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  • 401 街道

    street, residential district; neighbourhood
    * * *
    row; street
    【法】 street
    * * *
    row; street; street scene
    * * *
    n. street, neighbourhood, neighborhood
    * * *
    jie1 dao4
    street, CL:條, 条, subdistrict, residential district
    * * *
    jiē dào
    (马路; 行车道) street; road; way:
    打扫街道 clean a street;
    拓宽街道 widen a street;
    交通拥塞的街道 traffic-chocked streets;
    这条街道禁止通行。 The street is closed to traffic.
    这客厅可俯瞰街道。 The parlor overlooks the street.
    (街道地区) residential district; neighbourhood; row; curbside:
    街道办事处 subdistrict office;
    街道办学 street committee setting up school;
    街道服务站 neighbourhood service center;
    街道工厂 neighbourhood factory;
    街道工业 neighbourhood industry;
    街道教育 neighbourhood education;
    街道居民委员会 neighbourhood committee; residents commission;
    街道劳动服务站 labour service companies on the neighbourhood level; community service centers
    街道噪音 street noise;
    街道照明 street lighting
    * * *
    街道|街道 [jiē dào] street CL:↑ |↑ [tiáo] subdistrict residential district

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  • 402

    * * *
    n. government offices, administrative center, office, yamen
    * * *
    surname Ya
    office, yamen 衙門, 衙门
    * * *
    (衙门) yamen, government office in feudal China
    (姓氏) a surname:
    衙博 Ya Bo
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 衙|衙 [Yá] surname Ya
    Ⅱ. 衙|衙 [yá] office yamen ↑ 衙門|↑ 衙门

