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catch some z s

  • 1 catch some Z's

    1) Американизм: get some sleep (I need to \<b\>catch some Z's\</b\> before I go on my trip)
    2) Американский английский: вздремнуть, поспать

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  • 2 catch some Z's

    expr AmE infml

    I gotta catch some Z's before I drop — Мне нужно немного поспать, а то я сейчас кончусь

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  • 3 catch some Zs

    Общая лексика: поспать

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  • 4 catch some z's

    SL. ไปนอนหลับ

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  • 5 catch some z's

    • spát

    English-Czech dictionary > catch some z's

  • 6 catch\ some\ Z's

    English-Estonian dictionary > catch\ some\ Z's

  • 7 catch some z's

    sl. ไปนอนหลับ

    English-Thai dictionary > catch some z's

  • 8 catch some rays

    подзагореть (на солнце): — Today I'm gonna go to the beach to catch some rays.— Сегодня я собираюсь на пляж позагорать.подзагореть (на солнце): — Today I'm gonna go to the beach to catch some rays.— Сегодня я собираюсь на пляж позагорать.

    English-Russian slang from the book M. Goldenkova "Caution, hot dog" > catch some rays

  • 9 catch some rays

    Американизм: get some sunshine (I'm going to lie on the beach and \<b\>catch some rays\</b\>)

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  • 10 catch some shut-eye

    Общая лексика: прикорнуть (She was able to catch some shut-eye on the bus to Richmond.)

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  • 11 catch some rays

    expr AmE infml

    We wanted to catch some rays but the sun never came out the whole time we were there — Хотели немного позагорать, но солнце даже не выглянуло все это время, что мы были там

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  • 12 catch some ZZZ's

    Австралийский сленг: пойти в постель, поспать, прилечь

    Универсальный англо-русский словарь > catch some ZZZ's

  • 13 catch some shuteye

    uyku bastırmak, gözleri kapanmak

    English-Turkish dictionary > catch some shuteye

  • 14 catch some rays

    • opalovat se

    English-Czech dictionary > catch some rays

  • 15 catch some ZZZ's

    поспать, прилечь, пойти в постель

    Australian slang > catch some ZZZ's

  • 16 catch some Zets

    вздремнуть. Наше ""хр-хр-хр"" — по-английски ""z-z-z-z"".вздремнуть. Наше ""хр-хр-хр"" — по-английски ""z-z-z-z"".

    English-Russian slang from the book M. Goldenkova "Caution, hot dog" > catch some Zets

