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  • 221 界限

    demarcation line; dividing line; limits; bounds; confines; frontier, limit; end
    * * *
    margin; bounds; ambit; circumscription; dividing line; limits
    【化】 limit; limit(ing) point; margin
    【医】 schwelle; threshold
    * * *
    ambit; bourn; circumscription; finitude; limit; purlieu; radius; tether
    * * *
    n. boundary, limit, end, circumscription
    * * *
    jie4 xian4
    boundary, marginal
    * * *
    jiè xiàn
    (分界) demarcation line; dividing line; limits; bounds; boundary; range; limitation:
    确定界限 fix the limit;
    超越自由的界限 overstep the boundary of freedom;
    打破行业界限 break the bounds of different trades
    (限度) limit; end:
    在这个界限内可任便。 Within the limitation you are free to do as you choose.
    界限层 limiting bed; limiting stratum;
    界限定理 {计} enclosure theorem;
    界限寄存器 limit register;
    界限膜 boundary film;
    界限润滑 boundary lubrication;
    界限塞规 limit plug gauge;
    界限组织 boundary tissue
    * * *
    界限|界限 [jiè xiàn] boundary marginal

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  • 222 白求恩

    Bai2 Qiu2 en1
    Norman Bethune (1890-1939), Canadian doctor, worked for communists in Spanish civil war and for Mao in Yan'an, where he died of blood poisoning
    * * *
    白求恩|白求恩 [Bái Qiú ēn] Norman Bethune (1890-1939), Canadian doctor, worked for communists in Spanish civil war and for Mao in Yan'an, where he died of blood poisoning

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  • 223 皇家騎警

    huang2 jia1 qi2 jing3
    Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Canadian federal and national police force, Mounties
    * * *
    皇家騎警|皇家骑警 [huáng jiā qí jǐng] Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Canadian federal and national police force Mounties

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  • 224 皇家骑警

    huang2 jia1 qi2 jing3
    Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Canadian federal and national police force, Mounties
    * * *
    皇家騎警|皇家骑警 [huáng jiā qí jǐng] Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Canadian federal and national police force Mounties

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  • 225 目测

    range estimation
    * * *
    【计】 eyeballing; visual inspection; visual test
    * * *
    eyeballing n.
    * * *
    mu4 ce4
    to estimate by eye, to measure with the naked eye
    * * *
    mù cè
    visualization; {军} range estimation; perusal; eye-measurement; eye survey; visual measurement
    目测比色计 visual colorimeter;
    目测法 ocular estimate;
    目测航行 eyesight navigation;
    目测检验 visualize;
    目测图 eye draft
    * * *
    目測|目测 [mù cè] to estimate visually to gauge visual assessment

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  • 226 目測

    range estimation
    * * *
    mu4 ce4
    to estimate by eye, to measure with the naked eye
    * * *
    目測|目测 [mù cè] to estimate visually to gauge visual assessment