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  • 403 表面

    surface; face; outside; appearance; top, dial plate; dial
    * * *
    surface; exterior; facade
    【化】 surface
    【医】 superficies; surface
    相关词组: 表面波
    * * *
    exterior; facade; facies; obverse; superficial; surface
    * * *
    adj. shallow, skin-deep
    n. surface, appearance, face, exterior, external, outside, obverse, facade
    * * *
    biao3 mian4
    surface, face, outside, appearance
    * * *
    biǎo miàn
    surface; superficies; boundary; face; rind; sheet; skin; outside; appearance:
    表面之词 a superficial statement;
    表面价值 face value;
    粗糙的表面 a rough surface;
    光滑的表面 a smooth surface;
    地球的表面 the surface of the earth; the face of the earth;
    事物的表面 the surface of things;
    表面上气壮如牛, 实际上胆小如鼠 outwardly fierce as a bull but inwardly timid as a mouse;
    你不能只看事情的表面。 You must not look only at the surface of things.
    他那番话不过是表面文章。 He was merely paying lip service.
    表面安装技术 surface mounting technology;
    表面凹凸砌体 skintled;
    表面凹陷 dinge;
    表面保护剂 surface protectant;
    表面爆破 surface blasting;
    表面爆炸 surface explosion;
    表面变容二极管 surface varactor;
    表面变形 areal deformation;
    表面变形现象 brinelling;
    表面变性 surface modification;
    表面变质 envenomation;
    表面波导 surface guide (duct);
    表面波度 surface waveness;
    表面薄毡 overlay mat;
    表面不连续性 surface discontinuity;
    表面不平度 surface irregularity;
    表面不稳定性 surface instability;
    表面材料 surfacing;
    表面测量仪 profile meter;
    表面场效应晶体管 surface field effect transistor;
    表面超导性 surface superconductivity;
    表面成核场 surface nucleation fied;
    表面虫孔 surface worm hole;
    表面处理 surface treatment; top dressing; surfacing;
    表面处治 carpet veneer;
    表面传导 surface conduction;
    表面传感器 surface probe;
    表面吹割 gouging; gouge;
    表面粗糙度 surface roughness;
    表面粗糙度轮廓仪 surface coarseness profiling instrument;
    表面粗度仪 talysurf;
    表面催化反应 surface-catalyzed reactions;
    表面淬火 surface hardening; hard surfacing;
    表面点蚀 surface pitting;
    表面玷污监测 surface contamination monitoring;
    表面电导 surface conduction;
    表面电荷变容二极管 surface charge varactor;
    表面电荷晶体管 surface charge transistor (SCT);
    表面电离作用 surface ionization;
    表面电流 surface current;
    表面电路学 molecular circuitry; morphological circuitry;
    表面电势 surface potential;
    表面电势陡变 surface potential jump;
    表面电位 surface potential;
    表面电位检测器 surface potential detector;
    表面电位控制的晶体管 surface-potential controlled transistor;
    表面电阻 surface resistance; sheet resistance;
    表面电阻率 surface resistivity; sheet resistivity;
    表面镀铬 chrome-faced;
    表面镀膜反射镜 surface-coated mirror;
    表面堆焊 surface overlaying;
    表面钝化 surface passivation;
    表面钝化工艺 surface passivation technology;
    表面发裂 fluting;
    表面反射法 surface-reflexion method;
    表面反型层 surface inversion layer;
    表面反应 surface reaction;
    表面方法 surface method;
    表面防护 surface protection;
    表面防水 surface waterproofing;
    表面放电 surface discharge;
    表面放射性沾污 surface contamination;
    表面沸腾 surface boiling;
    表面分层 skin lamination;
    表面分析 surface analysis;
    表面辐照 surface irradiation;
    表面复合 surface recombination;
    表面复合率 surface recombination rate;
    表面复合速度 surface recombination velocity;
    表面改善 surface modification;
    表面感应 surface induction;
    表面钢化 aciergae;
    表面高温计 surface pyrometer;
    表面各向异性 surface anisotropy;
    表面沟道 surface channel;
    表面构造 surface structure;
    表面光电效应 surface photoelectric effect;
    表面光度计 profilograph;
    表面光度仪 talysurf; profilograph; profilometer;
    表面光洁度 smooth finish; surface finish quality; surface finishment;
    表面光洁度测量仪 surfagauge;
    表面光洁度量具 surface-finish measuring tool;
    表面光洁度显微镜 surface roughness microscope;
    表面光泽 lustrous surface;
    表面光轧 skin pass rolling;
    表面光轧机 tempering mill;
    表面规 surface gage;
    表面滚挤加工 surface-pressed working up;
    表面含碳量 case carbon;
    表面焊缝 surface weld;
    表面耗尽层 surface depletion layer;
    表面核爆炸 surface nuclear explosion;
    表面合金化 surface alloying;
    表面护板 skin;
    表面划线培养 surface streak cultivation;
    表面化合物 surface compound;
    表面化学 {物化} surface chemistry;
    表面化学反应 surface chemical reaction;
    表面活化物质 surface-active material;
    表面活性度 surface activity;
    表面活性剂 surface active agent; surfactant; Igepal; syndets; tenside;
    表面活性剂选择性电极 surfactant selective electrode;
    表面活性物质 surface-active substance;
    表面击穿 surface breakdown;
    表面积累层 surface accumulation layer;
    表面激发 surface excitation;
    表面激活式阴极 surface-activated cathode;
    表面集成电路 epi-planarintegrated circuit;
    表面记录 {计} surface recording;
    表面加工 surfacing;
    表面价值 face value;
    表面接触 surface contact;
    表面接缝 face joint;
    表面接合 face bonding;
