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  • 81 供应

    supply; ply; provide, provision
    * * *
    provide; supply; purvey; fill; outfit; serve; purveyance; provision
    【化】 furnish
    【经】 supply
    相关词组: 供应不足
    * * *
    accommodate; come out with; fill; provide; purvey; serve
    * * *
    n. provision
    v. supply, provide
    * * *
    gong1 ying4
    to supply, to provide, to offer
    * * *
    gōng yìng
    supply; accommdate:
    供应某人食品 supply sb. with food;
    敞开供应 can be bought without any restriction;
    计划供应 planned supply;
    市场供应 supply of commodities; market supplies;
    医药品供应 medical supplies;
    供应各种日常必备品 offer various daily necessaries;
    商品供应充足。 There is an abundance of commodity supplies on the markets.
    这里肉类供应充足。 There is a good supply of meat here.
    供应厂商 supplier;
    供应船 depot ship; tender;
    供应处 activity;
    供应等待时间 supply delay time;
    供应点 supply centre;
    供应订货 fill an order;
    供应范围 extent of supply;
    供应罐 charging-tank;
    供应环节 supply system;
    供应规格 specifications for delivery;
    供应基金 common financing fund;
    供应舰 tender ship; depot ship;
    供应孔道 feeding channel;
    供应快餐 supply fast-food;
    供应困难 making the supply difficult; in poor supply;
    供应量 supply level;
    供应能力 deliverability;
    供应室 supply room;
    供应体制 supply system;
    供应艇 cockboat;
    供应系数 accommodation coefficient;
    供应限制 supply constraints;
    供应限制因素 supply constraint;
    供应线 supply line;
    供应站 supply station; supply depot;
    供应中心 support center
    * * *
    供應|供应 [gōng yìng] to supply to provide to offer

    Chinese-English dictionary > 供应

  • 82 供电

    supply electricity; supply power
    * * *
    power supply
    * * *
    power supply
    * * *
    gong1 dian4
    supply electricity
    * * *
    gōng diàn
    supply electricity; power supply; current supply; feed; feeding; supply:
    什么时候向远处的农场供电? When is power going to be supplied to the distant farms?
    供电变压器 supply transformer;
    供电波动 supply variation;
    供电电极 current electrode;
    供电电缆 service cable;
    供电电压 power supply voltage; service voltage;
    供电调度员 load dispatcher;
    供电段 power-feed section;
    供电分支电路 take-off circuit;
    供电干线 main-supply;
    供电继电器 supply relay;
    供电局 administration of power supply; power supply bureau;
    供电可靠性 power distribution reliability;
    供电区 service area;
    供电设备 power supply unit;
    供电损耗 current supply loss;
    供电损失 loss of supply;
    供电所 administration of power supply;
    供电系统 power-supply system; feed system;
    供电线路 charging line;
    供电业务 power service;
    供电站 supply station;
    供电整流器 mains unit;
    供电中断 service failure;
    供电中继 power interruption; interruption of power supply;
    供电中心 center of supply;
    供电装置 electric supply installation
    * * *
    供電|供电 [gōng diàn] to supply electricity

    Chinese-English dictionary > 供电

  • 83 保健

    health protection; health care
    * * *
    health care; health protection
    相关词组: 保健的
    * * *
    health care; health protection
    * * *
    n. health care, health protection
    * * *
    bao3 jian4
    health protection, health care
    * * *
    bǎo jiàn
    health protection; health care:
    妇幼保健 maternal and child hygiene; mother and child care
    保健按摩 keep-fit massage; therapeutic massage;
    保健班 keep-fit class;
    保健补助费 health subsidies;
    保健操 setting-up exercises; health exercises;
    保健产品 health products;
    保健措施 health protection measures;
    保健法 hygiene;
    保健费 health subsidies; health fee;
    保健护士 health nurse;
    保健机构 health institution;
    保健机理 hygiogensis;
    保健建筑 health building;
    保健灸 healthful moxibustion;
    保健食品 health food; protective foods;
    保健事业 public health work;
    保健所 clinic;
    保健网 health care network;
    保健物理学 health physics;
    保健箱 medical kit;
    保健因素 hygienic factor;
    保健员 health worker;
    保健站 health station; health center;
    保健专家 sanitarian;
    保健装置 protection device;
    保健组织 health (care) organization
    * * *
    保健|保健 [bǎo jiàn] health protection health care to maintain in good health

