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boltzmann s constant

  • 261 积分

    integral, accumulated points
    * * *
    【计】 integral
    【化】 integral
    【医】 integration
    相关词组: 积分器
    * * *
    * * *
    n. integral, integration
    * * *
    ji1 fen1
    integral (calculus), accumulated points (in sports, at school etc), total credits earned by student, bonus points in a benefit scheme
    * * *
    jī fēn
    {数} integral; integrate; integration:
    定积分 definite; integral;
    不定积分 indefinite integral
    {体} (积累的分数) accumulate points:
    日本队积四分, 一胜两负。 The Japanese team accumulated four points with one win and two losses.
    积分变换 integral transformation; integral transform;
    积分变换法 integral-transform method;
    积分变量 integration variable;
    积分变数 integral variable; variable of integration;
    积分表 table of integrals;
    积分表示 integral representation;
    积分补偿 {控} integral compensation;
    积分不变式 integral invariant;
    积分不等式 integral inequality;
    积分步长 integration step;
    积分部件 integrating unit;
    积分差分方程 integro-difference equation;
    积分常数 integral constant; integration constant; constant of integration;
    积分程序 integrator;
    积分程序控制设备 programmed integrated control equipment (PICE);
    积分传动齿轮 integrating gear;
    积分电动机 {电工} integrating motor; messmotor;
    积分电流计 {工} integrating galvanometer;
    积分电路 integrating circuit; integrating network; integration circuit; integrator circuit;
    积分电路法 integrator method;
    积分电容器 integrating condenser; integrating capacitor;
    积分动作控制 integral action control;
    积分对数 integral logarithm;
    积分法 integration;
    积分反馈 integral feedback;
    积分方程(式) integral equation;
    积分方程的核 kernel;
    积分放大器 integrator-amplifier; integrating amplifier; integrated amplifier;
    积分分布曲线 integral distribution curve;
    积分公式 integral formula; formula of integration;
    积分光度计 integrating photometer;
    积分过程分解温度 {物化} integral procedure decomposition temperature;
    积分号 sign of integration;
    积分环节 integral element;
    积分机 integrator; integrating mechanism;
    积分机构 integrating mechanism;
    积分几何学 integral geometry;
    积分剂量 {核子} integral absorbed dose; integral dose; volume dose;
    积分剂量计 integrating dose meter;
    积分计 integrating meter;
    积分计数电路 integrating counting circuit;
    积分计数率 integral counting rate;
    积分计算电路 integrating counting circuit;
    积分加速度表 integrating accelerometer;
    积分检波器 {电子} integrating detector; quadrature detector;
    积分检验法 integral test;
    积分鉴别器 integral discriminator;
    积分截面 integrated cross-section;
    积分距 integration step;
    积分控制 integral control;
    积分控制器 integral controller;
    积分控制系数 integral control coefficient; integral control factor;
    积分控制作用 integral control action;
    积分离子淌度 integral mobility;
    积分灵敏度 integral sensitivity;
    积分滤波器 {电子} integrating filter;
    积分轮 integrating wheel; variable-speed gear;
    积分马达 messmotor; integrating motor;
    积分脉冲选择器 integrating divider;
    积分描图仪 integraph; integrator;
    积分膜盒 integrating bellows;
    积分判别法 {数} integral test;
    积分漂移 integrator drift;
    积分区间 integrating range;
    积分曲线 integral curves;
    积分曲线仪 integraph;
    积分三角函数 trigonometric integral function;
    积分时间 time of integration;
    积分时间常数 integration time constant;
    积分收敛判别法 {数} integral convergence test;
    积分衰减器 integrating pad;
    积分算仪 integrating meter;
    积分算子 integral operator;
    积分调节 integral control; integral governing;
    积分调节器 integral controller;
    积分通量 {物} fluence; integrated flux;
    积分陀螺环节 integrating gyrounit;
    积分陀螺仪 integrating gyroscope;
    积分网络 {电子} integrating circuit; integrating network; integrator;
    积分微分方程 integral differential equation; integrodifferential equation;
    积分-微分算子 integro-differential operator;
    积分微分运算 integral differential operation;
    积分稳定 integral equalization;
    积分稳定环节 integral equalizer;
    积分吸收 integrated absorption;
    积分吸收法 integrated absorption method;
    积分限 {数} limits of integration; range of integration;
    积分限制器 integral restrictor;
    积分性能准则 integral performance criterion;
    积分学 integral calculus;
    积分演算 integral action;
    积分仪 integraph;
    积分因数 (子) integrating factor;
    积分域 domain of integration; field of integration;
    积分元件 integral element;
    积分元素 integral element; element of the integral;
    积分运算 infinitesimal calculus;
    积分折射(率)仪 integral refractometer;
    积分褶合式 integral convolution;
    积分值 integral quantity;
    积分装置 integrating gear; variable-speed gear;
    积分转数表 integrating tachometer;
    积分子程序 integration subroutine;
    积分作用 integral action;
    积分作用时间 integral action time;
    积分作用时间常数 integral-action time constant;
    积分作用速率 integral action rate;
    积分作用系数 integral action coefficient
    * * *
    積分|积分 [jī fēn] integral (calculus) accumulated points (in sports, at school etc) total credits earned by student bonus points in a benefit scheme

    Chinese-English dictionary > 积分

  • 262 积分常数

    ji1 fen1 chang2 shu4
    constant of integration (math.)
    * * *
    積分常數|积分常数 [jī fēn cháng shù] constant of integration (math.)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 积分常数

  • 263 积劳成疾

    fall ill from constant overwork
    * * *
    break down from constant overwork
    * * *
    break down from constant overwork
    * * *
    ji1 lao2 cheng2 ji2
    to accumulate work causes sickness (idiom); to fall ill from constant overwork
    * * *
    jī láo chéng jí
    (书) break down from constant overwork; fall sick from overwork
    * * *
    積勞成疾|积劳成疾 [jī láo chéng jí] to accumulate work causes sickness (idiom); to fall ill from constant overwork