  • 17 catch some ZZZ's

    поспать, прилечь, пойти в постель

    English-Russian australian expression > catch some ZZZ's

  • 18 catch

    catch catch verb (caught, caught) ›› HOLD 接住 1. [VN] to stop and hold a moving object, especially in your hands • 接住;截住;拦住:
    »She managed to catch the keys as they fell.
    »ˈThrow me over that towel, will you?ˈ ˈOK. Catch!ˈ
    "请你把毛巾扔过来好吗?" "好,接住!"
    »The dog caught the stick in its mouth.
    2. [VN] to hold a liquid when it falls • 接(落下的液体):
    »The roof was leaking and I had to use a bucket to catch the drips.
    3. [VN, usually +adv. / prep.] to take hold of sb / sth • 抓住;握住:
    »He caught hold of her arm as she tried to push past him.
    ›› CAPTURE 捉住 4. [VN] to capture a person or an animal that tries or would try to escape • 逮住;捕捉;捕获:
    »The murderer was never caught.
    »Our cat is hopeless at catching mice.
    »How many fish did you catch?
    ›› SB DOING STH 某人正做某事 5. to find or discover sb doing sth, especially sth wrong • 当场发现(或发觉): ▪ [VN -ing]
    »I caught her smoking in the bathroom.
    »You wouldnˈt catch me working (= I would never work) on a Sunday!
    »She caught herself wondering whether she had made a mistake.
    ▪ [VN +adv. / prep.]
    »He was caught with bomb-making equipment in his home.
    »Mark walked in and caught them at it (= in the act of doing sth wrong).
    »thieves caught in the act
    »Youˈve caught me at a bad time (= at a time when I am busy).
    ›› BE IN TIME 及时 6. [VN] to be in time to do sth, talk to sb, etc. • 及时做(或谈等):
    »I caught him just as he was leaving the building.
    »I was hoping to catch you at home (= to telephone you at home when you were there).
    »The illness can be treated provided itˈs caught (= discovered) early enough.
    »( BrE) to catch the post (= post letters before the box is emptied)
    ( BrE, informal)
    »Bye for now! Iˈll catch you later (= speak to you again later).
    ›› BUS / TRAIN / PLANE 公共汽车;火车;飞机 7. [VN] to be in time for a bus, train, plane, etc. and get on it • 赶上(公共汽车、火车、飞机等):
    »We caught the 12.15 from Oxford.
    我们赶上了 12:15 从牛津发出的火车。
    »I must go—I have a train to catch.
    ›› HAPPEN UNEXPECTEDLY 意外地发生 8. [VN] to happen unexpectedly and put sb in a difficult situation • 突然遭受:
    »His arrival caught me by surprise.
    »She got caught in a thunderstorm.
    ›› SEE / HEAR 看见;听到 9. [VN] (informal, especially NAmE) to see or hear sth; to attend sth • 看见;听到;出席;参加:
    »Letˈs eat now and maybe we could catch a movie later.
    --› note at see ›› ILLNESS 疾病 10. [VN] to get an illness • 得病;染疾:
    »to catch measles
    »I think I must have caught this cold from you.
    ›› BECOME STUCK 被缠住 11. catch (sth) (in / on sth) to become stuck in or on sth; to make sth become stuck • (被)鈎住,夹住,绊住: ▪ [V]
    »Her dress caught on a nail.
    ▪ [VN]
    »He caught his thumb in the door.
    ›› HIT 打 12. [+adv. / prep.] to hit sb / sth • 击中;打: ▪ [VN]
    »The stone caught him on the side of the head.
    ▪ [VNN]
    »She caught him a blow on the chin.
    ›› NOTICE 注意到 13. [VN] to notice sth only for a moment • 察觉;瞥见:
    »She caught sight of a car in the distance.
    »He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror.
    »I caught a look of surprise on her face.
    »He caught a whiff of her perfume.
    ›› HEAR / UNDERSTAND 听见;理解 14. [VN] to hear or understand sth • 听清楚;领会:
    »Sorry, I didnˈt quite catch what you said.
    ›› INTEREST 兴趣 15. [VN] catch sbˈs interest, imagination, attention, etc. if sth catches your interest, etc., you notice it and feel interested in it • 引起,激发(兴趣、想像、注意等) ›› SHOW ACCURATELY 逼真地显示 16. [VN] to show or describe sth accurately • 逼真再现;准确描绘 【SYN】 capture:
    »The artist has caught her smile perfectly.
    ›› LIGHT 光 17. [VN] if sth catches the light or the light catches it, the light shines on it and makes it shine too • (光)照射;受到(光的)照射:
    »The knife gleamed as it caught the light.
    ›› THE SUN 太阳 18. [VN] (informal) if you catch the sun, you become red or brown because of spending time in the sun • 晒黑;晒红;晒成棕色 ›› BURN 燃烧 19. to begin to burn • 烧着;着(火): ▪ [VN]
    »The wooden rafters caught fire.
    ▪ [V]
    »These logs are wet: they wonˈt catch.
