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center jump

  • 221 彈跳

    bounce; spring
    * * *
    n. bounce, spring
    * * *
    tan2 tiao4
    to bounce, to jump, to leap
    * * *
    彈跳|弹跳 [tán tiào] to bounce to jump to leap

    Chinese-English dictionary > 彈跳

  • 222 当中

    in the middle; in the centre, among
    * * *
    among; in the middle
    相关词组: 正当中
    * * *
    among; in the middle
    * * *
    adv. in the middle, in the center
    prep. among
    * * *
    dang1 zhong1
    among, in the middle, in the center
    * * *
    dāng zhōng
    (正中) in the middle; in the centre:
    坐在主席台当中 be seated in the centre of the rostrum;
    河当中水流最急。 The current is swiftest in the middle of the river.
    (中间; 之内) among:
    工人当中出现了许多技术革新能手。 Many technical innovators have emerged from among the workers.
    (船舶的中部) amidships; amidship
    * * *
    當中|当中 [dāng zhōng] among in the middle in the center

    Chinese-English dictionary > 当中

  • 223 当心

    take care; be careful; look out;mind
    * * *
    guard; look out; Pull in your ears; take care
    【法】 diligentia
    * * *
    Pull in your ears!; cheezit; guard; watch out
    * * *
    n. center of the chest
    v. look out, be careful!, care
    * * *
    dang1 xin1
    to take care, to look out
    * * *
    dāng xīn
    (正中间) in the middle; in the centre
    (小心, 留神) take care; be careful; look out:
    当心碰脑袋! Mind your head.
    当心有车! Look out! Mind the car.
    当心别把试管打碎了。 Take care not to break the test tube!
    当心路滑。 Watch your step.The road is slippery.
    当心别踩了庄稼。 Be careful not to step on the crops.
    * * *
    當心|当心 [dāng xīn] to take care to look out

    Chinese-English dictionary > 当心

  • 224 往往

    often; frequently; more often than not
    * * *
    frequently; often; sometimes
    相关词组: 来来往往
    * * *
    * * *
    adv. frequently, often, sometimes
    * * *
    wang3 wang3
    often, frequently
    * * *
    wǎng wǎng
    often; frequently; more often than not:
    往往如此 it happens frequently that;
    往往有之 as often happens;
    每遇多雾天气, 公共汽车往往脱班。 As often as not the buses are late on foggy days.
    有些人往往作出轻率的结论。 Some people are prone to jump to hasty conclusions.
    * * *
    往往|往往 [wǎng wǎng] often frequently

    Chinese-English dictionary > 往往

  • 225 征兵

    conscription; draft; call-up
    * * *
    conscript; draft; draught
    【法】 conscription
    相关词组: 征兵站
    * * *
    conscription; draft; draught
    * * *
    n. conscription
    v. raise troops, draught, draft
    * * *
    zheng1 bing1
    to levy troops, recruitment
    * * *
    zhēng bīng
    conscript; draft; call-up; levy; recruit soldiers; conscription
    征兵法 conscription (draft) law;
    征兵年龄 conscription age; age for enlistment;
    征兵站 drafting center; (美) draft center;
    征兵制 universal military service; conscription system
    * * *
    徵兵|征兵 [zhēng bīng] to levy troops recruitment

