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  • 401 干态

    gān tài
    dry state; dry
    干态干燥剂脱水作用 {化工} dry-desiccant dehydration;
    干态机械强度 dry strength;
    干态硬度 dry hardness

    Chinese-English dictionary > 干态

  • 402 钢索

    【机】 wire rpoe
    相关词组: 走钢索的人
    * * *
    * * *
    gāng suǒ
    steel cable; cable; cable wire; steel rope; wire rope
    钢索操纵 cable control;
    钢索操作制动器 cable-operated brake;
    钢索冲击钻机 cable drill(ing);
    钢索传动 rope transmission; steel-rope drive;
    钢索传动斗 cable-drawn scoop;
    钢索传送机 cable conveyor;
    钢索吊桥 wire bridge;
    钢索股绳 cable yarn; rope yarn;
    钢索偏心度测量仪 cable eccentricity gauge;
    钢索起重机 cable lift;
    钢索牵引车 cable-driven car;
    钢索牵引机 cable-towed machine;
    钢索牵引犁 cable plough;
    钢索输送机 cable conveyer;
    钢索输送机皮带 {设计} steel-cable conveyor belt;
    钢索栓钩结 cat's-paw knot;
    钢索套环 rope thimble;
    钢索铁 cable iron;
    钢索运输 cable haulage;
    钢索钻进 rope boring

    Chinese-English dictionary > 钢索

  • 403 钢线

    gāng xiàn
    steel wire
    钢线规 steel wire gauge

    Chinese-English dictionary > 钢线

  • 404 高度表

    * * *
    n. altimeter
    * * *
    gāo dù biǎo
    altimeter; altitude meter; altitude gauge; altitude indicator; height measurer; range-height display
    高度表校正器 altimeter correction;
    高度表校准器 altimeter calibrator;
    高度表气压调定窗 {航空} Kollsman window;
    高度表装置 altimeter setting

    Chinese-English dictionary > 高度表

  • 405 高度计

    【医】 altimeter
    * * *
    altimeter; altometer
    * * *
    gāo dù jì
    {工} altimeter; height gauge; height-finding instrument; altitude gauge; altitude meter
    高度计读数滞后 altimeter lag;
    高度计膜盒 altitude capsule

    Chinese-English dictionary > 高度计

  • 406 高真空

    gāo zhēn kōng
    high vacuum; fine vacuum
    高真空泵 high-vacuum pump; Hyvac pump;
    高真空测量压力表 high-vacuum gauge;
    高真空电子倍增管 augetron;
    高真空电子管 high-vacuum tube; hard valve;
    高真空电子管脉冲发生器 hard-tube pulser;
    高真空电子束管 high-vacuum cathode-ray tube;
    高真空管 high-vacuum tube; high-vacuum valve; hard tube;
    高真空光电管 high-vacuum phototube;
    高真空轨道模拟器 high-vacuum orbital simulator;
    高真空焊料 high-vacuum brazing materials;
    高真空计量 high vacuum measurement;
    高真空接插件 high-vacuum connector;
    高真空绝热 {化工} high-vacuum insulation;
    高真空开关管 {电子} high-vacuum switching tube;
    高真空冷却系统 evacutor cooling system;
    高真空连接器 high vacuum connector;
    高真空模拟 high-vacuum simulation;
    高真空瓶 high-vacuum jar;
    高真空熔化 high-vacuum melting;
    高真空设备 high-vacuum apparatus;
    高真空显像管 high-vacuum television tube;
    高真空整流管 {电子} high-vacuum rectifier (tube); high-vacuum valve;
    高真空整流器 high-vacuum rectifier;
    高真空装置 high-vacuum installation;
    高真空组件 high-vacuum fitting

    Chinese-English dictionary > 高真空

  • 407 给油

    【机】 lubricate
    * * *
    jǐ yóu
    oil feed
    给油泵 oil feed pump;
    给油阀 filling valve;
    给油计 fuel supply gauge;
    给油套节 oil feeding socket;
    给油停闭阀杆 oil cut-out valve spindle;
    给油系统 oil feeding system;
    给油箱 oil dropping apparatus; refueling tank;
    给油总阀 oil cut-out valve;
    给油总阀盖 cap for plugging oil cut-out valve

    Chinese-English dictionary > 给油

  • 408 工字形

    * * *
    gōng zì xíng
    H-shaped; I-shaped
    工字形大梁 I-girder;
    工字形断面 H-shape cross section;
    工字形钢 I-steel;
    工字形极限卡规 I-gauge;
    工字形剖面 double T-section; I-section;
    工字形芽接 H-budding;
    工字形翼梁 I-section spar

    Chinese-English dictionary > 工字形

  • 409 钩尺

    【机】 hook rule
    * * *
    gōu chǐ
    (检径尺) hook gauge

    Chinese-English dictionary > 钩尺

  • 410 钩规

    gōu guī
    hook gauge; hook(ed) rule

    Chinese-English dictionary > 钩规

  • 411 刮痕

    * * *
    【化】 scratch
    * * *
    guā hén
    slug; scratching; scratch; shear marks
    刮痕(硬度)试验 scratch test;
    刮痕硬度 scratching hardness

    Chinese-English dictionary > 刮痕

  • 412 刮刻硬度

    guā kè yìng dù
    dynamic hardness; scratching hardness

    Chinese-English dictionary > 刮刻硬度

  • 413 管壁

    【化】 tube wall
    【医】 V. W.
    * * *
    guǎn bì
    tube wall; shell of pipe
    管壁层流膜层 laminar film in pipe;
    管壁厚度测量仪 pipe-wall gauge;
    管壁减薄轧机 trommel roll;
    管壁孔 {工} pipe tap;
    管壁曲率 wall curvature;
    管壁热阻 wall resistance;
    管壁效应 {生} waller effect

    Chinese-English dictionary > 管壁

  • 414 管底

    【化】 bottom of pipe
    * * *
    guǎn dǐ
    socle; base; socket
    管底安装机 basing machine;
    管底插头 base plug;
    管底电容 socket capacity;
    管底规 valve base gauge;
    管底(敷设)作业 ductwork

    Chinese-English dictionary > 管底

  • 415 光学测量

    guāng xué cè liáng
    optical measurement
    光学测量基准器 optical measurement standards;
    光学测量仪器 optical gauge

    Chinese-English dictionary > 光学测量

  • 416 规范场

    guī fàn chǎng
    gauge field
    规范场论 gauge field theory

    Chinese-English dictionary > 规范场

  • 417 规杆

    guī gān
    gauge bar

    Chinese-English dictionary > 规杆

  • 418 规轮

    guī lún
    gauge wheel (犁)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 规轮

  • 419 规准尺

    guī zhǔn chǐ
    gauge board

    Chinese-English dictionary > 规准尺

  • 420 规准杆

    guī zhǔn gān
    gauge rod; gauging rod

    Chinese-English dictionary > 规准杆

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