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blue green algae

  • 161 名门望族

    distinguished family; prominent family
    * * *
    ming2 men2 wang4 zu2
    offspring a famous family (idiom); good breeding, blue blood
    * * *
    míng mén wàng zú
    notable family and great clan -- gentility
    * * *
    名門望族|名门望族 [míng mén wàng zú] offspring a famous family (idiom); good breeding blue blood

    Chinese-English dictionary > 名门望族

  • 162 君子之交淡如水

    the friendship of a gentleman is insipid as water
    * * *
    jun1 zi3 zhi1 jiao1 dan4 ru2 shui3
    a gentleman's friendship, insipid as water (idiom, from Zhuangzi 莊子, 庄子,)
    * * *
    jūn zǐ zhī jiāo dàn rú shuǐ
    A hedge between keeps friendship green.; Friends agree best at a distance.; The friendship between gentlemen appears indifferent but is pure like water.
    * * *
    君子之交淡如水|君子之交淡如水 [jūn zǐ zhī jiāo dàn rú shuǐ] a gentleman's friendship, insipid as water (idiom, from Zhuangzi ↑ 莊子|↑ 庄子 [Zhuāng zǐ])

    Chinese-English dictionary > 君子之交淡如水

  • 163

    assume (form, colour, etc.), submit or present (a report, etc.) to a superior, petition; memorial
    * * *
    assume; submit
    * * *
    assume; submit
    * * *
    n. petition, memorial
    v. assume, submit, petition, show, present, offer, memorial
    * * *
    to assume (a form), to submit, to petition, to show, to present, to offer
    * * *
    (呈现) assume (form, colour, etc.):
    呈出笑容 show a smiling face;
    龙凤呈祥 prosperity brought by the dragon and the phoenix;
    大海呈天青石色。 The sea was of a lapis lazuli blue.
    叶呈椭圆形。 The leaf is oval in shape.
    (呈送, 恭敬地送上去) submit; present:
    呈递请愿书 present a petition;
    将某物呈某人检查 submit a thing to a person's inspection;
    他向委员会呈交了一份报告。 He submitted the report to the committee.
    (呈文) document submitted to a superior; petition; memorial:
    辞呈 (written) resignation
    (姓氏) a surname:
    呈秋 Cheng Qiu
    * * *
    呈|呈 [chéng] to present to a superior memorial petition to present (a certain appearance) to assume (a shape) to be (a certain color)

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  • 164 周围

    around; round; about; surrounding
    * * *
    about; all around; around; round; round about
    【医】 amphi-; peri-; periphery
    相关词组: 牙齿周围的
    * * *
    around; all around; all round; circumambience; circumference; entourage; milieu
    * * *
    adv. around, round, about
    n. surrounding, environment
    v. encompass, surround
    * * *
    zhou1 wei2
    surroundings, environment, to encompass
    * * *
    zhōu wéi
    around; about; round; on every side; vicinity:
    关心周围的群众 be concerned about the people around you;
    注意周围的情况 pay attention to what is going on around you;
    环顾周围 look about; look around;
    周围环境 surrounding; environment;
    广场周围新种了不少树。 Recently, lots of trees have been planted around the square.
    人群挤在胜利者周围。 The crowd surrounded the victor.
    我们一定要谦虚, 因为我们周围充满了我们还不理解的事物。 We must be humble, for we are compassed by mysteries.
    我们住所周围一片绿油油的菜地。 There are green and lush vegetable plots (beds) in our vicinity.
    周围场 {光} surround;
    周围地带 rimland;
    周围电极 surrounding electrode;
    周围电紧张 perielectrotonus;
    周围动脉栓塞 peripheral artery embolism;
    周围封闭 periphery seal;
    周围杆 peripheral rod;
    周围恒压 constant ambient pressure;
    周围环境 surrounding; environment;
    周围加冰 body icing;
    周围假雄蕊 periandra;
    周围间隙 peripheral clearance;
    周围空气 ambient air;
    周围起爆 {军} peripheral initiation;
    周围情况 ambient conditions;
    周围神经 peripheral nerve;
    周围神经系统 {解} peripheral nervous system;
    周围神经炎 peripheral neuritis;
    周围视觉 {生理} indirect vision; peripheral vision;
    周围视力 vision;
    周围温度 ambient temperature; environmental temperature;
    周围温度影响 external temperature influence (仪表的);
    周围线 circumferential wire;
    周围向斜 rim syncline;
    周围循环衰竭 peripheral circulatory failure;
    周围液体压力 surrounding fluid pressure
    * * *
    周圍|周围 [zhōu wéi] surroundings environment to encompass

