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center jump

  • 521 闪存盘

    shan3 cun2 pan2
    USB flash drive, jump drive, thumb drive, memory stick
    * * *
    閃存盤|闪存盘 [shǎn cún pán] USB flash drive jump drive thumb drive memory stick

    Chinese-English dictionary > 闪存盘

  • 522 闪开

    get out of the way; jump aside; dodge
    * * *
    dodge; jink; jump aside; slip
    【法】 side-step
    * * *
    jink; slip
    * * *
    v. get out of the way, jump aside, dodge
    * * *
    shan3 kai1
    to get out of the way
    * * *
    shǎn kai
    get out of the way; jump aside; dodge:
    她闪开, 给他们让路。 She steps aside to let them pass.
    车来了, 快闪开! There's a bus coming. Get out the way.
    * * *
    閃開|闪开 [shǎn kāi] to get out of the way

    Chinese-English dictionary > 闪开

  • 523 闯红灯

    go against a red light; jump a red light, violate law and descipline; break down a barrier or limit
    * * *
    chuang3 hong2 deng1
    to run a red light, failing to stop at a red traffic light
    * * *
    chuǎng hóng dēng
    run (jump) the red light (lamp)
    * * *
    闖紅燈|闯红灯 [chuǎng hóng dēng] to run a red light failing to stop at a red traffic light

    Chinese-English dictionary > 闯红灯

  • 524 闹市

    busy streets; busy shopping centre; downtown area
    * * *
    busy streets; downtown area
    【法】 town
    * * *
    busy streets; downtown area
    * * *
    n. busy streets, downtown
    * * *
    nao4 shi4
    downtown area, city center
    * * *
    nào shì
    busy shopping centre; downtown area; busy streets
    * * *
    鬧市|闹市 [nào shì] downtown area city center

    Chinese-English dictionary > 闹市

  • 525 防疫

    epidemic prevention
    * * *
    epidemic prevention
    【法】 prevention of epidemics
    * * *
    epidemic prevention
    * * *
    fang2 yi4
    disease prevention, protection against epidemic
    * * *
    fáng yì
    epidemic prevention; antiepidemic
    防疫措施 anti-epidemic measures;
    防疫人员 epidemic prevention worker; anti-epidemic personnel;
    防疫线 sanitary cordon;
    防疫药 pesticide;
    防疫站 preventorium; epidemic prevention station (center);
    防疫针 (pophylactic) inoculation
    * * *
    防疫|防疫 [fáng yì] disease prevention protection against epidemic

    Chinese-English dictionary > 防疫

  • 526 降落伞

    Parachute; chute; an umbrella-like device that can slow down falling people or things due to air resistance; used by air-dropped people, air-dropped articles and parachutists, etc.
    * * *
    * * *
    ballute; parachute
    * * *
    n. parachute
    * * *
    jiang4 luo4 san3
    * * *
    jiàng luò sǎn
    parachute; (英俚) brolly; (口) jump-sack
    降落伞背带 {航空} parachute harness;
    降落伞顶孔 vent;
    降落伞照明弹{工} parachute flare
    * * *
    降落傘|降落伞 [jiàng luò sǎn] parachute

    Chinese-English dictionary > 降落伞

  • 527

    v. exceed, jump over
    * * *
    exceed, jump over
    * * *
    隃|隃 [yú] exceed jump over

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  • 528 隔行

    【计】 interstage
    * * *
    ge2 hang2
    to interlace, to interleave (comp.)
    * * *
    gé háng
    interlacing; interleave; interleaving
    隔行比 interlacing ratio;
    隔行穿孔 interstage punching;
    隔行打印 duble-space;
    隔行扫描 interlaced scanning; {电子} line interlace; intercalation; interlacing; interlace; interleaved scanning; staggered scanning; line jump scanning;
    隔行扫描场 interlaced field;
    隔行扫描技术 horizontal-interlace technique;
    隔行书写 write in alternate lines
    * * *
    隔行|隔行 [gé háng] to interlace to interleave (computing)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 隔行

  • 529 雀跃

    jump for joy
    * * *
    caper; gambol; jump for joy
    * * *
    * * *
    v. jump for joy
    * * *
    que4 yue4
    to frolic for joy, to jump like a sparrow, to gambol excitedly
    * * *
    què yuè
    jump for joy:
    欢呼雀跃 shout and jump for joy;
    雀跃欣喜 fly (go) into raptures; jump for joy
    * * *
    雀躍|雀跃 [què yuè] excited in high spirits