    Chinese-English dictionary > 保健

  • 84 保持

    keep; maintain; preserve; stay; hold; retain, preservation
    * * *
    keep; hold; maintain; maintenance; preserve; remain; retain
    【计】 retention
    【医】 retention
    【经】 hold; keep; keep up
    相关词组: 保持沉默
    * * *
    holding; keep; maintenance; preserve; rest; retain
    * * *
    adj. held, holding
    n. preservation, retention, holding, maintenance, keeping
    v. hold, maintain, keep, preserve, retain, save
    * * *
    bao3 chi2
    to keep, to maintain, to hold, to preserve
    * * *
    bǎo chí
    (维持; 使不消失或减弱) keep; hold; retain; maintain; preserve:
    保持安静 keep quiet;
    保持优势 hold on to a dominant (favorable) position;
    保持警惕 maintain vigilance; be on the alert;
    保持清洁 keep clean;
    保持优良传统 preserve good traditions;
    保持劳动人民的本色 retain the characteristics of the working people;
    保持冷静的头脑 keep a cool head; keep cool;
    保持跳高纪录 retain the high jump record;
    保持优良品质 retain the fine qualities;
    保持党政机关的廉洁 keep the Party and government departments honest and clean;
    保持活力 maintain vitality;
    保持均势 maintain parity
    保持安全距离 wide berth;
    保持电流 holding current; keeping current; hold current; latching current;
    保持电路 hold circuit; holding circuit; retaining circuit; stick circuit; sustain circuit; lock-out circuit;
    保持电容器 holding capacitor;
    保持电压 sustaining voltage;
    保持电子束 holding electric beam;
    保持范围 hold-in range;
    保持复位 hold reset;
    保持故障 hold-over fault;
    保持继电器 hold relay;
    保持肌 retentor;
    保持架 retainer;
    保持开放装置 hold-clear;
    保持力 retention;
    保持良好状态 well-being;
    保持能力 hold facility;
    保持频率 holding frequency;
    保持器 keeper; cage; maintainer;
    保持杀菌(作用) holder pasteurization;
    保持时间 hold time; retention time; storage time;
    保持时间正确 time-preserving;
    保持系 {物} maintainer line;
    保持线圈 holding coil;
    保持阳极(维持电弧阳极) holding anode;
    保持永新 newness retention;
    保持元件 holding element;
    保持状态 hold mode; interrupt mode;
    保持自旋轨道的散射波 non-flip scattered wave;
    保持作用 holding action
    * * *
    保持|保持 [bǎo chí] to keep to maintain to hold to preserve

