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  • borinic — adjective Of or pertaining to the borinic acids or their derivatives …   Wiktionary

  • borinic acid — noun Any compound of general formula RBOH. See Also: borinate …   Wiktionary

  • Boronic acid — The general structure of a boronic acid, where R is a substituent. A boronic acid is an alkyl or aryl substituted boric acid containing a carbon–boron bond belonging to the larger class of organoboranes. Boronic acids act as Lewis acids. Their… …   Wikipedia

  • Hydroboration-oxidation reaction — In organic chemistry, the hydroboration oxidation reaction is a two step organic chemical reaction that converts an alkene into a neutral alcohol by the net addition of water across the double bond. [cite book author = Loudon, Marc G. year = 2002 …   Wikipedia

  • Organoborane — PropertiesThe C B bond has low polarity (the difference in electronegativity 2.55 for carbon and 2.04 for boron) and therefore alkyl boron compounds are in general stable though easily oxidized. Vinyl groups and aryl groups donate electrons and… …   Wikipedia

  • Barton-McCombie deoxygenation — The Barton McCombie deoxygenation is an organic reaction in which an hydroxy functional group in an organic compound is replaced by a hydride to give an alkyl group [cite journal author = Barton, D. H. R.; McCombie, S. W. journal = J. Chem. Soc …   Wikipedia

  • borinate — noun Any compound of general formula RB OR (an ester of borinic acid) …   Wiktionary

  • Organoboron chemistry — Organoboron Organoborane or organoboron compounds are chemical compounds that are organic derivatives of BH3, for example trialkyl boranes. Organoboron chemistry or organoborane chemistry is the chemistry of these compounds.[1] …   Wikipedia

  • Oxoborane — IUPAC name Oxoborane Identifiers ChemSpider …   Wikipedia

  • Ácido borónico — Estructura del ácido borónico, donde R es un sustituyente. Un ácido borónico es un derivado alquil o aril substituído del ácido bórico que contiene un enlace carbono boro, perteneciente a la gran clase de organoboranos. Los ácidos borónicos… …   Wikipedia Español

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