    表面节 face knot;
    表面结构 surface texture;
    表面结晶 surface crystallization;
    表面浸润试验 surface wetting experiment;
    表面晶体学 surface crystallography;
    表面精加工 surface finishing;
    表面菌丝生长 turf;
    表面扩散 surface diffusion;
    表面冷凝器 surface condenser;
    表面冷却 surface cooling;
    表面冷却器 surface-cooler;
    表面冷轧机 skin pass mill;
    表面粒子 surface particle;
    表面力 surface force;
    表面量子状态 surface quantum state;
    表面裂缝 surface crack;
    表面裂纹 surface crack;
    表面裂纹法 surface crack method;
    表面临界场 curface critical field;
    表面鳞剥 surface spall;
    表面鳞化 alramenting (保护钢铁表面);
    表面流变学 surface rheology;
    表面漏泄 surface leakage;
    表面洛氏硬度计 superficial Rockwell hardness tester;
    表面麻醉 surface anesthesia;
    表面酶 surface enzyme;
    表面密度 superficial density; surface density;
    表面免疫球蛋白 surface immunoglobulin;
    表面面积 surface area;
    表面皿 watch-glass;
    表面膜 surface film; pellicle;
    表面磨光 surface grinding;
    表面磨耗 surface abrasion;
    表面摩擦 {土} skin friction;
    表面摩擦力 {流} skin friction; skin-friction force;
    表面摩擦系数 {气} skin-friction coefficient;
    表面摩擦阻力 {航空} surface friction drag; skin-friction drag; skin-friction resistance; skin-frictional resistance;
    表面耐磨堆焊 {冶} hard-facing;
    表面能 surface energy;
    表面能级 surface energy level;
    表面逆温层 surface inversion layer;
    表面粘度 surface viscosity;
    表面粘力计 tacciometer;
    表面凝结 surface condensation;
    表面扭转 surface distortion;
    表面浓度 surface concentration;
    表面耦合 surface coupling;
    表面排斥 {生} surface exclusion;
    表面抛光 surface finish;
    表面配合物 surface complexes;
    表面膨胀 superficial expansion;
    表面疲劳 surface fatigue;
    表面偏析 surface segregation;
    表面破坏 surface breakdown;
    表面破裂 skin breakage;
    表面曝气 surface aeration;
    表面起伏 surface relief (马氏体转变);
    表面起毛 wildness;
    表面起膜 blooming;
    表面起皱 {物} surface wrinkling;
    表面气氛 surface atmosphere;
    表面气孔 pit skin;
    表面气泡 skin hole;
    表面汽化器 surface carburetor;
    表面强化 surface peening;
    表面鞘 surface sheath;
    表面切割 gouging;
    表面切削 surface cut;
    表面清洁整理 clarte;
    表面清理 removing surface; surface cleaning;
    表面倾淋处理 cloudburst treatment;
    表面取向 surface orientation;
    表面曲率 surface curvature;
    表面缺陷 surface defect; surface blemish; crizzling; roaks;
    表面燃烧 surface combustion;
    表面热处理 surface heat-treatment; thermolize;
    表面热电偶 surface thermocouple;
    表面热力学 surface thermodynamics;
    表面溶液 surface solution;
    表面熔解 surface melting;
    表面蠕动 reptation;
    表面润滑 surface lubrication;
    表面散度 surface divergence;
    表面散热系数 surface coefficient of heat transfer;
    表面色 surface colour;
    表面伤害 superficial injury;
    表面熵 surface entropy;
    表面烧伤 scorch;
    表面渗铝 alitizing;
    表面渗碳 surface carburization;
    表面渗碳淬火 nitrogencase hardening;
    表面渗碳硬化 case hardening;
    表面声道 surface sound channel;
    表面生长 surface growth;
    表面失去光泽 surface staining;
    表面失效 surface failure;
    表面失真 surface distortion;
    表面蚀变作用 hypergenesis; regressive diagenesis; retrodiagenesis;
    表面势 surface potential;
    表面寿命 surface lifetime;
    表面水化(作用) surface hydration;
    表面水解(作用) surface hydrolysis;
    表面水温 bucket temperature;
    表面态 surface state;
    表面涂层 face coat; surface coating; glaze;
    表面退火 flash annealing; skin annealing;
    表面脱碳 skin decarburization; soft skin; surface decarburization;
    表面外痕作用 surface marking;
    表面网纹 surface crazing;
    表面位垒 surface potential barrier;
    表面温度 surface temperature;
    表面稳定性 surface stability;
    表面物理学 surface physics;
    表面吸附 surface adsorption;
    表面系数 surface coefficient;
    表面瑕疵 surface defect;
    表面现象 superficial phenomenon;
    表面相 surface phase;
    表面消毒 {核} surface sterilization;
    表面消费 apparent consumption;
    表面效应 surface effect;
    表面效应船 surface effect ship;
    表面效应器 surface effect vehicle;
    表面形态学 surface morphology;
    表面形状 macroshape;
    表面性质 surface property;
    表面修整 deseaming;
    表面压力 surface pressure;
    表面因子 surface factor;
    表面引出导线的配电盘 live-front switch board;
    表面应力 quadric stress;
    表面硬度 case hardness; surface hardness;
    表面预处理 surface pretreatment;
    表面轧制 surface rolling;
    表面毡 surfacing mat;
    表面沾污 surface contamination;
    表面褶皱 surface folding;
    表面针孔 surface pinhole;
    表面振荡 surface oscillation;
    表面振荡能量量子 surfon;
    表面蒸发 surface evaporation;
    表面证据 prima facies evidence;
    表面直交单板 face crossing;
    表面制备工艺 surface preparation technology;
    表面质量 surface quality;
    表面质量检查仪 surface quality tester;
    表面状况 surface appearance;
    表面状态 surface state;
    表面着色 surface colouration;
    表面阻抗 surface impedance;
    表面阻力 skin resistance; surface drag;
    表面作用 surface behavior; surface action
    * * *
    表面|表面 [biǎo miàn] surface face outside appearance