    Chinese-English dictionary > 周围

  • 165 和平

    peace, mild
    * * *
    【法】 peace
    相关词组: 和平的
    * * *
    * * *
    adj. friendly, peaceful, amicable
    n. harmony, concord, peace, quiet, calm, serenity, repose, calmness
    * * *
    He2 ping2
    Heping district of Shenyang city 沈陽市, 沈阳市, Liaoning, Hoping township in Taichung county 臺中縣, 台中县, Taiwan
    he2 ping2
    * * *
    hé píng
    (无战争状态) peace:
    和平解决边界争端 peaceful settlement of a boundary dispute;
    和平利用原子能 peaceful utilization of atomic energy; use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes;
    和平统一祖国 peaceful reunification of the motherland;
    和平与发展两大问题 two major issues of peace and development
    (温和) mild:
    药性和平。 The medicine is mild.
    和平倡议 peace proposal;
    和平地区 peace zone;
    和平改革 peaceful social reform;
    和平攻势 peace offensive;
    和平过渡 peaceful transition;
    和平进军 peace march;
    和平竞赛 peaceful competition;
    和平力量 forces of peace;
    和平鸟 fairy blue bird;
    和平谈判 peace negotiation;
    和平运动 peace movement;
    和平中立政策 policy of peace and neutrality;
    和平主义 pacifism;
    和平主义者 pacifist
    * * *
    Ⅰ. 和平|和平 [Hé píng] Heping district of Shenyang city ↑ 沈陽市|↑ 沈阳市, Liaoning Hoping township in Taichung county ↑ 臺中縣|↑ 台中县 [Tái zhōng xiàn], Taiwan
    Ⅱ. 和平|和平 [hé píng] peace peaceful

    Chinese-English dictionary > 和平

  • 166 品月

    pin3 yue4
    light blue
    * * *
    pǐn yuè
    pale blue
    * * *
    品月|品月 [pǐn yuè] light blue

    Chinese-English dictionary > 品月

  • 167 品綠

    malachite green; bamboo green
    * * *
    adj. light green
    * * *
    pin3 lu:4
    light green
    * * *
    品綠|品绿 [pǐn lu] light green

    Chinese-English dictionary > 品綠

  • 168 品绿

    malachite green; bamboo green
    * * *
    adj. light green
    * * *
    pin3 lu:4
    light green
    * * *
    pǐn lǜ
    light green; malachite green
    * * *
    品綠|品绿 [pǐn lu] light green

    Chinese-English dictionary > 品绿

  • 169 品蓝

    reddish blue
    * * *
    royal blue
    * * *
    royal blue
    * * *
    adj. velvet
    * * *
    pin3 lan2
    pinkish blue
    * * *
    pǐn lán
    reddish blue
    * * *
    品藍|品蓝 [pǐn lán] pinkish blue

    Chinese-English dictionary > 品蓝

  • 170 品藍

    reddish blue
    * * *
    adj. velvet
    * * *
    pin3 lan2
    pinkish blue
    * * *
    品藍|品蓝 [pǐn lán] pinkish blue

    Chinese-English dictionary > 品藍

  • 171 哎呀

    * * *
    ai1 ya1
    interjection of wonder, shock or admiration
    * * *
    āi yā
    (表示惊叹) Ah!; Oh, my!; Dear me!; My eye(s)!; My word!:
    哎呀, 好大的雨呀! Oh, my! What a downpour!; My God! It's raining like hell!
    哎呀, 这张画怎么弄脏了? Oh my! The picture's got dirty!
    哎呀, 这种水果真甜哪! Ah, this fruit is really sweet!
    “哎呀, 多么幼稚!” 小绅士喊道。 “My eye, how green!” exclaimed the young gentleman.
    * * *
    哎呀|哎呀 [āi yā] interjection of wonder, shock or admiration

    Chinese-English dictionary > 哎呀

  • 172 單胞藻

    dan1 bao1 zao3
    single-celled algae
    * * *
    單胞藻|单胞藻 [dān bāo zǎo] single-celled algae