    Chinese-English dictionary > 保持

  • 85 信号

    * * *
    semaphore; signal
    【计】 semaphore; signal
    【化】 sign; signal
    【医】 signal
    【经】 call letter; signal
    相关词组: 报时信号
    * * *
    semaphore; signal
    * * *
    n. semaphore, signal
    v. waft
    * * *
    xin4 hao4
    * * *
    xìn hào
    signal; semaphore; gun:
    音频(响)信号 an audible signal;
    臂板信号{铁道} semaphore;
    灯光信号 light signal;
    识别信号 identification signal;
    遇难信号{航海} distress signal; SOS;
    杂乱信号{无} hash;
    火车切不可越过危险信号。 A train must not pass a signal that is at danger.
    信号是用旗或灯发出的。 Signals are made with flags or lamps.
    信号矮柱 doll;
    信号保存 signal preservation;
    信号倍增光电摄像管 signal multiplier iconoscope;
    信号比 signal ratio;
    信号臂板夹 blade grip;
    信号编码 signal encoding;
    信号变换 signal transformation; signal conversion;
    信号变换器 signal converter; signal inverter;
    信号变换装置 chromacoder;
    信号标志 marker;
    信号表示 signal representation;
    信号玻璃 signal glass;
    信号波 signal wave;
    信号布板码 panel code;
    信号布置 signal layout;
    信号参数分析器 signal parameter analyzer;
    信号场 signal field;
    信号成形网络 signal-shaping network;
    信号持续时间 signal duration;
    信号处理 signal processing;
    信号处理机 signal processor;
    信号处理天线 signal processing antenna;
    信号处理系统 signal processing system;
    信号传播速度 signal velocity;
    信号传递函数 signal transfer function;
    信号传感器 signal transducer;
    信号传输 signal propagation (trasmission);
    信号传输电路 signal circuit;
    信号传输滞后 signal transferring lag;
    信号传送 signalling;
    信号串音比 signal-to-cross-talk ratio;
    信号锤 rapper; knocker;
    信号代码 signal code;
    信号单元 signal element;
    信号弹 {工} signal flare;
    信号弹药 signal bombs;
    信号灯 signal lamp (light); alarm lamp; light; signallight; winker; call lamp; blinker; telltale lamp;
    信号地雷 signal mines;
    信号电极 signal electrode;
    信号电缆 signal cable;
    信号电流 signal current;
    信号电路 signalling circuit; signal circuit;
    信号电码 signal code;
    信号电平 signal level;
    信号电平电子控制器 electronic signal level control;
    信号电平分布 signal level distribution;
    信号电平控制 signal level control; levecon; level control;
    信号电平中值 median of signal level;
    信号电压 signal voltage;
    信号电阻器 signal resistor;
    信号叠加 superposition of signals;
    信号读出 signal reading;
    信号渡越时间(光电倍增管的) signal transit time;
    信号对噪声和失真比 signal to noise and distortion ratio (SINAD);
    信号二极管 signal diode;
    信号发生器 signal generator; generator; producer;
    信号发生器环形天线 signal-generator loop antenna;
    信号发送台 sender transmitting station;
    信号发送装置 sender unit;
    信号方位 aspect;
    信号方向 sense;
    信号放大 signal amplification;
    信号放大器 signal amplifier;
    信号分离器 demultiplexer; signal demultiplexer;
    信号分量 signal component;
    信号分配放大器 distribution amplifier;
    信号分析 signal analysis;
    信号分析测量仪 signal analysing and measuring instruments;
    信号分析器 signal analyzer; signalling analyzer; signalyzer;
    信号峰值电平 peak-signal level;
    信号幅度 signal amplitude;
    信号幅度分布 signal amplitude distribution;
    信号浮标 flag float;
    信号格式 signal format;
    信号工 signalman;
    信号工程 (学) signalling engineering;
    信号功率 signal power;
    信号管理交叉口 signalized intersection;
    信号光 flashlight; signal light;
    信号函数 signal function;
    信号互控 multi-frequency compelled;
    信号化 signalling;
    信号环 hoop;
    信号混合 signal mixing;
    信号火箭 signal rocket;
    信号畸变 signal distortion;
    信号积累 signal integration; integration of signals;
    信号极性 signal polarity;
    信号极性逆转 signal inversion;
    信号剂 flare;
    信号(转换)计数器 event counter;
    信号寄存器电源 signal register power source;
    信号继电器 signal relay; annunciator relay;
    信号加工{信} signal conditioning;
    信号检测 signal detection;
    信号检测理论 signal detection theory;
    信号间隔 signal interval;
    信号间距 signal distance;
    信号键 signal key;
    信号渐弱 fade out;
    信号渐弱式导航定向 fade out range orientation;