    Chinese-English dictionary > 雀跃

  • 530 雀躍

    jump for joy
    * * *
    v. jump for joy
    * * *
    que4 yue4
    to frolic for joy, to jump like a sparrow, to gambol excitedly
    * * *
    雀躍|雀跃 [què yuè] excited in high spirits

    Chinese-English dictionary > 雀躍

  • 531 集中

    concentrate; centralize; focus; amass; put together; pool; direct, concentration, intensive; concentrated
    * * *
    collect; center; centralize; concentrate; focus; amass; centralization
    【医】 centering; concentrate; concentration
    【经】 agglomeration; concentration
    相关词组: 集中的
    * * *
    centralize; collect; concentrate; convergence; focus; muster; pool
    * * *
    adj. centralized, concentrated
    n. centralization
    v. concentrate, put together, focus, centralize, implode, centre, center
    * * *
    ji2 zhong1
    to concentrate, to centralize, to focus, centralized, concentrated, to put together
    * * *
    jí zhōng
    concentrate; centralize; focus; amass; group; massing; put togather:
    思想不集中 be absent-minded;
    集中反映 embody a concentrated reflection of;
    集中各方面的正确意见 sum up correct ideas from all quarters;
    集中火力 concentrate fire (on a target);
    集中精力 concentrate one's energy;
    集中目标 concentrate on the same target;
    集中优势兵力 muster superior forces;
    集中注意力 concentrate on; focus one's attention on;
    民主集中制 democratic centralism;
    民主基础上的集中,集中指导下的民主 centralism on the basis of democracy and democracy under centralized guidance;
    集中群众的智慧 pool the wisdom of the masses;
    工厂都集中在城市的南郊。 Factories are grouped in the southern suburb of the city.
    谈话集中在选举问题上。 The conversation centred upon the election.
    我们的思想集中在一个主意上。 Our thoughts centre upon one idea.
    集中拌和 central mix; centre mixing;
    集中拌合混凝土 central mix concrete;
    集中拌制 centralized mixing;
    集中簸动运输机 gathering shaker;
    集中布线 concentric wiring;
    集中比率 concentration ratio;
    集中采购 centralized purchasing;
    集中采暖法 {土} central heating;
    集中采样 cluster sampling;
    集中成批处理 centre batch processing;
    集中处理装置 centralized processor;
    集中地 roost;
    集中点 centrostigma;
    集中电感 lumped inductance;
    集中电容 lumped capacitance; lumped capacity;
    集中电阻 lumped resistance; constriction resistance;
    集中仿效 integrated emulation;
    集中仿效程序 integrated emulator;
    集中仿真 integrated emulation;
    集中干油润滑 centralized grease lubrication;
    集中更新 burst mode refresh;
    集中供电照明 collective lighting;
    集中供热(供暖) central heating;
    集中供油系统 central lubricating system;
    集中管理 centralized management;
    集中管理控制设备 centralized supervisory and control equipment;
    集中管理制 centralized-control system;
    集中海洋货物运输 aggregation of marine cargoes;
    集中荷载 load;
    集中轰炸 mass bombing;
    集中货物 cargo consolidation;
    集中汇编 joint assembly;
    集中寄存器 centralized register;
    集中计划体制 central planning system;
    集中加感 lumped loading;
    集中监控系统 centralized monitoring system;
    集中监听(监视; 检测)方式 centralized monitoring system;
    集中检测 centralized detection;
    集中检测系统 centralized monitoring system;
    集中进口制度 centralized importation system;
    集中决策 concentralization of power in decision making;
    集中开发战略 concentrated development strategy;
    集中开关 centralizing switch;
    集中空调系统 central air-conditioning system;
    集中力 concentrated force; single force;
    集中量 intensive quantity;
    集中率 concentration ratio;
    集中滤波器 concentrated (aggregated) filter;
    集中轮载 concentrated wheel load;
    集中磨刀 centralized tool grinding;
    集中排水 central drainage;
    集中器 concentrator;
    集中趋势 central tendendy;
    集中燃烧 concentrated combustion;
    集中绕组 concentrated winding;
    集中事物 assembling;
    集中数据处理 {自} centralized data processing; integrated data processing;
    集中数据处理系统 integrated data processing system;
    集中数据存放(存 储) integrated data store;
    集中数据检索系统 integrated data retrieval system;
    集中数据库 integrated data store (bank; base);
    集中衰减器 concentrated attenuator;
    集中损耗 concentrated loss;
    集中通用寄存器 integrated general register;
    集中同步系统 genlock (电视设备的);
    集中涡 concentrated vorticity;
    集中细流 concentrated rill;
    集中写入 {计} gather write;
    集中信息处理 integrated information processing;
    集中行车调度 centralized traffic control (CTC);
    集中学习 focusing study; massed learning;
    集中压力润滑 centralized forcefeed lubrication;
    集中遥控装置 centralized equipment remote control;
    集中应力 concentrated stress;
    集中载荷 concentrated load; load concentration;
    集中载重 concentrated weight;
    集中指挥 centralized direction; centralized command;
    集中质量 lumped mass;
    集中装载 concentrated loads;
    集中资金 pooling funds; concentrating funds;
    集中资料处理 centralized data processing;
    集中阻抗 concentrated impedance
    * * *
    集中|集中 [jí zhōng] to concentrate to centralize to focus centralized concentrated to put together

