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canadian hardness-gauge

  • 461 努森真空计

    nǔ sēn zhēn kōng jì
    {工} Knudsen gauge; Knudsen vacuum gauge

    Chinese-English dictionary > 努森真空计

  • 462 炮眼

    porthole; embrasure, blasthole; dynamite hole; borehole
    * * *
    embrasure; port; porthole; shot hole
    * * *
    embrasure; shot hole
    * * *
    n. porthole, embrasure, blast hole, borehole
    * * *
    pào yǎn
    {军} porthole; embrasure; port
    {矿} blasthole; dynamite hole; borehole
    炮眼比 blasthole ratio;
    炮眼布置 {采矿} hole layout; blasting hole arrangement;
    炮眼擦拭棍 wiper;
    炮眼导向架 {采矿} burden gauge; hole director;
    炮眼底 hole bottom;
    炮眼封泥棒 {工} stemming rod; tamping rod;
    炮眼刮杓 {采矿} sludger;
    炮眼间隔距规 pole strip;
    炮眼口 {采矿} heel; heel of a shot;
    炮眼清除棒 fluke;
    炮眼清除器 drag;
    炮眼塞 {工} tamping plug;
    炮眼掏管 {采矿} chambering;
    炮眼套管 shothole casing;
    炮眼尾部 heel of a shot;
    炮眼针 {工} miner's needle; needle; pricker;
    炮眼钻 {机} shothole drill;
    炮眼钻头 blast hole bit;
    炮眼装药 {采矿} blasthole charge; charge;
    炮眼组 volley; round

    Chinese-English dictionary > 炮眼

  • 463 喷力计

    pēn lì jì
    jet gauge

    Chinese-English dictionary > 喷力计

  • 464 喷丸

    pēn wán
    shot blasting
    喷丸除锈 shot peening;
    喷丸(硬化)处理 {冶} cloudburst treatment;
    喷丸机 compressed air shotblasting machine;
    喷丸强化 shot peening strengthening;
    喷丸清理滚筒 rotoblast barrel;
    喷丸清理机 pneumatic shot blast machine;
    喷丸清理转台 table blast;
    喷丸清砂 blast cleaning;
    喷丸室 wheel abrator cabinet;
    喷丸(硬化处理)试验 cloudburst test;
    喷丸硬化法 {冶} peening;
    喷丸硬度试验 {冶} cloudburst hardness test

    Chinese-English dictionary > 喷丸

  • 465 汽压

    steam pressure
    【机】 steam pressure
    相关词组: 增高汽压
    * * *
    steam pressure
    * * *
    qì yā
    vapour pressure; vapour tension
    汽压常数 vapour pressure constant;
    汽压计旋塞 steam gauge cock;
    汽压计座 steam gauge stand;
    汽压曲线 vapour tension curve

    Chinese-English dictionary > 汽压

  • 466 千分表

    dial gauge; dial indicator
    * * *
    qiān fēn biǎo
    dial gauge; amesdial; dial gage; dial indicator; clock gauge
    千分表切削深度调整 micrometer cutting depth adjustment

    Chinese-English dictionary > 千分表

  • 467 前轴

    qián zhóu
    前轴档 front axle bumper;
    前轴对准工具 front axle aligning tool;
    前轴方形转向架 steering axle quadrangle;
    前轴架 front axle bracket;
    前轴距规 front axle truing gauge;
    前轴面 {晶} front pinacoid;
    前轴之前 ahead of front axle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 前轴

  • 468 轻量

    qīng liàng
    light weight
    轻量电缆 light weight cable;
    轻量封装 {半} lightweight package;
    轻量货品 light cargo;
    轻量级 {体} lightweight;
    轻量型钢 light gauge steel;
    轻量运输船 light-weight shipment

