critical bottom slope;
    临界电流 {固物} critical current;
    临界电流密度 {物化} critical current density;
    临界电路 critical circuit;
    临界电势 critical potential;
    临界电通量密度 critical dielectric flux density;
    临界电位 critical potential;
    临界电压 critical voltage; cut-in voltage; cutoff voltage; critical pressure;
    临界电压差 critical voltage difference;
    临界电晕电压 {电工} critical corona voltage;
    临界电阻 critical resistance;
    临界堆 {核} critical reactor;
    临界法向应力 critical normal stress;
    临界范围 {冶} critical range; critical interval;
    临界方程 {核} critical equation;
    临界放大系数 critical magnification factor;
    临界辐角 critical argument;
    临界负载 critical load;
    临界负载电流 critical load current;
    临界概率 critical probability;
    临界高度 {航空} critical altitude; critical height;
    临界工作状态 critical excitation;
    临界共溶温度 critical consolute temperature;
    临界含量 critical content;
    临界含水率 critical moisture content;
    临界函数 risk function;
    临界回授 {电子} critical reaction;
    临界昏暗 limb darkening;
    临界极限 critical limit;
    临界集装箱货物 marginal containerizable cargoes;
    临界级 critical level;
    临界检测 marginal test;
    临界剪应变 critical shear strain;
    临界剪应力 critical shear stress;
    临界减慢 critical slowing down;
    临界胶团浓度 {物化} critical micelle concentration;
    临界交通密度 {土} critical density;
    临界角 {光} critical angle; angle of nonslip point;
    临界节点 critical node;
    临界截面 {流} critical cross-section; choking section;
    临界精神病 {心理} borderline psychosis;
    临界距离 critical distance;
    临界开挖高度{土} critical height;
    临界抗张应力 critical tensile stress;
    临界雷诺数 {流} critical Reynolds number;
    临界冷凝温度 cri-condentherm;
    临界冷却速度 {冶} critical cooling rate;
    临界力 critical force;
    临界力矩 critical moment;
    临界链长 critical chain length;
    临界量 critical quantity;
    临界裂缝扩展力 critical crack extension force;
    临界流动 critical flow;
    临界流动参数 critical parameter of flow;
    临界流量 critical flow;
    临界流量计 {油工} critical flow prover;
    临界流态化 critical fluidization;
    临界马赫数 {航空} critical Mach number;
    临界密度 critical density;
    临界面 critical surface;
    临界耐电压 critical withstand voltage;
    临界粘性衰减 critical viscous damping;
    临界凝固速度 critical solidification rate;
    临界凝结温度 {物化} cricondentherm; critical condensation temperature; true condensing point;
    临界凝结压力 cricondenbar;
    临界扭曲应力 critical buckling stress;
    临界扭转速度 critical torsional speed;
    临界浓度 critical concentration;
    临界耦合 {电工} critical coupling; optimum coupling;
    临界耦合系数 critical coupling coefficient;
    临界偏压 critical bias;
    临界频率 critical frequency;
    临界平方律功率 critical square law power;
    临界气饱和度 gas critical saturation;
    临界前级压强 {工} critical backing pressure (c.b.p.);
    临界强度 critical intensity;
    临界切变 critical shear;
    临界倾角 critical inclination;
    临界球 critical sphere;
    临界区 {流} critical region; critical zone;
    临界区段 critical section;
    临界区域 {军} critical zone; critical region;
    临界曲率值 critical value for buckling;
    临界缺点 critical defect;
    临界热 critical heat;
    临界热负荷 critical thermal load;
    临界热流 critical heat flux;
    临界热通量 critical heat flux;
    临界融合频率 critical fusion frequency;
    临界容积 critical volume;
    临界熔点 critical solution point;