    Chinese-English dictionary > 集中

  • 532 集散地

    collecting and distributing centre; distributing centre
    * * *
    distributing centre
    【经】 distributing center; port of distribution
    * * *
    distributing center
    * * *
    n. collecting and distributing center
    * * *
    ji2 san4 di4
    distribution center
    * * *
    jí sàn dì
    collecting and distributing centre; distributing centre
    * * *
    集散地|集散地 [jí sàn dì] distribution center

    Chinese-English dictionary > 集散地

  • 533 零点

    00∶00 hour; zero hour; midnight
    * * *
    【计】 null point
    【化】 zero temperature
    * * *
    * * *
    ling2 dian3
    zero (math.)
    * * *
    líng diǎn
    null point; zero end; zero point; zero; zero hour; null (函数或曲线的)
    零点标准(额) the nil norm (政府制定的最低工资与加价标准);
    零点测试法 null test method;
    零点差 error of zero point;
    零点电容 minimum capacity;
    零点法 balance method; null method; zero method;
    零点方案 zero option;
    零点高度 elevation of zero point;
    零点-极点配置 pole-zero assignment;
    零点交叉检波 zero-crossing detection;
    零点校正 zero correction;
    零点校正器 zero adjuster;
    零点幕 zero temperature region;
    零点能 zero point energy;
    零点偏流 null bias;
    零点偏移 zero off-set; null off-set;
    零点漂移 zero drift; zero wander;
    零点漂移校正放大器 {电子} drift-corrected amplifier;
    零点平衡 zero balance;
    零点人口增长率 zero population growth;
    零点熵 zero-point entropy;
    零点设置 reset;
    零点输出 zero output;
    零点特性 null characteristics;
    零点提升 zero elevation;
    零点调整 zero adjustment; zero setting;
    零点调整器 zero adjuster;
    零点同步 zero synchronization;
    零点突变型 zero point mutant;
    零点位移 zero drift; zero displacement;
    零点位置{电工} dead-center position;
    零点稳定性 zero stability; zero point stability;
    零点误差 zero point error; zero error;
    零点下降 zero suppression;
    零点移位法 zero-shifting technique;
    零点抑制信号 zero-suppression signal;
    零点运动 zero point motion;
    零点振动 {统力} residual vibration; zero-point vibration;
    零点指示器 null-instrument;
    零点指示示波器 null-indicating oscilloscope
    * * *
    零點|零点 [líng diǎn] zero (math.)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 零点

  • 534 電子環保亭

    dian4 zi3 huan2 bao3 ting2
    "electrical junk center", site for re-processing of old electrical and electronic equipment
    * * *
    電子環保亭|电子环保亭 [diàn zǐ huán bǎo tíng] "electrical junk center", site for re-processing of old electrical and electronic equipment

    Chinese-English dictionary > 電子環保亭

  • 535 靶心

    centre of a target; bull's-eye
    * * *
    * * *
    * * *
    n. bull's eye, center of a target
    * * *
    ba3 xin1
    center of target, bull's eye
    * * *
    bǎ xīn
    bull's-eye; blank
    * * *
    靶心|靶心 [bǎ xīn] center of target bull's eye

    Chinese-English dictionary > 靶心

  • 536 頂尖

    Top level.
    * * *
    n. tip, apex, centre, center
    * * *
    ding3 jian1
    peak, apex, world best, number one, finest (competitors), top (figures in a certain field)
    * * *
    頂尖|顶尖 [dǐng jiān] peak apex world best number one finest (competitors) top (figures in a certain field)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 頂尖