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  • 404 要冲

    communications centre (or hub)
    * * *
    communications centre
    * * *
    communications center
    * * *
    yao4 chong1
    road hub, major crossroad
    * * *
    yào chōng
    communications centre; communications hub:
    军事要冲 strategic point;
    交通要冲 vital communications hub
    * * *
    要衝|要冲 [yào chōng] road hub major crossroad

    Chinese-English dictionary > 要冲

  • 405 見風是雨

    take wind as the forerunner of rain—jump to hasty conclusions
    * * *
    jian4 feng1 shi4 yu3
    lit. see the wind and assume it will rain (idiom); fig. gullible, to believe whatever people suggest
    * * *
    見風是雨|见风是雨 [jiàn fēng shì yǔ] lit. see the wind and assume it will rain (idiom); fig. gullible to believe whatever people suggest

    Chinese-English dictionary > 見風是雨

  • 406 见风是雨

    take wind as the forerunner of rain—jump to hasty conclusions
    * * *
    jian4 feng1 shi4 yu3
    lit. see the wind and assume it will rain (idiom); fig. gullible, to believe whatever people suggest
    * * *
    見風是雨|见风是雨 [jiàn fēng shì yǔ] lit. see the wind and assume it will rain (idiom); fig. gullible to believe whatever people suggest

    Chinese-English dictionary > 见风是雨

  • 407 观察

    observe; watch; survey, observation
    * * *
    observe; survey; espial; look into; watch
    【化】 observation
    【医】 observation; view
    【经】 observation; take stock of
    相关词组: 观察日
    * * *
    be observed; espial; look into; look-in; observe; take stock of
    * * *
    guan1 cha2
    to observe, to watch, to survey, to examine, observation, view, perspective, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    guān chá
    observe; watch; survey; observation; inspection; review; viewing; examine; outsight; overlook; apperceive; sail:
    观察地形 survey the terrain;
    观察动静 watch what is going on;
    观察形势 observe the situation; examine the situation;
    观察风向 find out (learn) how (which way) the wind blows; see how the land lies; see how the gander hops; see which way the cat jumps; wait for the cat to jump;
    在显微镜下仔细观察标本 view specimens under a microscope;
    观察大自然 be observant of nature;
    他观察敏锐, 但说得很少。 He observes keenly but says very little.
    我们仔细观察了他动作的每个细节。 We carefully watched every detail of his action.
    观察病室 observation ward; probationary ward;
    观察池 claire;
    观察窗 observation window; window; peephole; eye;
    观察地带 zone of observation;
    观察地境 observation area;
    观察点 viewpoint;
    观察电视 observation television;
    观察定位法 sight locating;
    观察法 observational method;
    观察方程 observation equation;
    观察工事 works for observation;
    观察机 observation aircraft;
    观察技术 observational technique;
    观察计算 calculate by inspection;
    观察记录表 summary sheet;
    观察家 observer;
    观察角 viewing angle;
    观察结果 observed result;
    观察警报配系 observation and warning system;
    观察镜 observation mirror;
    观察距离 viewing distance;
    观察孔 eye split; glory-hole; observation door; observation hole; observation port; peep door; porthole; sight; sight window; sightglass; sighting slit; wicket; peephole; eye; visor;
    观察孔盖 handhole cover;
    观察力 eye; outsight; power of observation;
    观察量 observed quantity;
    观察期 the period under observation;
    观察器 run down box; viewer;
    观察日 term day; observational day;
    观察哨 observation post;
    观察时间 observing time; viewing time;
    观察试验 viewing test;
    观察视差 observation parallax;
    观察所 observation platform;
    观察位置 observation place;
    观察误差 error of observation; observation error; malobservation;
    观察线 observation line;
    观察箱 inspection box;
    观察斜滑板 porthole taper slide;
    观察仪 scope; observer; finder;
    观察仪器 optical viewer;
    观察员 observer; inspector;
    观察站 observation station;
    观察者 observer; viewer;
    观察值 observed value
    * * *
    觀察|观察 [guān chá] to observe to watch to survey to examine observation view perspective CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 观察