    Chinese-English dictionary > 积劳成疾

  • 264 稳压

    wen3 ya1
    stable voltage
    * * *
    wěn yā
    stabilivolt; voltage stabilization
    稳压变压器 voltage stabilizing transformer;
    稳压程序自动控制仪 process automatic control instrument for pressure regulation;
    稳压电路 voltage-stabilizing circuit; constant voltage control circuit;
    稳压电压敏电阻器 stabilized voltage varistor;
    稳压电源 voltage-stabilized source;regulated power supply;
    稳压二极管{电} voltage-regulator diode;
    稳压罐 compensator;
    稳压辉光放电管 glow-discharge voltage-regulator tube;
    稳压器 voltage stabilizer; voltage regulator; stabilizator; regulator;
    稳压热敏电阻器 voltage stabilizer thermistor;
    稳压容器 pressurizer;
    稳压特性 stabilizing voltage characteristic;
    稳压系数 voltage-regulation coefficient; regulation factor;
    稳压整流器 stabilized rectifier; regulated rectifier;
    稳压装置 voltage stabilizer;
    稳压组件 stabipack
    * * *
    穩壓|稳压 [wěn yā] stable voltage

    Chinese-English dictionary > 稳压

  • 265 稳定

    stable; steady; stability; secure, stabilize; level off; level out; steady
    * * *
    level off; stabilize
    【医】 stabilization
    【经】 stability; stabilization
    相关词组: 回转稳定器
    * * *
    level off; stabilization; tranquilization
    * * *
    adj. stable, steady, stabilizing
    v. stabilize
    * * *
    wen3 ding4
    steady, stable, stability, to stabilize, to pacify
    * * *
    wěn dìng
    (使稳定) stabilize; steady:
    稳定经济 stabilize the economy;
    稳定通货 stabilize currency;
    稳定物价 stabilize commodity prices; price stabilization; maintain prices at a stable level;
    稳定货币流通 stabilize the circulation of money;
    稳定情绪 set sb.'s mind at rest; reassure sb.;
    使船只重新稳定下来 steady a boat again
    (稳固安定) stable; steady:
    情绪稳定 be in a calm, unruffled mood;
    稳定的步伐 a steady pace;
    稳定的多数 a stable majority;
    不稳定的国际金融市场 a shaky international monetary market
    (物质的性能不易改变的作用) stabilization; stationary; equilibrium; {天} immobile
    稳定靶 stable target;
    稳定本机振荡器 stalo; stable local oscillator;
    稳定臂 arm of stability;
    稳定标准 stability criterion;
    稳定表面 surface of stability;
    稳定波 {物} neutral wave; stable wave;
    稳定补偿系统 stability compensating system;
    稳定部分 steady component;
    稳定参数 steadiness parameter;
    稳定残余矿物 stable relict mineral;
    稳定常数 {化} stability constant;
    稳定场 stationary field;
    稳定沉积区 lithotope;
    稳定出口收入 STABEX;
    稳定储备量 margin of stability;
    稳定传感器 stability sensor;
    稳定传热 steady heat transfer;
    稳定串语言 stable string language;
    稳定磁控管 stabilized magnetron;
    稳定大陆边缘 stable continental margin;
    稳定带 stabilized zone;
    稳定导热 steady heat conduction;
    稳定岛 island of stability;
    稳定等价 stable equivalent;
    稳定地块 stable block;
    稳定点 {数} stable point; anchor point;
    稳定电流 standing current;
    稳定电路 stabilizing circuit; stabilizing;
    稳定电容器陶瓷 stable capacitor ceramics;
    稳定电位 stable potential;
    稳定电压 burning voltage; maintaining voltage;
    稳定电源 stabilized power source; regulated power supply;
    稳定反馈 stabilized feedback; stabilizing feedback;
    稳定反馈网络 stabilizing feedback network;
    稳定范围 stability range;
    稳定方法 antihunt means;
    稳定放大器 stabilizing amplifier;
    稳定放大器栅极电压 regulator-amplifier-grid voltage;
    稳定飞行 {航空} stabilized flight; steady flight;
    稳定分布 {物} stationary distribution;
    稳定分法 antihunt means;
    稳定分析 stability analysis;
    稳定分析法 stability method;
    稳定负载 steady load;
    稳定负载电阻 bleeder;
    稳定概率 probability of stability;
    稳定工况 steady working condition;
    稳定工作时期 yoking;
    稳定光栅 stationary raster;
    稳定过程 {化工} stabilization;
    稳定核素 stable nuclide;
    稳定河槽 channel stabilization;
    稳定河 poised river (stream);
    稳定荷载 steady load;
    稳定环节 stable element;
    稳定回路 stable loop;
    稳定火焰 balanced condition of flame;
    稳定货币 stable currency;
    稳定极限 stability limit;
    稳定剂 stabilizing agent; stabilizer; stabilizator;
    稳定计 stabilimeter;
    稳定计划 stabilization plan;
    稳定计算 stability calculation;
    稳定价格 price stabilization;
    稳定价格卡特尔 price stabilization cartel;
    稳定降温法 stability cooling method;
    稳定接收机 regulated receiver;
    稳定解 stable solution;
    稳定借款 stabilization loan;
    稳定进化 stasigenesis;
    稳定晶体管 stable transistor;
    稳定矩阵 stable matrix;
    稳定抗性 stable resistance;
    稳定控制过程 stable control process;
    稳定框 shakeless deckle;
    稳定矿物 resistant mineral;
    稳定励磁 stabilization of excitation;
    稳定流变 steady flow;
    稳定陆架相 stable-shelf facies;
    稳定滤波器 stable filter;
    稳定络合物 stable complex;
    稳定面 stabilizing surface;
    稳定木 staypak;
    稳定判据 stability criterion;
    稳定喷发 permanent eruption;
    稳定偏移 steady drift;
    稳定频率建立时间 build-up time of frequency stabilization;
    稳定平衡 stable equilibrium;
    稳定平衡点 stable equilibrium point;
    稳定平衡状态 stability;
    稳定平台 stable platform;
    稳定期 {微} stationary phase;
    稳定器 stabilizer; stabilizator; regulator; smoother; reactor;
    稳定前馈 stabilizing feedforward;
    稳定腔 stable cavity;
    稳定区 stable region;
    稳定渠道 stable canal;
    稳定曲线 curve of stability;
    稳定燃烧 smooth burning; smooth combustion;
    稳定日珥型耀斑 stationary prominence flare;
    稳定人口 stationary population;
    稳定溶源性 stable lysogeny;
    稳定蠕变 steady creep;
    稳定伞 {航空} deceleration parachute; drogue;
    稳定扫栅 stationary raster;
    稳定沙丘 arrested dune;
    稳定渗流 steady seepage;
    稳定时间 stabilization time; settling time;
    稳定时期 stationary stage;
    稳定试井 oil well potential test;
    稳定收敛 stable convergence;
    稳定态 stable state; stationary state;
    稳定碳化物孕育剂 stabilizing inoculant;
    稳定调整 stabilizing adjustment;
    稳定同伦群 stability homotopy group;
    稳定同位素 stable isotope;
    稳定土 stabilized soil;
    稳定图 stability diagram;
    稳定网络 stabilizing network;
    稳定位置偏差 steady position deviation;
    稳定物价 steady price;
    稳定温度 equilibrium temperature;
    稳定系 stability series;
    稳定系统 stable system;
    稳定系数 coefficient of stability;
    稳定现象 {植} stabilization;
    稳定线路调整 stabilizing adjustment;
    稳定相 stable phase;
    稳定效应 stabilizing effect;
    稳定谐振腔 stable resonator;
    稳定盐 sta-salt;
    稳定岩瘤 (德) platte;
    稳定氧化酶 aldamine;
    稳定液 stabilizing solution;
    稳定翼 stabilizer;
    稳定翼气动力特性 stabilizer aerodynamic characteristics;
    稳定因数 stability factor; stabilization factor;
    稳定因素 ballast;
    稳定因子 stable factor;
    稳定应变 steady strain;
    稳定影响 stabilizing influence;
    稳定余量 stability margin;
    稳定渔获量 steady catch;
    稳定域 stable region; stability loci; stability domain;
    稳定裕量 stability margin;
    稳定元件 stable element;
    稳定运行 stable operation; steady operation;
    稳定增长 steady growth;
    稳定振荡 stable oscillation; stationary vibration; stationary oscillation;
    稳定振荡环节 stable oscillation element;
    稳定振幅 stabilized amplitude;
    稳定蒸发 steady-state evaporation;
    稳定支撑 outrigger;
    稳定值 stable value;
    稳定主控振荡器 stabilized master oscillator (SMO);
    稳定状态 stable state;
    稳定准则 stability criterion;
    稳定作用 stabilization
    * * *
    穩定|稳定 [wěn dìng] steady stable stability to stabilize to pacify

