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  • 1 cellular phone


    Chinese-English dictionary > cellular phone

  • 2 冷藏

    refrigeration; cold storage
    * * *
    cold storage; deepfreeze; refrigerate; refrigeration
    【化】 cold storage
    【医】 cold storage; cold-storage
    相关词组: 冷藏包装纸
    * * *
    chill; cold storage; deepfreeze; refrigerate; refrigeration
    * * *
    n. refrigeration
    * * *
    leng3 cang2
    refrigeration, cold storage, to keep (food, medicine) in cold environment
    * * *
    lěng cáng
    keep in cold storage; refrigerate; refrigeration; cold storage
    冷藏包装纸 locker paper;
    冷藏舱 refrigeration hold;
    冷藏仓库 cold store;
    冷藏车 {机} refrigerator car; refrigerator track; chill car; reefer; refrigerated vehicle;
    冷藏车身 refrigerated body;
    冷藏船 refrigerated vessel; refrigeration (refrigerator) ship;
    冷藏工人 icer;
    冷藏柜 freezer;
    冷藏货舱 refrigeration hold;
    冷藏货物运输 refrigerated freight transport;
    冷藏集装箱(货柜) frozen products insulated container; reefer containers; refrigerated cellular; refrigerated container;
    冷藏浸酸 acid-treatment after chilling;
    冷藏库 cold-storage; refrigerator; ice house; cooling plant; freezer; refrigerated compartment;
    冷藏器 refrigerator;
    冷藏器具 cooling apparatus;
    冷藏汽车 refrigerated lorry;
    冷藏肉 chilled (frozen) meat;
    冷藏设备 refrigerating equipment;
    冷藏室 refrigerating chamber; cold closet;
    冷藏所 springhouse;
    冷藏条款 refrigeration clause;
    冷藏箱 bunker; congealer; refrigerator; chill box; cryogenic storage container;
    冷藏运输船 cold-storage boat
    * * *
    冷藏|冷藏 [lěng cáng] refrigeration cold storage to keep (food, medicine) in cold environment

    Chinese-English dictionary > 冷藏

  • 3 分区

    【计】 partition; partitioning; sectoring; space-sharing
    相关词组: 分区的
    * * *
    * * *
    fen1 qu1
    allocated area (for housing, industry etc), district
    * * *
    fēn qū
    subregion; subarea; partition; zone
    分区保存区 partition save area;
    分区标准标号 partition standard label;
    分区重新定义 partition redefinition;
    分区重新分配 reallocation of partition;
    分区穿孔 zone punch;
    分区穿综法 space draft;
    分区存取法 partitioned access method;
    分区灯 {航海} sectored light;
    分区定价制度 zone system of pricing;
    分区断接器 selector-repeater;
    分区法 area method;
    分区杆 S pole;
    分区供电式 district feed system;
    分区供暖 district heating;
    分区观测 zone observation;
    分区规划 zoning plan;
    分区机理 zoning mechanism;
    分区开采法 block system;
    分区开关板 cellular switch board;
    分区空气调节系统 zoning air conditioning system;
    分区控制 {工} zone control;
    分区块 blockette;
    分区轮伐法 allocated cutting method;
    分区面积法 zone-area method;
    分区排队区域 partition queue area;
    分区平差 separate adjusttment;
    分区切断负载 {电工} load shedding;
    分区切块开采法 {矿} block system;
    分区熔化法 zone melting process;
    分区赛 zone competition;
    分区输入程序 fragmentation;
    分区数 number of partitions; partition number;
    分区数据集 {自} partitioned data set;
    分区送风 zoned air;
    分区搜索 {航空; 航海} sector search;
    分区停电 load-shedding;
    分区通信区 partition communition;
    分区透镜 zoned lens;
    分区透镜天线 zoned lens antenna;
    分区位置指示器 zone position indicator;
    分区文件 partitioned file;
    分区文件存取 {计} partitioned file access;
    分区物种形成 {生} allopatric speciation;
    分区线 blueline;
    分区星表 {天} zone catalog;
    分区优先权 priority of partiton;
    分区运行 partition running;
    分区再启动 reactivation of partition;
    分区阵 zoned array;
    分区正午 {天} zone noon;
    分区制 zonation; zoning;
    分区子午圈 {天} zone meridian;
    分区组合 partition combination
    * * *
    分區|分区 [fēn qū] allocated area (for housing, industry etc) district

    Chinese-English dictionary > 分区

  • 4 单元

    unit, module
    * * *
    cell; unit
    【计】 cell; LOC; U
    【化】 element
    【医】 element
    相关词组: 程序单元
    * * *
    * * *
    n. unit
    * * *
    dan1 yuan2
    unit, entrance number, staircase (for residential buildings)
    * * *
    dān yuán
    (自为一组的单位) unit; unit element; {计} cell; location; {电} sub-unit; element:
    运算单元 arithmetic unit;
    记忆单元 memory location;
    教学单元 teaching unit;
    18号楼4单元2号 No.2, Entrance 4, Building 18
    单元半群范畴 monoidal category;
    单元变量 element variable;
    单元操作 {化工} unit operations;
    单元(名)词 {自} uniterm;
    单元词索引 uniterm index;
    单元电池 element cell;
    单元调用 cell call;
    单元对流 cellular convection;
    单元分裂 cellular splitting;
    单元刚度矩阵 element stiffness matrix;
    单元记录装置 unit record device;
    单元结构 cellular construction; modular construction; block construction;
    单元教学 teaching by units;
    单元开关 unit switch;
    单元链 cellular chain;
    单元门 cell gate;
    单元染色体 haplochromosome;
    单元室{电} element cell;
    单元试验 single test;
    单元数据 cell data;
    单元推进剂 {材} monopropellant;
    单元舾装 unit fitting-out;
    单元系 unary system;
    单元信息 unit information;
    单元阵列 cell array; cellular array;
    单元组合仪表 unit aggregated instrument
    * * *
    單元|单元 [dān yuán] unit entrance number staircase (for residential buildings)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 单元

  • 5 多边形

    * * *
    【计】 polygon
    【医】 polygon
    * * *
    * * *
    duo1 bian1 xing2
    * * *
    duō biān xíng
    {数} (多角形) polygon
    多边形波导 polygonal waveguide;
    多边形仿形车床 polygon lathe;
    多边形桁架 polygonal truss;
    多边形拱 polygonal arch;
    多边形化 polygonization;
    多边形计算矿量法 {采矿} polygonal method;
    多边形架空接触网 vertical overhead contact system;
    多边形属性 polygon attribute;
    多边形土 {地质} cellular soil; polygonal (patterned) ground;
    多边形屋顶 polygonal roof;
    多边形铣削附件 polygon milling attachment
    * * *
    多邊形|多边形 [duō biān xíng] polygon

