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  • 261 角度

    angle, point of view; angle; viewpoint
    * * *
    angle; point of view
    【医】 angulation
    相关词组: 角度测定法
    * * *
    angle; point of view
    * * *
    n. angle, point of view
    * * *
    jiao3 du4
    angle, point of view
    * * *
    jiǎo dù
    {数} (角的大小) angle; the degree (size) of angle:
    调整角度 readjust the angle;
    角度太大。 The angle is too great.
    (看事情的出发点) point of view; angle:
    从不同角度来研究问题 examine the matter from different angles
    角度变换器 angle transverter;
    角度变形 angular distortion;
    角度标记 angle mark;
    角度不整合 angular unconformity;
    角度传感器 angular transducer;
    角度刀具 {机} angular cutter;
    角度分辨能力 angular resolution;
    角度分划板 tilt graticule;
    角度分集 angle diversity;
    角度改正 {测} correction on angles; correction of angles;
    角度干扰 angle jamming;
    角度公差 angle tolerance;
    角度观测 angular observation;
    角度关系 angular dependence;
    角度计 goniometer; angle gauge;
    角度矫正机 angle roll;
    角度校正 angle correct;
    角度块规 angle gauge block; angle gauge;
    角度量规 angle gauge;
    角度量具 angle measuring tool;
    角度盘 angle scale;
    角度偏移法 node-shift method;
    角度偏转 angular deflection;
    角度数字转换器 angle-to-digit converter;
    角度提前(量) angular advance;
    角度调制 angle modulation;
    角度稳定器 goniostat;
    角度误差 angle error; angular misalignment;
    角度铣 {机} angular milling;
    角度形成 angulation;
    角度修正 angular correction;
    角度样板 angular templet;
    角度噪声 {电} angle noise;
    角度照片 angle shot;
    角度针 angle pin;
    角度指示(器) angle display
    * * *
    角度|角度 [jiǎo dù] angle point of view

    Chinese-English dictionary > 角度

  • 262 角規

    angle gauge
    * * *
    n. angle gauge
    * * *
    jiao3 gui1
    angle gauge, clinograph
    * * *
    角規|角规 [jiǎo guī] angle gauge clinograph

    Chinese-English dictionary > 角規

  • 263 角规

    angle gauge
    * * *
    【化】 angle gauge
    * * *
    n. angle gauge
    * * *
    jiao3 gui1
    angle gauge, clinograph
    * * *
    jiǎo guī
    miter square; angle gauge
    角规干涉仪 {物} angle gauge interferometer
    * * *
    角規|角规 [jiǎo guī] angle gauge clinograph

    Chinese-English dictionary > 角规

  • 264

    count; compute; calculate; number, (usually used in the negative) haggle over, (only used in the pattern "为……计") for the purpose of; in order to, idea; ruse; stratagem; plan, meter; gauge
    count; compute; calculate; number, (usually used in the negative) haggle over, (only used in the pattern "為……計") for the purpose of; in order to, idea; ruse; stratagem; plan, meter; gauge
    * * *
    n. stratagem, meter, ruse, plan, idea
    v. calculate, compute, count, reckon
    * * *
    surname Ji
    to calculate, to compute, to count, to regard as important, to plan, ruse, meter, gauge
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 計|计 [Jì] surname Ji
    Ⅱ. 計|计 [jì] to calculate to compute to count to regard as important to plan ruse meter gauge

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  • 265 詹姆斯・高斯林

    Zhan1 mu3 si1 · Gao1 si1 lin2
    James Gosling (1955-), Canadian computer scientist, co-inventor of the Java programming language
    * * *
    詹姆斯・高斯林|詹姆斯・高斯林 [Zhān mǔ sī · Gāo sī lín] James Gosling (1955-), Canadian computer scientist, co-inventor of the Java programming language