    Chinese-English dictionary > 征兵

  • 226 径向

    * * *
    相关词组: 径向的
    * * *
    * * *
    n. radial direction
    * * *
    jing4 xiang4
    radial (direction)
    * * *
    jìng xiàng
    {物} radial; radial direction
    径向摆动 radial wobble;
    径向胞间道 radial intercellular canal;
    径向薄壁组织 radial parenchyma;
    径向泵 radial pump;
    径向壁 radial wall;
    径向场聚焦 radial magnetic focusing;
    径向传输线 radial transmission line;
    径向电子束管 radial beam tube;
    径向动量 radial momentum;
    径向锻机 radial forging machine;
    径向锻造法 radial forging process;
    径向分布函数 {数} radial distribution function;
    径向分量 radial component;
    径向箍带压力 radial band pressure;
    径向管孔排列 radial pore arrangement;
    径向光栅 radial grating;
    径向滚削 radial hobbing;
    径向滚珠轴承 radial ball bearing;
    径向滚柱轴承 weight-carrying roller bearing;
    径向活塞泵 radial piston pump;
    径向或止推轴承 supporting bearing;
    径向畸变 radial distortion;
    径向加速度 radial acceleration;
    径向间隙 radial clearance; bottom clearance; diametral clearance;
    径向焦线 sagittal focal line;
    径向进给量 radial feeds;
    径向进给丝杠 radial feed screw;
    径向聚束管 radial-beam tube;
    径向聚束行波管 spiratron;
    径向距离-方位显示器 radial range-azimuth display;
    径向锯(木)法 radial sawing;
    径向抗磨轴承 radial antifriction bearing;
    径向扩散 radial diffusion;
    径向力 {机} radial force;
    径向流动 radial flow;
    径向螺纹梳刀 radial chaser;
    径向磨削 radial grinding;
    径向膨胀 radial swelling;
    径向偏差 radial missing;
    径向偏转 radial deflection;
    径向偏转电极 radial deflection terminal;
    径向偏转电子射线管 radial-beam tube;
    径向偏转示波管 radial deflection tube;
    径向平衡 radial equilibrium;
    径向强度 radial strength;
    径向扫描 radial scan; radial sweep;
    径向散布 radial scatter;
    径向射流 radial jet;
    径向渗透 radial penetration;
    径向伸缩振动模 radial extension vibration mode;
    径向收缩 radial shrinkage;
    径向受击硬度 radial impact hardness;
    径向速度 radial velocity;
    径向梳刀 coventry;
    径向跳动 circular runout; diameter run-out;
    径向凸轮 radial cam;
    径向-推力联合轴承 combined journal and thrust bearing; combined radial and axial bearing;
    径向位移 {摄} radial displacement;
    径向位置 radial position;
    径向涡流 radial whirl;
    径向下锯 rift-sawed; center-sawed;
    径向向量 radial vector;
    径向压力 radial pressure;
    径向叶轮风机 radial wheel blower;
    径向引线 radial lead;
    径向应力 {力} radial stress;
    径向运动 radial motion;
    径向再生区 radial blanket;
    径向展开法 radial development;
    径向振动 radial vibration;
    径向直叶风扇轮 paddle-wheel;
    径向轴承 {机} radial bearing; transverse bearing;
    径向致偏(电)极 radial-deflecting electrode
    * * *
    徑向|径向 [jìng xiàng] radial (direction)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 径向

  • 227 從井救人

    jump into a well to save somebody who's fallen in—(originally) try to do a good deed in the wrong way; try to save somebody's life at the risk of one's own
    * * *
    cong2 jing3 jiu4 ren2
    to jump into a well to rescue sb else (idiom); fig. to help others at the risk to oneself
    * * *
    從井救人|从井救人 [cóng jǐng jiù rén] to jump into a well to rescue sb else (idiom); fig. to help others at the risk to oneself

    Chinese-English dictionary > 從井救人

  • 228

    the heart, heart; mind; feeling; intention, centre; core, name of one of the 28 constellations
    * * *
    heart; centre; feeling; intention; mind
    【医】 cardia-; cardio-; cor; heart
    * * *
    heart; center; feeling; intention
    * * *
    n. core, heart, bosom, centre, center, intelligence, feeling, thinking
    * * *
    heart, mind, intention, centre, core, CL:顆, 颗,個, 个
    * * *
    (心脏) the heart:
    人心 human heart;
    她激动得心怦怦跳。 Her heart was thumping with emotion.
    我心痛。 My heart aches.
    (指思想的器官和思想、感情等) heart; mind; feeling; intention:
    爱国心 patriotic feeling (mind); patriotism;
    伤人的心 wound (hurt) sb.'s feelings;
    高傲的心 proud heart;
    忠诚的心 a loyal heart;
    同情心 a compassionate heart;
    高尚的心 a noble heart;
    恶毒的心 an evil heart;
    冷酷无情的心 a cold and unfeeling heart;
    心往一处想, 劲往一处使 think and work with one heart and one mind;
    羞耻之心 sense of shame;
    你的心是好的, 但是事情办得不好。 You meant well but you didn't handle the job well.
    十个人, 十条心。 Many men, many minds.
    他的好心却得到了恶报。 His good intentions were repaid by evil results.
    她的话温暖了他的心。 Her words warmed his heart.
    他人在心不在。 He himself is here, but his thoughts are elsewhere.
    他总是把国家放在心上。 He always has the country in his heart.
    眼不见,心不想。 Out of sight, out of mind.
    (中心; 中央的部分)centre; core:
    白菜心 the heart of a Chinese cabbage;
    地心 the earth's core;
    核心 core; nucleus;
    街心 the middle of a street;
    手心 the hollow of the palm;
    圆心 the centre of a circle;
    湖心有一座亭子。 At the centre of the lake, there is a pavilion.
    (二十八宿之一) Xin, one of the lunar mansions
    * * *
    心|心 [xīn] heart mind intention center core CL:↑ |↑ [kē],↑ |↑ [gè]