    临界溶度 critical solubility;
    临界溶解(液)温度 critical solution temperature;
    临界乳光 critical opalescence;
    临界瑞利数 critical Rayleigh number;
    临界杀菌浓度 critical killing dilution;
    临界栅极电流 {电子} critical grid current;
    临界栅压 {电子} critical grid voltage; firing point;
    临界栅压曲线 critical-grid-voltage curve;
    临界闪烁频率 critical flicker frequency;
    临界湿度 {化工} critical humidity;
    临界失稳荷载 {土} crippling load;
    临界实时处理 critical real time processing;
    临界实验 {核} critical experiment;
    临界事故 criticality accident;
    临界事故报警器 critical accident alarm;
    临界试验 {电子} marginal test; critical experiment;
    临界数 critical number;
    临界水分 {化工} critical moisture content;
    临界水力陡度 {流} critical hydraulic gradient;
    临界速度{流} critical speed; critical velocity; decision speed; thrashing speed; whirling speed;
    临界速度指示仪 stallometer;
    临界损坏 critical damage;
    临界损失 critical loss;
    临界态 critical state;
    临界体积{物} critical volume; critical size;
    临界条件 critical condition;
    临界停闪频率 {摄} critical fusion frequency (CFF);
    临界通路 critical path;
    临界推移力 critical tractive force;
    临界退火 critical annealing;
    临界途程分析 {电子} critical path analysis;
    临界外压 critical external pressure;
    临界温度 critical temperature;
    临界温度差 critical temperature difference;
    临界温度电阻器 critical temperature resistor;
    临界温度范围 critical temperature range;
    临界温度热敏电阻器 critesistor; critical temperature thermistor;
    临界温度系数热敏电阻器 critical temperature coefficient thermistor;
    临界稳定性 critical stability; marginal stability;
    临界误差 critical error;
    临界误差角 critical error angle;
    临界吸收 marginal absorption;
    临界吸收波长 {光谱} critical absorption wavelength;
    临界系数{化} critical coefficient;
    临界线 {物化} critical line; critical locus;
    临界现象 {物化} critical phenomena;
    临界项 critical term;
    临界效应 critical effect; threshold effect;
    临界信号 {电磁} minimum detectable signal; threshold signal;
    临界信号-噪声比 threshold signal-to-noise ratio;
    临界性 criticality;
    临界性质 {物化} critical properties;
    临界压力{流} critical pressure;
    临界压力比 {流} critical pressure ratio;
    临界压强 {热} critical pressure;
    临界压缩比 {机} critical compression ratio;
    临界压应力 critical compressive stress;
    临界阳极电压 {电子} critical anode voltage;
    临界迎角 {航空} critical angle of attack;
    临界硬度 {冶} critical hardness;
    临界硬化 {冶} critical hardening;
    临界应变 {冶} critical strain;
    临界应力 critical stress;
    临界应力强度 critical stress intensity;
    临界载荷 critical load;
    临界再生 critical regeneration;
    临界照度 B. C. D. (between comfort and discomfort);
    临界折射 critical refraction;
    临界值 critical value; marginal value;
    临界指数 {热} critical exponent; criticality index;
    临界智力落后 {心理} borderline mental retardation;
    临界质量 {核} critical mass;
    临界质量比 critical mass-ratio;
    临界昼长 critical day length;
    临界转数 critical revolutions;
    临界转速 {机} critical speed; critical speed of revolution;
    临界装置 {核} critical assembly;
    临界状态 criticality; critical state; critical behaviour;
    临界追赶 critical race;
    临界自励磁 critical self-excitation;
    临界综合症 {心理} borderline syndrome;
    临界阻值 critical resistance;
    临界最大值 critical maximum
    * * *
    臨界|临界 [lín jiè] critical boundary