    Chinese-English dictionary > 多边形

  • 6 大哥大

    old name for 移动电话; mobile phone; cell phone, man with power; boss
    old name for 移動電話; mobile phone; cell phone, man with power; boss
    * * *
    mobile telephone
    * * *
    da4 ge1 da4
    mobile phone, cell phone (old usage)
    * * *
    dà gē dà
    (俗) cellular phone (移动电话)
    * * *
    大哥大|大哥大 [dà gē dà] mobile phone cell phone (old usage)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 大哥大

  • 7 手机

    cell phone; cellular phone; mobile; mobile phone; an abbreviation of 手持式移动电话终端机, Cell Phone, a film directed by Feng Xiaogang, starring Ge You, Zhang Guoli, Fan bingbing and Xu Fan
    cell phone; cellular phone; mobile; mobile phone; an abbreviation of 手持式移動電話終端機, Cell Phone, a film directed by Feng Xiaogang, starring Ge You, Zhang Guoli, Fan bingbing and Xu Fan
    * * *
    combined set
    * * *
    shou3 ji1
    cell phone, mobile phone, CL:部,支
    * * *
    shǒu jī
    * * *
    手機|手机 [shǒu jī] cell phone mobile phone CL:↑ [bù],↑ [zhī]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 手机

  • 8 手機

    cell phone; cellular phone; mobile; mobile phone; an abbreviation of 手持式移动电话终端机, Cell Phone, a film directed by Feng Xiaogang, starring Ge You, Zhang Guoli, Fan bingbing and Xu Fan
    cell phone; cellular phone; mobile; mobile phone; an abbreviation of 手持式移動電話終端機, Cell Phone, a film directed by Feng Xiaogang, starring Ge You, Zhang Guoli, Fan bingbing and Xu Fan
    * * *
    shou3 ji1
    cell phone, mobile phone, CL:部,支
    * * *
    手機|手机 [shǒu jī] cell phone mobile phone CL:↑ [bù],↑ [zhī]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 手機

  • 9 救生圈

    A loop instrument for use in rescues. It is made of cellular plastic or soft wood, etc. It is wrapped in canvas and painted with oil. One can use it by placing it under one's arm so one's head can then stretch out off the water., inflatable life preserver (for swimming learners)
    * * *
    buoy; life buoy
    【法】 buoy
    * * *
    buoy; life buoy; life ring
    * * *
    jiu4 sheng1 quan1
    life buoy, life belt
    * * *
    救生圈|救生圈 [jiù shēng quān] life buoy life belt

    Chinese-English dictionary > 救生圈

  • 10 橡胶

    * * *
    balata; rubber
    【化】 rubber
    【医】 gum-elastic; rubber
    【经】 rubber
    相关词组: 阿拉伯橡胶树
    * * *
    latex; rubber
    * * *
    n. rubber
    * * *
    xiang4 jiao1
    rubber, caoutchouc
    * * *
    xiàng jiāo
    rubber; vulcanizate:
    天然橡胶 natural rubber;
    合成橡胶 synthetic rubber;
    生橡胶 raw rubber; caoutchouc;
    海绵橡胶 foam rubber
    橡胶坝 rubber dam;
    橡胶草 kok-saghyz; kok-sagyz;
    橡胶层压粘性 tack;
    橡胶厂 rubber plant;
    橡胶衬里 rubber lining;
    橡胶磁铁 ferro-gum;
    橡胶促进剂 {有化} rubber accelerator;
    橡胶垫 rubber blanket;
    橡胶垫圈 rubber washer;
    橡胶冻 gel rubber;
    橡胶帆布软管 rubber canvas hose;
    橡胶防老剂 rubber antioxidant;
    橡胶防碰设备 rubber fender;
    橡胶复合材料 rubber composite;
    橡胶工业 rubber industry;
    橡胶海绵 {材} cellular rubber; foam rubber; rubber foam; rubber sponge; sponge rubber;
    橡胶缓冲器 rubber bumper;
    橡胶机械 rubber manufacturing machinery;
    橡胶加工 rubber processing;
    橡胶减震器 rubber absorbers (draftgears);
    橡胶减震柱 rubber shock absorber strut;
    橡胶胶水 rubber cement;
    橡胶胶粘剂 rubber based adhesives;
    橡胶结合磨具 rubber bond abrasive tools;
    橡胶(与)金属结合法 plioweld;
    橡胶金属结合件 rubber-metal assembly;
    橡胶绝缘软线 cabtyre cord;
    橡胶联轴器 rubber coupling;
    橡胶连接器 elastomer connector;
    橡胶硫化 {化} vulcanization of rubber;
    橡胶硫化促进剂 thiofide;
    橡胶硫化工人 vulcanizer;
    橡胶轮胎 rubber tire;
    橡胶面砖 rubber tile;
    橡胶模板 rubber form;
    橡胶模压力机 rubber die press;
    橡胶内胎 rubber inner tube;
    橡胶粘合剂{材} rubber adhesive; rubber cement;
    橡胶配合剂 rubber chemicals; rubber compound ingredients;
    橡胶片 sheet rubber;
    橡胶漆 rubberbase paint; rubber base coating;
    橡胶圈 rubber band; rubber ring;
    橡胶圈减震器 rubber ring shock absorber;
    橡胶溶剂 {材} rubber solvent;
    橡胶软管 rubber hose;
    橡胶三角皮带 rubber “V” belt;
    橡胶伸缩管 rubber bellows;
    橡胶石棉板 rubber asbestos plate;
    橡胶试验机 rubber testing machines;
    橡胶树 hevea brasiliensis; rubber tree;
    橡胶树脂 rubber resin; gum-lac;
    橡胶-树酯胶粘剂 rubber-resin based adhesive;
    橡胶塑料并用材料 rubber-plastic composite;
    橡胶套鞋 boot;
    橡胶藤 rubber vine;
    橡胶烃 rubber hydrocarbon;
    橡胶酮 caoutchone;
    橡胶线 rubber covered wire;
    橡胶鞋头套 toe rubber;
    橡胶异构体 rubber-isomer;
    橡胶硬膏 rubber plaster;
    橡胶永磁 rubber permanent magnet;
    橡胶油封 rubber oil seal;
    橡胶支座 rubber support;
    橡胶植物 rubber plant;
    橡胶制品 rubber;
    橡胶种植园 rubber plantation;
    橡胶助剂 rubber chemicals; rubber compounding ingredients;
    橡胶阻尼器 rubber cushion assembly
    * * *
    橡膠|橡胶 [xiàng jiāo] rubber caoutchouc

