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centripetal force

  • 1 向心力

    centripetal force
    * * *
    【化】 centripetal force
    * * *
    centripetal force
    * * *
    xiang4 xin1 li4
    centripetal force
    * * *
    向心力|向心力 [xiàng xīn lì] centripetal force (fig.) cohering force cohesion team spirit

    Chinese-English dictionary > 向心力

  • 2 向心

    【医】 entad
    * * *
    xiàng xīn
    entad; afferent
    向心泵 centripetal pump;
    向心滚子轴承 radial roller bearing;
    向心花序 centripetal inflorescence;
    向心加速度 centripetal acceleration;
    向心力 {物} centripetal force;
    向心倾斜 centroclinal dip;
    向心球面球轴承 double row self aligning ball bearings;
    向心球轴承 radial ball bearing;
    向心水系 centripetal drainage;
    向心透平 radial-inward-flow turbine;
    向心突击 converging attack;
    向心性 {物} centrality;
    向心选择 centripetal selection;
    向心褶皱 centroclinal fold

    Chinese-English dictionary > 向心

  • 3 air force

    1. n; c
    空军 [kōngjūn]
    2. cpd; 复合词
    [+ pilot, base] 空军 [kōngjūn]

    * the air force — 空军

    Chinese-English dictionary > air force

  • 4 force

    [fɔːs] 1. n
    1) u (violence) 武力 [wǔlì]

    We have renounced the use of force to settle our disputes. — 我们摈弃使用武力解决我们的争端。

    2) u (strength) 力量 [lìliàng]

    The force of the explosion shattered the windows. — 爆炸的力量击碎了窗玻璃。

    3) c (power, influence) 势力 [shìlì]
    4) c / u ( PHYS) 力 [lì]
    2. vt
    1) (drive, compel) 强迫 [qiángpò]

    Ought he to be forced out of the Presidency? — 应该强迫他离任总统一职吗?

    2) (push) 用力推 [yònglì tuī]

    I forced his head back. — 我用力把他的头往后推开了。

    3) (break open) [+ lock, door] 强行打开 [qiángxíng dǎkāi]

    They had to force the lock on the trunk. — 他们不得不强行打开箱子上的锁。

    3. forces; n pl; ( MIL)
    1) 部队 [bùduì]

    * the Forces — ( BRIT) 军队 [jūnduì]

    * in force — (in large numbers) 大批地

    Animal rights campaigners turned up in force. — 动物权利运动参与者们大批涌现。

    * to be in force — [+ law, system] 正在施行中

    * to come into force — [+ law, system] 生效

    * to join forces (with sb) — ( 与某人 )联合

    * a force 5 gale — 5级风

    * the sales force — ( COMM) 推销人员

    * through or from force of habit — 出于习惯

    * to force o.s. to do sth — 强迫自己做某事

    * to force sb to do sth — 强迫某人做某事

    * to force sth (up)on sb — 将某事强加于某人

    * to force o.s. (up)on sb — 试图强暴某人

    * to force a smile/laugh — 强作笑脸/强颜欢笑

    Phrasal Verbs:

    Chinese-English dictionary > force

  • 5 Royal Air Force

    ( BRIT); n

    * the Royal Air Force — 皇家空军 [Huángjiā Kōngjūn]

    Chinese-English dictionary > Royal Air Force

  • 6 force back

    [+ tears, urge] 强忍住 [qiáng rěnzhù]

    Chinese-English dictionary > force back

  • 7 gale-force wind

    n; c

    Chinese-English dictionary > gale-force wind

  • 8 police force

    n; c
    警力 [jǐnglì]

    Chinese-English dictionary > police force

  • 9 一拥而入

    yi1 yong1 er2 ru4
    to swarm in (of people etc) (idiom)
    * * *
    yī yōng ér rù
    rush the gates of a football field, etc.; come crowding in; make a rush for the door and force their way in; swarm in
    * * *
    一擁而入|一拥而入 [yī yōng ér rù] to swarm in (of people etc) (idiom)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 一拥而入