    Chinese-English dictionary > 詹姆斯・高斯林

  • 266

    count; compute; calculate; number, (usually used in the negative) haggle over, (only used in the pattern "为……计") for the purpose of; in order to, idea; ruse; stratagem; plan, meter; gauge
    count; compute; calculate; number, (usually used in the negative) haggle over, (only used in the pattern "為……計") for the purpose of; in order to, idea; ruse; stratagem; plan, meter; gauge
    * * *
    idea; plan; calculate; count; meter; stratagem
    【医】 meter
    * * *
    idea; plan; calculate; count; meter; stratagem
    * * *
    n. stratagem, meter, ruse, plan, idea
    v. calculate, compute, count, reckon
    * * *
    surname Ji
    to calculate, to compute, to count, to regard as important, to plan, ruse, meter, gauge
    * * *
    (计算) count; compute; calculate; number:
    不计其数 countless; innumerable;
    工作不计时间 be ready to work longer hours than required; not mind working extra hours;
    数以万计 by the tens of thousands; numbering tens of thousands;
    大小拖拉机计20台。 The tractors, light and heavy, numbered twenty in all.; There were twenty light and heavy tractors in all.
    (设想; 打算) plan; plot:
    为长远计 from a long-term point of view
    (测量或计算度数、时间等的仪器) meter; gauge:
    体温计 (clinical) thermometer;
    雨量计 rain gauge
    (主意; 策略; 计划) idea; ruse; stratagem; plan:
    缓兵之计 stratagem to gain a respite; stalling tactics;
    中计 fall into a trap;
    眉头一皱,计上心来。 Knit the brows and a stratagem comes to mind.
    他们一计不成, 又生一计。 Their first ruse having failed, they tried another.
    (姓氏) a surname:
    计然 Ji Ran
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 計|计 [Jì] surname Ji
    Ⅱ. 計|计 [jì] to calculate to compute to count to regard as important to plan ruse meter gauge

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  • 267 计价

    * * *
    【经】 valuation
    * * *
    n. valuation
    * * *
    ji4 jia4
    to valuate, valuation
    * * *
    jì jià
    计价过低 under valuation;
    计价过高 over valuation;
    对... 进行计价 gauge the value of...; judge the value of...
    计价单位 charge unit;
    计价基础 valuation basis;
    计价模式 valuation model
    * * *
    計價|计价 [jì jià] to valuate valuation