    Chinese-English dictionary > 稳定

  • 266 稳恒

    wen3 heng2
    steady, stable and permanent, constant, steady-state
    * * *
    wěn héng
    steady; constant
    稳恒爆震 steady detonation;
    稳恒电流 steady current;
    稳恒电阻 {电} steadying resistance;
    稳恒负载 steady load;
    稳恒态 {物} steady state
    * * *
    穩恆|稳恒 [wěn héng] steady stable and permanent constant steady-state

    Chinese-English dictionary > 稳恒

  • 267 積分常數

    ji1 fen1 chang2 shu4
    constant of integration (math.)
    * * *
    積分常數|积分常数 [jī fēn cháng shù] constant of integration (math.)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 積分常數

  • 268 積勞成疾

    fall ill from constant overwork
    * * *
    ji1 lao2 cheng2 ji2
    to accumulate work causes sickness (idiom); to fall ill from constant overwork
    * * *
    積勞成疾|积劳成疾 [jī láo chéng jí] to accumulate work causes sickness (idiom); to fall ill from constant overwork

    Chinese-English dictionary > 積勞成疾

  • 269 穩恆

    wen3 heng2
    steady, stable and permanent, constant, steady-state
    * * *
    穩恆|稳恒 [wěn héng] steady stable and permanent constant steady-state

    Chinese-English dictionary > 穩恆

  • 270 等压

    【化】 isopiestic pressure
    * * *
    deng3 ya1
    constant pressure, equal pressure
    * * *
    děng yā
    等压比热 constant pressure specific heat;
    等压撑涨器 uniform pressure expander;
    等压成型 isotactic pressing;
    等压等体积(度)线 isobar-isostere;
    等压法 equal-pressure method;
    等压锅炉 equipressure boiler;
    等压过程 isobaric procedure; isobaric process;
    等压环 constant wall pressure ring; ring with equal pressure;
    等压截面 isobaric section;
    等压空间 isobaric space;
    等压冷却 isobaric cooling;
    等压力 equal pressure; uniform pressure;
    等压面 barometric surface; {气} isobaric surface; constant-pressure surface;
    等压内燃机 constant pressure motor;
    等压燃烧 isobaric combustion;
    等压调节 isobaric control;
    等压推力室 constant pressure thrust chamber;
    等压吸附线 absorption isobar;
    等压循环 equipressure cycle;
    等压运动 isobaric motion
    * * *
    等壓|等压 [děng yā] constant pressure equal pressure

    Chinese-English dictionary > 等压

  • 271 等压线

    isobar; isobaric line
    * * *
    【计】 isopiestic
    【化】 isobar
    【医】 isobar
    * * *
    * * *
    deng3 ya1 xian4
    isobar (line of equal pressure)
    * * *
    děng yā xiàn
    constant pressure line; {气} isobar; isobaric line; isopiestic; pressure contours; {力} isostatics; isopiestic line
    等压线辐散 {气} isobaric divergence;
    等压线通道 isobaric channel;
    等压线图 isobaric (line) chart
    * * *
    等壓線|等压线 [děng yā xiàn] isobar (line of equal pressure)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 等压线

  • 272 等壓

    deng3 ya1
    constant pressure, equal pressure
    * * *
    等壓|等压 [děng yā] constant pressure equal pressure

