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center jump

  • 421 走投无路

    have no way out; be in an impasse; come to a dead end; corner
    * * *
    be driven from pillar to post; have no way out
    * * *
    be driven from pillar to post
    * * *
    zou3 tou2 wu2 lu4
    no way out (idiom); at an impasse, at a dead end
    * * *
    zǒu tóu wú lù
    be driven into a corner; at the end of one's rope (tether); be behind the eight-ball; be driven desperate; be driven from pillar to post; be driven to desperation; be driven (forced) to the wall; be in a hopeless dilemma; be (land) in an impasse; be in a tight corner; be locked in the horns of a dilemma; between the upper and nether millstone; can find no way out; come to a dead end; come to (reach) the end of one's tether; drive (put; reduce) sb. to the last shifts; feel oneself cornered; find oneself cornered; from pillar to post; have no one to turn to; have no way out; have no way to turn for help; go down a dead (blind) alley; go to the wall; not know which way to turn (jump); poor and utterly helpless:
    逼得走投无路 be driven (pushed) to the wall
    * * *
    走投無路|走投无路 [zǒu tóu wú lù] no way out (idiom); at an impasse at a dead end

    Chinese-English dictionary > 走投无路

  • 422 赴汤蹈火

    go through fire and water; defy all difficulties and dangers
    * * *
    go through fire and water; go through the fire and water
    go to a extremely dangerous area
    * * *
    go through fire and water
    * * *
    fu4 tang1 dao3 huo3
    to go through water and tread on fire (idiom); not afraid of any difficulty
    * * *
    fù tāng dǎo huǒ
    go into boiling water and walk (step) on fire -- to undertake a matter fearlessly and vigorously in the interest of a cause or on behalf of a friend; defy all difficulties and danger; leap into a boiling cauldron or a blazing fire; go (get) through fire and flood (water); take all risks; jump into hot water or walk through fire; brave fire and flood; defy danger and death; charge (go) through fire and water; (be ready to) plunge into a raging fire and boiling water; go through a severe ordeal or sorrowful experience; go through the baptism of fire; go through thick and thin:
    他英勇对敌, 不避艰险,赴汤蹈火在所不计。 He faced the enemy valiantly, shuned no difficulties and dangers and would not hesitate to lay down his life if need be.
    * * *
    赴湯蹈火|赴汤蹈火 [fù tāng dǎo huǒ] to go through water and tread on fire (idiom); not afraid of any difficulty

    Chinese-English dictionary > 赴汤蹈火

  • 423 起动

    (of a train, machine, etc.) start
    * * *
    start; weigh anchor
    【机】 cranking; starting
    * * *
    jump-start; start; weigh anchor
    * * *
    v. start
    * * *
    qi3 dong4
    to start up (a motor), to launch (a computer application)
    * * *
    qǐ dòng
    start (a machine, etc.); switch on
    起动电动机 starting motor;
    起动电流 starting current;
    起动辅助设施 starting aid;
    起动流速 initial velocity;
    起动器 starter;
    起动时间 starting time;
    起动试验 starting test;
    起动温升试验 starting temperature rise test;
    起动系统 starting system;
    起动装药 starter charge;
    起动装置 starting equipment
    * * *
    起動|起动 [qǐ dòng] to start up (a motor) to launch (a computer application)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 起动

  • 424

    to jump, to leave
    * * *
    (书) (躲开; 走开) dodge
    * * *
    赸|赸 [shàn] to jump to leave

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 425

    get over; jump over, exceed; overstep, (of one's voice or emotion) be at a high pitch, Vietnam, the eastern part of Zhejiang Province, China
    * * *
    be at a high pitch; exceed; get over
    【医】 trans-
    * * *
    be at a high pitch; exceed; get over
    * * *
    v. exceed, surpass, climb
    * * *
    generic word for peoples or states of south China or south Asia at different historical periods, abbr. for Vietnam 越南
    to exceed, to climb over, to surpass, the more... the more
    * * *
    (跨过; 跳过) get over; jump over:
    翻山越岭 cross over mountain after mountain;
    越墙而逃 escape by climbing over the wall;
    铁路穿越原始森林。 The railway cuts through a primeval forest.
    (超出) exceed; overstep:
    越出范围 overstep the bounds; exceed the limits;
    越出政策界限 go beyond the bounds of policy
    (昂扬) (of one's voice or emotion) be at a high pitch:
    歌声清越 sing in a clarion voice;
    激越 intense; vehement; loud and strong
    (周朝国名) Yue, a state in the Zhou Dynasty
    (姓氏) a surname:
    越石父 Yue Shifu
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 越|越 [Yuè] generic word for peoples or states of south China or south Asia at different historical periods abbr. for Vietnam ↑ 越南
    Ⅱ. 越|越 [yuè] to exceed to climb over to surpass the more... the more