    ›› IN CRICKET 板球 20. [VN] to make a player unable to continue batting by catching the ball they have hit before it touches the ground • (在球落地前)接住球 【IDIOMS】 catch your ˈbreath 1. to stop breathing for a moment because of fear, shock, etc. • (由于恐惧、震惊等)屏息,屏气 2. to breathe normally again after running or doing some tiring exercise • (跑或激烈运动后)喘口气 catch your ˈdeath (of ˈcold) •(old-fashioned, informal) to catch a very bad cold • 患重感冒 catch sbˈs ˈeye • to attract sbˈs attention • 引起某人注意;惹人注目:
    »Can you catch the waiterˈs eye?
    ˈcatch it ( BrE) ( NAmE catch ˈhell,ˈget it) (informal) • to be punished or spoken to angrily about sth • 受罚;受斥责:
    »If your dad finds out youˈll really catch it!
    catch sb ˈnapping ( BrE) • to get an advantage over sb by doing sth when they are not expecting it and not ready for it • 使人措手不及;乘其不备 catch sb on the ˈhop •(informal) to surprise sb by doing sth when they are not expecting it and not ready for it • 使某人措手不及 catch sb red-ˈhanded • to catch sb in the act of doing sth wrong or committing a crime • 当场抓住;现场捕获 catch sb with their ˈpants down ( BrE also catch sb with their ˈtrousers down) (informal) • to arrive or do sth when sb is not expecting it and not ready, especially when they are in an embarrassing situation • 使突陷窘境;乘人措手不及;出其不意;冷不防 --› more at balance n., cleft adj., fancy n., raw n., rock n., short adv. 【PHR V】 ˈcatch at sth = clutch at sth at clutch v. ˌcatch ˈon • to become popular or fashionable • 受欢迎;流行起来;变得时髦:
    »He invented a new game, but it never really caught on.
    ˌcatch ˈon (to sth) (informal) • to understand sth • 理解:
    »He is very quick to catch on to things.
    ˌcatch sb ˈout 1. to surprise sb and put them in a difficult position • 使突陷困境:
    »Many investors were caught out by the fall in share prices.
    2. to show that sb does not know much or is doing sth wrong • 抓住某人的短处;指出无知;指出过失:
    »They tried to catch her out with a difficult question.
    ˌcatch ˈup on sth 1. to spend extra time doing sth because you have not done it earlier • 补做(未做的事);赶做;补上:
    »I have a lot of work to catch up on.
    2. to find out about things that have happened • 了解(已发生的事情):
    »We spent the evening catching up on each otherˈs news.
    be / get ˌcaught ˈup in sth • to become involved in sth, especially when you do not want to be • 被卷入;陷入:
    »Innocent passers-by got caught up in the riots.
    ˌcatch ˈup (with sb) ( BrE also ˌcatch sb ˈup) 1. to reach sb who is ahead by going faster • 赶上,追上(某人):
    »Go on ahead. Iˈll catch up with you.
    »Iˈll catch you up.
    2. to reach the same level or standard as sb who was better or more advanced • 赶上,达到(某水平):
    »After missing a term through illness he had to work hard to catch up with the others.
    ˌcatch ˈup with sb 1. to finally start to cause problems for sb after they have managed to avoid this for some time • 产生(曾设法避免的)问题:
    »She was terrified that one day her past problems would catch up with her.
    2. if the police or authorities catch up with sb, they find and punish them after some time • 终于查到某人头上:
    »The law caught up with him years later when he had moved to Spain.
    noun ›› OF BALL 球 1. an act of catching sth, for example a ball • 接(球等):
    »to make a catch
    ›› AMOUNT CAUGHT 捕获量 2. the total amount of things that are caught • 总捕获量:
    »a huge catch of fish
    ›› FASTENING 固着装置 3. a device used for fastening sth • 扣拴物;扣件:
    »a catch on the door
    »safety catches for the windows
    ›› DIFFICULTY 困难 4. [C, usually sing.] a hidden difficulty or disadvantage • 隐藏的困难;暗藏的不利因素:
    »All that money for two hoursˈ work—whatˈs the catch?
    ›› CHILDˈS GAME 儿童游戏 5. [U] a childˈs game in which two people throw a ball to each other • (儿童)传接球游戏 ›› PERSON 人 6. [sing.] (old-fashioned) a person that other people see as a good person to marry, employ, etc. • 理想的对象;意中人;雇用的好对象;看中的人 (a) catch-22 | a catch-22 situation •(informal) a difficult situation from which there is no escape because you need to do one thing before doing a second, and you cannot do the second thing before doing the first • 进退维谷的局面:
    »I canˈt get a job because I havenˈt got anywhere to live but I canˈt afford a place to live until I get a job—itˈs a catch-22 situation.
    * * *
    n. 捕捉, 捕獲物, (窗)鉤
    v. 捕獲, 趕上(車船等), 發覺, 感染(疾病)
    vi. 抓住﹐燃著

