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center jump

  • 501 逃獄

    tao2 yu4
    to escape (from prison), to jump bail
    * * *
    逃獄|逃狱 [táo yù] to escape (from prison) to jump bail

    Chinese-English dictionary > 逃獄

  • 502 逃离

    【法】 jump
    * * *
    get away from; got away; got away from
    * * *
    v. get away
    * * *
    tao2 li2
    to run out, to escape
    * * *
    táo lí
    逃离货币 flight from currency;
    逃离美元 flight from the dollar
    * * *
    逃離|逃离 [táo lí] to run out to escape

    Chinese-English dictionary > 逃离

  • 503 通佈圖

    Tong1 bu4 tu2
    Timbuctoo (town and historical cultural center in Mali, a World Heritage site)
    * * *
    通佈圖|通布图 [Tōng bù tú] Timbuctoo (town and historical cultural center in Mali, a World Heritage site)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 通佈圖

  • 504 通信中心

    【计】 CC
    * * *
    tong1 xin4 zhong1 xin1
    communications center
    * * *
    通信中心|通信中心 [tōng xìn zhōng xīn] communications center

    Chinese-English dictionary > 通信中心

  • 505 通布图

    Tong1 bu4 tu2
    Timbuctoo (town and historical cultural center in Mali, a World Heritage site)
    * * *
    通佈圖|通布图 [Tōng bù tú] Timbuctoo (town and historical cultural center in Mali, a World Heritage site)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 通布图

  • 506 速度

    speed; velocity, tempo, speed; rate; pace; tempo
    * * *
    career; pace; quickness; rapidity; rate; speed; velocity
    【化】 velocity
    【医】 rate; speed; velocity
    相关词组: 高速度摄影的
    * * *
    career; pace; rapidity; rate; speed; velocity
    * * *
    n. speed, velocity, rate, pace, tempo, quickness, career
    v. career
    * * *
    su4 du4
    speed, rate, velocity, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    sù dù
    {物} velocity; speed; blast; bat:
    初速度 initial velocity;
    轨道速度 orbital velocity;
    逃逸速度{天} escape velocity;
    巡航速度 cruising speed;
    匀速度 uniform velocity
    {音} tempo
    (快慢的程度) speed; rate; pace; tempo:
    工业化的速度 the pace of industrialization;
    加快速度 increase speed;
    轿车以每小时40哩的速度行驶。 The car was going at the rate of 40 miles an hour.
    速度比 speed ratio;
    速度比较实在 fairly steady tempo;
    速度变化率 percentage speed variation;
    速度变换 speed changing;
    速度变速箱 pick-off gearbox;
    速度表 autometer (自动车的); speed chart; speedometer;
    速度波动 velocity perturbation;
    速度波门 speed gate;
    速度补偿 velocity compensation;
    速度不均匀性 wow and flutter;
    速度不足 underspeed;
    速度测井 velocity logging;
    速度测量 tachometric survey; velocity measurement;
    速度差距 gaps between their growth rates;
    速度常数 velocity constant;
    速度场 {流} velocity field; velocity pattern;
    速度传动装置 speed drive;
    速度传感器 velocity sensor; velocity transducer; velocity pickup;
    速度导纳 velocity admittance;
    速度多边形 polygon of velocities;
    速度耳机 velocity earphone;
    速度法 {流} tachometric method; velocity method;
    速度反共振 velocity antiresonance;
    速度反馈 velocity feedback; rate feedback;
    速度范围 velocity interval;
    速度分布 {统力} velocity distribution; velocity spread;
    速度分布场 velocity distribution pattern;
    速度分布函数 velocity distribution function;
    速度分布律 distribution law of velocity;
    速度干扰 velocity jamming;
    速度跟踪 rate tracking;
    速度共振 velocity resonance;
    速度关联 velocity correlation;
    速度惯性系统 velocity inertial system;
    速度过调量 speed overshoot;
    速度合成定律 {力} composition of velocity law;
    速度滑冰 speed skating;
    速度环量 velocity circulation; circulation;
    速度积分陀螺 rate integrating gyro;
    速度积分陀螺仪 rate integrating gyroscope;
    速度级 velocity level;
    速度级叶片 velocity stage blade;
    速度记录器 tachograph;
    速度记录图 tachograph;
    速度记录仪 velograph;
    速度计算器 velocity calculator;
    速度间断面 velocity discontinuity;
    速度检测器 speed detector;
    速度渐变 velocity tapering;
    速度降 speed drop;
    速度聚焦质谱仪 velocity-focusing mass-spectrograph;
    速度控制 speed control; rate control;
    速度控制电压 speed control voltage;
    速度脉动 velocity fluctuation;
    速度弥散模式 velocity dispersion model;
    速度匹配 velocity matching;
    速度偏差 velocity deviation; jitter;
    速度(的)平行四边形 parallelogram of velocities;
    速度剖面 velocity profile;
    速度谱仪 velocity spectrograph; velocity-focusing mass spectrograph;
    速度起伏 velocity fluctuation;
    速度三角形 speed triangle; triangle of velocity;
    速度势 velocity potential;
    速度矢量 velocity;
    速度试验射击 velocity fire;
    速度水头 velocity head;
    速度伺服系统 rate servo system;
    速度特性 speed characteristics;
    速度梯度 {流} velocity gradient;
    速度调定 speed setting;
    速度调节 speed adjustment;
    速度调节器 speed regulator;
    速度调整 speed adjustment;
    速度调制 velocity modulation (V. M.);
    速度调制电视制 velocity modulation television system;
    速度调制电子束 velocity modulated electron beam;
    速度调制束 velocity-modulated beam;
    速度跳变 velocity jump;
    速度跳变电子枪 velocity jump gun;
    速度同步器 speed synchronizer;
    速度头 velocity head;
    速度陀螺仪 rate gyro;
    速度无关模型 speed-independent model; Muller model;
    速度误差 velocity error;
    速度误差补偿器 velocity error compensator;
    速度误差常数 velocity-error constant;
    速度系数 {流} velocity coefficient; coefficient of velocity;
    速度显示器 velocity indicator;
    速度相关 velocity correlation;
    速度响应曲线 velocity-response curve;
    速度选能装置 speed gate;
    速度仪表 speed measuring instrument;
    速度正比电压 velocity voltage
    * * *
    速度|速度 [sù dù] speed rate velocity CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 速度