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 426

    to jump, to climb over, to leap, to posture, a gangway
    * * *
    趒|趒 [tiáo] to jump to climb over to leap to posture a gangway

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 427

    n. way of stroke in calligraph
    v. jump
    * * *
    to jump, way of stroke in calligraphy
    to jump
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 趯|趯 [tì] to jump way of stroke in calligraphy
    Ⅱ. 趯|趯 [yuè] to jump

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 428 足球

    soccer; football, football; soccer ball (the ball used in playing soccer or football)
    * * *
    相关词组: 英式足球
    * * *
    center forward; center halfback; football
    * * *
    n. football, soccer
    * * *
    zu2 qiu2
    soccer ball, a football, CL:個, 个, soccer, football
    * * *
    zú qiú
    (球类运动) soccer; football; association football:
    美国式足球 American football;
    英国式足球 soccer; association football
    (指此项运动用的球) football
    足球场 football field;
    足球队 football team; eleven;
    足球赛 football game;
    足球运动员 footballer; football player
    * * *
    足球|足球 [zú qiú] soccer ball a football CL:↑ |↑ [gè] soccer football

    Chinese-English dictionary > 足球

  • 429

    v. jump, leap
    * * *
    jump, leap
    * * *
    (书) (踢) kick另见 bào。
    (方) (跳跃) spring forth另见 bō。
    * * *
    趵|趵 [bào] jump leap

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 430

    leap; jump
    * * *
    bound; jump; leap
    * * *
    * * *
    n. skip, spring, bounce, jump
    v. capriole, skit, bump, jump, leap, skip, spring
    * * *
    to jump, to leap
    * * *
    (跳) leap; jump:
    一跃而起 get up with a jump; jump up all of a sudden;
    跃居世界首位 leap to first place in the world;
    跃上马背 leap onto a horse;
    男孩一跃跳过了篱笆。 The boy cleared the fence in one leap.
    * * *
    躍|跃 [yuè] to jump to leap

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 431 跃居

    jump or leap to a higher ranking
    * * *
    yue4 ju1
    to vault
    * * *
    躍居|跃居 [yuè jū] to vault

    Chinese-English dictionary > 跃居

  • 432 跃迁

    * * *
    【化】 transition
    * * *
    * * *
    yue4 qian1
    transition, jump (e.g. quantum leap in spectroscopy)
    * * *
    yuè qiān
    {物} transition; {量} jump; jumping
    跃迁辐射探测器 transition radiation detector;
    跃迁概(几)率 transition probability;
    跃迁禁戒 forbiddenness of a transition;
    跃迁矩{量子} transition moment;
    跃迁能 transition energy;
    跃迁耦合 transitional coupling;
    跃迁频率 jump frequency;
    跃迁区 transition region;
    跃迁时间 transition time;
    跃迁振幅 transition amplitude
    * * *
    躍遷|跃迁 [yuè qiān] transition jump (e.g. quantum leap in spectroscopy)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 跃迁

  • 433 跃进

    make (or take) a leap; leap forward
    * * *
    leap forward; lunge; upswing
    * * *
    bound; lunge; quantum jump; quantum leap
    * * *
    yue4 jin4
    make a leap, leap forward
    * * *
    yuè jìn
    leap; make a leap; leap forward:
    瑞典的工业近年来出现了跃进的局面。 Swedish industrial front is developing by leaps and bounds in the late years.
    跃进阶段 leap forward stage;
    跃进装置 inshot
    * * *
    躍進|跃进 [yuè jìn] to leap forward to make rapid progress a leap forward

