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center jump

  • 561 缔合

    【化】 association; association reaction
    【医】 association
    * * *
    dì hé
    {化} associate; association
    缔合波 associated wave;
    缔合常数 association constant;
    缔合反应 associated reaction;
    缔合分子 associated molecule;
    缔合胶体 association colloid;
    缔合聚合物 association polymer;
    缔合离子 associated ion;
    缔合热 {物化} association heat; heat of association;
    缔合数 association number;
    缔合位错 associated dislocation;
    缔合液体 {化} associated liquid;
    缔合中心 associated center

    Chinese-English dictionary > 缔合

  • 562 丁字形

    A T shape.
    * * *
    【化】 tee
    * * *
    dīng zì xíng
    T-shaped; tee-heeded
    丁字形槽 tee-slot;
    丁字形刀架 hand tool rest; tee rest;
    丁字形辐 T-headed spoke;
    丁字形钢轨 Vignole's rail;
    丁字形骨折 T-shaped fracture;
    丁字形焊 jump welding;
    丁字形夹具 T-fixture;
    丁字形角焊 T-filled weld;
    丁字形螺母 T-nut;
    丁字形螺栓 T-slot bolt;
    丁字形汽管接头 steam pipe “T” connection;
    丁字形弹簧吊架 tee hanger

    Chinese-English dictionary > 丁字形

  • 563 定常

    【计】 stationary
    * * *
    dìng cháng
    permanent; stationary; steady
    定常迭代 stationary (steady-state) iteration;
    定常迭代法 stationary iterative method;
    定常海流 {海} permanent current;
    定常加速度 steady-state acceleration;
    定常介 {经} stationary solution;
    定常流 {流} steady motion of a fluid; steady(-state) flow;
    定常流动 permanent (steady) flow;
    定常流气体动力学 steady gas dynamics;
    定常蠕变 steady-state creep;
    定常射流 steady jet;
    定常水跃{流} steady hydraulic jump;
    定常系统 stational system;
    定常效应模型 {统} constant-effect model;
    定常压力 steady pressure;
    定常迎角 steady-state incidence;
    定常语言 deterministic language;
    定常转动 steady rotation;
    定常状态 standing (stationary) state;
    定常状态保持时间 steady-state residence time;
    定常状态模型 {油工} steady-state model

    Chinese-English dictionary > 定常

  • 564 定中心

    center; centre
    【计】 centering
    * * *
    center; centre
    * * *
    dìng zhōng xīn
    {地测} centring; centre
    定中心棒 centring bar;
    定中心点 centre mark; prick punch mark;
    定中心夹头 centring chuck;
    定中心螺钉 centring screw;
    定中心磨边 centring edging;
    定中心楔 centring wedge;
    定中心凿 centring chisel;
    定中心装置 centralizer

    Chinese-English dictionary > 定中心

  • 565 发火花

    * * *
    * * *
    n. spark
    v. sparkle
    * * *
    fā huǒ huā
    spark jump; sparking
    发火花器 spark producer

    Chinese-English dictionary > 发火花

  • 566 反顶尖

    fǎn dǐng jiān
    counter center (车床的); female center

    Chinese-English dictionary > 反顶尖

  • 567 反应性

    【医】 reactivity
    * * *
    fǎn yìng xìng
    reactiveness; reactivity
    反应性变化率 {核} reactivity rate;
    反应性测量 reactivity measurement;
    反应性测量计 reactivity meter;
    反应性充血 reactive hyperemia;
    反应性功率系数 {核} reactivity power coefficient;
    反应性价值 reactivity worth;
    反应性减弱 reactivity hypergia; hypoergia;
    反应性胶粘剂 reactive adhesive;
    反应性精神病 reactive psychosis;
    反应性控制 reactivity control;
    反应性朦胧状态 reactive twilight state;
    反应性扰动 reactivity disturbance;
    反应性溶血 {免疫} reactive hemolysis;
    反应性失配 reactivity mismatch;
    反应性瞬变 reactivity transients;
    反应性瞬发跳变 prompt jump of reactivity;
    反应性速降 prompt drop of reactivity;
    反应性温度系数 {核} temperature coefficient of reactivity;
    反应性系数 reactivity coefficient;
    反应性异常 heteropathy;
    反应性抑郁症 reactive depression;
    反应性引入 reactivity insertion;
    反应性噪声 {核} reactivity noise;
    反应性增益 reactivity gain

