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  • 61 压缩

    compress, condense; reduce; cut down
    * * *
    compress; boil down; constrict; press; reduce; strangulate; condensation
    【计】 compaction; compressing; compression; compresspor; pack
    【化】 compression
    【医】 compress; compression; squeeze
    相关词组: 压缩机
    * * *
    compress; condensation; reduce; cut down
    * * *
    n. compression, density, denseness, solidity
    v. compress, condense, reduce, cut down, squeeze, squash
    * * *
    ya1 suo1
    to compress, compression
    * * *
    yā suō
    compress; condense; reduce; cut down; compression; contraction; compaction; pack; reduction; recompression; hoop (静水压的):
    压缩非生产性开支 cut down non-productive expenses;
    压缩国内需求 depress (lowering) domestic demand;
    压缩机关团体购买力 limiting government institutions' purchase of consumer goods;
    压缩不适当进口 reduce inappropriate imports;
    压缩一则新闻报道 condense a news story
    压缩爆燃 compression knock (内燃机的);
    压缩比 compression ratio; ratio of compression;
    压缩变定 compression set;
    压缩变形 compression; compressive strain; compression deformation;
    压缩变形阻力 resistance to compression;
    压缩饼干 ship biscuit; pilot bread; hardtack;
    压缩波 compressional wave;
    压缩材 staypak;
    压缩层序 condensed sequence;
    压缩成型机 compacting shape machine;
    压缩程序 {自} condensing routine; packing routine;
    压缩冲程 {机} compression stroke;
    压缩处理 compressing;
    压缩穿孔卡片叠 squeeze pack;
    压缩氮气电容器 compressed-nitrogen condenser;
    压缩点火 compressed ignition; {机} compression ignition;
    压缩电路 compressor circuit;
    压缩电容器 compression capacitor;
    压缩定理 compress theorem;
    压缩度 degree of compression;
    压缩多股绞合线 compact-stranded wire;
    压缩范围 reduction range;
    压缩方式 compress mode;
    压缩废钢 pressed scrap;
    压缩格式 compressed format;
    压缩工作周 compressed work week;
    压缩功 work done during compression;
    压缩过程 compression process;
    压缩荷重 {物} compressive load;
    压缩厚度 compressed thickness;
    压缩画面 squeezed;
    压缩激波 compression shock (wave);
    压缩计 compressometer;
    压缩加油环 compression cup;
    压缩胶合板 high-density plywood;
    压缩角 compression angle;
    压缩卡片组 condensed deck;
    压缩开支 retrench expenditures;
    压缩库存 reduce stocks;
    压缩扩展 {电子} companding;
    压缩扩展器 compander; compandor;
    压缩扩张 compand;
    压缩冷却 compressional cooling;
    压缩力 compression stress; compressive force;
    压缩联轴节 {机} compression coupling;
    压缩漏气 {机} compression release;
    压缩率 compression ratio; compressibility; {声} condensation;
    压缩码 compressed code;
    压缩木 compressed wood; {林} lignofol; lignostone; staypak;
    压缩粘度 compressional viscosity;
    压缩碾压 breakdown rolling;
    压缩疲劳 compression fatigue;
    压缩疲劳试验 repeated compression test;
    压缩器 compressor; reducer;
    压缩气锤 compressed air hammer;
    压缩气体 compressed gas;
    压缩气体电缆 gas compression cable;
    压缩强度 compressive strength;
    压缩屈服点 compressive yield point;
    压缩曲率 compressive curvature (喷管的);
    压缩曲线 compression curve;
    压缩热 heat of compression;
    压缩容量 compression volume;
    压缩蠕变 compression creep;
    压缩十进制 packed decimal;
    压缩食品 compressed foods;
    压缩实用程序 condense utility;
    压缩室 discharge chamber;
    压缩试验 compression test;
    压缩试验机 compression tester;
    压缩输入 compressor input;
    压缩算法 compression algorithm;
    压缩算子 contraction operator;
    压缩损耗 compression loss;
    压缩弹簧 compression spring;
    压缩弹性 elasticity of compression;
    压缩弹性极限 compressive elastic limit;
    压缩无用信息集 compacting garbage collection;
    压缩系数 compressibility coefficient; compressibility factor; {物} bulk modulus;
    压缩限度 {物} compression limit;
    压缩效率 compression efficiency;
    压缩行程 compression travel; instroke;
    压缩压力计 crusher gauge;
    压缩因子 {热} compressibility factor; deviation factor; gas-deviation factor; supercompressibility factor; bulkfactor;
    压缩应变 compression strain;
    压缩应力 compression stress; compressive stress;
    压缩应力强度 intensity of compressive stress;
    压缩永久变形 compression set;
    压缩语言 compressed speech;
    压缩载荷 compressive load; compression load;
    压缩者 compressor;
    压缩指令汇卡 condensed instruction deck;
    压缩指数 cake compressibility;
    压缩制冷 compression refrigeration;
    压缩制冷机 compression refrigerating machine;
    压缩制冷系统 {机} compression refrigerating system;
    压缩制冷循环 compression refrigeration cycle;
    压缩作用 compression
    * * *
    壓縮|压缩 [yā suō] ► to compress ► compression

    Chinese-English dictionary > 压缩

  • 62 厚度

    thickness; depth
    * * *
    ply; thickness
    【医】 thickness
    * * *
    ply; thickness
    * * *
    n. thickness
    * * *
    hou4 du4
    * * *
    hòu dù
    thickness; land (刀刃的)
    厚度计(规) thickness gauge;
    厚度-频率比 thickness-frequency ratio; frequency-thickness ratio;
    厚度伸缩振动模 thickness extension vibration mode;
    厚度图 {气} thickness chart;
    厚度弯曲振动模 thickness-flexure vibration mode;
    厚度线 {气} relative contour; relative isohypse; thickness line;
    厚度中心(中点) mid-depth
    * * *
    厚度|厚度 [hòu dù] ► thickness

    Chinese-English dictionary > 厚度

  • 63 厚薄

    * * *
    * * *
    * * *
    n. thickness
    * * *
    hou4 bao2
    thickness, also pr.
    hou4 bo2
    to favor one and discriminate against the other (abbr. for 厚此薄彼,)
    * * *
    hòu bó
    (厚度) thickness:
    厚薄适中 moderate thickness;
    纸张厚薄无关紧要。 It doesn't matter whether the paper is thick or thin.
    厚薄规 thickness gauge; feeler gauge; detecting head
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 厚薄|厚薄 [hòu báo] ► thickness ► also pr. [hòu bó]
    Ⅱ. 厚薄|厚薄 [hòu bó] ► to favor one and discriminate against the other (abbr. for ↑ 厚此薄彼 [hòu cǐ bó bǐ])

    Chinese-English dictionary > 厚薄

  • 64 反光

    reflect light, reflection of light; glint
    * * *
    glisten; reflect light
    相关词组: 冰原反光
    * * *
    * * *
    fan3 guang1
    to reflect light
    * * *
    fǎn guāng
    (使光线反射) reflect light; blink:
    白墙反光, 屋里显得很敞亮。 With the white walls reflecting the light, the room looks bright and spacious.
    镜子能反光。 A mirror reflects light.
    (光的反射) reflection of light
    反光标志 {土} reflecting sign;
    反光材料 reflectorized material;
    反光灯 delineator; spotlight; reflector lamp;
    反光电效应 inverse photo-electric effect;
    反光镜 retroreflector; reflector; view(-)finder;
    反光立体镜 mirror stereoscope; reflecting stereoscope;
    反光路灯 road studs;
    反光罗盘仪 mirror compass;
    反光球 witch ball;
    反光伸长计 mirror extensometer;
    反光色素层 tapetum;
    反光水位表 reflex water gauge;
    反光水准仪 reflecting level;
    反光缩小 reduction in reflected light;
    反光图案 christmas tree pattern;
    反光显微镜 reflection macroscope;
    反光叶片板摄影机 motion picture cameras with reflex shutters;
    反光照明 reflect lighting;
    反光罩 diffuser;
    反光直角器 reflecting square;
    反光转绘仪 reflecting sketch master;
    反光组织 tapetum
    * * *
    反光|反光 [fǎn guāng] ► to reflect light