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  • 19 catch

    A n
    1 ( fastening) (on purse, brooch) fermoir m, fermeture f ; (on window, door) fermeture f ;
    2 ( drawback) piège m fig ; what's the catch? où est le piège? ;
    3 ( break in voice) with a catch in his voice d'une voix émue ;
    4 ( act of catching) prise f ; to take a catch GB, to make a catch US Sport prendre la balle ; to play catch jouer à la balle ;
    5 Fishg ( haul) pêche f ; ( one fish) prise f ; to have a good catch avoir une belle pêche ;
    6 Mus Hist chanson grivoise en canon ;
    7 ( marriage partner) to be a good catch être un beau parti.
    B vtr ( prét, pp caught)
    1 ( hold and retain) [person] attraper [ball, fish, mouse] ; [container] recueillir [water, dust] ; ( by running) [person] attraper [person] ; I managed to catch her in ( at home) j'ai réussi à la trouver ;
    2 ( take by surprise) prendre, attraper [person, thief] ; to catch sb doing surprendre qn en train de faire ; to be ou get caught se faire prendre ; to catch sb in the act, to catch sb at it prendre qn sur le fait ; you wouldn't catch me smoking/arriving late! ce n'est pas moi qui fumerais/arriverais en retard! ; you won't catch me at it again! on ne m'y reprendra plus! ; we got caught in the rain/in the storm nous avons été surpris par la pluie/par la tempête ; you've caught me at an awkward moment vous tombez mal ; ⇒ balance, foot, short, unawares ;
    3 ( be in time for) attraper, prendre [bus, train, plane] ; to catch the last post ou mail avoir la dernière levée ;
    4 ( manage to see) regarder [programme] ; aller voir [show, play] ;
    5 ( grasp) prendre [hand, arm] ; agripper [branch, rope] ; captiver, éveiller [interest, imagination] ; to catch hold of sth attraper qch ; to catch sb's attention ou eye attirer l'attention de qn ; to catch the Speaker's eye GB Pol obtenir la parole ; to catch the chairman's eye Admin obtenir la parole ; to catch some sleep dormir un peu ;
    6 ( hear) saisir , comprendre [word, name] ; do you catch my meaning? tu comprends ce que je veux dire? ;
    7 ( perceive) sentir [smell] ; discerner [sound] ; surprendre [look] ; to catch sight of sb/sth apercevoir qn/qch ;
    8 ( get stuck) to catch one's fingers/foot in se prendre les doigts/le pied dans [drawer, door] ; to catch one's shirt/sleeve on accrocher sa chemise/manche à [nail] ; to get one's head/hand caught se coincer la tête/main (in dans ; between entre) ; to get one's shirt/sweater caught accrocher sa chemise/son pull-over (on à) ; to get caught in [person] se prendre dans [net, thorns, barbed wire] ;
    9 Med attraper [disease, virus, flu] ; ⇒ cold, chill ;
    10 ( hit) heurter [object, person] ; the ball/stone caught him on the head la balle/pierre l'a heurté à la tête ; to catch sth with heurter qch avec [elbow, broom handle] ; to catch sb (with) a blow donner un coup à qn ;
    11 ( have an effect on) [sun, light] faire briller [object, raindrops] ; [wind] emporter [paper, bag] ; to catch one's breath retenir son souffle ;
    12 ( be affected by) to catch the sun prendre le soleil ; to catch fire ou light prendre feu, s'enflammer ; to catch the light refléter la lumière ;
    13 ( capture) rendre [atmosphere, mood, spirit] ; to catch sth on film filmer qch ;
    14 Sport catch out ;
    15 ( trick) ⇒ catch out ;
    C vi ( prét, pp caught)
    1 ( become stuck) to catch on sth [shirt, sleeve] s'accrocher à qch ; [wheel] frotter contre [frame] ;
    2 ( start to burn) [wood, coal, fire] prendre.
    you'll catch it ! tu vas en prendre une !
    1 ( become popular) [fashion, song, TV programme, activity, idea] devenir populaire (with auprès de) ;
    2 ( understand) comprendre, saisir ; to catch on to sth comprendre or saisir qch.
    catch out:
    catch [sb] out
    1 ( take by surprise) prendre [qn] de court ; ( doing something wrong) prendre [qn] sur le fait ;
    2 ( trick) attraper, jouer un tour à ;
    3 (in cricket, baseball) éliminer [batsman].
    catch up:
    catch up ( in race) regagner du terrain ; ( in work) rattraper son retard ; to catch up with rattraper [person, vehicle] ; to catch up on rattraper [work, sleep] ; se remettre au courant de [news, gossip] ;
    catch [sb/sth] up
    1 ( manage to reach) rattraper ;
    2 ( pick up) attraper [bag, child] (in dans) ;
    catch [sth] up in ( tangle) prendre [qch] dans [barbed wire, thorns, chain] ; to get one's feet caught up in sth se prendre les pieds dans qch ; I got my skirt caught up in the thorns j'ai pris ma jupe dans les ronces ; to get caught up in se laisser entraîner par [enthusiasm, excitement] ; se trouver pris dans [traffic] ; se trouver pris au milieu de [war, bombing] ; se trouver mêlé à [scandal, fight, argument].