    Chinese-English dictionary > 计价

  • 268 计算

    count; compute; calculate; arithmetic; reckon, consideration; planning, scheme; plot, calculation
    * * *
    calculate; compute; cast; count; figure up; calculation; computation
    【计】 calc; calculating; computing; tallying
    【经】 calculate; calculation; computation; computing element; reckon
    相关词组: 成本计算
    * * *
    account; count; calculate; compute; enumerate; numeration; reckon
    * * *
    n. consideration, planning, count
    v. count, calculate, compute, cipher, cypher
    * * *
    ji4 suan4
    to count, to calculate, to compute, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    jì suàn
    (求得未知数) count; compute; calculate; reckon; enumerate:
    计算出席人数 count the number of people present;
    计算生产成本 calculate the cost of prodution;
    把某事物计算在内 reckon sth. in;
    计算准确 calculate to a nicety;
    数学计算 mathematicl calculation;
    你把坐计程车的费用计算在内了吗? Did you reckon in the cost of the taxi?
    他的计算难得出错。 He is seldom out in his calculations.
    (考虑; 筹划) consideration; planning:
    做事不能没个计算。 We shouldn't do anything without a plan.; You mustn't do things without calculation.
    (暗中谋划损害别人) secretly scheme against others
    计算按钮 computed push-buttom;
    计算板 computer board;
    计算爆炸力学 computation explosion mechanics;
    计算便览 ready reckoner;
    计算标准 basis of calculation;
    计算表 computation sheet; design schedule; reckoner;
    计算表册 computus;
    计算表格 computation sheet;
    计算表面 gauging surface;
    计算不能 acalculia;
    计算不稳定性 computational instability;
    计算产品 counting yield;
    计算程序 accounting routine; calculator program;
    计算穿孔机 calculating puncher; multiplying punch;
    计算带 computer tape;
    计算单元 computing unit;
    计算存储器 computing store;
    计算地震学 computational seismology;
    计算地址 calculated address;
    计算电路 counting circuit;
    计算电容器 calculable capacitor;
    计算定位方式 calculation location mode;
    计算多项式 evaluator;
    计算法 calculus; method of calculation; numeration;
    计算范围 {计} computer capacity;
    计算方案 numerical procedure;
    计算方法 computing method; method of calculation; reckoning;
    计算方式 account form; compute mode;
    计算方位 {航海} computed azimuth;
    计算方位角 {航海} computed azimuth angle;
    计算放大器 computing amplifier;
    计算分布 calculated distribution;
    计算符号 compute sign;
    计算复杂性 computational complexity;
    计算负荷 calculated load;
    计算高度 computed altitude;
    计算跟踪装置 dead reckoning tracer;
    计算工具 computing equipment;
    计算工作面积 projected area;
    计算固体力学 computation solid mechanics;
    计算过程 computational process;
    计算后坐能 calculated recoil;
    计算化学 computational chemistry;
    计算环 ring;
    计算货币 money of account;
    计算回路 counter circuit;
    计算技巧 art of computation;
    计算技术 computing technique; computing technology;
    计算计数器 computing counter;
    计算记录器 computing logger;
    计算继电器 compute relay;
    计算家 computist;
    计算加速表 counting accelerometer;
    计算间隔 counting period;
    计算键 calculation key;
    计算结构 computation structure;
    计算结果 reckoning;
    计算结果检查 hi-lo-check;
    计算精度 computational accuracy;
    计算矩阵 compute matrix;
    计算卡 computer card;
    计算开关 compute switch;
    计算开始时间 zero-computing time;
    计算抗扭强度 computed torsional strength;
    计算刻度 computing scale;
    计算控制 computer control mode circuit; computing control;
    计算控制方式 computer control mode;
    计算狂 arithmomania;
    计算理论 theory of computation;
    计算力矩 factored moment;
    计算量子化学 computational quantum chemistry;
    计算命令 calculation command;
    计算模拟器 compute simulator;
    计算模型 computation model;
    计算能力 computing power;
    计算盘 disc slide rule; circular slide rule;
    计算癖 arithmomania;
    计算剖面 reference section;
    计算期间 computing interval;
    计算起点 zequin; zequine;
    计算起始时间 zero computing time;
    计算器械 calculating apparatus;
    计算牵引力 calculated tractive effort;
    计算求平方数 squaring count;
    计算曲线 calculated curve;
    计算失误 counting loss;
    计算时间 computing time; computation time; computing interval; estimated time; calculation interval;
    计算实验室 computing laboratory;
    计算示波器 computing oscilloscope;
    计算术 logistic;
    计算数学 computational mathematics; mathematics of computation; numerical mathematic;
    计算速度 computation speed; counting rate;
    计算速度测定器 count rate meter; counting-rate meter;
    计算顺序 computation sequence;
    计算台 computer board; calculating board;
    计算条件 design conditions;
    计算网络 computing network;
    计算微分 computing differential;
    计算稳定性 computational stability;
    计算物理 computational physics;
    计算误差 error of calculation; miscalculation; miscount;
    计算系统 computing system; reference frame;
    计算线路 computational scheme; digital circuit;
    计算效率 computing efficiency; computational efficiency; capacity;
    计算辛烷值 calculated octane number;
    计算研究所 computing laboratory;
    计算语句 computing statement;
    计算语言学 computational linguistics;
    计算元件 computing element; decision element;
    计算凿孔机 calculating punch;
    计算站 computer installation;
    计算指数 gauge index;
    计算中心 computation centre; computing centre; calculating centre; centre of calculation;
    计算终端 computing terminal;
    计算转向语句 computed Go To statement;
    计算装置 calculator; calculating device; calculating apparatus; accounting device; computer complex; brain;
    计算状态 computing mode;
    计算准确度 accuracy in computation;
    计算子程序 counting subroutine;
    计算组合数学 computational combinatorocs;
    计算组件 computation module
    * * *
    計算|计算 [jì suàn] to count to calculate to compute CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 计算

