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central limit theorem

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  • Central limit theorem — This figure demonstrates the central limit theorem. The sample means are generated using a random number generator, which draws numbers between 1 and 100 from a uniform probability distribution. It illustrates that increasing sample sizes result… …   Wikipedia

  • central limit theorem — Statistics. any of several theorems stating that the sum of a number of random variables obeying certain conditions will assume a normal distribution as the number of variables becomes large. [1950 55] * * * In statistics, any of several… …   Universalium

  • central limit theorem — noun : any of several fundamental theorems of probability and statistics giving the conditions under which the distribution of a sum of independent random variables can be found approximately by using the normal distribution ; especially : a… …   Useful english dictionary

  • central limit theorem — noun a) The theorem that states that if the sum of independent identically distributed random variables has a finite variance, then it will be approximately normally distributed. b) Any of various similar theorems …   Wiktionary

  • central limit theorem — noun Date: 1951 any of several fundamental theorems of probability and statistics that state the conditions under which the distribution of a sum of independent random variables is approximated by the normal distribution; especially one which is… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Central Limit Theorem — The law of large numbers states that as a sample of independent, identically distributed random numbers approaches infinity, its probability density function approaches the normal distribution. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary See: normal… …   Financial and business terms

  • central limit theorem — if random samples of size n are taken from a population having a normally distributed variable with mean μ and standard deviation σ, the distribution of the sample means is normal, with mean μ and standard deviation if the variable …   Medical dictionary

  • central limit theorem — See *normal distribution …   Auditor's dictionary

  • Central limit theorem for directional statistics — In probability theory, the central limit theorem states conditions under which the mean of a sufficiently large number of independent random variables, each with finite mean and variance, will be approximately normally distributed.[1] Directional …   Wikipedia

  • Central Limit Theorem - CLT — A statistical theory that states that given a sufficiently large sample size from a population with a finite level of variance, the mean of all samples from the same population will be approximately equal to the mean of the population.… …   Investment dictionary

  • Illustration of the central limit theorem — This article gives two concrete illustrations of the central limit theorem. Both involve the sum of independent and identically distributed random variables and show how the probability distribution of the sum approaches the normal distribution… …   Wikipedia

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