    Chinese-English dictionary > 临界

  • 11 从井救人

    jump into a well to save somebody who's fallen in—(originally) try to do a good deed in the wrong way; try to save somebody's life at the risk of one's own
    * * *
    cong2 jing3 jiu4 ren2
    to jump into a well to rescue sb else (idiom); fig. to help others at the risk to oneself
    * * *
    cóng jǐng jiù rén
    (比喻对别人没有好处而徒然危害自己的行动) jump into the well to save the drowning man -- a method not suited for the purpose; go into a well to save a man only to find oneself in a dilemma; injure oneself and not to benefit the others; risk one's life or compromise one's own interest without doing others any good; try to do a good deed in the wrong way
    * * *
    從井救人|从井救人 [cóng jǐng jiù rén] to jump into a well to rescue sb else (idiom); fig. to help others at the risk to oneself

    Chinese-English dictionary > 从井救人

  • 12 估计

    estimate; appraise; reckon; figure; guess at; project
    * * *
    estimate; account; appraise; compute; figure; gauge; reckon
    【化】 estimation
    【经】 assess; assessment; computation; estimate; estimate price; estimates
    gauge; reckon; reckoning; take the gauge of
    相关词组: 无法估计的
    * * *
    estimate; compute; estimate; gage; gauge; guesstimate; reckon; size-up
    * * *
    v. estimate, appraise, reckon, gauge
    * * *
    gu1 ji4
    to estimate, to reckon, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    gū jì
    estimate; evaluate; take stock of; size up; calculate; appraise; reckon; estimation; forecast:
    大致估计 rude estimates;
    非常乐观的估计 a very optimistic estimate;
    照我的估计 by my reckoning;
    据保守的估计 on (at) a conservative estimate;
    我估计那项损失达8000元。 I estimate the damage at 8000 yuan.
    你把卸货所需的时间估计进去了吗? Did you reckon in the time needed for unloading the cargo?
    估计变量 predictor;
    估计保费收入 estimated premium income;
    估计不足 underestimation; underrating;
    估计残值 estimated scrap value; estimated residual value;
    估计成本 estimated cost;
    估计纯利 estimated net profit;
    估计错 misdeem;
    估计法 method of estimation;
    估计风险 calculated risk;
    估计费用 estimated cost; pro forma cost;
    估计故障 suspected fault;
    估计过低 underrating; undervaluation;
    估计过高 overestimate;
    估计耗气率 estimated steam rate;
    估计截击时间 estimated time of interception;
    估计经济年限 (指折旧) estimated economic life;
    估计可变现价值 estimated realizable value;
    估计理论 estimation theory;
    估计量 {数} estimator; estimate;
    估计马力 estimated horse power;
    估计每件平均值 mean-per-unit estimation;
    估计捕捞效果 estimate of effectiveness of fishing;
    估计器 estimator;
    估计区间 estimation interval;
    估计失误 make a mistake in judgment;
    估计时间 estimated time;
    估计使用年限 estimated service life;
    估计使用期限 endurance expectation;
    估计市场 estimated market value;
    估计寿命 life expectancy;
    估计所需要增加经费 estimated additional requirements;
    估计未投保部分 uninsured proportion of valuation;
    估计位置 estimated position;
    估计误差 evaluated error; error of estimation;
    估计销售损失 estimated loss from sales;
    估计样品 sample estimates;
    估计应付税捐 accrued taxes estimated;
    估计噪声电压 psophometric voltage;
    估计折旧额 estimated theoretical depreciation;
    估计值 estimated value;
    估计重量 estimated weight;
    估计资本 estimated capital
    * * *
    估計|估计 [gū jì] to estimate to reckon CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 估计

  • 13 作物

    * * *
    相关词组: 创作物
    * * *
    * * *
    n. crop
    * * *
    zuo4 wu4
    * * *
    zuò wù
    夏收作物 summer crop;
    油料作物 oil-bearing crop
    作物保护 crop protection;
    作物布局 crop pattern;
    作物持续栽培法 {农} succession of crops;
    作物分布 crop distribution;
    作物改良 crop improvement;
    作物耕作机 crop-tillage machine;
    作物灌水率 crop duty;
    作物经济 crop economy;
    作物年度 crop year;
    作物喷粉 {农} crop dusting;
    作物喷杆 crop spraying boom;
    作物气候 crop climate;
    作物气候界限 climatic limits of crops;
    作物气象反应 meteorological response of crop;
    作物区 crop belts;
    作物生产力 crop-producing power;
    作物生态型 agroecotype;
    作物探测器 plant detector;
    作物需水量 water demand of crop;
    作物组合 crop-combination;
    作物栽培 arable farming
    * * *
    作物|作物 [zuò wù] crop