  • 269 计量

    measure; calculate; estimate
    * * *
    computation; measure
    【经】 gauging; measure
    相关词组: 计量的
    * * *
    computation; measure
    * * *
    v. measure, calculate, estimate
    * * *
    ji4 liang4
    measurement, to calculate
    * * *
    jì liàng
    calculate; estimate; meterage; metering; batching; measure:
    不可计量 inestimable;
    他能计量准确吗? Can he measure accurately?
    大米比面粉容易计量。 Rice measures more easily than flour.
    计量按钮 metering button;
    计量泵 {化工} metering pump; proportioning pump; jigger pump;
    计量表 gauge table;
    计量变换 gauge transformation;
    计量部门 metrological service;
    计量长度 gauge length;
    计量测定 measuration;
    计量仓 measuring chute; measuring pocket;
    计量抽样方案 sampling plan by variables;
    计量抽样检查 sampling inspection by variables;
    计量单位 prickle;
    计量电路 metering circuit;
    计量斗 weighing hopper;
    计量断面 ruling section;
    计量阀 scale valve;
    计量法 weighing and measures law;
    计量放大器 meter amplifier;
    计量分离器 {油工} metering separator;
    计量管理学派 quantitative management school;
    计量罐 measuring tank;
    计量光栅 metrological grating;
    计量基准 mete-wand;
    计量机构 metrological service;
    计量计数器 batching counter;
    计量检验工作 metrological and inspecting work;
    计量经济模型 econometric model;
    计量经济软件包 economtric software package;
    计量经济学 econometrics;
    计量经济预测 econometric forecasting;
    计量卷尺 metering band;
    计量孔 dip hatch;
    计量控制处理机 measurement control processor;
    计量口 gauge hatch; gauge hatch nipple;
    计量漏斗 measuring hoper;
    计量螺旋 metering screw; metering auger;
    计量皿 counting cup;
    计量剖面 metering section;
    计量情报学 Informetrics;
    计量取样检验 sampling inspection by variable;
    计量润滑 metered lubrication;
    计量生物学 biometric;
    计量室 measuring room;
    计量数据系统 metric data system;
    计量台 weigh-bridge;
    计量桶 batch box; measuring pail;
    计量位置 gauge position;
    计量箱 batch meter;
    计量心理学 psychometrics;
    计量信息 metrical information;
    计量性能 metering performance;
    计量序列 counter train;
    计量仪表 metering device;
    计量仪器 metrical instrument; metrologic instrument;
    计量语言学 computational linguistics;
    计量站 metering station;
    计量中心 center of measuremet;
    计量装置 metering installation; metering mechanism;
    计量准确度 accuracy of measuring;
    计量资料 measurement data
    * * *
    計量|计量 [jì liàng] measurement to calculate