    信号交换 signal switching; handshaking;
    信号校正电路 peaking circuit;
    信号接收指示灯 codan lamp;
    信号解释 signal interpretation;
    信号晶体管 signal transistor;
    信号空间 signal space; waveform space;
    信号控制 control of signal;
    信号控制继电器 signal control relay;
    信号宽度 duration of signal;
    信号雷管 torpedo;
    信号理论 signal theory;
    信号铃 signal bell; jingle bell;
    信号铃流发生器 tone and ringing current generator;
    信号流(程)图 signal flow diagram (graphs);
    信号流图解 signal-flow graph;
    信号楼 signal cabin (boxes); tower;
    信号码 signal code;
    信号码元 signal element;
    信号脉冲 signal pulse; signal impulse;
    信号门限 signal threshold;
    信号模拟 signal imitation;
    信号能量 signal energy;
    信号耦合环 signal coupling loop;
    信号盘 signal panels;
    信号炮 alarm gun;
    信号匹配 signal match;
    信号偏压(移) signal bias;
    信号频带 signal band;
    信号频率 signal frequency;
    信号频率放大器 signal-frequency amplifier;
    信号平均 signal averaging;
    信号平台 signal bridge;
    信号旗 code flag;
    信号旗手 flagman;
    信号旗斜杆 monkey gaff;
    信号起伏 signal fluctuation;
    信号器 signalizer; annunciator; alarm; signaler; advertiser; ringer; signalling apparatus;
    信号器材 signal equipment;
    信号枪 signal gun; signal piping; flare gun; flare pistol; pyrotechnic pistol; ground signal projector;
    信号强度 signal strength; signal intensity;
    信号强度变动 signal intensity swing; swinging;
    信号强度计 signal strength meter;
    信号强度损失 loss of signal strength;
    (铁道的)信号桥 signal bridge;
    信号桥楼甲板 flagdeck;
    信号曲 signature tune (广播);
    信号绕组 signal winding;
    信号三角旗 code pennant;
    信号栅极 signal grid;
    信号闪光灯 signal flasher;
    信号设备 signalling equipment; signal facilites; signals devices;
    信号设计 signal design;
    信号失落(磁带) signal dropout;
    信号失落补偿器 signal dropout compensator; dropout compensator;
    信号失真 signal distortion;
    信号识别 signal identification (recognition);
    信号示踪器 signal tracer;
    信号事故 signal accident;
    信号手 signalman;
    信号手枪 flare pistol; flare gun;
    信号输出 signal output;
    信号输出电流 signal output current;
    信号输入 signal input;
    信号输入电极 signal input electrode; signal receiving electrode;
    信号衰减 signal attenuation;
    信号瞬时值 sample;
    信号速度 signal speed;
    信号速率 signal rate; signalling rate;
    信号索滑车 dasher block;
    信号塔 signal beacon;
    信号肽 signal peptide;
    信号特征分析 signature analysis;
    信号提取 signal extraction;
    信号条理 signal conditioning;
    信号通道 signal channel;
    信号同步传输制 signal synchronizing system;
    信号托架 signal cantilever;
    信号网络 signal network;
    信号尾部 wave tail;
    信号系统 signalling (signal) system;
    信号显示 aspect;
    信号线 holding wire;
    信号相关 signal correlation;
    信号相位起伏 signal phase fluctuation;
    信号泄漏 signal leakage;
    信号形成器 shaping unit;
    信号选择器 signal selector;
    信号压缩 compression of signal;
    信号烟火 balefire;
    信号烟幕 smoke signals;
    信号延迟 signal delay;
    信号延迟时间 signal delay time;
    信号焰管 fuzee;
    信号仪 bashertron;
    信号溢出 signal overflow;
    信号音 signal tone;
    信号与偏差比 signal-to-deviation ratio;
    信号阈 signal threshold;
    信号员 flagman; signalman;
    信号圆牌 target;
    信号杂波比 signal-to-clutter ratio;
    信号杂音比 signal-to-noises ratio (SN); signal noise ratio; SN ratio;
    信号再生 {信} signal regeneration; signal reshaping;
    信号噪声比 signal noise ratio; signal to noise ratio; SN ratio;
    信号增强 signal enhancement;
    信号增益 signal gain;
    信号站 {信} signal station;
    信号整形 signal shaping;
    信号整形网络 signal-shaping network;
    信号正交函数表示法 signal representation by orthogonal function;
    信号指示器 signal indicator;
    信号滞后 signal lag;
    信号中心 signal center;
    信号周期 signal period;
    信号柱顶 pinnacle;
    信号转换 signal transformation;
    信号转换装置 chromacoder; signal conversion equipment;
    信号装置 signal device; signal(l)er; signalling device; signalling; advertiser; telltale; tell-tal; tell-table;
    信号字母 signalling alphabet
    * * *
    信號|信号 [xìn hào] signal

