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celestial longitude

  • 1 黄经

    huáng jīng
    {天} celestial longitude; longitude; ecliptic longitude
    黄经圈 circle of longitude

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  • 2 longitude

    n; c / u
    经度 [jīngdù]

    * 250 degrees longitude — 经度250度

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  • 3 东经

    east longitude
    * * *
    dong1 jing1
    longitude east
    * * *
    dōng jīng
    {地理} (本初子午线以东的经度) east longitude:
    北京位于东经116度, 北纬40度。 Beijing is located at 40°N and 116°E.
    * * *
    東經|东经 [dōng jīng] longitude east

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  • 4 九霄云外

    beyond the highest heavens —far, far away
    * * *
    beyond the highest heavens
    * * *
    beyond the highest heavens
    * * *
    jiu3 xiao1 yun2 wai4
    beyond the topmost clouds (idiom), unimaginably far away
    * * *
    jiǔ xiāo yún wài
    be flung to the four winds; beyond the highest heavens; most ephemeral clouds; take flight to the far land of Java; (consign) the land of nowhere, beyond the ninth heaven and the most ephemeral clouds; (recede from one's mind far into) the ninth celestial sphere; (vanish into) the ninth region of heaven; (have flown away into) the ninth sphere of the heavens; (throw) to the winds
    * * *
    九霄雲外|九霄云外 [jiǔ xiāo yún wài] beyond the topmost clouds (idiom) unimaginably far away

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  • 5 五斗米道

    Wu3 dou3 mi3 Dao4
    Way of the Five Pecks of Rice (Taoist movement), Way of the Celestial Master
    * * *
    五斗米道|五斗米道 [Wǔ dǒu mǐ Dào] Way of the Five Pecks of Rice (Taoist movement) Way of the Celestial Master

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  • 6 交点

    point of intersection, node
    * * *
    point of intersection
    相关词组: 交点的
    * * *
    point of intersection
    * * *
    n. point of intersection, node
    * * *
    jiao1 dian3
    meeting point, point of intersection
    * * *
    jiāo diǎn
    {数} crossover point; intersection; intersection point; point of intersection; cusp
    {天} node:
    交点月 {天} draconitic month; condical month
    交点黄经 longitude node;
    交点年 {天} draconitic year; nodical year;
    交点退行 regression of nodes;
    交点线 line of nodes;
    交点周 {天} draconitic revolution;
    交点转动 draconitic revolution
    * * *
    交點|交点 [jiāo diǎn] meeting point point of intersection

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  • 7

    celestial being; immortal
    * * *
    celestial being; immortal
    * * *
    celestial being; immortal
    * * *
    adj. immortal
    n. God, immortal, celestial being
    n. immortal, celestial being
    * * *
    * * *
    (仙人; 神仙) celestial being; immortal
    (姓氏) a surname:
    仙立 Xian Li
    * * *
    仙|仙 [xiān] immortal

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  • 8 仙人

    celestial being; immortal
    * * *
    xian1 ren2
    Daoist immortal, celestial being
    * * *
    xiān rén
    celestial being; immortal
    仙人笔 candleplant;
    仙人鞭 serpentcactus; snakecactus; a kind of cactus (with cylinder-shaped stems)
    * * *
    仙人|仙人 [xiān rén] Daoist immortal celestial being

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  • 9 仙女

    female celestial; fairy maiden; fairy
    * * *
    fairy; female celestial; peri
    相关词组: 水中仙女
    * * *
    fairy; peri
    * * *
    n. female celestial, fairy maiden, fairy, fay
    * * *
    xian1 nu:3
    * * *
    xiān nǚ
    female celestial; fairy maiden
    仙女鸟 fairy prion (澳);
    仙女星云 Andromeda Nebula;
    仙女(星)座 Andromeda;
    仙女座流星群 {天} andromedids
    * * *
    仙女|仙女 [xiān nu] fairy