    Chinese-English dictionary > 等壓

  • 273 等温

    deng3 wen1
    constant temperature, equal temperature
    * * *
    děng wēn
    isothermality; isothermy
    等温闭合罩 isothermal enclosure;
    等温变化 isothermal change (transformation);
    等温操作 isothermal operation;
    等温槽 isothermobath;
    等温层 {热} isothermal layer;
    等温处理 isothermal treatment;
    等温处理加硬化 hardening by isothermal heat treatment;
    等温带 zone of constant temperature; {气} isotherm ribbon;
    等温锻造 isothermal forging;
    等温反应 isothermal reaction;
    等温高度 isothermohypse;
    等温共轭曲线系 isothermal-conjugate system of curves;
    等温过程 constant temperature (isothermal) process;
    等温回火 isothermal tempering; quench tempering;
    等温挤压 isothermal extrusion;
    等温渐近曲面 isothermally asymptotic surface;
    等温截面 isothermal section;
    等温量热器{热} isothermal calorimeter;
    等温流动 isothermal flow;
    等温马力 isothermal horsepower;
    等温马氏体 isothermal martensite;
    等温面 isothermal level; isothermal (isothermic) surface;
    等温膨胀 isothermal expansion;
    等温膨胀性 swelling isotherm;
    等温喷管 isothermal nozzle;
    等温球化退火 isothermal spheroidizing;
    等温区 isothermal region;
    等温曲线 isothermal curve;
    等温热处理 isothermal heat treatment;
    等温烧结 isothermal sintering;
    等温深度面(线) isobathytherm;
    等温生长 isothermal growth;
    等温顺度 isothermal compliance;
    等温条件 isothermy; isothermality;
    等温调质 austempering;
    等温图 {地物} isothermal chart (diagram);
    等温退火 isothermal annealing;
    等温吸附线 absorption isotherm;
    等温吸收 isothermal absorption;
    等温吸着 isothermal sorption;
    等温相变 isothermal phase change;
    等温效率 isothermal efficiency;
    等温形变热处理 isothermal trans-stressing; isothermal TMT;
    等温压缩 constant temperature (isothermal) compression;
    等温压缩率 isothermal compressibility;
    等温压缩效率 isothermal compression efficiency;
    等温应变 isothermal strain;
    等温蒸发 isothermal evaporation;
    等温蒸馏 isothermal distillation;
    等温正火 isothermal normalizing;
    等温正交曲线系 isothermal orthogonal system of curves;
    等温总效率 isothermal overall efficiency;
    等温坐标 isothermic coordinate
    * * *
    等溫|等温 [děng wēn] constant temperature equal temperature

    Chinese-English dictionary > 等温

  • 274 等溫

    deng3 wen1
    constant temperature, equal temperature
    * * *
    等溫|等温 [děng wēn] constant temperature equal temperature

    Chinese-English dictionary > 等溫

  • 275

    warp, channels, scripture
    deal in
    engage in
    pass through
    as a result of
    * * *
    adj. constant, changeless, immanent, regular, scheduled, ordinate, abiding
    n. warp, deformation, channel
    prep. after, past, through
    v. longitude, manage, pass through, stand, bear, endure
    * * *
    surname Jing
    classics, sacred book, scripture, to pass through, to undergo, warp, longitude, abbr. for economics 經濟, 经济
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 經|经 [Jīng] surname Jing
    Ⅱ. 經|经 [jīng] classics sacred book scripture to pass through to undergo warp longitude abbr. for economics ↑ 經濟|↑ 经济 [jīng jì]

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 276

    adj. incessant, non-stop, unremitting, permanent, constant, unbroken, uninterrupted
    v. resolve, sort out, work out, explain, clear, clarify, elucidate, enlighten, unravel, solve, find an answer
    * * *
    continuous, to intepret, to unravel, to draw silk (old)
    * * *
    繹|绎 [yì] continuous to interpret to unravel to draw silk (old)