    Chinese-English dictionary > 信号

  • 86 信息中心

    xin4 xi1 zhong1 xin1
    information center, abbr. for Information center for human rights and democracy 中國人權民運信息中心, 中国人权民运信息中心, Hong Kong
    * * *
    信息中心|信息中心 [xìn xī zhōng xīn] information center abbr. for ↑ 中國人權民運信息中心|↑ 中国人权民运信息中心 [Zhōng guó rén quán mín yùn xìn xī zhōng xīn], Information center for human rights and democracy, Hong Kong

    Chinese-English dictionary > 信息中心

  • 87 健身館

    jian4 shen1 guan3
    a gym (health center)
    * * *
    健身館|健身馆 [jiàn shēn guǎn] a gym (health center)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 健身館

  • 88 健身馆

    jian4 shen1 guan3
    a gym (health center)
    * * *
    健身館|健身馆 [jiàn shēn guǎn] a gym (health center)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 健身馆

  • 89 內心

    heart; innermost being, incentre (of a triangle); inner; inward
    * * *
    n. heart, innermost being, inner center, bosom
    * * *
    nei4 xin1
    heart, innermost being
    * * *
    內心|内心 [nèi xīn] heart innermost being

    Chinese-English dictionary > 內心

  • 90 全球发展中心

    quan2 qiu2 fa1 zhan3 zhong1 xin1
    Center for Global Development (an environmental think tank)
    * * *
    全球發展中心|全球发展中心 [quán qiú fā zhǎn zhōng xīn] Center for Global Development (an environmental think tank)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 全球发展中心

  • 91 全球發展中心

    quan2 qiu2 fa1 zhan3 zhong1 xin1
    Center for Global Development (an environmental think tank)
    * * *
    全球發展中心|全球发展中心 [quán qiú fā zhǎn zhōng xīn] Center for Global Development (an environmental think tank)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 全球發展中心

  • 92 关于

    about; on; with regard to; concerning; concern; re; regarding;over, relating to
    * * *
    about; as regards; concerning; in connexion with; in regard to; in relation to
    【机】 per
    * * *
    about; on; with regard to; concerning; anenst; anent
    * * *
    adv. thereof, thereon
    v. respect, centre, center, pertain
    prep. anent, concerning, concerning, with respect to, about, anent, with, pertaining to, regarding, on, with regard to, in regard to, respecting
    * * *
    guan1 yu2
    pertaining to, concerning, regarding, with regards to, about, a matter of, also written 關於, 关于
    guan1 yu2
    pertaining to, concerning, regarding, with regards to, about, a matter of
    * * *
    guān yú
    about; on; with regard to; concerning; in regard to (of); with respect to; as respects; as regards; in this regard; in one's regard; as concerns...; as to; relate to...; in relation to; relative; as far as... be concerned:
    关于保护森林的若干规定 regulations concerning the protection of forests;
    关于航运的国际立法 international legislation on shipping;
    关于中东局势 Re. Situation in the Middle East (公文开头)
    * * *
    關於|关于 [guān yú] pertaining to concerning with regard to about a matter of