    Chinese-English dictionary > 目測

  • 227 直接

    direct; immediate, straight; direct; directly; immediately, slap
    * * *
    directness; immediacy; right
    相关词组: 直接采购的
    * * *
    directness; immediacy; straight
    * * *
    adj. direct, first hand, immediate, plump
    adv. right, straight, plump, slap
    n. directness, immediacy
    * * *
    zhi2 jie1
    direct, opposite: indirect 間接, 间接, immediate, directly, straightforward
    * * *
    zhí jiē
    direct; immediate:
    直接会晤 meet sb. in person;
    直接原因 immediate cause; direct cause;
    他直接前往纽约。 He went straight to New York without stopping anywhere.
    直接包装 immediate packing; immediate container;
    直接报价 (标价;估价) direct quotation;
    直接被控变量 directly controlled variable;
    直接比 direct ratio;
    直接比对法 direct comparison method;
    直接编码 direct coding;
    直接编制 {自} direct organization;
    直接编制文件 direct organization file;
    直接变换 direct transform;
    直接变态 {无脊椎} direct metamorphosis; development;
    直接变址 direct indexing;
    直接标价法 direct quotation;
    直接表格传送 list-directed transmission;
    直接宾语 direct object;
    直接播放 play-over;
    直接波 direct wave;
    直接波束 direct-path;
    直接波抑制 direct wave suppression; main bang suppression;
    直接彩色形成法 direct colour formation;
    直接参考地址 direct reference address;
    直接侧力控制 direct side force flight control;
    直接测量 direct measurement;
    直接测量法 direct method of measurement;
    直接插板 series connector;
    直接插入 straight insertion;
    直接插入编码 in-line coding;
    直接插入程序 {自} in-line procedure; direct insert routine; direct-inserted program;
    直接插入处理 {自} in-line processing;
    直接插入例行程序 direct-insert routine;
    直接插入式 card edge type;
    直接插入子程序 direct-insert subroutine; {自} in-line subroutine; open subroutine; open subprogram;
    直接查表 table look-at;
    直接阐明 direct demonstration;
    直接产品 direct products;
    直接长途拨号 {讯} direct distance dialing;
    直接潮汐 {地物} direct tide;
    直接成本 direct cost; prime cost;
    直接成本计算收益 direct costing income;
    直接成分 immediate constituent;
    直接成分分析 {语} immediate constituent analysis; IC analysis;
    直接成像质谱仪 Casting-Slodzian mass analyzer; {工} direct-imaging mass analyzer;
    直接传导电路 direct conductive circuit;
    直接传动 {机} direct drive; direct operation; direct transmission; direct-drive gear; straight drive; straight-through drive;
    直接传动变速装置 with through drive gear;
    直接传动发动机 direct-drive engine;
    直接传动记录器 {工} direct-acting recorder;
    直接传动记录仪表 direct-acting recording instrument;
    直接传动加速度 direct-drive acceleration;
    直接传动离合器 direct-driving clutch;
    直接传动螺旋桨 direct-drive propeller;
    直接传动式剪切机 direct-driven shears;
    直接传动式汽轮机 direct-coupled (steam) turbine;
    直接传动提升机 first-motion hoist;
    直接传动条件 straight-through drive condition;
    直接传动同步机 direct-driven synchro;
    直接传动振动机 direct-drive vibration machine;
    直接传球 {体} direct pass;
    直接传热炉片 direct radiator;
    直接传送 direct transmission;
    直接传送(传输)系统 direct transmission system;
    直接串音 direct crosstalk;
    直接吹炼法 direct smelting in converters;
    直接次瞬态电抗 direct subtransient reactance;
    直接从属 immediate subordinate;
    直接淬火 {冶} direct quenching;
    直接存储器存取 direct memory access;
    直接存取 {计} direct access;
    直接存取程序库 direct access library;
    直接存取存储器 direct access storage;
    直接存取法 direct access method;
    直接存取方式 direct access method; direct access mode;
    直接存取分类 direct access sorting;
    直接存取媒体 direct access volume;
    直接存取文件 direct access file;
    直接存取显示通道 direct access display channel;
    直接存取装置 direct access device;
    直接带隙半导体 direct band-gap semiconductor; direct-gap semiconductor;
    直接代换 direct substitution;
    直接代码 {自} direct code;
    直接贷款 direct loan;
    直接担保品 direct securities;
    直接单读硬度试验 directional reading hardness test;
    直接地址 {自} direct address; first level address; immediate address; one-level address; direct addressing; single-level address;
    直接地址指令 direct instruction; immediate address instruction;
    直接点火 {工} direct-fire;
    直接电感耦合 direct-inductive coupling;
    直接电弧炉 {工} direct-arc furnace; direct electric arc furnace;
    直接电弧熔炼 direct-arc-melting;
    直接电弧熔炼法 direct-arc melting method;
    直接电弧熔铸 direct-arc;
    直接电路 direct circuit;
    直接电容 direct capacitance;
    直接电容耦合 direct capacitive coupling;
    直接电源馈路 stub feeder;
    直接电子对产生 direct pair production;
    直接电阻炉 direct resistance furnace;
    直接电阻耦合放大器 direct resistance coupled amplifier;
    直接电阻烧结 direct resistance sintering;
    直接定位法 direct location;
    直接定位方式 direct location mode;
    直接定位装卡 direct mount;
    直接定址 direct addressing;
    直接订货制度 direct indent system;
    直接动力作用推扫耙 direct power acting push sweep rake;
    直接动作 direct action;
    直接读出 direct readout; direct-reading;
    直接读数 direct reading;
    直接读数计算机 direct-reading calculator;
    直接读(数)天平 direct-reading balance;
    直接短路 direct short-circuit;
    直接对应 direct correspondence;
    直接对话 direct dialogue;
    直接发电 direct generation of electricity;
    直接发电机 {工} direct-power generator;
    直接发酵 direct fermentation;
    直接发育 direct development;
    直接法 direct method; direct manner;
    直接翻译程序 one-to-one assembler;
    直接反馈 direct feedback;
    直接反馈系统 {控} direct feedback system;
    直接反射 direct reflection;
    直接反应 direct reaction;
    直接方法 straightforward method;
    直接方式 direct mode;
    直接方位 direct bearing;
    直接纺丝 direct spinning;
    直接访问程序设计方式 {自} DAPS;
    直接访问存储器 {自} DASD;
    直接访问地址 {自} direct reference address;
    直接放大 straight amplification;
    直接放大式接收机 {讯} straight receiver;
    直接肥料 {农} direct fertilizer;
    直接费用 direct cost;
    直接分度法 direct indexing;
    直接分度盘 direct index plate;
    直接分度盘销 direct index plate pin;
    直接分裂 amitosis;
    直接分配{自} direct allocation;
    直接粉末还原 direct-route powder reduction;
    直接辐射 direct radiation;
    直接辐射波 direct ray; direct wave; ground ray; {讯} ground wave;
    直接辐射式扬声器 direct-radiator speaker; {工声} hornless loudspeaker;
    直接符号识别 {自} direct symbol recognition;
    直接浮动地址 direct address relocation;
    直接复合 direct recombination;
    直接复接 straight multiple;
    直接父 {计} direct father;
    直接负载损耗 direct load loss;
    直接概念 first intention;
    直接杠杆带动滚轮送进器 direct-linkage roll feed;
    直接隔膜 {无脊椎} directive;
    直接供电 direct feed;
    直接供暖 direct heating;
    直接供暖面 direct heating surface;
    直接供应资金 direct financing;
    直接骨化 direct ossification;
    直接观测 direct observation;
    直接观察 direct viewing;
    直接观察系统 direct-viewing system;
    直接观看 {讯} direct viewing;
    直接管理 direct management;
    直接管头 straight connector;
    直接贯入法 straight penetration method;
    直接光电探测 direct photodetection;
    直接光探测接收器 direct photodetection receiver;
    直接光照明器 direct-light illuminant;
    直接规则 direct rule;
    直接归约 directly reduce; direct reduction;
    直接过渡 direct transformation;
    直接函数 direct function;
    直接航线 {航海} direct route;
    直接核反应 {核} direct nuclear reaction;
    直接核分裂 karyostenosis;
    直接合成法 direct synthesis technique;
    直接合闸 direct switching-in; direct-on-line switching;
    直接黑 direct black;
    直接横向进磨 direct infeed;
    直接呼叫 {讯} direct call;
    直接弧熔锭 direct-arc-cast ingot;
    直接还原 direct reduction;
    直接还原法 {冶} direct-reduction process;
    直接还原分析 {心理} direct reductive analysis;
    直接缓冲方式 direct buffering mode;
    直接换热式核火剪 direct nuclear heat transfer rocket;
    直接回火 direct tempering;
    直接回水制direct-return system;
    直接混棉{纺} direct mixing;
    直接火烘干燥机 direct-fired drier;
    直接火烤锅 direct-fired kettle;
    直接基线法 straight baseline system;
    直接积分法 immediate integration;
    直接激冷铸造 direct-chill casting; {冶} semicontinuous casting;
    直接激励 {讯} direct drive; direct excitation;
    直接激励天线 directly excited antenna;
    直接级联控制 direct concatenation control;
    直接及超速传动离合器毂 direct and overdrive clutch hub;
    直接挤压(法) {工} direct extrusion;
    直接计划 direct planning;
    直接计价 direct pricing;
    直接计算 direct computing; direct calculation;
    直接计算法 direct computing method;
    直接记录 direct record;
    直接记录方式 direct-recording system;
    直接记录器 direct-writing recorder; {工} mechanical oscillograph;
    直接记录示波器 direct-writing oscillograph;
    直接记录式电传真设备 direct-recording facsimile equipment;
    直接记入方式 direct entry mode;
    直接加法 direct addition;
    直接加热 direct heating;
    直接加热法 snead process;
    直接加热干燥 direct drying;
    直接加热式电阻炉 direct heating resistance furnace;
    直接加网技术 direct screening process;
    直接价格 direct price;
    直接检波式接收机 direct-detection receiver;
    直接检景器 direct viewfinder;
    直接检视式储存管 direct-vision storage tube;
    直接检索 direct search;
    直接剪力试验 direct shear test;
    直接剪力仪 direct shear apparatus;
    直接减法 direct subtraction;
    直接交涉 negotiate directly with sb.; talk things over face to face with sb.;
    直接浇口 {冶} drop gate;
    直接浇铸 direct pouring; direct casting;
    直接教学法 dirct method;
    直接接触 direct contact; immediate contact;
    直接接到线路 direct-to line;
    直接接地 direct grounding;
    直接接合 direct bonding; direct connect; direct coupling;
    直接接头 straight pipe union;
    直接结构 direct organization;
    直接结合 direct bonding;
    直接结合式 DNC machine control unite type DNC (数控机 床);
    直接解 direct solution;
    直接金属 direct metal;
    直接进口喷射系统 direct port injection system;
    直接经验 direct experience;
    直接菊黄 Chrysophenine;
    直接教学法 direct method;
    直接开关启动器 direct switching starter;
    直接可观察量 measure;
    直接空气循环 {航空} direct air cycle; direct cycle;
    直接控制 {自} direct control; on-line control; self-operated control;
    直接控制机构 direct control facility;
    直接控制微程序 direct control microprogram; horizontal microprogram;
    直接控制微程序设计 direct control microprogramming;
    直接控制系统 direct control system;
    直接叩法 direct percussion; immediate percussion;
    直接馈电 direct feed;
    直接馈电电动机 line-fed motor;