    Chinese-English dictionary > 反光

  • 65 发动机

    engine; motor
    * * *
    engine; motor
    【化】 engine
    * * *
    * * *
    n. engine, motor
    v. engine
    * * *
    fa1 dong4 ji1
    engine, motor, CL:臺, 台
    * * *
    fā dòng jī
    {机} engine; motor
    发动机安定垫 engine stabilizer pad;
    发动机安定架 engine stabilizer bracket;
    发动机安全 engine health;
    发动机安全臂 engine stabilizer arm;
    发动机安全检查 engine health monitoring;
    发动机安装环 motor mount ring;
    发动机安装面 engine mounting face;
    发动机摆动 engine wobble;
    发动机半径杆托架 engine radius rod bracket;
    发动机保温箱 engine heater;
    发动机保养范围 engine maintenance area;
    发动机报警系统 engine alarm system;
    发动机爆燃(击) engine knock;
    发动机爆燃压力 engine pressure;
    发动机爆燃指示器 engine detonation indicator;
    发动机爆震 combustion knock; engine knock;
    发动机变速箱 engine mission;
    发动机变速箱转数表 engine mission gauge;
    发动机变速箱转数计 engine mission meter;
    发动机标牌 engine nameplate; engine-type plate;
    发动机补修机 engine salvage machine;
    发动机不发火 engine misfiring;
    发动机布置 engine configuration;
    发动机部分 engine section;
    发动机部件 engine components;
    发动机参数 engine parameter;
    发动机舱 engine cabin; engine compartment;
    发动机操纵杆 engine control lever;
    发动机操纵机构 engine control;
    发动机操纵台 engine control stand;
    发动机操纵系统 engine control system;
    发动机操作温度 engine operating temperature;
    发动机操作系统 engine control system;
    发动机操作指令 engine operation command;
    发动机测功器试验台架 dynamometer engine test bed;
    发动机拆卸 engine stripping;
    发动机厂 engine works;
    发动机超速开关 engine overspeed switch;
    发动机超速转 engine racing;
    发动机车间 engine plant;
    发动机沉积物 engine deposits;
    发动机成套工具 engine tool kit;
    发动机程序设计 engine programmer;
    发动机持续功率 engine continuous output;
    发动机齿轮箱 engine gearbox;
    发动机齿轮箱组 engine gearbox unit;
    发动机重新启动 engine restart;
    发动机出水软管接头 engine water outlet hose connection;
    发动机传动 engine-drive;
    发动机传动泵 engine-driven pump;
    发动机传动系统 engine driving system;
    发动机喘振 engine surge;
    发动机次序操纵台 engine sequence panel;
    发动机簇 cluster of engines;
    发动机怠速调整螺丝 engine idling speed adjusting screw;
    发动机挡板 engine shroud;
    发动机底壳 engine sump;
    发动机底盘 engine pan; engine underpan;
    发动机电动机控制 Leonard control;
    发动机电动势 voltage generator;
    发动机电子显示器 engine-scope;
    发动机吊舱 {航空} power car; engine car;
    发动机吊钩 engine lifting hook;
    发动机吊架 engine lifting bracket; engine lifting fixture;
    发动机吊索 engine hoisting sling;
    发动机定时 timing of an engine;
    发动机定时齿轮壳 engine timing case;
    发动机定时指针 engine timing pointer;
    发动机动力学 engine dynamics;
    发动机短舱 engine nacelle; gondola;
    发动机额定功率 engine power rating;
    发动机额定推力 thrust level;
    发动机额定转数(速) rated engine speed;
    发动机发热部分探测 hot motor part detection;
    发动机发热速率 engine heating rate;
    发动机发展趋向 engine trends;
    发动机阀 engine valve;
    发动机法 motor method;
    发动机翻新 engine renovation;
    发动机防冰系统 engine anti-icing system;
    发动机防尘盘 engine dust pan;
    发动机防冻剂 engine antifreeze;
    发动机防冻系统 engine winterization system;
    发动机防冻液 engine fluid;
    发动机放气孔 engine louver;
    发动机飞轮 engine flywheel;
    发动机废气流 engine efflux;
    发动机封藏 engine pickling;
    发动机风车速度 engine windmilling speed;
    发动机风扇 engine blower;
    发动机辅助装置 engine accessory;
    发动机盖 hood;
    发动机盖板 engine hood panel;
    发动机盖上侧板 engine hood upper side panel;
    发动机高空低压实验室 engine altitude chamber;
    发动机高温告警开关 engine high temperature alarm switch;
    发动机隔壁 engine bulkhead;
    发动机工作 engine functioning;
    发动机工作不平稳 engine roughness;
    发动机功率 engine power;
    发动机功率定额 engine (power) rating;
    发动机功能 duty of engine;
    发动机供油线路 power supply circuitry;
    发动机故障 engine failure; engine trouble;
    发动机故障分析仪 engine analyzer;
    发动机关闭 tail-off;
    发动机过热 engine overheat;
    发动机号数 engine number;
    发动机合并效率 combined engine efficiency;
    发动机横向传动 engine cross-drive;
    发动机横向传动箱 engine cross-drive casing;
    发动机恒温器壳放泄阀 engine thermostat housing drain valve;
    发动机后支架 engine rear support;
    发动机滑油沉淀器 engine sump well;
    发动机滑油系统 engine oil system;
    发动机环架 engine mounting ring;
    发动机活塞 engine piston;
    发动机活塞冲程 engine stroke;
    发动机活塞卡住 engine sticking;
    发动机活塞销 engine gudgeon pin;
    发动机机房 enginehouse;
    发动机机架 entablature; engine frame; engine-mounting bracket;
    发动机机架结构 engine-mounting construction;engine mounting structure;
    发动机机体 engine body;
    发动机机匣 engine crankcase;
    发动机机油压力表 engine oil pressure gauge;
    发动机技术员 engine mechanic;
    发动机计时器 engine hourmeter;
    发动机加力燃烧系统 engine afterburner system;
    发动机加热延续时间 heating period of the engine;
    发动机加速度 engine acceleration;
    发动机加温 engine warm-up;
    发动机架 sub-frame; engine mount; engine cradle; thrust frame;
    发动机监察器 engine monitor;
    发动机监控仪 engine monitoring instrument;
    发动机监视系统 engine monitor system;
    发动机减振器 engine snubber;
    发动机交叉供油 engine cross-feed;
    发动机交流发电机组 engine alternator set;
    发动机接地片 engine ground strap;
    发动机节流阀 engine throttle;
    发动机进气粗滤器 engine air intake precleaner;
    发动机进气道 engine inlets;
    发动机进气口冲压 engine inlet ram; engine ram;
    发动机开车状态 power-on condition;
    发动机开关 (口) tail-off;
    发动机壳垫 engine case pad;
    发动机壳体 motor body; motor case;
    发动机空气动力学 engine aerodynamics;
    发动机空转 race of engine;
    发动机控制机构 engine control gear; engine controls;
    发动机控制盘 engine control panel;
    发动机控制特性 engine control characteristic;
    发动机冷却 engine cooling;
    发动机冷却套 motor cooling jacket;
    发动机冷却系温度计 engine-cooling thermometer;
    发动机冷却液 engine coolant;
    发动机冷却液加温器 engine coolant heater;
    发动机冷试转设备 engine cold running test installation;
    发动机离合器 engine clutch;
    发动机离合器壳 engine clutch housing;
    发动机力矩 engine moment;
    发动机零件 engine part;
    发动机螺旋桨组 engine propeller unit;
    发动机密封垫 engine gasket;
    发动机灭火 blowout of an engine;
    发动机磨损 engine scuffing; engine wear;
    发动机摩擦力 engine friction;
    发动机排量 engine displacement;
    发动机排气 engine exhaust emission;
    发动机排气侧 exhaust side of engine;
    发动机排气管 exhaust pipe of engine;
    发动机排气岐管 engine exhaust;
    发动机配件 engine fittings;
    发动机喷管 engine jet pipe; motor nozzle; powerplant nozzle;
    发动机喷管喉道直径 motor throat diameter;
    发动机喷口盖 motor end closure;
    发动机平衡 engine balance;
    发动机启动 engine start; engine starting;
    发动机启动机 engine starter; starter; starting motor;
    发动机启动机构 engine starting mechanism;
    发动机启动接触器 engine starting contactor;
    发动机启动开关 engine start switch;
    发动机启动马达 engine cranking motor;
    发动机启动器 engine primer;
    发动机启动燃料 engine priming fuel; engine starting fuel;
    发动机启动手柄 engine starting handle;
    发动机启动特性 motor starting characteristic;
    发动机启动系统 engine starting system;
    发动机启动摇把 engine arm;
    发动机启动注油 engine priming;
    发动机启动装置 engine starting gear;
    发动机起重机 engine hoist;
    发动机汽缸 jug; cylinder; engine cylinder;
    发动机汽缸排量 engine cylinder displacement;
    发动机汽缸油箱 engine cylinder oil tank;
    发动机汽缸直线单行排列 engine cylinders in line arrangement;
    发动机牵引力 engine traction; engine tractive force;
    发动机前端 motor head;
    发动机前面面积 engine front;
    发动机前支架 engine front support; engine front support bracket;
    发动机敲击 engine sp(l)utter;
    发动机清漆 engine varnish;
    发动机清洗 engine wash;
    发动机清洗器 engine cleaner;
    发动机清洗油 engine conditioning oil;
    发动机驱动背负式喷粉机 engine-driven knapsack duster; knapsack duster with engine drive;
    发动机驱动燃料泵 engine-driven fuel pump;
    发动机曲柄 engine crank;
    发动机曲轴 engine crankshaft;
    发动机曲轴负载 engine crankshaft loading;
    发动机曲轴箱支座臂 engine supporting arm;
    发动机曲轴爪 engine jaw;
    发动机燃料 engine fuel;
    发动机燃料启动性 startability of motor fuel;
    发动机燃料组成 motor fuel constituent;
    发动机燃烧室直径 motor chamber diameter;
    发动机热辐射 engine radiation;
    发动机容积效率 engine volume coefficiency;
    发动机容量 engine capacity;
    发动机润滑系统 engine lubrication system;
    发动机润滑油 engine lubricating oil;
    发动机润滑油路 engine oil gallery;
    发动机润滑油滤清器 engine oil filter;
    发动机润滑油稀释系统 engine-oil dilution system;
    发动机塞 engine spigot;
    发动机三点固定 engine three point suspension;
    发动机上软垫总成 engine upper rubber mounting assy;
    发动机时间常数 motor time constant;
    发动机试车 engine test; engine run;
    发动机试车台 engine teststand; engine test-bed;
    发动机试验 engine test;
    发动机试验操纵台 motor console;
    发动机试验车间 engine test cell;
    发动机试验器 engine tester;
    发动机试验设备 engine test facility; engine testing equipment;
    发动机试验室 engine testing room;
    发动机试验台 block testing stand; engine test bed; engine test stand; motor analyser; motor test stand;
    发动机试验台架 thrust stand;
    发动机试验台试验 engine rig test;
    发动机试验台特性 engine test bench characteristic;
    发动机试验装置 engine test plant;
    发动机试运转 motoring run;
    发动机试转 running-in of engine;
    发动机寿命 engine life;
    发动机输出功率 engine output;
    发动机输油路 engine oil supply passage;
    发动机数据 engine data;
    发动机双排汽缸相对平放 engine cylinders opposed arrangement;
    发动机双排汽缸星形排列 engine cylinders radial arrangement;
    发动机台架 engine pedestal;
    发动机太阳油 engine solar oil;
    发动机调节 engine conditioning;
    发动机调节器 engine controller;
    发动机调速 engine governed speed;
    发动机调速器 engine governor;
    发动机调整 engine tuneup; motor tune-up;
    发动机停车 engine cut-off; engine off; motor cuts out;
    发动机停车记时器 engine cut-off timer;
    发动机停车状态 power-off conditions;
    发动机停火 engine shorting-out;
    发动机停机装置 engine shutdown device;
    发动机停止 engine stop;
    发动机通风能力 engine breathing ability;
    发动机凸耳 engine lug;
    发动机图表 engine chart;
    发动机推力 motor power;
    发动机托架 engine bracket;
    发动机万能试验台 universal engine stand;
    发动机维护 engine maintenance;
    发动机尾喷管 nozzle;
    发动机位置 engine location;
    发动机温度传感器 engine temperature sensing unit;
    发动机温度计 engine heat indicator; engine temperature gauge; engine temperature indicator;
    发动机稳定器杆 engine stabilizer bar;
    发动机稳定器弹簧 engine stabilizer spring;
    发动机污脏 engine fouling;
    发动机熄火 engine misses; stalling of engine;
    发动机熄火停转 engine dies;
    发动机洗涤剂 engine cleaning agent;
    发动机系统 engine system;
    发动机箱 engine case;
    发动机详图 engine detail;
    发动机啸声 {航} screeching; screaming;
    发动机效率 engine efficiency;
    发动机型号 engine type;
    发动机性能 engine performance;
    发动机性能试验 engine performance test;
    发动机性能图表 engine performance chart;
    发动机修理 engine overhaul; engine reconditioning;
    发动机修理台 engine repair stand;
    发动机修理组 engine repair section;
    发动机循环 cycle of an engine;
    发动机循环增压比 engine cycle pressure ratio;
    发动机仪表组 engine gauge unit;
    发动机油槽 engine oil sump;
    发动机油面高度指示器 engine oil level indicator;
    发动机油容量 engine oil capacity;
    发动机油箱 engine oil tank;
    发动机油渣 engine oil sludge;
    发动机淤渣 engine sludge;
    发动机预防性保养 engine preventive maintenance;
    发动机预热 engine prewarming;
    发动机运转不稳 roughness of an engine;
    发动机运转中断 engine conk;
    发动机载荷 engine load;
    发动机噪声 engine noise;
    发动机增压器 engine supercharger;
    发动机闸 engine brake;
    发动机真空测试计 engine vacuum checking gauge;
    发动机振动 engine lugging; engine vibration;
    发动机振动频率 rhythm of an engine;
    发动机整流罩 {航空} cowling; engine cowling;
    发动机整流罩架 cowling support;
    发动机支撑 engine strutting;
    发动机支杆 engine support bar;
    发动机支架 engine support; engine support bracket;
    发动机支架垫 engine support cushion;
    发动机支架防油罩 engine support oil shield;
    发动机支架软座 engine support insulator;
    发动机支架弹簧 engine support spring;
    发动机支台 engine pick-ups;
    发动机支座支撑脚 engine bearer foot;
    发动机指示器 engine gage;
    发动机制动 engine braking;
    发动机制造 engine-building;
    发动机制造厂 engine shop;
    发动机重量指标 weight index of engine;
    发动机轴 engine shaft;
    发动机助力阀 servomotor valve;
    发动机转矩 engine torque;
    发动机转数 engine revolution;
    发动机转数表 engine counter; engine revolution counter;
    发动机转数计 {船} engine revolution counter;
    发动机转数增加 run-up of an engine;
    发动机转速 engine speed; speed of an engine;
    发动机转速表 engine speed indicator; engine speed recorder;
    发动机转速调节器 motor speed controller;
    发动机转速自动同步器 automatic engine speed synchronizer;
    发动机装配 engine assembly;
    发动机装配工 engine fitter;
    发动机装置重量 powerplant weight;
    发动机自动启动器 automatic motor starter;
    发动机自动停车 engine stalling;
    发动机自重 engine dry weight;
    发动机阻力 engine drag;
    发动机组件 engine pack;
    发动机最大转速 maximum engine speed;
    发动机座 engine bearer; engine bed; engine seat(ing); engine stand; seating of an engine;
    发动机座板 engine supporting plate
    * * *
    發動機|发动机 [fā dòng jī] ► engine ► motor ► CL:↑ 臺|↑ 台 [tái]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 发动机

