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civility courtesy или politeness costs nothing

  • 1 civility

    1. नम्रता
    You should behave in civility with ladies!

    English-Hindi dictionary > civility

  • 2 courtesy

    1. भद्रता/विनय
    Show courtesy towards your elders.

    English-Hindi dictionary > courtesy

  • 3 fixed costs

    1. स्थिर\fixed costsखर्च
    One cannot have control on fixed costs of the establishment.

    English-Hindi dictionary > fixed costs

  • 4 nothing

    1. कुछ\nothingनहीं
    There is nothing as refreshing as lemon juice.

    English-Hindi dictionary > nothing

  • 5 nothing much of

    1. कुछ विशेष नहीं
    Nothing much of the syllabus wsa compleated in their school.

    English-Hindi dictionary > nothing much of

  • 6 civility

    सुशीलता, शिष्टता, सभ्यता, नम्रता

    English-Hindi new dictionary > civility

  • 7 courtesy

    सुशीलता, नम्रता, भद्रता, विनय

    English-Hindi new dictionary > courtesy

  • 8 for nothing

    मुफ्त में, सेत मेत

    English-Hindi new dictionary > for nothing

  • 9 nothing

    कुछ नहीं; अर्नास्तत्व; अभाव; नाचीज, तुच्छ बात या वस्तु या मनुष्य; शून्य

    English-Hindi new dictionary > nothing

  • 10 nothing but

    सिर्फ, केवल

    English-Hindi new dictionary > nothing but

  • 11 nothing less than

    समान, बराबर

    English-Hindi new dictionary > nothing less than

  • 12 nothing-ness

    नास्तित्व, शून्यता, अनस्तित्व; तुच्छता, व्यर्थता

    English-Hindi new dictionary > nothing-ness

  • 13 to come to nothing

    निष्फल होना, व्यर्थ होना

    English-Hindi new dictionary > to come to nothing

  • 14 to make nothing of

    कुछ न गिनना; कोई चीज न जानना, तुच्छ जानना

    English-Hindi new dictionary > to make nothing of

  • 15 affair

    1. कारोबार/व्यापार
    Its my private affair, you have nothing to do with it.
    2. प्रेम\affairसम्बन्ध
    She is having an affair with the boy next door.
    3. घटनाक्रम
    Today's multimedia sources provide a clear insight on current affairs.

    English-Hindi dictionary > affair

  • 16 annihilate

    1. विनाश करना/मिटाना९
    So far there is nothing that can annihilate cancer.

    English-Hindi dictionary > annihilate

  • 17 apart from

    1. अलावा
    Apart from his acting there was nothing worth seeing in that film.

    English-Hindi dictionary > apart from

  • 18 bravado

    1. साहस\bravadoप्रदर्शन
    His threats are nothing but sheer bravado.

    English-Hindi dictionary > bravado

  • 19 build

    1. निर्माण/बनावट
    1. बनाना
    Build a reputation
    Government is building new school in this state
    This investment is building interest
    2. निर्माण\buildकरना
    Build a modern nation
    These architects build in interesting and new styles
    3. स्थापित\buildकरना/बल\buildदेना
    Build a defense on nothing but the accused person's reputation
    4. बढ़ना
    Suspense was building right from the beginning of the opera

    English-Hindi dictionary > build

  • 20 dead

    1. मृत
    The nerve is dead
    Mars is a dead planet
    Crater Lake is in the crater of a dead volcano of the Cascade Range
    2. सधा\deadहुआ
    A dead shot
    3. निश्चेष्ट
    Dead silence
    Passersby were dead to our plea for help
    His gums were dead from the novocain
    Dead capital
    Dead air
    A dead telephone line
    4. निर्जीव
    Latin is a dead language
    A dead tennis ball
    A dead law
    A dead issue
    A dead battery
    The party being dead we left early
    This is a dead town; nothing ever happens here
    1. मृतक
    They buried the dead
    2. जिस\deadसमय\deadसुनसान\deadहो
    The dead of winter

    English-Hindi dictionary > dead

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