    Chinese-English dictionary >

  • 277 纵向

    vertical; longitudinal; lengthwise
    * * *
    【计】 portrait
    相关词组: 纵向的
    * * *
    * * *
    zong4 xiang4
    * * *
    zòng xiàng
    {纸} direction; machine direction; endwise; longitudinal direction; vertical; longitudinal
    纵向安定性 pitch stiffness;
    纵向按序排列 column order;
    纵向不平衡 longitudinal unbalance;
    纵向不稳定导弹 longitudinal unstable missile;
    纵向布雷 axial mining;
    纵向舱壁 longitudinal bulkhead;
    纵向操纵 fore-and-aft control;
    纵向操纵性 longitudinal controllability;
    纵向槽 cannelure;
    纵向长度伸缩振动模 longitudinal length extension vibration mode;
    纵向出河机 chain conveyor;
    纵向磁场 longitudinal magnetic field;
    纵向磁场聚焦 longitudinal magnetic focusing;
    纵向磁电阻 longitudinal magnetoresistance;
    纵向磁化 {电磁} longitudinal magnetization; solenoidal magnetization;
    纵向磁记录 longitudinal magnetic recording
    纵向磁通 longitudinal magnetic flux;
    纵向磁致伸缩系数 longitudinal magnetostriction constant;
    纵向次序 longitudinal sequence;
    纵向电场 longitudinal electric field;
    纵向电流 {电工} longitudinal current;
    纵向电路 longitudinal circuit;
    纵向电阻缝焊 {冶} longitudinal resistance seam welding;
    纵向调查 longitudinal study;
    纵向定程进刀 end feed;
    纵向抖动 longitudinal judder; longitudinal jitter;
    纵向扼流线圈 longitudinal choke coil; longitudinal retardation coil;
    纵向发展 longitudinal development;
    纵向仿形 longitudinal copying;
    纵向放大率 longitudinal magnification;
    纵向分辨率 longitudinal resolution;
    纵向分布 {物} longitudinal distribution;
    纵向钢丝束(预应力配筋结构) longitudinal cable;
    纵向隔墙 withe;
    纵向构架 longitudinal frame;
    纵向构件 longitudinal member;
    纵向箍缩 longitudinal pinch;
    纵向管胞 longitudinal tracheid;
    纵向光电磁效应 longitudinal photomagnetoelectric effect;
    纵向光学声子 longitudinal optical phonon;
    纵向轨枕 longitudinal sleeper; seringer;
    纵向海岸 longitudinal coast;
    纵向合并 vertical merger;
    纵向河 longitudinal river;
    纵向横切 longitudinal cutting;
    纵向互补晶体管 vertical complementary transistor;
    纵向机电耦合系数 longitudinal electromechanical coupling factor;
    纵向机工张力 {物} longitudinal mechanical tension;
    纵向畸变 longitudinal distortion;
    纵向激子 longitudinal exciton;
    纵向集成 vertical integration;
    纵向记录 longitudinal recording;
    纵向加热 {电} longitudinal heating;
    纵向加速传感器 longitudinal acceleration sensor;
    纵向加速度 {力} longitudinal acceleration; forward acceleration;
    纵向间隔 longitudinal separation;
    纵向结构 vertical structure;
    纵向结合(联合; 一体化) vertical integration;
    纵向进刀装置 longitudinal feed gear;
    纵向进给无心磨 {机} end-feed centerless grinding;
    纵向晶体管 vertical transistor;
    纵向锯解 ripping; rip sawing;
    纵向控制 longitudinal control;
    纵向框架 longitudinal framing;
    纵向扩散 longitudinal diffusion;
    纵向力 longitudinal force;
    纵向连续反应器 {化工} longitudinal flow reactor;
    纵向梁 longitudinal beam;
    纵向裂缝 longitudinal crack;
    纵向录音 longitudinal recording;
    纵向弥散性 longitudinal dispersivity;
    纵向木薄壁组织 longitudinal wood parenchyma;
    纵向平视外观 down;
    纵向坡度 head fall;
    纵向强度 longitudinal strength;
    纵向翘曲 longitudinal warping;
    纵向切削 straight-cut;
    纵向倾斜计 longitudinal clinometer; longitudinal inclinometer;
    纵向扰动电压 longitudinal disturbed voltage;
    纵向热传导 longitudinal thermal conduction;
    纵向冗余 longitudinal redundance;
    纵向冗余检验 longitudinal redundancy check;
    纵向散聚 longitudinal debunching;
    纵向沙垄 longitudinal dune;
    纵向沙丘 longitudinal dune; sword dune;
    纵向试样 longitudinal test piece;
    纵向收缩 longitudinal shrinkage; kick;
    纵向竖联结系 longitudinal bracing;
    纵向四级 {电} longitudinal quadrupole;
    纵向速度 longitudinal velocity;
    纵向天桥 fore-and-aft bridge;
    纵向弯翘 warping;
    纵向位移阻力 resistance to longitudinal displacement;
    纵向稳定性 {工} longitudinal stability;
    纵向下水 end launching;
    纵向效应 longitudinal effect;
    纵向压电效应 longitudinal piezoelectric effect;
    纵向压缩 longitudinal compression;
    纵向延性 longitudinal ductility;
    纵向移动 longitudinal shift; longitudinal traverse;
    纵向影条织物 shadow stripes;
    纵向应力 longitudinal stress;
    纵向有肋扭合联轴器 ribbed-clamp coupling;
    纵向余隙 longitudinal clearance;
    纵向元件 stave (声纳换能器的);
    纵向运动 lengthwise movement; longitudinal mode of motion; longitudinal motion; longitudinal movement; pitching motion;
    纵向折子 roping;
    纵向振荡 lengthwise oscillations;
    纵向振动 extensional vibration; longitudinal vibration;
    纵向振动器 longitudinal vibrator;
    纵向中心线 longitudinal centre line;
    纵向装载 longitudinal load;
    纵向自由度 longitudinal degrees of freedom;
    纵向自走机构 longitudinal traverse gear;
    纵向阻力曲线 {航空} nose-to-tail drag curve;
    纵向阻尼器 longitudinal damper
    * * *
    縱向|纵向 [zòng xiàng] longitudinal vertical

    Chinese-English dictionary > 纵向

  • 278 线圈

    * * *
    coil; winding
    【化】 coil; coiler; pipe coil
    【医】 coil
    相关词组: 次级线圈
    * * *
    loop; turn; winding
    * * *
    xian4 quan1
    solenoid (electrical engineering), coil
    * * *
    xiàn quān
    {电} coil:
    初级线圈 primary coil;
    次级线圈 secondary coil
    线圈包扎层 coil covering;
    线圈被覆物 serving;
    线圈比较器 coil comparator;
    线圈不用部分 dead coil;
    线圈补修 generator winding repair;
    线圈布置 coil arrangement;
    线圈测试器 coil tester; coil comparator;
    线圈常数 coil constant;
    线圈抽头 coil tap;
    线圈电感 coil inductance;
    线圈电流 coil current;
    线圈电容 coil capacity;
    线圈电阻 coil resistance;
    线圈端漏电抗 coil end leakage reactance;
    线圈段 coil segment;
    线圈分布电容 stray capacity of coil;
    线圈功率 coil power;
    线圈管 coil pipe; coil form; former of coil; inductor form;
    线圈过负载 coil overload;
    线圈横列 row;
    线圈加感 loading;
    线圈架 bobbin; coil form; inductor form; former of coil; former;
    线圈检验器 coil checker;
    线圈节距 coil pitch; coil spacing;
    线圈绝缘 coil insulation;
    线圈绝缘测试器 coil insulator tester;
    线圈馈电线 coil feed line;
    线圈脉冲发生器 coil pulser;
    线圈圈数计数器 coil turn counter;
    线圈绕组 coil winding;
    线圈损耗 coil loss;
    线圈条痕 stitch barre;
    线圈温升 coil temperature rise;
    线圈系数 coil factor;
    线圈线 winding wire;
    线圈消耗功率 coil power dissipation;
    线圈心 core; limb;
    线圈占空系数 coil space factor;
    线圈质量因数 coil constant;
    线圈中和 coil neutralization;
    线圈中和放大器 coil neutralized amplifier;
    线圈组 coil assembly;
    线圈组件 coil block;
    线圈最大消耗功率 maximum coil power dissipation
    * * *
    線圈|线圈 [xiàn quān] solenoid (electrical engineering) coil