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  • 20 catch

    catch [kætʃ]
    attraper1 (a)-(d) se prendre1 (e), 2 (c) saisir1 (f), 1 (h) remarquer1 (j) prise3 (a), 3 (b) piège3 (c) loquet3 (d)
    (pt & pp caught [kɔ:t])
    (a) (ball, thrown object) attraper;
    to catch hold of sth attraper qch;
    the dog caught the ball in its mouth le chien a attrapé la balle dans sa gueule;
    catch! attrape!;
    to catch sb's arm (take hold of) saisir ou prendre qn par le bras;
    I caught him as he fell je l'ai retenu ou attrapé au moment où il tombait
    (b) (trap → fish, mouse, thief) attraper, prendre;
    he got caught by the police il s'est fait attraper par la police;
    to get caught in a traffic jam être pris dans un embouteillage;
    we got caught in a shower/thunderstorm nous avons été surpris par une averse/un orage;
    to catch sb doing sth surprendre qn à faire qch;
    to catch oneself doing sth se surprendre à faire qch;
    I caught myself thinking about him je me suis surpris à repenser à lui;
    they were caught trying to escape on les a surpris en train d'essayer de s'évader;
    don't get caught! ne te fais pas prendre!;
    if I catch you talking once more I'll throw you out! si je te prends ou surprends encore une fois en train de parler, je te mets à la porte!;
    you won't catch me doing the washing-up! aucun danger de me surprendre en train de faire la vaisselle!;
    don't let me catch you at it again! que je ne t'y reprenne pas!;
    British familiar you'll catch it when you get home! qu'est-ce que tu vas prendre en rentrant!;
    to catch sb napping prendre qn au dépourvu;
    to catch sb in the act or red-handed prendre qn sur le fait ou la main dans le sac
    (c) (disease, infection) attraper; figurative (habit) prendre;
    to catch a cold attraper un rhume; figurative (company) perdre de l'argent lors d'une transaction;
    to catch cold attraper ou prendre froid;
    I caught this cold from you c'est toi qui m'as passé ce rhume;
    familiar he'll catch his death (of cold)! il va attraper la crève!
    (d) (bus, train) attraper, prendre; (person) attraper;
    I have a train to catch at 6 o'clock j'ai un train à prendre à 6 heures;
    British to catch the last post arriver à temps pour la dernière levée (du courrier);
    try and catch the postman before you leave essayez d'attraper le facteur avant de partir;
    you're unlikely to catch her at home je ne pense pas que tu la trouveras chez elle;
    you caught me just as I was going into a meeting tu m'as parlé au moment où j'allais en réunion;
    we caught him in a good mood il était de bonne humeur quand nous l'avons vu;
    I just caught the end of the film j'ai juste vu la fin du film;
    familiar catch you later! à plus tard!
    (e) (on nail, obstacle)
    he caught his finger in the door il s'est pris le doigt dans la porte;
    she caught her skirt in the door sa jupe s'est prise dans la porte;
    he caught his coat on the brambles son manteau s'est accroché aux ronces
    (f) (hear clearly, understand) saisir, comprendre;
    I didn't quite catch what you said je n'ai pas bien entendu ce que vous avez dit;
    I don't catch your meaning je ne vois pas ce que vous voulez dire
    to catch sb's attention or sb's eye attirer l'attention de qn;
    the idea caught her imagination l'idée l'a inspirée;
    their story caught the imagination of the public leur histoire a passionné le public;
    British the house caught his fancy la maison lui a plu;
    this coat catches fluff la poussière se voit sur ce manteau
    (h) (in portrait, writing → likeness, mood) saisir;
    the author has caught the mood of the time l'auteur a su rendre l'atmosphère de l'époque
    to catch sb a blow donner ou flanquer un coup à qn;
    the punch caught me in the chest j'ai reçu le coup de poing en plein dans la poitrine;
    the wave caught her sideways la vague l'a frappée de côté;
    he fell and caught his head on the radiator il est tombé et s'est cogné la tête contre le radiateur
    (j) (notice) remarquer;