  • 66 同位素

    * * *
    isotope; isotopes
    【化】 isotope; isotopes
    【医】 isotope
    * * *
    isotope; isotopes
    * * *
    n. isotope
    * * *
    tong2 wei4 su4
    * * *
    tóng wèi sù
    {化} isotope:
    放射性同位素 radioisotope
    同位素比 isotope ratio;
    同位素变化 isotope change;
    同位素变宽 isotopes broadening;
    同位素标记 {核} tagging;
    同位素捕集 isotopic trapping;
    同位素测厚仪 isotopic thickness gauge;
    同位素(的)差异 isotopic differentiation;
    同位素成分 isotopic composition; isotopic constitution;
    同位素处理 isotope handling;
    同位素灯 radioisotope lamp;
    同位素地质年龄 isotopic geological age;
    同位素地质年龄测定 isotopic age determination;
    同位素地质学 isotope geology;
    同位素多标记 isotope multilabelling;
    同位素分离 isotope geology;
    同位素分离法 isotope separation;
    同位素分离工厂 isotope separation plant;
    同位素分离器 isotope-separation apparatus; isotron;
    同位素分裂 isotopic splitting;
    同位素分析 isotope analysis;
    同位素分析器 isotron;
    同位素丰度 {核} isotope abundance;
    同位素丰度比 isotopic abundance ratio;
    同位素辐照 {核子} isotopic irradiation;
    同位素光谱分析 spectro chemical analysis of isotopes;
    同位素含量 isotopic content;
    同位素呼气测定 isotope respirometry;
    同位素混合物 isotopic mixture;
    同位素激发源 radio-isotope source;
    同位素激活截面 isotopic activation cross-section;
    同位素计时 {核子} isotopic chronometry;
    同位素计算尺 isotope handling;
    同位素记年 isotopic dating;
    同位素检查 isotopic examination;
    同位素鉴别 isotope discrimination;
    同位素交换 isotope exchange;
    同位素交换率 isotopic-exchange rate;
    同位素截面 isotopic cross-section;
    同位素廓清试验 isotope clearance test;
    同位素离子 isotope ion;
    同位素内照射治疗 internal isotope therapy;
    同位素年代学 isotope chronology;
    同位素浓缩 isotope enrichment;
    同位素浓缩物 isotope enriched material;
    同位素贫化 isotopic depletion;
    同位素平衡 isotopic equilibrium;
    同位素腔内治疗 isotope intracavity therapy;
    同位素群 isotope group; pleyade; pleiad;
    同位素扫描 radioisotope scan;
    同位素渗透 isotopic osmosis;
    同位素生产 isotope production;
    同位素生产堆 isotope production reactor;
    同位素示踪 tagging;
    同位素示踪剂 isotopic tracer;
    同位素双标记 isotope double labelling;
    同位素探伤仪 isoscope;
    同位素通量 isotopic flux;
    同位素蜕变 isotopic splitting;
    同位素外照射治疗 isotope teletherapy;
    同位素位移反常(现象) isotope-shift anomaly;
    同位素稀释 {核子} isotope dilution;
    同位素稀释法 {分化} isotope-dilution analysis;
    同位素稀释分析 {核} isotopic dilution analysis;
    同位素稀释分析法 isotope dilution method;
    同位素线 isotope line;
    同位素相对丰度 fractional isotopic abundance;
    同位素小丸 isotope capsule;
    同位素效应 isotope effect; isotopic effect;
    同位素性质 isotopy;
    同位素学 isotopy;
    同位素演变 isotopic evolution;
    同位素验定 isotope assay;
    同位素移动 isotope shift;
    同位素异常 isotope anomaly;
    同位素应用 isotope application;
    同位素沾染 isotopic contamination;
    同位素质量比率 isotope mass ratio;
    同位素治疗 isotope therapy;
    同位素组成 isotopics; isotopic content
    * * *
    同位素|同位素 [tóng wèi sù] ► isotope

    Chinese-English dictionary > 同位素

  • 67 君子

    a man of noble character; a man of virtue; gentleman
    * * *
    相关词组: 君子协定
    * * *
    man of honour
    * * *
    n. person of noble character
    * * *
    jun1 zi3
    nobleman, person of noble character
    * * *
    jūn zǐ
    a man of noble character; gentleman:
    伪君子 hypocrite;
    正人君子 a man of moral integrity;
    以小人之心度君子之腹 gauge the heart of a gentleman with one's own mean measure
    * * *
    君子|君子 [jūn zǐ] ► nobleman ► person of noble character