    直接馈路 direct feeder;
    直接拉力 direct tension;
    直接拉丝浸润剂 fiber size for reinforcement;
    直接劳动 direct labor;
    直接冷却 {电工} direct cooling; direct liquid cooling;
    直接冷却器 direct cooler;
    直接冷却系统 direct cooling system;
    直接离合器 direct clutch;
    直接离心浮集法 direct centrifugal floatation method; Lane method;
    直接励磁机 direct-coupled exciter;
    直接联动泵 {机} direct-acting pump;
    直接联机处理机 direct-on-line processor;
    直接联轴节 direct coupling;
    直接联想 immediate association;
    直接连接 {机} direct-connected;
    直接连接器 card edge connecter;
    直接炼钢 direct steelmaking;
    直接炼钢法 direct steel process;
    直接炼铁 direct ironmaking;
    直接炼铁法 dupry process;
    直接卤化作用 {化} direct halogenation;
    直接路径 direct path;
    直接录声 {工声} direct recording;
    直接录音 live pickup;
    直接氯化 direct chlorination;
    直接埋设式 direct built-in system;
    直接冒口 runner riser;
    直接贸易 direct trade;
    直接萌发 {植} direct germination;
    直接命中导弹 direct-hit missile;
    直接命中目标 direct hit on the target;
    直接模板学说 direct template theory;
    直接模拟计算机 direct analogy computer;
    直接模-数转换器 direct A-D converter;
    直接内插法 direct interpolation method; direct interpolation;
    直接内存存取线 direct-memory-access line;
    直接能量转换 direct energy conversion;
    直接能隙 direct gap;
    直接啮合 {机 } direct-geared; positive gearing;
    直接耦合 direct coupling; direct pin connection;
    直接耦合触发电路 direct-coupled flip-flop;
    直接耦合电路 direct-coupled circuit;
    直接耦合放大 direct-coupled amplification;
    直接耦合功率 direct coupling power;
    直接耦合功率放大管 direct-coupled power amplifier tube;
    直接耦合激励三极管 direct-coupled driver triode;
    直接耦合计算机 direct-coupled computer;
    直接耦合晶体管电路 directly-coupled transistor circuit;
    直接耦合晶体管逻辑 direct-coupling transistor logic;
    直接耦合晶体管逻辑电路 direct-coupling transistor logic circuit; direct-coupled transistor logic circuit (DCTL);
    直接耦合晶体管逻辑系统 DCTL system;
    直接耦合空腔谐振器 direct-coupled cavities;
    直接耦合漏过功率 direct-coupled leakage power; direct-coupled power leakage;
    直接耦合式双稳态触发器 direct-coupled flip-flop;
    直接耦合式天线 direct coupling antenna; plain antenna;
    直接耦合衰减 direct-coupled attenuation; direct-coupling attenuation;
    直接耦合双三极管 direct-coupled twin triode;
    直接耦合双稳态多谐振荡器 direct-coupled bistable multivibrator;
    直接拍发赤道气象卫星 direct readout equatorial weather saterllite;
    直接喷射法 direct-injection method;
    直接喷射式柴油机 diesel engine with direct injection;
    直接喷射式汽化器 direct-injection carburetor;
    直接喷射式燃料泵{航空} direct-injection pump;
    直接喷油 {航空} direct injection;
    直接膨胀冷却 direct expansion cooling;
    直接膨胀制冷 direct expansion refrigeration;
    直接偏转比较法 comparison by direct deflection method;
    直接偏转测量法 direct deflection measuring method;
    直接偏转法 direct deflection method; method of direct deflections;
    直接平版印刷(品) autolithograph;
    直接平版印刷法 autolithography;
    直接启动 across-the-line starting; direct-on starting;
    直接启动电动机 line-start motor;
    直接启动器 direct-on starter; straight-on starter;
    直接启动式电动机 across-the-line motor;
    直接气体还原 direct gaseous reduction;
    直接气压式热室压铸机 direct-air injection die-casting machine; direct pressure hot-chamber machine;
    直接汽化 direct boiling;
    直接切碎收集装置 direct-cut grass and pickup attachment;
    直接切碎装置 direct-cut attachment;
    直接驱动螺旋桨 direct-driven airscrew;
    直接取代 direct substitution;
    直接取景器 {光} direct viewfinder;
    直接取样 direct sample; direct sampling;
    直接全息摄影术 straight-ahead holography;
    直接染料 {有化} direct dye; direct-color; substantive color; substantive dyes;
    直接热耗 direct waste heat;
    直接热损失 direct heat loss;
    直接热源 direct heat source;
    直接热转换反应器 {电工} direct-conversion reactor;
    直接熔炼 direct smelting;
    直接扫描 {讯} direct scanning;
    直接栅偏压 direct grid bias;
    直接闪光焊 straight flash welding;
    直接上辈 {计} direct father;
    直接摄取式摄像机 direct pickup camera;
    直接摄影(摄像) direct pickup;
    直接射击 direct fire;
    直接射门 {体} direct shooting;
    直接射线 direct ray;
    直接射油 direct injection;
    直接生产费用 direct operating cost;
    直接生产人员 personnel directly engaged in production; (由功)
    直接生热法 aschistic process;
    直接升力控制 direct lift force flight control;
    直接石印法 direct litho;
    直接适应作用 {植} direct adaptation;
    直接试验 straightway testing;
    直接收集转换器 direct collection converter;
    直接收像电视机 direct picture television receiver;
    直接收益 direct yield;
    直接售货条款 direct sale clause;
    直接受控设备 directly-controlled equipment;
    直接受控系统 directly controlled system;
    直接受拉钢筋 straight tension rod;
    直接输出 direct output; on-line output;
    直接输出程序 direct output writer;
    直接输入 direct input;
    直接输入电路 direct input circuit;
    直接输血 direct transfusion; immediate transfusion;
    直接树形网络 directed tree;
    直接数据 immediate data;
    直接数据处理 on-line data processing;
    直接数据处理系统 on-line data handling system;
    直接数据处理装置 on-line data processor;
    直接数据集 direct data set;
    直接数据输入输出 data-directed input-output;
    直接数据组织 direct data organization;
    直接数(值)控(制) {自} direct numerical control;
    直接数字交换 digital switching; direct digital transfer;
    直接数字控制 {控} direct digital control;
    直接数字控制系统 direct digital control system;
    直接数字控制仪 direct digital controller;
    直接水锤 direct hammer;
    直接水压式成形法 kranenburg method;
    直接税 direct tax;
    直接顺序文件direct sequential file;
    直接搜索 direct search;
    直接搜索法 direct search method;
    直接损失 direct losses;
    直接探测 direct detection;
    直接套利 direct arbitrage;
    直接替换 direct take;
    直接调控 direct regulation and control;
    直接调频 direct frequency modulation;
    直接调频制 direct frequency modulation system;
    直接调整 positive governing;
    直接通电 direct passage of current;
    直接通风炉 straight-draft furnace;
    直接通话 direct call;
    直接通商 direct transaction in business;
    直接通信 direct communication; direct transmission;
    直接同步电抗 direct synchronous reactance;
    直接投影 direct projection;
    直接投资 direct investments;
    直接推导 direct derivation;
    直接推论 eduction;
    直接脱扣 {电工} direct trip;
    直接送达 {律} personal service;
    直接威胁 immediate threat;
    直接文件 direct file;
    直接熄弧断路器 plain-break breaker;
    直接先趋块 immediate predecessor;
    直接显示(器) direct display;
    直接显像存储管 direct display storage tube;
    直接显像存储器 direct-display storage unit;
    直接显影 {摄} chemical development; direct development;
    直接相加指令 direct add;
    直接相减指令 direct subtract;
    直接相邻波道干扰 direct adjacent channel interference;
    直接向内拨号 {讯} direct inward dialing;
    直接向外部拨号 {讯} direct outward dialing (DOD);
    直接硝化作用 {化} direct nitration;
    直接销售 direct selling;
    直接销售价 direct sale price;
    直接消费税 direct tax on consumers; direct consumption tax;
    直接消去法 direct elimination method;
    直接效应 {生化} direct effect;
    直接胁迫伤害 direct stress injury;
    直接写入 write direct;
    直接信号方式通信设备 direct signalling equipment;
    直接信息交换 direct information exchange;
    直接信用证 straight letter of credit;
    直接行动组织 direct actionist organization;
    直接性 {染色} substantivity; immediacy;
    直接悬挂 direct suspension;
    直接悬挂结构 {电工} direct-suspension construction;
    直接选举 direct election;
    直接选举制 direct electoral system;
    直接选择 non-register controlling selection; direct selection;
    直接选择器 direct selector;
    直接选择系统(方式) direct selection system;
    直接选址 immediate addressing;
    直接循环冷却系统 direct cycle cooling system;
    直接寻址 direct addressing;
    直接寻址处理 {自} direct-address processing;
    直接寻址方式 direct addressing method;
    直接压电现象 {固物} direct piezoelectricity;
    直接压片 direct tablet compressing;
    直接氧化(作用) direct oxidation;
    直接氧化浸出 direct oxidation leaching;
    直接冶炼法 {冶} direct process;
    直接页面寄存器 direct page register;
    直接业务 direct writing;
    直接易货 straight barter sale; direct barter;
    直接因子 direct factor;
    直接银行保证 direct bank guarantee;
    直接引语 {语} direct quotation; direct speech oration; discourse;
    直接印花 {纺} direct printing;
    直接印花法 direct style;
    直接印染 direct printing;
    直接印刷 {刷} direct printing;
    直接影印本 photostat;
    直接影印机 photostat;
    直接影印件 {摄} photostat;
    直接应力 {工} direct stress;
    直接用户 end-user;
    直接邮包 direct package;
    直接愈合 adhesion;
    直接原因 causa causans; immediate cause; direct cause;
    直接跃迁半导体 {固物} direct-gap semiconductor;
    直接阅读 {摄} direct reading;
    直接运动 first motion;
    直接噪声放大器 direct-noise amplifier;
    直接增湿器 direct humidifier;
    直接照明 direct illumination; direct lighting;
    直接蒸发盘管 {机} direct-expansion coil;
    直接蒸气 open steam; live steam;
    直接蒸气硫化 open steam vulcanization;
    直接蒸汽拔头汽缸油 {材} SR cylinder oil;
    直接正片录音 direct-positive recording;
    直接正像 {摄} direct positive;
    直接正像材料 {摄} auto positive;
    直接正性乳剂 direct positive emulsion;
    直接正性照相材料 direct positive photographic material;
    直接证明 direct proof;
    直接支配 immediate domination;
    直接支援 direct support;
    直接酯化 {化} direct esterification;
    直接指令 {自} direct instruction;
    直接指令制导{工} direct command guidance;
    直接指示探向器 direct-reading direction finder;
    直接指数化 direct indexation;
    直接致电离粒子 {核} directly ionizing particles;
    直接置换 {化} direct replacement;
    直接制氨法 {化} direct ammonia process;
    直接中肠 directive mesentery;
    直接中继 direct repeating system;
    直接中继器 direct point repeater;
    直接轴联节 {机} direct coupling;
    直接注射造型 direct-injection mo(u)lding;
    直接转发站 {电子} direct point repeater;
    直接转换反应器 direct-conversion reactor;
    直接转移 direct jump;
    直接转账制度 giro system;
    直接装入 direct loading;
    直接着陆 straight-in landing;
    直接自动调整器 {电工} diactor;
    直接阻抗 direct impedance;
    直接作用 direct action;
    直接作用发动机 direct-acting engine;
    直接作用变阻器型自动稳压器 direct acting rheostaic type automatic voltage regulator;
    直接作用传感器 direct-acting transducer;
    直接作用控制器 direct operating controller
    * * *
    直接|直接 [zhí jiē] direct opposite: indirect ↑ 間接|↑ 间接 immediate directly straightforward