    Chinese-English dictionary > 橡胶

  • 11 泡沫

    foam; froth; head; lather
    * * *
    bubble; foam; froth; scum; spume; suds
    【化】 foam; froth
    【医】 foam; froth; scum
    相关词组: 口吐泡沫
    * * *
    bubble; foam; froth; scum; spume; suds
    * * *
    n. bubble, foam, lather, scum, spume, suds
    v. froth
    * * *
    pao4 mo4
    foam, (soap) bubble, (economic) bubble
    * * *
    pào mò
    foam; froth; spume; yeast; bead:
    啤酒泡沫 the head on a glass of beer;
    浮在水上的泡沫 bubbles swimming on the water
    泡沫病毒 foamy virus;
    泡沫玻璃 foam glass ;
    泡沫材料 foam material;
    泡沫保温材料 cellular insulant;
    泡沫层 froth bed;
    泡沫除尘器 bubble dust collector;
    泡沫促进剂 foam booster; froth promoter;
    泡沫发生器 foam generator;
    泡沫发生室 foam chamber;
    泡沫发生塔 foam column;
    泡沫矾土砖 {材} alumina bubble brick;
    泡沫防尘 foaming dust suppression;
    泡沫分离 foam separation;
    泡沫分析 foam analysis;
    泡沫浮层 foam floating roof;
    泡沫浮选 froth flotation;
    泡沫浮选法 {工} froth flotation method;
    泡沫钢 blister steel;
    泡沫痕 foam impression;
    泡沫混凝土 foam concrete; cellular concrete;
    泡沫集尘钻眼法 foam drilling;
    泡沫剂 foam agent; foaming agent;
    泡沫计 frothmeter;
    泡沫焦性石墨 pyrofoam;
    泡沫胶裁断机 splitter;
    泡沫胶乳 foamed latex;
    泡沫胶粘剂 foam glue;
    泡沫金属 {冶} foam metal;
    泡沫结构 foaming structure;
    泡沫聚苯乙烯 styrofoam;
    泡沫聚苯乙烯模 expanded polystyrene pattern;
    泡沫聚乙烯foamed polyethylene;
    泡沫绝热材料 foam-thermal insulation;
    泡沫控制剂 foam controller;
    泡沫(水淬)矿渣 foamslag;
    泡沫流 foam flow;
    泡沫铝 foamed aluminium;
    泡沫密度 foam density;
    泡沫灭火 foam fire-fighting;
    泡沫灭火剂 fire-extinguishing foam; foamite;
    泡沫灭火器 foam extinguisher;
    泡沫幕 {采矿} foam plug;
    泡沫内沟珊瑚 cystiphrentis;
    泡沫粘度计 bubble viscometer;
    泡沫驱油 foam displacement of reservoir oil;
    泡沫热塑树脂 foamed thermoplastic resin;
    泡沫人造革 foamed leather;
    泡沫熔渣 {房} foamed slag;
    泡沫珊瑚 cystiphyllum;
    泡沫珊瑚科 Cystiphyllidae;
    泡沫石膏 foamed gypsum;
    泡沫石棉 litaflex;
    泡沫石膏造型 foamed plaster moulding;
    泡沫石墨 foamy graphite;
    泡沫石英玻璃 foam quartz glass;
    泡沫收尘 foam collection;
    泡沫树脂 foamed resin(a);
    泡沫塔 foaming tower;
    泡沫(性)痰 frothy sputum;
    泡沫碳 foamy carbon;
    泡沫体 foams;
    泡沫天线罩 foam radome;
    泡沫陶瓷 foamed ceramics;
    泡沫脱胶 foam degumming;
    泡沫稳定剂 foam stabilizer;
    泡沫稳定性 foam stability;
    泡沫洗涤塔 bubble scrubber;
    泡沫系统 foaming system;
    泡沫纤维 foamed fibre;
    泡沫相分离法 {土} foam phase separation;
    泡沫线 foam line;
    泡沫橡胶 sponge; spunge; air foam rubber; froth rubber;
    泡沫橡皮 cellular rubber;
    泡沫携带 foamover;
    泡沫学说 alveolar theory;
    泡沫岩 aphrolite;
    泡沫仪 foam meter;
    泡沫抑制剂 foam in hibitors;
    泡沫油 foam oil;
    泡沫浴 bubble bath;
    泡沫渣 foamed slag;
    泡沫值 foam number;
    泡沫终点 foam end point;
    泡沫柱 Thysanophyllum;
    泡沫状 cystose;
    泡沫钻进 foam drilling;
    泡沫作用 foaming
    * * *
    泡沫|泡沫 [pào mò] foam (soap) bubble (economic) bubble

