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celestial longitude

  • 61

    the eighteenth of the twenty-eight constellations (二十八宿) into which the celestial sphere was divided in ancient Chinese astronomy (consisting of seven stars in Pleiades)
    * * *
    n. Pleiades
    * * *
    the Pleiades
    * * *
    (二十八宿之一) Mao, one of the lunar mansions
    * * *
    昴|昴 [mǎo] the Pleiades

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  • 62 東經

    east longitude
    * * *
    dong1 jing1
    longitude east
    * * *
    東經|东经 [dōng jīng] longitude east

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  • 63 标准时

    Time adopted everywhere within the same time zone, usually the time at the central longitude passing through that zone., The standard time adopted everywhere across a country, usually the time of the capital's zone, e.g. Beijing time, the standard time of china, is the time at longitude 120° east.
    * * *
    biao1 zhun3 shi2
    standard time
    * * *
    標準時|标准时 [biāo zhǔn shí] standard time

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  • 64 格林尼治

    Ge2 lin2 ni2 zhi4
    Greenwich (former location of Greenwich observatory, at zero longitude), refers to Greenwich mean time
    * * *
    gé lín ní zhì
    Greenwich (英国伦敦东南一城市, 是世界时区的起点)
    格林尼治标准时间 Greenwich mean time (GMT);
    格林尼治恒星时 {天} Greenwich sidereal time (GST);
    格林尼治平时 Greenwich mean time (GMT); Greenwich civil time; universal time; Z time; {天} zulu time;
    格林尼治时间间隔 {天} Greenwich interval;
    格林尼治时角 {天} Greenwich hour angle (GHA);
    格林尼治视时 {天} Greenwich apparent time (GAT);
    格林尼治视正午 {天} Greenwich apparent noon;
    格林尼治太阴时 {天} Greenwich lunar time;
    格林尼治子午线 {地测} Greenwich meridian
    * * *
    格林尼治|格林尼治 [Gé lín ní zhì] Greenwich (former location of Greenwich observatory, at zero longitude) refers to Greenwich mean time

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  • 65 格网

    ge2 wang3
    (math.) a lattice
    * * *
    gé wǎng
    {图} grid
    格网北向 {航空; 航海} grid north;
    格网比例尺 grid scale;
    格网赤道 {航空; 航海} grid equator;
    格网磁角 {航空; 航海} grid magnetic angle;
    格网导航 {航空; 航海} grid navigation;
    格网等斜线 {航空; 航海} grid rhumb line;
    格网法 grid method;
    格网方位 {航空; 航海} grid bearing;
    格网方位角 {航空; 航海} grid azimuth;
    格网方向 {航空; 航海} grid direction;
    格网幅度 {航空; 航海} grid amplitude;
    格网航向 {航空; 航海} grid heading;
    格网畸变 mesh distortion;
    格网间距 mesh spacing;
    格网经度 {航空; 航海} grid longitude;
    格网偏差 {航空; 航海} grid variation;
    格网偏角 {航空; 航海} declination of grid north; grid convergence; grid declination;
    格网区域 mesh region;
    格网水平航向 {航空; 航海} grid course;
    格网图 {讯} lattice;
    格网纬度 {航空; 航海} grid latitude;
    格网纬线 {航空; 航海} grid parallel;
    格网原点 grid origin;
    格网主垂面 {航空; 航海} grid prime vertical;
    格网子午线 {航空; 航海} grid meridian
    * * *
    格網|格网 [gé wǎng] (math.) a lattice

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  • 66 標準時

    Time adopted everywhere within the same time zone, usually the time at the central longitude passing through that zone., The standard time adopted everywhere across a country, usually the time of the capital's zone, e.g. Beijing time, the standard time of china, is the time at longitude 120° east.
    * * *
    biao1 zhun3 shi2
    standard time
    * * *
    標準時|标准时 [biāo zhǔn shí] standard time