    Chinese-English dictionary > 计量

  • 270 记录

    take notes; keep the minutes; record; register; log; document, minutes; notes; record; proceedings, notetaker, record
    * * *
    record; mark; register; account; memorize; report; take notes
    【计】 design development record; posting; REC; record
    【医】 protocol; reading; register; registration
    【经】 entry; keeping of record; mark; record; record keeping; records
    相关词组: 版本记录
    * * *
    note; register; memorize; annal; enregister; log; track record
    * * *
    adj. documentary, documental
    n. notes, record, recording, annal
    v. record, cassette, calendar, minute
    * * *
    ji4 lu4
    to record, record (written account), record (in sports etc), CL:個, 个
    * * *
    jì lù
    (写下来) take notes; keep the minutes; record; write down; log; enter; read-in:
    他的发言我都记录下来了。 I've taken notes on what he said.
    警察把我说的每句话都记录下来。 The policeman noted down every word I said.
    (当场记录下来的材料) minutes; notes; record:
    会谈记录 a transcript of talks;
    会议记录 the minutes of a meeting;
    简要记录 summary record;
    详细记录 record in extenso;
    正式记录 official record;
    逐字记录 verbatim record
    (最高成绩) record:
    创记录 set a record; chalk up a record;
    打破记录 break a record;
    刷新记录 better a record;
    平世界记录 equal the world's record;
    在运动会上破了多项记录。 A number of records fell during the sports meet.
    该厂生产超过了历史上最高记录。 Production in this factory topped the highest record in history.
    (做记录的人) notetaker; recorder:
    这次讨论请你做记录好吗? Would you take the minutes of the discussion?
    记录安排 record layout;
    记录按钮 record button;
    记录板 data board; writing-plate;
    记录变换 record conversion;
    记录变换系统 record conversion system;
    记录标记 {自} record mark; registration mark;
    记录标起始 start of record mark;
    记录标识(符) record identification; record identifier; record identification indicator;
    记录表 log sheet;
    记录不准确 misregister;
    记录布局方式 record placement strategy;
    记录簿 register;
    记录材料 recording materials;
    记录插入 record insert;
    记录查询入中继器 incoming trunk circuit for recording and enquiring;
    记录长度 record length;
    记录长度标识(符) record length indicator;
    记录程序 logging program; logger;
    记录重放磁头 recording and reproducing head;
    记录传输 record transmission;
    记录磁道 recording track;
    记录磁道组 traffic group;
    记录磁头 record head; recording head; magnetic recording head;
    记录存储标记 {自} record storage mark;
    记录存储区 record storage area;
    记录错误 misregistration;
    记录打印机 journal printer;
    记录打字机 logging typewriter;
    记录大小 record size;
    记录灯 recording lamp;
    记录地址文件 record address file;
    记录地质学 {地质} geognosy;
    记录电表 recording electrical meter;
    记录电度表 recording kilo-watthour meter;
    记录电流 record current;
    记录电路 writing circuit; recording channel;
    记录电平 recording level;
    记录电桥 recording bridge;
    记录电子束 writing beam;
    记录读出站 post read station;
    记录段 record segment;
    记录发送机{讯} register-sender;
    记录法 writing-method;
    记录反冲粒子气室 gas recoil chamber;
    记录范围 recording interval;
    记录方式 record mode; recording mode;
    记录放大器 record amplifier; writing amplifier;
    记录分离符 record separator character;
    记录分离器 record separator (RS);
    记录分类 record sort;
    记录封锁 records blocking;
    记录伏特计 recording voltmeter; registering voltmeter;
    记录干涉仪 chrono-interferometer;
    记录杆 recording bar; recording link;
    记录格式 record format; record layout; recording format;
    记录格式选择 record format option;
    记录鼓 log drum; record drum;
    记录关键码位置 record key position;
    记录管理 record management;
    记录滚筒 recording drum;
    记录号 record number;
    记录机 recorder; logging machine;
    记录机构 recording mechanism;
    记录技术 recording technique;
    记录计 recording gauge;
    记录继电器 meter relay; register relay;
    记录间隔 interrecord gap; record gap;
    记录间隙 record gap;
    记录间隙字节 intra-record slack byte;
    记录键 recorded key;
    记录接收 recorder reception; visual reception;
    记录结束间隙 end-of-record gap (EOR gap);
    记录结束字 end-of-record word;
    记录介质 recording medium;
    记录卷册 logbook;
    记录卡片 recording card; writer card;
    记录孔 register hole;
    记录块 record block;
    记录类型 record type;
    记录轮 record wheel;
    记录脉冲 recording impulse; writing pulse;
    记录媒体 recording medium;
    记录媒体末端 end of medium;
    记录媒体终端符 end-of-medium character;
    记录密度 density packing; recording density; writing density; density of record;
    记录密度标记 identification burst;
    记录面 recording surface;
    记录描述 record description;
    记录描述项 record description entry; record entry;
    记录描述项格式 record description entry format;
    记录描述字 record descriptor word;
    记录名(称) record name;
    记录模块 logging module;
    记录内部数据结构 intra record data structure;
    记录粘度计 recording viscosimeter;
    记录牌 register bed;
    记录盘 indicator;
    记录启封 records deblocking;
    记录曲线(图) recording curve;
    记录扫描 writing scan;
    记录设备 recording equipment;
    记录摄影 chronophotography;
    记录时间 writing time; recording duration;
    记录识别码 record identification code;
    记录示波器 recording oscillometer;
    记录试验法 recording test method;
    记录释放 record release;
    记录首标 record header;
    记录输入信号 write input;
    记录水平 recording level;
    记录顺序号 record serial number;
    记录搜索接收机 goldmark;
    记录速度 writing speed; recording speed;
    记录天平 {分化} recording balance;
    记录筒 record cylinder;
    记录头 record head; recording head; pencil;
    记录图 registrogram;
    记录图表 inking chart;
    记录瓦特计 recording wattmeter;
    记录尾部 end of record;
    记录位置计数器 record location counter;
    记录温度计 recording thermometer;
    记录系统 register system; recording system;
    记录线 call wire;
    记录信号 tracer signal;
    记录信息 recorded information;
    记录修改 record modification;
    记录选择表达式 record selection expression;
    记录压力表 recording manometer;
    记录仪(表) recorder; recording instrument; graphic instrument;
    记录仪表读数 reading of a recording instrument;
    记录仪器 registering instrument;
    记录仪器仪表 recording instrument;
    记录溢出 overflow of record;
    记录元件 recording element;
    记录员 tally-man; recordist;
    记录(数据)阅读器 journal reader;
    记录站 writing station;
    记录真空表 recording vacuum gauge;
    记录针式仪器 stylus type instrument;
    记录终止 end of record;
    记录组 record group;
    记录最大流量 maximum recorded flow
    * * *
    記錄|记录 [jì lù] to record record (written account) record (in sports etc) CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 记录