    Chinese-English dictionary > 君子

  • 68 启动

    To launch: originally it referred the start of operation of a machine, a meter or an electric appliance. ① A metaphor used to mean that a law, a plan or a measure is coming into practice; start; trigger, To bring along; to develop; to activate.
    * * *
    【计】 activating; actuating; enablement; startover; startup
    * * *
    start-up; startup
    * * *
    v. start, switch on
    * * *
    qi3 dong4
    to start (a machine), to set in movement, to launch (an operation), to activate (a plan)
    * * *
    qǐ dòng
    firing; pulse-on; commissioning; startover; triggering; enabling; actuating; initiate; start (a machine, etc.); kick over; get sth. in gear; switch on
    启动按钮 start button; starting pushbutton; activate button; initiate button; firing key; start knob;
    启动保护接触器 starting protection contactor;
    启动变扭器 starting (torque) converter;
    启动变压器 starting transformer;
    启动变阻器 starting rheostat;
    启动补偿器 starting compensator;
    启动不良 poor starting;
    启动部分 actuating section;
    启动操纵盘 starting panel;
    启动程序 set-up procedure;
    启动齿轮 starter receiver;
    启动触发脉冲 initiating trigger;
    启动传感器 start sensor;
    启动磁电机 booster magneto;
    启动次数 number of starts;
    启动弹射器 air ejector for starting;
    启动点火 starting ignition;
    启动点火线圈 {航空} booster coil;
    启动电动机 actuating motor; starting motor;
    启动电动机固定带 starter motorstrap;
    启动电抗 starting reactance;
    启动电抗器 starting reactor;
    启动电空阀 starting electropneumatic valve;
    启动电机 starting dynamo;
    启动电缆 firing cable;
    启动电流 starting current;
    启动电路 start-up circuit;
    启动电码 start code;
    启动电平 triggering level;
    启动电压 starting voltage; trigger voltage;
    启动电阻器 starting resistor;
    启动发电机 starter-generator;
    启动发动机 ato unit;
    启动阀 priming valve;
    启动负载 starting load;
    启动杆 actuating lever; starting lever;
    启动功率 starting power;
    启动管路 primer line;
    启动过程 starting procedure;
    启动基因 promotor gene;
    启动继电器 starting relay;
    启动键 start key; activate key; initiate key; initiate button;
    启动交流干扰 starting hum;
    启动接触器 starting contactor;
    启动控制字 initiate control word;
    启动开关 starting switch;
    启动力矩 starting torque;
    启动力矩比 ratio of starting torques;
    启动联锁继电器 start interlocking relay;
    启动率 starting rate;
    启动脉冲 start pulse; starting pulse; initiating pulse; driving pulse; tripping impulse; enabling pulse; antiparalyse pulse; starting impulse; gate;
    启动脉冲延迟电路 trigger-delay circuit;
    启动摩擦 starting friction;
    启动摩擦系数 coefficient of starting friction;
    启动喷口螺塞 priming hole plug; progression jet plug;
    启动喷嘴 starting nozzle;
    启动汽化器 primary carburetor;
    启动器 starter; trigger; starting motor;
    启动区 promotor;
    启动曲柄 cranking lever;
    启动曲柄孔盖 starting crank socket cap;
    启动曲柄托架 starting crank bracket;
    启动曲柄轴 starting crank shaft;
    启动曲柄轴弹簧 starting crank shaft spring;
    启动曲柄爪 starting crank jaw;
    启动燃料点火{航空} auxiliary fluid ignition;
    启动绕组 starting winding;
    启动设备 starting device; trigger;
    启动时间 start time; starting time; run-up time; attack time; start-up period;
    启动室 priming chamber;
    启动试验 firing test; starting test (发动机的);
    启动手轮 starting hand-wheel;
    启动输入输出指令 start IO instruction;
    启动水位 priming level;
    启动台 firing platform;
    启动特性 starting characteristic;
    启动条 trip bar;
    启动凸轮 starting cam;
    启动位 start bit;
    启动位间隔 start interval;
    启动位置 enable position;
    启动系 cranking system;
    启动系统 start-up system; launching system;
    启动隙缝 starter gap; trigger gap;
    启动限位开关 starting limit switch;
    启动箱 starting box;
    启动信号 start signal; starting signal; enabling signal; initiating signal; activating signal;
    启动性 startability;
    启动旋塞 starting cock;
    启动压力计 starting pressure gauge;
    启动阳极 starting cathode;
    启动摇把 hand crank;
    启动阴极 starter cathode;
    启动预燃室 starting prechamber;
    启动预热锅炉 starting preheater boiler;
    启动预热器喷灯 starting preheater burner;
    启动震动 starting shock;
    启动-终止程序 initiator-terminator;
    启动助推器 launching booster;
    启动注液 priming;
    启动转矩 detent torque;
    启动装置 starting device; actuating device;
    启动自耦变压器 starting compensator;
    启动阻力 resistance of start
    * * *
    啟動|启动 [qǐ dòng] ► to start (a machine) ► to set in movement ► to launch (an operation) ► to activate (a plan)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 启动

  • 69 吸力

    suction; attraction
    * * *
    attraction; suction
    【建】 attraction
    * * *
    * * *
    n. suction, attraction
    * * *
    xi1 li4
    attraction (in gravitation or electrostatics), attractive force
    * * *
    xī lì
    suction; suck; attraction:
    地心吸力 force of gravity;
    相互吸力 mutual attraction
    吸力计 suction gauge;
    吸力水头 suction water head;
    吸力特性 pull characteristics;
    吸力挖泥机 pump dredge(r);
    吸力涡流 gulf;
    吸力运输机 suction conveyer
    * * *
    吸力|吸力 [xī lì] ► attraction (in gravitation or electrostatics) ► attractive force

    Chinese-English dictionary > 吸力

  • 70 回火

    tempering, backfire
    * * *
    backfire; temper
    【化】 back fire; temper
    【医】 temper; tempering
    * * *
    backfire; temper
    * * *
    hui2 huo3
    to temper (iron), flare-back (in gas burner)
    * * *
    huí huǒ
    (金属的一种热处理工艺) tempering; draw the temper; drawing-back; letting down; drawing (俗称“配火”)
    (氧炔吹管等的火焰向反方向燃烧) flashback; flareback (常引起事故)
    回火爆炸 back draft;
    回火处理 {工} drawing temper;
    回火脆性 temper brittleness;
    回火度 degree of temper;
    回火范围 tempering range;
    回火光泽 bluing;
    回火基本曲线 master tempering curve;
    回火开裂 tempering crack;
    回火冷轧 temper rolling;
    回火裂纹 temper crack;
    回火炉 tempering furnace;
    回火马氏体脆化 tempered martensite embrittlement;
    回火强化 temper stressing;
    回火索氏体 tempered sorbite;
    回火色 tempering colour; heat tiut; temper colour;
    回火石墨 temper graphite;
    回火水封室 flashback chamber;
    回火稳定性 temper resistance;
    回火硬度 tempering hardness;
    回火硬化 temper hardening;
    回火制止器 backfire arrestor;
    回火质量 tempering quality;
    回火组织 tempered structure
    * * *
    回火|回火 [huí huǒ] ► to temper (iron) ► flare-back (in gas burner)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 回火

  • 71 困难

    difficulty; hard; hardship, financial difficulties; straitened circumstances
    * * *
    difficulty; financial difficulties; handicap; inconvenience; knottiness
    strait; trouble
    【医】 bary-; dys; mogi-
    相关词组: 处境困难
    * * *
    difficulty; embarrassment; handicap; hardness; inconvenience; knot; knottiness; rub; shemozzle; strait; toughen up; trouble
    * * *
    adj. difficult, hard
    n. embarrassment, hardness, knot, trouble, rub, difficulty, strait, handicap, inconvenience
    v. inconvenience
    n. difficulty, problem, issue
    * * *
    kun4 nan5
    (financial etc) difficulty, problem, issue, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    kùn nan
    (事情复杂,阻碍多) difficulty; difficult; hard; bump; rub:
    说话困难 be difficult to talk;
    困难的工作 difficult work; hard work;
    困难留给自己, 方便让给别人 difficulties for oneself but conveniences for others;
    你听懂英语有困难吗? Do you have (find) any difficulty in understanding spoken English?
    (生活穷困) financial difficulties; straitened circumstances:
    生活困难 live in straitened circumstances
    困难户 families with material difficulties
    * * *
    困難|困难 [kùn nãn] ► difficult ► challenging ► straitened circumstances ► difficult situation

    Chinese-English dictionary > 困难

  • 72 困難

    difficulty; hard; hardship, financial difficulties; straitened circumstances
    * * *
    adj. difficult, hard
    n. embarrassment, hardness, knot, trouble, rub, difficulty, strait, handicap, inconvenience
    v. inconvenience
    n. difficulty, problem, issue
    * * *
    kun4 nan5
    (financial etc) difficulty, problem, issue, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    困難|困难 [kùn nãn] ► difficult ► challenging ► straitened circumstances ► difficult situation