  • 10 一级

    相关词组: 一级风
    * * *
    * * *
    yi1 ji2
    first class, category A
    * * *
    yī jí
    (一个水准) one-level; Class A; senior grade
    (巴基斯坦棉分级标准名称) Super Fine
    (印度棉分级标准) Extra Superfine
    (埃及棉分级标准名称) Fully Good
    (首顺序) first order
    一级胶 primary amine;
    一级变量 level-one variable;
    一级标准气压表 absolute standard barometer;
    一级波 fist-order wave;
    一级厨师 first class cook;
    一级存储技术 one-level store technique;
    一级存储器 single-level memory; one-level storage;
    一级代码 {自} one-level code;
    一级导弹 one-stage missile;
    一级导数光谱 first derivative spectrum;
    一级地址 single-level address; first-level address; one-level address; direct address; direct addressing;
    一级反应 first order reaction;
    一级方法 one-level method;
    一级风 {气} force 1 wind; light air;
    一级公路 first-class highway;
    一级公式 one-level formula;
    一级光谱 first-order spectrum;
    一级广播台 class I station;
    一级火箭 one-stage rocket;
    一级校准 primary calibration method;
    一级教师 the first-grade teacher;
    一级阶地 second bottom;
    一级结构 primary structure;
    一级结果 first-level outcome;
    一级近似 first approximation;
    一级精度 extra fine grade;
    一级精度配合 extra fine fit;
    一级茎轴结构 uniaxial construction;
    一级品 primes; product of the first (highest);
    一级品率 ratio of first-grade products;
    一级气候站 {气} first-order climatological station;
    一级驱动 single-stage drive;
    一级溶酶体 primary lysosome;
    一级三角测量 primary triangulation;
    一级图像混合器 A-B cut mixer;
    一级瓦斯煤矿 first category gassy mine;
    一级微商 first derivative;
    一级线纹米尺 standard meter;
    一级相变 first order phase change; first-order transition;
    一级星系 first-rank galaxy;
    一级修正 first-order correction;
    一级选手 a ranking player;
    一级压缩 single-stage-compression;
    一级鱼露 {越} nuoc-nhut;
    一级造山运动 primary orogeny;
    一级中断 one-level interrupt;
    一级主伐木 first-class standard;
    一级铸件 primary quality casting;
    一级子程序 one-level subroutine; first order subroutine;
    一级组装 first level of packaging
    * * *
    一級|一级 [yī jí] first class category A

    Chinese-English dictionary > 一级

  • 11 万有引力

    (universal) gravitation; gravitational attraction
    * * *
    【电】 graviation
    * * *
    universal gravitation
    * * *
    n. gravitation, gravitational force, gravity
    * * *
    wan4 you3 yin3 li4
    * * *
    萬有引力|万有引力 [wàn yǒu yǐn lì] gravity

    Chinese-English dictionary > 万有引力

  • 12 三军

    the three armed services; the Services, the army
    * * *
    san1 jun1
    (in former times) upper, middle and lower army, army of right, center and left, (in modern times) the three armed services: Army, Navy and Air Force
    * * *
    sān jūn
    (旧) (军队) the army
    (陆、海、空三军) the three armed services
    * * *
    三軍|三军 [sān jūn] (in former times) upper, middle and lower army army of right, center and left (in modern times) the three armed services: Army, Navy and Air Force