  • 408 觉醒

    awaken, awakening
    * * *
    arousal; awaken; awakening; disillusion; rouse; wake; waken
    相关词组: 再度觉醒
    * * *
    arousal; awakening; disenchantment; disillusion; disillusionment; rouse
    * * *
    v. awake, wake
    * * *
    jue2 xing3
    to awaken, to come to realize, awakened to the truth, the truth dawns upon one, scales fall from the eyes, to become aware
    * * *
    jué xǐng
    (醒悟; 觉悟) awaken; awake:
    第三世界的觉醒 the awakening of the Third World;
    世界人民的新觉醒 a new awakening of the world people;
    亚洲正从长睡中觉醒。 Asia is awaking from her long sleep.
    {心理} arousal; waking state
    觉醒中枢 waking center
    * * *
    覺醒|觉醒 [jué xǐng] to awaken to come to realize awakened to the truth the truth dawns upon one scales fall from the eyes to become aware

    Chinese-English dictionary > 觉醒

  • 409 触觉

    tactile (or tactual) sensation; sense of touch; feeling; touch
    * * *
    sense of touch; touch
    【计】 tactile sense; touch sense
    【医】 pselaphesia; tactile sensations; tactile sense; taction; tactus
    thigmesthesia; touch
    相关词组: 触觉的
    * * *
    feeling; touch
    * * *
    n. tactile sensation, tactual sensation, sense of touch
    n. feel
    * * *
    chu4 jue2
    touch, sense of touch
    * * *
    chù jué
    tactile (tactual) sensation; sense of touch; touch reception; thigmesthesia; pselaphesia; pselaphesis; tactility; touch; tact; tactus; feel; feeling:
    盲人有敏锐的触觉。 The blind have a keen touch.
    触觉测量法 esthesiometry;
    触觉测量器 tactometer; esthesiometer;
    触觉迟钝 hypesthesia; dysaphia; amblyaphia;
    触觉倒错 parapsis; parapsia; paraphia;
    触觉感受器 thigmoreceptor; tactile sensor; tactile receptor;
    触觉过敏 hyperaphia;
    触觉计 (a)esthesiometer; kinohapt;
    触觉减退 hypopselaphesia;
    触觉灵敏度 tactility;
    触觉器官 tactile organ;
    触觉缺失 atactilia; anaphia; apselaphesia;
    触觉乳头 tactile papilla;
    触觉锐敏 oxyaphia;
    触觉试验 feel test;
    触觉小体 corpusculum tactus;
    触觉窝 tactile pit;
    触觉学 haptics;
    触觉语言 tactile language;
    触觉障碍 dysaphia; hypesthesia;
    触觉中枢 tactile center;
    触觉助听器 teletactor; tactphone
    * * *
    觸覺|触觉 [chù jué] touch sense of touch

    Chinese-English dictionary > 触觉

  • 410 计量

    measure; calculate; estimate
    * * *
    computation; measure
    【经】 gauging; measure
    相关词组: 计量的
    * * *
    computation; measure
    * * *
    v. measure, calculate, estimate
    * * *
    ji4 liang4
    measurement, to calculate
    * * *
    jì liàng
    calculate; estimate; meterage; metering; batching; measure:
    不可计量 inestimable;
    他能计量准确吗? Can he measure accurately?
    大米比面粉容易计量。 Rice measures more easily than flour.
    计量按钮 metering button;
    计量泵 {化工} metering pump; proportioning pump; jigger pump;
    计量表 gauge table;
    计量变换 gauge transformation;
    计量部门 metrological service;
    计量长度 gauge length;
    计量测定 measuration;
    计量仓 measuring chute; measuring pocket;
    计量抽样方案 sampling plan by variables;
    计量抽样检查 sampling inspection by variables;
    计量单位 prickle;
    计量电路 metering circuit;
    计量斗 weighing hopper;
    计量断面 ruling section;
    计量阀 scale valve;
    计量法 weighing and measures law;
    计量放大器 meter amplifier;
    计量分离器 {油工} metering separator;
    计量管理学派 quantitative management school;
    计量罐 measuring tank;
    计量光栅 metrological grating;
    计量基准 mete-wand;
    计量机构 metrological service;
    计量计数器 batching counter;
    计量检验工作 metrological and inspecting work;
    计量经济模型 econometric model;
    计量经济软件包 economtric software package;
    计量经济学 econometrics;
    计量经济预测 econometric forecasting;
    计量卷尺 metering band;
    计量孔 dip hatch;
    计量控制处理机 measurement control processor;
    计量口 gauge hatch; gauge hatch nipple;
    计量漏斗 measuring hoper;
    计量螺旋 metering screw; metering auger;
    计量皿 counting cup;
    计量剖面 metering section;
    计量情报学 Informetrics;
    计量取样检验 sampling inspection by variable;
    计量润滑 metered lubrication;
    计量生物学 biometric;
    计量室 measuring room;
    计量数据系统 metric data system;
    计量台 weigh-bridge;
    计量桶 batch box; measuring pail;
    计量位置 gauge position;
    计量箱 batch meter;
    计量心理学 psychometrics;
    计量信息 metrical information;
    计量性能 metering performance;
    计量序列 counter train;
    计量仪表 metering device;
    计量仪器 metrical instrument; metrologic instrument;
    计量语言学 computational linguistics;
    计量站 metering station;
    计量中心 center of measuremet;
    计量装置 metering installation; metering mechanism;
    计量准确度 accuracy of measuring;
    计量资料 measurement data
    * * *
    計量|计量 [jì liàng] measurement to calculate

