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  • 1 统计

    statistics, add up; count
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    【医】 statistics
    【经】 numerical statement; statistics
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    adj. statistical
    n. statistics
    v. add up, count
    * * *
    tong3 ji4
    statistics, to count, to add up
    * * *
    tǒng jì
    (对有关数据的搜集、整理、计算和分析) statistics; census; numerical statement; vital statistics:
    人口统计 census; vital statistics;
    据官方统计 according to official statistics;
    据不完全统计 according to incomplete statistics;
    统计显示,这个国家人口在10年内将增加一倍。 Statistics suggest that the population of this country will be double in ten years' time.
    (总括地计算) add up; count:
    统计出席人数 count up the number of people present (at a meeting etc.);
    统计选票 count the votes
    统计报单 statistical copy;
    统计报告制度 accounting system;
    统计变量估计 statistical variable estimation;
    统计表 statistical chart; statistical table; statistical graph; returns;
    统计不准 statistical uncertainty;
    统计测定 statistical survey;
    统计参数 statistical parameter;
    统计差异 statistical discrepancy;
    统计常数 statistical constant;
    统计程序 statistics program;
    统计抽样 statistical sampling;
    统计单位 statistic unit;
    统计地图 statistical map;
    统计电平分布 statistical level distribution;
    统计调查法 method of statistical survey;
    统计独立 statistical independence;
    统计方法 statistical method;
    统计分布 statistical distribution;
    统计分析 statistic analysis;
    统计概率 statistical probability;
    统计观察 statistical observation;
    统计管理 statistical management;
    统计函数 statistical function;
    统计合流分析 statistical confluence analysis;
    统计机 statistical machine;
    统计计算 statistical calculation; statistical evaluation;
    统计计算机 statistical computer;
    统计记录功能 statistics recording feature;
    统计假设 {数} statistical hypothesis;
    统计监督 supervision by statistical means;
    统计检波器 statistical detector;
    统计接收 statistical reception;
    统计解释 statistical interpretation;
    统计精度 statistical accuracy;
    统计精度区间 statistical precision interval;
    统计经济学 statistical economics;
    统计决策 statistical decision;
    统计决策理论 statistical decision theory;
    统计决定法 statistical decision method;
    统计会计学 statistical accounting;
    统计离散 statistical straggling; straggling; spread;
    统计力学 statistical mechanics;
    统计两分法 dichotomous classification;
    统计量 statistic;
    统计模拟 statistical simulation;
    统计模式识别 statistical pattern recognition;
    统计模型 statistical model;
    统计判定 statistical decision;
    统计判决法 statistical decision method;
    统计判决理论 statistical decision theory;
    统计品质管理 statistical quality control (统计上的质量控制);
    统计平衡 statistical equilibrium;
    统计平均 statistical average;
    统计起伏 statistical fluctuation;
    统计情报 statistical information;
    统计权值 degeneracy;
    统计权重 statistical weight;
    统计(的)诠释 statistical interpretation;
    统计热力学 statistical thermodynamics;
    统计容许极限 statistical tolerance limit;
    统计设计 statistical design;
    统计声功率吸收系数 statistical sound power absorption coefficient;
    统计生态学 statistical ecology;
    统计事件 statistical phenomenon;
    统计试验 statistical test;
    统计试验法 statistical experiment method;
    统计数据 statistical data;
    统计数据采样控制系统 statistical sampled-data control system;
    统计数据库 statistical data base;
    统计数列 statistical series;
    统计数字 census; statistical figures; statistics;
    统计说明 statistical description;
    统计特性 statistical property;
    统计天气预报 statistical weather forecasting;
    统计天文 (学) statistical astronomy;
    统计通信理论 statistical communication theory;
    统计图 cartogram;
    统计图表 statistical diagram; statistical table; statistical chart; statistical graph;
    统计图法 statistic map method;
    统计推断 {数} statistical inference;
    统计推论 statistical inference;
    统计推论法研究设计 statistical inference research design;
    统计问题 statistical problem;
    统计物理学 statistical physics;
    统计误差 statistical error; statistical discrepancy;
    统计吸收系数 statistical absorption coefficient;
    统计显著性 {统} statistical significance; significance;
    统计相对频率 statistical relative frequency;
    统计相关 statistical correlation; statistical dependence;
    统计心理学 statistical psychology;
    统计信息 statistical information;
    统计序列 statistical series;
    统计延时 statistical time lag;
    统计遗传学 statistical genetics;
    统计语言学 statistical linguistics;
    统计预报 {气} statistical forecast;
    统计员 statistician;
    统计涨落 statistical fluctuation;
    统计证明 statistical confirmation;
    统计植物地理学 floristics;
    统计指标 statistical indicator;
    统计指标体系 statistical indicator system;
    统计质量控制 statistical quality control;
    统计资料 statistical data
    * * *
    統計|统计 [tǒng jì] statistics to count to add up

    Chinese-English dictionary > 统计

  • 2 比较统计地图

    * * *

    Chinese-English dictionary > 比较统计地图

  • 3 有统计资料的图

    【经】 cartogram

    Chinese-English dictionary > 有统计资料的图

  • 4 统计图

    【医】 cartogram

    Chinese-English dictionary > 统计图

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