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  • 10 仙姑

    female immortal (or celestial), sorceress
    * * *
    xian1 gu1
    female immortal, sorceress
    * * *
    xiān gū
    (仙女) female immortal; female celestial
    (女巫) sorceress
    * * *
    仙姑|仙姑 [xiān gū] female immortal sorceress

    Chinese-English dictionary > 仙姑

  • 11 仙子

    female celestial, celestial being; immortal
    * * *
    相关词组: 小仙子
    * * *
    faerie; faery
    * * *
    xian1 zi3
    * * *
    xiān zǐ
    (仙女) female celestial; fairy maiden
    (仙人) celestial being; immortal
    * * *
    仙子|仙子 [xiān zǐ] fairy

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  • 12 假想

    imagination; hypothesis; supposition, imaginary; hypothetical; fictitious
    * * *
    hypothesis; imagination; supposition
    相关词组: 假想的
    * * *
    hypothesis; imagination; supposition
    * * *
    adj. imaginary, hypothetical, fictitious
    n. imagination, hypothesis, supposition
    * * *
    jia3 xiang3
    imaginary, virtual, to imagine, hypothesis
    * * *
    jiǎ xiǎng
    (想象; 假设) imagination; hypothesis; supposition; phantom
    (想象的; 假定的) imaginary; hypothetical; fictitious:
    这个故事里的人物都是假想的。 The characters in this story are all fictitious.
    假想测试 hypothesis testing;
    假想磁极 fictitious magnetic pole;
    假想敌 {军} imaginary enemy;
    假想工程 imagineering;
    假想基金 imaginary fund;
    假想计算机 hypothetical computer;
    假想经度 {航海} fictitious longitude;
    假想燃烧 imaginary combustion;
    假想弹性体 imaginary elastic body;
    假想图示 imaginary representation;
    假想纬度 {航海} fictitious latitude;
    假想阴极 (虚阴极) {电} virtual cathode;
    假想载荷 imaginary load;
    假想质量 imaginary mass;
    假想资源 speculative resources;
    假想轴 imaginary axis;
    假想作业 dummy activity
    * * *
    假想|假想 [jiǎ xiǎng] imaginary virtual to imagine hypothesis

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  • 13

    * * *
    (姓氏) a surname:
    偓栓 Wo Quan (a legendary celestial being in ancient China)
    * * *
    偓|偓 [wò] constrained

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  • 14

    light, scenery, honour; glory, brightness; lustre, glorify; bring honour to, bare; be naked, bare; naked, smooth; glossy; polished, all gone; used up; nothing left, only; alone
    * * *
    light; ray; honour; merely; naked; scenery; smooth
    【化】 light
    【医】 light; phot-; photo-
    * * *
    light; ray; honour; merely; naked; scenery; smooth
    * * *
    adj. polished, used up, bare, naked, smooth
    adv. solely, only, merely
    n. light, shine, ray, brightness, lustre, luster, honour, honor, scenery
    * * *
    light, ray, CL:道, bright, only, merely, to use up
    * * *
    (照耀在物体上、使人能看见物体的一种物质) light; ray:
    月光 moonlight;
    日光 sunlight; sunshine;
    爱克斯光 X-ray
    (景物) scenery:
    风光 scene; view; sight;
    春光明媚 a sunlit and enchanting scene of spring
    (光彩; 荣誉) honour; glory; lustre:
    为国争光 win honour for one's country;
    给晚会增光 shed lustre on (add lustre to) the evening party
    (明亮; 生辉) brightness:
    双目有光 bright-eyed
    (恩惠) favour; grace:
    沾光 benefit from association with sb.;
    借光 excuse me
    (书) (时光) time
    (书) (特指日、 月、星辰等天体) celestial body
    (姓氏) a surname 光逸 Guang Yi
    (光大) glorify; recover; regain:
    光前裕后 win praises for one's ancestors and enrich one's posterity;
    光耀门楣(庭) bring honour to the family name
    (露在外面) bare; be naked:
    光着头 be bareheaded;
    他光着上身。 He was naked to the waist.
    (书) (照耀) shine
    (光滑; 光溜) smooth; glossy:
    刮垢磨光 make sth. clean and smooth by scraping and polishing;
    这纸不太光。 This paper is not smooth enough.
    (露着的) naked; nude; bare:
    光脚 barefooted;
    光脊梁 barebacked
    (一点不剩) used up; with nothing left:
    两星期过去, 他们的钱用光了。 Two weeks passed. They ran out of money.
    他把整块蛋糕都吃光了。 He has eaten up the whole cake.
    我们贮存的火柴用光了。 Our stock of matches is used up.
    (敬) (表示光荣) glorious; gracious:
    承蒙光临。 It was gracious of you to come.
    (明亮的) bright
    (只; 单) only; alone; merely:
    不要光凭热情去工作。 Don't work by enthusiasm alone.
    光有好的意愿还不够。 Good intention alone is not enough.
    她光吃青菜, 不吃肉。 She eats only vegetables and abstains from eating meat.
    * * *
    光|光 [guāng] light ray CL:↑ [dào] bright only merely to use up