  • 271 賈斯汀・比伯

    Jia3 si1 ting1 · Bi3 ba4
    Justin Bieber (1994-), Canadian singer
    * * *
    賈斯汀・比伯|贾斯汀・比伯 [Jiǎ sī tīng · Bǐ bà] Justin Bieber (1994-), Canadian singer

    Chinese-English dictionary > 賈斯汀・比伯

  • 272 贾斯汀・比伯

    Jia3 si1 ting1 · Bi3 ba4
    Justin Bieber (1994-), Canadian singer
    * * *
    賈斯汀・比伯|贾斯汀・比伯 [Jiǎ sī tīng · Bǐ bà] Justin Bieber (1994-), Canadian singer

    Chinese-English dictionary > 贾斯汀・比伯

  • 273 起始

    originate; stem from, at first; in the beginning
    * * *
    incept; origination
    【计】 start
    【医】 impetus; onset
    相关词组: 起始的
    * * *
    incept; origination
    * * *
    v. originate
    * * *
    qi3 shi3
    to originate
    * * *
    qǐ shǐ
    origin; origination; parentage; germ; initiation:
    他的这个问题起始于孩提时代。 His problem began when he was a child.
    起始拨号信号 {讯} start dialing signal;
    起始不知 initial ignorance;
    起始查找中断 initial seek interrupt;
    起始常数 primary constants;
    起始程序 initial orders;
    起始出力试验 initial output test;
    起始触点 home-position contact;
    起始触发器 initiating trigger;
    起始磁导率 initial permeability;
    起始磁化 initial magnetization;
    起始磁化率 initial susceptibility;
    起始磁化曲线 initial magnetization curve; curve of initial magnetization;
    起始大地数据 initial geodetic data;
    起始单元 {讯} start element;
    起始蛋白质 initiation protein;
    起始挡料装置 starting stop;
    起始地址 {自} initial address; start address; origin;
    起始点 initial point;
    起始电流 initial current;
    起始电平 initial level; preset level;
    起始电压 initial voltage; starting voltage;
    起始定位装置 start gauge;
    起始读数 initial reading;
    起始短路电流 initial short-circuit current;
    起始反馈 reference feedback;
    起始反向电压 initial inverse voltage;
    起始方法 initial mode;
    起始方向 prime direction;
    起始放电电压 firing potential;
    起始复合物 initiation complex;
    起始复位脉冲 initial reset pulse;
    起始和 initial sum;
    起始激励时间 initial actuation time;
    起始记录 home record; initial record;
    起始加速度 initial acceleration;
    起始控制设备 initiation control device;
    起始控制装置 initiation control device;
    起始脉冲 initial pulse; starting pulse; firing pulse;
    起始密码子 initiator codon;
    起始判定器 initiation area discriminator;
    起始喷射 initial injection;
    起始区 initiator;
    起始燃烧 incipient combustion;
    起始烧结 incipient sintering;
    起始烧结温度 point of incipient sintering;
    起始输入程序 initial input program;
    起始瞬间 zero-time;
    起始瞬态电抗{电} subtransient reactance;
    起始条件 initial conditions; starting conditions;
    起始条件电路 initial-condition circuit;
    起始条件调整 initial-condition adjustment;
    起始调整 initial setting;
    起始跳越区 {电} primary skip zone;
    起始推力 initial thrust;
    起始位 start bit;
    起始位置 initial position; starting location;
    起始误差 initial error;
    起始线段 initial segment;
    起始向量 start vector;
    起始信号 initial signal; initiating signal; start signal;
    起始序列 homing sequence;
    起始岩芯管 starting barrel;
    起始延迟 initial delay;
    起始因子 initiation factor;
    起始占向电压 {电} initial inverse voltage;
    起始值 initial value;
    起始指令 initial order;
    起始状态 initial state
    * * *
    起始|起始 [qǐ shǐ] to originate