    Chinese-English dictionary > 泡沫

  • 12 环形

    annular; ringlike; circular
    * * *
    【计】 ring type
    【医】 ring form
    * * *
    n. annulus
    * * *
    huan2 xing2
    * * *
    huán xíng
    annular; ringlike; ring form; bight; annularity
    环形癌 annular carcinoma;
    环形安装 looping-in;
    环形薄饼 jumble;
    环形变压器 toroidal transformer;
    环形辨向天线 loop sense antenna;
    环形标记 annulet;
    环形波导 disc waveguide; rat race;
    环形波导电路 rat-race circuit;
    环形波导混频器 rat-race mixer;
    环形步态 helicopodia;
    环形槽 cannelure;
    环形测微计 ring micrometer;
    环形岔道 loopway;
    环形齿轮 ring gear;
    环形磁带录音机 loop tape recorder;
    环形磁镜链位形 toroidally linked mirror configuration;
    环形磁头 ring head;
    环形磁心 toroidal core;
    环形存储磁心 toroidal memory core;
    环形灯丝 {电} loop filament; wreath filament; ring filament;
    环形堤 eskar; esker;
    环形电感线圈 toroidal inductor;
    环形电缆网 cable ring-system;
    环形电流互感器 ring current transformer;
    环形电流计 loop galvanometer;
    环形电路 {讯} loop circuit; ring circuit;
    环形电路振荡器 ring oscillator;
    环形电枢 ring armature;
    环形电子枪 ring-type electron gun;
    环形多筒式燃烧室 cannular combustor;
    环形二极管 ring diode;
    环形发射极 ring emitting electrode;
    环形防御 all-round defence; perimeter defence;
    环形缝焊机 circular seam sealing machine;
    环形干燥器 festoon drier;
    环形感应电炉 ring shaped induction furnace;
    环形感应线圈 toroidal inductor;
    环形耕法 circular ploughing;
    环形公路 belt highway;
    环形供电 annular electric supply; loop feeding;
    环形箍缩 toroidal pinch;
    环形光电管 ring type phototube;
    环形河湾 inclosed meander;
    环形痕迹 collar marks;
    环形环流 cellular circulation;
    环形混合接头 ring hybrid; “rat-race”;
    环形混频器 ring mixer;
    环形基础 ring foundation;
    环形机翼 annular wing;
    环形激光器 ring laser;
    环形激光作用 ring laser action;
    环形集电极 annular collector electrode;
    环形计数器 ring counter;
    环形夹 marmon clamp;
    环形加法器 ring-type adder;
    环形加速器 ringotron;
    环形加油器 ring oiler;
    环形袈裟 pallium;
    环形检波器 ring detector;
    环形交叉 traffic circus; traffic circle; rotary;
    环形交通 rotary traffic;
    环形交通枢纽 circle; circus;
    环形角向箍缩装置 toroidal theta pinch device;
    环形截面纤维 doughnut fibre;
    环形结构 circle structure;
    环形解调器 ring demodulator;
    环形晶体管 annular transistor;
    环形晶体管结构 annular transistor structure;
    环形锯 band saw;
    环形菌落 circular colony;
    环形开关 ring switch;
    环形空腔共振器 toroidal cavity resonator;
    环形孔道 annulus;
    环形馈电线 loop feeder;
    环形联合 circular integration;
    环形粒子加速器 {核} circular accelerator; circular particle accelerator;
    环形流化床 annular fluidized bed;
    环形路 round;
    环形螺旋箍缩装置 toroidal screw pinch device;
    环形脉冲 loop pulse; loop impulse;
    环形瞄准具 ring sight;
    环形母线 ring busbars;
    环形配电网 ring distribution system;
    环形喷管 toroidal nozzle;
    环形喷嘴 nozzle ring;
    环形平原 ring plain;
    环形器 circulator;
    环形气体激光器 gas ring laser;
    环形区 annulus;
    环形缺陷 ring defect;
    环形燃烧室 annular combustion chamber; annular burner;
    环形染色体 ring chromosome;
    环形绕组 ring winding;
    环形色谱法 circular chromatography;
    环形沙嘴 loop bar;
    环形山 {天} lunar crater; crater; ring structure;
    环形射流 annular jet;
    环形室 doughnut; toroidal chamber; torus; toroid;
    环形视界 all-angle;
    环形数据结构 ring data structure;
    环形体 annular solid;
    环形天线 loop; box loop; ring antenna; loop antenna; coil antenna; closed aerial; radio loop;
    环形天线测向仪 loop direction finder;
    环形天线接收机 loop receiver;
    环形天线调整误差 loop alignment error;
    环形填料 ring packing;
    环形调制器 ring modulator;
    环形铁路 belt(-line) railroad; circuit railroad;
    环形铁心 ring-shaped core; toroidal core;
    环形铁氧体移相器 toroidal-shaped ferrite phase shifter;
    环形透镜 lens ring;
    环形外科刀(电极) loop;
    环形网络 loop network; ring network;
    环形位错 ring dislocation;
    环形位形 toroidal configuration;
    环形文件结构 ring file structure;
    环形物 hoop; girdle;
    环形系统 loop system;
    环形线 toroid; beltline;
    环形线迹 loop stitch;
    环形线脚 annulet;
    环形线路 loop line; loop track;
    环形线圈 loop coil; toroidal coil; doughnut coil; toroid; torus;
    环形箱 donought; doughnuts;
    环形谐振器 toroidal cavity resonator;
    环形袖带 circlecuf;
    环形压力计 ring manometer;
    环形窑 ring kiln;
    环形叶栅 annular cascade;
    环形引射器 annular ejector;
    环形荧光灯 circline;
    环形元件 ring-type element;
    环形圆纹曲面 ring cyclide; torus; anchor ring;
    环形约束 toroidal confinement;
    环形展开法 circular development;
    环形真空罩 donut; doughnut;
    环形振荡器 ring oscillator;
    环形整流子 circular distributor ring;
    环形止推轴承 collar thrust bearing;
    环形柱 circular column;
    环形状态 annularity (日环食);
    环形纵向箍缩装置 toroidal longitudinal pinch device;
    环形组态 toroidal configuration;
    环形钻架 ring drilling rig
    * * *
    環形|环形 [huán xíng] ring-shaped

