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  • 361 成形

    take shape, shaping; forming
    * * *
    figuration; shape; shape up; take shape
    【机】 forming
    * * *
    figuration; shape up; shaped; take shape
    * * *
    v. take shape
    * * *
    chéng xíng
    take shape; engender; forming; shaping; profiling; formation:
    具体成形 take tangible shape;
    意见开始成形。 Opinions are beginning to solidify.
    改建计划尚不成形。 The plan of reconstruction has not taken on the shape yet.
    成形波束天线 shape beam antenna;
    成形臂 builder arm;
    成形变曲装置 contour bender;
    成形波束 shape beam;
    成形不全 aplasia;
    成形槽铣刀 profiled grooving cutter;
    成形铲齿 formed tooth; profile relieved tooth;
    成形铲斗 profiled bucket;
    成形车床 shaping lathe;
    成形车刀 formed turning tool; gauge bit;
    成形车削 form turn;
    成形充填器 plastic-filling instrument;
    成形吹板 contour plate;
    成形冲床 forming punch;
    成形磁场 profiled magnetic field; shaping magnetic field;
    成形淬火机 quenching press;
    成形刀 {工} form tool; forming cutter; full form tool;
    成形(鞋)刀 shape-knife;
    成形刀架 forming rest;
    成形刀具 forming tool; form-cutter; profile cutter;
    成形电极 shaped electrode;
    成形电路 wave-shaping circuit; shaping circuit;
    成形法 forming process; shaping method;
    成形反射器天线 {电磁} shaped reflector antenna;
    成形缝 fashion seam;
    成形工 {陶瓷} former; batterout;
    成形光束 shaped beam;
    成形龟裂纹 sorted polygons;
    成形轨 {纺} copping rail; shaper rail;
    成形辊 {机} forming rolls; coiler roll; form crushing roll; forming rollers;
    成形辊轧 form rolling;
    成形过程 forming process;
    成形基因 morphogen;
    成形机 forming machine; forming mill; shaping mill; shaper; former;
    成形机构 builder;
    成形极限 forming limit;
    成形剂 formagen; plasticizer;
    成形加工 forming work;
    成形键槽 {设计} end-milled keyway; profiled keyway;
    成形孔型 shaping groove;
    成形拉刀 form broach; profile broach; shape broach;
    成形拉削 contour broach;
    成形粒 plastid;
    成形螺纹铣刀 formed threading tool;
    成形面加工 three-dimensional profiling;
    成形模具 {机} shaping dies; contoured die; resizer; forming die;
    成形磨床 form grinder;
    成形磨轮 form grinder;
    成形磨削 {工} plunge grinding; profile grinding; form grinding;
    成形磨削过程 form grinding process;
    成形切削 form-cutting; profile cutting;
    成形曲槽铣刀 profile(d) curved grooving cutter;
    成形绕组 preformed winding;
    成形设备 former; shaper;
    成形手术 plastic operation;
    成形术 plasty;
    成形天线罩 shaped radome;
    成形凸轮 builder cam;
    成形外科学 plastic surgery;
    成形网络 shaping network;
    成形铣刀 form cutter;form milling cutter;profile cutter;profile milling cutter; shaped profile milling cutter;
    成形铣刀磨床 contour cutter grinder;
    成形铣刀铣削 formed cutter milling;
    成形铣削 form milling;
    成形线 shaped wire;
    成形线圈 form-wound coil;
    成形性能 forming (shaping) property;
    成形修复 plastic repair;
    成形压力 forming pressure;
    成形压力机 forming press;
    成形压模 finishing die;
    成形压头 contour squeeze;
    成形压头造型机 contour squeeze molding machine;
    成形研磨 forming lapping;
    成形样板 plate-form gauge;
    成形预压机 prefilling press;
    成形圆铣刀 circular forming cutter;
    成形运动 building motion;
    成形轧辊 forming rolls; contoured roll; former roll; forming rolls;
    成形轧制 roll forming;
    成形针织品 cleared goods;
    成形质 morphoplasm;
    成形铸件 shaped casting;
    成形装药弹头导弹 shape-charge warhead missile;
    成形装置 {纺} building motion; former; shaper

    Chinese-English dictionary > 成形

  • 362 吃水

    drinking water, absorb water, have a draught (or draft) of
    * * *
    sea gauge
    * * *
    n. drinking water, draught
    v. absorb water
    * * *
    chī shuǐ
    (方) (供食用的水) drinking water:
    过去这里吃水很困难。 It used to be difficult to get drinking water here.
    (吸取水分) absorb water:
    这块地不吃水。 This plot of land absorbs little water.
    这种大米吃水。 You need a lot of water in cooking this kind of rice.
    {船} (船身入水深度) draught; draft:
    空载吃水 light draught;
    满载吃水 load draught;
    这船吃水5米。 The ship has a draught of 5 metres.
    吃水标尺 draft mark;
    吃水标志 draft marks;
    吃水差 trim;
    吃水国际标准 draft international standard;
    吃水深度 draft (of water); dip

    Chinese-English dictionary > 吃水

  • 363 匙形

    chí xíng
    匙形刮刀 spoon slicker;
    匙形钻 gauge auger

    Chinese-English dictionary > 匙形

  • 364 齿规

    chǐ guī
    tooth gauge

    Chinese-English dictionary > 齿规

  • 365 齿厚

    chǐ hòu
    {工} tooth thickness; thickness of tooth
    齿厚比较仪 gear tooth comparator;
    齿厚规 gear thicking gauge;
    齿厚减薄量 reduction in tooth thickness;
    齿厚误差 tooth thickness error;
    齿厚游标长尺 gear tooth thickness vernier caliper