    Chinese-English dictionary > 反应性

  • 568 飞火

    fēi huǒ
    jump fire

    Chinese-English dictionary > 飞火

  • 569 俯卸式

    fǔ xiè shì
    俯卸式跳高 straddle jump

    Chinese-English dictionary > 俯卸式

  • 570 腹腔丛

    【医】 abdominal center; celiac plexus; centrum commune; cerebrum abdominale
    epigastric center; epigastric plexus; plexus coeliacus; soiar plexus
    Vieussens's ganglion
    * * *
    fù qiāng cóng
    celiac plexus
    腹腔丛神经 plexus celiacus

    Chinese-English dictionary > 腹腔丛

  • 571 蛤蟆蹦三蹦,还得歇三歇

    há ma bèng sān bèng hái děi xiē sān xiē
    Even frogs don't hop nonstop.:
    蛤蟆蹦三蹦, 还得歇三歇呢,我总得稍停两天! The frogs rest after each jump. I have to relax for a couple of days, at least.

    Chinese-English dictionary > 蛤蟆蹦三蹦,还得歇三歇

  • 572 根端

    n. root apex
    * * *
    gēn duān
    butt; root apex
    根端腐朽部锯截 jump cutting;
    根端原木 butt cut;
    根端直径 diameter at butt end

    Chinese-English dictionary > 根端

  • 573 根心

    gēn xīn
    {数} radical center

    Chinese-English dictionary > 根心

  • 574 狗急跳墙

    a cornered beast will do something desperate
    * * *
    a cornered beast will do something desperate
    * * *
    a cornered beast will do something desperate
    * * *
    gǒu jí tiào qiáng
    A dog will leap over a wall in desperation.; A cornered beast will do something desperate.; A cornered dog will leap over a wall (in desperation).; A desperate dog tries to jump over the wall.; Desperation drives a dog to jump over a wall.; Dispair gives courage to a coward.; Drive a dog into a corner and he'll fight.; One will take desperate measures if pushed to the wall.; Tread on a worm and it will turn.

    Chinese-English dictionary > 狗急跳墙

  • 575 惯心系统

    guàn xīn xì tǒng
    center-of-inertia system

    Chinese-English dictionary > 惯心系统

  • 576 合作医疗

    cooperative medical service
    * * *
    hé zuò yī liáo
    cooperative medical care; cooperative medical service
    合作医疗保健站 cooperative medical care center;
    合作医疗制度 cooperative medical service

    Chinese-English dictionary > 合作医疗

  • 577 后顶针

    hòu dǐng zhēn
    back center
    后顶针架 footstock;
    后顶针座 tailstock

    Chinese-English dictionary > 后顶针

  • 578 欢跃

    exult; frisk
    相关词组: 欢跃的
    * * *
    * * *
    n. exultation, frisk
    * * *
    huān yuè
    overjoyed; very pleased; dancing with joy; jump for joy

    Chinese-English dictionary > 欢跃

  • 579 回跳

    * * *
    * * *
    huí tiào
    knock-on; kick-back; bounce; bound; impinging; recoil; rebound
    回跳阀 jump valve;
    回跳夹 rebound clip;
    回跳试验 rebound test

    Chinese-English dictionary > 回跳

  • 580 急得跺脚

    jí de duò jiǎo
    make sb. jump up with nervousness

    Chinese-English dictionary > 急得跺脚

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