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  • 1 burst

    burst burst verb (burst, burst) 1. to break open or apart, especially because of pressure from inside; to make sth break in this way • (使)爆裂,胀开: ▪ [V]
    »That balloon will burst if you blow it up any more.
    »The dam burst under the weight of water.
    »Shells were bursting (= exploding) all around us.
    »(figurative) He felt he would burst with anger and shame.
    »a burst pipe
    ▪ [VN]
    »Donˈt burst that balloon!
    »The river burst its banks and flooded nearby towns.
    --› note at explode 2. [V +adv. / prep.] to go or move somewhere suddenly with great force; to come from somewhere suddenly • 猛冲;突然出现:
    »He burst into the room without knocking.
    »The sun burst through the clouds.
    »The words burst from her in an angry rush.
    3. [V] be bursting (with sth) to be very full of sth; to be very full and almost breaking open • 爆满;涨满:
    »The roads are bursting with cars.
    »to be bursting with ideas / enthusiasm / pride
    »The hall was filled to bursting point.
    »The hall was full to bursting.
    »(informal) Iˈm bursting (for a pee) (= I need to use the toilet right now) !
    【IDIOMS】 be bursting to do sth • to want to do sth so much that you can hardly stop yourself • 急于(或迫切想)做某事:
    »She was bursting to tell him the good news.
    ˌburst sbˈs ˈbubble • to bring an end to sbˈs hopes, happiness, etc. • 使某人希望破灭;毁掉某人的幸福 ˌburst ˈopen | ˌburst (sth) ˈopen • to open suddenly or violently; to make sth open in this way • (使)猛然打开:
    »The door burst open.
    »Firefighters burst the door open and rescued them.
    --› more at bubble n., seam 【PHR V】 ˌburst ˈin | ˌburst into a ˈroom, ˈbuilding, etc. • to enter a room or building suddenly and noisily • 闯进;突然破门而入 ˌburst ˈin on sb / sth • to interrupt sb / sth by entering a place suddenly and noisily • (突然闯进而)打断,扰乱:
    »He burst in on the meeting.
    ˈburst into sth • to start producing sth suddenly and with great force • 突然爆发:
    »The aircraft crashed and burst into flames (= suddenly began to burn).
    »She burst into tears (= suddenly began to cry).
    ˈburst on / onto sth • to appear somewhere suddenly in a way that is very noticeable • 突然在…出现;突然显现:
    »A major new talent has burst onto the literary scene.
    ˌburst ˈout 1. to speak suddenly, loudly and with strong feeling • 突然激动地喊叫 ▪ [+ speech ]
    »ˈFor heavensˈ sake!ˈ he burst out.
    --› related noun outburst (1) --› note at call 2. to begin doing sth suddenly • 突然开始(做某事) ▪ [+ -ing ]
    »Karen burst out laughing.
    noun 1. a short period of a particular activity or strong emotion that often starts suddenly • 突发;猝发;迸发;爆破:
    »a sudden burst of activity / energy / anger / enthusiasm
    »Her breath was coming in short bursts.
    »I tend to work in bursts.
    »spontaneous bursts of applause
    2. an occasion when sth bursts; the hole left where sth has burst • 爆裂;裂口:
    »a burst in a water pipe
    3. a short series of shots from a gun • 一阵短促的射击:
    »frequent bursts of machine-gun fire
    * * *
    v. 爆裂, 炸破, 急于, 爆發
    n. 突然破裂, 爆發, 脈沖

    English-Chinese dictionary > burst

  • 2 burst

    [bəːst] 1. (pt, pp - burst); vt
    1) [+ bag, balloon etc] 爆炸 [bàozhà]
    2) [+ river] [+ banks etc] 溃决 [kuìjué]
    2. vi
    [+ pipe, tyre] 爆裂 [bàoliè]
    3. n; c
    [of gunfire, applause, laughter] 一阵 [yīzhèn]

    * to burst into flames — 突然着火

    * to burst into tears — 突然大哭起来

    * to burst out laughing — 突然大笑起来

    * to be bursting with — (full of) 挤满; [+ pride, curiosity] 充满

    * to be bursting to do sth — ( inf) 急于做某事

    * to burst open — [+ door etc] 猛然打开

    * a burst of energy/activity — 一股劲/一阵行动

    * a burst pipe — 破裂的水管

    * a burst blood vessel — 爆裂的血管

    Phrasal Verbs:

    English-Chinese new dictionary > burst

  • 3 burst

    past tense, past participle; see burst

    English-Chinese(Traditional) Dictionary > burst

  • 4 burst in

    v. 闖入, 打斷, 突然出現

    English-Chinese dictionary > burst in

  • 5 burst on


    English-Chinese dictionary > burst on

  • 6 burst up

    v. 爆炸, 失敗, 垮臺

    English-Chinese dictionary > burst up

  • 7 burst-up

    n. 失敗, 破產

    English-Chinese dictionary > burst-up

  • 8 burst


    English-Chinese computer dictionary > burst

  • 9 burst

    Medical Chinese dictionary (湘雅医学词典) > burst

  • 10 burst


    English-Chinese construction dictionary construction (英汉建筑大词典) > burst

  • 11 burst


    English-Chinese dictionary of mining (英汉矿业大词典) > burst

  • 12 burst up


    English-Chinese dictionary of mining (英汉矿业大词典) > burst up

  • 13 burst


    English-Chinese electron industry dictionary (英汉电子工程大词典) > burst

  • 14 burst

    破裂, 爆炸

    English-Chinese geology dictionary (英汉地质大词典) > burst

  • 15 burst in on

    vt fus
    [不可拆分] [+ person] 突然出现 [tūrán chūxiàn]

    English-Chinese new dictionary > burst in on

  • 16 burst


    Atmospheric Sciences (English-Chinese) dictionary > burst

  • 17 爆发,突然发作,脉冲串,裂解

    Medical Chinese dictionary (湘雅医学词典) > 爆发,突然发作,脉冲串,裂解

  • 18 爆发,簇

    Medical Chinese dictionary (湘雅医学词典) > 爆发,簇

  • 19 爆发集落

    Medical Chinese dictionary (湘雅医学词典) > 爆发集落

  • 20 短脉冲群

    Medical Chinese dictionary (湘雅医学词典) > 短脉冲群

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