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  • 67 活动

    move about; exercise, shaky; unsteady;moving, movable; mobile; flexible, activity; manoeuvre; activities; proceedings, use personal influence or irregular means, behaviour
    * * *
    move about; ploy; activity; campaign; function; movement
    【计】 activity
    【医】 activity; cine-; kine-; kinesio-
    相关词组: 刺激活动
    * * *
    move about; ploy; activity; campaign; function; movement
    * * *
    adj. unsteady, movable, moveable, mobile, flexible
    n. activity, doing, doings
    v. exercise, function, move about, move around, behave
    * * *
    huo2 dong4
    to exercise, to move about, to operate, activity, loose, shaky, active, movable, maneuver, to use connections, CL:項, 项,個, 个
    * * *
    huó dòng
    (运动) move about; exercise:
    活动筋骨 move muscles in exercise or work;
    出去活动活动。 Go out and stretch your limbs.
    (动摇) shaky; unsteady:
    这把椅子活动了。 The chair is shaky.
    这个螺丝活动了。 This screw is loose.
    (不固定) movable; mobile; flexible:
    活动坝 movable dam;
    活动房屋 prefabricated house
    (为达到某种目的而采取的行动) activity; maneuver:
    各种活动 various activities;
    政治活动 politica l activities
    (说情) use personal influence or irregular means:
    替他活动活动 put in a word for him; use one's influence on his behalf
    {心} behaviour
    活动靶 {军} bombing bug; maneuvering target;
    活动坝 movable dam;
    活动扳手 coeswrench; adjustable wrench; stiilson wrench; adjustable bending bar; adjustable wrench; coach wrench; English spanner; monkey adjustable wrench;
    活动板牙 adjustable die;
    活动半径 action radius;
    活动标架法 moving frame method;
    活动玻璃框 (温室中) Dutch light;
    活动长臂 loom;
    活动布景车 waggon;
    活动布置 getaway;
    活动层 mobile layer;
    活动程度 active level;
    活动程序 action routine; active program;
    活动畜舍 portable house;
    活动窗口检测器 moving-window detector;
    活动纯策略 active pure strategy;
    活动磁性选矿机 removable magnetic concentrator;
    活动带 active belt; mobile belt;
    活动挡板 sideboard (车辆的);
    活动地板 free access floor;
    活动地图显示器 {航空} moving map display;
    活动电灯 flexible lamp;
    活动电站 mobile power station;
    活动电子方位标志 variable electronic bearing marker;
    活动吊架 travelling cradle;
    活动定位销 loose pin;
    活动端 movable end;
    活动断层 active fault;
    活动锻炉 portable forge;
    活动发射装置 launch vehicle;
    活动反射层 live reflector;
    活动反射体 move-in reflector;
    活动范围 sphere of activities; scope of operation;
    活动方式 manner;
    活动房屋 movable dwellings;
    活动分析 activity analysis;
    活动盖板 roll top;
    活动隔墙 movable partition;
    活动更衣间 bathing machine;
    活动工具夹具架 saddle;
    活动构造带 active tectonic belt;
    活动谷仓 elevator;
    活动关节 turning joint;
    活动规律 mechanics;
    活动辊台 moving roll table;
    活动过强 hyperaction; hyperactivity;
    活动黑子日珥 {天} active sunspot prominence;
    活动桁架 bascule;
    活动画片玩具 Zoetrope;
    活动幻镜 zoetrope;
    活动鸡舍 portable poultry house;
    活动级 {自} activity level;
    活动夹具 floating holder;