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  • 15 几何

    how much; how many, geometry, geometric
    * * *
    geometry; how many; how much
    相关词组: 几何的
    * * *
    geometry; how many; how much
    * * *
    adj. geometrical, geometric
    n. geometry
    * * *
    ji3 he2
    geometry, how much
    * * *
    jǐ hé
    (书) (多少) how much; how many:
    不知尚有几何 uncertain how much is left or how many are left
    (几何学) geometry
    几何比 geometric proportion;
    几何变换 geometric transformation;
    几何变星 geometric variable;
    几何不连续性 geometric discontinuity;
    几何参数 geometric parameter;
    几何测度论 geometric measure theory;
    几何差异 disparity;
    几何插值法 geometric interpolation;
    几何尺 dimensioning;
    几何重建 geometrical reconstruction;
    几何磁阻法 geometry magneto-resistance method;
    几何等螺距 constant geometrical pitch;
    几何地平 {地测} geometrical horizon;
    几何电容 {电工} geometric capacitance;
    几何动力学 geometrodynamics;
    几何对称 geometric symmetry;
    几何法 geometric method;
    几何反照率 geometric albedo;
    几何非线性 geometrical non-linearity;
    几何分布 geometric distribution;
    几何概率 geometric probability;
    几何刚度 geometric stiffness;
    几何格 geometry lattice;
    几何公差 geometric tolerances;
    几何构图法 geometrography;
    几何光学 geometrical optics;
    几何光学近似 approximation in geometric optics;
    几何关系 geometrical relationship;
    几何规划 geometric programming;
    几何规划法 geometric programming;
    几何函数论 geometric function theory;
    几何化 geometrization;
    几何画 geometric drawing;
    几何畸变 geometric distortion;
    几何畸变校正磁铁 geometric distortion correcting magnet;
    几何基础 foundation of geometry;
    几何积分论 geometric integration theory;
    几何级数 {数} geometric (geometrical) progression; geometric series;
    几何校正 {核子} geometry correction;
    几何接口 geometry interface;
    几何结晶学 geometrical crystallography;
    几何结晶构造定律 law of geometrical crystallography;
    几何解释 geometric interpretation;
    几何精确度 geometrical accuracy;
    几何经度 geometric longitude;
    几何均数 geometric mean;
    几何亏格 geometric genus; geometric deficiency;
    几何量 geometric sense;
    几何路径 geometric path;
    几何螺距 {航空} geometrical pitch;
    几何面积 geometric area;
    几何面矩 geometrical moment; moment of area;
    几何面矩法 area moment method;
    几何模型 geometrical model;
    几何平均 geometric mean; geometric average;
    几何平均距离 mean geometrical distance;
    几何平均螺距 geometrical mean pitch; mean geometrical pitch;
    几何平均数 geometric mean; geometrical average;
    几何平均值 geometric mean; geometrical mean;
    几何平均指数 geometric average index number;
    几何倾角 {地测} geometrical dip;
    几何曲率 geometric buckling;
    几何挠度 geometric deflection;
    几何深度 geometric depth;
    几何声学 geometric acoustics; ray acoustics;
    几何失真 geometric distortion;
    几何数论 geometric number theory;
    几何衰减 geometrical attenuation;
    几何水准测量 levelling;
    几何弹性应力集中系数 geometric elastic stress concentration factor;
    几何特性 geometrical features; geometrical property;
    几何天平动 geometric libration;
    几何投影 geometric projection;
    几何投影法 geometric projection;
    几何图 geometric drawing;
    几何图形 {数} geometric figure;
    几何图形模拟 geometric analogy;
    几何退磁因子 geometric demagnetizing factor;
    几何纬度 geometric latitude;
    几何位置线 geometric position line;
    几何误差 geometric error;
    几何系数 geometrical factor;
    几何相似 geosim; geometric similarity;
    几何相似泵 geometrically similar pump;
    几何相似性 geometrical similarity;
    几何象差 {光} geometric aberration;
    几何效应(食双星) geometric effect;
    几何形状 geometry;
    几何形状误差 error in geometrical form;
    几何延迟 geometric delay;
    几何衍射理论 geometrical diffraction theory;
    几何意义 geometrical significance;
    几何异构 geometrical isomerism;
    几何异构体 stereomer; stereomeride;
    几何异构现象 geometric isomerism; rotamerism;
    几何因数 geometrical factor; geometry factor;
    几何因子 geometrical factor;
    几何元素 geometric element; element of geometry;
    几何中性面 normal neutral plane;
    几何轴 geometrical axis;
    几何作图 geometric construction;
    几何作图法 geometrograph
    * * *
    幾何|几何 [jǐ hé] geometry how much