    Chinese-English dictionary > 环形

  • 13 细胞

    * * *
    cell; matrix
    【化】 cell
    【医】 bioplast; cell; cella; cello-; cellula; cellulae; cellule; corpuscle
    corpuscula; corpusculum; cyto-; kyto-; protoplast
    相关词组: 癌细胞
    * * *
    cell; matrix
    * * *
    n. cell
    * * *
    xi4 bao1
    cell (biology)
    * * *
    xì bāo
    cell; sytes; bioplast; cella; (口) gene; {生} cellule; cellule-, cellulli-, cellulo-; cello-; kyto-; -cyte; -ont; cyto-:
    植物的细胞 plant cells;
    细胞构造 cell structure;
    有音乐细胞 have a musical turn of mind; have music gene
    细胞板 cell plate;
    细胞被膜 cell envelope;
    细胞壁 cell wall;
    细胞变异 cytometaplasia; cytodifferentiation;
    细胞标记 cell marking;
    细胞表面 cell surface;
    细胞表面生物学 ectobiology;
    细胞病毒素 cytovirin;
    细胞病理学 cell(ular) pathology; cytopathology;
    细胞不溶质 ellipsin;
    细胞阵列处理机 cellular array processor;
    细胞等大 isocytosis;
    细胞低氧症 hypoxidosis;
    细胞动力学 cyto-dynamics;
    细胞毒素 cytotoxin;
    细胞毒性抗体 {免疫} cytotoxic antibody;
    细胞毒性试验 cytotoxicity test;
    细胞多氧症 hyperoxidosis;
    细胞防御 cytophylaxis;
    细胞放射性生物学 cellular radiobiology;
    细胞分光光度法(学) cytospectrophotometry;
    细胞分光光度计 cytospectrophotometer;
    细胞分光计 cellspectrometer;
    细胞分化 cellular differentiation; cell differentiation;
    细胞分类学 cytotaxonomy;
    细胞分裂 cell division;
    细胞分裂促进因子 augmentor;
    细胞分裂立方体 pascket;
    细胞分裂素 cytokinin; phytokinin; cytomin; kinin;
    细胞分泌 emiocytosis;
    细胞肛 cytopyge;
    细胞更新 cell renewing;
    细胞骨架 cytoskeleton;
    细胞光度计 cytophotometer;
    细胞光度学 cytophotometry;
    细胞国家学说 theory of cell-state;
    细胞过密性抑制 density-dependent inhibition;
    细胞核仁细丝 nucleolonema; nucleoloneme;
    细胞呼吸(作用) cellular respiration;
    细胞互噬 cytocannibalism;
    细胞化学 cytochemistry;
    细胞(渐进性)坏死 meronecrosis; meronecrobiosis;
    细胞坏死毒素 necrocytotoxin;
    细胞黄 cytoflav;
    细胞黄素 cytoflavin;
    细胞基因 cytogene;
    细胞机能恢复 cytothesis;
    细胞激动素 {生} cytokinin;
    细胞激素 cytohormone;
    细胞计测器 cell counters;
    细胞计量 cytolytic dose;
    细胞检查(法) cytoscopy;
    细胞减生 hypopsials;
    细胞间 intercellular;
    细胞间隙 {生} intercellular space;
    细胞间质 {组织} intercellular substance;
    细胞结构 eucaryotic cell structure;
    细胞结构式计算 cellular computation;
    细胞结构向量(计算)机 cellular vector computer;
    细胞结合 cytomixis;
    细胞结集理论 {心理} cell assembly theory;
    细胞解剖学 cyto-anotomy;
    细胞解糖酶 cytase;
    细胞解体 cytoclasis;
    细胞静止生长 cytostatic;
    细胞静止素 cytostatic agent;
    细胞巨化病毒 cytomegalovirus;
    细胞聚集 cell aggregation;
    细胞菌素 saihocin;
    细胞抗争 cytomachia;
    细胞抗原 cellular antigens;
    细胞空隙率 cell space ratio;
    细胞力学 cyto-mechanics;
    细胞联结 cell junction;
    细胞连锁说 cell-chain theory;
    细胞列 trichome;
    细胞裂解 lysis;
    细胞瘤 cytoma;
    细胞逻辑阵列 cellular logic array;
    细胞麻醉 narcosis;
    细胞免疫 cellular immunity; cellmediated immunity;
    细胞免疫测定法 cytophotometry;
    细胞(介导)免疫缺陷综合症 cellmediated immunity deficiency syndrome;
    细胞模型 cell model;
    细胞内含物 cell inclusion;
    细胞内吞作用 endocytosis;
    细胞粘菌 cellular slime mold;
    细胞尿(症) cyturia;
    细胞偶核 conjugate nuclei;
    细胞胚 blast;
    细胞胚基 cytoblastema;
    细胞培养 cell culture;
    细胞配合 cytogamy;
    细胞破裂作用 {免} cytocydal action;
    细胞破碎 clasmatosis;
    细胞谱系 cell lineage;
    细胞器 organoid; cytoplasmic; organelle;
    细胞嵌合体 cytochimera;
    细胞亲和力 cellular affinity;
    细胞球蛋白 cytoglobin; cytoglobulin;
    细胞趋性 cytotaxis;
    细胞群倍加数 cell population doubling level;
    细胞染色特深 hyperchromism;
    细胞染色装置 cell-stain apparatus;
    细胞融合 cytomixis; cell fusion;
    细胞溶解 cytolysis; cathepsis;
    细胞溶解酶 cytase;
    细胞溶素 cytolysin;
    细胞溶素原 lysogen;
    细胞溶体 cytolysome;
    细胞溶质 cytosol;
    细胞色素 cytochrome; histohaematin; cytopigment; histohematin;
    细胞色素还原酶 cytochrome reductase;
    细胞色素系统 cytochrome system;
    细胞色素氧化酶 cytochrome oxidase;
    细胞摄物作用 athrocytosis;
    细胞摄液作用 potocytosis;
    细胞生成 cytopoiesis;
    细胞生理学 stechiology; stoichiology;
    细胞生态学 cytoecology;
    细胞生物学 cytobiology; cell biology;
    细胞生长素 archusia;
    细胞生长抑制剂 cytostatic agent;
    细胞识别 cell recognition;
    细胞世代时间 generation time;
    细胞衰(老)变(性) catabiosis;
    细胞水肿 edema; oedema;
    细胞松驰素 cytochalasin;
    细胞松驰素B cytochalasin B;
    细胞素 cytokine;
    细胞糖苷 cytoside;
    细胞糖(苷)脂 cytolipin;
    细胞特器 idiosome;
    细胞体 cyton;
    细胞同类群 cytodeme;
    细胞透出 diapedesis;
    细胞透明质 cytohyalop lasm;
    细胞图 cytological map;
    细胞吞噬作用 cytophagy;
    细胞吞饮作用 pinocytosis;
    细胞脱离 cell detachment;
    细胞外被 cell envelope;
    细胞外壁 mantle;
    细胞外层 cellulosa;
    细胞外放作用 exocytosis;
    细胞外壳 cell coat;
    细胞外膜 epicyte;
    细胞网络 cellular network;
    细胞物理学 cytophysics;
    细胞系 clone;
    细胞选择学说 {免疫} clonal selection theory;
    细胞向性 cytotropism;
    细胞型(指胚乳) cellular type;
    细胞形成 cytomorphosis;
    细胞悬液 cell suspension;
    细胞形态学 cytomorphology;
    细胞液 cytochylema; enchylema; cell sap; cytosol;
    细胞遗传学 cytogenetics;
    细胞遗传学家 cytogeneticist;
    细胞遗传学图 cytogenetic map;
    细胞抑制 cyto-inhibition;
    细胞抑制剂 cytostatics;
    细胞因子 cell factor;
    细胞营养 cytotrophy;
    细胞游走抑制因子 {免} migration inhibitory factor;
    细胞原体 idioblast;
    细胞运动 cell movement;
    细胞杂交 cell hybridization;
    细胞再生 cytothesis;
    细胞增大 (现象) cell metaplasia;
    细胞增生(现象) hyperplasia;
    细胞增殖 cell proliferation;
    细胞粘接 cell contact;
    细胞真菌病 cytomycosis;
    细胞诊断 cyto-diagnosis;
    细胞植物 cellular plant;
    细胞致密变化 pyknosis;
    细胞致死 cell-lethal;
    细胞致死突变型 cell lethal mutant;
    细胞中心 cell centre;
    细胞周期 cell cycle;
    细胞株 cell line;
    细胞滋胚层 cytotrophoblast;
    细胞自溶作用 autocytolysis;
    细胞组织 {植} cell tissue;
    细胞组织学 cytohistology;
    细胞作用 cytosis
    * * *
    細胞|细胞 [xì bāo] cell (biology)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 细胞