  • 537 顶尖

    Top level.
    * * *
    top; tip
    【机】 cenre; center
    * * *
    * * *
    n. tip, apex, centre, center
    * * *
    ding3 jian1
    peak, apex, world best, number one, finest (competitors), top (figures in a certain field)
    * * *
    dǐng jiān
    (最高最上的部分) tip
    {机} centre; apex; core clamper:
    死顶尖 dead centre
    顶尖车工 plain turning;
    顶尖(针)活 centre work;
    顶尖距 distance between centers;
    顶尖缺口 relief;
    顶尖头 centre head;
    顶尖支承 conical sliding support;
    顶尖轴 tail spindle;
    顶尖座 dead head; tail block; foot block
    * * *
    頂尖|顶尖 [dǐng jiān] peak apex world best number one finest (competitors) top (figures in a certain field)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 顶尖

  • 538 预赛

    preliminary contest; preliminary heats; preliminary; trial match; heat
    * * *
    preliminary contest
    * * *
    preliminary contest; tryout
    * * *
    yu4 sai4
    preliminary competition, to hold preliminary heats
    * * *
    yù sài
    {体} preliminary contest; preliminary heats; preliminary; trial match:
    他轻松地通过了跳高预赛。 He has easily won the preliminary contest for the high jump.
    * * *
    預賽|预赛 [yù sài] preliminary competition to hold preliminary heats