    Chinese-English dictionary > 三军

  • 13 三级

    【建】 tert-
    * * *
    third class
    * * *
    san1 ji2
    grade 3, third class, category C
    * * *
    sān jí
    three-level; (巴) Fully Good
    三级胺 tertiary amine;
    三级泵 triplex pump;
    三级变速箱 three-ratio gear; triple-change gear;
    三级串联捻胶机 triple tandem strander;
    三级地址 third-level address;
    三级定址 three-level addressing; third-level address;
    三级反应 {物化} third-order reaction;
    三级飞羽 {脊椎} tertiaries; tertial;
    三级风 force 3 wind; gently breeze;
    三级管 audion;
    三级环流 {气} tertiary circulation;
    三级火箭 the three-stage rocket;
    三级记录 three-level recording;
    三级记录系统 three-level recording system; three-level return system;
    三级检波器 audion;
    三级减速器 triple reduction gear;
    三级结构 {生化} tertiary structure;
    三级精度立体测图仪 3rd order stereoplotters;
    三级控制 three-step control;
    三级矿量 explored ore reserve;
    三级膨胀发动机 triple-expansion engine;
    三级膨胀式蒸汽机 {工} triple-expansion engine;
    三级跳远 {体} hop, step and jump; triple jump;
    三级瓦斯煤矿 third category gassy mine;
    三级涡轮机 triple turbine;
    三级小结 {免疫} tertiary nodule;
    三级泄压循环 three-step decompression cycle;
    三级压力式汽轮机 three-pressure stage turbine;
    三级缢痕 tertiary constriction;
    三级增压器 three-stage supercharger;
    三级振荡器 three-level generator;
    三级子例行程序 {自} three-level subroutine;
    三级组装 third level of packaging
    * * *
    三級|三级 [sān jí] grade 3 third class category C

    Chinese-English dictionary > 三级

  • 14 三角形

    The triangular; the three-side polygon; a figure having three sides that are three different straight lines.
    * * *
    triangle; trigon; trilateral
    【医】 triangle; triangulum
    * * *
    triangle; trigon
    * * *
    n. triangle
    * * *
    san1 jiao3 xing2
    * * *
    sān jiǎo xíng
    {数} delta; triangle; square:
    不等边三角形 scalene triangle;
    等边三角形 equilateral triangle;
    等腰三角形 isosceles triangle;
    直角三角形 right-angled triangle
    三角形边接电路 delta connected circuit;
    三角形布料 gusset;
    三角形布条 gore;
    三角形槽 vee gutter;
    三角形磁场 delta field;
    三角形大横帆 bentinck;
    三角形导轨 triangular guide;
    三角形地带 gore;
    三角形电流 delta current;
    三角形电路 delta network;
    三角形多元天线 multiwire-triatic antenna;
    三角形法计算矿量 {采矿} triangular method;
    三角形反常 triangle anomaly;
    三角形分布 triangular distribution;
    三角形分解 triangular decomposition;
    三角形杆 triangular section bar;
    三角形构架 triangular truss;
    三角形骨盆 triangular pelvis;
    三角形化 triangularization;
    三角形基 triangular basis;
    三角形激光器 triangular laser;
    三角形甲板长度 deck;
    三角形接端 delta connector;
    三角形接法 {电工} delta connection; mesh connection;
    三角形接线 delta connection;
    三角形结构 triangular structure;
    三角形截面踏步 {建} spandrel step;
    三角形解法 solution of a triangle; triangle computations; solution by a triangle;
    三角形矩阵 triangular matrices;
    三角形蜡孔 tricerores;
    三角形连接电动势 delta electromotive force;
    三角形脉冲 {电子} triangular pulse;
    三角形脉冲发生器 triangle generator;
    三角形脉冲函数 {讯} delta impulse function;
    三角形楣饰 fronton;
    三角形密封圈 delta-ring;
    三角形面 gore;
    三角形木料堆 peaker;
    三角形皮带 vee belt;
    三角形枪显像管 {电子} delta-gun tube;
    三角形切口横条 arris rail;
    三角形缺口 vee;
    三角形绕组 delta winding;
    三角形式 triangular form;
    三角形饰 triquetra;
    三角形数 triangular number;
    三角形速度分布 triangular velocity distribution;
    三角形探伤法 delta testing method;
    三角形体 trigone;
    三角形天帆 sky-gazer;
    三角形天线 triangle antenna; triangular antenna;
    三角形突起 dentation;
    三角形网格 triangular net;
    三角形网络 {电} delta network;
    三角形网线 trigonal;
    三角形线迹 arrow head;
    三角形小窗 angle light;
    三角形褶裥 vee;
    三角形植树 planting in triangle;
    三角形注入(式)激光器 triangular injection laser
    * * *
    三角形|三角形 [sān jiǎo xíng] triangle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 三角形