    Chinese-English dictionary > 关于

  • 93 兴奋剂

    anti-depressant; Stimulant: medicine that can cause the central nervous system to become excited.
    * * *
    a shot in the arm; cordial; excitant; exhilarant; incitant; provocative
    reviver; stimulant
    【化】 agonist; excitants
    【医】 analeptic; excitant; stimulant
    * * *
    a shot in the arm; cordial; exhilarant; incitant; provocative; reviver
    * * *
    n. cordial, provocative
    * * *
    xing1 fen4 ji4
    stimulant, doping (in athletics)
    * * *
    xīng fèn jì
    analeptic; dope; tonic; agonist; up; upper; excitant; stimulant:
    兴奋剂疗法 stimulation treatment
    (喻) a shot in the arm:
    这封鼓舞人心的信, 宛如一服兴奋剂。 The encouraging letter was like a shot in the arm.
    兴奋剂检测中心 analeptic inspection center
    * * *
    興奮劑|兴奋剂 [xīng fèn jì] stimulant doping (in athletics)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 兴奋剂

  • 94 内心

    heart; innermost being, incentre (of a triangle); inner; inward
    * * *
    heart; innermost being
    相关词组: 内心的
    * * *
    heart; innermost being; bosom; incenter
    * * *
    n. heart, innermost being, inner center, bosom
    * * *
    nei4 xin1
    heart, innermost being
    * * *
    nèi xīn
    (心里头) inward; heart; innermost being:
    内心活动 one's inner life;
    内心叫苦 groan inwardly
    {数} incentre; inner centre
    内心世界 the inner world of the heart; one's inner world;
    内心投影 internal projection
    * * *
    內心|内心 [nèi xīn] heart innermost being

    Chinese-English dictionary > 内心

  • 95 冈底斯山

    Gang1 di3 si1 shan1
    Mt Gangdisê (6656m) in southwest Tibet, revered by Tibetans as the center of the universe
    * * *
    岡底斯山|冈底斯山 [Gāng dǐ sī shān] Mt Gangdisê (6656m) in southwest Tibet, revered by Tibetans as the center of the universe

    Chinese-English dictionary > 冈底斯山

  • 96 凹槽

    beard; fillister; channel
    * * *
    flute; groove; rut
    * * *
    flute; groove; rut
    * * *
    n. impression, indentation, notch
    * * *
    ao1 cao2
    recess, notch, groove, fillister
    * * *
    āo cáo
    indentation; fillister; flute; fluting; notch; groove; trough; recess; beard (钩针的); open-joint (书脊与书封间)
    凹槽刨 ogee plane;
    凹槽玻璃 fluted glass; grooved glass;
    凹槽侧板 {木} notch board;
    凹槽车刀 recessing tool;
    凹槽断层 {地质} rough fault;
    凹槽缝 fillister(ed) (groove) joint;
    凹槽拱顶 trough vault;
    凹槽勾缝 {建} recessed pointing;
    凹槽滑车 notch block;
    凹槽接缝 {建} rustic joint;
    凹槽接合 fillister(ed) joint;
    凹槽节 notching joint;
    凹槽孔 recess hole;
    凹槽轮缘 drop center rim;
    凹槽螺塞 slotted screw plug;
    凹槽面条 vigatoni;
    凹槽墨辊 periprinter;
    凹槽平缝 {建} flat-joint jointed;
    凹槽饰 fluted moulding;
    凹槽锁 {木} rabbeted lock;
    凹槽圆线脚 bead-and-quirk; {木} quirk-bead;
    凹槽柱 fluted column
    * * *
    凹槽|凹槽 [āo cáo] recess notch groove fillister

