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  • 1 计时

    reckon by time; time
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    reckon by time; time
    【经】 timekeeping
    相关词组: 计时表
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    rockon by timw; time
    * * *
    ji4 shi2
    to measure time, to time, to reckon by time
    * * *
    jì shí
    reckon by time; timing; chronography:
    这个表计时相当精确。 The watch is an excellent timekeeper.
    工厂计时员记录工时。 The factory timekeeper keeps account of the hours of work done.
    计时变异 wow;
    计时标记 time stamp;
    计时不准 timing uncertainty;
    计时部件 timing piece;
    计时电动机 clock motor; timing motor;
    计时电路 timing circuit;
    计时电位法 chronoptentiometry;
    计时法 chronometry; chronometric method; chronolgy;
    计时工资 payment by the hour;hourly wages; time wages;
    计时工资制 time-rate system;
    计时工作 timework;
    计时计算机 computer chronograph;
    计时加法计算器 tachoscope;
    计时精确度 timing precision;
    计时镜 chronoscope;
    计时镜学 chronoscopy;
    计时卡片 timing sheet;
    计时开关 time switch; counter switch;
    计时控制程序 timer control routine;
    计时利息 times interest;
    计时脉冲 sprocket pulse;
    计时脉冲源 clock pulse source;
    计时频率 toggle rate;
    计时日工 {工管} measured daywork;
    计时赛 {体} time trial;
    计时图 chronogram;
    计时温度计 chronothermometer;
    计时文件 calender file;
    计时系统 timekeeping system;
    计时信号放大器 timing-wave amplifier;
    计时信号装置 time-signal set;
    计时学 chronometry;
    计时循环 time-count cycle;
    计时研究 time study;
    计时仪 calculagraph;
    计时员 timist;
    计时钟 time clock;
    计时装置 time set; timing device; timing service;
    计时子程序 calendar subroutine;
    计时子午圈 {天} time meridian
    * * *
    計時|计时 [jì shí] to measure time to time to reckon by time

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