    Chinese-English dictionary > 预赛

  • 539 频率

    frequency, rate of recurrence; frequency
    * * *
    【计】 F; frequency
    【化】 frequency
    【医】 frequency
    【经】 frequency
    相关词组: 高频率的
    * * *
    * * *
    n. frequency, rate of recurrence
    * * *
    pin2 lu:4
    * * *
    pín lǜ
    frequency; rate:
    超低频率 ultra-low frequency;
    超高频率 ultra-high frequency;
    低频率 low frequency;
    高频率 high frequency;
    甚高频率 very high frequency;
    中频率 medium frequency
    频率摆动 frequency swing; wobbulation;
    频率摆动器 wobbulator; warbler;
    频率摆动载波系统 {讯} warbling carrier system;
    频率倍增器 frequency multiplier; scale unit;
    频率倍增电路 frequency multiplier circuit;
    频率比 frequency ratio;
    频率变化 frequency change;
    频率变换 frequency transformation; frequency conversion; frequency transposition;
    频率标度 frequency scaling;
    频率标示器 frequency marker;
    频率标志脉冲 frequency marker pip;
    频率标准 frequency standard;
    频率表 frequency list;
    频率表式风速表 frequency-meter anemometer;
    频率波长关系 frequency-wavelength relation;
    频率波道 {无} airspace;
    频率波动 frequency fluctuation; frequency jitter;
    频率补偿 frequency compensation;
    频率补偿器 frequency compensator;
    频率不规则性 frequency irregularity;
    频率不稳定性 frequency instability;
    频率测量 frequency measurement;
    频率测量电桥 frequency bridge;
    频率测量器 frequency measuring set; carpet checker;
    频率测量设备 frequency measuring equipment;
    频率参差 frequency staggering;
    频率差限 frequency tolerance;
    频率颤动 flutter;
    频率颤动计 wow flutter meter;
    频率颤动测试器 flutter meter;
    频率常数 frequency constant;
    频率传感器 frequency sensor;
    频率传输函数 frequency transfer function;
    频率重复利用 frequency reuse;
    频率重合度 frequency coincidency;
    频率重叠 frequency overlap;
    频率带 frequency band;
    频率带宽 frequency bandwidth;
    频率倒置 frequency inversion;
    频率倒置串音 inverted crosstalk;
    频率电桥 frequency bridge;
    频率电压变换器 {电子} FV converter; frequency-to-voltage converter;
    频率度盘 station frequency dial;
    频率对比 frequency comparison;
    频率多边形 frequency polygon;
    频率发生转子 frequency-generating rotor;
    频率法 frequency method;
    频率反差特性 frequency contrast characteristic;
    频率范围 frequency range; frequency domain;
    频率方位强度显示 {电子} frequency-azimuth intensity;
    频率分辨常数 frequency resolution constant;
    频率分辨率 frequency resolution;
    频率分布 frequency distribution;
    频率分割 {电子} frequency splitting;
    频率分割多路复用 frequency division multiplex;
    频率分割制 frequency division system;
    频率分割制交换机 frequency division switching system;
    频率分集 frequency diversity;
    频率分集雷达 frequency diversity radar;
    频率分级(分集制) frequency diversity;
    频率分解 frequency resolution;
    频率分离式乘法器 {电子} frequency separation multiplier;
    频率分量 frequency component;
    频率分配 {讯} frequency allocation; allocation of frequencies;
    频率分配表 frequency assignment chart;
    频率分析 frequency analysis;
    频率分析仪(计) frequency analyser;
    频率覆盖区 frequency coverage;
    频率复用 channelling;
    频率改变 frequency shift;
    频率跟踪器 frequency tracker;
    频率跟踪式超声发生器 ultrasonic generator with frequency automatic control;
    频率公差 frequency tolerance;
    频率共用 frequency sharing;
    频率共用电路 frequency-sharing circuit;
    频率轨迹 frequency locus;
    频率过低 underfrequency;
    频率含量 frequency content;
    频率函数 frequency function;
    频率合成技术 frequency synthesis technique;
    频率合成器 frequency synthesizer;
    频率互换 {讯} frequency frogging;
    频率划分 frequency division; scaling-down;
    频率划分电路 frequency-sharing circuit;
    频率划分多路传输 frequency division multiplex;
    频率划分式彩色电视制 frequency division colour television system;
    频率划分调制 frequency division modulation;
    频率划分制 frequency division system;
    频率缓慢漂移 slow-frequency drift;
    频率基准(器) frequency standard;
    频率畸变 frequency distortion;
    频率计 frequency meter;frequency indicator;cymometer;
    频率计量 frequency measurement;
    频率计数器 frequency counter;
    频率记录 frequency record;
    频率继电器 frequency relay;
    频率加权网络 frequency weighting network;
    频率监控器 {电子} frequency monitor;
    频率检波 frequency discrimination;
    频率检波器 frequency sensitive detector; frequency modulation detector;
    频率检测 frequency detection;
    频率减半器 two-to-one frequency divider;
    频率鉴别器 frequency discriminator;
    频率间隔 frequency interval;
    频率间隔宽度 frequency diversity bandwidth;
    频率交叉 frequency translation;
    频率交错 frequency interleave; frequency interlace; frequency interlacing;
    频率交错制 frequency interleaving system;
    频率校正 frequency correction; frequency compensation;
    频率校准 frequency calibration;