    Chinese-English dictionary > 起始

  • 274 路面

    road surface; pavement
    * * *
    road surface
    【法】 roadway
    相关词组: 重铺路面
    * * *
    road surface
    * * *
    n. road surface, pavement
    * * *
    lu4 mian4
    * * *
    lù miàn
    road surface; pavement; roadbed
    路面凹坑{土} pothole;
    路面板 road deck; roadway slab;
    路面标高 grade elevation;
    路面标线 pavement strip;
    路面标志 pavement marker;
    路面剥离 stripping (road);
    路面剥落 spalling;
    路面采光窗 {土} pavement light;
    路面侧坡 bank line;
    路面测厚计 pavement thickness gauge;
    路面层 supercrust;
    路面车道划线 pavement striping;
    路面成型 pavement forming;
    路面重铺装 resurfacing;
    路面出辙 tracing ruf;
    路面粗糙度仪 pavement roughometer;
    路面搓板 corrugating (pavement);
    路面底层 {土} subcrust;
    路面底基 ground subsoil;
    路面垫层 bed course;
    路面冻害 frost disaster (pavement);
    路面冻胀 frost heave (pavement);
    路面厚层铺装 thick lift paving;
    路面滑膜铺装 slip form paving;
    路面划标线 striping;
    路面划线机 road line machine; road marker;
    路面基层 base course;
    路面基础 road bed;
    路面唧泥 mud pumping (pavement);
    路面加热器 {土} road heater;
    路面交通标线 traffic stripe;
    路面开裂 pavement cracking;
    路面刻槽机 road milling and grooving machine;
    路面隆凸 pavement blowup;
    路面面层 top course;
    路面模板 road forms (混凝土);
    路面磨耗 pavement abrasion;
    路面排水 road surface drainage;
    路面配料 road mix;
    路面平整测量仪 vialog;
    路面破碎机 road breaker;
    路面铺层 pavement course;
    路面铺装 paving;
    路面翘曲 wrapping (pavement);
    路面全宽 full-surfaced width ;
    路面石板 pavement flag;
    路面试验 pavement test;
    路面衰坏 pavement deterioration;
    路面水毁 flood damage (pavement);
    路面松散 {土} ravelling;
    路面填(塞接)缝 joint closure;
    路面通行性 pavement rideability;
    路面弯沉 pavement deflection;
    路面位移 pavement displacement;
    路面涡穴 pothole (pavement);
    路面消防栓 chuck hydrant; flush hydrant;
    路面形变 pavement deformation;
    路面性状 pavement behaviour;
    路面修补 pavement patching;
    路面养生 pavement curing;
    路面蒸发 evaporation from soil surface;
    路面整修机 road-finishing machine;
    路面质量测量仪器 pavement quality measuring instrument;
    路面终饰 pavement finishing;
    路面主体 pavement proper;
    路面状况 pavement behavior;
    路面钻样 road core
    * * *
    路面|路面 [lù miàn] pavement

    Chinese-English dictionary > 路面

  • 275 軌距

    * * *
    n. gauge
    * * *
    gui3 ju4
    * * *
    軌距|轨距 [guǐ jù] gauge

    Chinese-English dictionary > 軌距

  • 276 輪距

    rail gauge, wheel base
    * * *
    lun2 ju4
    tread (on tire), gauge
    * * *
    輪距|轮距 [lún jù] tread (on tire) gauge

    Chinese-English dictionary > 輪距

  • 277 轉位

    zhuan3 wei4
    transposition, displacement, inversion, translocation, to displace, to transpose
    zhuan4 wei4
    index (rotating gauge), cam gradation
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 轉位|转位 [zhuǎn wèi] transposition displacement inversion translocation to displace to transpose
    Ⅱ. 轉位|转位 [zhuàn wèi] index (rotating gauge) cam gradation

    Chinese-English dictionary > 轉位

  • 278 轉速錶

    zhuan4 su4 biao3
    tachometer, RPM gauge
    * * *
    轉速錶|转速表 [zhuàn sù biǎo] tachometer RPM gauge

