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chaff seeding

  • 1 金属丝

    * * *
    tinsel; wire
    【化】 metal filament; wire
    【医】 wire
    * * *
    tinsel; wire
    * * *
    n. tinsel, wire
    * * *
    jīn shǔ sī
    metal wire; wire; cloison (制景泰蓝的)
    金属丝嘣索 tightwire;
    金属丝编织层 wire braid; wire braid layer;
    金属丝催化 chaff seeding;
    金属丝钉 wire tack;
    金属丝方孔筛 wire screen;
    金属丝屏蔽罩 cage;
    金属丝网 wire mesh; grating;
    金属丝细筛 wire sieve

    Chinese-English dictionary > 金属丝

  • 2 上当

    be taken in; be fooled; be duped
    * * *
    be caught with chaff; be duped; be fooled; rise to the fly; swallow the bait
    相关词组: 哄人上当
    * * *
    be caught with chaff; rise to the fly; swallow the bait
    * * *
    shang4 dang4
    taken in (by sb's deceit), to be fooled, to be duped
    * * *
    shàng dàng
    be taken in; be fooled; be duped; be tricked; bite at a bait; play into someone's hands:
    不要上坏人的当。 Don't let yourself be fooled by evil people.
    上当只有一回。 A fox is not taken twice in the same snare.
    你们可上当了。 You have fallen into the trap.
    他用假计划使她上当。 He used the fake plans to trick her.
    * * *
    上當|上当 [shàng dàng] taken in (by sb's deceit) to be fooled to be duped

    Chinese-English dictionary > 上当

  • 3 二次

    er4 ci4
    second (i.e. number two), second time, twice, (math.) quadratic (of degree two)
    * * *
    èr cì
    secondary; {数} quadratic
    二次爆破 secondary blasting; popping; blockholing; bucking; pop-shooting;
    二次爆破眼 {采矿} pop; pop hole; pop shot;
    二次逼近 {数} quadratic approximation;
    二次变换 {数} quadratic transformation; quadric transformation; back shift;
    二次变频制 double-super system;
    二次病 {免疫} secondary disease;
    二次不等式 {数} quadratic inequality;
    二次不尽根 {数} quadratic surd; surd of the second degree (order);
    二次采样 double sampling;
    二次采油 after-production; secondary oil recovery;
    二次参数 {数} second parameter;
    二次测量系统 secondary measuring system;
    二次插值法 {数} quadratic interpolation;
    二次差 second difference;
    二次差分 second order difference;
    二次常数 secondary constants;
    二次沉陷 secondary settlement;
    二次充电 recharging;
    二次抽样 subsampling; secondary sample;
    二次抽样方案 double sampling plan;
    二次抽样检验 double sampling inspection;
    二次出牙 permanent dentition;
    二次除铜 secondary copper removal;
    二次簇 secondary cluster;
    二次吹风 after-blow;
    二次淬火 {冶} secondary quenching; double quenching;
    二次存取地址 second level access-address;
    二次导数 second derivative;
    二次点火(燃) {航} reignition;
    二次电池 storage battery; secondary battery (cell);
    二次电光效应 quadratic electro-optical effect;
    二次电流 secondary current;
    二次电路 secondary circuit;
    二次电压 secondary voltage;
    二次定型加工 secondary sizing operation;
    二次断裂畸变 two-break aberration;
    二次煅烧 secondary calcining;
    二次对称轴 diadaxis; axis of binary symmetry;
    二次对偶问题 quadratic dual problem;
    二次多项式 {数} quadratic polynomial;
    二次发射 secondary emission;
    二次发射曲线 secondary emission curve;
    二次发射体 secondary emitters;
    二次发射系数 secondary emission ratio;
    二次发射噪声 secondary emission noise;
    二次反射 secondary reflection;
    二次方程{数} quadratic equation;
    二次方程(式)论 quadratics;
    二次防护层 {核子} secondary protective barriers;
    二次放射率 secondary-emission ratio;
    二次非剩余 quadratic non-residue; square non-residue;
    二次分频电路 divide-by-two circuit;
    二次辐射器 secondary radiator;
    二次辐射效应 secondary radiation effect;
    二次腐蚀 anticaustic;
    二次负荷 secondary load;
    二次革命 second revolution;
    二次(根)公式 {数} quadratic formula;
    二次共析碳化物 secondary eutectoid carbide;
    二次共振 subresonance;
    二次故障 secondary failure;
    二次固结 secondary consolidation;
    二次灌浆 back-grouting;
    二次光谱 side spectrum;
    二次光源 secondary source;
    二次规划 quadratic programming;
    二次过滤 secondary filter;
    二次过滤器 after-filter;
    二次函数 {数} quadratic function;
    二次互反律 quadratic reciprocity law;
    二次回采 second working (recovery);
    二次回路 {冶} secondary circuit;
    二次混料 rerolling;
    二次活套 secondary loop;
    二次火箭 secondary rocket;
    二次击穿测试仪 secondary breakdown tester;
    二次激励 secondary (second) excitation;
    二次极限定理 second limit theorem;
    二次继电器 secondary relay;
    二次加工 secondary operation;
    二次加热 double heating;
    二次键(结合) secondary bond;
    二次胶合(粘结) secondary gluing;
    二次结晶 secondary crystallization;
    二次金属 secondary metals;
    二次金属-空气电池 secondary metal-air batteries;
    二次近似 second approximation; quadratic approximation;
    二次精炼 {冶} double refining; secondary refining;
    二次聚焦 secondary focusing;
    二次矩 second moment;
    二次开采 secondary recovery;
    二次开花 second bloom;
    二次控制器 secondary controller;
    二次雷达 {电} secondary radar;
    二次冷凝器 after-condenser;
    二次冷却 aftercooling;
    二次冷却剂 secondary coolant;
    二次冷却器 recooler; secondary cooler;
    二次量子化 second quantization;
    二次流 secondary flow;
    二次流动 secondary flow;
    二次流体 secondary fluid;
    二次萌发 {植} germination by repetition;
    二次幂 {数} second power; square;
    二次免疫问答 secondary immune response;
    二次磨碎机 secondary mill;
    二次能源 secondary energy sources;
    二次排斥 {免疫} second set rejection;
    二次判别器 quadric discriminator;
    二次抛物线配合 fitting a second degree parabola;
    二次配电 secondary power distribution;
    二次喷射控制 secondary injection control;
    二次破片 {军} secondary fragment;
    二次破碎机 recrusher;
    二次曝光 re-expose;
    二次起泡温度 secondary seeding temperature;
    二次迁移 {油} secondary migration;
    二次情报 secondary information;
    二次球磨机 secondary ball mill;
    二次曲面 {数} quadratic (quadric) surface; second degree surface;
    二次曲线 {数} conic (section); curve of the second degree; quadratic (quadric) curve;
    二次曲线规 conicograph;
    二次曲线列 range of conics;
    二次取样 secondary sample;
    二次群 {物} quadratic group;
    二次燃料 secondary fuel;
    二次燃烧secondary combustion; aftercombustion;
    二次绕组{电} secondary winding; SW;
    二次热处理 reheat treatment;
    二次热交换器 secondary heat exchanger;
    二次扫描 rescan;
    二次烧结 double sintering;
    二次渗碳体 secondary cementite;
    二次剩余 quadratic residue; square residue;
    二次石墨化 secondary graphitizing;
    二次收敛 quadratic convergence;
    二次输电 subtransmission;
    二次束 secondary beams;
    二次缩孔 secondary pipe;
    二次索氏体 secondary sorbite;
    二次调速 secondary speed control;
    二次调制 secondary modulation;
    二次挑顶 back-ripping;
    二次投票 second ballot;
    二次图像 secondary image;
    二次退火 double annealing;
    二次微分 {数} second differential;
    二次微商 {数} second derivative;
    二次无理数 quadratic irrational number; irrational numbers of the second degree;
    二次污泥 secondary sludge;
    二次污染 secondary pollution;
    二次污染物 secondary pollutant;
    二次误差 second order error;
    二次系统 electrical secondary system;
    二次显示 secondary display;
    二次显影 redevelopment;
    二次线圈{电工} secondary coil;
    二次项 {数} quadratic term;
    二次项日数 second order day number;
    二次效应 {物} quadratic effect;
    二次谐波 second (secondary) harmonic;
    二次谐波法 method of quadratic harmonics;
    二次谐波散射 second harmonic scattering;
    二次谐波失真 second harmonic distortion;
    二次泄漏 {电工} secondary leakage;
    二次信号 secondary signal;
    二次型(形式) {数} quadratic form; quadric form;
    二次性能指标 quadratic performance index;
    二次选试 second trial;
    二次选择 quadratic selection;
    二次循环法 two-cycle method;
    二次衍射装置 device for repeated diffraction;
    二次冶金 second metallurgy;
    二次仪表 secondary meter (instrument);
    二次因子 second order factor;
    二次硬度 secondary hardness;
    二次硬(熟; 硫)化 post-curing; secondary hardening;
    二次硬化粘接 postcure bonding;
    二次域 quadratic field;
    二次原料 secondary raw material;
    二次运移 secondary migration;
    二次孕育 late (post) inoculation;
    二次孕育剂 post inoculant;
    二次再结晶 secondary recrystallization;
    二次葬 secondary burial;
    二次蒸发器 revaporizer;
    二次锥面 {数} quadric cone;
    二次子程序 secondary subroutine;
    二次子样 secondary sample
    * * *
    二次|二次 [èr cì] second (i.e. number two) second time twice (math.) quadratic (of degree two)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 二次