    Chinese-English dictionary > 线圈

  • 279 线性

    * * *
    【计】 linear
    相关词组: 双线性的
    * * *
    * * *
    xian4 xing4
    linear, linearity
    * * *
    xiàn xìng
    {数} {物} linear; linearity
    线性螯合反应 linear chelatropic reaction;
    线性包络检波(检测)器 linear envelope detector;
    线性逼近 linear approximation;
    线性比较器 {电} linear comparator;
    线性比例尺 distance scale;
    线性编码 uniform encoding;
    线性变压器 linear transformer;
    线性标度 linear scale;
    线性表 linear list;
    线性表示 {数} linear expression; linear representation;
    线性波长电容器 straight line wavelength capacitor;
    线性波导加速器 linear waveguide accelerator;
    线性不等式 linear inequality;
    线性不等式组 {数} linear inequalities;
    线性部件 linear unit;
    线性测度 linear measurement; linear measures;
    线性测量 linear measurement;
    线性测量波形 linearity measuring waveform;
    线性测试信号发生器 linearity test generator;
    线性插值 {数} linear interpolation;
    线性插值法 linear interpolation method;
    线性超前 linear lead;
    线性常微分方程 linear ordinary differential;
    线性成本 linear cost;
    线性程序 {计} linear program;
    线性尺寸 linear dimension;
    线性充电 linear-charging;
    线性传递函数 linear transfer function;
    线性串扰失真 linear crosstalk distortion;
    线性串音 linear crosstalk;
    线性磁放大器 {电} linear magnetic amplifier;
    线性粗调 coarse linearity control;
    线性存储器 linear memory;
    线性大规模集成电器 linear large scale integrated circuit;
    线性代数 linear algebra;
    线性代数方程 linear algebraic equation;
    线性代数方程组 system of linear algebraic equations; simultaneous linear algebraic equations;
    线性代数计算法 computational method of linear algebra;
    线性代数联立方程 simultaneous linear algebraic equations;
    线性代数群 linear algebraic group;
    线性代谢途径 linear metabolic pathway;
    线性单回路控制系统 linear singleloop control system;
    线性弹道方程 linearized trajectory equation;
    线性等价 linear equivalence;
    线性递归序列 linear recurring sequence;
    线性递推关系 linear recurrence relations;
    线性电动机 {电工} linear motor;
    线性电光效应 linear electro-optic effect;
    线性电流 linear current;
    线性电流范围 {半} linear current range;
    线性电流环 linear electric current loop;
    线性电路 linear circuit; linearity circuit;
    线性电路试验 linear circuit test;
    线性电气常数 linear electric constant;
    线性电容器 straightline capacitor;
    线性电容式空气电容器 capacitance linear air condenser;
    线性电势计 linear potentiometer; simple potentiometer;
    线性电位器 {计} linear potentiometer;
    线性电压波形 linear voltage waveform;
    线性电子矩阵化 linear electronic matrixing;
    线性电阻 linear resistance; linear resistor;
    线性电阻分布特性 linear taper;
    线性电阻流量计 linear-resistance flowmeter;
    线性电阻器 linear resistor;
    线性电阻元件 linear resistive element;
    线性叠加 linear superposition;
    线性动量 linear momentum;
    线性度量空间 linear metric spaces;
    线性断裂力学 linear fracture mechanics;
    线性对数变换器 linear-to-log converter;
    线性对数中频放大器 linear-logarithmic intermediate frequency amplifier;
    线性对应 co-linearity;
    线性多变量采样数据控制系统 linear multivariable sampled data control system;
    线性多变量控制系统 linear multivariable control system;
    线性多变量系统 linear multivariable system;
    线性多参数系统 linear multiparameter system;
    线性多项式 linear polynominal;
    线性范围 range of linearity; proportional band; linear range;
    线性泛函数 linear functional;
    线性方程 linear equation;
    线性方程解算器 linear equation solver;
    线性方程组 linear simultaneous equations; linear system of equation;
    线性放大 linear amplification;
    线性放大器 linear amplifier;
    线性非时变滤波器 linear-time invariant filter;
    线性非时变系统 linear time-invariant system;
    线性分式规划 linear fractional programming;
    线性分子 linear molecule;
    线性赋范空间 linear normed spaces;
    线性跟踪 linear tracking;
    线性功率放大器 linear power amplifier;
    线性构造 lineament;
    线性估计 linear estimation;
    线性固结理论 linear consolidation;
    线性光学 linear optics;
    线性光学系统 linear optical system;
    线性规划 linear program; mathematical programming; linear programming;
    线性规划的退化 degeneracy in linear programming;
    线性规划分配法 distribution method of linear programming;
    线性过滤器 linear filter;
    线性函数 linear function;
    线性焊 {机} string bead;
    线性环节 linear element;
    线性缓变结 {半} linear grading;
    线性换能器 linear transducer;
    线性回归 {数} linear regression;
    线性回归分析 linear regression analysis;
    线性机 linear machine;
    线性积分 line integral;
    线性积分方程 linear integral equations;
    线性畸变 linear distortion;
    线性极化 linear polarization;
    线性极小化问题 linear minimization problem;
    线性集成电路 linear integrated circuit; linear IC;
    线性集成电路测试仪 linear IC tester;
    线性几何学 line geometry;
    线性计算电路 linear calculating circuit;
    线性计算元件 linear computing element;
    线性加速 linear acceleration;
    线性加速器 linear accelerator;
    线性假设 linear hypothesis;
    线性检波 {电} linear detection; linear rectification;
    线性检波器 linear detector;
    线性鉴频器 linear discriminator;
    线性校正放大器 linearity-correcting amplifier;
    线性截止 linear cut-off;
    线性截止低通滤波器 linear cut-off low-pass filter;
    线性结构 linear structure;
    线性近似 linear approximation;
    线性径向扫描 linear radial sweep;
    线性矩阵 linear matrix;
    线性距离空间 linear distance spaces;
    线性锯齿波 linear saw-tooth wave;
    线性决策规则 the linear decision rule (LDR);
    线性开关 linear switch;
    线性可变差接变压器 LVDT (linear variable-differential transformer);
    线性可变电阻 linearly variable resistance;
    线性可变电阻器 linear variable resistor;
    线性可分函数 linearly separable function;
    线性可分离 linear separation;
    线性刻度 linear graduation;
    线性空间 linear space;
    线性空间不变光学系统 linear space-invariant optical system;
    线性控制 linear control; proportional control; linearity control;
    线性控制过程 linear control process;
    线性控制器 linear controller;
    线性控制系统 linear control system;
    线性累积损伤理论 linear cumulative damage law;