  • 15 三軍

    the three armed services; the Services, the army
    * * *
    san1 jun1
    (in former times) upper, middle and lower army, army of right, center and left, (in modern times) the three armed services: Army, Navy and Air Force
    * * *
    三軍|三军 [sān jūn] (in former times) upper, middle and lower army army of right, center and left (in modern times) the three armed services: Army, Navy and Air Force

    Chinese-English dictionary > 三軍

  • 16 上将

    (U. S. & Brit. Army, U. S. Air Force, U. S. & Brit. Marine Corps) general; (U. S. & Brit. Navy) admiral; (Brit. Air Force) air chief marshal
    * * *
    admiral; general
    相关词组: 四星上将
    * * *
    admiral; general
    * * *
    n. general, admiral
    * * *
    shang4 jiang4
    general, admiral, air chief marshal
    * * *
    shàng jiàng
    general (陆军, 美空军); air chief marshal (英空军); admiral (海军)
    * * *
    上將|上将 [shàng jiàng] general admiral air chief marshal

    Chinese-English dictionary > 上将

  • 17 上將

    (U. S. & Brit. Army, U. S. Air Force, U. S. & Brit. Marine Corps) general; (U. S. & Brit. Navy) admiral; (Brit. Air Force) air chief marshal
    * * *
    n. general, admiral
    * * *
    shang4 jiang4
    general, admiral, air chief marshal
    * * *
    上將|上将 [shàng jiàng] general admiral air chief marshal

    Chinese-English dictionary > 上將

  • 18 上尉

    (U. S. & Brit. Army, U. S. Air Force, U. S. & Brit. Marine Corps) captain; (U. S. & Brit. Navy) lieutenant; (Brit. Air Force) flight lieutenant
    * * *
    * * *
    shang4 wei4
    captain (military rank)
    * * *
    shàng wèi
    captain (陆军、 美空军); lieutenant (海军); flight lieutenant (英空军)
    * * *
    上尉|上尉 [shàng wèi] captain (military rank)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 上尉

  • 19 不可抗力

    Force majeure: a circumstance that is unexpected or uncontrollable.
    * * *
    【经】 act of god; irresistible
    * * *
    force majeure; act of God
    * * *
    n. force majeure
    * * *
    bu4 ke3 kang4 li4
    unpredictable eventuality, unpreventable, unavoidable, impossible to overcome, nothing can be done about it, act of God, force majeure
    * * *
    bù kě kàng lì
    {律} (人力所不能抵抗的力量) vis major; act of God (Providence); force majeure; beyond human control
    不可抗力条款 force majeure clause
    * * *
    不可抗力|不可抗力 [bù kě kàng lì] unpredictable eventuality unpreventable unavoidable impossible to overcome nothing can be done about it act of God force majeure

    Chinese-English dictionary > 不可抗力

  • 20 不可抗拒

    bu4 ke3 kang4 ju4
    act of God, force majeure (law), irresistible (idiom)
    * * *
    bù kě kàng jù
    irresistible; inexorable:
    不可抗拒的规律 inexorable law;
    不可抗拒的原因 irresistible cause;
    不可抗拒的事件 irresistible incident;
    不可抗拒的历史潮流 an irresistible historical trend;
    改革浪潮是不可抗拒的。 The raging trend of reforms is irresistible.
    * * *
    不可抗拒|不可抗拒 [bù kě kàng jù] act of God force majeure (law) irresistible (idiom)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 不可抗拒

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