  • 4 交叉

    intersect; cross; crisscross, overlapping, alternate; stagger
    * * *
    across; chiasma; cross; crossover; intersect; obliquity
    【计】 cross; cross connection; intercross; interleaving
    【医】 chiasm; chiasma; chiasmata; decussate; decussatio; decussation
    相关词组: 交叉的
    * * *
    across; chiasma; cross; crossover; intercross; intersect; obliquity
    * * *
    adj. overlapping
    v. cross, intersect, alternate, stagger
    * * *
    jiao1 cha1
    to cross, to intersect, to overlap
    * * *
    jiāo chā
    (互相穿过) cross connection; intersect; cross; crisscross; intersection; crossing; interlacement; {电} transposition; piercing; chiasma node; decussation; antigodlin; antigoglin; crossover:
    两条铁路在此交叉。 The two railways cross here.
    (相重的) overlapping; overlap:
    两个方案中交叉的部分 the overlapping parts of the two plans;
    交叉作业 overlapping jobs
    (间隔穿插) alternate; stagger:
    交叉进行 do alternately
    交叉班 backshift;
    交叉棒结构 cross-bar structure;
    交叉报酬率 intersection rate of return;
    交叉壁孔口 crossing aperture;
    交叉编译程序 {计} cross compiler;
    交叉变换 crossbar transition;
    交叉并发 cross coincidence;
    交叉并联送风 staggered parallel blowing (热风炉的);
    交叉播种 cross sowing in line;
    交叉波瓣 crossed lobes;
    交叉操作 {计} interlace operation;
    交叉车架 X-shaped frame;
    交叉撑 cross-bridging;
    交叉弛豫 cross relaxation;
    交叉齿轮 {机} Helicon gear;
    交叉齿轮传动 skew;
    交叉抽运激光器 cross-pumped laser;
    交叉磁场 cross-field;
    交叉磁场乘法器 cross field type electron beam multiplier;
    交叉磁化 cross-magnetizing;
    交叉次割理 grayback;
    交叉存储环 intersecting storage ring;
    交叉存取 interleaving access; interlacing; interleaving;
    交叉带 halved belt;
    交叉担子 {植} chiastobasidium;
    交叉电场信号发生器 cross-field generator;
    交叉电磁场 crossed electric and magnetic field;
    交叉电路 transposition circuit;
    交叉电容器 cross capacitor;
    交叉电压 crossover voltage;
    交叉电子注 crossed electron beams;
    交叉调用 cross-call;
    交叉迭化 cross dissolve; X-diss;
    交叉定位 cross bearing;
    交叉订货 cross order;
    交叉董事制 interlocking directorates;
    交叉渡线 double crossover; scissors crossover;
    交叉端化 chiasma terminalization;
    交叉断路法 cross tripping;
    交叉对称 sympeda; crossing symmetry;
    交叉发价 cross offer;
    交叉反射 crossed reflex;
    交叉放射 cross-fire;
    交叉分路推挽回路 cross shunt push-pull circuit;
    交叉复活 cross reactivation;
    交叉复活作用 cross reactivation;
    交叉干扰 crosstalk;
    交叉干涉 chiasma interference;
    交叉感染 cross-infection;
    交叉格 cross battens;
    交叉耕作 cross cultivation;
    交叉拱 groyne; groin; groining;
    交叉拱廊 intersecting arcade;
    交叉拱棱 groin;
    交叉拱门 interlacing arches;
    交叉共轭 cross conjugation;
    交叉构象 staggered conformation;
    交叉管道 cross manifold;
    交叉光谱 cross spectrum;
    交叉光栅 crossed grating;
    交叉光线 crosslights; modeling lights;
    交叉滚花 cross knurls;
    交叉焊接 weld crosswise;
    交叉合计 crossfoot; cross footing;
    交叉痕迹 cross mark;
    交叉轰击 cross bombardment;
    交叉宏汇编程序 cross macroassembler;
    交叉花纹 overlapping curve;
    交叉滑移 cross-slip;
    交叉划线法 cross-streak method;
    交叉环形天线 crossed-coil antenna;
    交叉回路 oblique circuits;
    交叉汇兑 cross exchange;
    交叉汇率 cross rate of exchange;
    交叉火力 {军} cross fire;
    交叉畸变 crossover distortion;
    交叉计数器 crossing counter;
    交叉计算 crossfoot;
    交叉检测 cross detection;
    交叉检验 crosscheck;
    交叉间隔 transposition interval;
    交叉间隙 cross gap;
    交叉角 angle of the crossing; cross hatch angle; crossing angle; intersection angle;
    交叉接合 cross linking;
    交叉接头带 cross-stitched belt;
    交叉接线盒(箱) cross-junction box;
    交叉接种 cross inoculation;
    交叉截面 X-section;
    交叉结构烯烃 {化} trans-olefines;
    交叉结合 cross-banding;
    交叉结晶 transcrystallization;
    交叉卷绕络纱机 cross winder;
    交叉掘通 holing; thirling;
    交叉绝缘子 transposition insulator;
    交叉开关矩阵 crosspoint switch matrix;
    交叉抗药性 cross-resistance;
    交叉控制系统 crossed controls;
    交叉口 crossings;
    交叉矿脉 crossvein; counter-lode;
    交叉馈电 cross feed;
    交叉馈电式电动机 cross feed motor;
    交叉扩散 cross diffusion;
    交叉拉杆 intertie;
    交叉拉条 cross-brace;
    交叉肋形装饰 nerves; nervures;
    交叉棱镜 {光} crossed nicols;
    交叉联 crossbinding;
    交叉联接绕组 cross winding;
    交叉连架 cross-frame;
    交叉帘布层 cross-ply;
    交叉梁系 grillage;
    交叉灵敏度 cross sensitivity;
    交叉流动 crossflow;
    交叉流式换热器 crossflow heat exchanger;
    交叉路口 junction; intersection; grade separation;
    交叉脉动 cross beat;
    交叉免疫电泳 {免疫} crossed immunoelectrophoresis;
    交叉模糊函数 cross-ambiguity function;
    交叉模拟程序 cross simulator;
    交叉捻钢丝绳 reverse laid rope;
    交叉凝集(反应) cross agglutination; coagglutination;
    交叉排列 cross banding;
    交叉排气 cross bleed; crossover bleed;
    交叉配血(法) {免疫} cross matching;
    交叉碰撞储存环 {核} intersecting storage rings (ISR);
    交叉频率 crossover frequency;
    交叉平衡 balancing by transposition;
    交叉谱 cross spectrum;
    交叉穹肋 cross-springer;
    交叉穹棱 groin;
    交叉穹窿 cross arched vaulting;
    交叉气流 crosscurrent;
    交叉区{航空} zone of intersection; transposition section; cross field;
    交叉曲柄机构 crossed crank mechanism;
    交叉韧带 ligamentum cruciatum;
    交叉软件 cross software;
    交叉失真 cross distortion; monkey chatter;
    交叉适应 cross-adaptation;
    交叉梳状单元 interdigitated element;
    交叉梳状结构 interdigitated structure;
    交叉输注 cross infusion;
    交叉衰落 cross-fade;
    交叉双键 {化} trans-double bond;
    交叉双轴式透平 cross compound turbine;
    交叉丝 hair cross;
    交叉损耗 crossover loss;
    交叉索道集材机 interlocking skidder;
    交叉塔 transposition tower;
    交叉弹簧悬挂 cross(ed)-spring suspension;
    交叉弹性 cross elasticity;
    交叉探向 cross bearing;
    交叉天线 crossed antenna;
    交叉条播 cross row seeding;
    交叉调制 intermodulation; transmodulation;
    交叉铁心式 crossed core type;
    交叉网格矩阵 crossed-grid matrix;
    交叉网络 crossover network; dividing network; loud-speaker dividing network;
    交叉位置干涉 chiasma position interference;
    交叉纹理(单板) crossbar;
    交叉污染 cross contamination;
    交叉膝反射 crossed knee-jeck; Mc-Cormac's reflex;
    交叉线 cross spider; reticule; crosshair;
    交叉线板 transposition board;
    交叉线对 transposed pair;
    交叉线夹 crossover clamp;
    交叉线圈 cross coil;
    交叉线圈式电流比率计 crossed-coil type retiometer;
    交叉线圈式仪表 crossed-coil instrument;
    交叉线信号发生器 grating generator;
    交叉项 cross term;
    交叉小矿脉 counterveins;
    交叉效应 cross effect;
    交叉需求弹性 cross-elasticity of demand;
    交叉序号 transposition number;
    交叉旋翼式直升飞机 intermeshing rotors helicopter;
    交叉学科 interdiscipline subject; interdisciplinary branch of learning; cross-discipline subject;
    交叉循环 cross circulation;
    交叉训练 cross-training;
    交叉遗传 crisscross inheritance;
    交叉盈利率 intersection rate of return;
    交叉影线 {电} crosshatch;
    交叉影响分析 cross-impact analysis;
    交叉运动 crisscross motion;
    交叉运输 crosshauling;
    交叉杂交 crisscrossing;
    交叉扎线 cross-bonding; cross bond;
    交叉照射技术 crossfire technique;
    交叉责任 cross liabilities;
    交叉折椅 X-chair;
    交叉辙叉 cross-frogs (铁路的);
    交叉支撑 spanner; X-brace;
    交叉支架 arm support;
    交叉指数 transposition index;
    交叉指型变换器 interdigital transducer;
    交叉指型磁控管 interdigital magnetron;
    交叉指型结构 interdigital structure; interdigitated structure;
    交叉指型晶体管 interdigital transistor;
    交叉指型慢波线 interdigital slow-wave line;
    交叉置换 cross substitution;
    交叉中心化 chiasma centralization;
    交叉转换 overlap changeover;
    交叉走向 cross-strike;
    交叉钻孔机 {机} quartering machine;
    交叉左捻 left-hand ordinary lay
    * * *
    交叉|交叉 [jiāo chā] to cross to intersect to overlap