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  • 229 心惊胆战

    tremble with terror; shake with fright; quake with fear
    * * *
    shake with fear
    * * *
    shake with fear
    * * *
    xin1 jing1 dan3 zhan4
    lit. heart alarmed, trembling in fear (idiom); prostrate with fear, scared witless
    * * *
    xīn jīng dǎn zhàn
    heart startling and gallbladder trembling -- be deeply (greatly) alarmed; be panic-stricken; be in great trepidation; be all of a jump; make one's blood curdle; shake with fright; shudder with terror; strike terror into the heart of; tremble (quake) with fear (fright; terror)
    * * *
    心驚膽戰|心惊胆战 [xīn jīng dǎn zhàn] lit. heart alarmed, trembling in fear (idiom); prostrate with fear scared witless

    Chinese-English dictionary > 心惊胆战

  • 230 心搏

    * * *
    【医】 heart beat; ictus cordis
    * * *
    xīn bó
    {生理} heart beat; heartstroke
    心搏测量器 ictometer;
    心搏过速 sychnosphygmia; syncopexy; tachyrhythmia; tachycardia; tachysystole; polycardia; heart-hurry;
    心搏呼吸比率 cardiorespiratory ratio;
    心搏计 ictometer;
    心搏加强中枢 cardio-augmentor center;
    心搏节律 rhythm of heart;
    心搏力计 bolometer;
    心搏量 stroke volume;
    心搏率 heart rate;
    心搏失调 cardiataxia;
    心搏停止 heart failure; asystole; cardiac standstill; cardiac arrest;
    心搏徐缓 areocardia; bradycardia; bradysphygmia; bradyrhythmia; brachycardia;
    心搏抑制中枢 cardio-inhibitory center;
    心搏暂停 asystole;
    心搏中枢 cardiac center;
    心搏周期 cardiac cycle
    * * *
    心搏|心搏 [xīn bó] heartbeat pulse

    Chinese-English dictionary > 心搏

  • 231 快感中心

    kuai4 gan3 zhong1 xin1
    pleasure center
    * * *
    快感中心|快感中心 [kuài gǎn zhōng xīn] pleasure center