    Chinese-English dictionary > 直接

  • 228 相对

    opposite to each other; face to face; versus, relative, relatively; comparatively
    * * *
    comparatively; face to face; relatively
    【医】 correspondence
    【经】 contra
    相关词组: 相对的
    * * *
    comparatively; face to face; relatively
    * * *
    adj. opposite
    adv. relatively, comparatively
    v. resist, oppose
    * * *
    xiang1 dui4
    relatively, opposite, to resist, to oppose, relative, vis-a-vis, counterpart
    * * *
    xiāng duì
    (面对面) opposite; face to face:
    相对而坐 sit opposite (facing) each other; sit face to face
    (非绝对的) relative:
    相对真理 relative truth
    (比较的) relatively; comparatively:
    相对地说 comparatively speaking;
    相对稳定 relatively stable;
    他的智力相对地比他哥哥强。 His intelligence is comparatively favourable with that of his brother.
    相对半宽度 relative half-width;
    相对保留值 relative retention value;
    相对比移值 relative Rf value;
    相对闭集 relatively closed set;
    相对边界 relative boundary;
    相对编号 relative numbering;
    相对编码 relative coding;
    相对变动 {数} relative variability; relative variation;
    相对标度 relative scale;
    相对标绘 relative plot;
    相对波段 relative band;
    相对不变式 relative invariant;
    相对测定 relative determination;
    相对测光 relative photometry;
    相对测量 relative measurement;
    相对程序 relative program; relative code;
    相对程序设计 relative programming;
    相对尺寸 relative size;
    相对出菌率 relative plating efficiency;
    相对传送电平 relative transmission level;
    相对磁道地址 {计} relative track address;
    相对磁强计 {物} relative magnetometer;
    相对磁化率 relative magnetic susceptibility;
    相对词 relative term;
    相对粗糙度 relative roughness factor;
    相对大小 relative size;
    相对带宽 {电} relative bandwidth;
    相对代码 relative code;
    相对当量 relative equivalent;
    相对地址 relative address;
    相对地质时期 relative geologic time;
    相对电平 relative level;
    相对电容率 relative permittivity;
    相对电阻 relative resistance;
    相对定向 relative orientation;
    相对多度 relative aboundance;
    相对发光效率 {物} relative luminous efficiency;
    相对方差 relative variance;
    相对方位 relative azimuth; {航空;航海} relative bearing;
    相对丰度 relative abundance;
    相对风 apparent wind;
    相对感受性 {心} relative sensitivity;
    相对高程 relative elevation;
    相对高度 relative altitude; relative height;
    相对个人方程 relative personal equation;
    相对工资 relative wage;
    相对功率增益 {电} relative power gain;
    相对共振积分 relative resonance integral;
    相对构型 relative configuration;
    相对光滑度 relative smoothness;
    相对光谱灵敏度 relative spectral sensitivity;
    相对光谱响应 relative spectral response;
    相对轨道 relative orbit;
    相对过剩人口 relative surplus population;
    相对过调量 relative overshoot;
    相对含量分析器 ratio analyzer;
    相对含水率 relative moisture content;
    相对滑动 relative slip;
    相对化 relativization;
    相对挥发度 relative volatility;
    相对基金支出授权书 counterpart expenditure authority;
    相对极 {物} antipode;
    相对极小值 relative minimum;
    相对极值 relative extreme;
    相对加速度 relative acceleration;
    相对价格 relative price;
    相对价值形式 relative form of value;
    相对焦距 relative focal length;
    相对校正因子 relative correction factor;
    相对介电常数 relative dielectric constant; relative permittivity; relative inductivity;
    相对距离 relative distance;
    相对开集 relatively open set;
    相对可见度因数 relative visibility factor;
    相对空间 space;
    相对孔径 relative aperture;
    相对控制范围 relative range of control;
    相对离散度 relative dispersion;
    相对亮度函数 relative luminosity function;
    相对亮度曲线 relative luminance curve;
    相对亮度效率曲线 relative luminous efficiency curve;
    相对灵敏度 relative sensitivity;
    相对流 relative current;
    相对流量 relative discharge;
    相对密度 relative density;
    相对密实度 relative compaction;
    相对命令 relative order;
    相对磨耗率 wear rating;
    相对内禀宇称 relative intrinsic parity;
    相对年代 relative date;
    相对粘度 relative viscosity;
    相对排列法 relative location;
    相对偏离 relative departure;
    相对频偏 relative frequency deviation;
    相对频谱曲线 relative spectrum curve;
    相对频数 relative frequency;
    相对频数直方图 relative frequency histogram;
    相对平衡 relative equilibrium; relative balance;
    相对曝光量对数 relative logH;
    相对强度 {物} relative intensity;
    相对倾斜仪 relative inclinometer;
    相对清晰度 relative articulation;
    相对溶量 relative capacity;
    相对三倍精度 {计} relative triple precision;
    相对散射强度 relative scatter intensity;
    相对色散 relative dispersion;
    相对扇形搜索 relative sector search;
    相对射电发射功率 relative radio emitting power;
    相对渗透率 relative permeability;
    相对生物效应 relative biological effect;
    相对生物学效率 relative biological effectiveness;
    相对剩余 relative surplus;
    相对剩余价值 relative surplus-value;
    相对失调 relative detuning;
    相对湿度 relative humidity (RH);
    相对时代 relative age;
    相对时延 relative time delay;
    相对视差 {物} relative parallax;
    相对视见度函数 relative luminous efficiency function;
    相对视向速度 relative radial velocity;
    相对收入假设 relativeincome hypothesis;
    相对收入论 {经} relative income hypothesis;
    相对寿命 comparative lifetime;
    相对疏伐强度 relative thinning intensity;
    相对数 relative number; relatives; relative quantity; relative index;
    相对数据 relative data;
    相对衰减 {电} relative attenuation;
    相对搜索 relative search;
    相对速度 {物} relative speed; relative velocity;
    相对探伤灵敏度 overall flaw detection sensitivity;
    相对梯度 relative gradient;
    相对调节 relative regulation;
    相对停滞阶段 stage of a relative standstill;
    相对同伦 {数} relative homotopy;
    相对透射比 {电} transmittancy;
    相对推力 relative force;
    相对拓扑 {数} relative topology;
    相对位置 relative position;
    相对温度 {气} relative humidity;
    相对温度百分率 percentage relative humidity;
    相对稳定度(性) relative stability;
    相对无效 relative nullity;
    相对误差 {数} relative error; proportional error;
    相对响应值 relative response;
    相对项 relative term;
    相对向量 relative vector;
    相对效率 {电} relative efficiency;
    相对星表 relative (star) catalogue;
    相对寻址 {计} relative addressing;
    相对延迟 relative delay;
    相对一致收敛 relative uniform convergence;
    相对移距 slip;
    相对有利条件 relative advantage;
    相对有效系数 coefficient of relative effectiveness;
    相对有效性 relative effectiveness;
    相对阈限 {物} relative threshold;
    相对运动 {物} relative motion;
    相对运动方向 direction of relative movement;
    相对运动计算机 relative motion computer;
    相对运动显示 relative motion display;
    相对运动线 relative movement line;
    相对运动英里数 miles of relative movement;
    相对噪声温度 relative noise temperature;
    相对增量 relative increment;
    相对张量 relative tensor;
    相对真空计 relative vacuum gauge;
    相对真理 {哲} relative truth;
    相对正方形搜索 relative square search;
    相对值 relative magnitude; relative quantity; relative value;
    相对指标 relative indicatrix; relative index;
    相对质量 relative quality;
    相对重力测量 relative gravity measurement;
    相对主义 {哲} relativism;
    相对自行 relative proper motion;
    相对阻尼 relative damping;
    相对坐标 relative coordinate; relative coordinates;
    相对坐标系 {物} relative coordinate system
    * * *
    相對|相对 [xiāng duì] relatively opposite to resist to oppose relative vis-a-vis counterpart