    Chinese-English dictionary > 單胞藻

  • 173 四周

    all around; on all sides
    * * *
    all around
    【法】 environment
    * * *
    * * *
    adj. all around
    * * *
    si4 zhou1
    all around
    * * *
    sì zhōu
    all around:
    这村子四周环山。 The village is shut in big hills.
    四周青山突起, 又高又陡。 All around it rose, high and steep, the green hills.
    四周梅毒 paralues (parasyphilis);
    四周气升 edgelift;
    四周双列柱廊式建筑 dipteral; dipteros;
    四周搜索装置 all-round looking scanner;
    四周投影人 periscii; periscian
    * * *
    四周|四周 [sì zhōu] all around

    Chinese-English dictionary > 四周

  • 174 四季豆

    green bean
    * * *
    kidney bean
    * * *
    si4 ji4 dou4
    green bean, French bean, runner bean
    * * *
    四季豆|四季豆 [sì jì dòu] green bean French bean runner bean

    Chinese-English dictionary > 四季豆

  • 175 四旁

    si4 pang2
    nearby regions
    * * *
    sì páng
    (前后左右很近的地方) back and front, left and right; all around
    (四周) the “four sides” (house side, village side, roadside and waterside)
    四旁绿化 turning the “four sides” green
    * * *
    四旁|四旁 [sì páng] nearby regions

    Chinese-English dictionary > 四旁

  • 176 四氟化铀

    【化】 green salt; uranium tetrafluoride
    * * *
    si4 fu2 hua4 you2
    uranium tetrafluoride (UF4)
    * * *
    四氟化鈾|四氟化铀 [sì fú huà yóu] uranium tetrafluoride (UF4)

    Chinese-English dictionary > 四氟化铀

  • 177 回回青

    hui2 hui2 qing1
    cobalt blue, Mohammedan blue
    * * *
    回回青|回回青 [huí huí qīng] cobalt blue Mohammedan blue

    Chinese-English dictionary > 回回青

  • 178 园林

    gardens; park
    * * *
    gardens; park
    【法】 park
    * * *
    gardens; park
    * * *
    n. garden, landscape garden, park
    * * *
    yuan2 lin2
    gardens, park, landscape garden
    * * *
    yuán lín
    gardens; park:
    实现大地园林化 turn the land green with parks and woods
    园林工程师 landscape engineer;
    园林灌溉 treegarden irrigation;
    园林化 afforestation;
    园林机械 garden machine;
    园林建筑 garden architecture;
    园林建筑师 landscape architect;
    园林建筑学 landscape architecture;
    园林绿化 landscaping;
    园林绿化比率 ratio of space allotted to parks and greenery;
    园林绿化事业 gardening and afforestation;
    园林设计 landscape design;
    园林式 landscape style;
    园林树木 ornamental trees and shrubs;
    园林水景 water feature design;
    园林拖拉机 orchard tractor;
    园林小品 garden feature;
    园林型 landscape type;
    园林艺术 landscape art;
    园林植物 ornamental plant
    * * *
    園林|园林 [yuán lín] gardens park landscape garden