    Chinese-English dictionary > 困難

  • 73 固定

    fixed; regular; steady; inflexible, fix; regularize; fasten; stay; anchor
    * * *
    fix; moor; peg; rivet; root; secure; tackle
    【计】 lock-up
    【化】 anchorage
    【医】 fix; fixation; fixing; fixity; immobilize; lock
    相关词组: 固定的
    * * *
    fastness; fixation; fixup; immobility; moor; peg; rivet; root; securing
    * * *
    v. fixate
    adj. fixed, regular
    v. fix, regularize, regulate, set
    * * *
    gu4 ding4
    fixed, set, regular
    * * *
    gù dìng
    (不变动) fixed; regular:
    固定工 a regular worker;
    固定职业 permanent occupation;
    电视台的固定节目 a regular TV programme;
    不要用固定的眼光看问题。 Don't take a static view of things.
    (使固定) fasten; fix; regularize; fixation; immobilization; make fast; mount; rigid fixing; settlement; slewing:
    把灯座固定在车床上 fix the lamp stand on the lathe;
    这个书架被固定在墙壁上。 The bookshelf is fastened to the wall.
    他们把业务学习时间固定下来。 They have set a regular time for vocational study.
    {生} (显微或超显微制片技术步骤之一) fix;
    固定氨 fixed ammonia;
    固定靶 fixed target;
    固定百叶窗 abatvent; louver jalousie;
    固定板 {工} dead plate; retaining plate; ledger plate;
    固定保(险)费 fixed premium;
    固定保释金 fixed bail;
    固定比例包干 {财政} share revenue with the central government on a fixed ratio;
    固定比例放大 enprint;
    固定比例分成收入 fixed ratio shared revenue;
    固定比率 fixed ratio;
    固定边界 fixed boundary;
    固定边缘 built-in edge;
    固定变量 fixed variable;
    固定表面电荷 fixed surface charge;
    固定标尺 nonadjustable signal;
    固定标识检查法 constant mark check method;
    固定冰 {海} coast ice; coastal ice; fast ice;
    固定柄 fixed handle;
    固定波道侦察 fixed channel reconnaissance;
    固定波形发生器 fixed waveform generator;
    固定薄膜电阻器 fixed film resistor;
    固定卜线法 fixed wiring method;
    固定部分 fixed part; stationary part;
    固定财产 real property;
    固定采样检测器 fixed-sample detector;
    固定参数 preset parameter;
    固定操作 fixing operation;
    固定槽 {工} holddown groove;
    固定插入 fixed insertion;
    固定插入编辑 fixed insertion editing;
    固定插头 locking-type plug;
    固定差 {数} fixed difference;
    固定长度格式 fixed-length format;
    固定唱名法 “ fixed do” system;
    固定超前 {航空} fixed lead;
    固定车轴距 right wheel base;
    固定衬垫螺栓 shim bolt;
    固定衬套 stationary bushing;
    固定成本 constant cost; fixed cost; standing cost;
    固定成分 frozen composition; fixture;
    固定成员 fixed member;
    固定乘法区 {自} fixed product area;
    固定齿轮 dead wheel;
    固定触点 {电工} fixed contact; stationary contact point;
    固定触点部件 stationary contact member;
    固定床铺 bunk (船上的);
    固定磁场加速器 {核子} fixed-field accelerator;
    固定磁盘 fixed disk;
    固定磁头 fixed head;
    固定磁针测量 {地测} fixed-needle surveying;
    固定词序 {语} rigid word-order;
    固定催化剂 fixed catalyst;
    固定存储器 {自} fixed storage; permanent storage; fixed memory; permanent memory; readout memory; non-erasable storage; non-volatile memory;
    固定存储器数据结构 fixed storage pattern;
    固定存储区 permanent storage area;
    固定错误 fixed error; solid error; permanent error;
    固定氮 fixed nitrogen;
    固定氮肥 fixed nitrogen fertilizer;
    固定挡板 fixed dam; stationary stop;
    固定刀 dead knife; stationary knife;
    固定刀架 immovable support;
    固定刀刃 counteredge;
    固定刀式刨床 fixed knife planer;
    固定刀头(单板)齐边机 fixed head jointer;
    固定导板 resting guide; stationary guide shoe;
    固定导航路线 constant navigation course;
    固定导叶 fixed guide vane; stay vane (水轮机的);
    固定灯 fixed light;
    固定灯丝 anchored filament;
    固定抵押品 fixed collateral;
    固定点 standpoint; {热} fixed points; bedding point;
    固定点火 fixed ignition;
    固定垫片 setting-up piece;
    固定电池 self-contained battery;
    固定电池组 stationary battery;
    固定电感 fixed inductance;
    固定电感器 fixed inductor;
    固定电话 hand-free telephone;
    固定电极法 {工} fixed-electrode method;
    固定电容 fixed capacity;
    固定电容器fixed capacitor; fixed condenser;
    固定电台 fixed radio station;
    固定电台通信 fixed service;
    固定电位 fixed potential;
    固定电位计 fixed potentiometer;
    固定电压 fixed voltage;
    固定电阻 fixed resistance; constant resistance;
    固定电阻电路 constant-resistance circuit;
    固定电阻放电 constant-resistance discharge;
    固定电阻器 fixed resistor; permanent resistor;
    固定订货期间模型 fixed order period model;
    固定订货数量模型 fixed-order quantity model;
    固定动力装置 rigidly-fixed power plant;
    固定动作模式 {动} fixed-action pattern;
    固定毒 fixed virus; virus fix;
    固定断裂点 fixed breakage point;
    固定锻炉 stationary forge;
    固定发动机 stationary engine;
    固定发射 fixed launch;
    固定发射场导弹 fixedsite missile;
    固定发射装置 fixed launcher;
    固定阀 {油工} standing valve;
    固定法兰盘 fixed flange; retention flange;
    固定反应 fixation reaction;
    固定范围 fixed range;
    固定防护装置 fixed-guard;
    固定费用 constant expense; standing exchange; standing charge;
    固定费用问题 {工管} fixed-charge problem;
    固定分保 obligatory reinsurance;
    固定分保合同 obligatory treaty; fixed treaty;
    固定分布 frozen-in distribution;
    固定分频器 fixed frequency divider;
    固定分压器 fixed potentiometer;
    固定符号表 permanent symbol table;
    固定辐射点 stationary radiant;
    固定赋值 fixed assignment;
    固定负荷 firm demand;
    固定负债 fixed liabilities;
    固定负债比率 ratio of fixed liabilities;
    固定负载 dead load; dead-weight; constant load;
    固定负载状态 continuous rating;
    固定干扰法 fixed interference method;
    固定杆 dead lever; fixed link;
    固定杆件 fixed beam;
    固定感应线圈 {电工} fixed inductor;
    固定高架起重机 fixed gantry;
    固定割样器 stationary cutter;
    固定格栅 stationary grizzly;
    固定格筛 {采矿} static grizzly;
    固定隔栅 stationary grate;
    固定给定值控制 fixed set point control;
    固定工 fixed worker;
    固定工资 regular wage; regular earnings; regular pay; fixed wage; guaranteed salary;
    固定工资制 fixed-wag system;
    固定拱 {建} fixed arch;
    固定钩 stay hook;
    固定构型 fixed configuration;
    固定观念 fixed idea;
    固定关键字方式 fixed key word mode;
    固定管板换热器 fixed-tube-sheet heat exchanger;
    固定光 {航海} fixed light;
    固定光位 {植} fixed-light position;
    固定规 fixed gauge;
    固定轨道加速器 fixed-orbit accelerator;
    固定滚筒 resting barrel;
    固定航空电台 aeronautical fixed station;
    固定航线 constant navigation course; regular shipping lines;
    固定虎钳 standing vice;
    固定护栏 nonfloating rail;
    固定互连布线 fixed interconnect wiring;
    固定滑车 fixed block;
    固定滑轮 fixed block; fast pulley;
    固定环形天线 fixed-loop aerial; fixed-loop antenna; fixed-coil antenna;
    固定簧眼 spring fixed eye;
    固定回波 fixed echo; stationary echo;
    固定汇兑平价 absolute par exchange; fixed par of exchange;
    固定汇价 fixed exchange;
    固定汇率 fixed exchange rate; fixed rate of exchange;
    固定火炮 fixed armament;
    固定基点 fixed base point;
    固定基极偏流 fixed base current bias;
    固定基极偏压 fixed base bias;
    固定基金 fixed fund;
    固定基面 fixed base;
    固定基期 fixed base;
    固定基数记数法 fixed radix scale; fixed radix notation;
    固定基准 fixed datum;
    固定机库 permanent hangar;
    固定机翼 stationary wing;
    固定奇点 fixed singular point;
    固定激活阴极 dispenser cathode;
    固定激励 constant excitation;
    固定棘爪 fixed pawl;
    固定挤压压力 stationary extrusion pressure;
    固定几何形状机翼 fixed wings;
    固定几何形状喷管 constant geometry nozzle;
    固定剂 fixative; fixing agent;
    固定计划 standing plans;
    固定加权 fixed weighting;
    固定夹 geometrical clamp; attaching clamp;
    固定夹板 strap;
    固定夹片 {房} tingle;
    固定夹钳 stationary clamp;
    固定架 {电磁} mount; fixed mount; holder; trave;
    固定价格 fixed price; regular price;
    固定价格协议 price-fixing agreement;
    固定假日 national holiday;
    固定监测站 fixed monitoring station;
    固定间隔 fixed intervals;
    固定碱 fixed base;
    固定减振器 fixed buffer;
    固定键 retaining key; solid key;
    固定件(装置) toggle;
    固定焦点 {摄} fixed-focus;
    固定焦距透镜 universal focus lens;
    固定角规 miter square;
    固定绞车 jinny;
    固定铰链 fixed hinge;
    固定矫正器 fixed appliance;
    固定接触 stationary contact;
    固定接地 dead earth; solid earthing;
    固定接点 fixed contact;
    固定接头 permanent joint;
    固定截面喷嘴 fixed-area nozzle;
    固定节流孔 fixed orifice;
    固定结合 rigid joint; lock-joint;
    固定结筛 fixed grizzly;
    固定介质 mounting medium;
    固定进给磨削 {机} fixed-feed grinding;
    固定静负荷挠曲 dead-load deflection;
    固定镜 fixed mirror;
    固定晶体 fixed crystal;
    固定晶体检波器 fixed crystal detector;
    固定距标发生器 fixed-range mark generator;
    固定锯卡 fixed guide;
    固定卷筒 dead block (拉丝机的);
    固定均衡器 fixed equalizer;