  • 507

    exceed; go beyond, even more
    * * *
    even more; exceed
    * * *
    even more; exceed
    * * *
    v. exceed, go beyond, jump over
    v. jump over
    * * *
    to exceed, to go beyond, to transcend, to cross over, to jump over
    * * *
    逾( 踰)
    (超过; 越过) exceed; go beyond:
    年逾古稀 getting on over seventy;
    情逾骨肉 dearer than one's own flesh and blood;
    逾常 out of the ordinary; unusual;
    逾额 exceed the allowed amount;
    这位老人已年逾80。 The old man is over eighty.
    (书) (更加) even more:
    痛乃逾甚。 Then the pain became even more acute.
    * * *
    踰|逾 [yú] variant of ↑ [yú]
    逾|逾 [yú] to exceed to go beyond to transcend to cross over to jump over

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 508 邊界線

    The line that marks the border of one country with another one, usually marked by landmarks on level ground, watershed in mountains, or the center line of the navigable course of rivers.
    * * *
    n. boundary line, borderline
    * * *
    bian1 jie4 xian4
    boundary line, border line
    * * *
    邊界線|边界线 [biān jiè xiàn] boundary line border line

    Chinese-English dictionary > 邊界線

  • 509 邊遠

    far from the centre; remote; outlying
    * * *
    adj. remote, outlying
    adv. far from the center
    * * *
    bian1 yuan3
    far from the center, remote, outlying
    * * *
    邊遠|边远 [biān yuǎn] far from the center remote outlying