    Chinese-English dictionary > 计量

  • 411 调度

    dispatch (trains, buses, etc.), dispatcher, manage; control
    * * *
    attemper; dispatch
    【计】 dispatch; scheduling
    相关词组: 调度员
    * * *
    * * *
    v. dispatch, despatch, manage, control
    * * *
    diao4 du4
    to dispatch (i.e. organize the distribution of vehicles), dispatcher
    * * *
    diào dù
    (调遣) dispatch (trains, buses, etc.):
    在终点站调度公共汽车 dispatch buses at a terminal
    (调度员) dispatcher:
    他是电车公司的调度。 He is a dispatcher at the trolleybus company.
    (安排) manage; control:
    生产调度 production management
    (安排时间、进度) scheduling:
    动态(工作)调度 dynamic scheduling;
    任务调度 task scheduling
    调度策略 {计} scheduling strategy;
    调度程序 scheduler program; scheduler; dispatcher;
    调度程序系统 scheduling system;
    调度处理机 scheduling processor;
    调度电话 dispatching telephone;
    调度电话系统 dispatcher telephone system;
    调度电话引入转换架 lead-in and change-over rack for dispatching telephone;
    调度电话装置 dispatcher telephone device;
    调度电力机车 electric switching locomotive;
    调度工程师 control engineer; dispatching engineer;
    调度规则 scheduling rule (discipline);
    调度集中 centralized traffic control;
    调度计算机 dispatching computer;
    调度绞车 car hauler; car spotting hoist; spotting hoist;
    调度理论 scheduling theory;
    调度模型 scheduling model;
    调度排队 scheduling queue;
    调度塞绳 patch cord;
    调度设备 dispatching equipment;
    调度室 control building (room); dispatching room (station); dispatcher's office;
    调度算法 dispatching (dispatch; scheduling) algorithm;
    调度所 dispatching office;
    调度台 dispatching desk;
    调度文件 schedule file;
    调度系统 dispatching (scheduling) system;
    调度优先级 dispatching priority;
    调度员 dispatcher; yardman; controller;
    调度载波配合器 carrier adapter for dispatching telephone;
    调度站 dispatching (commanding) point;
    调度长 dinger;
    调度中心 dispatching center
    * * *
    調度|调度 [diào dù] to dispatch (i.e. organize the distribution of vehicles) dispatcher

    Chinese-English dictionary > 调度

  • 412 貿易中心

    trade centre
    * * *
    mao4 yi4 zhong1 xin1
    trade center, shopping mall
    * * *
    貿易中心|贸易中心 [mào yì zhōng xīn] trade center shopping mall

    Chinese-English dictionary > 貿易中心

  • 413 質心

    centre of mass
    * * *
    zhi4 xin1
    center of gravity, barycenter
    * * *
    質心|质心 [zhì xīn] center of gravity barycenter

    Chinese-English dictionary > 質心

  • 414 購物中心

    shopping centre
    * * *
    n. plaza, shopping center
    * * *
    gou4 wu4 zhong1 xin1
    shopping center
    * * *
    購物中心|购物中心 [gòu wù zhōng xīn] shopping center