    Chinese-English dictionary > 几何

  • 16

    divide; separate
    part, distribute
    allot, distinguish
    differentiate, branch (of an organization)
    fraction, (used in spoken forms of fractions and percentages)
    one tenth (of certain units of the metric system)
    fen, equal to one hundredth of a yuan 元
    cent; c., minute
    equal to one sixtieth of an hour, minute
    equal to one sixtieth of a degree of angle or arc
    point; mark, one-tenth (used for nonphysical things)
    component, what is within one's rights or duty, think; expect
    * * *
    cent; dispart; distribute; divide; marking; minute
    【计】 M
    【医】 deci-; Div.; divi-divi
    * * *
    cent; centavo; centimo; chon; dispart; marking; minute; rappen
    * * *
    n. share, mark, part, measure word, branch, fraction, minute, point, fen (a unit of length)
    n. one tenth, one part of ten equal parts, 1/10
    v. fritter, divide, separate, part, partition, distribute, assign
    * * *
    to divide, to separate, to allocate, to distinguish (good and bad), part or subdivision, fraction, one tenth (of certain units), unit of length equivalent to 0.33 cm, minute, a point (in sports or games), 0.01 yuan (unit of money)
    part, share, ingredient, component
    * * *
    (成分) component:
    水分 moisture content
    (职责和权利的限度) what is within one's duty or rights:
    过分 going too far; excessive;
    恰如其分 appropriate; just right
    同 “份” (fèn)
    (书) (料想) judge:
    自分必死 believe oneself cannot escape death
    另见 fēn。
    (使整体事物变成几部分或使联在一起的事物离开) divide; separate; part:
    难舍难分 cannot bear to part from each other;
    你的头发是偏分还是中间分? Do you divide your hair at the side or in the middle?
    事物都是一分为二的。 All things invariably divide into two.
    我们把它们分为六堆吧。 Let's separate them into six lots.
    一年分四季。 The year is divided into four seasons.
    这药每天分三次吃。 This medicine is to be taken in three separate doses every day.
    (分配) distribute; assign; allot:
    他被分到厂里的热处理车间。 He was assigned to the heat-treatment shop of the mill.
    他分得了一户三室的套房。 He was allotted a three-room flat.
    他们夺回土地,分给了农民。 They seized the land and distributed it among the peasants.
    (辨别) distinguish; differentiate; tell one from another:
    不分青红皂白 make no distinction between black and white (right and wrong);
    他是非不分。 He couldn't distinguish right from wrong.
    我总是分不清他和他的弟弟。 I can never tell him from his brother.
    (分支; 部分) branch (of an organization):
    分店 branch (of a shop);
    分公司 a branch company;
    第二分册 the second volume of a work; Book Two;
    新华社大连分社 the Dalian Branch of the Xinhua News Agency
    (分数) fraction:
    约分 reduction of a fraction
    (表示分数) portion; part:
    二分之一 half;
    三分之一 one-third; a third part;
    四分之三 three-fourths
    (十分之一) one-tenth:
    七分成绩, 三分错误 70 per cent achievements, 30 per cent mistakes;
    有十分把握 be hundred-percent sure;
    有一分热, 发一分光 give as much light as the heat can produce; exert every bit of one's energy
    (长度单位) fen, a unit of length (=13 centimetre):
    三尺零五分 three chi and half a cun
    (地积单位) fen, a unit of area (=66.666 square metres):
    三亩七分地 3.7 mu of land
    (重量单位) fen, a unit of weight (=12 gram):
    二两四钱五分 2.45 liang
    (货币单位) fen, a fractional unit of money in China (=1100 of a yuan or 110 of a jiao):
    十一元六角五分 11.65 yuan; eleven yuan sixty-five fen
    (时间单位) minute (=160 of an hour):
    六点十分起床 get up at ten past six;
    现在是七点差五分。 It is five minutes to seven.
    (弧或角的计量单位) minute (=160 of a degree):
    成36度30分角 form an angle of 36 degrees 30 minutes (36°30')
    (经度或纬度的计量单位) minute (160 of a degree):
    东经129度15分 129 degrees 15 minutes (129°15') east longitude
    (利率单位) rate of interest:
    年利一分 10% interest a year;
    月利一分 1% interest a month
    (评定成绩等的计数单位) point; mark:
    得70分 score 70 marks;
    她英语考了95分。 She got 95 marks in the English examination.
    我们赢了5分。 We won by five points.
    另见 fèn。
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 分|分 [fēn] to divide to separate to distribute to allocate to distinguish (good and bad) part or subdivision fraction one tenth (of certain units) unit of length equivalent to 0.33 cm minute a point (in sports or games) 0.01 yuan (unit of money)
    Ⅱ. 分|分 [fèn] part share ingredient component

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  • 17 分野

    dividing line
    * * *
    * * *
    fen1 ye3
    dividing line between distinct realms, boundary, field-allocation (in Chinese astrology, the association between celestial regions and corresponding terrestrial realms)
    * * *
    fēn yě
    dividing line:
    两种学派的分野 the dividing line between the two schools of thought
    * * *
    分野|分野 [fēn yě] dividing line between distinct realms boundary field-allocation (in Chinese astrology, the association between celestial regions and corresponding terrestrial realms)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 分野

  • 18 北极星

    polestar; a bright star that is near the north celestial pole, one of the stars that comprise ursa minor, consulted for orientation because it appears almost fixed on the celestial sphere observed from the earth
    * * *
    cynosure; lodestar; Polaris; polestar
    * * *
    Polaris; cynosure; lodestar; north star; polestar
    * * *
    Bei3 ji2 xing1
    North Star, Polaris
    * * *
    běi jí xīng
    Polaris; North Star; Pole Star; polestar; loadstar (出现在天空北部的一颗亮星, 现在是小熊座α, 到公元14,000年将是织女星)
    “北极星” 弹道导弹 (美) Polaris;
    北极星时角测量法 Pole star's hour-angle method;
    北极星序 north polar sequence
    * * *
    北極星|北极星 [Běi jí xīng] North Star Polaris