    Chinese-English dictionary > 齿厚

  • 366 抽力

    chōu lì
    抽力计 draught gauge

    Chinese-English dictionary > 抽力

  • 367 稠度

    【化】 consistency
    【医】 consistency
    * * *
    hóu dù
    body; consistence; consistency; denseness; bodiness; (of liquids) thickness; spissitude:
    请把面粉和牛奶调到适当的稠度。 Mix flour and milk to the right consistency.
    稠度计 consistometer; mibilometer; consistency gauge; consistency meter;
    稠度控制器 consistency controller;
    稠度试验 flow test;
    稠度试验台 flow table;
    稠度调节器 consistency regulator;
    稠度指数 consistency index;
    稠度指示器 consistency indicator

    Chinese-English dictionary > 稠度

  • 368 储氧计

    chǔ yǎng jì
    oxygen supply gauge

    Chinese-English dictionary > 储氧计

  • 369 触杆

    【计】 feeler lever
    * * *
    chù gǎn
    feeler lever
    触杆规 feeler lever gauge

    Chinese-English dictionary > 触杆

  • 370 垂度

    chuí dù
    (下垂度) sag; sagitta; deflection; slack
    垂度规 dip gauge;
    垂度计 sag gauge;
    垂度计算 sag calculation;
    垂度曲线 sag curve;
    垂度仪 sight for sag

    Chinese-English dictionary > 垂度

  • 371 磁阻

    【计】 magnetoresistance
    【化】 magnetic resistance
    * * *
    cí zǔ
    (magnetic) reluctance; magnetic (magneto) resistance; magnetic drag
    磁阻半导体 magnetic resistance semiconductor;
    磁阻比 magneto resistive ratio;
    磁阻电动机 {电工} reluctance motor;
    磁阻发电机 reluctance generator;
    磁阻放大器 gaussistor;
    磁阻检测器 magnetoresistance detector;
    磁阻灵敏度 magneto resistive sensitivity;
    磁阻率 magnetic reluctance; (magnetic) reluctivity; specific reluctance (reluctivity);
    磁阻匹配对 magneto resistance characteristic curve;
    磁阻器 magnet resistor;
    磁阻迁移率 magneto-resistance mobility;
    磁阻系数 reluctancy;
    磁阻效应 magneto-resistance effect;
    磁阻效应斩波器 magneto-resistance effect chopper;
    磁阻压力表 reluctance-type pressure gauge;
    磁阻压力传感器 {工} reluctance pressure transducer

    Chinese-English dictionary > 磁阻

  • 372 粗导线

    cū dǎo xiàn
    heavy gauge wire

    Chinese-English dictionary > 粗导线

  • 373 淬硬

    【化】 hardening
    【医】 temper; tempering
    * * *
    n. hardening
    * * *
    cuì yìng
    {冶} harden; quench(ing)
    淬硬层 hardening layer;
    淬硬钢 quenched steel;
    淬硬深度 hardening depth; penetration of hardness;
    淬硬性 hardenability;
    淬硬组织 hardened structure

    Chinese-English dictionary > 淬硬

  • 374 单人划艇

    dān rén huá tǐng
    {体} Canadian single

    Chinese-English dictionary > 单人划艇

  • 375 单头

    dān tóu
    single-head; single-end
    单头扳手 single-end(ed) spanner (wrench); single-head wrench;
    单头卡规 single-end snap gauge;
    单头开口爪扳手 single-ended open-jawed spanner;
    单头砂轮机 single-wheel grinder

    Chinese-English dictionary > 单头

  • 376 导程

    dǎo chéng
    helical pitch; lead
    导程检查仪 lead gauge; lead tester

    Chinese-English dictionary > 导程

  • 377 电测

    diàn cè
    {工} electrical logging
    电测法 electrical measuring method;
    电测高度计 electric(al) altimeter;
    电测高温计 electric pyrometer;
    电测功率计 electric dynamometer; electrodynamometer;
    电测厚度计 electric thickness gauge;
    电测计 electroprobe;
    电测计数器 prospecting counter;
    电测井 electric logging;
    电测量 electrical measurement;
    电测深 electrical sounding;
    电测深仪 electric depth finder;
    电测湿度计 electric moisture meter; electropsychrometer;
    电测湿度仪 {工} electric hygrometer;
    电测微计 electric micrometer;
    电测温度计 electric thermometer;
    电测学 electric measurement;
    电测仪(仪表) electrical measuring (prospecting) instrument; electric logging device (unit);
    电测诊断 telediagnosis

    Chinese-English dictionary > 电测

  • 378 定斜规

    dìng xié guī
    batter templet; batter gauge

    Chinese-English dictionary > 定斜规

  • 379 定域

    【计】 localize
    * * *
    dìng yù
    定域掺杂 localized doping;
    定域场论 local fields theory;
    定域超导体 local superconductor;
    定域对称 local symmetry;
    定域二重性 local duality;
    定域规范理论 localized gauge theory;
    定域化学吸着键 {化} localized chemisorption bond;
    定域扩散 localized diffusion;
    定域能级 localized level;
    定域态 {量子} localized state;
    定域体 site;
    定域条纹 localized fringe;
    定域性 locality

    Chinese-English dictionary > 定域

  • 380 杜布罗文真空规

    dù bù luó wén zhēn kōng guī
    {工} Dubrovin gauge

    Chinese-English dictionary > 杜布罗文真空规

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