    Chinese-English dictionary > 轻量

  • 469 全压强

    quán yā qiáng
    total pressure
    全压强真空计 total pressure vacuum gauge

    Chinese-English dictionary > 全压强

  • 470 热压力

    rè yā lì
    thermal pressure
    热压力计 heat gauge

    Chinese-English dictionary > 热压力

  • 471 韧硬兼蓄

    rèn yìng jiān xù
    have both the quality of tenacity and hardness

    Chinese-English dictionary > 韧硬兼蓄

  • 472 熔丝

    【化】 fuse; fuse wire
    * * *
    róng sī
    fuse; fuse wire; thermal element
    熔丝报警 fuse alarm;
    熔丝灯 {电} cartridge lamp;
    熔丝断路器 fusible circuit breaker; fuse cut-out;
    熔丝更换器 fuse tongs;
    熔丝管 fuse tube; cartridge fuse;
    熔丝规 fuse guage; fuse cutter;
    熔丝盒 fuse block;
    熔丝架 hook guard;
    熔丝开关 fuse-switch;
    熔丝盘 fuseboard;
    熔丝切断器 fuse gauge; fuse cutter;
    熔丝熔断电流 fusing current;
    熔丝信号 fuse signal

    Chinese-English dictionary > 熔丝

  • 473 塞规

    plug gauge
    * * *
    plug guage
    【机】 plug gauge
    * * *
    plug guage
    * * *
    sāi guī
    {机} {设计} male gauge; feeler gauge; plug gauge; chock gauge; gauge plug

    Chinese-English dictionary > 塞规

  • 474 塞孔

    * * *
    sāi kǒng
    {电工} consent; pin hole; connector; tip jack; latch; jack; plug socket
    塞孔簧片 switch springs;
    塞孔量规 plug gauge;
    塞孔盘 jack panel;
    塞孔圈 jack ring;
    塞孔套 sleeve of jack;
    塞孔套管 socket of jack

    Chinese-English dictionary > 塞孔

  • 475 砂芯

    【化】 sand core
    * * *
    shā xīn
    砂芯烘架 core shelf;
    砂芯填料 core filler;
    砂芯硬度计 core hardness tester;
    砂芯粘合 pasting of core;
    砂芯粘合膏 core paste

    Chinese-English dictionary > 砂芯

  • 476 砂型

    sand mould
    * * *
    【化】 sand mould
    * * *
    n. sand mold
    * * *
    shā xíng
    {冶} sand mould
    砂型离心浇注 sand spun casting;
    砂型离心铸造法 sand spun process;
    砂型硬度 sand hardness;
    砂型铸件 {冶} sand-cast;
    砂型铸铁管 sand-cast tube;
    砂型铸造 sand-cast; sand casting

    Chinese-English dictionary > 砂型

  • 477 双金属

    【机】 bimetal
    * * *
    shuāng jīn shǔ
    thermometal; plymetal; duplex metal
    双金属板 {刷} bimetallic plates;
    双金属补偿片 bimetallic compensation strip;
    双金属催化剂 dual metal reforming catalyst;
    双金属导线 bimetallic conductor;
    双金属灯 bimetal lamp;
    双金属电极 bimetallic electrode;
    双金属挤压 coextrusion;
    双金属侵蚀 couple corrosion;
    双金属温度计 bimetal thermometer;
    双金属温度调节器 bimetallic temperature regulator; bimetallic thermostat;
    双金属线 bimetallic conductor;
    双金属延时继电器 bimetal time delay relay;
    双金属药筒 bimetal cartridge case;
    双金属元件 bimetallic element;
    双金属轧制法 Armstrong process;
    双金属真空器 bimetallic vacuum gauge;
    双金属铸造 compound casting

    Chinese-English dictionary > 双金属

  • 478 双人划艇

    shuāng rén huá tǐng
    Canadian pair

    Chinese-English dictionary > 双人划艇

  • 479 双头

    【医】 dicephalia; diplocephalia; diplocephaly
    * * *
    shuāng tóu
    双头泵 bull pump;
    双头畸胎 dicranus; craniodidymus; bicephalus; dicephalus;
    双头假捻变形 duo-twist texturing;
    双头接点 twin contact;
    双头垄断 duopoly (即市场某一商品由两家卖主垄断);
    双头螺栓 stud;
    双头螺丝钉 dowel screw;
    双头螺纹 double threaded (screw); stud bolt;
    双头卡规 double-end snap gauge;
    双头式 bullhead;
    双头镗床 double-ended boring machine;
    双头蜗杆 double-thread worm;
    双头针 double-ended needle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 双头

  • 480 水尺

    water gauge
    * * *
    water gauge
    * * *
    shuǐ chǐ
    staff gauge; water gauge; depth gauge

    Chinese-English dictionary > 水尺

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