  • 14 细胞分裂

    cell division
    * * *
    cell division; segmentation
    【医】 cellular fission; direct cell division
    * * *
    cell division; segmentation
    * * *
    xi4 bao1 fen1 lie4
    cell division
    * * *
    細胞分裂|细胞分裂 [xì bāo fēn liè] cell division

    Chinese-English dictionary > 细胞分裂

  • 15 细胞毒

    【医】 cellular poison
    * * *
    xi4 bao1 du2
    * * *
    細胞毒|细胞毒 [xì bāo dú] cytotoxin

    Chinese-English dictionary > 细胞毒

  • 16 网眼

    * * *
    mesh; reticulation
    【医】 mesh
    相关词组: 网眼状空隙
    * * *
    mesh; reticulation
    * * *
    wang3 yan3
    mesh, net, Web-Eye (Windows video program)
    * * *
    wǎng yǎn
    grid mesh; mesh; {生} lumina; (瑞典) sprang
    网眼桉 carbeen;
    网眼玻璃 screen glass;
    网眼衬衫织物 bluteau;
    网眼袋布 onion cloth; onion bagging;
    网眼钢板 {房} expanded metal;
    网眼花边 open lace;
    网眼花边机 {纺} go-through machine;
    网眼花纹 (苏格兰) gushet;
    网眼集装箱 wire-mesh pallet;
    网眼结构 {化} eyed structure;
    网眼罗纹织物 openwork rib fabric;
    网眼毛披巾 fascinator;
    网眼帽子 rosenhube;
    网眼女围巾 fascinator;
    网眼纱 (日) kachoji;
    网眼纱褶裥边饰 quillings;
    网眼饰带 beading;
    网眼提花 openwork jacquard;
    网眼条子花纹 openwork stripe;
    网眼效应 riviere;
    网眼针织物 open-knit;
    网眼织物 cellular cloth;
    网眼组织 eyelet stitch; lace stitch
    * * *
    網眼|网眼 [wǎng yǎn] mesh net Web-Eye (Windows video program)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 网眼

  • 17 蜂窝

    common name for 蜂巢, a honeycomb-like thing; honeycomb
    * * *
    beehive; honeycomb
    相关词组: 蜂窝状的
    * * *
    beehive; honeycomb
    * * *
    n. honeycomb, beehive
    * * *
    feng1 wo1
    bee's nest, honeycomb, fig. honeycomb figure
    * * *
    fēng wō
    (蜂巢) honeycomb
    (像蜂巢物) a honeycomb-like thing
    蜂窝孢子菌病 glenosporosis;
    蜂窝冰 rotten ice; {水文} spring sludge;
    蜂窝饼 gaufre;
    蜂窝玻璃陶瓷 celluar glass ceramics;
    蜂窝材料 cellular material;
    蜂窝层 keriotheca;
    蜂窝成型 honeycomb moulding;
    蜂窝成型机 honeycomb moulding machine;
    蜂窝底托 {刷} honeycomb base;
    蜂窝洞 taffoni;
    蜂窝构造 ojosa; honeycomb structure;
    蜂窝格栅 honeycomb;
    蜂窝海绵 honeycomb sponge;
    蜂窝夹层材料 honeycomb core material;
    蜂窝夹层结构 honeycomb sandwich construction; honeycomb sandwich structure;
    蜂窝架 frame;
    蜂窝焦 coke beehive;
    蜂窝胶合结构 honeycomb bonded structure;
    蜂窝结构 honeycomb texture;
    蜂窝结构换能器 honeycomb structure transducer;
    蜂窝裂缝 honeycomb check;
    蜂窝炉 bee hive furnace (stove);
    蜂窝滤器 cellular filter;
    蜂窝煤 honeycomb briquette;
    蜂窝气泡 honeycomb blister;
    蜂窝珊瑚 {古生} honeycomb coral;
    蜂窝栅极 honeycomb grid;
    蜂窝胃 reticulum; bonnet; honeycomb stomach;
    蜂窝胃底 fundus reticuli;
    蜂窝芯子 honeycomb core;
    蜂窝织炎 phlegmon; cellulitis;
    蜂窝组织 areolar tissue;
    蜂窝组织炎 cellulitis; phlegmona
    * * *
    蜂窩|蜂窝 [fēng wō] bee's nest honeycomb fig. honeycomb figure