    活动家 activist; public figure;
    活动驾驶室 movable cab; tilting cab;
    活动减退 hypopraxia;
    活动键 draw key;
    活动脚用架 jenny scaffold;
    活动教学 activity teaching;
    活动经度 active longitude region;
    活动距标 variable range marker;
    活动开关 movable switch;
    活动刻度盘 moving scale;
    活动课程 activity curriculum;
    活动坑道 flying sap;
    活动空间 Lebensraum;
    活动拉环 flush ring;
    活动垃索 traveling backstage;
    活动雷达 moving radar;
    活动联轴节 movable coupling;
    活动连接 flexible connection;
    活动量角器 bevel protractor;
    活动疗法 ergotherapy;
    活动领域 home range;
    活动楼梯 folding stair;
    活动炉底 movable bottom;
    活动露天小棚 bail;
    活动螺母 traveling nut;
    活动螺旋运送器 bazooka;
    活动率 {自} activity ratio; activity ration;
    活动码头 wharf boat;
    活动马斯克摄影 travelling matte process;
    活动面板 drop front;
    活动面板式配电盘 live-front switchboard;
    活动木地板 movable floor board;
    活动木偶 kinemins;
    活动模板 collapsible form;
    活动能力 circulation;
    活动耦合 flexible coupling;
    活动平台 mobile unit;
    活动铅笔 propelling pencil;
    活动桥 {工} movable bridge; traversing bridge;
    活动桥墩 rocking pier;
    活动桥锁闭 bridge locking;
    活动区 active region;
    活动区磁场 active region magnetic fields;
    活动缺陷 mobile defect;
    活动人行道 (英) travelator; travellator;
    活动容量 active volume;
    活动(进出)三角 bolt cam;
    活动三面形 {数} moving trihedral;
    活动栅栏 portable fence;
    活动实验室 mobile laboratory;
    活动水平 {数} activity level;
    活动睡椅 punce;
    活动台 traveling table;
    活动台砧 rising anvil;
    活动太阳 active sun;
    活动探针 movable probe;
    活动调节 regulation of action;
    活动铁钩 cant hook;
    活动通风板 {房} hit-and-miss ventilator;
    活动筒子架 jack creel;
    活动万向轴 floating cardan shaft;
    活动温床 mobile frame;
    活动温室 mobile glasshouse; mobile greenhouse;
    活动舞台 riser; revolving stage;
    活动洗脸台 commode;
    活动细胞减少 kinetocytopenia;
    活动细胞增多 kinetocythemia; kinetocytosis; cinetocytosis; cinetocythemia;
    活动系数 activity coefficient;
    活动向量 activity vector;
    活动小车(头道粗纱机的) billy gate;
    活动袖 foresleeve;
    活动芽 active bud;
    活动页(面)队列 active page queue;
    活动业务 live traffic;
    活动艺术 kinetic art;
    活动艺术器 mobile (指现代抽象派艺术的“动的雕塑”);
    活动影戏 motion picture;
    活动永冻土 {地质} active permafrost;
    活动用户表 active user list;
    活动(移动式)油箱 kinetic tank;
    活动元件 movable element; moving element;
    活动载荷 disposal load;
    活动载体 mobile carrier;
    活动栅门 mobile gate;
    活动罩 movable guard;
    活动遮光帘 {摄} venetian blind;
    活动遮片摄影 travelling matte process (特技摄影);
    活动遮屏 shutter;
    活动支座 movable bearing support;
    活动质量定律 law of active mass;
    活动中心 {气} centre of action; focal point;
    活动重量 disposable weight;
    活动重音 mobile stress;
    活动转轮 zoetrope;
    活动装置 head (装相机的); mobile; movable equipment;
    活动桌 drop table;
    活动资本 liquid capital;
    活动坐标 moving coordinates
    * * *
    活動|活动 [huó dòng] to exercise to move about to operate activity loose shaky active movable maneuver to use connections CL:↑ |↑ [xiàng],↑ |↑ [gè]