    固定开口环 retaining snap ring;
    固定开睑器 stop speculum;
    固定壳 {工} set casing;
    固定空气电容器 air fixed capacitor;
    固定孔径 constant aperture;
    固定矿石检波器 fixed crystal detector;
    固定劳动总量谬误 lump of labour fallacy;
    固定雷达 fixed radar;
    固定力矩 fixed end moment; {力} fixing moment; moment at fixed end; moment taken about the point of fixation;
    固定利息投资 fixed-interest investment;
    固定利息证券 fixed interest bearing securities;
    固定联结机构 fixed linkage mechanism;
    固定联结系统 fixed linkage system;
    固定梁 built-in beam; fixed beam;
    固定零点 fixed zero;
    固定零点系统 fixed zero system;
    固定溜槽 fixed chute;
    固定龙门起重机 fixed ga(u)ntry crane;
    固定炉板 furnace dead plate;
    固定炉蓖 dead grate;
    固定轮 {工} fast pulley; tight pulley;
    固定轮距 rigid wheel base;
    固定逻辑 {自} fixed logic;
    固定逻辑询问 fixed logic query;
    固定螺钉{电工} terminal screw; clamping screw; pinching screw; retaining screw; setting-up screw; fixing screw;
    固定螺母 hold-down nut;
    固定螺栓 fixed bolt; set bolt; standing bolt;
    固定路线 route;
    固定铆机 stationary riveting machine;
    固定帽 locking cap;
    固定煤气发生炉 simple stationary gas producer;
    固定美元计算数字 constant dollar estimates;
    固定苗圃 permanent nursery;
    固定瞄准器 fixed index;
    固定模拟 fixed-analog;
    固定木楔 canting quoin;
    固定目标 {军} fixed target; fixed objective;
    固定啮合齿轮 constant mesh gear;
    固定镊 fixation forceps;
    固定扭矩 even twisting moment;
    固定排量泵 fixed-displacement pump;
    固定抛物反射面 fixed parabolic reflector;
    固定炮位 {军} fixed emplacement; permanent emplacement;
    固定配合 heavy keying fit; stationary fit;
    固定配件 standing finish;
    固定喷嘴 fixed nozzle; static jet;
    固定膨胀 {工} fixed expansion;
    固定偏流 fixed bias;
    固定偏心轮 {工} fixed eccentric;
    固定偏压 {电子} fixed bias; clamp bias;
    固定偏压晶体管电路 {电子} fixed-bias transistor circuit;
    固定偏转系统 fixed deflecting system; fixed yoke;
    固定偏转线圈 fixed deflection coil; fixed deflecting coil;
    固定胼胝体 definitive callus;
    固定平极 fixed mean pole;
    固定平价 fixed parity;
    固定平台 fixed platform;
    固定屏幕 fixed mask;
    固定谱系顺序 fixed-set order;
    固定起重机 stationary crane; stationary derrick;
    固定起重器 built-in jack;
    固定器 fixator;
    固定卡爪 stationary jaw;
    固定卡销 hold-open catch;
    固定钳口 regular jaw;
    固定桥 {土} fixed bridge;
    固定球面射电望远镜 fixed spherical radio telescope;
    固定区域 {自} fixed area;
    固定取样检测器 fixed-sample detector;
    固定曲线法 method of steady graph;
    固定燃料发动机 dry-fuel engine;
    固定燃料箱 fixed fuel tank;
    固定染料 fixed dye;
    固定任务数多道程序设计 multiprogramming with a fixed number of tasks;
    固定容量 fixed capacity;
    固定熔点 definite melting point;
    固定散射中心近似 fixed scattering centres approximation;
    固定砂箱 tight flask;
    固定沙丘 {地质} anchored dune; fixed dune; bult;
    固定筛 gravity flow screen; stationary screen;
    固定栅压振荡器 constant-gridpotential oscillator;
    固定商品陈列架 display stand;
    固定商业网 fixed commerce network;
    固定射击 fixed fire;
    固定设备 permanent plant; plant equipment; capital equipment;
    固定设备设计 stationary equipment design;
    固定射束 holding beam;
    固定伸臂起重机 stiff-boom crane;
    固定十进制小数点 fixed decimal point;
    固定石 {地质} anchor stone;
    固定时间序列 stationary time series;
    固定时序计算机 fixed sequence computer;
    固定时延 fixed delay;
    固定时延输出 fixed-delay output;
    固定时滞 fixed time lag;
    固定矢量 fixed vector;
    固定收益 constant return; settled income;
    固定枢轴 fixed pivot;
    固定术 pexis; pexia; -desis;
    固定数字组格式 fixed-block format (计算机);
    固定衰减器 {电子} fixed attenuator; pad;
    固定双位继电器 throw-over relay;
    固定栓 gim peg;
    固定水准点 permanent bench mark;
    固定税率 autonomous tariff; statutory tariff;
    固定税率制 general tariff system;
    固定丝锥扳手 solid tap wrench;
    固定素(株)(狂犬病)fixed strain;
    固定速率信源 fixed-rate source;
    固定酸 fixed acid;
    固定顺序格式 fixed sequential format;
    固定顺序机器人 limited sequence robot; fixed-sequence robot;
    固定损失 dead loss; fixed loss (与负载无关的);
    固定索具 {船} standing rigging;
    固定台 fixed station;
    固定探向器 stationary direction finder;
    固定碳 fixed carbon;
    固定天平 fixed weigher;
    固定天线 fixed antenna;
    固定天线测向器 fixed antenna direction finder;
    固定调谐板电路 fixed tuned plate circuit;
    固定调谐放大器 fixed-tuned amplifier;
    固定调谐晶体检波器 fixed-stuned crystal detector;
    固定调谐阻塞放电管 fixed tuned antitransmit-receive tube; fixed-tuned ATR tube;
    固定跳闸 {电工} fixed-handle circuit breaker; fixed-trip;
    固定同轴衰减器 fixed coaxial attenuator;
    固定投入 fixed i nput;
    固定图案法 fixed pattern method;
    固定凸缘 holding flange; retainer flange; cast flange;
    固定脱水筛 {采矿} fixed dewatering screen;
    固定万向节 permanent universal joint;
    固定尾座顶尖 stationary tailstock center;
    固定位置 stall;
    固定位置寻址 {自} fixed-position addressing;
    固定卫星 fixed satellite;
    固定污染源 stationary pollution source;
    固定无线电导航业务 aeronautical fixed radio service;
    固定无线电台 fixed radio station;
    固定无形资产 fixed intangible assets;
    固定物 fixture;
    固定误差 fixed error; solid error;
    固定卧式柴油机 stationary horizontal diesel engines;
    固定洗脱液 fixed eluant;
    固定系泊泊位 fixed mooring berth;
    固定下冲杆 stationary lower punch;
    固定舷窗 bull's eye; deadlight; fixed light;
    固定线管 fixed spool;
    固定线圈 fixed coil;
    固定向量 fixed vector;
    固定像差 constant aberration;
    固定销 {工} steady pin; adjusting pin; prisoner; static pin; steady brace; fast pin;
    固定卸料板 positive stripper; positive unloading stripper;
    固定芯棒 stationary core rod;
    固定信号 fixed signal; steady signal;
    固定信号机 fixed signal;
    固定信息文件 fixed information file;
    固定信息源 stationary information source; stationary message source;
    固定信息组 fixed field;
    固定形式编码 fixed form coding;
    固定修正量 fixed correction;
    固定需量收费制 flat demand rate;
    固定循环 canned cycle;
    固定压力中心 stationary centre of pressure;
    固定音形 {音} ostinato;
    固定盐度生物 stenohaline;
    固定延迟 fixed delay;
    固定延迟双稳态多谐振荡器 fixed delay flip-flop;
    固定延迟线 fixed delay line;
    固定延时 constant time lag;
    固定业务 fixed service;
    固定业务卫星通信 fixed service satellite communication;
    固定叶列 stationary blade row;
    固定叶栅 stationary cascade;
    固定液 fixer; fixative; stationary liquid;
    固定移相器 fixed phase shifter;
    固定蚁场 fixed rearing yards for newly hatched worms;
    固定音型 ostinato figure;
    固定印料板 stationary stripper;
    固定用凸缘 clamping flange;
    固定油 {材} fixed oil;
    固定油基 fixed oil radicals;
    固定预备林 fixed reserve forest;
    固定预分配多址 fixed preassigned multiple access;
    固定预算 fixed budget;
    固定源熵 fixed source entropy;
    固定圆形淘汰盘 dumb buddle;
    固定载荷 constantly acting load; fixed load; seating load;
    固定增益阻尼 fixed-gain damping;
    固定轧碎机 stationary crusher;
    固定闸杆 dead brake lever;
    固定闸杆导承 dead brake lever guide;
    固定闸门 fixed gate;
    固定爪 fixed claw; fixed jaw; holding pawl; solid jaw; stationary dog; stationary pawl;
    固定照明 priming illumination;
    固定辙叉 stiff frog;
    固定振动图像 mode;
    固定阵列法 fixed array method;
    固定振幅载波 constant-amplitude carrier;
    固定证券价格 pegging;
    固定支点 fixed pivot;
    固定支架 fixed support; stationary barrier; steady rest;
    固定支座 hold-down support;
    固定指标问题 fixed-charge problem;
    固定指令控制 fixed command control;
    固定指针导线 {工} fixed-needle traverse;
    固定中心架 {工} back rest; back stay; steady; stationary steady; steady centre rest;
    固定中心距变速齿轮系 fixed-centre change gears;
    固定重音 {语} fixed accent; fixed stress;
    固定轴 fixed axis; stationary axis; stationary shaft;
    固定轴衬 fixed bushing;
    固定轴承 rigid bearing;
    固定轴距 inflexible wheel base;
    固定主动轴 rigid drive shaft;
    固定主要离子法 fixed primary ion method;
    固定柱 fixed leg;
    固定装置 fixing device; setting mechanism; retainer;
    固定装置物 {建} fixture;
    固定桌 table dormant;
    固定资金 fixed fund;
    固定子群 fixed subgroup;
    固定字长 fixed word length;
    固定字长计算机 fixed word length computer;
    固定字段 fixed field;
    固定字段方法 {自} fixed-field method;
    固定纵向垫板条 footling;
    固定组成指数 invariable weighting index number;
    固定阻抗部件 constant-impedance unit;
    固定阻抗调整器 constant impedance regulator;
    固定作用 fixation; immobilization;
    固定座 permanent seat;
    固定坐标 fixed coordinates;
    固定坐标系 fixed-coordinate system
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    固定|固定 [gù dìng] ► to fix ► to fasten ► to set rigidly in place ► fixed ► set ► regular