    Chinese-English dictionary > 蜂窝

  • 18 辐射

    radiate (from a central point), radiation; ray
    * * *
    radialization; radiation
    【化】 irradiation
    【医】 radiate; radiation; radio-
    相关词组: 测辐射热仪
    * * *
    eradiate; radialization; radiancy; radiate; radiation
    * * *
    adj. radiated
    n. radiation, radiance, radiancy
    v. radiate, eradiate
    * * *
    fu2 she4
    * * *
    fú shè
    radiation; exposure; radio; beaming:
    电磁辐射 electromagnetic radiation;
    受激辐射 stimulated radiation;
    自发辐射 spontaneous radiation
    辐射安全 radiation safety;
    辐射安全防护 radiological safety protection;
    辐射巴氏灭菌 irradiation pasteurization;
    辐射板 radiant plate;
    辐射保藏 {食品} radiopreservation; radiation preservation;
    辐射保鲜 radiation preservation;
    辐射曝露量 {光} exposure; radiant exposure;
    辐射本领 {热} emissive power; emittance; radiating power;
    辐射变压器 radiation transformer;
    辐射标准 {核子} radiation standard;
    辐射标准器 radiation standard;
    辐射病 radiation sickness;
    辐射波带 radiation band;
    辐射波导 {电磁} radiating guide;
    辐射玻璃 radiant glass;
    辐射不透明度 radiopacity;
    辐射不育 sterilization by irradiation;
    辐射采暖 radiant heating;
    辐射槽 radius;
    辐射测定器 actinoscope;
    辐射测量(学) actinometry; radiometry;
    辐射测量术 radiometry;
    辐射测量数据 radiometric data;
    辐射测量系统 {核} radioactivity detection, identification, and computation (radiac);
    辐射测量性 radiometric property;
    辐射测量压力计 radiometric manometer;
    辐射测量仪 radiation survey meter; radiation measuring instrument;
    辐射测压计 radiometer gauge;
    辐射产生电流 radiation-generated current;
    辐射常数 radiation constant;
    辐射长度 {核} cascade unit; radiation length; radiation unit;
    辐射场 radiation field; radiative field;
    辐射弛豫 radiative relaxation;
    辐射冲流 radiation streaming;
    辐射出射度 radiant exitance;
    辐射储藏 radiopreservation;
    辐射处理 administration of radiation;
    辐射处理混凝土 radcrete;
    辐射处理木料 radwood;
    辐射传感器 radiation sensor;
    辐射传热 {热} radiative transfer; heat-transfer by radiation;
    辐射串级 radiation cascade;
    辐射磁化 radiation magnetization;
    辐射催化 {化} radiation catalysis;
    辐射带 zona radiata; radiation belt; {天} radiation zone;
    辐射单元 radiating element;
    辐射等离子体端动 radiation plasma turbulence;
    辐射电抗 radiation reactance;
    辐射电离 radiation ionization;
    辐射电离室 radiation (ionization) chamber;
    辐射电流 radiation current;
    辐射电炉 radiation furnace;
    辐射电路 radiating circuit;
    辐射电势 radiation potential;
    辐射电阻 radiation resistance;
    辐射定律 {物} radiation law; law of radiation;
    辐射动物 {无脊椎} Radiata;
    辐射断层 {地质} radial faults;
    辐射对比度 radiation contrast;
    辐射对称 actinomorphy; multilateral symmetry;
    辐射对称性 {生} actinomorphy;
    辐射对流加热 radivection;
    辐射发光 radioluminescence;
    辐射发热管 radiant heater;
    辐射发射 emission;
    辐射阀 cut-off radiation;
    辐射反射率 {电磁} radiant reflectance;
    辐射防御 {军} radiological defense;
    辐射分解 radiolytic breakdown; radiation decomposition; radiolysis; radiolytic decomposition;
    辐射分量 radial component;
    辐射分裂 {无脊椎} radial fission;
    辐射分子效应 radiomolecular effect;
    辐射俘获 radiation capture; radiative capture;
    辐射复合 radiative recombination;
    辐射改性 radiation modification;
    辐射改正 radiative corrections;
    辐射干扰 radiated interference;
    辐射感受器 {生} radioreceptor;
    辐射感温器 radiation pyrometer;
    辐射感应 radioinduction
    辐射高温计 {计} radiant-energy thermometer; radiation pyrometer; radiation thermometer;
    辐射高温计元件 radiation detecting element;
    辐射功率 {电磁} radiant power; radiation power; radiated power;
    辐射功率测量 radiant power measurement;
    辐射功率密度 radiosity;
    辐射功率输出 radiated power output;
    辐射供电 radiation type electric supply;
    辐射供暖(热) {工} radiant heating;
    辐射骨针 actine;
    辐射冠 corona radiata; radiate crown;
    辐射光电转换 radiophoto-voltaic conversion;
    辐射光栅 radial grating
    辐射规范 radiation gauge;
    辐射果 {生} actinocarp;
    辐射过程 radiative process;
    辐射过度 overradiation;
    辐射过热器 radiation superheater;
    辐射合成 radiosynthesis;
    辐射化学 {核} radiaton chemistry;
    辐射环境 radiation environment;
    辐射环境模式 models of radiation environoments;
    辐射缓冲器 radiation cataract;
    辐射活化 radioactivation;
    辐射机制 radiation mechanism;
    辐射激光器 radiation lasler;
    辐射激活 radioactivation;
    辐射技术 radiotechnology;
    辐射剂量 radiation dose; radiation dosage;
    辐射剂量标准 radiation dose standard;
    辐射剂量测定法 radiation dose measurement;
    辐射剂量单位 radiation dose unit;
    辐射剂量分布 radiation dose distribution;
    辐射剂量计 dosimeter; radiation dosemeter;
    辐射剂量率 {核子} radiation dose rate;
    辐射剂量学 radiation dosimetry;
    辐射剂量指示器 radiation dosage indicator;
    辐射计数 window;
    辐射计数管 radiation counter tube;
    辐射计数器 radiation counter;
    辐射加热 radiation heating;
    辐射加热器 pharoid; radiant heater;
    辐射监测 radiation monitoring;
    辐射监测器 radiation monitor;
    辐射检测计 radiation survey meter;
    辐射检测器 radiation detector;
    辐射降解 irradiation degradation;
    辐射交换 radiative interchange;
    辐射交联 crosslinking with radiation; radiation crosslinking;
    辐射角 radiation angle;
    辐射接收器 radiation receiver;
    辐射近场区 radiating near-field region;
    辐射井 radial;
    辐射阱 radiation trap;
    辐射聚合(作用) radiopolymerization;
    辐射聚乙稀 Takathene;
    辐射绝育 sterilization by irradiation;
    辐射勘探装置 radioprospecting assembly;
    辐射抗性 radioresistance;
    辐射壳 radiative envelope;
    辐射宽度 radiation width;
    辐射扩散率 {气} radiative diffusivity;
    辐射老化 radiation aging;
    辐射(用)勒克司 radlux;
    辐射冷却 {电子} radiation cooling;
    辐射冷却电子管 radiation-cooled tube;
    辐射冷却结构 radiation-cooled structure;
    辐射帘 {电磁} radiating curtain;
    辐射量子 photon;
    辐射亮度测量 radiance measurement;
    辐射疗法 radiation-therapy; radiotherapy;
    辐射灵敏度 radiosusceptibility; radiant sensitivity;
    辐射硫化 radiation vulcanization;
    辐射流 radiant flux;
    辐射炉 all-radiant furnace (无对流加热部分的); radiation oven;
    辐射卵裂 {胚} radial cleavage;