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  • 68 浑天仪

    armillary sphere, celestial globe
    * * *
    armillary sphere
    * * *
    n. armillary sphere, celestial globe
    * * *
    hun2 tian1 yi2
    armillary sphere (astronomy)
    * * *
    渾天儀|浑天仪 [hún tiān yí] armillary sphere (astronomy)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 浑天仪

  • 69 海上

    at sea; on the sea
    * * *
    at sea; on the sea
    相关词组: 海上的
    * * *
    at sea; on the sea
    * * *
    adj. maritime
    adv. at sea, on the sea
    * * *
    hai3 shang4
    * * *
    hǎi shàng
    at sea; on the sea; seaborne:
    海上风暴 a storm at sea
    海上霸权 maritime hegemony;
    海上保险 marine insurance;
    海上保险诉讼 marine insurance action;
    海上避撞规则 rules of the road at sea;
    海上冰块 bergy bit;
    海上补给 sealift; seaborne supply; supply by sea;
    海上补给装置 replenishing-at-sea gear;
    海上捕鱼人 sea fisherman;
    海上采气 offshore gas;
    海上采油 offshore oil production;
    海上测量 sea survey;
    海上沉没 foundering at sea;
    海上城市 marine city;
    海上传播 propagation over sea;
    海上磁导常 marine magnetic anomaly;
    海上大地点 sea geodetic point;
    海上待机 readiness at sea; alert at sea;
    海上导航 marine celestial navigation;
    海上地震 offshore earthquake;
    海上调查平台 marine investigation platform;
    海上顶推船组 sea going tug-barge combination;
    海上发射 sea launching;
    海上发射导弹 sea-launched missile;
    海上法 law of the sea;
    海上飞机 open sea aeroplane;
    海上飞行 oversea flight;
    海上分级救治 echelon of naval medical care;
    海上封锁 naval blockade;
    海上风 sea turn;
    海上风险 perils of the sea (海难);
    海上伏击 sea ambush; ambush at sea;
    海上浮标系统 maritime buoyage system;
    海上浮动观测台 flip;
    海上工程 marine engineering;
    海上观光 cruise;
    海上管道 offshore pipeline;
    海上管路输油 offshore oil delivery;
    海上过失 maritime negligence;
    海上航道 seaway; lane;
    海上航行船只碰撞 collision between seagoing vessels;
    海上行家 master mariner;
    海上合同作战 coordinated operation at sea;
    海上货物运输保险 marine cargo insurance;
    海上基本危险(搁浅、沉没、火烧、碰撞) stranding, sinking, burning and collision;
    海上集油站 offshore oil gathering station;
    海上交通 navigation;
    海上交通工程 marine traffic engineering;
    海上交通图 sea communication chart;
    海上交通线 sea route; sea-line; sea-lane;
    海上交通业 navigation;
    海上井 offshore well;
    海上救护 maritime rescue;
    海上救生服 exposure suit;
    海上救助 assistance and salvage at sea; salvage;
    海上开采 offshore production;
    海上勘探 offshore exploration;
    海上空间 air space above the sea;
    海上礼让 sea manners;
    海上力量 sea power;
    海上联合作业基地 offshore combinate;
    海上连接站台 offshore articulated platform;
    海上留置权 maritime lien;
    海上掠夺 piracy;
    海上贸易 marine trade;
    海上猛虎艇 sea tiger vessel;
    海上民兵 sea-borne militia;
    海上民用雷达 civil marine radar;
    海上碰撞 collision at sea;
    海上漂游 voyage;
    海上破袭战 sea raid;
    海上平台 offshore platform;
    海上侵权行为 maritime tort;
    海上勤务船 service craft;
    海上强国 sea power;
    海上侵扰者 sea raider;
    海上求救标志 sea marker;
    海上石油合作勘探 cooperative exploration of offshore oil;
    海上石油开采 offshore oil exploitation;
    海上石油勘探 offshore oil exploration;
    海上事故 maritime casualty; marine accident; accident at sea;
    海上事件会谈 talks on preventing accidents at sea;
    海上适应性 seaworthiness;
    海上试航 sea trials;
    海上输油 offshore oil delivery;
    海上输油系统 oil transfer system at sea;
    海上搜索 naval searching;
    海上梯队 sea echelon;
    海上通信卫星 Maritime Satellite;
    海上拖船 sea-going tug;
    海上拖头 sea mule;
    海上危险 marine risk (adventure);
    海上武力论 theory of sea power;
    海上无危险区 sea room;
    海上先锋艇 vanguard sea vessel;
    海上袭击战 raid at sea;
    海上卸油 offshore unloading;
    海上巡逻 sea patrol;
    海上养殖 mariculture;
    海上业务 sea service;
    海上移动通信业务 maritime mobile service;
    海上遗弃物 derelict;
    海上营救艇 crash rescue boat;
    海上应急室 sea cabin;
    海上油井 offshore (oil) well;
    海上油气田 offshore oil and gas field;
    海上油田 offshore (oil) field;
    海上遇难者 castaway;
    海上运货车 sea van;
    海上遇险信号 signal of distress; SOS;
    海上运输 marine transportation;
    海上运输保险 marine insurance;
    海上运输法规 merchant shipping act;
    海上侦察 naval reconnaissance;
    海上指挥 commanding at sea;
    海上钻井(探) offshore drilling;
    海上钻井船 offshore drilling ship;
    海上钻探(钻井)平台 marine drilling platform; offshore drilling platform;
    海上作业 offshore operation; operation on the sea;
    海上作业平台 offshore work platform;
    海上作战 naval warfare; naval operation
    * * *
    海上|海上 [hǎi shàng] maritime

    Chinese-English dictionary > 海上

  • 70 渾天儀

    armillary sphere, celestial globe
    * * *
    n. armillary sphere, celestial globe
    * * *
    hun2 tian1 yi2
    armillary sphere (astronomy)
    * * *
    渾天儀|浑天仪 [hún tiān yí] armillary sphere (astronomy)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 渾天儀

  • 71 瑞气

    rui4 qi4
    propitious vapours
    * * *
    ruì qì
    (吉祥之气) celestial phenomena portending peace and prosperity
    * * *
    瑞氣|瑞气 [ruì qì] propitious vapours