    Chinese-English dictionary > 購物中心

  • 415 质心

    centre of mass
    * * *
    【化】 center of mass; centre of mass
    * * *
    center of mass; centroid
    * * *
    zhi4 xin1
    center of gravity, barycenter
    * * *
    zhì xīn
    {力} barycenter; barycentre; centroid; center of mass
    质心动量 barycentric momentum;
    质心系 {物} center-of-mass frame;
    质心系统 center-of-mass system;
    质心系统角 centre-of-mass angle;
    质心向量 centroid vector;
    质心(轨道)要素 {天物} barycentric element;
    质心主轴 centroidal principal axis;
    质心坐标 center-of-mass coordinate;
    质心坐标系 geocentric coordinate system
    * * *
    質心|质心 [zhì xīn] center of gravity barycenter

    Chinese-English dictionary > 质心

  • 416 购买

    purchase; buy; get in
    * * *
    buy; detriment; purchase
    【经】 buy; purchase; purchases
    相关词组: 购买力
    * * *
    buy; purchase; purchased; purchases; purchasing
    * * *
    adj. purchasing
    n. buy, detriment
    * * *
    gou4 mai3
    to purchase, to buy
    * * *
    gòu mǎi
    purchase; buy; emption:
    到别处购买 buy elsewhere;
    从某人处购买某物 buy from (of) sb.;
    购买礼品 gift purchases;
    现金购买 ready-money purchase;
    他给儿子一些钱购买学校的课本。 He gave his son some money for the purchase of his school books.
    购买袋 (英) carrier bag;
    购买抵押 purchase-money mortgage;
    购买动机 buying motive;
    购买公用物品的开支 purchases made on the market for public use;
    购买古玩 purchase antique;
    购买价格 purchasing price;
    购买奖 purchase prize;
    购买款 purchase money;
    购买美国货法案 Buy American Act;
    购买癖 oniomania;
    购买期货 buy long;
    购买确认书 confirmation of purchase;
    购买热潮 rush;
    购买税 purchase tax;
    购买限额 buying quota;
    购买选择权 call option (交易所术语);
    购买欲 desire to buy; desire to purchase;
    购买证 authority to purchase; purchasing receipt;
    购买中心 shopping center
    * * *
    購買|购买 [gòu mǎi] to purchase to buy

    Chinese-English dictionary > 购买

  • 417 购物中心

    shopping centre
    * * *
    shopping center
    【经】 shopping center; shopping mall
    * * *
    plaza; shopping center
    * * *
    n. plaza, shopping center
    * * *
    gou4 wu4 zhong1 xin1
    shopping center
    * * *
    購物中心|购物中心 [gòu wù zhōng xīn] shopping center