    Chinese-English dictionary > 轉速錶

  • 279 车轮

    wheel (of a vehicle)
    * * *
    cartwheel; wheel
    相关词组: 滑车轮
    * * *
    cartwheel; wheel
    * * *
    n. wheel
    * * *
    che1 lun2
    a wheel
    * * *
    chē lún
    wheel (of a vehicle); carriage wheel; cartwheel; vehicle wheel; road wheel:
    历史车轮 the wheel of history;
    橡胶轮胎车轮 rubber-tired wheel;
    给车轮装轮胎 tyre a wheel;
    汽车车轮掉了。 The wheel of the car has come off.
    车轮摆振 {机} wheel wobble;
    车轮抱闸 wheel locking;
    车轮不平行 misalignment of wheels;
    车轮厂 wheel shop;
    车轮车床 car wheel lathe; railroad wheel lathe; wheel lathe; wheel-tyre lathe;
    车轮承载能力 {土} wheel load capacity;
    车轮触轨面 tread band;
    车轮传动装置 wheel drive;
    车轮打滑 wheel-slip;
    车轮档板 wheel guard;
    车轮动平衡表示器 dynamic wheel demonstrator;
    车轮动平衡机 dynamic wheel balancer;
    车轮对准规 wheel alignment gauge;
    车轮对准器 wheel aligner;
    车轮横向偏离 lateral wheel runout;
    车轮检测器 wheel detector;
    车轮检验器 wheel checker;
    车轮校准指示器 wheel aligning indicator;
    车轮结构 car wheel structure;
    车轮静电干扰 {电} wheel static;
    车轮可倾式平地机 leaning wheel grader;
    车轮矿 {矿} bournonite; cogwheel ore; berthonite; endellionite; endellione;
    车轮拉力 wheel pull;
    车轮量规 wheel gauge;
    车轮轮辐压弯机 shing press;
    车轮轮箍 wheel-tyre;
    车轮轮箍轧机 wheel and tire rolling mill;
    车轮轮箍轧制 tire rolling;
    车轮螺母扳手 wheel nut wrench;
    车轮前悬挂支架 wheel front support;
    车轮倾斜 tilting of wheels;
    车轮双头螺栓 wheel stud;
    车轮锁具 locker;
    车轮踏面 wheel tread; tread;
    车轮镗床 car wheel boring machine;
    车轮外倾 {机} camber;
    车轮外围 felloe;
    车轮压装 press mounting of car wheel; wheel mounting;
    车轮摇摆 wheel wobble;
    车轮轧机 mill for rolling center disc type wheels; railway wheel mill; wheel disk mill; wheel rolling mill; disk mill;
    车轮制动器 wheel drag;
    车轮制造工 wheel wright;
    车轮轴毂间隙 wheel play;
    车轮钻床 car wheel drilling machine
    * * *
    車輪|车轮 [chē lún] wheel

    Chinese-English dictionary > 车轮

  • 280 车间

    workshop; shop
    * * *
    【经】 plant; work place; workshop
    * * *
    plant; shop; workshop
    * * *
    n. workshop, machine shop, shop
    * * *
    che1 jian1
    workshop, CL:個, 个
    * * *
    chē jiān
    farm; shop; workshop; department:
    大件装配车间 shop for assembling big parts;
    锻工车间 blacksmith shop; forge shop;
    翻砂车间 foundry;
    工具车间 tool shop;
    冷锻车间 cold hammering shop;
    装配车间 assembly shop; fitting shop
    车间安全 shop safety;
    车间备品 {工} shop supplies;
    车间编号 local name;
    车间变电站 department substation;
    车间布置 plant arrangement; plant layout;
    车间地面 mill floor;
    车间工长 shop foreman;
    车间工作 shopwork;
    车间工作卡片 shop card;
    车间焊接 shop welding;
    车间量规 shop gauge;
    车间铆钉 shop rivet;
    车间起重机 workshop crane;
    车间设备 workshop appliance;
    车间生产条件 shop condition;
    车间搬运小车 dolly;
    车间主任 works superintendent; workshop director;
    车间自动化 job-shop automation
    * * *
    車間|车间 [chē jiān] workshop CL:↑ |↑ [gè]

    Chinese-English dictionary > 车间

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