    频率校准器 frequency calibrator;
    频率捷变{军} frequency agility;
    频率捷变发射机 frequency agile transmitter;
    频率捷变雷达 frequency agile radar;
    频率阶跃 frequency step;
    频率截止 frequency cutoff;
    频率解调 frequency demodulation;
    频率开关 frequency switching;
    频率可变振荡器 variable-frequency oscillator (V.F.O.);
    频率刻度 frequency scale;
    频率刻度盘 frequency dial;
    频率控制 frequency control;
    频率控制传动装置 frequency-controlled actuator;
    频率控制电路 frequency control circuit;
    频率控制方式 frequency control system;
    频率控制回路 frequency control-loop;
    频率快搜索 frequency rapid-scanning;
    频率老化 frequency aging;
    频率滤波器 frequency filter;
    频率码 frequency code;
    频率慢搜索 frequency slow-scanning;
    频率密码 {生理} frequency coding;
    频率瞄准误差 frequency spot error;
    频率敏感元件 frequency device;
    频率配置 frequency allocation;
    频率偏移 frequency shift (FS); frequency deviation;
    频率偏移计 frequency carrier deviation meter;
    频率偏移器 frequency deviator;
    频率偏置 frequency offset;
    频率漂移 frequency drift; creep;
    频率漂移计 {讯} frequency-departure meter;
    频率起伏 frequency fluctuation;
    频率牵引 frequency pulling;
    频率牵引系数 frequency pulling figure;
    频率牵引调整 AFC pull-in adjustment (自动频率控制的);
    频率牵引效应 backlash; pulling effect; pulling-in effect; {电子} pulling phenomenon;
    频率曲线 frequency curve;
    频率去相关 frequency decorrelation;
    频率容限 frequency tolerance;
    频率容许偏差 frequency tolerance deviation;
    频率三倍器 frequency tripler; triductor;
    频率扫掠 frequency scanning;
    频率扫掠天线 frequency scan antenna;
    频率扫描 {电子} frequency scanning;
    频率扫描雷达 frequency scan radar; frescanar; frescan radar;
    频率扫描器 frescan;
    频率扫描天线 {电磁} frequency scan antenna;
    频率扫描天线阵 frequency-scanned array;
    频率上限 upper frequency limit;
    频率失真 frequency distortion; amplitude distortion; amplitude-frequency distortion; {电子} waveform-amplitude distortion;
    频率识别装置 frequency-identification unit;
    频率时间分析 time-and-frequency analysis;
    频率时间强度 frequency time intensity;
    频率-时间-强度显示 {电子} frequency-time-intensity;
    频率矢量轨迹 frequency vector locus;
    频率输出检验器 carpet checker;
    频率数 frequency number;
    频率-数字变换器 frequency to number converter;
    频率衰减 frequency attenuation;
    频率锁定 frequency lock;
    频率锁定范围 frequency lock-in range;
    频率锁定指示 frequency-lock indication;
    频率调节器 frequency regulator;
    频率调谐范围 frequency tuning range;
    频率调整 frequency adjustment; frequency regulation;
    频率调整器 frequency adjuster;
    频率调制 frequency modulation (FM);
    频率调制波 FM wave;
    频率调制器 frequency modulator;
    频率跳跃 frequency agility; wobbulation;
    频率通道 frequency channel;
    频率同步范围 frequency lock-in range;
    频率同步性 frequency synchronism;
    频率同步指示 frequency-lock indication;
    频率突增 glitch (脉冲星);
    频率推移 frequency pushing;
    频率推移系数 frequency pushing figure;
    频率拖曳 frequency drag;
    频率微调 frequency trim;
    频率温度特性 frequency-temperature characteristic;
    频率温度系数 frequency-temperature coefficient;
    频率无关天线 frequency independent antenna;
    频率下降 decrease of frequency;
    频率下限 lower-frequency limit;
    频率限制 frequency limitation;
    频率斜率调制 {讯} frequency-slope modulation;
    频率谐振 frequency resonance;
    频率选择 frequency selection;
    频率选择滤波回路 frequency-selective filter circuit;
    频率选择性衰落 frequency selective fading;
    频率压缩 frequency compression;
    频率遥测 {讯} frequency telemetering;
    频率遥测计 frequency telemeter;
    频率移位 frequency shift;
    频率遥测系统 frequency telemetry system;
    频率引导技术 frequency directing technique;
    频率引导装置 frequency directing device;
    频率诱导 entrainment of frequency;
    频率预测图表 frequency prediction chart;
    频率预置机构 frequency presetting mechanism;
    频率预置器 frequency presetting device;
    频率源 frequency source;
    频率跃变 frequency jump;
    频率再用 frequency reuse;
    频率载波制 frequency carrier;
    频率增益函数 frequency gain function;
    频率增益曲线 frequency gain curve;
    频率占据 frequency capture; frequency occupancy;
    频率整形 frequency shaping;
    频率涨落 frequency fluctuation;
    频率侦察 frequency reconnaissance;
    频率指示器 frequency-indicating device;
    频率致偏装置 frequency deviator;
    频率滞后 frequency hysteresis;
    频率中速搜索 frequency moderate-speed-scanning;
    频率转换 frequency conversion;
    频率转换开关 frequency-changeover switch;
    频率转移 {讯} frequency translation;
    频率准确度 frequency accuracy;
    频率准则 Nyquist criterion;
    频率自动调整 frequency automatic adjustment;
    频率自动控制 frequency automatic control;
    频率综合技术 frequency synthesis technique;
    频率组合制 grouped-frequency operation
    * * *
    頻率|频率 [pín lu] frequency