    Chinese-English dictionary > 快感中心

  • 232 快速

    fast; quick; high-speed; speed; swift; quickly
    * * *
    celerity; fleetness; speediness
    【医】 pycno-; pykno-; tacho-; tachy-
    相关词组: 快速船
    * * *
    celerity; expeditiousness; fleetness; speediness
    * * *
    adj. fast, high speed, rapid
    * * *
    kuai4 su4
    fast, high-speed, rapid
    * * *
    kuài sù
    fast; quick; high-speed; speedy; rapidity; fleetness; up tempo; pycno-; pykno-
    快速安平装置 {地测} quick-levelling head;
    快速巴氏灭菌法 flash pasteurization;
    快速拔梢 quick taper;
    快速扳手 speeder wrench;
    快速编码 fast coding; speed coding;
    快速变负荷能力 quick load change capability;
    快速变换 fast transformation;
    快速变换齿轮箱 {机} quick-change gearbox;
    快速变换装置 quick-change gearing; quick-change gears; quick change attachment;
    快速变频磁控管 fast frequency shift magnetron;
    快速并行运算器 fast parallel arithmetic;
    快速波 fast wave;
    快速布雷区 {军} hasty mine field;
    快速部队 mobile force (troops, unit);
    快速测定 rapid determination;
    快速测定法 rapid test method;
    快速测高 {地测} flying level;
    快速测量 hasty survey;
    快速测微仪 flying micrometer;
    快速乘除法 fast multiplier;
    快速乘法器 fast multiplier;
    快速传输 {讯} burst transmission;
    快速传真 quick fax;
    快速磁带部件 hyper-tape unit;
    快速存储器 {自} high-speed storage; rapid memory; rapid storage; active memory; fast store; high-speed memory; immediate access storage; quick-access memory; rapid-access storage (memory); short access storage;
    快速打印机 quick printer; rapid printer;
    快速大马车 whirlicote;
    快速代码 speed code;
    快速倒带 fast rewind;
    快速倒片 quick rewind;
    快速道路 through street;
    快速地面部队 mobile ground forces;
    快速地址 fast address;
    快速电报 high-speed telegraph;
    快速电路 fast circuit;
    快速电压控制 quick-response voltage control;
    快速电铸 rapid electrotyping;
    快速电子束 high-velocity electron beam;
    快速吊机 express lift;
    快速定位法 quick astrofix;
    快速定线客运 rapid transit;
    快速定向 slewing; hasty orienting;
    快速定影液 rapid fixing solution;
    快速动作阀 regeneration valve;
    快速断电 {冶} fast break;
    快速断裂 fast fracture;
    快速对称透镜 rapid symmetrical lens;
    快速二次查询 quick after look;
    快速发报机 high speed telegraph transmitter;
    快速发报键 {讯} bug key;
    快速发汽锅炉 Serpollet boiler (蒸汽机车用);
    快速发射飞弹 snapper missile;
    快速帆船 clipper; heeler;
    快速帆舰 galleass; galliass;
    快速翻译语言 {自} Quicktran;
    快速反击 fast counter-attack;
    快速反转系统 rapid inversion system;
    快速访问磁道 revolver; {计} revolver track;
    快速访问道 revolver; regenerative track;
    快速访问环 rapid-access loop;
    快速放大器 fast amplifier;
    快速飞剪 snap shears (剪切钢材前端);
    快速肥育 rapid fattening;
    快速分度 quick index(ing); rapid indexing;
    快速分类 quick sort;
    快速粉末冶金 flush sintering;
    快速辐射热测量计 fast bolometer;
    快速符合电路 fast coincidence circuit;
    快速傅(付)圭叶变换 fast Fourier transform;
    快速干燥 rapid drying;
    快速干道 expressway;
    快速工艺 shock processing;
    快速攻击水雷 rapid attack mine;
    快速公路 {土} expressway; limited-access highway; autopista (西班牙语国家); autoput (南斯拉夫); autoroute (法语国家);
    快速故障防护 scram protection;
    快速固化 expediting setting;
    快速挂结犁 fast-hitch plow;
    快速光电倍增管 fast response photomultiplier;
    快速过滤 rapid filtration;
    快速过滤器 rapid filter;
    快速焊接 faster welding; highspeed welding;
    快速横动 fast traverse; rapid traverse; repid traverse drive;
    快速烘干 flash baking; flash drying;
    快速划线法 quick marking method;
    快速滑动 sway;
    快速滑动刀架 quick-action slide tool;
    快速滑行 taxi heat;
    快速化学反应 {物化} fast chemical reaction;
    快速化验室 express laboratory;
    快速恢复电路 taibiter;
    快速恢复二极管 fast recovery diode;
    快速恢复硅整流器 fast recovery siliconrectifier;
    快速恢复时间 instantaneous recovery time;
    快速回程缸 regenerative actuator; regenerative cylinder;
    快速回程机构 rapid-return traverse;
    快速回火 prompt tempering; snap tempering;
    快速回零 {钟} fly back;
    快速回零机能 {钟} flyback action;
    快速回吸成型 {工} snap-back forming;
    快速回转 fast cornering;
    快速回转油真空泵 Speedivac rotary oil pump;
    快速混合机 positive mixer;
    快速混砂机 speed muller;
    快速活动靶 fast moving target;
    快速货运 hot-short; accelerated goods traffic; send goods by express;
    快速机动布雷 quickly mobile minelaying;
    快速机动部队 flying camp;
    快速激光印刷 high-speed laser print;
    快速集群 mobile grouping;
    快速集装箱装卸方式 speedtainer system;
    快速计算 rapid calculation;
    快速计算机 high-speed computer; high-speed calculator; real-time machine;
    快速(响应)记录 fast-response recorder;
    快速记录器 quick-acting recorder;
    快速记录示波器 rapid-record oscilloscope;
    快速继电器 {电子} high-speed relay;
    快速加热 flash heat;
    快速加热炉 rapid heating furnace;
    快速加热器 rapid heater;
    快速加温 quick warmup (发动机的);
    快速加载系统 quick-loading system;
    快速夹紧夹具 rapid clamping fixture;
    快速坚牢染料 rapid fast dye;
    快速检修法 high-speed repair;
    快速减敏(性) tachysnthsis; tachyphylaxis;
    快速降下 downhill ski-racing; straight ski-racing;
    快速交错 fast crosstalk;
    快速交付 accelerated delivery;
    快速接近 fast traverse forwards;
    快速接头 quick disconnect coupling;
    快速截止阀 rapid closing stop valve;
    快速进带 fast forward;
    快速进带键 forward wind key;
    快速进给 fast feed; quick feed; rapid approach; rapid feed;
    快速进化 tachytelic evolution;
    快速晶闸管 high speed thyristor;
    快速精 rapidogen;
    快速卷积 fast convolution;
    快速掘进 {采矿} speedy drivage;
    快速卡片读出机 high-speed card reader;
    快速开关 high-speed switch;
    快速开关管 rapidly switched tube;