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    【计】 internation
    相关词组: 共产国际
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    guo2 ji4
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    guó jì
    第一(第二; 第三)国际 First (Second; Third) International
    国际埃 {物} international angstrom (IA);
    国际安培 (等于 0.999835安) international ampere;
    国际百万分之一地图 millionth-scale map of the world;
    国际百万分之一世界地图 international map of world on million scale;
    国际保证 international guarantee;
    国际报价 international quotation of price;
    国际比对 international comparison;
    国际博览会 international fair;
    国际补救方法 international remedies;
    国际不法行为 international delinquency; internationally wrongful act;
    国际财团 consortium;
    国际财政划账所 clearing house for the world;
    国际承包和分包形式 form of international contracting and sub-contracting;
    国际承诺 international undertaking (commitment);
    国际储备 international reserve;
    国际储备货币 international reserve currency;
    国际储备松驰 international reserve ease;
    国际储备资产 international reserve assets;
    国际储存 international stock;
    国际储存安排 international stocking arrangements;
    国际传输网 international networks;
    国际磁学会议 Intermag conference;
    国际大家庭 family of nations;
    国际大米委员会 International Rice Commission;
    国际大师 international master;
    国际大石油公司 majors; major oil companies;
    国际代数语言 international algebraic language;
    国际单位 international unit (IU);
    国际单位制 International System of Units; {物} Système international d'Unites (SI);
    国际道路 international road;
    国际地磁参考场 international geomagnetic reference field;
    国际地磁指数 international magnetic character figure;
    国际地带 international zone;
    国际地球物理年 International Geophysical Year (IGY);
    国际地位 international status;
    国际地震中心报告 Bulletins of International Seismological Centre;
    国际震动资料汇编 international seismological summary;
    国际电报 international telegram;
    国际电报系统 international telegraph system;
    国际电报字母 CCIT 2 code; international telegraph alphabet; {讯} International Telegraphic Consultative Committee code 2;
    国际电工单位制 international system of electrical units;
    国际电话 overseas call;
    国际电话交换机 international toll switching system;
    国际电话局 international exchange;
    国际电路 international circuit;
    国际电码 international code;
    国际电码信号 {讯} international code signal;
    国际电气单位 international system of electrical units;
    国际电视组织 international television organization;
    国际电信 international telecommunication;
    国际电信联盟 International Telecommunication Union (ITU);
    国际电信业务 {讯} international telecommunication service;
    国际电学单位 {电工} international electrical units;
    国际电影节 international films festival;
    国际都市 cosmopolis;
    国际短期资本流动 movement of international short-term capital;
    国际额定马力 international rated horsepower;
    国际2号电码 international alphabet No.2;
    国际发照办法 international licensing arrangements;
    国际法 international law; the law of nations;
    国际法人 international person;
    国际法拉 international farad;
    国际法律委员会 International Law Commission;
    国际法学会 International Law Association;
    国际法院 International Court of Justice;
    国际贩毒网 international drug trafficking ring;
    国际分保业务 international reinsurance;
    国际分工(论) international division of labor;
    国际分工体系 put the division of labor on an international basis;
    国际分析电码 {气} international analysis code (IAC);
    国际服装节 The International Festival;
    国际复兴开发银行 International Bank for Reconstruction and Development;
    国际复兴开发银行协定条款 Article of Agreement of the International Reviving and Developing Bank;
    国际符号 international symbols;
    国际伏特 international volt;
    国际负债 international indebtedness;
    国际辅助语 interlingua; auxiliary language;
    国际妇女年 international women's year;
    国际更正权 international right of correction;
    国际工会组织 international trade union organization;
    国际工人协会 international workingmen's association;
    国际工业标准分类 International Standard Industrial Classification;
    国际公法 international public law; public international law;
    国际公路车辆运输规则 Transport International Routier (TIR);
    国际公路货物运输公约 CMB;
    国际公路运输协会 International Road Transport Union (IRTU);
    国际公司 international corporation;
    国际公务人员 international civil servant;
    国际公约 international convention;
    国际共产主运动 the international communist movement;
    国际共管 international condominium;
    国际共同语 world-wide interlanguage;
    国际管理频带 {讯} international control frequency band;
    国际管辖权 international jurisdiction;
    国际惯例 international practice; international usage;
    国际光子 luxon;
    国际海里 {航海} international nautical mile;
    国际海上避碰规则 International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea;
    国际海上人身安全公约 International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea;
    国际海事法 International Maritime Law;
    国际海事通信卫星 inmarsat;
    国际海事委员会 International Maritime Committee;
    国际海峡 international straits;
    国际海洋法 maritime international law;
    国际海域 international waters;
    国际海员俱乐部 international seamen's club;
    国际海运量 international seaborne freight traffic;
    国际海运商会 International Chamber of Shipping;
    国际航道 international navigational route; international waterway;
    国际航空运输协定 I.A.T.A. (International Air Transport Association);
    国际航线飞机保险 insurance for aircraft on international routes;
    国际航运保险联合会 International Union of Marine Insurance;
    国际航运公约 international shipping convention;
    国际航运立法 international shipping legislation;
    国际航运商会 International Chamber of Shipping;
    国际航运组织 International Navigation Transportation Organization;
    国际核协定 international nuclear agreement;
    国际和平会议 international peace conference;
    国际和平奖金 international peace prize;
    国际和平年 International Year of Peace;
    国际合作 cooperation among nations;
    国际河流 international rivers;
    国际呼号 international call letters;
    国际化 internationalization;
    国际黄金总库 international gold pool;
    国际会议 international conference;
    国际汇兑 international remittance and exchange;
    国际汇兑银行 foreign exchange bank;
    国际汇票 international bill of exchange;
    国际货物买卖法 law of the international sale of goods;
    国际货物买卖合同 contract of international sale of goods;
    国际货物买卖合同成立统一法 Uniform Law on the Formation of Contracts for the International Sale of Goods;
    国际货运班机 interline carrier;
    国际基准器 international standards;
    国际机场 international airport;
    国际机构 international machinery;
    国际极年 {气} International Polar Year;
    国际集装箱安全公约 International Convention for Safe Container;
    国际集装箱运输公司 Container Transport International;
    国际技术转让 international transfer of technology;
    国际计量大会 General Conference of Weights and Measures;
    国际计量单位 international units of measurement;
    国际加里森集团 Garrison Group International (美国);
    国际价值 international value;
    国际监督 international control;
    国际监督和视察制度 international system of control and inspection;
    国际焦耳 international joule;
    国际交换 international exchange (图书);
    国际交流署 International Communication Agency (ICA);
    国际教育 international education;
    国际解决办法 international settlement;
    国际借贷 Balance of International Indebtedness; international borrowing;
    国际借贷差额 balance of international indebtedness;
    国际借贷说 theory of international indebtedness;
    国际金块本位 international gold bullion standard;
    国际金融 international finance;
    国际金融公司 International Finance Corporation;
    国际金融机构 international financial institution;
    国际金融危机 international financial crisis;
    国际金融制度 international financial system;
    国际金融中心 international financial centre;
    国际经济关系 international economic relations;
    国际经济合作 international economic cooperation;
    国际经济合作银行 International Bank for Economic Co-operation;
    国际经济合作组织 Organization for International Economic Cooperation;
    国际经济会议 international economic conference;
    国际经济交流 international economic interflow;
    国际经济学 international economics;
    国际经济秩序 international economic order;
    国际经济综合体 international economic complex;
    国际经营机会 opportunity for international operation;
    国际军事关系 international military relation;
    国际卡特尔 international cartel;
    国际开发署 International Development Agency;
    国际开发协会 International Development Association;
    国际恐怖组织 international terrorist organization;
    国际控制电台 {讯} international control station;
    国际快邮 international express mail service parcel sorting;
    国际劳动补偿办法 international labor compensatory facility;
    国际劳工组织 International Labour Organization;
    国际劳务合作 international co-operation in labour;
    国际礼让 comity of nations;
    国际立法 international legislation;
    国际联测 international conjunction;
    国际联盟 League of Nations (1920-1949);
    国际列车 international train;
    国际流动性偏好 {经} international liquidity preference;
    国际流通手段 international liquidity;
    国际垄断同盟 international monopoly combine;
    国际垄断组织 international monopoly;
    国际陆运货物公约 CMR Convention (Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road);
    国际旅游节 International Tourism Festival;
    国际旅游局 International Tourist Bureau;
    国际旅游年 Year of International Travel (Tourism);
    国际螺距规 international screw pitch gauge;
    国际马力 international horsepower;
    国际麦(克斯韦) international maxwell;
    国际米原器 international prototype metre;
    国际民法 international civil law;
    国际民航组织 International Civil Aviation Organization;
    国际模拟 international simulation;
    国际磨擦 international friction;
    国际莫尔斯电码 international Morse code;
    国际能源计划 International Energy Programme;
    国际能源组织 International Energy Agency Program;
    国际宁静太阳年 {地物} International Quiet Sun Year (IQSY); the International Year of the Quiet Sun;
    国际欧(姆) international ohm;
    国际平衡 international equilibrium;
    国际汽车大赛 a series of international formula car races; Grand Prix;
    国际侵权行为 international delinquency;
    国际千克原器 international prototype kilogram;
    国际青年合作 international youth cooperation;
    国际青年年 International Youth Year (IYY);
    国际青年友谊运动 games of the world festival of youth and students for peace and friendship;
    国际青年组织 international youth organization;
    国际清偿能力 international liquidity;
    国际清算 international clearing;
    国际清算基金组织 International Settlement Fund;
    国际清算银行 Bank for International Settlement;
    国际区站号 {气} international index numbers;
    国际人权公约 (1966) covenants on human rights;
    国际日期变更线 international date line;
    国际筛规 international sieve unit;
    国际商法 law of international trade;
    国际商会 International Chamber of Commerce;
    国际商品储存 international commodity stock;
    国际商品协定 international commodity agreement;
    国际商业术语 international commercial terms;
    国际商用机器公司 (美国) International Business Machines Corporation;
    国际社会 international community;
    国际生产综合体 international complex introduction;
    国际十进位分类法 Universal Decimal Classification (UDC);
    国际时间局 International Time Bureau;
    国际时间协调 international time coordination;
    国际实用单位制 international practical system of units;
    国际实用温标 international practical temperature scale;
    国际世界语协会 Universal Esperanto Association (UEA);
    国际式建筑 international architecture;
    国际事务 international affairs;
    国际收入差额 balance of international payments;
    国际摔跤 international wrestling;
    国际双重征税 international double taxation;
    国际水道 international waterway;
    国际水平 international standards;
    国际水文计划 international hydrological programme;
    国际水文十年 international hydrological decade;
    国际私法 international private law;
    国际太阳宁静年 international quiet solar year;
    国际特赦组织 Amnesty International;
    国际天气电码 {气} international synoptic code;
    国际调整 intercountry adjustments;
    国际调整步骤 process of international adjustment;
    国际通话 international call;
    国际通信 international communication;
    国际通信卫星组织 {讯} intelsat (缩自 international telecommunications satellite);
    国际通信业务 international telecommunication service;
    国际通讯组织 international communications organization;
    国际通用单位制 international system of units (SI);
    国际统一私法学会 International Institute for the Unification of Private Law (UNIPROIT);
    国际统一战线 international united front;
    国际投资 international investment;
    国际投资托拉斯 international investment trust;
    国际椭球 international earth ellipsoid;
    国际瓦特 international watt;
    国际外汇危机 international exchange crisis;
    国际网络(系统) international system;
    国际纬度站 International Latitude Station;
    国际温标 international scale of temperature;
    国际文化关系 international cultural relation;
    国际文书(件) international instrument;
    国际无线电通信会议 International Telecommunication Convention;
    国际5号电码 international alphabet No. 5;
    国际舞台 international arena;
    国际习惯 international custom;
    国际习惯法 customary international law;
    国际宪兵 international gendarme;
    国际线路 international circuit;
    国际象棋 chess;
    国际协议原点 Conventional International Origin;
    国际辛迪加 international syndicate;
    国际新闻 international news;
    国际新闻组织 international press organization;
    国际信号代码 international code of signals;
    国际信息处理学会 International Federation for Information Processing;
    国际星等制 International Magnitude System;
    国际刑法 international criminal law;
    国际刑警组织 interpol (=International Criminal Police Organization);
    国际形势 international situation;
    国际学生统一战线 international students united front;
    国际学生周 international students' week;
    国际学生组织 international student organization;
    国际学生组织统一论 “unity of the international student organizations” thesis;
    国际业务 international service;
    国际音标 International Phonetic Alphabet (I.P.A.); international phonetic transcription;
    国际银行间的存款 international interbank deposits;
    国际银团贷款 international syndicated loans;
    国际影响 international repercussions; impact abroad;
    国际用户电报业务 international telex service;
    国际邮政联盟 International Postal Union;
    国际语 interlingua;
    国际语言学家会议 international congress of linguists;
    国际语音科学会议 international conference of phonetic science;
    国际舆论 world opinion;
    国际遇险呼救频率 international distress frequency;
    国际遇险求救电码 international distress code;
    国际原器 international prototype;
    国际原子量 international atomic weight;
    国际原子能机构协定 IAEA agreement;
    国际原子能组织 International Atomic Energy Agency;
    国际原子时标 International Atomic Time Scale;
    国际原子时间 {钟} international atomic time (IAT);
    国际运河 international canal;
    国际运输 international transport;
    国际运输业者 international freight forwarders;
    国际载重线公约 International Load Line Convention;
    国际债务差额 balance of international indebtedness;
    国际展览会 international exhibition;
    国际招标 international bidding;
    国际蒸汽表 international steam table;
    国际争端 international dispute;
    国际政治关系 international political relation;
    国际政治组织 international political organization;
    国际支付货币 international payment currency;
    国际支付清算 settlement of international payment;
    国际支付手段 medium of international payment;
    国际直拨电话 International Direct Dial (IDD) telephone;
    国际制裁 international sanction;
    国际中断 international program change relay;
    国际重力公式 {地测} international gravity formula;
    国际重力基准网 international gravity standard network;
    国际仲裁 international arbitration;
    国际仲裁会议 international arbitration congress;
    国际烛光 {光} international candle; standard candle;
    国际专业化 specialization on an international scale; international specialization;
    国际准备过剩 international reserve ease;
    国际准备库 pool of international reserves;
    国际准则 international standards;
    国际咨询委员会 Comité Consultatif International;
    国际资产管理 international asset management;
    国际字符组 national character set;
    国际走私 international smuggling;
    国际租界 international concession;
    国际租借 international lease;
    国际组织 international organization
    * * *
    國際|国际 [guó jì] ► international