    Chinese-English dictionary > 频率

  • 540 飞机

    airplane; aircraft; aeroplane; plane; craft
    * * *
    aeroplane; airplane; plane
    【机】 aeroplane; airplane
    相关词组: 出租飞机
    * * *
    aeronef; aeroplane; airplane; flying machine; plane
    * * *
    n. aircraft, aeroplane, airplane, plain
    * * *
    fei1 ji1
    airplane, CL:架
    * * *
    fēi jī
    airplane; plane; aeroplane; kite; bird; aircraft:
    不明国籍的飞机 unidentified aircraft;
    垂直降落飞机 vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (VTOL);
    短距起落飞机 short takeoff and landing aircraft (STOL);
    螺旋桨飞机 propeller-driven plane;
    水上飞机 hydroplaner; marine aircraft; seaplane;
    直升飞机 helicopter; copter;
    水空两用飞机 amphibious plane;
    喷气飞机 jet plane;
    无人驾驶飞机 robot plane;
    双引擎飞机 twin-motored plane;
    双座飞机 two-seater plane;
    乘飞机旅行 travel by air (plane);
    给飞机加油 fuel a plane;
    飞机失去控制被迫降落在湖面上。 The plane lost its control and was ditched on the lake.
    坐飞机去美国要花多少钱? How much does it cost to fly to the United States?
    飞机靶标船 aircraft target ship;
    飞机板材 airplane-lumber;
    飞机壁板 aircraft panel;
    飞机播种 aerial seeding; aerial sowing; air sowing; sow tree (grass) seeds from the air by plane;
    飞机播种机 aerial broadcaster;
    飞机播种器 airplane seeder;
    飞机播种造林 aerial seeding;
    飞机布 {纺} aeroplane cloth;
    飞机布雷 aerial mining;
    飞机布线系统 aircraft wiring system;
    飞机舱 aircraft cabin;
    飞机操纵柄 air craft control pick-up;
    飞机操纵系统 flight control system; flying control system; flight controls;
    飞机称重 aircraft weighting;
    飞机乘客险 aircraft passenger insurance;
    飞机传播电视 stratovision;
    飞机垂鼻 droop nose (snoot);
    飞机磁方位 magnetic bearing of aircraft;
    飞机搭接 aircraft bonding;
    飞机弹射器 aircraft catapult;
    飞机带电 {气} aircraft electrification;
    飞机导弹 airborne missile;
    飞机导航 aircraft navigation;
    飞机导航设备 aeronautical navigation equipment;
    飞机导引 {航空} aircraft vectoring;
    飞机低空进场系统 {航空} aircraft low-approach system;
    飞机颠簸 aircraft bumpiness;
    飞机电缆连接 aircraft bonding;
    飞机电池 aircraft battery;
    飞机电台 aircraft station;
    飞机电源开关 aircraft power supply switch;
    飞机订票系统 instamatic system;
    飞机动力学 aircraft dynamics;
    飞机动力装置 aircraft power plant;
    飞机队 avicade;
    飞机发动机 aircraft engine;
    飞机发动机零件 aircraft engine parts;
    飞机-发动机匹配 aircraft-engine matching;
    飞机-发动机相容性 aircraft-engine compatibility;
    飞机-发动机一体化 aircraft-engine integration;
    飞机-发动机整体化 aircraft-engine integration;
    飞机反雷达 raven;
    飞机反射干扰信号 aeroplane flutter;
    飞机反射信号 aircraft return;
    飞机方位 bearing of aircraft;
    飞机方位指示器 aircraft reporter;
    飞机防火 aircraft fire protection;
    飞机飞行图 howgozit curve;
    飞机分贝等级 {电磁} aircraft decibel rating;
    飞机浮筒 aerofloat;
    飞机附件 aircraft accessory;
    飞机跟踪 aircraft tracking;
    飞机耕作 aerial farming;
    飞机工程 aircraft engineering;
    飞机构架结构 airframe construction;
    飞机构件 aircraft component; airplane structural part;
    飞机构造 aircraft system;
    飞机鼓包 aircraft excrescence;
    飞机国籍标志 nationality mark of aircraft;
    飞机航线 course line;
    飞机航行计算机 aircraft computer;
    飞机滑行道 taxiway;
    飞机化学防治 aeroplane chemical protection;
    飞机机舱内交货价 free on board plane;
    飞机机架 airframe;
    飞机机架设计 airframe design;
    飞机机身构造 fuselage construction;
    飞机机身险 aircraft hull insurance;
    飞机机体 airframe;
    飞机机油 aircraft engine oil;
    飞机积冰 {气} aircraft icing;
    飞机加油 aircraft refuelling;
    飞机加油器 aircraft fueler; aircraft refueller;
    飞机加油箱 airplane refuel tank;
    飞机驾驶员 pilot; aeriator;
    飞机驾驶员险 airpilot risks;
    飞机检查员 aircraft controller;
    飞机降落指示灯 approach light;
    飞机截击控制系统 aircraft intercept control system;