    did you catch the look on his face? vous avez remarqué l'expression de son visage?;
    I caught a hint of bitterness (in what she said) j'ai senti un peu d'amertume dans ses paroles
    to catch one's breath reprendre son souffle;
    he had to sit down to catch his breath il a dû s'asseoir pour reprendre son souffle;
    to catch the light refléter la lumière;
    to catch the sun (person) prendre des couleurs;
    the garden catches the sun in the afternoon le jardin est ensoleillé l'après-midi
    (a) (ignite → fire, wood) prendre; (→ engine) démarrer
    (b) (bolt, lock) fermer; (gears) mordre
    (c) (on obstacle → in door, machinery etc) se prendre; (→ on thorn, nail etc) s'accrocher;
    her skirt caught on a nail sa jupe s'est accrochée à un clou;
    his coat caught in the door son manteau s'est pris dans la porte
    3 noun
    (a) (act) prise f;
    good catch! bien rattrapé!
    (b) (of fish) prise f;
    a fine catch une belle prise;
    humorous figurative he's a good catch (man) c'est un beau parti
    (c) (snag) piège m;
    there must be a catch in it somewhere il doit y avoir un truc ou un piège quelque part, ça cache quelque chose;
    where's or what's the catch? qu'est-ce que ça cache?, où est le piège?
    (d) (on lock, door) loquet m; (on window) loqueteau m; (on shoe-buckle) ardillon m
    with a catch in his voice d'une voix entrecoupée
    (f) (game) jeu m de balle;
    to play catch jouer à la balle
    (g) Music canon m
    ►► Agriculture catch crop culture f dérobée;
    catch question question-piège f, colle f
    (essayer d') attraper
    (a) (fashion, trend, slogan) devenir populaire, prendre;
    this dance style caught on in the fifties cette danse a fait un tabac ou était très populaire dans les années cinquante;
    the game never caught on in Europe ce jeu n'a jamais pris en Europe ou eu de succès en Europe
    (b) familiar (understand) piger, saisir ;
    I didn't quite catch on to what he was trying to say je n'ai pas bien saisi ce qu'il essayait de dire;
    did you catch on? est-ce que tu as pigé?
    British (by trickery) prendre en défaut, piéger; (in the act) prendre sur le fait;
    he tried to catch me out with a trick question il a essayé de me coller ou prendre en défaut avec une question-piège;
    to catch sb out in a lie prendre ou surprendre qn à mentir;
    I won't be caught out like that again! on ne m'y prendra plus!
    to catch up with sb rattraper qn;
    I had to run to catch up with him or to catch him up j'ai dû courir pour le rattraper ou le rejoindre;
    the police caught up with him in Zurich la police l'a rattrapé à Zurich;
    figurative his past will catch up with him one day il finira par être rattrapé par son passé
    (b) (on lost time) combler ou rattraper son retard; (on studies) rattraper son retard, se remettre au niveau;
    to catch up on or with one's work rattraper le retard qu'on a pris dans son travail;
    he'll have to work hard to catch up with the rest of the class il va falloir qu'il travaille beaucoup pour rattraper le reste de la classe;
    I need to catch up on some sleep j'ai du sommeil à rattraper;
    we had a lot of news to catch up on nous avions beaucoup de choses à nous dire
    the material got caught up in the machinery le tissu s'est pris dans la machine;
    they were caught up in a traffic jam for hours ils ont été bloqués dans un embouteillage pendant des heures
    (b) (absorb, involve)
    to get caught up in a wave of enthusiasm être gagné par une vague d'enthousiasme;
    he was too caught up in the film to notice what was happening il était trop absorbé par le film pour remarquer ce qui se passait;
    I refuse to get caught up in their private quarrel je refuse de me laisser entraîner dans leurs querelles personnelles
    (c) (seize → object) ramasser vivement, s'emparer de; (→ baby, child) prendre dans ses bras
    (d) (person, car in front etc) rattraper
    ✾ Film 'To Catch a Thief' Hitchcock 'La Main au collet'

    Un panorama unique de l'anglais et du français > catch

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