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cable bend

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  • cable bend — noun 1. : a small rope used for lashing the end of a cable into a loop for securing an anchor 2. : the clinch by which an anchor is secured to its cable * * * 1. a knot or clinch for attaching a cable to an anchor or mooring post. 2. a short line …   Useful english dictionary

  • cable bend — 1. a knot or clinch for attaching a cable to an anchor or mooring post. 2. a short line for forming a loop in a cable to secure it to an anchor. * * * …   Universalium

  • Bend radius — Bend radius, which is measured to the inside curvature, is the minimum radius one can bend a pipe, tube, sheet, cable or hose without kinking it, damaging it, or shortening its life. The smaller the bend radius, the greater is the material… …   Wikipedia

  • Cable management — refers to an important step during the installation of building services (ie electrical services) and the subsequent installation of equipment providing means to tidily secure electrical, data, and other cables. The term is often used… …   Wikipedia

  • Bend — Bend, v. t. [imp. & p. p. {Bended} or {Bent}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Bending}.] [AS. bendan to bend, fr. bend a band, bond, fr. bindan to bind. See {Bind}, v. t., and cf. 3d & 4th {Bend}.] 1. To strain or move out of a straight line; to crook by… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Cable jetting — is a technique to install cables in ducts [ fiber/jetting explanation.asp] . It is commonly used to install cables with optical fibers in underground polyethylene ducts and is an alternative to pulling …   Wikipedia

  • Bend Value Inn — (Бенд,США) Категория отеля: 2 звездочный отель Адрес: 2346 North East Division Street …   Каталог отелей

  • Cable ferry — Coin operated cable ferry at Espevær in Bømlo, Norway A cable ferry is guided and in many cases propelled across a river or other larger body of water by cables connected to both shores. They are also called chain ferries, floating bridges, or… …   Wikipedia

  • Cable guide — A cable guide is a fitting or part of a bicycle frame which guides a piece of bare inner bowden cable around a corner. Most multi speed bicycles have cable guides to get the derailleur cables past the bottom bracket.Older derailleur bicycles used …   Wikipedia

  • Bend — 1. v. & n. v. (past bent; past part. bent exc. in bended knee) 1 a tr. force or adapt (something straight) into a curve or angle. b intr. (of an object) be altered in this way. 2 intr. move or stretch in a curved course (the road bends to the… …   Useful english dictionary

  • bend — bend1 verb (past and past participle bent) 1》 shape or force (something straight) into a curve or angle.     ↘(of a road, river, or path) deviate from a straight line. 2》 (of a person) incline the body downwards; stoop. 3》 interpret or modify (a… …   English new terms dictionary

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