    Chinese-English dictionary > 作物

  • 14 保险

    insurance; cover; assurance; protection, safe, be sure; be bound to, insure
    * * *
    assurance; insurance; insure; safety
    【计】 guarding
    【医】 insurance
    【经】 assurance; insurance; insure; safety
    相关词组: 保险仓库
    * * *
    insurance; assurance; insure; safety
    * * *
    n. insurance, assurance, safe, safety
    v. insure, secure, assure
    * * *
    bao3 xian3
    insurance, to insure, safe, secure, be sure, be bound to, CL:份
    * * *
    bǎo xiǎn
    (以集中起来的保险费建立保险基金, 用于补偿各种原因造成的损失的一种方法) insure; guarantee; insurance:
    给自己的房屋保火险 insure one's house against fire;
    船舶定期保险 time hull insurance;
    海损保险 marine insurance;
    货物保险 cargo insurance;
    强制保险 compulsory insurance;
    待业保险 employment-pending insurance;
    人寿保险 life insurance;
    再保险 reinsurance
    (稳妥可靠) safe; secure:
    钱存入银行最保险。 It is safest to deposit your money in the bank.
    (口) (担保) be bound to; be sure to:
    他明天保险会来。 He is sure to come tomorrow.
    保险能行! It's bound to work.
    保险板 safety guard;
    保险财产 insured property;
    保险插销 night bolt;
    保险储蓄 insured savings;
    保险代理人 insurance agent;
    保险带 safety belt;
    保险单据 insurance documents;
    保险刀 safety razor;
    保险垫片 locking gasket;
    保险短路开关 battle short;
    保险对象 insured object;
    保险额 amount insured; sum insured;
    保险法 insurance law;
    保险阀 lock valve; relief valve;
    保险范围 insurance coverage; extent of insurance coverage;
    保险粉 sodium hydrosulfite; hydros;
    保险杆 bumper;
    保险杠 beam; fender-guard;
    保险公司 insurance company;
    保险柜 safe;
    保险国有化 nationalization of insurance;
    保险合金 lock alloy;
    保险合同 insurane contract; contract of insurance;
    保险盒 fuse box;
    保险回扣 insurance rebate;
    保险机 safety (of a firearm);
    保险机构 safety unit; safety and arming device;
    保险计算员 actuary;
    保险价值 value of insurance; insured (insurance) value;
    保险掮客 broker insurance;
    保险解除引信待发 {军} arming and fusing;
    保险金 insurance money;
    保险金额 insurance amount; insured amount; sum insured; sum of insurance; amount covered;
    保险经纪人 canvasser; insurance brokers;
    保险经济学 economics of insurance;
    保险开关 safety switch;
    保险开尾销 safety cotter pin;
    保险客户 policy-holder; policy holder;
    保险类别 branch of insurance;
    保险联接器 safety coupling;
    保险路线 survivable route;
    保险螺栓 shear bolt;
    保险摩擦离合器 safety friction clutch;
    保险赔偿 insurance indemnity;
    保险赔款 insurance proceeds; insurance indemnities;
    保险凭证 insurance certificate; certificate of insurance;
    保险期 insurance period; term of guaranteed service;
    保险期限 insurance period;
    保险契约 contract of insurance; (汽车)
    保险气袋 airbag;
    保险器 protector; fuse cut-out; safeguard;
    保险人insurer; assurer;
    保险日期 dated;
    保险纱管底纱 {纺} bottom bunching;
    保险申请 insurance application;
    保险数位 guarding figure;
    保险数学 insurance mathematics;
    保险栓 lock;
    保险索赔 insurance claims;
    保险锁 check-lock; guard lock;
    保险弹簧 creep spring; relief spring; restraining spring; supplementary spring;
    保险系数 factor of safety; safety factor;
    保险险别 coverage;
    保险箱 proof box; safe; ark; bank's vault; strong-box; safe deposit box;
    保险销 linchpin; safety finger; safety pin; safety stopper;
    保险信号 guard signal;
    保险钥匙 key;
    保险业务 insurance services;
    保险责任终止 termination of risk;
    保险账户 underwriting account;
    保险证明书 certificate of insurance; cover note;
    保险证书 certificate of insurance;
    保险装置 safety action; safety device;
    保险总额 coverage
    * * *
    保險|保险 [bǎo xiǎn] insurance to insure safe secure be sure be bound to CL:↑ [fèn]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 保险