    Chinese-English dictionary > 凹槽

  • 97 出轨

    go off the rails; be derailed, overstep the bounds; exceed what is proper
    * * *
    derail; deviate; off the track; off the trail
    【法】 derailment
    相关词组: 出轨的
    * * *
    derailment; deviate; off the track; off the trail
    * * *
    chu1 gui3
    derailment (railway accident), to leave the rails, fig. to overstep bounds, fig. to have an extramarital affair
    * * *
    chū guǐ
    (火车脱离轨道) be derailed; go off the rails; jump the rails:
    火车突然出轨了。 The train jumped the rail.
    (言语行动出乎常规之外) overstep the bounds:
    出轨行为 improper behaviour
    * * *
    出軌|出轨 [chū guǐ] derailment (railway accident) to leave the rails fig. to overstep bounds fig. to have an extramarital affair

    Chinese-English dictionary > 出轨

  • 98 分布

    be distributed (over an area); be dispersed; be scattered, distribution
    * * *
    【化】 distribution
    【医】 distribution; supply
    * * *
    * * *
    adj. distributed
    v. be distributed, be scattered
    * * *
    fen1 bu4
    distributed, to distribute
    * * *
    fēn bù
    distribute; spread; scatter; distribution:
    人口分布 population distribution;
    分布在全国各地 be distributed throughout the country;
    彝族主要分布在云南、 四川和贵州三省。 The Yi nationality is distributed mainly over Yunnan, Sichuan and Guizhou provinces.
    有些种类的植物分布得很广。 Some types of plants are widely distributed.
    分布百分数 percentile;
    分布不均 maldistribution;
    分布参量放大器 distributed paramp; distributed parameter amplifier;
    分布参数 distributed parameter; parameter of distribution;
    分布参数测量 distributed parameter measurement;
    分布参数测量设备 distributed parameter measuring equipment;
    分布参数电路 distributed constant (parameter) circuit;
    分布参数过程 distributed parameter process;
    分布参数集成电路 distributed parameter integrated circuit;
    分布参数网络 distributed parameter network;
    分布参数系统 distributed parameter system;
    分布参数线 distributed parameter line; line with distributed parameter;
    分布参数延迟线 distributed parameter delay line;
    分布参数元件 element with distributed parameters;
    分布参数振荡器 distributed generator;
    分布测度 measure of spread;
    分布常数 distributed constant; distribution constant;
    分布常数电路 distributed constant circuit;
    分布常数滤波器 distributed constant filter;
    分布常数式电桥 distributed constant type bridge;
    分布处理存储器 distributed processing memory;
    分布电感 distributed inductance;
    分布电路 distributed circuit;
    分布电路参数测量设备 distributed parameter measuring equipment;
    分布电容 distributed capacitance; distributed capacity; distribution capacity;
    分布电容耦合 auto-capacity coupling;
    分布电压 spread voltage;
    分布电阻 distributed resistance;
    分布发射光电二极管 distributed emission photodiode;
    分布发射式正交场噪声发生器 distributed emission crossed-field noise-generator;
    分布反馈半导体激光器 distributed feedback semiconductor laser;
    分布反馈激光器 distributed feedback laser; DFB laser;
    分布放大 distributed amplification;
    分布放大器 distributed amplifier; distributed lip amplifier;
    分布放射磁控放大管 dematron;
    分布分流电导 distributed shunt conductance;
    分布负载 distributed load;
    分布功能 distributed function;
    分布观测 distributive observation;
    分布光度计 distribution photometer;
    分布规律 regularity of distribution;
    分布函数 distribution function;
    分布互作用速调管 extended interaction klystron;
    分布计算 distributed computing;
    分布计算机系统 distributed computer system;
    分布控制 distribution control;
    分布控制系统 distribution control system;
    分布宽度 dispersion of distribution;
    分布力 distributed force;
    分布力矩 moment of distribution; distribution moment;
    分布梁 {工} spreader beam;
    分布律 distribution law;
    分布论 {数} distribution theory;
    分布逻辑 distributed logic;
    分布逻辑存储器 distributed logic memory;
    分布密度 distribution density; distribution with density;
    分布模型 distributed model;
    分布偶极子天线阵 spaced-dipole array;
    分布器 sparger;
    分布曲线 ogive; distribution curve;
    分布屈服 distributed yielding;
    分布绕组 distributed winding;
    分布时差 distributed lag;
    分布栓 peg rail;
    分布铁心式变压器 distribution core type transformer;
    分布通信处理机 distributed communication processor;
    分布通信体系结构 distributed communication architecture;
    分布图 allocation plan; profile;
    分布网络 distributed network;
    分布温度 distribution temperature;
    分布误差 distribution error;
    分布系数 {电} breadth coefficient; breadth factor; distribution factor; distribution coefficient; distribution number; distribution ratio;
    分布谐振 distributed resonance;
    分布信息 distributed intelligence;
    分布因数 distribution factor;
    分布因子 {核} distribution factor;
    分布元件 distributed component;
    分布元件滤波器 distributed component filter;
    分布载荷 distributed load;
    分布智能 distributed intelligence;
    分布质量 distributed mass;
    分布中心 {统} center of a distribution;
    分布阻抗 distribution impedance;
    分布阻尼 distributed damping;
    分布作用速调管 distribution klystron
    * * *
    分佈|分布 [fēn bù] distributed to distribute