    快速开关运动 rapid switching movement;
    快速开关装置 fast-switching arrangement;
    快速可锻铁 {冶} quick malleable iron;
    快速客(运火)车 advanced passenger train (APT);
    快速客运 personal rapid transit;
    快速空转 fast idle;
    快速控制 split-second control; fast control;
    快速控制器 fast controller;
    快速快门 no-delay gate;
    快速扩大 proliferation;
    快速老化 quick ag(e)ing; rapid ageing;
    快速雷管 fast cap;
    快速犁 high-speed plough;
    快速离合器 fierce clutch;
    快速励磁 high-speed excitation; quick (rapid)-response excitation;
    快速励磁调整 quick-response excitation control;
    快速联接拉杆 quick hitch arm;
    快速联接器 quick connector;
    快速联接装置 fast hitch mechanism;
    快速联轴节 quick-attachable coupling; snap coupling;
    快速联轴器 rapid coupler;
    快速列车 rapid; highball;
    快速灵敏进给 rapid and sensitive feed;
    快速硫化 short vulcanization;
    快速硫化法 quick cure;
    快速流态化 fast fluidization;
    快速滤清器 rapid sand filter bed;
    快速免疫(法) tachysynthesis; tachyphylaxis; tachyphlaxis;
    快速瞄准 slewing;
    快速灭磁 quick de-excitation;
    快速内存储器 rapid internal storage;
    快速凝固 flash set;
    快速凝固粉末合金 rapid solidification rate powder alloy;
    快速排气阀 rapid escape valve;
    快速疲劳试验 rapid fatigue test;
    快速平行运算器 fast parallel arithmetic;
    快速平行运算装置 fast parallel arithmetic unit;
    快速普查 quick census (统计调查);
    快速起动灯 quick start lamp;
    快速起伏 rapid fluctuation;
    快速启动 quick start;
    快速切断 quick-acting switching-off;
    快速切断阀 rapid cut-off valve;
    快速切削 flycut; fly-cutting; rapid stock-removal;
    快速燃烧 conflagration;
    快速染色 rapid dyeing;
    快速热风烘燥机 hurricane drier;
    快速熔断器 fast-acting fuse;
    快速熔断丝 rapid fuse;
    快速熔丝保险器 quick-break cut-out;
    快速扫描 rapid scanning; high-speed sweep;
    快速扫描示波器 high-speed oscilloscope;
    快速砂滤池 {土} rapid sand filter;
    快速烧成 quick firing;
    快速烧结 flash sintering; rapid sintering;
    快速摄影 high-speed cinematography;
    快速摄影机 pistolgraph; high speed motion picture camera;
    快速射击瞄准具 snap-shoot sight;
    快速时间比例 {自} fast time scale;
    快速时间控制 fast time control (FTC);
    快速食品 fast-food;
    快速试验 high speed test;
    快速释放 quick release;
    快速释放哨 quick-release latch;
    快速收尘 rapid dust collection;
    快速书写储存管 storage tube with fast writing speed;
    快速数据处理 rapid assimilation of data;
    快速数字计算机 high-speed digital computer;
    快速双向开关 fast bi-directional switch;
    快速双效水压机 Fastraverse (platen) press;
    快速水准测量 flying level;
    快速松放连杆 quick-release pitman;
    快速送进 swift feed;
    快速搜索侦察 rapid-scanning reconnaissance;
    快速探测器 fast detector;
    快速提升装置 quick-lift attachreactor;
    快速调换部分 black box;
    快速调换器 quick-change adapter (铣刀的);
    快速调谐电路 speed tuning circuit;
    快速调整 rapid adjustment;
    快速停闭 quick close down;
    快速停堆 {核子} scram;
    快速停堆系统 {核子} scram system;
    快速停送 quick closedown;
    快速停止机构 scramming mechanism;
    快速通信 high-speed traffic; rapid communication;
    快速同步 quick lock in;
    快速退回运动 drag link motion;
    快速退火炉 quick anneal oven; short anneal oven; short annealing furnace;
    快速脱扣机构 quick-release mechanism; high-speed tripping mechanism;
    快速脱缆钩 quick releasing hook;
    快速微型继电器 fast-acting micro-relay;
    快速下降档 quick-drop catch;
    快速显影 rapid development;
    快速相关 fast correlation;
    快速相关器 high-speed correlator;
    快速响应 fast response;
    快速响应磁放大器 fast response magnetic amplifier;
    快速响应电路 fast response circuit;
    快速响应红外装置 fast-response infrared device;
    快速响应激光流量计 fast-response laser flowmeter;
    快速相变测定仪 eutectometer;
    快速信息处理机 rapid processor unit;
    快速星 fast-moving star;
    快速性 rapidity;
    快速修理垫圈 quick-repair washer;
    快速序列照相机 {光} rapid sequence camera;
    快速旋转式接插件 coronet coupling;
    快速选择器 {自} rapid selector;
    快速血红蛋白 fast hemoglobin;
    快速循环取数区 revolver; revolver track; high-speed loop;
    快速压紧盖 snap in cover;
    快速眼动睡眠 {心理} rapid-eye-movement sleep;
    快速眼运动 rapid eye movement;
    快速演化地 tachytely;
    快速演化恒星 fast evolving star;
    快速演替 rapid succession;
    快速延迟轴 fast retardation axis;
    快速摇镜头 swish pan;
    快速摇摄 whip pan; zippan;
    快速移动 quick travel; rapid transit;
    快速印刷穿孔装置 flexowrite;
    快速印刷装置 flexowrite; high speed printer;
    快速“与”电路 fast coincidence circuit;
    快速越程 jump feed;
    快速运动 quick movement; rapid movement;
    快速运转 fast turn-around;
    快速凿孔机 high-speed perforator;
    快速增减负荷 sudden load-changing;
    快速增益控制 fast-time gain control;
    快速眨眼 blepharospasm;
    快速斩波器 fast chopper;
    快速照相放映显示设备 rapid photographic and projection display;
    快速遮光器 fast chopper;
    快速制冰 rapid ice making;
    快速振动方向 {光} fast-vibration direction;
    快速蒸发 flashing;
    快速蒸化 {纺} shock ageing;
    快速蒸熏 short damping;
    快速直线透镜 rapid rectilinear lens;
    快速制动伺服机构 rapid action brake servo;
    快速主轴调整 quick spindle adjustment (钻床);
    快速转储 high speed dump;
    快速转换 fast conversion; quick switching;
    快速转换法 rapid inversion method;
    快速转接 fast switch over;
    快速转弯 (口) flipperturn;
    快速装配接合 quickfit joint;
    快速装卸 customary quick despatch;
    快速装卸片装置 instant loading device;
    快速准确接上 quick correct plug-in;
    快速自动检查设备 rapid automatic checkout equipment;
    快速自动增益控制 {电子} fast automatic gain control;
    快速自转星 fast rotating star;
    快速总线 high-speed bus;
    快速走带 fast feed;
    快速钻井技术 high-speed drilling technology;
    快速最优控制系统 time optimum control system;
    快速作业 sharp work
    * * *
    快速|快速 [kuài sù] fast high-speed rapid