    Chinese-English dictionary > 交叉

  • 5 人工

    man-made; artificial, manual work; work done by hand, manpower; man-day, manually
    * * *
    manpower; manual work
    【计】 aritificial
    【经】 labour
    相关词组: 口对口人工呼吸法
    * * *
    manpower; manual work
    * * *
    ren2 gong1
    artificial, manpower, manual work
    * * *
    rén gōng
    (人为的) man-made; artificial:
    人工湖 man-made lake
    (人力) manual work; work done by hand:
    用机器代替人工 install machines to replace manual labor;
    抽水机坏了, 只好用人工车水。 We had to move water by a chain pump because the electric pump had broken down.
    (工作量计算单位, 指一个人做工一天) manpower; man-day; a calculating unit of the amount of work done:
    修这条渠道要多少人工? How many man-days will be needed to construct this irrigation canal?
    人工矮化 nanization;
    人工白电平信号 artificial white signal;
    人工瓣膜 artificial valve;
    人工包装 hand-filling;
    人工爆炸 {地物} secondary reflection; shoot;
    人工备件 manual back-up unit;
    人工崩落 {采矿} artificial caving;
    人工闭塞系统 manual block system;
    人工鼻 artificial nose;
    人工闭塞 manual block;
    人工闭塞装置 manual block apparatus;
    人工闭锁 manual block;
    人工变量 {计} artificial variables;
    人工剥离胎盘术 manual removal of placenta;
    人工补给地下水 {土} artificial recharge;
    人工哺乳 artificial suckling;
    人工哺乳婴孩 bottle baby;
    人工裁切 {地} artificial cut-off;
    人工采掘 hew;
    人工采苗 artificial seeding;
    人工采苗养殖 artificial spore-collecting cultivation;
    人工采光 artificial daylight;
    人工采试样 {采矿} hand sampling;
    人工操纵推进 man operated propulsion;
    人工草场 artificially sown pastures;
    人工草地 artificial pasture;
    人工产物 artefact;
    人工尘 manmade dust;
    人工陈化 artificial aging;
    人工成本 labor cost;
    人工成核 artificial nucleation;
    人工程序 manual program;
    人工池 {土} cistern;
    人工磁化法 artificial magnetizing method;
    人工充填 hand packing;
    人工重调 hand reset;
    人工抽样 artificial sampling;
    人工处理 manual handling;
    人工触发器 manual trigger;
    人工促进更新 artificial forcing regeneration;
    人工传染 artificial infection; regeneration;
    人工催育植物 forcing plant;
    人工存储器 manual memory;
    人工打捆 manual banding;
    人工打眼 hand-holing; kirn;
    人工单性生殖 artificial parthenogenesis;
    人工岛 artificial island;
    人工岛港 port island;
    人工等离子体云 artificial plasma cloud;
    人工低体温 artificial hypothermia;
    人工堤 artificial levee;
    人工地茎 artificial foundation;
    人工地平线 artificial horizon;
    人工地平仪 {航空} artificial horizon;
    人工地物 man-made features;
    人工地震 artificial earthquake; man-made earthquake;
    人工电报机 manual telegraph set;
    人工电报交换机 manual telegraph switching equipment;
    人工电离 {讯} artificial ionization;
    人工电位 artificial potential;
    人工电压调节器 manual voltage regulator;
    人工钓铒 artificial bait;
    人工港 artificial harbour;
    人工顶板 {采矿} artificial roof;
    人工冬眠 artificial hibernation;
    人工冬眠疗法 artificial hibernation therapy;
    人工读入 manual read;
    人工短路跳闸 fault throwing;
    人工耳 artificial ear;
    人工饵料 artificial food (stuff);
    人工发热 artificial fever;
    人工发热器 hypertherm;
    人工法 artificial process;
    人工方式 manual type;
    人工放顶 {采矿} artificial caving;
    人工放射性 artificial radioactivity;
    人工放射性元素 artificial radioactive element;
    人工繁殖 artificial propagation;
    人工分群 {养蜂} snook swarming;
    人工分钟 man-minute;
    人工风化 {工} artificial weathering;
    人工辐射带 {地物} artificial radiation belt;
    人工孵化 artifical incubation;
    人工辅控植物群系 paranthropophytia;
    人工辅助授粉 artificial supplementary pollination;
    人工复位继电器 manual-reset relay;
    人工改变系统结构 manual reconfiguration;
    人工干预输入装置 manual data input equipment;
    人工干燥 artificial drying;
    人工肝 artificial liver;
    人工肛门 enteroproctia;
    人工感觉 {航空} artificial feel;
    人工港 {土} artificial harbor;
    人工更新 artificial regeneration;
    人工鼓包 tumulus (pl. tumuli);
    人工骨料制备 manmade aggregate preparation;
    人工刮研 hand scraping;
    人工关节 joint prosthesis;
    人工灌注 artificial recharge;
    人工海岛 {采矿} artificial island;
    人工海水 artificial seawater;
    人工海滩 artificial beach;
    人工航行水道 navigation;
    人工核反应 artificial nuclear reaction;
    人工合成蛋白质 {生} synthetic protein;
    人工合成结晶胰岛素 {生} synthetic crystalline insulin;
    人工合成类晶石 spinel; spinelle;
    人工合成土 synthetic soil;
    人工合成种 hybrid synthesis;
    人工河 race;
    人工河道 (非) sloot;
    人工黑电平信号 artificial black signal;
    人工烘干 artificial drying;
    人工红外辐射源 artificial infrared source;
    人工喉 {医} artificial larynx;
    人工后天免疫 artificial acquired immunity;
    人工后援 manual back-up;
    人工呼吸 {医} artificial respiration; artificial breathing;
    人工呼吸器 artificial respirator; biomotor; spirophore;
    人工环境 artificial environment;
    人工环境生态学 hemerocology;
    人工混响 artificial reverberation;
    人工获得性免疫 {免疫} artificially acquired immunity;
    人工击碎 cobbing;
    人工极光 artificial aurora;
    人工计时 manual time-keeping;
    人工记录 manual record;
    人工加料 hand stock;
    人工监测仪 personal monitor;
    人工尖晶石 {矿} hope sapphire;
    人工检测雷达 personnel-detection radar;
    人工降低地下水 underground dewatering;
    人工降水 artificial precipitation;
    人工降雨机 artificial rain device;
    人工降雨装置 rainer;
    人工交换机 manual exchange; {讯} manual switchboard;
    人工礁 artificial reef;
    人工交配 artificial cross;
    人工浇铸 hand teeming;
    人工妊娠 artificial pregnancy;
    人工搅拌 hand stirring;
    人工接种 artificial infection; inoculation;
    人工接替 manual backup;
    人工截割 manual cut;
    人工解锁 manual release;
    人工进料 hand feed;
    人工举升 {油工} artificial lift;
    人工绝育 artificial sterilization;
    人工抗原 artificial antigen;
    人工空间电离干扰 artificial space ionization jamming;
    人工空中交通管制系统 manual air traffic control system;
    人工控制 manual control;
    人工控制器 manual controller;
    人工馈送穿孔机 hand-feed punch;
    人工老化 artificial aging;
    人工冷却 artificial cooling;
    人工裂解 artificial lysis;
    人工林 planted forest;
    人工流产 abactus; venter; induced abortion; abactio; artificial abortion; artifical miscarriage;
    人工流产法 abortion law;
    人工露头 artificial outcrop;
    人工煤气储柜 gas tank;
    人工密闭生态系统 artificial closed ecosystem;
    人工免疫 artificial immunity;
    人工免疫法 artificial immunization;
    人工磨矿 bucking;
    人工膜 artificial membrane;
    人工牧草 artificial grass;
    人工牧场 artificial pasturage;
    人工耐毒法 mithradatism; mithridatism;
    人工鸟巢 artificial nest;
    人工牛黄 calculus bovis factitius;
    人工培养 artificial rearing;
    人工培养基 synthetic medium;
    人工培养珍珠 cultured pearl;
    人工培育母蜂 artificial queen rearing;
    人工配种 {牧} artificial breeding;
    人工器官 artificial organ;
    人工气腹 pneumoperitoneum; artificial pneumoperitoneum (APP);