    Chinese-English dictionary > 购物中心

  • 418 贸易

    trade; commerce
    * * *
    commerce; trade; traffic
    【经】 commerce; commercial act; commercial transaction; deal
    相关词组: 保护贸易论者
    * * *
    commerce; trade; traffic
    * * *
    n. commercial trade, commerce, trading, traffic
    * * *
    mao4 yi4
    (commercial) trade, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    mào yì
    补偿贸易 compensation trade;
    对外贸易 foreign trade;
    国际贸易 international trade;
    国内贸易 domestic trade;
    集市贸易 village fair;
    沿海贸易 cabotage; coasting trade;
    直接贸易 direct trade;
    和别国进行贸易 trade with foreign countries; do business with other countries;
    建立经常贸易关系 establish regular trade relations;
    对外经济贸易部 Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade;
    增加对外贸易 increase foreign trade;
    把我国贸易扩大到世界各地 push our trade into every quarter of the globe;
    战争影响贸易。 War affects trade.
    美国一直是中国第三大贸易伙伴。 The United States has always been China's third major trade partner.
    贸易保护法 trade safe-guarding act;
    贸易保护主义 trade protectionism;
    贸易壁垒 trade barriers; trade wall;
    贸易部 board of trade;
    贸易草约(协定书) trade protocol;
    贸易差额 trade balance; trade gap; balance of trade;
    贸易赤字 trade deficits;
    贸易促进中心 trade promotion centre;
    贸易地理 marketing geography;
    贸易对象(伙伴) trade partners;
    贸易额 value of trade; volume of trade; turnover;
    贸易法 trade laws; law of trade; trade act;
    贸易反常作用 trade-distorting effect;
    贸易方式 methods of conducting trade; trade method;
    贸易风 {气} trade wind;
    贸易港 trading port; commercial port;
    贸易格局 pattern of trade;
    贸易公司 trading (trade) company; trading firm; trading corporation;
    贸易关系 trade relation;
    贸易管制 trade control;
    贸易惯例 trade practice; trade usage; custom of trade;
    贸易规约 trade discipline;
    贸易合同 sales contract; business contract;
    贸易汇率 commercial rate;
    贸易货栈 trading warehouses; trade warehouse;
    贸易机会 trade access;
    贸易集团 trade bloc;
    贸易简化法 (美) Trade Simplification Act;
    贸易减让 trade concession;
    贸易交易会 trade fair;
    贸易禁运 commercial embargo;
    贸易经济 trade economy;
    贸易净差额 net balance of trade;
    贸易卡特尔 trade cartel;
    贸易开辟 trade creation;
    贸易库存 trade inventories;
    贸易扩展 trade expansion;
    贸易立国 carry out national construction by exclusively relying on foreign trade;
    贸易量 trade volume;
    贸易路线 trade route;
    贸易逆差 unfavourable trade balance; adverse trade balance; trade deficit;unfavourable balance of trade;
    贸易平衡 trade balance; balance of trade;
    贸易歧视 trade discrimination;
    贸易洽谈 trade talks; business discussions;
    贸易清算账户 commercial clearing account;
    贸易情报交换所 clearing-house for trade information;
    贸易区 trade zone;
    贸易渠道 trade channels;
    贸易市场 trading market;
    贸易收支 (差额) foreign trade position;
    贸易手续和单据简化 facilitation of trade procedures and documentation;
    贸易术语 standard trade terms;
    贸易数量限制 quantitative trade restriction (quota);
    贸易顺差 favourable balance of trade; active balance; trade surplus;
    贸易术语 trade terms;
    贸易谈判 trade negotiation;
    贸易条件 terms of trade;
    贸易条件指数 terms of trade index; index of terms of trade;
    贸易条例 trade regulations;
    贸易条约 commercial treaty;
    贸易统计 statistics of trade;
    贸易外汇 trade foreign exchange earnings; foreign currencies earned through trade;
    贸易往来 trade contacts; commercial intercourse;
    贸易危险 trade hazard;
    贸易习惯 usage of trade;
    贸易限制 trade restrictions; restriction of trade;
    贸易限制作用 trade-restrictive effect;
    贸易项目 trade account;
    贸易协定 trade agreement;
    贸易协定法 Trade Agreement Act;
    贸易信贷 trade credit;
    贸易议定书 trade protocol;
    贸易应付账款周转期 trade payable turnover period;
    贸易盈余 trade surplus;
    贸易用语 trade terms;
    贸易有利条件 trading advantages;
    贸易战 trading war; trade war;
    贸易账户 trading accounts;
    贸易政策 trade policy;
    贸易支付协定 trade and payment agreement;
    贸易值 trade value;
    贸易中心 trade center;
    贸易专利公司 trading monopoly company;
    贸易转向 trade diversion;
    贸易资本流动 trade capital movement;
    贸易自由 freedom to trade;
    贸易自由化 trade liberalization;
    贸易总额 total volume of trade;
    贸易最惠国待遇 the most-favoured-nation treatment
    * * *
    貿易|贸易 [mào yì] (commercial) trade CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 贸易

  • 419 贸易中心

    trade centre
    * * *
    trade centre
    【经】 trade center
    * * *
    * * *
    mao4 yi4 zhong1 xin1
    trade center, shopping mall
    * * *
    貿易中心|贸易中心 [mào yì zhōng xīn] trade center shopping mall

    Chinese-English dictionary > 贸易中心

  • 420 贸然

    rashly; hastily; without careful consideration
    * * *
    hastily; rashly
    相关词组: 贸然的
    * * *
    hastily; rashly
    * * *
    adv. rashly, hastily
    * * *
    mao4 ran2
    rashly, hastily, without careful consideration
    * * *
    mào rán
    (轻率地; 不加考虑地) rashly; hastily; without careful consideration:
    贸然说出 speak out precipitately;
    贸然改变计划 change the plan hastily;
    贸然下结论 draw a hasty conclusion; jump to a conclusion;
    贸然行动 act rashly
    * * *
    貿然|贸然 [mào rán] rashly hastily without careful consideration

    Chinese-English dictionary > 贸然

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