    Chinese-English dictionary > 跃进

  • 434

    jump; leap; bounce; spring; bound, move up and down; beat, skip (over); make omissions
    * * *
    jump; leap; beat; bounce; skip; spring; tread; vaulting
    * * *
    jump; leap; bounce; skip; tread
    * * *
    n. jump, leap
    v. beat, skip over, make omissions, jump, hop, leap, spring, bounce, move up and down
    * * *
    to jump, to hop, to skip over, to bounce, to palpitate
    * * *
    (腿用力弹起) jump; leap; skip; bounce:
    跳上马背 leap on a horse;
    从椅子上跳起来 bounce off (out of) one's chair;
    从床上跳下来 spring out of bed;
    一跳而起 jump (spring) to one's feet;
    跳过一条沟 leap over a ditch;
    孩子们蹦蹦跳跳地进了教室。 The children bounced into the classroom.
    (弹力使物体突然向上移动) spring; leap:
    新皮球跳得高。 The new rubber ball springs high.
    (一起一伏地动) move up and down; beat; throb; palpitate; twitch:
    脉搏跳得平稳。 The pulse throbbed steadily.
    他激动得心直跳。 His heart was throbbing with excitement.
    我眼皮老是跳。 My eyelids keep twitching all the time.
    (越过) skip over; jump over; drop:
    跳过一两页 jump over a page or two;
    跳两针 drop two stitches
    * * *
    跳|跳 [tiào] to jump to hop to skip over to bounce to palpitate

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 435 跳井

    drown oneself in a well
    * * *
    tiao4 jing3
    to jump into a well (to drown oneself, esp. of ladies in fiction)
    * * *
    跳井|跳井 [tiào jǐng] to jump into a well (to drown oneself, esp. of ladies in fiction)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 跳井

  • 436 跳价

    tiao4 jia4
    price jump
    * * *
    跳價|跳价 [tiào jià] price jump

    Chinese-English dictionary > 跳价

  • 437 跳伞

    parachute; bale (or bail) out, parachute jumping
    * * *
    bail; bail out; parachute; parachute jumping
    相关词组: 跳伞人
    * * *
    bail out; bail-out; bailout; parachute jump
    * * *
    n. parachute jumping
    v. parachute, bale
    * * *
    tiao4 san3
    to parachute, to bail out, parachute jumping
    * * *
    tiào sǎn
    brolly hop; jump; parachute; bale out; {体} parachute jumping; bail
    跳伞供氧装置 parachuting oxygen supply equipment;
    跳伞门 bailout door;
    跳伞区 parachute drop zone;
    跳伞设备 parachuting equipment;
    跳伞损伤 parachuting injury;
    跳伞塔 parachute tower;
    跳伞训练 parachuting training;
    跳伞用氧气瓶 {航空} bailout bottle;
    跳伞员 paraboy; parachuter;
    跳伞运动员 parachutist; parachuter;
    跳伞组长 jumpmaster
    * * *
    跳傘|跳伞 [tiào sǎn] to parachute to bail out parachute jumping

    Chinese-English dictionary > 跳伞

  • 438 跳價

    tiao4 jia4
    price jump
    * * *
    跳價|跳价 [tiào jià] price jump

    Chinese-English dictionary > 跳價

  • 439 跳出

    * * *
    * * *
    tiao4 chu1
    to jump out, fig. to appear suddenly
    * * *
    跳出|跳出 [tiào chū] to jump out fig. to appear suddenly

    Chinese-English dictionary > 跳出

  • 440 跳出火坑

    tiao4 chu1 huo3 keng1
    lit. to jump out of a fire pit (idiom); to escape from a living hell, to free oneself from a life of torture
    * * *
    tiào chū huǒ kēng
    leap from the fiery pit -- as a girl who is freed from prostitution; escape the fiery pit of perdition; escape the pit of fire
    * * *
    跳出火坑|跳出火坑 [tiào chū huǒ kēng] lit. to jump out of a fire pit (idiom); to escape from a living hell to free oneself from a life of torture

    Chinese-English dictionary > 跳出火坑

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