    人工气腹术 artificial pneumoperitoneum;
    人工气候 manmade climate;
    人工气候老化 artificial weathering aging;
    人工气候曝露试验 artificial weathering test;
    人工气候室 {植} phytotron; artificial climate chamber;
    人工气候台座 growth bench;
    人工气候箱 growth cabinet;
    人工气晖 artificial airglow;
    人工气胸 {医} artificial pneumothorax;
    人工气胸术 artificial pneumothorax;
    人工羟基云母 synthetic hydroxyl mica;
    人工强化地热发电站 artificial stimulated geothermal plant;
    人工切换 {电子} manual switching;
    人工全息图 artificial hologram;
    人工群落 {植} artificial community;
    人工热源照射法 ignisation;
    人工润滑 manual application of lubricant;
    人工色 technicolor;
    人工砂 manufactured sand;
    人工沙源滩 feeder beach;
    人工神经 artificial neuron;
    人工肾 artificial kidney;
    人工生态系(统) {环} artificial ecosystem;
    人工石板 {房} artificial flags;
    人工石墨 {冶} electrographite;
    人工时效 {冶} artificial aging;
    人工识别 artificial cognition; artificial perception;
    人工授粉 hand-pollinate;
    人工授精 {医} artificial insemination;
    人工授精器 impregnator;
    人工授精育种法 eutelegenesis;
    人工输入 manual input; manual read;
    人工输入寄存器 manual input register;
    人工输入设备 manual input unit; manual number generator; manual word generator;
    人工数据输入 manual data input;
    人工水道 dike;
    人工水驱 {油工} flooding; waterflooding;
    人工说 artificialism;
    人工饲料 artificial diet;
    人工饲育(喂) artificial feeding;
    人工太阳 artificial sun;
    人工天穹 artificial sky;
    人工填料 hand-stuff;
    人工调谐 manual tuning;
    人工通风 artificial draft; forced-air supply;
    人工同步 manual synchronization;
    人工同位素 man-made isotope;
    人工土丘 tepe;
    人工吸血管 bdellepithecium;
    人工系统 {自} manual system; man-made system;
    人工线 bootstrap; artificial line;
    人工消雾 artificial fog dissipation;
    人工消云 artificial cloud dissipation;
    人工小丘 tumulus (pl. tumuli);
    人工小时法 labor hour method; men hour method;
    人工效率差异 labor efficiency variance;
    人工效应物 {组织} artifact;
    人工心瓣膜手术 heart valve prosthesis;
    人工心肺机 {医} heart-lung machine; artificial heart-lung machine;
    人工心脏 artificial heart;
    人工心脏瓣膜 heart valve prosthesis;
    人工旋压法 conventional spinning; {冶} manual spinning;
    人工选择 artificial selection;
    人工血管手术 blood vessel prosthesis;
    人工循环 artificial circulation;
    人工眼 artificial eye;
    人工养王 artificial queen rearing;
    人工养殖 artificial culture;
    人工养嚎场 stew;
    人工氧腹 oxyperitoneum;
    人工氧化铝 borolon;
    人工抑雹 hail suppression;
    人工抑制闪电 lightning suppression;
    人工异花授粉 palmification (枣椰的);
    人工译码系统 manual decode system;
    人工音量调整 hand volume control;
    人工引产 {医} induction of labour;
    人工引种植物 hemerophyte;
    人工隐蔽 {军} artificial concealment;
    人工影响降水 precipitation stimulation; rain stimulation by artificial means;
    人工影响气候 climate modification;
    人工影响天气 weather modification;
    人工油胸 {医} oleothorax;
    人工用量差异 labor usage variance;
    人工语言 artificial language; fabricted language; formal language; {自} synthetic language;
    人工越夏 artificial over summer;
    人工云母 synthetic mica;
    人工栽培放牧地 tame pasture;
    人工增殖 artificial fecundation;
    人工凿井 hand sinking;
    人工造林(法) artificial afforestation;
    人工造雪机 snowmaker;
    人工造雨 rainmaking;
    人工增甜剂 {食} artificial sweetener;
    人工战争对策模拟 manual battle simulations;
    人工照明 artificial lighting;
    人工整枝 artificial pruning;
    人工震源 artificial hypocenter; artificial seismic source;
    人工振铃 {讯} manual ringing;
    人工指 finger prosthesis;
    人工制 manual system;
    人工制品 artifact;
    人工重力 artificial gravity;
    人工重力模拟器 artificial gravity simulator;
    人工周转成本 cost of labour turnover;
    人工筑岛法(深基础施工时下沉井、沉箱用) artificial island method;
    人工转换(程序的) force;
    人工装罐 hand caging;
    人工装料 hand charging;
    人工装载 artificial loading;
    人工自动免疫 artificial active immunity;
    人工自花授粉 {植} illegitimate pollination;
    人工注水 artificial recharge;
    人工驻极体 manual electret;
    人工阻尼 artificial damping;
    人工嘴 artificial mouth
    * * *
    人工|人工 [rén gōng] artificial manpower manual work

    Chinese-English dictionary > 人工

  • 6 介质

    * * *
    【计】 M
    【化】 medium
    【医】 excitatory transmitter; media; mediator; medium; neurogen; transmitter
    * * *
    * * *
    n. medium, means by which something is accomplished; media
    * * *
    jie4 zhi4
    medium, media
    * * *
    jiè zhì
    {物} medium; agent; dielectric; media; mediator; transmitter
    介质波导 dielectric guide; dielguide;
    介质波导管 dielectric waveguide;
    介质波导馈电器 dielectric guide feeder;
    介质波导线 dielectric wire;
    介质材料 Dykanol;
    介质常数 dielectric constant; permittivity;
    介质带摄像机 Photo-Tape;
    介质电导 dielectric conductance;
    介质电流 dielectric current;
    介质电路 {电} dielectric circuit;
    介质电滞 dielectric hysteresis;
    介质电阻 dielectric resistance; insulance;
    介质反射体 dielectric reflector;
    介质放大 dielectric amplification;
    介质放大器 dielectric amplifier;
    介质分压器 dielectric potentiometer;
    介质腐蚀试验 medium corrosion test;
    介质干扰杆 dielectric chaff rod;
    介质隔离 dielectric isolation;
    介质隔离率 dielectric impermeability;
    介质耗散因数 dielectric dissipation factor;
    介质击穿 {电子} dielectric breakdown; puncture of dielectrics;
    介质击穿试验 dielectric breakdown test;
    介质极化 dielectric polorization;
    介质加热 dielectric heating;
    介质加热炉 medium heating furnace;
    介质加载波导 dielectric loaded waveguide;
    介质晶体 dielectric crystal;
    介质粒子 insulating particles;
    介质粘性 {电} dielectric viscosity;
    介质疲劳 {电子} dielectric fatigue; environmental fatigue;
    介质起伏 fluctuation of medium;
    介质迁移 {化工} media migration;
    介质强度 dielectric strength; disruptive strength;
    介质试验 dielectric testing;
    介质衰减 dielectric attenuation;
    介质速度 medium speed;
    介质损耗(失) dielectric loss;
    介质损耗测量装置 dielectric loss measuring set;
    介质损耗角测量电桥 dissipation factor measuring bridge;
    介质损耗测量仪 dielectric loss measuring instrument;
    介质损耗系数 dielectric loss coefficient;
    介质损耗因数 dielectric power factor;
    介质损失率 {电} dielectric loss factor;
    介质特性 dielectric property;
    介质天线 dielectric antenna; polyrod antenna;
    介质天线罩 dielectric radome;
    介质调谐 dielectric tuning;
    介质透镜 di-lens;
    介质透镜天线 dielectric lens antenna;
    介质物理学 dielectric physics;
    介质吸收 dielectric absorption;
    介质线 dielectric wire;
    介质相角 {电} dielectric phase angle;
    介质谐振器 dielectric resonator;
    介质泄漏 dielectric leakage;
    介质移相器 dielectric phase shifter;
    介质再生 cleaning of medium;
    介质增益曲线 gain curve of medium;
    介质增益系数 gain coefficient of medium;
    介质阻抗变换器 dielectric impedance transformer
    * * *
    介質|介质 [jiè zhì] medium media