    Chinese-English dictionary > 相对

  • 229 石英

    * * *
    【化】 quartz
    【医】 quartz; rock crystal
    相关词组: 绿石英
    * * *
    * * *
    n. quartz
    * * *
    shi2 ying1
    * * *
    shí yīng
    quartz; silici-
    石英斑岩 quartz porphyry;
    石英波长计 quartz wavemeter;
    石英粗安岩 coloradoite; mienite;
    石英电钟 crystal electric clock;
    石英电子手表 crystal-oscillator watch; {钟} quartzcrystal watch;
    石英灯 {电子} quartz lamp;
    石英二长石 adamellite; ukrainite;
    石英分光光度计 quartz spectrophotometer;
    石英粉 silica flour; ground quartz;
    石英共振器 quartz resonator; quartz crystal resonator;
    石英化 silicification;
    石英角斑岩 baschtau(n)ite;
    石英控制发射机 crystal-controlled transmitter;
    石英棱镜 quartz prism;
    石英滤波器 quartz filter;
    石英脉 quartz vein;
    石英蒙瓦克岩 quartzmengwacke;
    石英膨胀计 quartz dilatometer;
    石英偏振片单色器 quartz-polaroid monochromator;
    石英片 quartz plate;
    石英片岩 quartz-schist;
    石英色层光纤 silica cladded fibre;
    石英砂 quartz sand;
    石英砂屑岩 quartzarenite;
    石英闪长岩 quartzdiorite;
    石英弹簧重力仪 quartz spring gravimeter;
    石英瓦克岩 quartzwacke;
    石英稳频法 frequency stabilization by quartz resonator;
    石英稳频型频率基准 quartz frequency-stabilitation type frequency standards;
    石英稳频振荡器 crystal oscillator (CO);
    石英纤维 quartz fibre;
    石英斜煌岩 gladkaite;
    石英谐振器 quartz resonator;
    石英岩 silexite; aposandstone; quartzite;
    石英延迟线 quartz delay-line;
    石英应变仪 {电子} quartz strain gauge;
    石英元件 quartz element;
    石英振子 quartz vibrator;
    石英钟 quartz clock; quartz crystal clock;
    石英砖 quartz brick
    * * *
    石英|石英 [shí yīng] quartz

    Chinese-English dictionary > 石英

  • 230 硬化

    harden, sclerosis, become rigid or inflexible in attitudes, opinions, etc.; ossify
    * * *
    harden; indurate; cirrhosis; sclerosis
    【计】 hardening
    【化】 hardening; setting
    【医】 hardening; sclero-; sclerose; sclerosis; sklero-
    相关词组: 动脉硬化
    * * *
    cirrhosis; induration; ossify; rigidification; scleroses; sclerosis; vulcanize
    * * *
    n. cirrhosis, sclerosis, hardening
    v. harden, stiffen
    * * *
    ying4 hua4
    to harden, hardening, sclerosis, fig. to become rigid or inflexible in opinions, to ossify
    * * *
    yìng huà
    (变硬) harden; stiffen; stiffening; indurascent; ossification; cure; curing:
    硬化为石 hardened into a rock;
    经久硬化{机} age hardening;
    表面硬化 case hardening;
    自身硬化 harden by itself;
    塑料被注入模子后, 便放在一边让它慢慢凝结硬化。 The plastic was poured into the mold and left to set until it was firm.
    {医} (组织变硬) sclerosis; hardening:
    动脉硬化 the hardening of arteries; arteriosclerosis;
    血管硬化 vascular sclerosis
    硬化本领 {物} hardening capacity;
    硬化表面 hardened surface;
    硬化病 scleredema; scleroedema; scleremus; sclerema;
    硬化薄壁组织 sclerotic parenchyma;
    硬化槽 setting tank;
    硬化层积材 hardened layer wood; amber wood;
    硬化处理 hardening;
    硬化工 hardener;
    硬化骨胳 scleroskeleton;
    硬化混凝土 maturing;
    硬化基部 sclerobase;
    硬化机 hardener;
    硬化剂 hardener; hardening; stiffening agent; Hexa hardening agent; curing agent;
    硬化冷轧机 temper mill;
    硬化沥青 manjak;
    硬化铝合金 hardening aluminum alloy;
    硬化侵填体sclerotic tylosis;
    硬化深度{冶} hardening depth;
    硬化时效 {冶} hardness ageing;
    硬化松香 hardened rosin;
    硬化塑料 rigid plastics;
    硬化温度 {物} hardening temperature;
    硬化细胞 sclereid; sclerotic cell;
    硬化橡胶 rigidified rubber;
    硬化胁变 {物} hardening strain;
    硬化锌合金 binding metal;
    硬化油 {化工} fixed oil;
    硬化浴 hardening bath;
    硬化原 sclerogen;
    硬化组织 sclerotic tissue;
    硬化组织区 sclerification;
    硬化作用 sclerification; sclerization
    * * *
    硬化|硬化 [yìng huà] to harden hardening sclerosis fig. to become rigid or inflexible in opinions to ossify

    Chinese-English dictionary > 硬化

  • 231 硬度

    * * *
    hardness; rigidity
    【化】 hardness
    【医】 hardness; scirrhosity
    相关词组: 硬度计
    * * *
    * * *
    n. hardness
    * * *
    ying4 du4
    * * *
    yìng dù
    hardness; solidity; scirrhosity (肿瘤的):
    维氏硬度 Vickers hardness;
    铅是硬度较低的金属之一。 Lead is one of the softer metals.
    硬度计 hardometer; durometer; hardnessmeter; sclerometer;
    硬度试验 hardness test;
    硬度数 hardness;
    硬度系数 hardness factor;
    硬度值 hardness number
    * * *
    硬度|硬度 [yìng dù] hardness

    Chinese-English dictionary > 硬度

  • 232 硬性

    rigid; stiff; inflexible
    * * *
    【医】 hardness
    * * *
    adj. rigid, unbending, inflexible, stiff, firm, unyielding
    * * *
    ying4 xing4
    rigid, inflexible, hard (drug)
    * * *
    yìng xìng
    hardness; rigid; stiff; inflexible:
    硬性规定 rigid and inflexible rules; hard-and-fast rules; lay down hard and rigid rules
    硬性电子管 hard valve; hard tube;
    硬性金属 {冶} hardmetal;
    硬性内障 sclerocataracta;
    硬性射线 hard rays;
    硬性手感 boardy feel;
    硬性同步 mechanical synchronization;
    硬性铸造 gravity diecasting
    * * *
    硬性|硬性 [yìng xìng] rigid inflexible hard (drug)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 硬性

  • 233 硬挺

    To sustain difficulty and hardness.
    * * *
    * * *
    * * *
    v. endure with all one's will, hold out with all one's might
    * * *
    ying4 ting3
    to endure with all one's will, to hold out, rigid, stiff
    * * *
    yìng tǐng
    (勉强支撑) endure with all one's will; hold out with all one's might:
    这场病他硬挺过来了。 He succeeded in pulling through the illness.
    你牙疼别硬挺着, 快去治治吧。 Don't just try to put up with your toothache. Go and see the dentist.
    那小伙子受了伤, 还硬挺着把活干完。 In spite of his injuries, the young man stuck it out.
    (硬的) rigid; stiff
    硬挺度 boardy;
    硬挺帽 proofed hat;
    硬挺塔夫绸 paper taffeta;
    硬挺性 (度) stiffness;
    硬挺织物 rigid fabric
    * * *
    硬挺|硬挺 [yìng tǐng] to endure with all one's will to hold out rigid stiff