    线性离散值系 linear discrete-valued system;
    线性联立方程 linear simultaneous equations;
    线性流 linear flow;
    线性流形 {数} linear manifold;
    线性率表 linear ratemeters;
    线性滤波 linear filtering;
    线性滤波器 linear filter;
    线性码 linear code;
    线性脉冲滤波器 linear-pulsed filter;
    线性模拟控制 linear analogue control;
    线性模型 linear model;
    线性目标函数 linear objective function;
    线性内插法 linear interpolation;
    线性能量传递 linear energy transfer;
    线性拟赋范空间 linear quasinormed spaces;
    线性耦合器 linear coupler;
    线性抛物型方程 linear parabolic equations;
    线性偏差 deviation from linearity;
    线性偏微分方程 linear partial differential equation; partial linear differential equation;
    线性频率电容器 straightline frequency capacitor;
    线性平衡 line balancing;
    线性平滑 linear smoothing;
    线性器件 linear unit;
    线性牵引 linear pulling;
    线性趋势 linear trend;
    线性区域 range of linearity;
    线性燃烧速率 linear burning rate;
    线性热敏电阻器 {电} linear thermistor;
    线性蠕变理论 linear creep theory;
    线性散列 linear hash;
    线性扫描 linear scan; linear sweep; linear scanning; linear time base;
    线性扫描发生器 linear sweep generator;
    线性扫描延迟电路 linear-sweep delay circuit;
    线性扫描振荡器 linear sweep generator;
    线性上升电压 linear increase voltage;
    线性射束电子管 linear-beam tube;
    线性射束管 linear-beam tube;
    线性伸长 linear extension;
    线性生产函数 {经} linear production function;
    线性矢函数 linear vector function;
    线性失真 {电} linear distortion;
    线性时变信道 linear time-variant channel;
    线性时基{电} linear time base;
    线性时间不变系统 linear time invariant system;
    线性视频放大器 linear video amplifier;
    线性输出电流 linear output current; linear anode current;
    线性输出反馈 linear output feedback;
    线性数 linear number;
    线性数学式 {数} linear mathematical expression;
    线性双折射 {光} linear birefringence;
    线性衰减器 {电} line pad;
    线性衰减系数 linear attenuation coefficient;
    线性伺服机构 linear servomechanism;
    线性伺服理论 linear servo theory;
    线性速度测量法 linear speed method;
    线性算符 linear operator;
    线性算子 linear operator;
    线性算子半群 linear operator semi-group;
    线性算子理论 linear operator theory;
    线性随机系统 linear stochastic system;
    线性特性 linear characteristic; lineament;
    线性条件 linear conditions;
    线性调节 linearity control;
    线性调节器 linear regulator;
    线性调频高斯脉冲 linear FM Gaussian pulse;
    线性调频矩形脉冲 linear FM rectangular pulse;
    线性调频雷达 linear FM radar; chirp radar;
    线性调频脉冲 linear FM pulse; linear frequency-modulation pulse; pulse with linear frequency-modulation; chirp;
    线性调频脉冲模糊函数 chirp ambiguity function;
    线性调频脉冲压缩 linear FM pulse compression; chirp pulse compression;
    线性调频信号 linear FM signal; chirp signal;
    线性调频载波测距 linear carrier FM ranging;
    线性调频转发器 servodyne;
    线性调制 linear modulation;
    线性透镜 rectilinear lens;
    线性椭圆型方程 linear elliptic equations;
    线性拓扑 linear topology;
    线性网络 linear network; linear circuit network;
    线性网络理论 linear-network theory;
    线性微分对策 linear differential game;
    线性微分方程 linear differential equation;
    线性位移 linear displacement;
    线性稳压器 linear voltage regulator;
    线性无关(性) linear independence;
    线性无关积分 linearly independent integral;
    线性无关量组 {数} linearly independent quantities;
    线性无源耦合网络 linear passive coupling network;
    线性物 linearization;
    线性误差 linearity error;
    线性吸收 linear absorption;
    线性吸收稳频 {光} linear absorption frequency stabilization;
    线性吸收系数 linear absorption coefficient;
    线性系统 linear system;
    线性系统理论 linear system theory;
    线性下降电压 linear decrease voltage;
    线性限幅放大器 linear-limiting amplifier;
    线性线丛 linear complex;
    线性线圈 linearity coil;
    线性相关(性) linear correlation; linear dependence;
    线性相加器 linear summer; summing amplifier;
    线性相位 linear phase;
    线性相位摆动 linear phase sweep;
    线性相位孔径照射 linear phase aperture illumination;
    线性相位滤波器 linear phase filter;
    线性相位失真 linear phase distortion;
    线性相位特性放大器 linear phase amplifier;
    线性相位特性系统 linear phase system;
    线性相位系统函数 linear phase system function;
    线性相位运用 linear phase operation;
    线性响应理论 linear response theory;
    线性削波器 linear clipper;
    线性消费函数 linear consumption function;
    线性谐振器加速器 linear-resonator accelerator;
    线性型 linear form;
    线性形变 linear deformation;
    线性形成电路 linear waveshaping circuit;
    线性形式 linear forms;
    线性旋转变压器 linear resolver;
    线性衍射仪 linear diffractometer;
    线性移相器 linear phase shifter;
    线性仪表 linear meter;
    线性硬化 linear hardening;
    线性映射 linear mapping;
    线性优化 {数} linear optimization;
    线性优先函数 linear precedence function;
    线性油藏 linear reservoir;
    线性游标 linear vernier;
    线性有限(界)自动机 linear bounded automaton;
    线性有序集 linearly ordered set; chain;
    线性语言 linear language;
    线性预报 linear prediction;
    线性预报理论 linear prediction theory;
    线性预测 linear prediction;
    线性预测理论 linear prediction theory;
    线性预测声码器 lipreder;
    线性元件 linear element;
    线性运动控制系统 line motion control system;
    线性运算部件 {计} linear operational element;
    线性暂态分析 linear transient analysis;
    线性增益接收机 linear-gain receiver;
    线性振荡 linear oscillation; rectilinear oscillation;
    线性振荡器 linear oscillator;
    线性振动 linear vibration;
    线性振子 linear oscillator;
    线性整流器 {电} linear rectifier;
    线性直流充电 DC linear charging;
    线性滞后 linear lag;
    线性注管 linear-beam tube;
    线性转发器 linear transponder; {电} linear repeater;
    线性装药 linear charge;
    线性装置 {电} linear unit;
    线性子空间 linear subspaces;
    线性自由能关系 linear free energy relationship;
    线性阻抗 linear impedance;
    线性阻抗变换器 linear impedance transformer;
    线性阻尼 linear damping;
    线性组合 linear combination;
    线性最佳(优)化 linear optimization;
    线性最佳随机系统 linear optimal stochastic system;
    线性最优系统 linear optimal system
    * * *
    線性|线性 [xiàn xìng] linear linearity