    Chinese-English dictionary > 介质

  • 7 出苗

    (of seedlings) emerge; come out; sprout
    * * *
    chu1 miao2
    to sprout, to come out (of seedling), to bud
    * * *
    chū miáo
    {农} (of seedlings) emerge; come out; germinate; sprout
    出苗率 rate of emergence; rate of germination;
    出苗期 seeding stage
    * * *
    出苗|出苗 [chū miáo] to sprout to come out (of seedling) to bud

    Chinese-English dictionary > 出苗

  • 8 去芜存菁

    qu4 wu2 cun2 jing1
    lit. to get rid of the weeds and keep the flowers, to separate the wheat from the chaff (idiom)
    * * *
    去蕪存菁|去芜存菁 [qù wú cún jīng] lit. to get rid of the weeds and keep the flowers to separate the wheat from the chaff (idiom)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 去芜存菁

  • 9 去蕪存菁

    qu4 wu2 cun2 jing1
    lit. to get rid of the weeds and keep the flowers, to separate the wheat from the chaff (idiom)
    * * *
    去蕪存菁|去芜存菁 [qù wú cún jīng] lit. to get rid of the weeds and keep the flowers to separate the wheat from the chaff (idiom)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 去蕪存菁

  • 10 受骗

    be deceived (or fooled, cheated, taken in)
    * * *
    be caught with chaff; be decieved; get the shaft
    相关词组: 受骗的
    * * *
    be caught with chaff; be decieved; get the shaft; got stuck
    * * *
    shou4 pian4
    to be cheated, to be taken in, to be hoodwinked
    * * *
    shòu piàn
    be deceived; be taken in; be fooled:
    我们受骗买下了那幢房子。 We were deceived into buying that house.
    * * *
    受騙|受骗 [shòu piàn] to be cheated to be taken in to be hoodwinked

    Chinese-English dictionary > 受骗

  • 11 天然

    * * *
    * * *
    adj. natural
    * * *
    tian1 ran2
    * * *
    tiān rán
    natural; native; living:
    天然产物 be made by nature
    天然本底辐射 natural background radiation;
    天然本色织物 natural-tinted fabric;
    天然宝石 {宝} natural gemstone;
    天然播种 self-sowing;
    天然采光 natural lighting;
    天然彩色照片 heliochrome;
    天然草地 natural meadow;
    天然长丝 thread;
    天然磁石 loadstone;
    天然磁铁 natural magnet;
    天然冲积堤 {地质} levee;
    天然醋酸胺 acetamide;
    天然堤 natural levee;
    天然地基 subsoil; natural foundation;
    天然地蜡 ozokerite; ozocerite;
    天然地面 ground; natural floor;
    天然放射性 natural radioactivity;
    天然风洞 gloap;
    天然干燥 natural seasoning; natural drying;
    天然港 natural harbor;
    天然更新 self-restoration; natural regeneration; natural formation of wood;
    天然公园 wild park;
    天然海弯 natural harbor;
    天然河道 natural river course;
    天然河流 natural river;
    天然混合集料 all-in aggregate (未经筛分的);
    天然后天免疫 natural acquired immunity;
    天然活性 natural activity;
    天然获得性免疫 {免疫} acquiredim munity;
    天然碱 tronite trona; trona; urao;
    天然碱矿床 native soda deposit;
    天然碱流程 {化工} Trona process;
    天然碱制纯碱 natural soda purification;
    天然胶乳 Heveatex; natural latex;
    天然胶体 eucolloid;
    天然焦 mineral coke; cokeite; carbonite;
    天然焦炭 burnt coal; smudge coal; corbonite;
    天然酵母 unartificial yeast;
    天然精气 natural spirits;
    天然井 pozo;
    天然景色 natural scenery;
    天然巨石建筑 megalithic architecture;
    天然抗体 natural antibody;
    天然抗氧剂 natural (oxidation) inhibitor;
    天然矿柱 pillar;
    天然沥青 bitusol; natural bitumen;
    天然林 wildwood; natural forest;
    天然硫砷化铂 cooperite;
    天然氯化亚汞 hornquick silver;
    天然路标 landmark;
    天然露头 natural outcrop;
    “天然盟友” “natural ally”;
    天然免疫 innate immunity; native immunity; {免疫} natural immunity;
    天然免疫性 autarcesis;
    天然免疫学 autarcesiology;
    天然苗 wild seedling;
    天然明矾 native alum;
    天然木素 native lignin;
    天然牧草 native grass;
    天然牧场 natural pasture;
    天然牧地 natural pasture;
    天然耐火材料 natural refractory;
    天然内摩擦角 angle of true internal friction;
    天然粘土砂 naturally clay-bonded sand;
    天然镍铁 nickel-iron;
    天然浓缩铀 uranium of natural enrichment;
    天然硼酸 sassolite;
    天然漂土 Florex;
    天然漆 {涂} japan; rhus lacquer;
    天然气候曝露试验 natural weathering;
    天然氢氧化镁 brucite;
    天然泉 source;
    天然泉水 springwater;
    天然染料 natural dye-stuff;
    天然软沥青 pissasphalt(um);
    天然砂 natural sand;
    天然石材 lithotome;
    天然石层 quarry bed;
    天然石膏 plaster of paris;
    天然树脂 elemi; natural resin;
    天然树脂漆 natural resin paint;
    天然竖坑 gloap;
    天然水 natural water;
    天然水泥 Parker's cement; {土} Roman cement;
    天然水泥产地 cement deposits;
    天然苏打 salsoda;
    天然丝 natural silk;
    天然碳酸钠 natron;
    天然淘汰 natural selection;
    天然铁镍合金 taenite;
    天然铜 tough-pitch copper;
    天然土块 ped;
    天然土路 dirt road;
    天然蜕变 radioactive disintegration; natural disintegration;
    天然脱枝 self-pruning;
    天然伪装 natural mask; natural camouflage;
    天然下种 natural seeding;
    天然下种造林法 seed shedding;
    天然纤维 natural fibre;
    天然纤维素纤维 native cellulose fibre;
    天然香料 natural perfume material;
    天然橡胶 {材} hevea rubber; nature (natural) rubber;
    天然硝石 soda nitre;
    天然休止角 natural angle of repose;
    天然旋光性 natural optical activity;
    天然盐水 bittern; miredrum;
    天然-氧化铅 massicot;
    天然铀 natural uranium;
    天然铀堆 natural uranium reactor;
    天然油 natural oil;
    天然有机化合物 natural organic-compound;
    天然有机化学 natural organic chemistry;
    天然幼树 seeding-growth;
    天然杂交 natural crossing;
    天然造林法 natural afforestation;
    天然障碍 natural obstacle (barrier);
    天然珍珠 natural pearl;
    天然蒸汽 natural steam;
    天然整枝 natural pruning;
    天然重碳酸钠 urao;
    天然资源 natural resources
    * * *
    天然|天然 [tiān rán] natural