    Chinese-English dictionary > 硬挺

  • 234 磨损

    wear and tear; fray; wear
    * * *
    wear and tear; abrasion; fray; fret
    【计】 wear-out
    【化】 abrasion and wear
    【医】 abrade; abrasio; abrasion; arrosion; wear
    【经】 attrition
    相关词组: 磨损处
    * * *
    wear and tear; abrasion; fray; fret
    * * *
    n. abrasion, fray, wear and tear
    v. attrit
    * * *
    mo2 sun3
    wear and tear, abrasion
    * * *
    mó sǔn
    (摩擦和使用造成的损耗) wear and tear; abrasive wear; abrase; abrade; detrition; wear; scuff; wear-out; fray; battering; abrade wear; abrasion; attrition wear; defacement; excoriate; foreworn; wear down; wearing; wornout:
    我的鞋跟给磨损了。 The heels of my shoes have (been) worn down.
    这辆卡车基本上没有什么磨损。 The truck shows scarcely any sign of wear and tear.
    磨损补偿 compensate for wear;
    磨损程度 degree of wear;
    磨损度 abradability;
    磨损腐蚀试验 erosion corrosion test;
    磨损故障 wear-out failure;
    磨损极限 limit of wear; wear limit;
    磨损检验 wear test;
    磨损力学 wear mechanics;
    磨损留量 wear allowance; tear-and-wear allowance;
    磨损试验 {土} attrition test; abrasion test;
    磨损试验机 abrasion tester; abrasive wear testing machine; wear-test machine;
    磨损试验转筒 rattler;
    磨损数据 wear data;
    磨损速度 rate of wear;
    磨损特性 wearing character;
    磨损物 wearer;
    磨损系数 coefficient of waste; coefficient of wear; wear coefficient; mortality factor;
    磨损学 {物} tribology;
    磨损硬度 {采矿} abrasion hardness;
    磨损指数 abrasion index;
    磨损周期 wear-out period;
    磨损作用 abrasive action
    * * *
    磨損|磨损 [mó sǔn] wear and tear abrasion

    Chinese-English dictionary > 磨损

  • 235 磨蚀

    * * *
    【化】 abrasion
    * * *
    * * *
    mo2 shi2
    erosion, abrasion
    * * *
    mó shí
    abrasion; abrasive wear; fretting corrosion; erosion; sandblast
    磨蚀剂 abrasive; abradant;
    磨蚀喷射钻进 abrasive jet drilling;
    磨蚀去垢器 abrasive blast cleaner;
    磨蚀试验 abrasion test;
    磨蚀硬度 abrasion hardness;
    磨蚀指数 abrasion index
    * * *
    磨蝕|磨蚀 [mó shí] erosion abrasion

    Chinese-English dictionary > 磨蚀

  • 236 离子

    * * *
    【化】 ion
    【医】 ion
    相关词组: 离子化
    * * *
    hydronium; ion
    * * *
    n. ion (Physics, Chemistry); hydronium
    * * *
    li2 zi3
    * * *
    lí zǐ
    {物} ion:
    氩离子 argon ion;
    阳离子 cation;
    阴离子 anion
    离子斑 {电子} ion burn; ion spot;
    离子斑点 ion spot;
    离子半导体 ionic semiconductor;
    离子半径 {晶} ionic radius;
    离子崩溃 avalanche;
    离子泵 {电子} ion pump;
    离子比色计 ionocolorimeter;
    离子比值 {海} ionic ratios;
    离子波 {等离子} ion wave;
    离子波不稳定性 ion wave instability;
    离子不稳定性 ionic unstability;
    离子捕集 ion trapping;
    离子层 {电子} sheath;
    离子成对 ion pairing;
    离子成三 ion triplet;
    离子冲压式发动机 {航空} aeroduct;
    离子畴 ionic domain;
    离子传导 {化} ionic conduction;
    离子抽运 ionic pumping;
    离子簇 {化} ion cluster;
    离子催化剂 ionic catalyst;
    离子氮化 ionic nitriding; ionitriding;
    离子当量电导 {物化} ionic equivalent conductance;
    离子导电体 ionic conductor;
    离子导电性 ionic conductivity;
    离子等离子体波 ion plasma wave;
    离子等离子体频率 {等离子} ion plasma frequency;
    离子缔合 ion association;
    离子电导 {物化} ionic conductance;
    离子电导率 {化} ionic conductivity;
    离子电导性 ionic conductivity;
    离子电镀法 ion plating;
    离子电荷 {物} ionic charge;
    离子电流 {电子} ionic current; gas current;
    离子电流率 {电子} gas ratio;
    离子电渗疗法 ionotherapy; iontherapy; iontophoresis;
    离子电泳 ionophoresis;
    离子电泳作用 ionophoresis;
    离子电子复合 recombination of ion and electron;
    离子电子光学式分析仪器 ion-electron-optical analytical instrument;
    离子动能度谱术{光谱} ion kinetic energy spectrometry;
    离子动能谱(法) ion kinetic energy spectroscopy;
    离子镀 ion plating;
    离子发动机{航空} ion engine;
    离子发光 ionoluminescence;
    离子发射 {物} ion emission;
    离子反流 backlash;
    离子反射板 repeller;
    离子反射器 ion repeller;
    离子反向散射 {固物} ion backscattering;
    离子反应 ionic reaction;
    离子方程式 {化} ionic equation;
    离子放大管 ion amplifying tube;
    离子飞弧 ionization arc-over;
    离子分离{化工} ion fractionation;
    离子-分子反应 ion-molecule reaction;
    离子-分子复合体 heteroion;
    离子氛 ionic atmosphere;
    离子辐射{物} ion irradiation;
    离子浮选 {化} ion flotation;
    离子浮选法 ion floatation method;
    离子腐蚀 ion etching;
    离子共振 ion resonance;
    离子共振现象 synionism; syniony;
    离子共振原理能谱计 ion-resonance-principle spectrometer;
    离子光电池 gas cell;
    离子光电管 gas-filled phototube;
    离子光学 ion optics;
    离子轰击 ion bombardment; ion bombarding;
    离子轰击浸蚀 ion-bombardment etching;
    离子化(作用) ionization; electrolytic dissociation;
    离子化合物 {化} ionic compound;
    离子回旋波 {等离子} ion cyclotron wave;
    离子回旋共振加热 {等离子} ion cyclotron resonance heating;
    离子回旋共振谱(法) ion cyclotron resonance spectroscopy;
    离子回旋加速器 ion cyclotron;
    离子回旋频率 {物} ion cyclotron frequency;
    离子活度 ionic activity;
    离子活度计 ionic-activity meter;
    离子火箭 (发动机) {航空} ion rocket;
    离子基 ion radical;
    离子积 {化} ionic product; ion product;
    离子激发发光 ionoluminescence;
    离子激光器 {光} ion laser;
    离子极化 ionic polarization;
    离子极化率 ionic polarizability;
    离子计 ionometer; iontoquantimeter;
    离子计法 ion meter method;
    离子计数管 ion counter;
    离子继电器 gas-filled relay; ionic relay;
    离子加工{工} ion machining;
    离子加热{电子} ionic heating;
    离子加热阴极 {电子} ionic-heated cathode;
    离子加速器 {核} ion accelerator; ionic accelerator;
    离子间距 interionic distance;
    离子检测器 {分化} ion detector;
    离子溅射泵 {工} getter pump; getter-ion pump; sputter-ion pump;
    离子交联聚合物 Zetabon;
    离子胶束 ionic micelle;
    离子晶体 ionic crystal;
    离子晶体半导体 ionic crystal semiconductor;
    离子聚合物 ionomer;
    离子聚焦 ion focusing;
    离子聚束 ion bunch; ion bunching;
    离子开关 ionic switch;
    离子刻蚀 {半} ion etching;
    离子空间晶格 ionic space lattice;
    离子空气疗法 aeroionotherapy;
    离子扩散 diffusion of ion;
    离子离心机 ionic centrifuge;
    离子离子碰撞 ion-ion collision;
    离子理论 {化} ionic theory;
    离子励磁 ionic excitation;
    离子脉冲电离室 ion-pulse ionization chamber;
    离子脉冲电离箱 ion pulse chamber;
    离子密度 {物} ion concentration; ion density; ionic density;
    离子膜 {化工} ionic membrane;
    离子膜电解 electrolysis with ion-exchange film;
    离子凝胶 {化} ionic gel;
    离子凝聚限 ion limit;
    离子浓度 ion concentration;
    离子浓度测定仪 ion concentration gauge;
    离子偶 ion-pair;
    离子偶极 ion dipole;
    离子偶极键 {化} ion-dipole bond;
    离子排斥 {化} ion exclusion;
    离子排斥色谱法 {分化} ion-exclusion chromatography;
    离子配偶 ion pairing;
    离子碰撞 ion collision;
    离子碰撞解吸 ion impact desorption;
    离子碰撞频率 collision frequency of ion;
    离子漂移 {半} ion drift;
    离子漂移法 ion drift technique;
    离子平衡 {物化} ionic equilibrium;
    离子谱 ionic spectrum;
    离子谱法 {分化} ionography;
    离子气体激光器 ion gas laser;
    离子迁移 {电工} ionic migration;
    离子迁移管 {化} transference tube;
    离子迁移率 {物} ionic mobility (离子淌度);
    离子枪 ion gun;
    离子强度 {物化} ionic strength;
    离子强度调节剂 ionic strength adjustor;
    离子鞘 ion sheath;
    离子三聚体 ion triplet;
    离子散射分析 ion scattering analysis;
    离子散射能谱 ion scattering spectroscopy;
    离子色谱法 {化} chromatography of ions;
    离子筛 ion sieve;
    离子栅极说 ion grid theory;
    离子伤 ion burning;
    离子渗氮炉 ion-nitriding furnace;
    离子渗透压 {化} ionic osmotic pressure;
    离子渗析 ionodialysis;
    离子声波 {等离子} ion acoustic wave; ion sound wave; pseudosonic wave;
    离子声速 ion-acoustic velocity; ion sound speed;
    离子声湍流 ion-sound turbulence;
    离子蚀刻机 ion etching machine;
    离子实 ion core;
    离子势垒 {半} ion barrier;
    离子收集极(器) ion collector;
    离子水合(作用) ionic hydration;
    离子速度 {化} ion velocity;
    离子探测 ion detection;
    离子探测器 ion detector;
    离子探针 ion probe;
    离子探针分析器 ion microprobe analyzer;
    离子探针质谱计 ion probe mass spectrometer;
    离子透入 penetration of ions;
    离子透射法 ion transmission technique;
    离子透射金相学 ion transmission metallography;
    离子推进 {航空} ion propulsion;
    离子推力室 ion thrustor;
    离子拖带加速器 ion-drag accelerator;
    离子微探针分析 ion microprobe analysis;
    离子微探针分析法 ion microprobe analysis method;
    离子微探针质谱仪 {工} ion microprobe mass spectrometer;
    离子温度 {等离子} ion temperature;
    离子雾 {化} ion-atmosphere;
    离子吸泵 ion-sorption pump;
    离子吸气泵 ion getter pump;
    离子铣技术 ion milling process;
    离子徙动 ion migration;
    离子显微镜 ion microscope;
    离子线 ion line; ionic line;
    离子消除器 iontron;
    离子选择电极 ion-selective electrode;
    离子选择电极法 ion selective electrode method;
    离子雪崩 {核} ion avalanche; avalanche;
    离子压力计 ion gage;
    离子扬声器 ionophone;
    离子移变(作用) ionotropy;
    离子移动 {医} phoresis;
    离子引发聚合作用 {化} ionic polymerization;
    离子荧光 ion fluorescence;
    离子-原子碰撞 ion-atom collision;
    离子源 ion gun; ion source; {电子} ionization source;
    离子云 {地物} ion cloud;
    离子运动模型 ion motion model;
    离子载体 ionophore;
    离子再生塔 ion regenerator;
    离子噪声 ion noise;
    离子折射 ionic refraction;
    离子振荡 ion oscillation;
    离子致双折射 ionic birefringence;
    离子致折射 ionic refraction;
    离子质谱仪 ion mass-spectrometer;
    离子滞留作用{化工} ion retardation;
    离子柱 {地物} ion column; meteor trail;
    离子注入 {工} ion implantation;
    离子注入掺杂 ion implantation doping;
    离子注入工艺 ion implantation technology;
    离子注入机 ion implantation apparatus;
    离子注入技术 ion implantation technique;
    离子注入器件 ion-implanted device;
    离子专性电极 ion specific electrode;
    离子状态 ionic condition;
    离子灼伤 ion burns;
    离子阻塞效应 ion blocking effect
    * * *
    離子|离子 [lí zǐ] ion