    Chinese-English dictionary > 快速

  • 233 急于

    eager; anxious; impatient
    * * *
    be anxious to
    * * *
    adj. eager, anxious, impatient
    * * *
    ji2 yu2
    anxious, impatient
    * * *
    jí yú
    eager; anxious; impatient:
    急于表态 impatient to state one's position;
    急于回去 anxious to go back;
    别急于下结论。 Don't jump at a conclusion.
    他们并不急于做这件事。 They are in no hurry to do it.
    * * *
    急於|急于 [jí yú] anxious impatient

    Chinese-English dictionary > 急于

  • 234 急救

    first aid; emergency treatment
    * * *
    emergency treatment; first aid
    【医】 first aid
    相关词组: 人工呼吸急救法
    * * *
    first aid
    * * *
    n. first aid
    * * *
    ji2 jiu4
    first aid, emergency treatment
    * * *
    jí jiù
    give first aid treatment; emergency treatment:
    采取急救措施 take first-aid measures;
    对事故中受伤人员进行急救 afford the first-aid to the injured in the accident
    急救包 first-aid dressing;
    急救车 breakdown van; emergency ambulance;
    急救法 emergency treatment; first aid;
    急救人员 first-aid personnel;
    急救设备 first-aid apparatus; first equipment;
    急救无线电指向标 Sarah;
    急救箱 first-aid case;
    急救药箱 first-aid kit;
    急救医疗服务 emergency medical service;
    急救用品 first-aid appliance;
    急救员 first-aider;
    急救站 first-aid station;
    急救中心 emergency center
    * * *
    急救|急救 [jí jiù] first aid emergency treatment

    Chinese-English dictionary > 急救

  • 235 惊跳

    * * *
    jump; shy
    * * *
    jump; shy; start
    * * *
    jing1 tiao4
    to shy (away), to give a start
    * * *
    驚跳|惊跳 [jīng tiào] to shy (away) to give a start