    Chinese-English dictionary > 天然

  • 12 室内

    indoor; interior; inside
    * * *
    adj. indoor
    n. interior
    * * *
    shi4 nei4
    * * *
    shì nèi
    indoor; interior
    室内安全梯 interior escape stair;
    室内靶道 indoor range;
    室内变电所 indoor substation;
    室内播种 indoor seeding;
    室内布线 indoor wiring;
    室内场地 indoor sports ground;
    室内尘埃 house moss; house dust;
    室内尘源 contaminant sources in the room;
    室内船台 covered-in berth;
    室内垂直偶极子天线 lounge antenna;
    室内地面填高部分 haut pas;
    室内电话系统 house telephone system;
    室内电缆 house cable;
    室内电路 interior circuit;
    室内(天然)干燥 indoor seasoning;
    室内给水 indoor water-supply;
    室内给水设备 indoor water-supply facilities;
    室内工厂化水产养殖 indoor industrial type of aquaculture;
    室内工作 office work;
    室内开关 cubicle switch;
    室内空气污染 room air pollution;
    室内空调设备 room conditioning;
    室内利用率 utilance;
    室内溜冰场 indoor skating rink;
    室内路线 interior wiring;
    室内女帽 mobcap;
    室内排水 indoor drainage;
    室内排水设备 indoor drainage facilities;
    室内配电亭 kiosk;
    室内盆栽植物 house plant;
    室内平面布置 room-layout;
    室内气候 indoor climate; indoor weather;
    室内摄影 pickup;
    室内射击场 gallery;
    室内射击练习枪弹 gallery practice ammunition;
    室内设计 interior design;
    室内设施 inside plant;
    室内声场 room sound field;
    室内声学 room acoustics;
    室内试验 laboratory test;
    室内天线 indoor aerial;
    室内田径运动会 indoor track;
    室内拖鞋 pantofle; pontoufle;
    室内温度 indoor temperature;
    室内小气候 kryptoclimate;
    室内小气候学 kryptoclimatology;
    室内小眺台 minstrel gallery;
    室内扬声器 cabinet speaker;
    室内养鱼 aquaricullure;
    室内养殖 indoor culture;
    室内音乐 chamber music;
    室内音乐会 chamber-music concert;
    室内游泳池 natatorium; indoor swimming pool;
    室内运动 indoor sport;
    室内栽培 indoor growing;
    室内造船 shipbuilding under cover;
    室内照明 indoor illumination; interior illumination; interior lighting;
    室内照相镜头 avistostigment;
    室内植物 houseplant;
    室内装璜 upholster;
    室内装饰 interior decoration;
    室内装饰品(台布、窗帘、地毯等) upholstery;
    室内装饰用呢 tabouret;
    室内装修 interior (house) decoration; home-decorating;
    室内作业 office operations
    * * *
    室內|室内 [shì nèi] indoor

    Chinese-English dictionary > 室内

  • 13 宽带

    【计】 wideband
    * * *
    Broad Band
    * * *
    kuan1 dai4
    * * *
    kuān dài
    broadband; wide band (WB)
    宽带保护放电管 broadband PR tube;
    宽带比 {讯} wide-band ratio;
    宽带变频器 broadband converter;
    宽带变压器 {电工} wide-band transformer;
    宽带测量 wide-band width measurement;
    宽带传输 broadband transmission;
    宽带传输线 wide-band transmission line;
    宽带传真机 wideband facsimile apparatus;
    宽带电光调制器 broad band electrooptic modulator;
    宽带电缆 broadband cable;
    宽带定向耦合器 broadband directional coupler;
    宽带定向天线 broadband beam antenna;
    宽带短截线 broadband stub;
    宽带发射 broadband transmission;
    宽带放大管 wide-band amplifier tube;
    宽带放大器 broadband amplifier; wide-band amplifier;
    宽带辐射方向图 broadband radiation pattern;
    宽带钢 wide flat steel;
    宽带钢轧机 broad strip mill;
    宽带干扰包 broadband chaff package;
    宽带功率放大器 wideband power amplifier;
    宽带恒定束宽声纳 broadband constant beamwidth sonar;
    宽带环行器 broadband circulator;
    宽带换能器 wide-band transducer;
    宽带混频二极管 broadband mixer diode;
    宽带鉴别器 wide-band discriminator;
    宽带间隔 broadband space;
    宽带交换机 wide-band exchange unit;
    宽带接收 broadband reception;
    宽带接收机 broadband receiver;
    宽带解调器 broadband demodulator;
    宽带晶体电视接收机 crystal video receiver;
    宽带晶体管 broadband transistor;
    宽带晶体滤波器 wide-band crystal filter;
    宽带可调谐振器 wide-range tunable resonator;
    宽带滤波器 wide-band filter; broadband filter;
    宽带滤光片 broad band pass filter;
    宽带脉冲放大器 wide-band pulse amplifier;
    宽带偶极子 wideband dipole;
    宽带匹配 broadband matching;
    宽带匹配电路 broadband matching circuit;
    宽带频率计 wide-range frequency meter;
    宽带平方率放大器 wide-band square-law amplifier;
    宽带射频功率放大器 wide-band radio frequency power amplifier;
    宽带示波管 broadband oscilloscope tube;
    宽带示波器 wide-band oscilloscope; wide-scope;
    宽带视频记录仪 wide-band video tape-recorder;
    宽带视频检波器 broadband video detector;
    宽带数据传输电路 wide-band data transmission circuit;
    宽带数据传输机 wide-band data set;
    宽带速调管 {电子} broad-band klystron; skitron;
    宽带锑化铟探测器 broadband InSb detector;
    宽带天线 {电磁} broad-band antenna; multiband antenna;
    宽带通路 {讯} broad-band path;
    宽带通信 wide-band communication;
    宽带通信网络 broadband communication network;
    宽带通信系统 {讯} wide-band communication system;
    宽带同相天线阵 {电磁} wide-band cophased antenna array;
    宽带信道 {讯} broad-band channel;
    宽带信号 broadband signal;
    宽带信号编码 wideband signal coding;
    宽带信号编译码器 wideband signal coder;
    宽带循环器 broadband circulator;
    宽带仪器 wide-band instrument;
    宽带运用 broadband operation;
    宽带轧机 widestrip mill;
    宽带噪声测量 wide-band noise measurement;
    宽带振荡器 wide-band (wide-range) oscillator;
    宽带中继网络 broadband relay network;
    宽带转发器 {电子} wide-band repeater;
    宽带阻塞放电管 broadband APR tube;
    宽带阻塞干扰 wide-band barrage jamming
    * * *
    寬帶|宽带 [kuān dài] broadband