    Chinese-English dictionary > 园林

  • 179 土壤

    * * *
    【化】 soil
    【医】 soil
    相关词组: 土壤保持
    * * *
    * * *
    n. soil
    * * *
    tu3 rang3
    * * *
    tǔ rǎng
    soil; ground; pedogenesis; ped-; pedo-:
    多腐植质的土壤 humus-rich soil
    土壤保持 {生态} soil conservation;
    土壤变异 soil variation;
    土壤标本 soil sample;
    土壤病害 soil disease;
    土壤薄片 thin section of soil;
    土壤采样 soil sampling;
    土壤成分 soil constituent;
    土壤持水性 soil water retention;
    土壤吹失 blowing of soil;
    土壤单位 pedological unit;
    土壤氮素 soil nitrogen;
    土壤地带性 soil zonality;
    土壤地理学 pedogeography; soil geography;
    土壤地球化学 pedogeochemistry;
    土壤地衣 soil-inhabiting lichen;
    土壤地质学 soil geology;
    土壤电化学 soil electrochemistry;
    土壤调查 soil investigation;
    土壤调查手册 soil survey manual;
    土壤调查图 reconnaissance soil map;
    土壤动力性质 dynamic characteristics of soil;
    土壤发酵效应 zymolic efficiency of soil;
    土壤发生 pedogenesis; soil genesis; {地质} soil formation;
    土壤发生学 soil genesis;
    土壤发育 soil development;
    土壤放线菌 soil actinomycete;
    土壤肥力 soil fertility;
    土壤分布 distribution of soil;
    土壤分类 classification of soils;
    土壤分类级别 category of soil classification;
    土壤分散 soil dispersion;
    土壤腐蚀试验 soil correction test;
    土壤腐殖质 agron;
    土壤覆盖机 mulch layer;
    土壤复域 {地质} soil complex;
    土壤改良 melioration; reclamation; amelioration; soil reclamation;
    土壤改良措施 amendment;
    土壤改良剂 amendment; krilium; soil conditioner;
    土壤概测 reconnaissance soil survey;
    土壤概图 reconnaissance soil map;
    土壤杆菌属 Agrobacterium;
    土壤感染 soil infection;
    土壤耕性 soil tilth;
    土壤耕种层 top soil;
    土壤耕作 soil cultivation;
    土壤耕作机械 soil cultivating machine;
    土壤构造 soil stucture;
    土壤骨架(骼) soil skeleton;
    土壤固定 soil fixing;
    土壤管理 soil management;
    土壤管状物 pedotubule;
    土壤过渡带 transitional zone of soil;
    土壤含水量 soil moisture content;
    土壤航测 aero-photogrammetric survey of soil;
    土壤耗竭 soil depletion; soil exhaustion;
    土壤呼吸 soil respiration;
    土壤滑动 soil creep;
    土壤滑塌 soil creeping;
    土壤化学 soil chemistry;
    土壤化学分析 soil chemical analysis;
    土壤环境 soil environment; edatope;
    土壤缓冲性 soil buffer action;
    土壤机械组成 soil mechanical composition;
    土壤积热器 {工} thermointegrator;
    土壤基质 soil matrix;
    土壤技术 soil technology;
    土壤钾素 soil potassium;
    土壤监测 soil monitoring;
    土壤坚实度 soil compactibility;
    土壤碱度 soil alkalinity;
    土壤胶体 {地质} soil colloid;
    土壤结持度 soil consistence;
    土壤结构 soil structure;
    土壤结壳 soil crust;
    土壤净化 soil sanitation;
    土壤抗蚀性 erosion durability of soil;
    土壤考察 exploratory soil survey;
    土壤科学 soil science;
    土壤空气 {地质} soil air; soil atmosphere;
    土壤孔隙 soil pore space;
    土壤矿物 soil mineral;
    土壤昆虫 soil insect;
    土壤蓝藻 edaphocyanophyceae;
    土壤力学 {工} soil mechanics;
    土壤利用 soil utilization;
    土壤粒级 soil separate;
    土壤粒组 separates of soil;
    土壤磷素 soil phosphorus;
    土壤零温度层 {地质} zero curtain;
    土壤流失 soil losses;
    土壤隆起容许量 {建} allowance for uplift;
    土壤螺旋钻 soil auger;
    土壤毛管性 soil capillarity;
    土壤毛细水 {植} capillary soil water;
    土壤密度 soil density;
    土壤描述学 pedography;
    土壤名称 soil name;
    土壤年龄 soil age;
    土壤农化 soil agrochemistry;
    土壤农化图 agrochemical soil map;
    土壤疲乏 fatigue of soil;
    土壤漂流 drifting of soil;
    土壤评价 soil assessment;
    土壤剖面 {地质} soil profile;
    土壤普查 general survey of soil; overall soil examination;
    土壤曝露试验 soil exposure test;
    土壤侵蚀 {地质} soil erosion;
    土壤趋肤深度 skin depth of soil;
    土壤区划 soil division;
    土壤取样管 {土} soil sampler;
    土壤圈 pedosphere;
    土壤群系 edaphic formation;
    土壤热性质 thermal property of soil;