    Chinese-English dictionary > 邊遠

  • 510 醫學中心

    n. medical center
    * * *
    yi1 xue2 zhong1 xin1
    medical center
    * * *
    醫學中心|医学中心 [yī xué zhōng xīn] medical center

    Chinese-English dictionary > 醫學中心

  • 511 重大

    great; weighty; major; significant; substantial; grave; large;momentous, heavy
    * * *
    bigness; graveness; magnitude
    【法】 significance
    相关词组: 关系重大
    * * *
    bigness; graveness; importance; magnitude; materially; momentousness
    * * *
    adj. great, important, major, significant
    adv. materially
    * * *
    zhong4 da4
    great, important, major, significant
    * * *
    zhòng dà
    great; weighty; major; significant; important; grave; serious:
    重大消息 grave news;
    具有重大意义 be of great (immense) significance;
    取得重大进展 make significant progress (headway);
    重大的原则分歧 a major difference of principle
    重大案件 important case;
    重大成就 significant achievement; tremendous achievements;
    重大措施 vital measure;
    重大发明 invention of great significance;
    重大贡献 major contribution;
    重大过失 culpable negligence;
    重大科研项目补助费 subsidies for major research items;
    重大契约 macrocontract;
    重大伤亡 heavy casualties;
    重大胜利 signal victory;
    重大事故 major accident; grave accident;
    重大损失 heavy losses;
    重大违约 fundamental breach;
    重大问题 vital problem; major issue;
    重大嫌疑犯 major suspect;
    重大刑事犯 major criminal;
    重大突破 quantum jump (leap);
    重大责任 weighty responsibility
    * * *
    重大|重大 [zhòng dà] great important major significant

    Chinese-English dictionary > 重大

  • 512 重心

    centre of gravity, heart; core; focus
    * * *
    centre of gravity; core
    【化】 center of gravity; centre of gravity
    相关词组: 语重心长
    * * *
    barycenter; center of gravity; cg
    * * *
    zhong4 xin1
    center of gravity, central core, main part
    * * *
    zhòng xīn
    (事情的中心或主要部分) heart; core; focus; key point:
    工作的重心 the main emphasis of the work;
    问题的重心 the crux of a problem; the heart of a matter
    {物} centre of gravity; barycentre; median point
    重心范围 centre-of-gravity range;
    重心惯性主轴 central principal axis;
    重心规则 centre-of-gravity rule;
    重心基准点 {航空} c.g. datum;
    重心极限 {航空} c.g. limits;
    重心面 plane of gravity;
    重心能量{力} barycentric energy;
    重心偏移 centre-of-gravity shift;
    重心平衡确定法 balancing method;
    重心扰动 centre-of-gravity disturbance;
    重心铊 gravity nut;
    重心位置 centre-of-gravity position;
    重心悬置法 centre-of-gravity suspension;
    重心运动 centre-of-gravity motion;
    重心运动轨迹 centre-of-gravity path;
    重心支承系统 centre-of-gravity mounting system;
    重心轴线 mass axis;
    重心纵向位置 {船} longitudinal centre of gravity;
    重心坐标 {数} barycentric coordinates
    * * *
    重心|重心 [zhòng xīn] center of gravity central core main part

    Chinese-English dictionary > 重心

  • 513 銀樓

    yin2 lou2
    silverware store, jewelry center
    * * *
    銀樓|银楼 [yín lóu] silverware store jewelry center

    Chinese-English dictionary > 銀樓

  • 514 银楼

    yin2 lou2
    silverware store, jewelry center
    * * *
    yín lóu
    silverware shop; jeweler's shop
    * * *
    銀樓|银楼 [yín lóu] silverware store jewelry center

