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  • Hierarchy — • This word has been used to denote the totality of ruling powers in the Church, ever since the time of the Pseudo Dionysius Areopagita (sixth century), who consecrated the expression in his works, The Celestial Hierarchy and The Ecclesiastical… …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • Hierarchy — A hierarchy (Greek: hierarchia (ἱεραρχία), from hierarches, leader of sacred rites ) is an arrangement of items (objects, names, values, categories, etc.) in which the items are represented as being above, below, or at the same level as one… …   Wikipedia

  • Hierarchy of roads — The hierarchy of roads categorizes roads according to their functions and capacities. While sources differ on the exact nomenclature, the basic hierarchy comprises freeways, arterials, collectors, and local roads.The related concept of access… …   Wikipedia

  • Hierarchy of awe — There are various levels of awe due to psychological differences in persons. In those who have not produced an opinion of themselves, for instance a child, awe would be experienced regularly. Similarly, those who seem themselves as inferior or… …   Wikipedia

  • Chomsky hierarchy — Within the field of computer science, specifically in the area of formal languages, the Chomsky hierarchy (occasionally referred to as Chomsky–Schützenberger hierarchy) is a containment hierarchy of classes of formal grammars. This hierarchy of… …   Wikipedia

  • Australian court hierarchy — Courtroom 1 in the High Court in Canberra. There are two streams within the hierarchy of Australian courts, the federal stream and the state and territory stream.[1] While the federal courts and the court systems i …   Wikipedia

  • Christian angelic hierarchy — The Assumption of the Virgin by Francesco Botticini at the National Gallery London, shows three hierarchies and nine orders of angels, each with different characteristics …   Wikipedia

  • Organizational structure and hierarchy of the United States Air Force — The Organizational structure and hierarchy of the United States Air Force refers to the unit designators and organizational hierarchy of the United States Air Force, which starts at the most senior commands. Contents 1 Current levels 1.1… …   Wikipedia

  • Racial hierarchy — As it pertains to the United States of America, racial hierarchy refers to ranking of different races/ethnic groups, based on physical and perceived characteristics that have been perpetuated through legal and political policy, leaving the white… …   Wikipedia

  • Nested hierarchy — A nested hierarchy is the name given to the hierarchical structure of groups within groups or branches from a trunk used to classify organisms. For example, a species is a subset of a genus, which is a subset of a family, which is a subset of an… …   Wikipedia

  • Basic category — In cognitive psychology, a basic category is a category at a particular level of the category inclusion hierarchy (i.e., a particular level of generality) that is preferred by humans in learning and memory tasks. The term is associated with the… …   Wikipedia

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