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center jump

  • 641 悬心

    be on tenterhooks
    * * *
    xuán xīn
    {力} center of suspension

    Chinese-English dictionary > 悬心

  • 642 野紫罗兰

    yě zǐ luó lán

    Chinese-English dictionary > 野紫罗兰

  • 643 一跃而过

    yī yuè ér guò
    jump at one bound; at (in) a stride; leap over at a bound; take a leap over; take in one's stride

    Chinese-English dictionary > 一跃而过

  • 644 翼型

    wing section; aerofoil
    * * *
    【化】 airfoil (profile)
    * * *
    * * *
    n. aerofoil, airfoil
    * * *
    yì xíng
    airfoil profile; airfoil section; airfoil shape; wing section
    翼型几何 airfoil geometry;
    翼型焦点 aerodynamic center;
    翼型螺钉 {机} wing screw;
    翼型弯度 camber;
    翼型阻力 profile drag

    Chinese-English dictionary > 翼型

  • 645 银心

    yín xīn
    {天} galactic center
    银心轨道 {天} galactic orbit;
    银心区 galactic center region

    Chinese-English dictionary > 银心

  • 646 硬质合金

    hard alloy; hard metal
    * * *
    【化】 cemented carbide; cemented carbides; hard alloy; hard metal
    hard metals
    * * *
    n. hard alloy, hard metal, carbide alloy
    * * *
    yìng zhì hé jīn
    hard metal; carbide; cemented carbide; kentanium; wimet; sintered-carbide; hard alloy; carbide alloy
    硬质合金侧铣刀 carbide side cutter;
    硬质合金刀具 hard alloy cutter; hard metal tool; carbide tool; corundum cutting tool;
    硬质合金刀片 carbide chip; carbide blade;
    硬质合金顶尖 carbide-tipped center;
    硬质合金钢 hard alloy steel;
    硬质合金工具磨床 carbide tool grinder; carbide-tip tool grinding machine;
    硬质合金滚刀 carbide hob;
    硬质合金铰刀 carbide-tipped reamer;
    硬质合金空心钻 carbide-tipped core drill;
    硬质合金矿车刀 carbide-tipped lathe tool;
    硬质合金立铣刀 carbide end mill;
    硬质合金铣刀 carbide-tipped milling cutter;
    硬质合金钻头 carbide drill; carbide-tipped drill; inserted drill

    Chinese-English dictionary > 硬质合金

  • 647 鱼跃

    fish dive
    * * *
    yú yuè
    {排球} fish dive:
    鱼跃救球 diving save; diving retrieve; make a fish jump to retrieve a ball;
    {足球}鱼跃顶球 diving header

    Chinese-English dictionary > 鱼跃

  • 648 跃变

    yuè biàn
    saltus; step
    跃变函数 jump function

    Chinese-English dictionary > 跃变

  • 649 跃过

    * * *
    hop; jump; leap
    * * *
    * * *
    yuè guò
    jump ascross (over); leap over:
    纵马跃过栅栏 leap a horse over a hurdle;
    跃过沟(溪) jump over a ditch (brook)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 跃过

  • 650 跃马横车

    yuè mǎ héng chē
    jump the horse over and drive the chariot crosswise -- in a chess game

    Chinese-English dictionary > 跃马横车

  • 651 跃升

    yuè shēng
    zooming; zoom; inshot
    跃升倒转 vertical reversement;
    跃升轰炸 zoom-bombing;
    跃升聚合 jump polymerization;
    跃升失速倒转 hammerhead stall

    Chinese-English dictionary > 跃升

  • 652 跃障复位装置

    yuè zhàng fù wèi zhuāng zhì
    stump-jump device

    Chinese-English dictionary > 跃障复位装置

  • 653 跃障机构

    yuè zhàng jī gòu
    stump-jump mechanism

    Chinese-English dictionary > 跃障机构

  • 654 跃障式圆盘犁

    yuè zhàng shì yuán pán lí
    stump-jump disk plow

    Chinese-English dictionary > 跃障式圆盘犁

  • 655 允执厥中

    yǔn zhí jué zhōng
    keep to the center

    Chinese-English dictionary > 允执厥中

  • 656 在中间

    in between; in the center of; intermediately
    * * *
    zài zhōng jiān

    Chinese-English dictionary > 在中间

  • 657 找中心

    【化】 centering; centring; to center
    * * *
    zhǎo zhōng xīn
    alignment (准直)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 找中心

  • 658 整轧轮心

    zhěng zhá lún xīn
    solid rolled center

    Chinese-English dictionary > 整轧轮心

  • 659 帧间

    【计】 interframe
    * * *
    zhēng jiān
    帧间编码 interframe encode;
    帧间跳动 frame-to-frame jump

    Chinese-English dictionary > 帧间

  • 660 质心系

    【化】 centre-of-mass system
    * * *
    zhì xīn xì
    {物} center-of-mass frame (system)
    质心系动量 barycentric momentum

    Chinese-English dictionary > 质心系

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