    飞机结构 aircraft configuration; aircraft construction; aircraft structures; airplane structure;
    飞机结构部件 airplane structural parts;
    飞机结构学 aerostructure;
    飞机进场间隔 aircraft approach spacing;
    飞机进场区域 approach area;
    飞机军械 aircraft ordnance;
    飞机空中掩护 parasol;
    飞机控制区界限 clearance limit;
    飞机拉力赛 air rally;
    飞机流线型天线罩 aircraft radome;
    飞机隆起部分 aircraft protuberance;
    飞机轮胎 aero tyre; aircraft tyre;
    飞机轮外胎 aero casing;
    飞机罗盘系统 aircraft compass system;
    飞机螺旋桨 propeller; propellor;
    飞机螺旋桨壳 airscrew hub;
    飞机螺旋桨壳凸缘 airscrew hub flange;
    飞机门 aircraft door;
    飞机蒙布 airplane cloth (fabric);
    飞机灭火 aerial extinguishing;
    飞机模型 areoplane model;
    飞机跑道 runway;
    飞机喷粉 air-dusting;
    飞机喷粉机 airplane duster;
    飞机喷粉器 aeroduster;
    飞机喷雾器 aerosprayer;
    飞机喷药 aerial spray;
    飞机棚 airplane shed; hangarage;
    飞机频谱 aircraft spectra;
    飞机屏蔽 aircraft shielding;
    飞机起飞设备 aircraft launching apparatus;
    飞机起落滑撬 aircraft skid;
    飞机起落架 landing gear;carriage;
    飞机(航空)汽油 Agas;
    飞机入口 airport of entry;
    飞机润滑油 aeroplane oil;
    飞机撒药设备 airborne applicating equipment;
    飞机升降舵 aircraft elevator;
    飞机师 avigator;
    飞机失火 aircraft fire;
    飞机失事 aeroplane accident; aircrash;
    飞机识别 aircraft signalization;
    飞机事故 aircraft accident;
    飞机事故报告 aircraft accident report (AAR);
    飞机适航证书 certificate of airworthiness;
    飞机试验 {航空} aircraft testing;
    飞机弹射椅 {口} hot-seat;
    飞机探测 airplane sounding;
    飞机探测激光雷达 aircraft detection lidar;
    飞机探测器 aircraft detector;
    飞机探察 {工} aircraft detection;
    飞机特性 aeroplane characteristic;
    飞机天气侦察 {气} aircraft weather reconnaissance;
    飞机天线 aircraft antenna; airborne antenna; aeroplane antenna;
    飞机天线开关 aircraft antenna switch;
    飞机跳伞运动 sport parachuting from areoplane;
    飞机推进 {航空} aircraft propulsion;
    飞机推进堆 aircraft propulsion reactor;
    飞机外挂架 {航空} aircraft pylon;
    飞机外挂物 aircraft external store;
    飞机维修站 air depot;
    飞机-尾喷管匹配 aircraft-exhaust nozzle matching;
    飞机位置指示器 aircraft position reporter;
    飞机问答机 rooster;
    飞机无线电接收机 aircraft radio receiver;
    飞机无线电瞄准器 aircraft radio sight;
    飞机无线电设备 aircraft radio set; airborne radio installation;
    飞机系统 aircraft system;
    飞机险撞 (英) air miss;
    飞机消防员 hot suitman;
    飞机效应 {讯} aeroplane effect;
    飞机谐振腔天线 cavity aircraft antenna;
    飞机信号 airborne signal;
    飞机性能 {航空} aeroplane performance; airplane performance;
    飞机修理 aircraft repair;
    飞机旋转自记仪 kymograph;
    飞机询问应答机 rooster;
    飞机一切险 aircraft all risks;
    飞机仪表 {航空} aircraft instrument; aircraft instrumentation;
    飞机仪表板 {航空} aircraft instrument panel;
    飞机仪器观测 apob;
    飞机应答信标 airborne transponder beacon;
    飞机应急雷达发射机 walter;
    飞机用材 aeroplane timber;
    飞机云幂 {气} aircraft ceiling;
    飞机运输船 aircraft transport;
    飞机载重量 planeload;
    飞机早期警报站 {航空} aircraft early-warning station;
    飞机噪声 aircraft noise;
    飞机照明弹 {工} airplane flare;
    飞机整流罩 aircraft radome;
    飞机制导 aircraft guidance;
    飞机制造厂 aircraft factory;
    飞机制造车间 aircraft manufacturing shop;
    飞机中间停留基地 {军} staging base;
    飞机重量控制 aircraft weight control;
    飞机重心 center of gravity of airplane;
    飞机重心定位 aircraft center-of-gravity position fix;
    飞机转播电视 stratovision;
    飞机转向架 dolly;
    飞机装甲 aircraft armor;
    飞机装配厂 aircraft assembly plant;
    飞机着陆引导系统 approach and landing system;
    飞机姿态 {航空} aspect; attitude;
    飞机自动驾驶仪 aircraft autopilot; automatic aircraft pilot;
    飞机坐标系 {航空} aircraft axes; axes of an aircraft;
    飞机座椅 aircraft seat
    * * *
    飛機|飞机 [fēi jī] airplane CL:↑ [jià]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 飞机

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