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citrated plasma

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  • citrated plasma — blood plasma treated with sodium citrate, which prevents clotting …   Medical dictionary

  • Plasma — The liquid part of the blood and lymphatic fluid, which makes up about half of its volume. Plasma is devoid of cells and, unlike serum, has not clotted. Blood plasma contains antibodies and other proteins. It is taken from donors and made into… …   Medical dictionary

  • salt plasma — blood plasma to which a neutral salt has been added to prevent clotting, such as citrated plasma …   Medical dictionary

  • normal human plasma — sterile plasma obtained by pooling approximately equal amounts of the liquid portion of citrated whole blood from eight or more adult humans, used as a blood volume replenisher …   Medical dictionary

  • time — 1. That relation of events which is expressed by the terms past, present, and future, and measured by units such as minutes, hours, days, months, or years. 2. A certain period during which something definite or determined is done. SYN: tempus (2) …   Medical dictionary

  • thrombin time — (TT), thrombin clotting time the time required for plasma fibrinogen to form thrombin: exogenous thrombin is added to citrated plasma and the time to clot formation is measured; it is prolonged with abnormalities of fibrinogen and in the presence …   Medical dictionary

  • coagulase test — (for coagulase activity) bacteria are added to citrated or oxalated (human or rabbit) blood plasma; in the presence of coagulase, the plasma gels within three hours. Coagulase activity is also demonstrable by mixing bacteria with blood plasma on… …   Medical dictionary

  • Eastern brown snake — Eastern brown snake, Tamban Forest near Kempsey, New South Wales Scientific classification Kingdom …   Wikipedia

  • Prothrombin time — A clotting test, the prothrombin time is done to test the integrity of part of the clotting scheme. The prothrombin time is commonly used as a method of monitoring the accuracy of blood thinning treatment (anticoagulation) with COUMADIN.… …   Medical dictionary

  • Medical laboratory — Laboratory investigation redirects here. For the journal, see Laboratory Investigation (journal). Clinical laboratory in a Hospital setting showing several automated analysers. A medical laboratory or clinical laboratory is a laboratory where… …   Wikipedia

  • Euglobulin lysis time — The euglobulin lysis time (ELT) is a test that measures overall fibrinolysis. The test is performed by mixing citrated platelet poor plasma with acid in a glass test tube. This acidification causes the precipitation of certain clotting factors in …   Wikipedia

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