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  • 1 ebrietas

    ēbrĭĕtas, ātis, f. [ebrius], drunkenness, ebriety (cf.: ebriositas, crapula), * Cic. Tusc. 4, 12; Sen. Ep. 83, 16 sq.; Quint. 1, 11, 2: Plin. 14, 22, 28, § 142: in proelia trudit inermem, * Hor. Ep. 1, 5, 16; Ov. A. A. 1, 597:


    Vulg. Prov. 20, 1 al. — Plur., carouses, Sen. Ep. 24, 16; Col. 1 praef. § 16. —
    Transf., of things:

    nimio liquore abundat rumpitque se pomi ipsius ebrietas,

    i. e. excess of juice, Plin. 13, 4, 9, § 45.

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