    Chinese-English dictionary > 瑞气

  • 72 瑤之圃

    Yao2 zhi1 pu3
    jade garden of celestial ruler, paradise
    * * *
    瑤之圃|瑶之圃 [Yáo zhī pǔ] jade garden of celestial ruler paradise

    Chinese-English dictionary > 瑤之圃

  • 73 瑶之圃

    Yao2 zhi1 pu3
    jade garden of celestial ruler, paradise
    * * *
    瑤之圃|瑶之圃 [Yáo zhī pǔ] jade garden of celestial ruler paradise

    Chinese-English dictionary > 瑶之圃

  • 74

    n. celestial blessing
    * * *
    celestial blessing
    * * *
    祜|祜 [hù] celestial blessing

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 75 神仙

    supernatural being; celestial being; immortal, a person who has the power of clairvoyance or who is free from worldly cares
    * * *
    immortal; supernatural being
    * * *
    immortal; supernatural being
    * * *
    n. supernatural being, celestial being, immortal
    * * *
    shen2 xian1
    Daoist immortal, supernatural entity, (in modern fiction) fairy, elf, leprechaun etc, fig. lighthearted person
    * * *
    shén xian
    supernatural being; celestial being; immortal
    神仙葫芦 {机} chain block;
    神仙鱼 angel fish
    * * *
    神仙|神仙 [shén xiān] Daoist immortal supernatural entity (in modern fiction) fairy, elf, leprechaun etc fig. lighthearted person

    Chinese-English dictionary > 神仙

  • 76

    warp, channels, scripture
    deal in
    engage in
    pass through
    as a result of
    * * *
    adj. constant, changeless, immanent, regular, scheduled, ordinate, abiding
    n. warp, deformation, channel
    prep. after, past, through
    v. longitude, manage, pass through, stand, bear, endure
    * * *
    surname Jing
    classics, sacred book, scripture, to pass through, to undergo, warp, longitude, abbr. for economics 經濟, 经济
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 經|经 [Jīng] surname Jing
    Ⅱ. 經|经 [jīng] classics sacred book scripture to pass through to undergo warp longitude abbr. for economics ↑ 經濟|↑ 经济 [jīng jì]

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 77 經圈

    jing1 quan1
    line of longitude, meridian (geography)
    * * *
    經圈|经圈 [jīng quān] line of longitude meridian (geography)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 經圈

  • 78 經度

    * * *
    n. longitude
    * * *
    jing1 du4
    * * *
    經度|经度 [jīng dù] longitude

    Chinese-English dictionary > 經度

  • 79 經線

    warp, meridian (line)
    * * *
    n. meridian, warp
    * * *
    jing1 xian4
    warp, line of longitude, meridian (geography)
    * * *
    經線|经线 [jīng xiàn] warp line of longitude meridian (geography)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 經線

  • 80 經緯

    meridian and parallel (lines), main threads; orderliness; reason, plan and administer
    * * *
    jing1 wei3
    warp and woof, longitude and latitude, main points
    * * *
    經緯|经纬 [jīng wěi] warp and woof longitude and latitude main points

    Chinese-English dictionary > 經緯

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  • Celestial meridiator — is a vertical imaginary line that goes over the celestial poles and crosses (perpendicular to) the celestial equator. There are two celestial meridiators on the celestial sphere: Equinox meridiator and Solstice meridiator.NameThe meridiators are… …   Wikipedia

  • Longitude by chronometer — Longitude by Chronometer, known by mariners as Long by Chron , is an astronomical navigation method of calculating an observer s position on earth. The method gives the observer a position line on which the observer is situated. Usually the… …   Wikipedia

  • longitude — [län′jə to͞od΄, län′jətyo͞od΄; lôn′jə to͞od΄, lôn′jə tyo͞od΄] n. [ME < L longitudo < longus, LONG1] 1. length 2. distance east or west on the earth s surface, measured as an arc of the equator (in degrees up to 180° or by the difference in… …   English World dictionary

  • Longitude — For Dava Sobel s book about John Harrison, see Longitude (book). For the adaptation of Sobel s book, see Longitude (TV series). Map of Earth Longitude (λ) Lines of longitude appear vertical with varying curvature in this projection, but are… …   Wikipedia

  • longitude — Synonyms and related words: Antarctic Zone, Arctic Circle, Arctic Zone, Cartesian coordinates, Frigid Zones, Lambert conformal projection, Mercator projection, Miller projection, Torrid Zone, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, Variable Zones …   Moby Thesaurus

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