    Chinese-English dictionary > 分布

  • 99 分度

    【医】 graduation
    * * *
    fen1 du4
    graduation (of a measuring instrument)
    * * *
    fēn dù
    {物} {电} scale division; scale mark; division; graduate; graduated dial; dividing; graduation; {机} indexing
    分度板 index plate;
    分度标记 scale mark;
    分度柄 index handle;
    分度超环面 reference toroid;
    分度齿轮 dividing gear; index gear;
    分度尺 graduated scale; measure;
    分度顶尖 {机} index center; indexing center;
    分度符号 graduation mark;
    分度附件 dividing attachment; indexing attachment;
    分度杆 index lever;
    分度格网 grade grid;
    分度工作台 index table;
    分度规 bevel square;
    分度弧 limb;
    分度弧规 graded scale curve;
    分度虎钳 index center;
    分度环 graduated collar; scale ring;
    分度机 dividing engine;
    分度机构 indexing mechanism;
    分度机构常数 indexing gear constant;
    分度夹具 {机} indexing fixture;
    分度交换齿轮架 index change gears;
    分度镜 reticule;
    分度刻度盘 calibrated dial;
    分度孔 index hole; indexing hole;
    分度轮 divided wheel; dividing wheel;
    分度盘 graduated disk; limb; index plate;
    分度器 graduator;
    分度卡盘 index chuck;
    分度曲线 pitch curve;
    分度圈 index ring;
    分度三角板 protractor set square;
    分度手柄 dividing arm;
    分度数 number of divisions;
    分度台 circular dividing table; rotary table;
    分度筒 index sleeve;
    分度蜗轮 dividing (indexing) worm wheel;
    分度误差 error of division; indexing error;
    分度线 reticule; scale mark;
    分度销 index pin; index plunger; indexing plunger;
    分度销钮 index pin knob;
    分度摇柄 {机} index crank;
    分度圆螺旋线 reference helix;
    分度圆盘 index plate;
    分度值 division value;
    分度中性密度滤光片 graded neutral density filter;
    分度轴 dividing spindle; indexing shaft;
    分度转台 index table;
    分度装置 dividing apparatus; dividing device; indexing mechanism; index unit;
    分度钻模 indexing jig
    * * *
    分度|分度 [fēn dù] graduation (of a measuring instrument)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 分度

  • 100 刨床

    planer; planing machine
    * * *
    【机】 wood planer; wood planing machine
    * * *
    * * *
    n. planer, planing machine
    n. planer, planing machine
    * * *
    bao4 chuang2
    planer, planing machine
    * * *
    bào chuáng
    facing machine; planing machine; planer; mechanical slicer:
    牛头刨床 shaping machine
    刨床辅助滑板 side head;
    刨床架 plane stock;
    刨床转度卡盘 planer center
    * * *
    刨床|刨床 [bào chuáng] planer planing machine

    Chinese-English dictionary > 刨床

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