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celestial longitude

  • 121 天尊

    celestial worthy (the title of some deities in the Taoist pantheon)
    * * *
    tiān zūn
    (of Taoism) supernatural being; celestial being; (of Buddhism) Buddha

    Chinese-English dictionary > 天尊

  • 122 望天金鱼

    wàng tiān jīn yǘ
    celestial telescope

    Chinese-English dictionary > 望天金鱼

  • 123 银经

    yín jīng
    {天} galactic longitude

    Chinese-English dictionary > 银经

  • 124 月面

    yuè miàn
    月面步行机 lunar walking machine;
    月面测量(学) selenodesy;
    月面车(辆) lunar hover vehicle;
    月面断层 selenofault;
    月面发射 lunar launching;
    月面辐射纹 rays (of the moon);
    月面环壁平原 walled plain;
    月面环形山 lunar crater;
    月面缓动车 lunar landing vehicle;
    月面结构物 lunar formation;
    月面经度 selenographic longitude;
    月面景色 moonscape;
    月面明暗界线 terminator;
    月面命名法 lunar nomenclature;
    月面山系 lunar mountain;
    月面图 selenograph;
    月面纬度 selenographic latitude;
    月面物质 lunar surface material;
    月面形态学 selenomorphology;
    月面行走 moonwalk;
    月面圆谷 walled plain; lunar circus;
    月面章动 lunar nutation;
    月面坐标 selenographic coordinates

    Chinese-English dictionary > 月面

  • 125 章动

    【化】 nutation
    * * *
    * * *
    n. nutation
    * * *
    zhāng dòng
    {天} nutation; nodding:
    黄经章动 nutation in longitude;
    倾角章动 nutation in obliquity
    章动常数 nutational constant;
    章动传动 nutation drive;
    章动传动装置 nutation drive unit;
    章动轮 nutation wheel;
    章动器 nutator;
    章动椭圆 nutational ellipse;
    章动周转 nutation period;
    章动轴 nutation shaft;
    章动子 nutator

    Chinese-English dictionary > 章动

  • 126 致密

    fine and close; compact
    * * *
    【计】 densification
    【医】 pycno-; pykno-
    * * *
    zhì mì
    fine and close; compact; densification; pycno-; pykno-
    致密层 {脊椎} stratum compactum; compact layer;
    致密长石 felsite; felsyte; felstone;
    致密硅岩 {地质} gannister; ganister;
    致密花边图案 toile;
    致密结缔组织 {组织} dense connective tissue;
    致密结构 compact texture;
    致密结块 dense cake;
    致密晶粒 compact-grain;
    致密晶粒组织 compact-grain structure;
    致密纳云母 coszmica;
    致密熔渣 compact slag; solid slag;
    致密射电源 {天} compact radio source;
    致密石墨棒 low-porosity graphite rod;
    致密速率 densification rate;
    致密天体 compact object; compact celestial body;
    致密铁氧体 compact ferrite;
    致密星系 {天} compact galaxy;
    致密褶皱 compact fold;
    致密铸件 sound casting;
    致密作用 {地质} compaction

    Chinese-English dictionary > 致密

  • 127 heavenly

    1) ( REL) (celestial) 天堂的 [tiāntáng de]
    2) ( inf) (wonderful) [+ day, place, occasion] 无比快乐的 [wúbǐ kuàilè de]

    Chinese-English dictionary > heavenly

  • 128 天上的

    ethereal; heavenly; supernal
    * * *
    aethereally; ethereal; heavenly; supernal
    * * *
    adj. celestial

    Chinese-English dictionary > 天上的

  • 129 天国的人

    n. celestial, pertaining to the sky

    Chinese-English dictionary > 天国的人

  • 130 天國的人

    n. celestial, pertaining to the sky

    Chinese-English dictionary > 天國的人

  • 131 天文臺

    An observatory; an establishment for observing the celestial body and studying astronomy.
    * * *
    n. observatory

    Chinese-English dictionary > 天文臺

  • 132 天的

    celestial; uranic
    【法】 celestial
    相关词组: 白天的
    * * *
    Uranian; celestial; skyish; uranic
    * * *
    adj. heavenly

    Chinese-English dictionary > 天的

  • 133 天空的

    celestial; firmamental; skyey
    【法】 celestial
    * * *
    celestial; firmamental; skyey
    * * *
    adj. celestial, heavenly

    Chinese-English dictionary > 天空的

  • 134 乾支

    the Heavenly Stems (天干) and Earthly Branches (地支) (two sets of signs, with one being taken from each set to form 60 pairs, designating years, formerly also months and days)
    the Heavenly Stems (天乾) and Earthly Branches (地支) (two sets of signs, with one being taken from each set to form 60 pairs, designating years, formerly also months and days)
    * * *
    n. heavenly stems and earthly branches, ten celestial stems and twelve branches

    Chinese-English dictionary > 乾支

  • 135 南天极

    south pole; south celestial pole
    * * *
    South Pole

    Chinese-English dictionary > 南天极

  • 136 天国的

    【法】 celestial
    * * *
    Uranian; celestial

    Chinese-English dictionary > 天国的

  • 137 天朝大国

    Celestial Empire

    Chinese-English dictionary > 天朝大国

  • 138 引力天文学

    celestial mechanics

    Chinese-English dictionary > 引力天文学

  • 139 星象仪

    celestial globe

    Chinese-English dictionary > 星象仪

  • 140 天堂引导

    【电】 celestial guidance

    Chinese-English dictionary > 天堂引导

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