  • 15 信用風險

    xin4 yong4 feng1 xian3
    credit risk
    * * *
    信用風險|信用风险 [xìn yòng fēng xiǎn] credit risk

    Chinese-English dictionary > 信用風險

  • 16 信用风险

    xin4 yong4 feng1 xian3
    credit risk
    * * *
    信用風險|信用风险 [xìn yòng fēng xiǎn] credit risk

    Chinese-English dictionary > 信用风险

  • 17 再保险

    reinsurance; reinsure
    【医】 reinsurance
    【经】 cession; reinsurance; retrocession
    * * *
    reinsurance; reinsure
    * * *
    n. reinsurance
    * * *
    zai4 bao3 xian3
    reinsurance (contractual device spreading risk between insurers)
    * * *
    zài bǎo xiǎn
    再保险单 reinsurance policy;
    再保险分出人 cedant;
    再保险附加保费 additional premium-reinsurance;
    再保险公司 reinsurance company;
    再保险联营 reinsurance pools;
    再保险赔款率 burning ratio;
    再保险人 reassurer
    * * *
    再保險|再保险 [zài bǎo xiǎn] reinsurance (contractual device spreading risk between insurers)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 再保险

  • 18 再保險

    n. reinsurance
    * * *
    zai4 bao3 xian3
    reinsurance (contractual device spreading risk between insurers)
    * * *
    再保險|再保险 [zài bǎo xiǎn] reinsurance (contractual device spreading risk between insurers)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 再保險

  • 19

    emit; send out (or up, forth); give off, risk; brave, boldly; rashly, falsely (claim, etc.); fraudulently
    * * *
    emit; rashly; risk
    * * *
    emit; rashly; risk
    * * *
    adj. bold
    * * *
    to emit, to give off, to send out (or up, forth), brave, bold, to cover
    * * *
    (向外透; 往上升) emit; give off; send out (up):
    冒汗 ooze sweat;
    冒热气 give off steam (heat);
    冒泡儿 send up (rise in) bubbles;
    机枪冒出火舌。 A tongue of fire bursts.
    泥浆从地下冒出来。 Mud oozed from underground.
    烟囱里冒着白烟。 White smoke rose from the chimneys.
    (不顾) risk; brave:
    冒生命危险 risk one's life;
    冒着风雨 brave winds and rain;
    冒嫌疑 ignore people's suspicion
    (冒失; 冒昧) boldly; rashly:
    在街上冒喊某人 boldly call sb. in the street;
    冒入会场 rashly enter the assembly hall
    (冒充) pretendedly; falsely; fraudulently:
    冒称 falsely claim;
    谨防假冒 beware of imitations
    (姓氏) a surname:
    冒致中 Mao Zhizhong
    另见 mò。
    (人名用字) a word used in a person's name另见 mào。
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 冒|冒 [Mào] surname Mao
    Ⅱ. 冒|冒 [mào] to emit to give off to send out (or up, forth) brave bold to cover to act under false pretences

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 20 冒号

    colon (:)
    * * *
    * * *
    * * *
    n. colon, punctuation mark composed of two vertically aligned dots; risk
    * * *
    mao4 hao4
    colon (punct.)
    * * *
    mào hào
    {语} colon (:)
    冒号分类法 colon classification
    * * *
    冒號|冒号 [mào hào] colon (punct.)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 冒号

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