    Chinese-English dictionary > 宽带

  • 14 干扰

    disturb; interfere; obstruct; disturbance, interference; jam
    * * *
    disturb; interfere; jam; molest; obstruct; violate
    【计】 interference
    【化】 disturbance
    【医】 brushing; interfere; interference
    相关词组: 干扰素
    * * *
    disturb; interfere; jam; molest; molestationf
    * * *
    n. interference, obstruction
    v. interfere
    n. interference, jam
    v. disturb, interfere, obstruct
    * * *
    gan1 rao3
    to interfere, obstruction
    * * *
    gān rǎo
    disturb; obstruct; jam; backdrop; interference; beating; mush; tamper; trouble; lapse; brushing; molestation; disturbance; crossfire; obstacle; perturbation; upset; {电} jamming; pick-up (邻近电路或电台的):
    反干扰 counteract interference;
    磁场干扰 magnetic disturbance;
    相长(消)干扰{物} constructive (destructive) interference;
    来自外国广播电台的干扰 interference from foreign broadcasting station;
    它将严重干扰工作的进展。 It will seriously interfere with the progress of the work.
    许多学生发生这种错误是由于母语的干扰。 Many students' error occurs because of mother-tongue interference.
    干扰包 chaff package;
    干扰保护比 interference protection ratio;
    干扰边带 unwanted sideband;
    干扰变量 disturbance variable;
    干扰病毒 viral interference;
    干扰波 interference wave; disturbing wave;
    干扰补偿器 interference inverter;
    干扰参数 interference parameter; jamming parameter;
    干扰测量设备 interference measuring apparatus;
    干扰场 interference field;
    干扰窗 “window”;
    干扰磁场 disturbing magnetic field;
    干扰倒相(抵消)器 interference inverter;
    干扰电流 interference current; disturbing current;
    干扰电平 interference level;
    干扰电位 interference potential;
    干扰电压 interference voltage; disturbing voltage;
    干扰定位器 interference locator; interference search gear;
    干扰读出 disturbed readout;
    干扰发射机 jamming transmitter; interfering transmitter;
    干扰发生器 interference generator;
    干扰反射波 parasitic echo;
    干扰反射器 confusion reflector;
    干扰防护装置 interference preventer;
    干扰分量间隔 jamming component gap;
    干扰分析器 interference analyzer;
    干扰附加器 jamming adapter;
    干扰感应器 stray pick-up;
    干扰功率 jamming power; interference power;
    干扰光谱 interference spectrum;
    干扰光谱仪 interference spectroscope;
    干扰黑斑 noisy blacks;
    干扰黑线 snivet;
    干扰计量 interferometry;
    干扰检测 interference detection;
    干扰检测请求重发方式 request repeat system by interference detection;
    干扰减低器 clarifier;
    干扰减小 interference reduction; {电子} interference suppression;
    干扰接收机 interference receiver;
    干扰进气 interference intake;
    干扰雷达电台 beaver;
    干扰雷达方程 jamming radar equation;
    干扰棱镜 interference prism;
    干扰离子 interfering ion;
    干扰滤波器 interference filter; interference trap;
    干扰滤光片 interference filter;
    干扰脉冲 disturbing pulse; interference pulse; interfering impulse;
    干扰能量 interfering energy;
    干扰偶极子 chaff dipole;
    干扰频带 interference band;
    干扰频率 interfering frequency; interference frequency;
    干扰频谱 interference spectrum;
    干扰谱带 interference band;
    干扰器 interference unit;
    干扰强度 interference strength; jamming strength; jamming intensity;
    干扰区 interference range; interference region; interference zone; interfering space;
    干扰区域 interference region;
    干扰色 interference colour;
    干扰哨声 interference squealing;
    干扰设备 jamming equipment;
    干扰绳 rope-chaff;
    干扰施放装置 deception equipment;
    干扰时间 interference time;
    干扰试验 {油工} interference test;
    干扰输出 interference output; disturb output;
    干扰衰落 interference fading;
    干扰台 jamming station; jammer;
    干扰条纹 interference stripes;
    干扰调制样式 jamming modulation type;
    干扰通道 interfering channel;
    干扰通路 noise channel;
    干扰图 interference figure; interference pattern;
    干扰图像 interfering picture;
    干扰图像重现 noisy reproduction;
    干扰误差 mushing error;
    干扰物镜 interference objective;
    干扰物质 interfering material;
    干扰吸收器 interference absorber;
    干扰系数 interference factor;
    干扰系统方程 interference system equation;
    干扰显微镜 interference microscope;
    干扰现象 {病毒} interference phenomenon;
    干扰线路 disturbing line;
    干扰陷波器 interference trap;
    干扰限幅 limitation of interference;
    干扰限制器 interference limiter;
    干扰消除测量 interference elimination measuring;
    干扰消除器 interference eliminator; {电子} interference blanker;
    干扰效应 disturbing effect;
    干扰效能 jamming effectiveness;
    干扰啸声 interfering singing; interference squealing;
    干扰信号 interfering signal; disturbance signal; jamming signal; spurious signal; unwanted signal; undesired signal;
    干扰信号比 disturbed signal ratio; jam-to-signal ratio;
    干扰信号带宽 jamming signal bandwidth;
    干扰修正 interference correction;
    干扰“1” 输出 disturbed one output;
    干扰压制区 jamming blanketed zone;
    干扰压制系数 jamming blanket factor;
    干扰仪 interferometer;
    干扰抑制 {电子} interference rejection; interference suppression;
    干扰抑制电路(载频控制的) codan;
    干扰抑制器 noise killer; interference suppressor; interference eliminator; interference reducer; broomstick;
    干扰因数 disturbance factor;
    干扰影响 interference effect;
    干扰影响区 jamming coverage;
    干扰运动 disturbed motion;
    干扰载波 interfering carrier;
    干扰噪声 interference noise; strays;
    干扰噪声比 interference-to-noise ratio;
    干扰折射计 interference refractometer;
    干扰振幅 interference amplitude;
    干扰值 interference value; annoyance value;
    干扰状态 disturbance state;
    干扰自动跟踪 home-on-jam;
    干扰走廊 chaff corridor;
    干扰组分 interfering component;
    干扰阻力 interference drag;
    干扰作用 interference effect
    * * *
    干擾|干扰 [gān rǎo] to disturb to interfere perturbation interference (physics)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 干扰