    Chinese-English dictionary > 线性

  • 280 线路

    circuit; line, communication line; route; link
    * * *
    circuitry; line; route
    【计】 circuit; L
    相关词组: 线路保养工
    * * *
    circuitry; connection; line
    * * *
    n. line, circuit, route
    * * *
    xian4 lu4
    line, circuit, wire, road, railway track, bus route
    * * *
    xiàn lù
    {电} circuit; line:
    电话线路 telephone line;
    电报线路 a telegraph line
    {交} line; route:
    公共汽车线路 bus line;
    航空线路 airline
    线路保护装置 line protective devices;
    线路避雷器 leakage conductor; line gap;
    线路边沟 track ditch;
    线路变压器 line transformer;
    线路部队 railway line unit;
    线路参数 line parameter; circuit value;
    线路侧 line side;
    线路测绘 wire plotting;
    线路测量 route survey;
    线路常数 line constant;
    线路长度 length of line; circuit length;
    线路传输频带 line transmission frequency band;
    线路传输频谱 line transmission frequency spectrum;
    线路代数 algebra of circuits;
    线路导体 line conductor;
    线路道钉 {铁路} track spike;
    线路电流 line current;
    线路电气常数 linear electric constant;
    线路电压 line voltage;
    线路电压分布 line-voltage distribution;
    线路电压降补偿器 line-drop compensator;
    线路电压调整器 line-voltage regulator;
    线路电阻 line resistance;
    线路吊牌信号 line drop signal;
    线路定位 line location;
    线路断开装置 line cut-out;
    线路断路器 {电工} line-breaker;
    线路扼流圈 line choking coil;
    线路发报机 line transmitter;
    线路防震 quake protection;
    线路放大器 line amplifier;
    线路辐射 line radiation;
    线路干扰 line hit;
    线路杆塔 overhead line structures;
    线路隔离器 line pad;
    线路工 {铁路} gandy dancer; wayman; lineman; wireman;
    线路工程队 line crew;
    线路工钳 linemen's pliers;
    线路工区工具房 section tool house;
    线路工区工人 platelayer; sectionman;
    线路工人 {建} trackman; wireman; lineman;
    线路共享系统 wire sharing system;
    线路故障 line fault;
    线路故障探测装置 line fail detection set;
    线路规程 line discipline;
    线路行列式 circuit determinant;
    线路激励器 line driver;
    线路记录 line records;
    线路继电器 line relay;
    线路加长器 line lengthener;
    线路架设 construction of line;
    线路监视器 line monitor; actual monitor;
    线路检测工具 live-line fault detectors;
    线路检查 inspection of line;
    线路交叉 transposition; crossing;
    线路交换 circuit switching;
    线路交换数据传输服务 circuit switch data transmission service;
    线路接地 line-to-ground;
    线路接地故障 line-to-ground fault;
    线路接口 line interface;
    线路接收器 line receiver unit;
    线路绝缘 line insulation;
    线路绝缘子 line insulator;
    线路均衡器 {电工} line equalizer;
    线路开关 {电子} line switching;
    线路可靠性 circuit reliability;
    线路可靠性设计 designing for circuit reliability;
    线路控制程序 line control routine;
    线路控制局 circuit control office;
    线路馈电 line feed;
    线路联接设备 line connection equipment;
    线路滤波器 line filter;
    线路滤波器平衡 line filter balance;
    线路螺栓 track bolt;
    线路逻辑 circuit logic;
    线路码 line code;
    线路配置图 wiring layout;
    线路偏置 line bias;
    线路频率 line frequency;
    线路平衡 line balance; line balancing;
    线路平衡度 line balance;
    线路启动电动机 line start motor;
    线路强制送电 forced line charging;
    线路容量 {信} circuit capacity;
    线路设备 line facility;
    线路设备图 trackmap;
    线路伸延器 line stretcher;
    线路升压 transmission line voltage uprating;
    线路失真 {讯} line distortion;
    线路使用权 trackage;
    线路试验器 line tester;
    线路示意图 conspectus;
    线路手册 roadbook;
    线路输出 line output;
    线路输出变压器 line output transformer;
    线路输出级 line output stage;
    线路速度 line speed;
    线路损耗 line loss;
    线路特性失真 line characteristic distortion;
    线路调节 line conditioning;
    线路调谐 line tuning;
    线路调整 circuit conditioning;
    线路调整率 line regulation;
    线路停电 {电} line outage;
    线路通过能力 road; {土} rail capacity;
    线路通量 line flux;
    线路图 circuit diagram; written circuit; chart; branching program; plan of wiring; scheme of wiring; line diagram;
    线路图像 circuit image;
    线路维护 line upkeep;
    线路维修规则 line rule;
    线路陷波器 line trap;
    线路养护 maintenance of way;
    线路英里 mile of line (road);
    线路影响 line influence;
    线路噪声电平 circuit noise level;
    线路转换系统 line switching system;
    线路转接 circuit switching;
    线路装机率 line fill;
    线路阻抗 line impedance
    * * *
    線路|线路 [xiàn lù] line circuit wire road railway track bus route

    Chinese-English dictionary > 线路

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