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  • 421 规准箱

    guī zhǔn xiāng
    gauge box

    Chinese-English dictionary > 规准箱

  • 422 轨隙

    guǐ xì
    gauge play; rail gap
    轨隙规 joint clearance gauge; rail joint clearance gauge

    Chinese-English dictionary > 轨隙

  • 423 焊缝

    welding seam; weld line
    * * *
    welding line
    【化】 bead; weld joint; weld(ing) seam; welded joint; welding bead
    * * *
    welding line
    * * *
    hàn fèng
    soldering seam; weld bead; weld joint; weld seam; welded joint; welded seam; welding seam; seal; sealing; sealing run; shut; brazing seam
    焊缝底距 root opening;
    焊缝根部 root of weld;
    焊缝跟踪装置 weld tracker;
    焊缝厚度 {冶} throat depth;
    焊缝加厚 reinforcement of weld;
    焊缝金属 weld metal;
    焊缝量规 weld gauge;
    焊缝裂纹 bead crack; weld metal cracking;
    焊缝热影响区 weld heat-affected zone;
    焊缝试样 button;
    焊缝线 weld line;
    焊缝中心距 pitch of a weld;
    焊缝皱纹型软波导 null point seam flexible waveguide

    Chinese-English dictionary > 焊缝

  • 424 滑规

    huá guī
    {物} slip gauge

    Chinese-English dictionary > 滑规

  • 425 环规

    【机】 ring gauge
    * * *
    huán guī
    ring gauge

    Chinese-English dictionary > 环规

  • 426 回跳硬度

    huí tiào yìng dù
    sclerometric hardness; scleroscope hardness
    回跳硬度计 scleroscope; turner sclerometer

    Chinese-English dictionary > 回跳硬度

  • 427 活字高度

    huó zì gāo dù
    height to paper
    活字高度量规 type high gauge

    Chinese-English dictionary > 活字高度

  • 428 计量器

    gage; gauge; meter
    【化】 metering vessel; time totalizer
    * * *
    gage; gauge; meter
    * * *
    jì liàng qì
    dispensing mechanism; meter regulator; portioning device; proportioning device; quantifier; counter
    计量器标度盘 meter dial;
    计量器常数 register constant;
    计量器校准 meter calibration;
    计量器用油 meter oil

    Chinese-English dictionary > 计量器

  • 429 计器

    【医】 gage; gauge
    * * *
    jì qì

    Chinese-English dictionary > 计器

  • 430 计示压力

    【化】 gage pressure; gauge pressure
    * * *
    jì shì yā lì
    psig (pounds per square inch-gauge); gauge pressure

    Chinese-English dictionary > 计示压力

  • 431 计示硬度

    jì shì yìng dù
    durometer hardness

    Chinese-English dictionary > 计示硬度

  • 432 计数式

    jì shù shì
    计数式触发器 counting trigger;
    计数式电子计时器 counter-type electronic timer;
    计数式分频电路 digital frequency dividing circuit;
    计数式计算机 verdan;
    计数式距离显示器 counter-type distance indicator;
    计数式频率计 counter type frequency meter; frequency count;
    计数式应变仪 counting strain gauge

    Chinese-English dictionary > 计数式

  • 433 记录式

    jì lù shì
    记录式安培计 graphic ammeter;
    记录式传输 record-oriented transmission;
    记录式电度表 recording kilowatthour meter;
    记录式电流表 recording ammeter;
    记录式电位计(电势计) recording potentiometer;
    记录式分光光度计 recording spectrophotometer;
    记录式分光计 recording spectrometer;
    记录式风压表 recording draft gauge;
    记录式伏特计 recording voltmeter;
    记录式高度计 recording altimeter;
    记录式红外分光光度计 recording infrared spectrophotometer;
    记录式回声探鱼仪 recording echo sounder;
    记录式检流计 recording galvanometer;
    记录式静电计 recording electrometer;
    记录式拉力表 recording dynamometer;
    记录式量热器 recording calorimeter;
    记录式流量计 recording flowmeter;
    记录式密度计 recording densitometer;
    记录式频率计 recording frequency meter;
    记录式深度计 depth recorder;
    记录式湿度计 recording hygrometer;
    记录式示波器 inkwrite oscillograph;
    记录式速度计 recording tachometer;
    记录式调节器 recorder controller;
    记录式需量计 recording demand meter;
    记录式压力表 recording pressure gauge;
    记录式仪表 strip-chart instrument; recording meter;
    记录式转子流量计 recording rotameter

    Chinese-English dictionary > 记录式

  • 434 减量

    【计】 decrement
    【医】 extenuation
    * * *
    jiǎn liàng
    减量地址 decrement address;
    减量脉冲 decrement pulse;
    减量气压计 decrement gauge;
    减量曲线 decrement curve;
    减量指令 decrement instruction;
    减量转移 decrement jump;
    减量字段 decrement field

    Chinese-English dictionary > 减量

  • 435 浆液

    serosity; serum; size
    【医】 orrho-; sera; seriflux; sero-; serofluid; serous Fluid; Serum
    相关词组: 浆液的
    * * *
    serosity; serum
    * * *
    n. bigness, gauge, magnitude, size, measure
    * * *
    jiāng yè
    seriflux; size; serous fluid; orrho-
    浆液浸润 serous infiltration;
    浆液膜 serosa;
    浆液囊肿 serous cyst;
    浆液渗出性皮病 serodermatosis;
    浆液细胞 serous cell;
    浆液纤维蛋白性胸膜炎 serofibrinous pleurisy;
    浆液腺 serous gland;
    浆液溢 ororrhea; orrhorrhea

    Chinese-English dictionary > 浆液

  • 436 接触式

    jiē chù shì
    contact; contacting; contact-type
    接触式变流器 contact converter;
    接触式测厚仪 electrolimit gauge;
    接触式传声器 contact microphone;
    接触式电位器 contact-type potentiometer;
    接触式风速计 contact anemometer; contact-cup anemometer;
    接触式伏特计 contact making voltmeter;
    接触式高温计 contact pyrometer;
    接触式检波器 contact detector;
    接触式检测仪 contacting gauge;
    接触式抗噪声送话器 anti-noise contact microphone;
    接触式滤音器 contact sound filter;
    接触式伺服机构 contactor servomechanism;
    接触式送话器 contact microphone;
    接触式调节器 silverstat regulator;
    接触式应变仪 contact-type strainmeter;
    接触式整流 contact rectification;
    接触式整流器 contact converter;
    接触式直流变流器 contact DC converter

    Chinese-English dictionary > 接触式

  • 437 进纸规矩

    jìn zhǐ guī jǔ
    feed guide; feed gauge

    Chinese-English dictionary > 进纸规矩

  • 438 静力硬度

    jìng lì yìng dù
    static hardness

    Chinese-English dictionary > 静力硬度

  • 439 静重

    【化】 dead load
    * * *
    jìng zhòng
    dead load
    静重仪 deadweight gauge

    Chinese-English dictionary > 静重

  • 440 卡钳

    * * *
    【化】 calipers; callipers
    * * *
    caliper; callipers
    * * *
    kǎ qián
    {机} callipers; caliber; calibre:
    内卡钳 inside callipers;
    内外卡钳 combination callipers;
    外卡钳 outside callipers;
    卡钳校准规 calliper gauge

    Chinese-English dictionary > 卡钳

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