    辐射率 emittance; radiance;
    辐射滤波器 {电磁} radiation filter;
    辐射迷宫 {核} radiation trap;
    辐射密度 radiation density;
    辐射免疫抑制 radioimmunosuppression;
    辐射面 radiating surface; radius;
    辐射灭菌 radicidation; radiopasteurization; radiosterilization; radurization; radiation sterilization;
    辐射敏感性 radiosusceptibility;
    辐射敏化 radiosensitization;
    辐射敏化剂 radiosensitizer;
    辐射耦合 radiation coupling;
    辐射耦合反射器 radiation coupled reflector;
    辐射碰撞 radiative collision;
    辐射疲乏 radiation fatigue;
    辐射频率 radiation frequency;
    辐射频谱 transmitted spectrum;
    辐射平衡 radiation equilibrium; radiation budget; radiative equilibrium;
    辐射平衡表 net pyrradiometer;
    辐射平衡差 radiation balance;
    辐射屏蔽 radiation shield; radiation barrier;
    辐射谱 radiation spectrum;
    辐射期 radiation era;
    辐射器 radiator;
    辐射嵌合体 radiation chimera;
    辐射强度 radiation strength; radiation intensity; emittance;
    辐射区 {核} radiation area;
    辐射驱动激波 radiation driven shock wave;
    辐射取暖炉 gas-radiator;
    辐射去污 {核子} radiation decontamination;
    辐射热度计 pyroscope;
    辐射热交换 heat-exchange by radiation;
    辐射热能 radiant heat energy;
    辐射热致发光 radiothermoluminescence;
    辐射容限 radiotolerance;
    辐射三角测量 radial triangulations;
    辐射散射 {物} radiating scattering; radiation scattering;
    辐射散射分析 radiation scattering analysis;
    辐射伞型花序 radiant umbel;
    辐射山脊 radiating ridge;
    辐射伤害 radiation injury;
    辐射烧伤 {医} radiation burn;
    辐射烧嘴 radiation burner;
    辐射声压 sound radiation pressure;
    辐射生物化学 {生化} radiation biochemistry;
    辐射生物物理学 {生物物理} radiation biophysics;
    辐射生物效应 biological effects of radiation;
    辐射生物学 radiobiology;
    辐射湿度计 radiation moisture ga(u)ge;
    辐射时代 {天物} radiation era;
    辐射食品 irradiated foods;
    辐射试验 radiation test;
    辐射事故 {核} radiation accident;
    辐射寿命 radiation lifetime;
    辐射束流 radiation streaming;
    辐射衰变 radiative decay;
    辐射衰变常数 radiological decay constant;
    辐射衰减 attenuation;
    辐射水系型 {地质} centrifugal drainage pattern; radial drainage pattern;
    辐射松 pine;
    辐射搜索装置 radiometric search set;
    辐射损害 radiation damage;
    辐射损耗 {讯} radiation loss;
    辐射损坏 irradiation damage;
    辐射损伤 {核} radiation damage; radiation injury;
    辐射损伤阀 radiation damage threshold;
    辐射损失 radiation loss; radiative loss;
    辐射探测 radiation detection;
    辐射探测器 radiation detector;
    辐射探测仪器 radiation detection instrument;
    辐射特性 radiation characteristic;
    辐射体 radiating body; radiator; actinosome; irradiator;
    辐射天平 {核} radiation balance;
    辐射天线 radiating antenna; active antenna;
    辐射通量 {物} radiant flux;
    辐射通量测量 radiant flux measurement;
    辐射通量计 radiation fluxmeter;
    辐射(面)通量密度 radiosity; radiation emittance;
    辐射通量密度测量 radiant flux density measurement;
    辐射能量照度测量 radiant flux illuminance measurement;
    辐射同源 actinology;
    辐射透射率 radiant transmittance;
    辐射图 {物} radiation diagram; radiation pattern; radiation chart;
    辐射图形 radiation pattern;
    辐射退火 radiation annealing;
    辐射微热计 radio-micrometer;
    辐射微生物学 radiomicrobiology;
    辐射危害(危险性) radiation hazard;
    辐射危险区 {核} radiation danger zone;
    辐射维管束 {植} radial (vascular) bundle;
    辐射温差电偶 radiation thermocouple;
    辐射温度 radiation temperature;
    辐射温度计 radiation thermometer;
    辐射纹(月面) radiating ridge; (lunar) rays;
    辐射纹孔式 radial pitting;
    辐射纹系统 {天} ray system;
    辐射武器 radiation weapon;
    辐射雾 {气} radiation fog; radiation;
    辐射物理学 {物} radiation physics;
    辐射吸收分析radiation absorption analysis;
    辐射吸收(剂)量 radiation absorbed dose;
    辐射吸收器 radiation absorber;
    辐射吸收人体仿真模拟 phantom;
    辐射系数 radiation coefficient; emissivity;
    辐射系统 radiating system;
    辐射细胞效应 cellular radiation effect;
    辐射细胞学 {细胞} radiation cytology;
    辐射消毒 radiosterilization; radappertization;
    辐射效率 emission efficiency; radiation efficiency;
    辐射效应 radiation effect;
    辐射星等 radiomagnitude; radiometric magnitude;
    辐射性质 radiative property;
    辐射修正 radiative correction;
    辐射选择转子 radiation chopper;
    辐射学 radiology;
    辐射穴 radiation cave;
    辐射压力 {声} {电磁} radiation pressure;
    辐射压力摄动 radiation-pressure perturbation;
    辐射亚种 radiorace;
    辐射仰角 {电磁} directivity angle;
    辐射氧化 radiolytic oxidation;
    辐射冶金术(学) radiometallurgy;
    辐射遗传效应 genetic radiation effect;
    辐射遗传学 radiogenetics; radiation genetics;
    辐射仪 {核} radiac instrument; radiac set; radiation gage; radiacmeter;
    辐射引发聚合反应 radiation-induced polymerization;
    辐射影响 radiationeffect;
    辐射硬化 radiation hardening;
    辐射硬化效应 hardening effect of radiation;
    辐射永久效应 permanent effects of radiation;
    辐射诱发畸变 {生} radiation-induced aberration;
    辐射幼虫 actinula;
    辐射阈 cut-off radiation;
    辐射育种 {农} radiation breeding;
    辐射元件 radiating element;
    辐射源 {核} radiation source; emanator; radiant;
    辐射跃迁 {物} radiation transition;
    辐射跃迁几率(概率) radiative transition probability;
    辐射噪声 radiation noise; background noise;
    辐射战争 {军} radiological warfare;
    辐射照度测量 irradiance measurement;
    辐射罩 radiation shield;
    辐射蒸发计 {工} radio atmometer;
    辐射栉牙 actinodont;
    辐射致坏死 radionecrosis;
    辐射致冷 radiative cooling;
    辐射致冷器 radiative-transfer coolers; radiative coolers;
    辐射致敏剂 radiosensitizer;
    辐射致弱(减活)菌苗 radiation-attenuated vaccine;
    辐射制动 radiative braking;
    辐射质量 {物} radiation quality; radiation mass;
    辐射中毒 radiation poisoning;
    辐射贮藏 irradiation storage;
    辐射转慢 radiative braking;
    辐射转移 radiative transfer;
    辐射装置 radiation appliance;
    辐射子 {声} radiator;
    辐射阻 radiation resistance;
    辐射阻尼 radiation damping; radiative reaction force;
    辐射阻尼力 radiation damping force
    * * *
    輻射|辐射 [fú shè] radiation

    Chinese-English dictionary > 辐射

  • 19 点格自动机

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    {自} cellular multilist

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