  • 15 弹性

    elasticity; resilience; spring
    * * *
    elasticity; flexibility; spring; springiness
    【化】 elasticity; resilience
    【医】 elasticity; resilience
    【经】 elasticity; flexibility
    相关词组: 光测弹性学
    * * *
    elasticity; flexibility; give; spring; springiness
    * * *
    n. give, elasticity, resilience, resiliency, spring
    * * *
    tan2 xing4
    flexibility, elasticity (physics)
    * * *
    tán xìng
    (弹力) elasticity; resilience; spring; stress
    (事物的伸缩性) elastic; flexible:
    这些规定是有弹性的。 These regulations are elastic.
    弹性摆轮 resilient escapement;
    弹性半空间 elastic half-space;
    弹性绷带 elastoplast;
    弹性边界 elastic boundary;
    弹性变形 {力} strain; elastic deformation;
    弹性变形断裂 elastic break-down;
    弹性变形功 resilience work of deformation;
    弹性玻璃丝垫 vibramat;
    弹性波 elastic wave;
    弹性波测量 elastic wave measurement;
    弹性波法 wave velocity method;
    弹性不稳定性 elastic instability;
    弹性材料 elastic material;
    弹性残留变形 elastic drift;
    弹性常数 elastic constant;
    弹性车轮 elastic wheel;
    弹性迟滞性 elastic hysteresis;
    弹性弛豫时间 elastic relaxation time;
    弹性齿轮 resilient gear;
    弹性齿圈 resilient gear ring;
    弹性传动 resilient drive;
    弹性(硬)蛋白 elastin;
    弹性蛋白酶 elastase;
    弹性蛋白标 elastose;
    弹性蛋白原 tropoelastin;
    弹性挡圈 circlip;
    弹性道床 elastic roadbed;
    弹性地潮 elastic earth tide;
    弹性地基 elastic foundation;
    弹性垫板 resilient sleeper-bearing;
    弹性垫圈 elastic washer;
    弹性垫座 bumper block;
    弹性电阻(效应) elastoresistance;
    弹性电阻系数 elastoresistance coefficient;
    弹性吊架 {电工} flexible suspension;
    弹性蝶铰 resilium;
    弹性顶尖 centre with endlong movement; movable centre;
    弹性动力学 elastodynamics;
    弹性分析 elastic analysis;
    弹性反冲 elastic recoil;
    弹性复元 elastic recovery;
    弹性干扰物 resilient chaff;
    弹性刚度 elastic stiffness;
    弹性刚度常数 elastic stiffness constant;
    弹性高分子物质 elastomer;
    弹性高聚物 elastopolymer;
    弹性隔片 resilient spacer;
    弹性各向同性 elastic isotropy;
    弹性各向异性 elastic anisotropy;
    弹性工作时间 flexible working hours; flextime;
    弹性构件 elastic component;
    弹性构造 elastic construction;
    弹性光(致产)生 elastic photoproduction;
    弹性合金 elastic alloy;
    弹性后效 {力} elastic aftereffect; elastic lag;
    弹性缓冲器 elastic buffer;
    弹性回复 elastic recovery; elastic come-back;
    弹性回能 elastic resilience;
    弹性回弹 elastic recoil; elastic resilience;
    弹性回跳 elastic resilience;
    弹性回跳说 elastic rebound hypothesis;
    弹性汇率 flexible exchange rate;
    弹性火焰管 expanding flue;
    弹性货币供应 elastic money supply;
    弹性基础 elastic foundation;
    弹性极限 elastic limit; limit of elasticity;
    弹性极限应力 proff stress;
    弹性计 elastometer;
    弹性计划 elastic plan;
    弹性记忆(效应) elastic memory;
    弹性假黄瘤 pseudoxanthoma elasticum;
    弹性接合 elastic joint; resilient joint;
    弹性接头 expansion joint;
    弹性结构导弹 elastic missile;
    弹性金属接头 swing joint;
    弹性静力学 elastostatics;
    弹性劲度常数 elastic stiffness constant;
    弹性矩阵 elastic matrix;
    弹性抗 elastic reactance;
    弹性壳体 elastic shell;
    弹性扣板 elastic pinch plate;
    弹性扣件 spring clip;
    弹性离合器 elastic clutch;
    弹性理论 elastic theory;
    弹性力 elastic force;
    弹性力学 elasticity mechanics;
    弹性沥青 elaterite; dopplerite;
    弹性联接 {电磁} flexible coupling;
    弹性联轴节(器) elastic coupling; elastic joint;
    弹性灵敏度 elastic sensitivity;
    弹性硫塑料 thioplast; elastothiomer;
    弹性流体动力润滑 elastohydrodynamic lubrication;
    弹性流体动力学 elastohydrodynamics;
    弹性流体动压润滑 elastic hydrodynamic lubrication;
    弹性螺母 elastic nut;
    弹性密封 {工} elastic packing; elastic seal;
    弹性模 springform;
    弹性模量 modulus of elasticity;
    弹性模量比 modular ratio;
    弹性模量试验 elasticity modulus test;
    弹性膜 elastic membrane;
    弹性膜模型 elastic membrane model;
    弹性木 lancewood;
    弹性能 elastic energy resilience;
    弹性尼龙 stretchy nylon;
    弹性(组织)粘蛋白 elastomucin;
    弹性粘度计 elastoviscometer;
    弹性凝胶 elastic gel;
    弹性碰撞 elastic collision;
    弹性疲乏 elastic fatigue;
    弹性破坏 elastic break-down; elastic failure;
    弹性谱 elastic spectrum;
    弹性牵引 elastic traction;
    弹性迁移 elastic moval;
    弹性前驱波 elastic precursor wave;
    弹性前效 elastic fore-effect;
    弹性切力极限测定计 pachimeter;
    弹性球 elastic ball;
    弹性屈曲 {力} elastic buckling;
    弹性驱动 elastic drive;
    弹性挠曲 elastic deflection;
    弹性柔顺常数 elastic compliance constant;
    弹性散射 elastic scattering;
    弹性砂轮 elastic grinding wheel;
    弹性纱线 elastomeric yarn;
    弹性上班制 flextime;
    弹性伸长 elastic elongation;
    弹性声抗 elastic acoustical reactance;
    弹性失稳 elastic instability;
    弹性失效 elastic failure;
    弹性失效压力 elastic break down pressure;
    弹性试验 elasticity test;
    弹性势能 elastic potential energy;
    弹性树胶 India-rubber gum elastic;
    弹性顺度 elastic compliance;
    弹性塑料 elastoplastic; plastelast;
    弹性塑性体 elastoplastic body;
    弹性随动件 spring follower;
    弹性隧道效应 elastic tunneling effect;
    弹性套管 spring-backed quill;
    弹性特性 elastic characteristic;
    弹性体 elastomer; elastic body;
    弹性体密封 elastomeric seal;
    弹性填密环 elastic packing ring;
    弹性湍流 elastic turbulence;
    弹性退让轴承 elastically yielding bearing;
    弹性外交 elastic diplomacy;
    弹性弯曲强度 transverse elasticity;
    弹性位移 elastic displacement;
    弹性稳定性 elastic stability;
    弹性误差 elastic error;
    弹性系数 coefficient of elasticity; modulus of elasticity;
    弹性狭织物 {纺} elastic;
    弹性限 (度) elastic limit;
    弹性纤维 spandex;
    弹性纤维假黄瘤 pseudoxanthoma elasticum;
    弹性纤维瘤 elastic fibroma; elastofibroma;
    弹性线 elastica;
    弹性响应 elastic response;
    弹性楔接头 elastic wedge joint;
    弹性胁变 elastic strain;
    弹性性质 elastic property;
    弹性形变 elastic deformation;
    弹性悬架 spring suspension;
    弹性学 elasticity;
    弹性压力计 elastic manometer;
    弹性压缩 elastic compression;
    弹性阉割 elastration;
    弹性因瓦合金 elinvar;
    弹性影响函数 obliviator;
    弹性硬蛋白 elasticin; elastin;
    弹性硬蛋白酶 elastase; elastinase;
    弹性应变 elastic strain;
    弹性油灰 bouncing putty;
    弹性油泥 {材} bouncing putty;
    弹性元件 elastic element;
    弹性圆锥 conus elasticus; elastic cone;
    弹性炸药 elastic explosive;
    弹性藻沥青 coorongite;
    弹性藻煤 coorongite;
    弹性张量 elasticity tensor;
    弹性针布 fillet clothing;
    弹性针织 stretch knit;
    弹性振动 elastic vibration;
    弹性支座 elastic support;
    弹性滞后 elastic hysteresis;
    弹性轴承 elastic bearing; elastically supported bearing;
    弹性注油器 squirt can;
    弹性砖片 tile;
    弹性桩 elastic pile;
    弹性阻尼 elastic damping;
    弹性织物 elasticized fabric; elastic webbing; stretch woven fabric;
    弹性纸 extensible paper;
    弹性组织变性 elastosis;
    弹性组织离解 elastolysis;
    弹性组织粘蛋白 elastomucin;
    弹性组织破裂 elastorrhexis;
    弹性组织缺乏病 elastopathy
    * * *
    彈性|弹性 [tán xìng] flexibility elasticity

    Chinese-English dictionary > 弹性

  • 16 愚弄

    deceive; hoodwink; make a fool of; dupe
    * * *
    fool; deceive; dupe; flout; hoax; leg-pull; ridicule; scoff
    【法】 gaff; stultification
    相关词组: 帮忙为假愚弄为真
    * * *
    befool; dupe; assify; flout; hanky-panky; hoax; leg-pull; scoff; spoof
    * * *
    n. derision, mock, ridicule, chaff
    v. befool, buffoon
    * * *
    yu2 nong4
    to make a fool out of, to fool, to dupe
    * * *
    yú nòng
    deceive; hoodwink; make a fool of; string along; play the fool with; dupe:
    愚弄人民 dupe the people;
    被命运愚弄 be the fool of fate;
    地方长官感到他们一直在受顾问们的愚弄。 The governors felt that they were being strung along by their advisors.
    你在愚弄我。 You are making a fool of me.
    * * *
    愚弄|愚弄 [yú nòng] to make a fool out of to fool to dupe

    Chinese-English dictionary > 愚弄

  • 17 戏弄

    make fun of; play tricks on; tease; kid; hoax; rag
    * * *
    make fun of; trick; kid; mock; play tricks on; tease
    【法】 caper
    相关词组: 戏弄的
    * * *
    make fun of; play tricks on; tease; kid
    * * *
    v. make fun of, play a trick on, poke fun at, kid, caper, jest, monkey, chaff
    * * *
    xi4 nong4
    to caper, to jest
    * * *
    xì nòng
    make fun of; play tricks on; poke fun at; dupe; hoodwink; tease; kid:
    你在戏弄我。 You're kidding me!; You're pulling my leg!
    不要戏弄残疾人! Don't make fun of the disabled!
    * * *
    戲弄|戏弄 [xì nòng] to caper to jest

    Chinese-English dictionary > 戏弄

  • 18 戲弄

    make fun of; play tricks on; tease; kid; hoax; rag
    * * *
    v. make fun of, play a trick on, poke fun at, kid, caper, jest, monkey, chaff
    * * *
    xi4 nong4
    to caper, to jest
    * * *
    戲弄|戏弄 [xì nòng] to caper to jest

    Chinese-English dictionary > 戲弄

  • 19

    raise, throw up and scatter; winnow, spread; make known
    Young (in Australia, 148°20'E 34°19'S)
    * * *
    raise; spread; winnow
    * * *
    raise; winnow
    * * *
    v. raise, scatter
    * * *
    to raise, to hoist, the action of tossing or winnowing, scattering (in the wind), to flutter, to propagate
    * * *
    扬(揚、 敭)
    (高举; 往上升) raise:
    扬手 raise one's hand (and beckon);
    扬起灰尘 raise (kick up) a dust;
    高高飘扬 fly aloft
    (往上抛撒) throw up and scatter; winnow:
    晒干扬净 dry and winnow thoroughly;
    扬谷去糠 winnow the chaff from the grain
    (传播出去) spread; make known:
    宣扬 propagate; publicize;
    颂扬 laud; extol;
    名扬四海 be known throughout the world
    (指扬州) short for Yangzhou
    (姓氏) a surname:
    扬雄 Yang Xiong
    * * *
    揚|扬 [yáng] to raise to hoist the action of tossing or winnowing scattering (in the wind) to flutter to propagate

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 20 揶揄

    ridicule; deride
    * * *
    chaff; jeer; rag; ridicule
    相关词组: 揶揄者
    * * *
    tease; chaff; jeer; rag
    * * *
    ye2 yu2
    to mock, to ridicule
    * * *
    yé yú
    (书) (嘲笑) ridicule; deride
    * * *
    揶揄|揶揄 [yé yú] to mock to ridicule

    Chinese-English dictionary > 揶揄

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