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celestial longitude

  • 141 天文导航计算机

    【计】 celestial navigation computer

    Chinese-English dictionary > 天文导航计算机

  • 142 浑象

    celestial globe

    Chinese-English dictionary > 浑象

  • 143 渾象

    celestial globe

    Chinese-English dictionary > 渾象

  • 144 天極

    celestial pole

    Chinese-English dictionary > 天極

  • 145 天軸

    line shaft, celestial axis

    Chinese-English dictionary > 天軸

  • 146 經緯度

    latitude and longitude

    Chinese-English dictionary > 經緯度

  • 147 南天極

    south pole; south celestial pole

    Chinese-English dictionary > 南天極

  • 148 天球儀

    celestial globe

    Chinese-English dictionary > 天球儀

  • 149 天球坐标

    celestial coordinates

    Chinese-English dictionary > 天球坐标

  • 150 天球坐標

    celestial coordinates

    Chinese-English dictionary > 天球坐標

  • 151 天文导航

    astronavigation; celestial navigation

    Chinese-English dictionary > 天文导航

  • 152 天文導航

    astronavigation; celestial navigation

    Chinese-English dictionary > 天文導航

  • 153 天文制导

    celestial guidance

    Chinese-English dictionary > 天文制导

  • 154 天文制導

    celestial guidance

    Chinese-English dictionary > 天文制導

  • 155 天球子午圈

    celestial meridian

    Chinese-English dictionary > 天球子午圈

  • 156

    Mandarin(P): tiān
    Mandarin(Z): ㄊㄧㄢ
    Korean(Eum): 천 [cheon]
    Korean(H/E): 하늘 천
    Japanese(On): てん [ten]
    Japanese(Kun): あめ, そら [ame, sora]
    Cantonese: tin1
    Vietnamese: thiên
    Hist. Tang: *ten
    Definition: sky, heaven; god, celestial
    Rad.-Add. str. Index: [37.1]
    Total strokes: 4
    Other variant:
    Frequency: 1
    Unicode: U+5929
    Big Five: A4D1
    GB 2312: 4476
    JIS X 0208-1990: 3723
    KSC 5601-1989: 8424
    Cangjie: MK
    Four-corner Code: 1043.0
    Hanyu Da Zidian: 10522.010
    Kang Xi: 0248.040
    CiHai: 358.401
    Morohashi: 05833
    Dae Jaweon: 0500.020

    Chinese-English-Asian dictionary >

  • 157

    Mandarin(P): mào, móu
    Mandarin(Z): ㄇㄠˋ, ㄇㄡˊ
    Korean(Eum): 무 [mu]
    Korean(H/E): 길이 무
    Japanese(On): ぼう [bou]
    Japanese(Kun): ながさ [nagasa]
    Cantonese: mau6
    Vietnamese: mậu
    Definition: longitude, lengthwise; length
    Rad.-Add. str. Index: [145.5]
    Total strokes: 11
    Radical: ()
    Unicode: U+88A4
    Big Five: D7C0
    GB 2312: 5783
    JIS X 0208-1990: 7461
    Cangjie: YNHV
    Four-corner Code: 0073.2
    Hanyu Da Zidian: 53081.050
    Kang Xi: 1115.020
    CiHai: 1211.601
    Morohashi: 34213
    Dae Jaweon: 1580.200

    Chinese-English-Asian dictionary >

  • 158

    Mandarin(P): huò, yù
    Mandarin(Z): ㄏㄨㄛˋ, ㄩˋ
    Cantonese: zuk6, zung2
    Definition: to weave silk fabrics with green color for longitude and white for latitude, silk fabrics from Yuyang
    Rad.-Add. str. Index: [120.8]
    Total strokes: 14
    Radical: (, simpl. )
    Unicode: U+42ED
    Cangjie: VFYIB
    Hanyu Da Zidian: 53419.040
    Kang Xi: 0927.090

    Chinese-English-Asian dictionary >

  • 159 大光音天

    ābhāsvara. The third of the celestial regions in the second dhyāna heaven of the form realm; v. 四禪天.

    Chinese Buddhist terms dictionary (Chinese-English) > 大光音天

  • 160 大日

    Vairocana, or Mahāvairocana 大日如來; 遍照如來; 摩訶毘盧遮那; 毘盧遮那; 大日覺王 The sun, "shining everywhere" The chief object of worship of the Shingon sect in Japan, "represented by the gigantic image in the temple at Nara." (Eliot.) There he is known as Dai-nichi-nyorai. He is counted as the first, and according to some, the origin of the five celestial Buddhas (dhyāni-buddhas, or jinas). He dwells quiescent in Arūpa-dhātu, the Heaven beyond form, and is the essence of wisdom (bodhi) and of absolute purity. Samantabhadra 普賢 is his dhyāni-bodhisattva. The 大日經 "teaches that Vairocana is the whole world, which is divided into Garbhadhātu (material) and Vajradhātu (indestructible), the two together forming Dharmadhātu. The manifestations of Vairocana's body to himself―that is, Buddhas and Bodhisattvas ―are represented symbolically by diagrams of several circles ". Eliot. In the 金剛界 or (sa) vajradhātu maṇḍala he is the center of the five groups. In the 胎藏界 or Garbhadhātu he is the center of the eight-leaf (lotus) court. His appearance, symbols, esoteric word, differ according to the two above distinctions. Generally he is considered as an embodiment of the Truth 法, both in the sense of (sa) dharmakāya 法身 and (sa) dharmaratna 法寳. Some hold Vairocana to be the (sa) dharmakāya of Śākyamuni 大日與釋迦同一佛 but the esoteric school denies this identity. Also known as 最高顯廣眼藏如來, the Tathagata who, in the highest, reveals the far-reaching treasure of his eye, i.e. the sun. 大日大聖不動明王 is described as one of his transformations. Also, a (sa) śramaņa of Kashmir (contemporary of Padma-saṃbhava); he is credited with introducing Buddhism into Khotan and being an incarnation of Mañjuśrī; the king Vijaya Saṃbhava built a monastery for him.

    Chinese Buddhist terms dictionary (Chinese-English) > 大日

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