    Chinese-English dictionary > 北极星

  • 19 北極星

    polestar; a bright star that is near the north celestial pole, one of the stars that comprise ursa minor, consulted for orientation because it appears almost fixed on the celestial sphere observed from the earth
    * * *
    Bei3 ji2 xing1
    North Star, Polaris
    * * *
    北極星|北极星 [Běi jí xīng] North Star Polaris

    Chinese-English dictionary > 北極星

  • 20

    danger; peril, the twelfth of the twenty-eight constellations (二十八宿) into which the celestial sphere was divided in ancient Chinese astronomy, endanger; imperil, dying, high; precipitous, proper
    * * *
    danger; dying; endanger; high; proper
    * * *
    danger; dying; endanger; high; proper
    * * *
    n. danger
    v. endanger
    * * *
    surname Wei
    danger, to endanger, Taiwan pr.
    * * *
    (危险) danger; peril:
    居安思危 think of danger in times of peace;
    临危不惧 face danger fearlessly; betray no fear in an hour of danger;
    转危为安 take a turn for the better and be out of danger
    (书) (屋脊) ridge (of a roof)
    (二十八宿之一) Wei, one of the lunar mansions
    (姓氏) a surname:
    危全讽 Wei Quanfeng
    (使处于危险境地; 危害) endanger; imperil; jeopardize:
    危及某人的生命(财产; 名誉; 安全) endanger sb.'s life (property; reputation; security);
    散逸的水雷开始在太平洋海岸出现而危及商船的航行。 Stray mines began to turn up off the Pacific coast, imperilling commercial shipping.
    他的愚蠢行为可能会危及他的整个前程。 His foolish behaviour may put his whole future in jeopardy.
    (危险的; 不安全) dangerous; perilous:
    危局 a dangerous situation
    (人快要死去) dying:
    病危 be critically ill; be dying
    (书) (高) high; precipitous:
    危楼 a high tower;
    危崖 a precipitous cliff
    (书) (端正) proper; upright:
    正襟危坐 sit up properly
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 危|危 [Wēi] surname Wei
    Ⅱ. 危|危 [wēi] danger to endanger Taiwan pr. [wéi]

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  • celestial longitude — Astron. the angular distance of a point on the celestial sphere from the great circle that is perpendicular to the ecliptic at the point of the vernal equinox, measured through 360° eastward parallel to the ecliptic. * * * …   Universalium

  • celestial longitude — /səˌlɛstiəl ˈlɒŋgətjud/ (say suh.lesteeuhl longguhtyoohd) noun → longitude (def. 2a) …   Australian English dictionary

  • celestial longitude — noun Astronomy the angular distance of a point east of the First Point of Aries, measured along the ecliptic …   English new terms dictionary

  • Celestial meridiator — is a vertical imaginary line that goes over the celestial poles and crosses (perpendicular to) the celestial equator. There are two celestial meridiators on the celestial sphere: Equinox meridiator and Solstice meridiator.NameThe meridiators are… …   Wikipedia

  • Longitude by chronometer — Longitude by Chronometer, known by mariners as Long by Chron , is an astronomical navigation method of calculating an observer s position on earth. The method gives the observer a position line on which the observer is situated. Usually the… …   Wikipedia

  • longitude — [län′jə to͞od΄, län′jətyo͞od΄; lôn′jə to͞od΄, lôn′jə tyo͞od΄] n. [ME < L longitudo < longus, LONG1] 1. length 2. distance east or west on the earth s surface, measured as an arc of the equator (in degrees up to 180° or by the difference in… …   English World dictionary

  • Longitude — For Dava Sobel s book about John Harrison, see Longitude (book). For the adaptation of Sobel s book, see Longitude (TV series). Map of Earth Longitude (λ) Lines of longitude appear vertical with varying curvature in this projection, but are… …   Wikipedia

  • longitude — Synonyms and related words: Antarctic Zone, Arctic Circle, Arctic Zone, Cartesian coordinates, Frigid Zones, Lambert conformal projection, Mercator projection, Miller projection, Torrid Zone, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, Variable Zones …   Moby Thesaurus

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