    Chinese-English dictionary > 银楼

  • 515 长线

    Being in oversupply., Having a long-term effect.
    * * *
    【计】 long line
    * * *
    chang2 xian4
    long term
    * * *
    cháng xiàn
    长线产品 oversupplied products; goods in excess supply; long-term oversupplied goods; products in excess supply; slow-selling products; goods in excess of immediate demand;goods with no consumer demand; surplus products;
    长线电流 long-line current;
    长线理论 long-line theory;
    长线频率控制 long-line frequency control;
    长线输送机 long center conveyer;
    长线台座法施工 long line casting bed process;
    长线天线 {电磁} long-wire antenna;
    长线稳频振荡器 line-stabilized oscillator;
    长线效应 {电子} long-line effect;
    长线行波天线 long-line traveling-wave antenna;
    长线影响 long-line effect
    * * *
    長線|长线 [cháng xiàn] long term

    Chinese-English dictionary > 长线

  • 516 閃存盤

    shan3 cun2 pan2
    USB flash drive, jump drive, thumb drive, memory stick
    * * *
    閃存盤|闪存盘 [shǎn cún pán] USB flash drive jump drive thumb drive memory stick

    Chinese-English dictionary > 閃存盤

  • 517 閃開

    get out of the way; jump aside; dodge
    * * *
    v. get out of the way, jump aside, dodge
    * * *
    shan3 kai1
    to get out of the way
    * * *
    閃開|闪开 [shǎn kāi] to get out of the way

    Chinese-English dictionary > 閃開

  • 518 闖紅燈

    go against a red light; jump a red light, violate law and descipline; break down a barrier or limit
    * * *
    chuang3 hong2 deng1
    to run a red light, failing to stop at a red traffic light
    * * *
    闖紅燈|闯红灯 [chuǎng hóng dēng] to run a red light failing to stop at a red traffic light

    Chinese-English dictionary > 闖紅燈

  • 519 關於

    about; on; with regard to; concerning; concern; re; regarding;over, relating to
    * * *
    adv. thereof, thereon
    v. respect, centre, center, pertain
    prep. anent, concerning, concerning, with respect to, about, anent, with, pertaining to, regarding, on, with regard to, in regard to, respecting
    * * *
    guan1 yu2
    pertaining to, concerning, regarding, with regards to, about, a matter of
    * * *
    關於|关于 [guān yú] pertaining to concerning with regard to about a matter of

    Chinese-English dictionary > 關於

  • 520

    dodge; get out of the way, twist; sprain, flash; sparkle; shine, leave behind, lightning
    * * *
    dodge; flash; leave behind; lightning; twist
    【机】 lightning
    * * *
    dodge; flash; leave behind; lightning; twist
    * * *
    n. flash, lightning
    v. dodge, get out of the way, twist, sprain, leave behind, flash
    * * *
    surname Shan
    to dodge, to duck out of the way, shaken (by a fall), to sprain, to pull a muscle, lightning, spark, a flash, to flash (across one's mind), to leave behind
    * * *
    (躲闪; 闪避) dodge; get out of the way:
    东躲西闪 dodge about;
    闪到树后 dodge behind a tree;
    往旁边一闪 dodge swiftly to one side; jump out of the way;
    车来了, 快闪开! Look out ! A truck's coming ! Get out of the way.
    (扭伤) twist; sprain:
    闪了 腰 sprain one's back
    (突然出现) flash:
    一闪而过 flash (streak) past;
    窗外闪过一个人影。 A figure flashed past the window.
    远处灯光一闪。 There was a flash of light in the distance.
    这时他脑子里闪过一个念头。 At this moment an idea flashed into (through) his mind.
    (闪耀) sparkle; shine:
    露珠在早晨的阳光下闪着光。 Dewdrops sparkle in the morning sun.
    她的眼里闪着泪花。 Her eyes glistened with tears.
    (方) (甩下; 丢下) leave behind:
    你去的时候叫我一声, 可别把我闪下。 Please call for me when you go ; don't leave me behind.
    (闪电) lightning:
    打闪 flashes of lightning
    (姓氏) a surname:
    闪镗 Shan Tang
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 閃|闪 [Shǎn] surname Shan
    Ⅱ. 閃|闪 [shǎn] to dodge to duck out of the way shaken (by a fall) to sprain to pull a muscle lightning spark a flash to flash (across one's mind) to leave behind

    Chinese-English dictionary >

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