    Chinese-English dictionary > 惊跳

  • 236 感觉

    sense perception; sensation; feeling, feel; perceive; become aware of
    * * *
    feel; become aware of; perceive; sense
    【医】 aesthema; aesthesia; aesthesio-; aesthesis; esthesia; esthesio-
    esthesis; feeling; sensation; sense; sensibility; sensus
    相关词组: 超感觉的
    * * *
    feel; become aware of; perceive; sense
    * * *
    n. sensation, sensibility, feel, esthesis, aesthesis, esthesia, aesthesia, impressure, perception, sense, feeling, sensitivity
    v. become aware of, feel, perceive
    * * *
    gan3 jue2
    to feel, to become aware of, feeling, sense, perception, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    gǎn jué
    (对客观事物的反映) sense perception; sensation; feeling; aesthesis; aesthema; aesthesia; tabet:
    唤起令人愉快的感觉 awake a pleasant sensation;
    脑力劳动与体力劳动引起的饥饿感觉是完全一样的。 Working with one's head causes a sensation of hunger quite as much as muscular work.
    我突然有种奇异的感觉。 Strange feelings suddenly came over me.
    天花板高给人一种通风和宽敞的感觉。 A high ceiling gives a feeling of airness and spaciousness.
    (觉得) feel; perceive; become aware of:
    你感觉怎么样? How do you feel now?
    我在等待的时候,感觉到房子里发生了什么事。 As I waited, I became aware of something happening in the house.
    感觉胞 {无脊椎} aesthacytes;
    感觉辨别 sensory discrimination;
    感觉剥夺 sensory deprivation;
    感觉材料 sense-data;
    感觉超敏度 {心} cryptesthesia;
    感觉迟钝 dysesthesia; disesthesia; obtusion;
    感觉错乱 paraglesia;
    感觉单位 sensation unit;
    感觉倒错 paralgesia; paralgia; noseresthesia;
    感觉道(形态) sensory modality;
    感觉底层中枢机制 sensorium;
    感觉地平圈 {天} sensible horizon;
    感觉反射 sensation reflex;
    感觉观念论 ideology;
    感觉棍 rhopalium; rhopalioid;
    感觉过敏 acroaesthesia; acroesthesia; hyperesthesia; hyperaesthesia;
    感觉级 sensation level;
    感觉减退 hypoaesthesia; hypoesthesia; hypesthesia;
    感觉交叉 sensory decussation;
    感觉控制 sensory control;
    感觉力 aesthesia;
    感觉灵敏者 percipient;
    感觉论(主义) {哲} sensualism; sensism; sensationalism;
    感觉论(主义)者 sensualist; sensationalist; sensationist;
    感觉毛 aesthetase; sense hair; sensory hair;
    感觉末梢 sensory ending;
    感觉能力 perceptibility;
    感觉能力缺乏 {医} acatamathesia;
    感觉皮层 sensory cortex;
    感觉起源说 archaesthetism;
    感觉器 sense organ; sensillum;
    感觉器官 sense organ; sensory organ;
    感觉器官模拟 simulation of sensory organ;
    感觉清晰程度 attensity;
    感觉区 sensory area;
    感觉缺失 anaesthesia; anesthesia;
    感觉锐敏 oxyesthesia; oxypathia; oxypathy;
    感觉上皮 sensory epithelium;
    感觉生理(学) sensory physiology;
    感觉适应 sensory adaptation;
    感觉速度 speed of sensation;
    感觉特殊能力说 law of specific energy of sensation;
    感觉特性 sense quality;
    感觉通道 sensory channel;
    感觉突 sensory papilla;
    感觉温度 sensible temperature;
    感觉细胞 aesthacytes; sensory cell;
    感觉纤维 sensory fibre;
    感觉显示 tactile presentation;
    感觉线圈 sensing coil;
    感觉学 esthematology; aesthematology;
    感觉学习 sensory learning;
    感觉艺术品 feelie;
    感觉异常 paraesthesia; kakesthesia; cacesthesia;
    感觉异常性股痛 {医} meralgia paraesthetica;
    感觉抑制 sensory inhibition;
    感觉印象 sense impression; appearance;
    感觉阈 sensory threshold;
    感觉阈值 threshold of feelings;
    感觉运动效率 sensorimotor performance;
    感觉运动智力 sensemotor intelligence; sensory-motor intelligence;
    感觉噪声分贝 {声} perceived noise decibel (PN dB);
    感觉噪声级 perceived noise level;
    感觉障碍 sensory disturbance;
    感觉正常 euesthesia; eugnosia;
    感觉中枢 sensorium; perceptorium; sensory center;
    感觉钟 sense dome;
    感觉终器 organule
    * * *
    感覺|感觉 [gǎn jué] to feel to become aware of feeling sense perception CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 感觉

  • 237 戒毒所

    【法】 bureau of drug abuse control
    * * *
    jie4 du2 suo3
    drug rehabilitation center
    * * *
    戒毒所|戒毒所 [jiè dú suǒ] drug rehabilitation center