    土壤韧度 tenacity of soil;
    土壤溶液 soil solution;
    土壤容重 volume weight of soil;
    土壤蠕动 soil creep;
    土壤渗透性 soil permeability;
    土壤生产力 soil productivity;
    土壤生成群落 {生态} edaphic community;
    土壤生态体系 soil ecosystem;
    土壤生态型 edaphic ecotype;
    土壤生态学 {植} edaphology;
    土壤生物 geobiont;
    土壤生物化学 soil biochemistry;
    土壤生物群落 edaphone;
    土壤生物学 soil biology;
    土壤湿度 soil moisture;
    土壤湿度计 tensiometer;
    土壤适耕性 workability of soil;
    土壤熟化 soil-ripening;
    土壤水 holard;
    土壤水带 {地质} belt of soil water; belt of soil moisture; discrete film zone; soil-water belt; soil-water zone;
    土壤水分 soil moisture;
    土壤水分测定仪 soil moisture content analyser;
    土壤水生生物 edaphonekton;
    土壤水实验 soil water experiment;
    土壤水蓄水 soil water storage;
    土壤速测法 quick tests for soils; rapid tests for soil;
    土壤速测仪 soil-nutriment fast analyser;
    土壤速效养分 readily available nutrient of soil;
    土壤酸度 soil acidity;
    土壤酸碱度 soil acidity or alkalinity;
    土壤酸碱度试剂 soiltex;
    土壤特性 soil characteristic;
    土壤体系 soil system;
    土壤条件 edaphic condition; soil condition;
    土壤通气性 soil aeration;
    土壤透气性 gas permeability of soil;
    土壤图 soil map;
    土壤团聚体 soil aggregate;
    土壤退化 soil degradation;
    土壤微结构 soil microstructure;
    土壤微生物 {生} edaphon;
    土壤微生物区系 soil microflora;
    土壤微生物群 edaphon;
    土壤微生物学 soil microbiology;
    土壤微生物学方法 soil microbiological method;
    土壤微生植物(群落) phytoedaphon;
    土壤微形态分析 soil micromorphological analysis;
    土壤微形态学 soil micromorphology;
    土壤卫生 soil hygiene;
    土壤温度 soil temperature;
    土壤稳定剂 {材} soil stabilizer;
    土壤污染 soil contamination; soil pollution;
    土壤污染控制 soil pollution control;
    土壤物理化学 soil physical chemistry;
    土壤物理学 soil physics;
    土壤吸力 soil suction;
    土壤吸湿性 soil hygroscopicity;
    土壤细菌 soil bacteria;
    土壤详测 detailed soil survey;
    土壤详图 detailed soil map;
    土壤消毒器 soil sterilizer;
    土壤信息系统 soil information system;
    土壤形成 soil forming;
    土壤性质 soil property;
    土壤学 pedology; soil science;
    土壤学家 pedologist;
    土壤压密性 firmness of soil;
    土壤压实 soil compression;
    土壤亚纲 soil suborder;
    土壤岩 soilstone;
    土壤颜色 soil color;
    土壤演替顶极 edaphic climax;
    土壤养分 soil nutrient;
    土壤氧化还原 redox of soil;
    土壤氧气扩散计 soil oxygen diffusion rate meter;
    土壤因素 edaphic factor;
    土壤硬度计 stratameter; stratometer;
    土壤有机质 gein;
    土壤有效养分 available nutrient of soil;
    土壤藻类 soil algae; soil-dwelling algae; soil-inhabiting algae;
    土壤沼泽化 soil bogging;
    土壤真菌 soil fungi;
    土壤蒸发 soil evaporation;
    土壤蒸发观测 soil evaporation observation;
    土壤植物区系 {植} soil flora;
    土壤指示植物 indicator plant of soil;
    土壤制图 soil cartography;
    土壤质地 soil texture;
    土壤质量标准 soil quality standard;
    土壤总水量 holard;
    土壤注入 soil injection;
    土壤状况 soil regime;
    土壤资源 soil resource;
    土壤族 edaphic race;
    土壤组分 soil constitution;
    土壤组合 association of soil
    * * *
    土壤|土壤 [tǔ rǎng] soil

    Chinese-English dictionary > 土壤

  • 180 土耳其

    * * *
    * * *
    * * *
    adj. Turkey
    n. Turkey, country in western Asia and southeastern Europe between the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea
    * * *
    Tu3 er3 qi2
    * * *
    tǔ ěr qí
    土耳其红色 Turkey red; ottoman red;
    土耳其化 Turkize;
    土耳其咖啡 Turkish coffee;
    土耳其蓝色 Turkish blue;
    土耳其马 turk;
    土耳其帽 fez;
    土耳其奶酒 busa;
    土耳其皮革 turkey leather;
    土耳其人 Turk;
    土耳其橡树 cerris;
    土耳其鸦片 yerli;
    土耳其油石 stone;
    土耳其语 Turkish (language);
    土耳其玉 turquoise; turguaistone
    * * *
    土耳其|土耳其 [Tǔ ěr qí] Turkey

    Chinese-English dictionary > 土耳其

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