    Chinese-English dictionary > 国际

  • 75 圆周

    * * *
    circle; circumference
    【医】 verge
    相关词组: 圆周的
    * * *
    circle; circumference
    * * *
    n. circumference
    * * *
    yuan2 zhou1
    * * *
    yuán zhōu
    circle; periphery; circumference:
    圆周上的一点 a point on the circumference;
    地球的圆周约为25,000英里。 The earth's circumference is about 25,000 miles.
    圆周测量器 circumeter;
    圆周长 circumference;
    圆周定位螺丝 circumferential register screw;
    圆周分速度 peripheral component of velocity;
    圆周规 circumference gauge;
    圆周滑动卡尺 circumference slide callipers;
    圆周回转 circumgyration;
    圆周角 angle of circumference; angle in a circular segment; circumferential angle;
    圆周聚焦式倍增系统 circular-focused dynode system;
    圆周积分 circulation integral;
    圆周加速度 circular acceleration;
    圆周进给 rotary feed;
    圆周力 force of periphery;
    圆周率(π) ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter; pi;
    圆周罗盘 circumferentor;
    圆周磨削 peripheral grinding;
    圆周频率 circular frequency;
    圆周切线 tangent to periphery;
    圆周扫描 {工} circular scanning;
    圆周扫描调制盘 circulary-scanning reticle;
    圆周速度 peripheral speed; peripheral velocity;
    圆周凸轮 peripheral cam;
    圆周线 circumference;
    圆周应变 circumferential strain;
    圆周应力 hoop stress;
    圆周运动 circular motion; circling motion; round
    * * *
    圓周|圆周 [yuán zhōu] ► circumference

    Chinese-English dictionary > 圆周

  • 76 圆柱

    * * *
    【医】 cast; cyl.; cylinder
    相关词组: 圆柱的
    * * *
    * * *
    n. column, cylinder
    * * *
    yuan2 zhu4
    column, cylinder
    * * *
    yuán zhù
    circular column; cylinder:
    白色大理石圆柱 white marble column
    圆柱测径规 cylindrical plug ga(u)ge;
    圆柱成对密立(式) accouplement;
    圆柱齿轮 cylindrical gear;
    圆柱等积投影 {地理} cylindrical equal area projection;
    圆柱电极 cylinder electrode;
    圆柱顶板 abacus;
    圆柱度 cylindricity;
    圆柱度测量 cylindricity measurement;
    圆柱段 cylindrical section;
    圆柱对称 cylindrical symmetry;
    圆柱对称性 cylindrosymmetry;
    圆柱浮标 spar buoy;
    圆柱规 cylindrical gauge;
    圆柱滚子 cylindrical roller;
    圆柱滚子轴承 cylinder roller bearing;
    圆柱函数 cylindrical function;
    圆柱黄晶 pycnite;
    圆柱集 cylinder set;
    圆柱键 round key;
    圆柱绿泥石 picnochlorite;
    圆柱螺旋线 circular helix;
    圆柱塞规 plug gauge;
    圆柱声盘 cylindrical record;
    圆柱投影 conic projection; cylindrical projection;
    圆柱凸轮 cylindrical cam; drum cam;
    圆柱蜗杆 cylindrical worm;
    圆柱锡石(矿) cylindrite;
    圆柱铣刀 cylindrical milling cutter;
    圆柱铣刀铣外圆 Rotamiller;
    圆柱细穗草 thintail;
    圆柱谐振腔 cylinder resonator;
    圆柱性 cylindricity;
    圆柱阵 cylindrical array;
    圆柱正形投影 conformal cylindrical projection;
    圆柱轴颈 cylindrical journal;
    圆柱钻 cylinder bit;
    圆柱坐标 cylindrical coordinate;
    圆柱坐标系 cylindrical-coordinate system;
    圆柱坐标机器人 cylindrical coordinates robot
    * * *
    圓柱|圆柱 [yuán zhù] ► column ► cylinder

    Chinese-English dictionary > 圆柱

  • 77 圆盘

    * * *
    【电】 disc
    * * *
    disc; disk
    * * *
    n. disk, disc
    * * *
    yuan2 pan2
    * * *
    yuán pán
    disk; disc; platform; roundel; roundle; phalera; circular disc:
    金属圆盘 a metal disk
    圆盘凹度 disk dish;
    圆盘耙 disc harrow;
    圆盘比色剂 disc comparator;
    圆盘播种机 disc drill;
    圆盘除草器 disc weeder;
    圆盘存储器 disk memory; disk storage; {电子} magnetic disk storage;
    圆盘刀具 circular cutter;
    圆盘刀片的心轴 knife arbor;
    圆盘导翼阀 wing valve;
    圆盘电极 disk electrode;
    圆盘电枢 built-up rotor;
    圆盘钉 {钟} impulse pallet;
    圆盘翻土机 clay buster;
    圆盘翻转双向犁 reversible disk plow;
    圆盘过滤器 disk filter;
    圆盘规 disk gauge;
    圆盘滚刀 disk hob;
    圆盘花饰 bezantee;
    圆盘缓冲器 side buffer;
    圆盘混料机 disk mixer;
    圆盘给料机 disk feeder;
    圆盘剪 circle shear;
    圆盘剪床 circular shears;
    圆盘精研机 disk refiner;
    圆盘锯 circular saw;
    圆盘开沟铲 disc furrower;
    圆盘开沟器 disk coulter;
    圆盘犁 disc plow;
    圆盘离合器 disc clutch;
    圆盘联轴节 lamination coupling;
    圆盘录像 video disc recording;
    圆盘面积仪 disk planimeter;
    圆盘磨床 disk grinder;
    圆盘磨光机 {机} disk sander;
    圆盘摩擦阻力 disk friction;
    圆盘碾磨机 disk mill;
    圆盘排种式条播机 plate-feed drill;
    圆盘培土器 disc hiller;
    圆盘扫描 disc scanning; disk scanning;
    圆盘烧结机 disk sintering machine;
    圆盘水母部 disconanthae;
    圆盘天线 disk aerial;
    圆盘线脚 torus;
    圆盘信号机 disk signalling; disk signal; disc signal;
    圆盘衍(绕)射 diffraction by disc;
    圆盘制粒 disk pelletizing
    * * *
    圓盤|圆盘 [yuán pán] ► disk

    Chinese-English dictionary > 圆盘

  • 78 块规

    slip gauge; gauge block
    * * *
    【化】 gage block; gauge block
    * * *
    kuai4 gui1
    a gauge block (block for accurate measurement)
    * * *
    kuài guī
    {机} block gauge; end block; gauge block; gauge parallel; parallel gauge (block); set block; slip gauge
    块规夹持器 block holder;
    块规夹子 block holder
    * * *
    塊規|块规 [kuài guī] ► a gauge block (block for accurate measurement)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 块规

  • 79 坚硬

    hard; solid; rigid
    * * *
    flintiness; hardness; rigidity; solidity; steel; stiffness
    相关词组: 坚硬的
    * * *
    adamancy; flintiness; hardness; rigidity; solidity; stiffness
    * * *
    adj. hard, solid
    v. callous
    * * *
    jian1 ying4
    hard, solid
    * * *
    jiān yìng
    hard; solid; stiffness; rigidity; flintiness:
    坚硬的岩石 solid rock; rag
    坚硬板条 rocklath;
    坚硬保护层 skeleton;
    坚硬层 solid bed;
    坚硬顶板 tight roof;
    坚硬度 flintiness;
    坚硬钢筋 stiff reinforcement;
    坚硬基岩 firm ground;
    坚硬炼渣 {房} adamantine clinkers;
    坚硬鹿角掌 rainbow cactus;
    坚硬面包果 monkey-jack;
    坚硬木材 {植} stonewood; ironwood;
    坚硬粘土 gumbo; gombo;
    坚硬粘土岩 bina;
    坚硬砂岩 peldon;
    坚硬体 sterosome;
    坚硬岩石 hard rock
    * * *
    堅硬|坚硬 [jiān yìng] ► hard ► solid

    Chinese-English dictionary > 坚硬

  • 80 基体

    【化】 matrix
    【医】 basal body; basal corpuscle
    * * *
    ji1 ti3
    base body, matrix, substrate
    * * *
    jī tǐ
    {化} matrix; {植; 动} basal body; mer
    基体材料 matrix material;
    基体金属 {工} parent metal; base metal; matrix metal;
    基体颗粒 blapharoplast;
    基体量 (塑料) mer weight;
    基体效应 matrix effect;
    基体硬度 matrix hardness;
    基体组织 {冶} matrix
    * * *
    基體|基体 [jī tǐ] ► base body ► matrix ► substrate

    Chinese-English dictionary > 基体

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