    Chinese-English dictionary > 离子

  • 237 空心

    (of trees, vegetables, etc.) become hollow inside
    * * *
    【机】 air core
    * * *
    kong1 xin1
    hollow, empty headed, mindless
    kong4 xin1
    fasting, on an empty stomach
    * * *
    1) 空心
    kòng xīn
    on an empty stomach:
    空心吃这剂药。 Take this dose of medicine on an empty stomach.
    另见 kōng xīn。
    2) 空心
    kōng xīn
    hollow; hollow heart; nothing in mind
    空心坝 {土} hollow dam;
    空心板 cored slab; hollow core slab;
    空心宝石 chevee; shell;
    空心薄圆柱体 shell;
    空心变压器 air-core transformer;
    空心病 hollow stem;
    空心玻璃纤维 hollow glass fibre;
    空心波导 hollow waveguide;
    空心菜 water spinach (蕹菜);
    空心车轴 hole-bored axle from end to end; hollow car axle;
    空心撑杆 hollow stay;
    空心齿轴 {钟} hollow pinion;
    空心冲 {机} dinking;
    空心冲头 hollow punch;
    空心导体 hollow conductor;
    空心导线 hollow core conductor; hollow conductor;
    空心弹 hollow projectile cartridge;
    空心电动仪表 air cored instrument;
    空心电抗器 air reactor;
    空心电缆 hollow core cable;
    空心电枢 coreless armature;
    空心电子束 hollow electron beam;
    空心顶镦凸模 recessed heading tool;
    空心垛式支架 {采矿} pigsty timbering;
    空心扼流圈 air-core reactor; air choke; air reactor;
    空心方钢犁梁 hollow square beam;
    空心秆 {植} culm;
    空心钢辐轮 hollow steel spoke wheel;
    空心钢丝绳 hollow wire rope;
    空心钢索 hollow rope;
    空心管 hollow pipe;
    空心管坯 hollow bloom; hollow shell;
    空心管形铆钉 tubular rivet;
    空心辊 hollow roll;
    空心焊丝 cored solder wire;
    空心基础 hollow foundation;
    空心桨叶 hollow blade;
    空心搅拌器 hollow stirrer;
    空心铰刀 {工} hollow reamer;
    空心结构 hollow-core construction;
    空心茎 {植病} hollow stalk;
    空心均力圆锥轮 {钟} hollow fusee;
    空心块 hollow block; hollow slug;
    空心棱镜 hollow prism;
    空心粒子 hollow granule;
    空心梁 hollow beam;
    空心轮辐 hollow spoke;
    空心轮胎 air core tyre;
    空心轮辋 hollow rim; hollow steel rim;
    空心螺撑 hollow stay bolt;
    空心螺钉 hollow screw;
    空心铆钉 tubular rivet; hollow rivet;
    空心内柱轴 hollow draw-in spindle
    空心坯 hollow ingot;
    空心偏转线圈 air core deflection coil; air-deflection coil;
    空心桥墩 hollow pier;
    空心钳 hollow bit tongs;
    空心墙 {房} cavity wall; hollow wall;
    空心砌块 building-block;
    空心曲柄销 hollow crank pin;
    空心曲柄轴 hollow crank shaft;
    空心燃料棒 hollow fuel rod;
    空心人造丝 macaroni rayon yarn;
    空心扫描 hollow scanning;
    空心扫描显示器 expanded-center display;
    空心石核 geode;
    空心手柄 hollow handle;
    空心枢 hollow pivot;
    空心束 hollow beam;
    空心丝 air silk;
    空心体 hollow body;
    空心铜线 hollow copper wire;
    空心陀螺 diabolo;
    空心微珠 cenosphere;
    空心涡 {流} hollow vortex;
    空心雾锥喷嘴 hollow-cone type nozzle;
    空心物 incavation;
    空心铣刀 {机} hollow mill; hollow milling cutter; hollow milling tool;
    空心纤维 hollow fibre;
    空心衔铁 coreless armature;
    空心线圈 air core coil; hollow coil; air-core coil; air-cored coil;
    空心旋压模 hollow spinning block; hollow spinning chuck;
    空心阳极 hollow anode;
    空心叶片 hollow blade;
    空心纡子 chapon;
    空心圆筒 hollow cylinder;
    空心凿 hollow chisel;
    空心造型 {木} casemate; casement;
    空心支架 hollow sting;
    空心直浇口棒 pattern bush;
    空心制品 hollow article;
    空心重力坝 {土} hollow gravity dam;
    空心柱 hollow prism;
    空心柱塞泵 {采矿} hollow-plunger pump;
    空心柱形测孔规 annular plug gauge;
    空心铸件 hollow casting;
    空心铸轮 hollow cast wheel;
    空心铸模 gula;
    空心砖 {材料} air brick; hollow block (brick); hollow tile; cavity brick; cell brick;
    空心砖墓 tombs with decorated hollow bricks; hollow brick tombs;
    空心转子 sleeve rotor;
    空心转子电动机 hollow-rotor motor;
    空心锥体 conulite;
    空心钻 hollow drill;
    空心钻钢 holsteel另见 kòng xīn。
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 空心|空心 [kōng xīn] hollow empty headed mindless
    Ⅱ. 空心|空心 [kòng xīn] fasting on an empty stomach