    Chinese-English dictionary > 戒毒所

  • 238 战斗

    fight; battle; combat; action, militant; fighting
    * * *
    battle; battlecombat; combat; fight; war; warfare; warrior
    【经】 combat
    相关词组: 拦截战斗机
    * * *
    action; battle; combat; fight; minitance; warfare; warring; warrior
    * * *
    adj. fighting, combat
    n. flutter, fluttering
    v. fight, battle
    * * *
    zhan4 dou4
    to fight, to battle, CL:場, 场,次
    * * *
    zhàn dòu
    (武装冲突) fight; battle; combat; action:
    战斗到底 fight to the finish; nail one's colours to the mast;
    英勇战斗 put up a heroic fight;
    这个老兵参加过许多难忘的战斗。 The veteran soldier has fought many memorable battles.
    (斗争) militant; fighting:
    战斗的友谊 militant friendship;
    战斗的诗篇 militant poem
    战斗报告 combat report;
    战斗保障 combat support;
    战斗备用物资 combat serviceable item;
    战斗编成 combat organization;
    战斗编组 combat grouping;
    战斗表尺 battle sight;
    战斗部 payload; warhead (装炸药的部分);
    战斗部队 combat forces;
    战斗部署 tactical disposition;
    战斗城 combat town;
    战斗储备 combat storage;
    战斗出动强度 operational intensity; intensity of combat operation;
    战斗村 combat village;
    战斗导弹 armed guided missile;
    战斗地带 battle zone;
    战斗动员 combat mobilization;
    战斗队 fighting force; combat team;
    战斗队型(形) combat (battle) formation;
    战斗队形联测 topographic conjunction of battle formation;
    战斗分界线 combat boundary line;
    战斗分散 battlefield dispersal;
    战斗概则 general principles of combat;
    战斗工程保障 engineer support for a battle;
    战斗轰炸机 fighter-bomber;
    战斗活动半径 combat radius;
    战斗机 fighter plane; fighter;
    战斗激烈程度 ordeal of combat;
    战斗减员 combat casualty;
    战斗舰艇 combatant (combat) ship; ship of war;
    战斗经过图 combat development map;
    战斗警报 action warning; active alert;
    战斗警戒 combat security; combat outpost;
    战斗命令 combat order;
    战斗配置表 battle bill;
    战斗企图 intention of operation; purpose of operation;
    战斗勤务支援 combat service support;
    战斗群 battle group;
    战斗任务 combat mission; fighting task; combat (operational) task;
    战斗伤亡 battle casualty;
    战斗哨 action post;
    战斗实施 conduct of a battle; execution of a battle;
    战斗条令 combat regulation;
    战斗跳伞 combat jump;
    战斗突破 operational breakthrough;
    战斗桅楼 fighting top;
    战斗位置 action position;
    战斗文书 combat document;
    战斗信息中心 {讯} combat information centre;
    战斗行动 combat action;
    战斗行军 fighting march;
    战斗性 militancy;
    战斗序列 battle array;
    战斗巡洋舰 battle cruiser;
    战斗演习 mock war;
    战斗意志 will to fight;
    战斗英雄 combat hero;
    战斗员 fighter;
    战斗运输车 combat carrier;
    战斗侦察 combat reconnaissance;
    战斗政治工作 political work in a battle;
    战斗指挥 tactical commanding;
    战斗支援 combat support;
    战斗装药 destruction package;
    战斗准备 combat readiness;
    战斗组 battle group
    * * *
    戰鬥|战斗 [zhàn dòu] to fight to battle CL:↑ |↑ [cháng],↑ [cì]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 战斗

  • 239 手舞足蹈

    dance for joy
    * * *
    flourish; happy to dance
    * * *
    * * *
    shou3 wu3 zu2 dao3
    hands dance and feet trip (idiom); dancing and gesticulating for joy
    * * *
    shǒu wǔ zú dǎo
    dance with joy (excitement); cut a caper; dance for joy; gesticulating with hands and feet; gesticulate merrily; jump about joyfully; shake one's hands and stamp one's feet; wave one's arms and stamp one's feet in joy
    * * *
    手舞足蹈|手舞足蹈 [shǒu wǔ zú dǎo] hands dance and feet trip (idiom); dancing and gesticulating for joy

    Chinese-English dictionary > 手舞足蹈

  • 240 托儿所

    nursery; child-care centre; creche
    * * *
    child-care centre; nursery
    【医】 creche; day-nursery; nursery
    * * *
    baby farm; creche; nursery
    * * *
    n. nursery, child care center, creche
    * * *
    tuo1 er2 suo3
    * * *
    tuō ér suǒ
    nursery; child-care centre; creche:
    民办托儿所 nursery run by the local people
    * * *
    托兒所|托儿所 [tuō ér suǒ] nursery

    Chinese-English dictionary > 托儿所

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