    Chinese-English dictionary > 空心

  • 238 符合

    accord with; tally with; conform to; be in keeping with; square; check; satisfy; live up to; correspond, coincidence
    * * *
    accord; be consonant with; cohere; coincide; come up to; conform; correspond
    【计】 correspondency
    【医】 homology
    相关词组: 符合的
    * * *
    accord; accord with; answer for; tally with
    * * *
    n. coincidence
    prep. in keeping with, in accordance with
    v. manage, agree, handle, be in line with, accord, tally, conform, correspond
    * * *
    fu2 he2
    in keeping with, in accordance with, tallying with, in line with, to agree with, to accord with, to conform to, to correspond with, to manage, to handle
    * * *
    fú hé
    (相合) accord with; tally with; conform to; fit; coincide; correspond; satisfy; adjust to; fulfill; play up to; answer; yield; be in keeping with:
    符合标准 meet a criterion; be up to the standard;
    符合人民的愿望 be in keeping with the aspiration of the people;
    符合市场需求 accord with the demands of the market;
    符合民族利益 be in the interest of the nation;
    符合宪法 constitutionality;
    符合原则 be in conformity with the principle;
    符合实际情况 tally with the actual situation; conform to reality;
    符合货物样品规格 be up to sample;
    商品生产必须符合社会需要。 Production of the goods must fit in with the needs of the society.
    {物} coincidence
    符合摆 coincidence pendulum;
    符合边界 coincidence boundary;
    符合测量 coincidence measurement;
    符合测量法 coincidence method of measurement;
    符合陈列 coincidence array;
    符合传感器 coincidence senser;
    符合磁铁 coincidence magnet;
    符合点 corresponding points;
    符合点阵 coincidence lattice;
    符合电路 coincident circuit;
    符合定标器 coincidence scaler;
    符合度 conformity;
    符合发送应答机 coincident transponder;
    符合法 coincidence method; method of coincidence;
    符合光谱学 coincidence spectroscopy;
    符合光掩模 conformable optical mask;
    符合寄存器 coincidence register;
    符合计数 coincidence counting;
    符合计数器(管) coincide counter; coincidence counter;
    符合加法器 coincidence adder;
    符合加工尺寸 accurate to dimension; accurate to gauge;
    符合校正 coincidence correction;
    符合灵敏度分布 coincidence sensitivity distribution;
    符合论 correspondence theory;
    符合脉冲 coincidence pulse;
    符合门(电路) coincident gate; coincidence gate;
    符合内聚性 coincidental cohesion;
    符合器 coincidence apparatus;
    符合水准 contact level;
    符合水准器 coincidence level;
    符合说 doctrine of correspondence;
    符合卫生程度 wholesomeness;
    符合误差 coincidence loss;
    符合性 conformity;
    符合效应 coincidence effect;
    符合选择 coincide selection;
    符合译码 coincidence decoding;
    符合语法(性) grammaticalness; grammaticality;
    符合元件 equivalence element; equivalent-to-element
    * * *
    符合|符合 [fú hé] in keeping with in accordance with tallying with in line with to agree with to accord with to conform to to correspond with to manage to handle

    Chinese-English dictionary > 符合

  • 239 精密

    precise; accurate; sophisticated, precision
    * * *
    exactitude; nicety; precision
    【医】 precision
    【经】 precision
    相关词组: 精密的
    * * *
    exactitude; nicety; precision
    * * *
    adj. accurate, correct, explicit, strict
    n. punctuality, distinctness, rigour, accuracy, accurateness, correctness, exactness, preciseness, delicateness
    * * *
    jing1 mi4
    accuracy, exact, precise, refined
    * * *
    jīng mì
    precise; precision; accurate:
    精密调查 careful investigation; detailed examination;
    精密的观察 accurate observation; close observation
    精密标准 precision standard;
    精密播种机 precision (seed) drill; precision (seed) planter; precision seeder; seed spacer;
    精密波长计 precision wavemeter;
    精密测距 precise distance measurement;
    精密测距器 precision distance measuring equipment;
    精密测量 precision measurement;
    精密测量仪器 fine measuring instrument;
    精密车床 fine turning lathe; finishing lathe; precision lathe;
    精密成形 precise form;
    精密冲裁 fine blanking;
    精密导线测量 precise traversing;
    精密电表 precision electrical meter;
    精密电容器 precision capacitor;
    精密电位计(器) precision potentiometer;
    精密电影摄影机 precision cinecamera;
    精密电阻 precision resistance;
    精密电阻分压器 precision resistance voltage divider;
    精密电阻器 precision resistor;
    精密度 accuracy; precision; degree of precision;
    精密锻造 precision forging;
    精密分馏 precision fractional distillation;
    精密合金 precision alloy;
    精密机床 precision-machined tool;
    精密机械 precision optical machinery; fine mechanics;
    精密技术 microtechnic; microtechnique;
    精密计量器 precision meter;
    精密计时法 {钟} chronometry;
    精密记时计 {钟} chronometer;
    精密加工 precision finishing; precision work;
    精密结构 fine structure;
    精密经纬仪 precision theodolite;
    精密科学 exact science;
    精密刻度盘 precision dial;
    精密刻划 precision ruling;
    精密控制器 micromanipulator; fine controller;
    精密雷达 precision radar;
    精密立体测图仪 precision stereoplotter;
    精密量规 precise gauge; precision gauge;
    精密模制 precision moulding;
    精密切削 precision cutting;
    精密扫描 precision sweep;
    精密设备 precision equipment;
    精密筛选 precise screening;
    精密声级计 precision sound level meter;
    精密水准测量 precise leveling;
    精密镗床 fine boring machine; precision boring machine;
    精密天平 precision balance;
    精密调节器 precision regulator;
    精密调整 accurate adjustment;
    精密统计 accurate statistics;
    精密信号发生器 precision signal generator;
    精密选波器 close-selector;
    精密延迟线 precision delay line;
    精密仪表 precision instrument;
    精密仪器 precision instrument;
    精密制版照相机 precision photoplate-making camera;
    精密制造 hot investment casting;
    精密轴承 precision bearing;
    精密铸件 precision casting; close-tolerance casting
    * * *
    精密|精密 [jīng mì] accuracy exact precise refined

    Chinese-English dictionary > 精密

  • 240 纸浆

    paper pulp; pulp
    * * *
    paper pulp; pulp
    【化】 paper pulp; pulp
    【医】 pulp
    相关词组: 纸浆用木材
    * * *
    paper pulp; pulp
    * * *
    n. paper pulp, pulp
    * * *
    zhi3 jiang1
    paper pulp
    * * *
    zhǐ jiāng
    paper pulp; pulp; stuff
    纸浆板 pulp board;
    纸浆泵 pulp pump;
    纸浆材 pulpwood;
    纸浆槽 vat;
    纸浆厂 pulp mill;
    纸浆废液 spent pulping liquor;
    纸浆过滤器 paper pulp filter;
    纸浆黑液 black liquor;
    纸浆回收机 {纸} pulp-saver;
    纸浆加工船 floating pulp mill;
    纸浆精化 deinking;
    纸浆精磨机 dynofiner;
    纸浆捏和机 kneading pulper;
    纸浆浓缩机 pulp thickener;
    纸浆排气装置 deculator;
    纸浆喷放 pulp blowing out;
    纸浆筛滤器 pulp strainer;
    纸浆洗濯机 pulp-dresser;
    纸浆硬度 pulp hardness;
    纸浆原材 pulpwood;
    纸浆蒸煮器 pulp digester;
    纸浆蒸煮液 cooking liquor;
    纸浆纸板 {纸} pulpboard;
    纸浆制造机 macerator
    * * *
    紙漿|纸浆 [zhǐ jiāng] paper pulp

    Chinese-English dictionary > 纸浆

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